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[The video clips on in a clearing surrounded by idyllic looking trees and ferns. Cu struts into view, twirling a what appears to be a wooden staff.]

-I got it. It'll be fine. Nobodies gunna know anything that... what?

[Cu freezes, catching and stilling the staff with a snap as he leans towards the camera (or the person behind it) with a curious expression.]

What? ...OH we're on! Thanks for the warning. [Only slightly sarcastic.] Ahem!

Yo! It's been a while imports! Cu here, as if I needed an introduction at this point, right? Recently returned from yet another Import attack. But don't worry, I'm not here to whine about how terrible we have it here. Because, if I'm being honest, I had a blast!

I mean... I'm sure it was terrible for some. Being hunted in a jungle, or having your mind wiped clean and programmed with another purpose. But it did give me, and I'm sure others as well, an opportunity to stretch our muscles and cut loose for a while.

See, I'm pretty sure there are people out there like me that aren't really concerned with the bigger picture trivialities. But how many people need to get hurt to have that opportunity? When things hit the fan like that, scores of people who aren't interested get involved. And what fun is there in that?

But I've got an answer!
[He crouches excitedly, thrusting an end of the staff towards the camera as his face splits in a toothy grin.] Why don't we just skip the pretense of scheming and traps and just throw down for fun?

No uptight laws to clog things up, no diabolical plots. Everyone involved is ready and willing to get their collective backsides handed to them, and give a few in return.

I'm getting pretty tired of sitting on my hands myself. Heck I'd be willing to take any of you on if you think you could handle what I've got.

[Moses quickly turns the camera away from Cu Chulainn and pushes the end of the staff away.]

What he means to say is that we're hostin' a tournament in Maurita Falls and we want you to be a part of it.

Jus' a small fee for entry and the winner gets prize money at the end of it!

It'll be happenin' this Saturday, and everyone's invited, even if you ain't a fighter and just wanna watch.

...Tho', we can't promise yer safety. Sorry!

And we'll be open for trainin' in Maurita Falls at the Red Branch tomorrow. Tournament is January 9th!

Please come train or you ain't gonna get this guy to behave - Would you sit down before I smack ya?! - so see you soon!

[Moses turns to look at his problematic servant and is about to shout something when he turns the camera off.]

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[ The camera turns on to Kanaya's face, looking very much not herself. It isn't only the lack of polish, her makeup missing and hair sweat-drenched and tangled, but not even the right species. There's a softer edge to all of her features, her skin having turned from granite to coper, and of course no horns to speak of. To all appearances, she looks perfectly human, though a disheveled human, at that.

She tries to sit up in her hospital bed, but it isn't an easy task with her leg in a sling. She looks upset, frantic even, her breathing quick and labored, passing through grit teeth.

I need blood. Not for me, it's-- [ She pauses, taking a deep breath. ] They won't let me leave!'s important.

[ She glances off to the side, knitting her brows as she tries to collect her thoughts. At one point, her breath stills, as if it's stopped, but it isn't long before she breaks back into a gasp. That tactic isn't going to work when she's like this. ]

It has to be at least four. But that's per day, and I don't know how long until I'll be out. More would be ideal. If you have regenerative abilities, that's...even better.

[ She closes her eyes for a moment, taking another deep breath before she look back to the camera. ]

I know it's asking for a lot, but. Please. I need your help.

[ And the camera clicks off. ...Only to click back on a moment later, now private to Sabriel, Kanaya gripping her forehead tightly. ]

Shit. Please. Please don't hurt them. I'm. I'm taking care of it!

[ ooc: Kanaya has telepathy that she has no idea how to control, so it's possible your character might pick up a few thoughts she's accidentally broadcasting! Please let me know in the subject line if you are cool with this. ]
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[The feed is pretty simple, just Cu sitting at a table mulling over what appears to be an array of blades. From large decorative bowie knives and daggers, to what appears to be a long bladed spear tip that he's currently examing in his hands. By the frown and clipped tone it might be easy to discern that he's running a bit hot under the collar.]

Ok, a potentially dumb question followed by one that may only seem foolish if I've overestimated you guys:

First - Is throwing a spear considered Archery as far as the letter of the law?

I ask because as far as I can tell, Pennsylvanian law is saying only Archery hunting is currently allowed. What a pain. What's the point in limiting what kind of weapons hunters use? If I'm going to eat what's left, why sould it matter to anyone else what condition the meat's in after the kill? Tch, another unreasonable law of this era if you ask me.

[He sighs, tossing the spear head up twirling in the air with a flick of his wrist and leans back as it lands --sticking into the wood with a satisfying THOP!]

It's not that I mind using a bow, I could probably do just fine. It just isn't my speciality. Which brings me to my second question:

Anyone out there confident in their weapon crafting skills? Crafting bows, Fletching arrows, or otherwise? If I wanted to get something high quality, like better than the soul-less, mass produced stuff you find in stores now adays. I'm willing to pay whatever you need to make it happen.

OH I guess PS, if anyone wants to go hunting, despite the restrictions, speak up. I wouldn't mind the company. I could even be bothered to teach you a thing or two if you were up to it.
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Do you feel it? In the air? Something looking at you? Maybe it's just the SPIRIT of Halloween cascading down your neighborhood, maybe it's just your imagination... But with the brisker weather (something felt more in De Chima and Maurtia Falls, to be sure) comes a change in pace. Are you ready for changes, imPorts?

The Department of Agricultural Prosperity has announced a fascinating discovery: they've genetically altered mealworms that grow well beyond the normal scope of the species and will consume styrofoam leaving only biodegradable waste in their wake. Amazing!

As seen in your local newspaper article plus some pictures/video on social media sites from spectators:
Maurtia Falls imPort Wins Decorations Contest!
That was what the residents of Maurtia Falls thought that this grotesque display of bodily horror and inhuman art was probably, anyway. Picture this: from the front walk of a [redacted] imPort residence, there's an extremely brightly lit room with wide open curtains and a body twisted in post mortem agony. It looks to be clawing at the air, with a pillow shoved over its face to smother it to death. Picturesque! Local law enforcement determined the gruesome, HIDEOUS, stuffed display to be the decorative outlet of a particularly disturbed but ultimately harmless individual. Locals have eventually adopted the display as extremely subtle horror art, brilliant in its ingenuity and probably not evidence of a serial killer living next door.

As seen on Newspapers. UStube and BlueTube, with watered down coverage on MeTube because children's censorship:
An anonymous terror threat on the afternoon of October 20th sent shockwaves through the city of Nonah. That alleged target: a popular Nonah light rail. Evidence of biochemical weapons are present, a technique publicly associated with imPort criminal Jonathan Crane. The specific public transport line and government offices are shut down immediately. Local businesses in a ten mile radius are closed until further notice. Residents of Nonah have taken to social media criticizing local government for both an insufficient response and a triggered knee-jerk reaction. ImPorts are invited to expose any evidence connected to this threat.

As seen in newspapers and fliers posted throughout each of the Porter cities:
Three questions: Are you over 18? Are you a man? Are you an imPort that the public just can't get enough of?

If you answered YES to all of these questions, then you may be just the man we need!

We're looking for male imPorts over the age of 18 to model for a series of pinups to be included in calendars and coffee table books, which will be sold to and admired by the adoring public. We know you've got it, so don't be afraid to flaunt it!

All of the proceeds will be donated to charities in each of the Porter cities. Looking good while doing good: what could possibly be better?

Please call Deborah Lannigan at 888-956-4334 if you have any questions or would like to take part!

As seen in local news in Nonah, websites that cover the paranormal:
A group of high school and college students broke into a local cemetery... only to find themselves chased out by angry spirits! The footage of the supposed haunting is incredibly staticky, and sometimes difficult to decipher, but it shows odd lights and multiple figures chasing after the cameraman.

When asked for comment, employees insisted they'd never noticed anything odd around the cemetery, although recently they'd been having some problems with vandals.

What do you think, imPorts? Ghosts or hoax?

As seen in ALL major news and online sources:
Natives and Imports attending this month's Halloween themed Swear-In in Maurtia Falls received more of a fright than they likely bargained for. Around midnight, about a dozen masked gunmen crashed the ceremony hosting both ImPorts and local native children, accompanied by their families. What sounds like the beginning of a gruesome story worthy of Halloween quickly turned into a tale of heroism, as the attending ImPorts were described as selflessly throwing themselves between the gunmen and natives to quickly rout the attack. Surprisingly, no casualties were sustained to native or ImPorts attendees, which many in attendance accredit the swift and clean victory to the thorough security measures set in place. Ambassador of Maurtia Falls, Revan, went on record saying "These security features are a result of the dedication and skill of several ImPort minds working in concert for the betterment of all. Now more than ever it is important to protect these events, which are a symbol of our friendship with the natives of this world. Because of this I will be donating several of these security features to the government to be installed at future Swear-Ins to provide them the same protection." Many have speculated that due to the combined might of so many ImPorts in one location banding together, as well as these new security features, people will likely think twice about attacking a Swear-In Ceremony any time soon.

As seen on NBSea:
Nereus Study Group has reported the female great white shark named April is currently pregnant and making a beeline for the United Kingdom! Researchers have been monitoring the shark's progress in the world since she was caught and tagged last September. Unfortunately, it seems that her male counterpart (also named April) has been defeated or died of natural causes. Researchers noticed his signal had not moved as usual after the two Aprils met, and made a special trip out to check on him. They found a lone shark fin with tracking device still embedded serving as a resting place for a seagull. This takes the total of tagged and tracked great white sharks down to the female April and Lydia. Nereus Study Group only collects the data for these beautiful and misunderstood creatures; the sharks are carefully caught and seen to by the Salty Sea Dogs group near Heropa, started by local imPort Will Graham.

As seen on an enraged Bwitter and page 9 of The Heropa High Times:
The Great Pumpkin Spice drought continues. So far there are no suspects in who -- or WHAT -- could have snatched away all the pumpkin spice product so familiar to and so deeply beloved by so, so many. The hashtags #pumpkinship and #nutmegrevolution are trending.

As seen in all major network channels, public radio stations, and quite frequently on Rumblr:
Congratulations to the newly elected imPort Ambassador of Nonah, Francis Urquhart! In a exciting neck-and-neck election, Urquhart pulled in just one vote ahead of his political rival Raina. As of October 20th, 2015, Ambassador Urquhart will lead Nonah's imPort community alongside Ambassadors Hundred and Revan.

The Homeland Security Advisory System has moved from TANGERINE to BLOOD ORANGE in response to the mysterious biochemical threat leveled against Nonah.

The Majority Report comes out the 10th and 20th of every month. You may find details and submit here. The cut-off time is 12:01 AM PST on the 9th and the 19th for the corresponding dates.
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[Ah, when was the last time he posted to this thing- it feels like ages, though it's only been a month or so, how interesting, time does fly here despite being dreadfully idle during a majority of it. And if he recalls, he wasn't even playing 'himself' really in his last message here, more just to pass the time. Of course this new post he plans will be nothing but nonsense--

or seem it anyway.]

[You can tell a lot about someone by what they have to say after all, especially during games.]

[The video shows what appear to be legs and feet. The camera stares down the legs of his white harem pants and shows his feet, crossed at the ankles up on some chair beside him, in atlantic blue high heels. Hisoka seems to be at some cafe, there's a rather pink looking tea cup at his side on a table.]

Let's play a game, shall we? I'm sure many of us looking at the network for now have nothing better to do. Have you ever played 'Would You Rather?' It relies on creativity and a degree of forethought. [And can be a lot more indepth and profound than one might think. Or so he hopes it will be.]

You create two situations and ask which someone would prefer. Shall I start? Perhaps something simple to get our feet wet.

[His legs uncross, and cross in the opposite way, a hand with bright, long, clawed nails appears and picks up the cup for a moment before setting it back down.]

Would you rather- to lose a hand forever or a foot forever?


Aug. 18th, 2015 12:06 pm
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[The man before you is slouched in a wooden chair, glaring at the camera. Smoke trails upwards lazily from a cigarette in one hand.]

I don't come on here very often, but I couldn't help but hear some of responses that have come out of the attack on the swear in. I won't deny that people are always entitled to their own opinions. And that the method of the attack was work of cowards and scum. But as far as this subject goes?

You're all acting like a bunch of morons.

[He takes a drag from his cig slowly, giving his words time to sink in.]

Between you all and the native media, you'd think someone had punched your collective babies or something. "Imports! A danger to us all!" "Ticking time bombs!" running around like a bunch of panicked sheep.

Give it a break.

You can't see it yet because you're all too overwhelmed by your own cowardice, but you're all playing right into whoever committed the attack's hands. This is exactly what they wanted: for us to do the damage ourselves. This attack was only to put blood in the water, and now they're sitting back and laughing as we try and tear ourselves apart.

The Ambassador for De Chima has the right idea. We should be focused on counter attacking the person responsible, hunting them down like the dog they are and dropping him for all to see.

THAT is the only way there will be justice.
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Yesterday was not the first time that a swear-in has been attacked.

It is, however, the first time that it's been taken to the point that people have been hurt so gravely; physically, emotionally, or even psychologically. People were hurt. Not just natives, or imports, but both camps. I trusted that something will be done, and I trust that something will still be done, soon. But, as imports, we should be able to take a stand, and do something to catch the people who won't play along as they should.

I can't speak for any other city than De Chima, but I will do what I can for my city -- [ He calls it his, with that sort of fierce determination, pride, and possessiveness that could only be shown by not just an ambassador, but an executive level. He might not hold the position, but he still holds that sound in his voice. ] -- And what we can do is prevent future attacks. Any means necessary.

This is an open invitation. Anyone with the technological know how, please contact me. I'd like to talk about a contract -- something to be done as quickly, and as efficiently as possible. I'd also like to talk to someone from RISE, if I could.

[ A pause, then. ]

If there's one thing I can't stand, it's people like our attacker yesterday -- who thrive on chaos -- who can't act like a decent human being for one moment of the day, and who've gone out of their way to hurt not just one person, dozens. If not more. Where I come from -- and I'm sure it's the same here -- we call those terrorists. And I hope that like any terrorrist, he is found swiftly, and brought to trial properly. And whoever's out there who's going to hunt him down, police, or otherwise, please offer them your full support. Nobody can catch people like this alone -- I'd know, we dealt with this in New York, too -- but if we all collaborate, we'll come out of this okay.

And please, in the future, if you ever see something that gives you pause, anything, please report it. In my experiences, there's always evidence, if we look. I know I'm going to commit to never turning a blind-eye, when something seems off. I'd like to hope everyone else will too.
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There's a happy buzz in the air about next week's Swearing-In -- especially after the tell-all that the previous month had wrought. Plenty of locals will be flocking in to (hopefully!) catch some imPort glimpses. Should be a grand old time!

With a new influx of imPorts, De Chima has been kickstarting additional social media platforms to feature imPorted personalities. Along with UStube and the hyper patriotic BlueTube, there's now MeTube for your online perusal! MeTube is intended for a younger generation and will feature some fresh fanfare video about at least one imPort daily. Keep a keen eye open, because you might come across something about YOU one of these days. After all, there's no shortage of fandom attention.

According to unnamed sources in the White House, President Freemason is considering a proposal to expand imPorts into a new city. She has her eye on a West Coast destination. Whispering lips claim that the President is concerned about a Soviet attack on Los Angeles, and an imPort presence there would help safeguard the populace.

With the exPort of Oswald Cobblepot, the Iceberg Lounge is changing hands. Rumor has it that the new owners are planning to monopolize the area.

Senator Haik has made a statement with regards to the imPort informational breach of the previous Swearing-In. In the Senator's statement, he claims that Soviet spies WERE INDEED responsible for the hacking and consequential leak of information about certain imPorts, and that the Department of Homeland Security could not deny nor confirm if anything said about these imPorts was true. The Congressional Intelligence Committee is holding three conferences with the CIA to determine the severity of this attack, and the appropriate response.

The Homeland Security Advisory System has moved from YELLOW to ORANGE in response to Senator Haik's statement.

The Majority Report comes out the 10th and 20th of every month. You may find details and submit here. The cut-off time is 12:01 AM PST on the 9th and the 19th for the corresponding dates.

[010] VIDEO

May. 1st, 2015 08:15 pm
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[The sky is blue, the birds are singing- till they suddenly fly the hell off and out of the frame of the video once someone starts to yell. Gamagori is on screen, you're welcome. You might be familiar with him by now, either from various public announcements or events, or from his monthly patrols in all the ImPorts cities, usually ranging from 2 to 5 stories high.]

[Today he's showing up with someone else though, a looming smaller figure on the left, arms crossed. Blue hair, a white Goku Uniform in contrast to the gold and black one Gamagori always wears. They match, sort of? Inumuta remains quiet though as he stands beside him, for now, letting Gamagori speak.]

Gamagora Ira, Registered, Nonah ImPort Ambassador, and Inumuta Houka, Registered ImPort, both here now with a few announcements! Your attention please, Registered and unRegistered alike! This concerns all of you!

[Despite the volume, Inumuta seems completely unphased by it, standing at attention with his collar covering his mouth.]

[Gamagori takes a breath, moving to fold his arms behind him, chest out.]

First! Let me personally thank all those who assisted with last month's unfortunate events. Everyone that took part in assisting not only their peers but the civilians entangled in it deserve acknowledgement! Not everyone was prepared for something so intense but let it show all those new to this world or those dismissing the possibilities that there will always be a conflict ready to strain our backs and wrack our minds! We must always be ready! Concerning this- I will continue within this announcement, I urge all of you to keep your attention here until then!!

But first, I will allow my team mate a word considering another finished project.

[Gamagori will then step aside, though of course still managing to take up a lot of the screen. At least he better opens it up for Inumuta to step forward and speak. With nothing near the same ostentation that Gamagori presents himself with, Inumuta rather plainly steps forward and adjusts his glasses with the tip of his middle finger.]

Hello. As Gamagori had announced a short while ago, I have been working on an A.I. program, which I've since dubbed the Automated imPort Response System. It's job will be that if anyone, Registered or not, has a question related to imPort events, past or present, it will be able to answer them to the best of it's abilities. However, as an always learning artificial intelligence, there are still a few things it doesn't understand yet, and so please report to me any strange responses it gives. Thank you.

[And with that, he steps back to where he had been before taking his turn to speak.]

Thank you, Inumuta. [Said with a small nod as Gamagori steps back up, clears his throat, and raises his head.] And with that, I will continue concerning our preparation as imPorts here.

As many of you are aware, I, Gamagori Ira, as well as both Ambassadors of Maurtia Falls and De Chima, was given the responsibility of writing a bill to be passed in my city! Only recently has this been passed. I have been given permission to oversee the planning and creation of an ImPort Training Facility!

For those of you looking to sharpen your skills and learn to better discipline your powers and abilities! Or those merely wishing to handle their every day life with what the Porter has granted them and have no interest in pursuing the goals of a hero, this facility is open to you, Registered and Unsettled alike!

The creation of this facility is completely funded but will be accepting further funding to support the grande array of powers it should contain. Anyone with the interest and ability in planning, constructing, and managing this facility, make yourselves known! This is to be a structure able to withstand shifts in mass, elemental properties, changes in speed and exceptional feats of strength, among the many other abilities we've been given. Rooms designed to train in various situations for individuals or groups alike, a medical wing for those in need of such attention and those with the desire to learn it for themselves! Complete with a training program for all imPorts wanting to teach or to learn from others with abilities like their own!

Finally we will have a place to spar and train away from the possibility of harming others!

[He's really getting worked up about this... Gamagori just loves discipline though, gosh, and a facility for training? All aboouut discipline. But he'll take a breath, closing his eyes for a moment before continuing.]

A project like this will take time and effort, and we have been given allowance to not only create it as we see fit, but to control it ourselves. This Training Facility will be optional to imPorts, so if you have no interest in taking part or even using it in the future, dont. But to anyone able to assist in it's creation, or wishing to help manage it when it has been finished, I, as well as Inumuta Houka are open to questions.

Concerning the Tutoring Program, there will be an Application Process, if you have an interest in taking part as a tutor or will be looking for a tutor once the Facility is opened, please see to filling one out. I will begin going over them in the future, so if you don't get a response soon after, wait.

On a final note- LOCATION. [A breath, frowning a bit as he raises his head.]

Due to the SIZE this building may be once finished, it's location will not be in Nonah! So I ask you for your ideas on the best place to raise this project! Considering how far it may be, there will also be need for a group of individuals willing to work on a fast transit system, like the Porters even, that will assist imPorts in going to and from what location we choose.

Thank you for listening. [Not that you really have a choice since that power of his makes you listen...] We will now open our time up to questions, comments, and ideas, should you have anything else that may be a good addition to this project.

006 Video;

Apr. 13th, 2015 04:09 pm
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[Why is it that Dean never posts to the network unless something shitty is going down? When the feed starts, he scrubs a hand over his face and offers the camera a smile that's more smirk and just a tad more tense than it might normally be, to anyone who's particularly observant.]

Alright. So anybody who was here before, you've seen what Lucifer can do and you know how dangerous he is.

[He sighs, presses his mouth into a line. Does he really need to say more than that? It's not like there's a jail here anymore that they can toss him in to rot.]

And anybody who doesn't know him, but saw him on the network yesterday. He is the actual Devil and he's pretty freaking dangerous. Don't underestimate him.

[What he wants to do is make sure that nobody else goes after Lucifer, but the Devil has shown his face now, so there's not much Dean can do aside from putting himself in the line of fire instead and hoping for the best.

There's a moment where it looks like he might say something else, but he reaches out and ends the feed instead.
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[He may have just gotten here, but, Glitch does not look like someone who is taking this well or that he even believes what's going on. After all, cityscapes not being demolished and pulverized to ash due to nukes? The outside not being poisonous? People walking around like the way back whens?

Clearly, something is up. He'd been told the story of science bringing him here to be a "hero" but, he doesn't buy it.

A very perturbed young teen comes on the comm. His blue eyes holding nothing but an angry look, his mouth in an unmoving frown.]

So, tell me, my mass hallucination: how many times do I have to bash my head in to wake up or get my fucking brain in order? Five? Six times?

Because this? All this? Can't be real. If it's like 2015 whateverish, you guys should be on the verge of killing each other. Sorry, true.

[He sighs, well, regardless if he's having a very in-depth dream, he may as well make use of it.]

Anyways, what do you guys do here other than being "voluntold" heroes? 'Cause I got more time than ever to kill now until I stop being delirious.

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"If thou be the Son of God, cast thyself down from hence: For it is written, He shall give his angels charge over thee, to keep thee: And in their hands they shall bear thee up, lest at any time thou dash thy foot against a stone." Poor baby.

The prophets wrote that Jesus, having resurrected, first presented himself to Mary Magdalene, who did not recognize him. Well, that's a classical telling. 'The women' is a more accurate translation. So I did that. They had cookies. [ A thoughtful clucking sound is attached to the disassociated voice. ] Then he came down upon his disciples, and broke bread with them. Would you be surprised to know just how many Satanists there are in Florida? They were very accommodating.

[ The camera is turned upwards. Here, at last, is an (unfortunately) familiar face for those who have been here for a while. Lucifer doesn't look like much otherwise, just another steely eyed, rough featured imPort making his introductions. There are wounds healing on his - admittedly pale - face that look like they might have been some kind of deep tissue radiation burn. Still, he doesn't seem to be in any pain--he looks kind of cheerful. ]

I really don't know what I did to deserve a military escort, but I'm more than happy to know that I've engendered such respect in the human population here. Well--respect; fear; one is so very much like the other.

Now then, why don't we start with some introductions. [ He tapped his lip with one finger, considering where to start. ] I have a number of names, most largely unnecessary, but Lucifer will do. For the uneducated amongst you, that means I'm an archangel. For the heathens--well, sucks to be you; you have fun with that. [ The amusement is clear in the crinkles about his eyes. ] Furthermore, I'm delighted to announce that very soon I'll be usurping the airtime of a televangelist near you. Television exposure, a sponsorship from DRV Games, the adoration of my fans-- [ He drawls, it's difficult to tell whether or not he's being sarcastic: ] It's like a dream come true.

Oh, and Dean? Hello darling. Let's have a little chat, shall we? Happy belated Easter, chickens.
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[The video clicks on, shaky and jumbled, as if whomever is holding it is in motion and fumbling with it. Eventually the picture swings around to the face of a cherubic young boy, grinning into the screen.

Cherubic if you can get past the cobalt colored hair, crimson eyes and the trickle of blood coming from his left nostril.

OYE! 'Names Setanta. Don't know me? Well you will. I'm here to stake the claim as the strongest boy in this world. Don't like that? Think you got what it takes to challenge me? Well come find me then in Maurtia Falls.

As you can see-

[The pictures pans out and downwards, showing a sloping pile of refuse: boxes, pallets, old furniture... all stacked up into a makeshift mound. Several other children can be seen struggling to ascend, various superficial wounds on their faces and limbs that show they've been fighting. Several more children stand by and watch in wonder at the spectacle. A few more are crying, defeated by the ordeal.

Where are all their parents?

-some have already tried. But they are no match for me! I did warn them I was an import.

Oh, and one more thing! [The picture swings back to his stern face, or as stern as such a cutie can look.] No adults! Don't even think about coming in and ruining our fun!

[OOC:There will be a log up soon for those that wish to participate in this "fun"]


Feb. 14th, 2015 07:32 pm
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[The image clicks on with a back drop of smoke and rubble, sirens in the background nearly washing out Cu's voice as he looks into the camera. Wistful boredom droops his face despite the chaos going around him. Not that many of you would know, but you're getting a good look into the prison that was recently the victim of a bombing.]

Saving people s'all fine and dandy, but it's not exactly a very compelling pursuit anymore, is it? When I was first ported in, fresh in The City, making a hero out of yourself was a fun diversion. Get some laughs, draw some blood, maybe some appreciative company. [His eyebrows literally waggle at that.]

Now everything has strings attached. Now everything is so... political. It totally takes the fun out it. Help one person, you're blamed for the doom of another. No matter how hard you try you're responsible for everyone's suffering. Especially when the system sets you up to fail. Even when the people of that universe hated us it felt like were were fighting the good fight.

Ah, but most of you probably don't understand what I'm saying. Pity. I guess until we find out just WHY we're here I don't see the big need to shoulder the burdens of the entire world. It's just that- Oh ho, speaking of heroing trouble. Or should I say heroine trouble?

[The camera swings around to give the viewers a top down view of a glowing, vaguely female shaped blur with orange horns limping by.]

Anyways, I dunno what else to say. Maybe I'm just getting jaded. Several lifetimes of bullshit will do that to a guy. I guess until I get it sorted out I'll go shift some rubble and get berated for saving convicts instead of elementary students. Fuck me, right? Or maybe I'll go slap some sense into people more out of sorts than me while I still can?
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[ kanaya knows she has to make this confession, not that she's particularly looking forward to it. but now that they've put her in solitary, nothing about this punishment has been satisfying. she needs something better.

everyone needs to know, but she doesn't want their pity, and doesn't deserve their sympathy. so. she kind of goes a little too far in the other direction, there.

I've been quiet the past few days. I say this not as an apology, because I don't particularly give a shit, but as an explanation. For those who don't know me, my name is Kanaya Maryam, an for the past few months I've been moonlighting as a costumed thug. One might even go so far as to say I was a supervillain.

Shocking, isn't it? I was a bit surprised, myself. [ not that she's going to explain that one. ]

As Hobgoblin, I committed numerous crimes, whether disrupting traffic, harassing the costumed set, playing ghost in a haunted house, other, more serious infractions. Kidnapping. Stalking. And...worse than that. [ her flippant tone cracks, her voice falling low and shaky. ] I've-- I've hurt people. People who didn't deserve it. Innocents.

[ there's a fury brimming in that last word, a self-loathing and shame. she can feel her hands shaking, her knuckles going white as she balls her fists. but they won't see that, it's important that they don't. if they recognize any remorse, it will defeat the whole purpose.

she takes a deep breath, letting it out slowly as she collects herself again.

For all of these things, the most the local authorities have seen fit to do is stick me in a room alone without my powers. Which is really great, I must say. Wonderful to know that we feed and house our criminals when law-abiding residents have no such amenities, especially when they aren't registered! I must say this world's punitive measures are deeply impressive, it truly overwhelms me with compunction, how much softer-handed it is than I expected when I turned myself in. I suppose I shouldn't be really surprised, when the approach to everything is such a joke, such a limp attitude toward justice is at least consistent.

But it isn't real justice. It's a mockery. [ she thinks of terezi, and wonders if she'd be more embarrassed by the meagerness of it, or that kanaya submitted herself willingly. terezi would know what to do here. ]

I'm sure many of you could do better, someone who really believes in the subject, unless you're too stuck in all the nonsense moralizing humans too often preoccupy themselves with. You're heroes. I'm a villain. That seems simple enough to me.

If you want to see real justice done, I'm not going anywhere.
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Merry new year and happy incoming one year anniversary to those who arrived in Heropa last January alongside Kanaya and I.


Dec. 14th, 2014 10:11 am
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[The picture opens on a shot of a young man sitting on a simple wooden bench with a backdrop of trees and other flora. His outfit, which already rather eccentric with the strips of wolf fur accents, is reinforced with plates of armor that seem out of place in this age.

A soft breeze plays with his mane of unnaturally blue hair and his crimson eyes stare at the screen with a look of predatory amusement.

Yo. Been a while. I see you've managed to keep this world from tearing itself apart. At least for the time being.

I'm here with an announcement and a few questions.

Some of you may know me, I'm a bit of a veteran when it comes to this whole Import business. If you don't, allow me to introduce myself. I'm Cu Chulainn, the Spear of Ireland. I've taken upon myself the mantle of Import protector, meaning that if you ever find yourself in trouble you can call on me for support. That will never change.

But I'm not simply content with sitting passively waiting for the thrill of combat to reach me. So I'm here today to announce that I've formed a group of like minded warriors who wish to fight for their livelihoods, as our hearts and spirits demand. As of now we're calling ourselves the Knights of the Red Branch, after my company back home. And if it wasn't clear, we're offering our services as warriors for hire to all those who need capable fighters. Let me know if you have such a need, and for the right price we can pledge ourselves to your service.

We're always accepting of more to fill our ranks, as we know not everyone is made out for this era's focus on the mercantile. If you're interested let me know and I'll be happy to test your mettle.

But, we're also looking for opportunities to prove ourself so that you can see the promise I've seen in my recruits. For that I come to you, my brothers and sisters. Have you any ideas on how one might do so? Preferably in a legal manner. I was thinking of holding a tournament, or something of the like to showcase our skills. But I don't know if people of this age still value that kind of event.

[Cu's focus drifts off to the side of the shot, watching as a massive black wolf creeps into the picture, looking at the camera curiously. It was easily over three hundred pounds of muscle and majesty. With a smile and a quick pat of it's head, Cu shrugs.]

Well, I've been yapping enough. I value any suggestions and responses you might have.
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If you would like- choose the question you'd prefer to answer the most and answer it. I have reasons to find ways to burn time, and you'd be helping me out quite a lot if you answered, so thank you if you reply. [Obvious smile in the words, but the smooth voice does have a slightly- tired tone to it.]

If you could do any one thing with no strings attached, no consequences, and nothing holding you back- what would it be?


What is your biggest regret and do you think it taught you anything?


What skill or ability do you have that gives you the most pride?


Do you have a favorite type of candy and if so, what is it?

Or lastly, what is your most preferred way of passing the time?

['Passing the time' is becoming increasingly difficult the longer he's locked away to rot, so time to try something new. Not only that, but it'll show he's trying to make an effort at ridding himself of those evil idle hands he seems to have and trying to become a better person... Though he supposes, if anyone has anything good to say he might actually find something to do once he's free. Instead of- well- What he shouldn't be doing.]

[It more is a way of reading people though. Testing them. Depending on what answer they choose and how they decide to answer it- besides the answer itself- will tell him a lot about them. What questions they avoid, how much information is given. You can learn so much from a person from that alone.]

[That and he's a naturally curious person who enjoys idle chit chat. And while there's many things going on in the world right now, they're far from him where he is now.]

4, Video

Oct. 19th, 2014 08:50 pm
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This is Major-General Olivier Mira Armstrong.

I've been granted permission to lead a small expedition of National Guardsmen and imPorts to Alaska for reconnaissance and potential defense against Soviet aggression. I'm looking for volunteers.

This will be wilderness survival and we will not have backup. Rations and supplies will be what we can bring with us, and what we can gather. If you can't take those conditions, or if you can't follow my orders, don't waste my time.

If you think you can, I can use you.

Armstrong out.

[Privated to Amestrian military members who aren't Kimblee]

Alex, Elric, Mustang. I'm going to need people I can rely on, and you three are the closest I have to that.

[Privated to Commander Shepard and Kaidan.]

Shepard, Alenko. Let's talk.

(ooc: More information can be found here and here!)

[ voice ]

Oct. 14th, 2014 04:16 pm
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It's funny how similar some things can end up being, even with a difference of five hundred years. Evidently it's impossible for the United States and the Russian Federation to ever get along. [ Ellie's voice with it's vaguely English accent sounds just a bit more sharp than usual. She lets out a tiny scoff before moving on. ]

There's something I've been thinking about for a while that I'd appreciate some input in. [ She doesn't hesitate when she asks her question, in fact she sounds pretty comfortable talking about this. Which isn't actually the truth, but nobody needs to know that, right? ] Has anyone here gone from unregistered to registered? Or from registered to unregistered? [ There are other questions she could ask there, but she figures those can wait for a conversation. She pauses for just a second. ] Or has anyone considered it? [ Because she has been. For months. ]

If you don't feel comfortable talking about it here, I'd be happy to meet people in person.


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