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[ The camera opens with Rose setting up a camera in front of a couch, disappearing as soon as she’s satisfied with the position. Kanaya seems pensive, her lips drawn tight, looking at something to her left, where some low chatter can be heard. Some sort of skittering noises, and an occasional squeak. Kanaya takes a deep breath and turns her attention to the camera, as she begins. ]

Around a year ago, some of you may remember I spent time in prison for, well, costumed supervillainy. I came to the Network to confess the crimes I committed as Hobgoblin, in...what one might call an ill-advised endeavor for harsher punishment. Suffice to say, I wasn't at my best at the time, or in any way my most logical. But...I wasn't at my most truthful, either. There was much that went into that situation that I left out, mostly by deliberate obfuscation or exaggeration.

[ There's another chirp from offscreen, and Kanaya breaks her thought for a moment to look to her left and gently tap a finger against her lips. She takes another deep breath, collecting her thoughts more coherently. Stop pausing so much, Kanaya. ]

The most important facet being that the Hobgoblin was primarily the result of mental manipulation, even brainwashing, conducted on me by Norman Osborn. The elder. [ Because that will always be an important distinction.

It's at this point that Rose becomes a solidly visible figure, casting an incomprehensible look towards Kanaya, utterly oblivious to just how in frame it is. Relief is, perhaps, the best way to describe it; it's been a year that she's waited for Kanaya to cast the blame on the correct person. For as long as it lasts, at least, as Kanaya unfortunately isn't done.

Not that it makes me entirely innocent. He told me what to do, yes, and I was compelled to follow his directives, but it isn't as though he micromanaged the whole thing. Carrying it out was still me, still my mind determining how to arrive at the destination he dictated. [There’s a frustrated sigh, off screen, quite obviously from Rose. ]

The costume, as an example, was my design. I only created it to the parameters he desired, which isn't very different from most design jobs I take. Only, this one was in preparation to becoming the client's costumed thug. Which is really all I was. More a henchwoman than a supervillain.

And even his part in it doesn't erase the lies I told in my previous confession, of course, that's still a thing that I did. I could try to paint the reasons behind that decision, the guilt and the rationalizations. I would rather have suffered someone thinking me worse than I am than allow anyone else to make themselves a target for all of this. To keep them from experiencing what had already happened to me, or what he did to Rose through me. It was a bad plan, among many bad plans.

[ This time, Rose is very conscious of her visibility. And, a very soft interjection: ] The point is that, ultimately, Norman Osborn was the grand orchestrator in this. [ Kanaya glances at her with some surprise. She was carrying on a bit, wasn't she? ] Right. Yes, that.

What it all comes down to is that Norman Osborn was a very dangerous man. Kanaya experienced violation to a degree which is unfathomable. I allowed my ego to blindside me and I ultimately allowed myself to be manipulated and played like a well tuned instrument. We could stand here all day and count the ways in which we blame ourselves and the ways in which things could have been done differently, but none of that erases what has been done.

This was a year ago, now. In the months that followed, several imPorts aided us in an extensive investigation and in the end, Norman’s recent arrest. Notably, Norman Osborn junior was a significant help. We owe everyone involved a debt of gratitude for seeing this to its end. Unfortunately, the end being that we have also subsequently seen the senior be ported out.
[ Sourly said, though it ought to be cause for some relief, later. ] If we're lucky, this world will never see his like again.

005 | text

Jan. 17th, 2016 12:24 am
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For those of you who don’t spend most of your evenings searching for yourself online (there’s no shame in it) I’m about to gift you with something you’ll totally thank me for later:

NSFW and R rated, ladies and gents, but it might just be the greatest website ever created. Check it out. A lot of natives have taken a lot of time to make something like this, the least you could do is show them your support.

You’re welcome.

[Any daring to check out the site will find a growing number of porn images, all photoshopped with various imPort faces, some poorly edited, some rather impressively done, but all entirely fake.]

005; video

Dec. 25th, 2015 11:19 pm
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[epsilon is, for the first time ever, too lazy to go through the rigamarole of trying to convey his annoyance through voice and hologram. he made carolina dump him back in the android so that he could enjoy the spread if he had to sit through dinner, but it seems like the novelty has worn off (read: the tank is full) and he's retreated to a corner to whine at the network. he is also wearing one of his hanukkah gifts.] Alright, listen. I know y'all've got better things to worry about, but I need to put my foot down. [he stringently ignores a distant kerfuffle behind him; though there's an orange and black blur that JINGLES its way past him, the deepening in his frown is probably just subconscious. or maybe in response to the sudden screeching coming from the kitchen. that tinkly little blur DID almost seem to have a drumstick shape near the front, didn't it? might explain the clamor coming from the other room.]

Christmas is officially over as of... [he glances offscreen briefly, checking the timestamp in the corner of his field of vision. this doesn't mean much, since... he can never remember which date is actually the important one and which is 'eve' or whatever.] Whatever. Whenever. Soon. The point is, the time for holiday cheer has officially come to an end. That means no more decorations, no more forced friendliness, and most importantly!

No more carols. If I have to listen to one more bubblegum trash ballad about giving hearts away or wanting somebody as a present, I'm gonna die. Just spontaneously expire. Seriously, how anybody makes it through two solid fucking months of the same chirpy songs is completely beyond my compre--

[the helmet that flies in from the other room is... pretty recognizable. also? pretty heavy. and pretty accurately dead center in the back of his skull. church responds to this quite eloquently, by tipping over and bringing the frame with him, cursing loudly for a moment before he shuts the feed off. replies will probably be after things at H003 have calmed down slightly. um. relatively, rather.]
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oh look it's time for the most commercialized holiday of the year. it looks like the city is getting ready to celebrate too. Yay. Exciting. :|

I don't suppose anyone is NOT celebrating Christmas and would like a pizza party instead? At home, we have pizza (because all the restaurants close on us) and I was thinking it would be nice to just hang out and pretend Christmas doesn't exist.

Invites go to anyone who says bah humbug.
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hey its that time again
this special day when a dude turns seventeen and gets fuck all in return for it
seriously though who the fuck decides im somehow arbitrarily just not eligible for shit until our planet flings itself around the goddamn sun one more time
what difference does it
the president peering through his fuckoff huge space telescope or whatever while he decides who can get tatted up or not
turns to the guy writing the constitution and is like yo that SO TIGHT but you gotta see eighteen of those sick tricks before we let you do anything cool
cant be getting a sweet full sleeve of carebears on your arm or BIG DICK BILL directly on your forehead 
until youve supposedly survived a full set of life experiences absolutely every shitbird out there will have somehow before that magic date passes that allows them to make mature and rational decisions
maybe ive got a serious emergency only fireworks or lottery tickets can solve and because some guy whos most definitely dead decided 1000 years ago to pass some sort of moral judgement on me
something to think about

point is
i dont really have a point guess its just been a while since ive actually DONE something to mark the day my diapered ass got slammed into the earth at ten thousand miles an hour
so you could indulge in that time honored tradition of giving into the lull of modern consumerism which states you have to bestow worthless crap on someone for the great feat of continuing to breathe another year
or i guess more practically you could stop by krakatoa and listen to some of my sweet jams since i work there or something
hey thats some free advertising right there
i should be getting paid for that namedrop


Nov. 23rd, 2015 10:24 am
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[The video feed switches on to Max, knitting and giving the camera a bit of a grin.]

Uh... hey, everyone. I don't normally do this stuff, but my employers asked, so here I am! Since the holidays are coming up, we've got a special sale going on at our studio.

[And here, she leans over, still knitting (can you tell she's been cheating with her rewind to get better at it quickly?) as she reads a list of various photo packaging prices, complete with backgrounds, props, and such.]

Not bad, huh? And yours truly will be working on the weekends in the afternoon and during the winter break, so if any of you want to drop by, feel free! Just be sure to call in, or reserve online, because sheesh, are we filling up on that quickly!


Nov. 16th, 2015 04:55 pm
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[ Ramir shows up in an obviously planned shot, dead center in a dark room, chin propped up on her hand as she leans on a table. ]

Man, November sucks. Last month we had Halloween, next month we got Christmas, what do we have this month? Just, like… turkeys. The American turkey holiday. Great, I know I can’t fucking wait.

But hang on, don’t despair, I’m here with good news! Coming soon to a Heropa downtown near you: Krakatoa!

[ Cue: lights! They snap on pretty much all at once, and the scene transforms. Suddenly it’s all oranges and reds, tropical and bright and flashy, and clearly the inside of a (currently empty) club. She gestures grandly around her, grinning. ]

What the hell is Krakatoa, you ask? Besides that big volcano that killed a bunch of people like a million years ago? Just the hottest imPort-owned and operated clubstaurant this dimension has ever seen! Show up during the day for some really fucking tasty food — I borrowed the Iceberg’s very best chef, where he wasn’t getting anywhere near the appreciation he should be, and his meals are practically as killer as the eruption was. But then! Hang around into the evening to see the whole thing transform into a dance floor! Still hungry? Don’t worry! I got him chained up in the kitchen to keep churning out the food, there’s insanely tasty appetizers popping out all night.

Also, even better news, I’m still hiring! Looking for snappy dressers who don’t suck — cooks, servers, bar tenders, dancers, whatever. Just get your good-looking butt down here before we open next Friday!

[ There’s a PDF flyer attached with the address and hours, in the same stylish red/orange tropical theme. ]

Oh, yeah, and— imPorts get half off on everything on opening night, then 20% off for the rest of our collective lives, so basically no one here has any excuse not to stop by.

[ private, individually to Jo, Dave, Maine, and Jonathan (Joestar): ]

I mentioned this was happening next week, right? [ didn’t. she definitely didn’t. (but hey at least Jojo is probably mostly on the same page, one out of four isn’t bad) ] Hope your Friday schedule is clear!


Nov. 9th, 2015 09:55 pm
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[ SOME NERD is addressing the network today, dressed for fall with a fashionable blue scarf and sipping a cup of coffee. It's been a while. He's feeling chatty. ]

Question! Are there any responsible-ish pseudo-adult figures out there who'd be willing to give driving lessons? Someone — hint, it's me — is turning sixteen in December. Time flies! And I'd also like to fly. Ideally in a hover car. Ideally-er without crashing it into a tree.

Not-question: welcome, newbies! I'm Dick Grayson. I'm a Sagittarius, I like long walks on the beach, computer programming, and electronics repair, I'm totally available for math tutoring, and I microwave a mean Hot Pocket.

And I've been here for about a year and a half, so if you need any questions answered, I can try really, really hard to give you more than just a giant question mark in response, but... well, there are still a lot of question marks. So here are a few quick answers to some common questions. Yes, this is actually happening, no, we don't know what the deal with the Porter is, yes, you really have superpowers now, and no, you don't have to put on a cape. But I totally support you if you do. You're doing important work, and almost everyone looks good in a cape. Science fact.


Nov. 5th, 2015 12:24 am
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[ so Gwen doesn't love the idea of posting to this kind of social media platform to get answers about this place, but it's not like she's going to just come out and ask for the dirty details of what the crime rate is like here. she has to play it smart, and this seems like the best way. even if she needs to make semi-smalltalk to get to that point. ehh. not smalltalk. this won't be just regular smalltalk. ]

new kid on the block here, hey. my name's gwen. i just have a few questions that weren't answered in their little welcome spiel.

1) what's the best music shop in town? if i'm gonna be stuck here, i need to invest in a drum kit or i'll go nuts. unless someone wants to just give me a kit, that'd be great too. i'm not above taking a generous musical instrument donation.

2) despite how insane this all is, the Porter decided to hook me up with the superpower that gives me the ability to find the nearest corndog. that's it, that's all it does. which is kind of amazing, don't get me wrong, but only if i know which places are actually worth visiting to get said corndogs. weigh in, street food lovers. which cart makes the best corndogs in town? in any of the towns, actually. ( yes this is vitally important to how enjoyable my time here will be )

3) what's the live music scene like here? if i'm going to be working at a radio station, i guess i need to get with the times. plus, i wouldn't hate finding people to jam with.

anyway, that's it. this is some hard-hitting stuff, i know, but i'm hoping some of you can help me out. thanks. c:

001 | video

Nov. 4th, 2015 10:12 pm
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[ Lovely evening to you all, imPorts. Tonight, you shall be treated to a video feed shot by the hand of someone who is clearly A) entirely new to this whole "communicator" and "talking with videos" business, with the way she holds the damned thing a little clumsily and the unfamiliarity of having to point a camera at oneself, B) slightly inebriated, as evidenced by the glass of something she holds in her other hand, C) having a pretty good time in her living room, or D) All of the Above.

(The answer is, it's always All of the Above.)

The feed opens with the dulcet tones of "My Boyfriend's Back" by The Angels blaring in the background, and a woman wearing sunglasses moving as though she's dancing to the beat a little bit while holding the communicator. It's only after a laugh that she finally speaks, her thick German accent coming through: ]

I won't bore you all with more introductions and confusion. I'm settling in just fine.

[ Yeah, we all see that, Gaby. ]

I just have one question. I have been spending a lot of time catching up on what the music of the next fifty years have to offer, and...

[ Setting her glass down on the nearest surface, she then reaches over to a radio and switches it over. This song is playing, and Gaby lifts her sunglasses up from her eyes, letting them rest atop her head as she squints and looks like she's waiting for a very specific part. When the awaited line comes on, she hooks her thumb, pointing it at the radio. ]

"Dumps like a truck, truck, truck." What does that mean?

(( ooc: East Berliner from 1963 vs. The Thong Song. What will the outcome be? Maurtia Falls 001 has free reign to go straight to action! ))

( voice )

Oct. 31st, 2015 12:58 pm
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[In the background, the siren call of cats meowing heartily as Rose feeds them. ]

Three things, all of vague importance. I am stuck between two costumes and want them both as a surprise. So: pink or blue?

[Meow, meow - and a huff from Rose.] Secondly if I hear of a single black cat being harrassed I will be paying personal visits to any and all perpetrators to teach the value of feline care. And the third - thank you to whoever decorated my yard. This has been the best gift I have received all year. How does one get a skeleton to skateboard? With great skill, obviously.

[She is so blessed.] Anyway, happy Halloween and all that.


Oct. 28th, 2015 11:43 pm
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[ Any available audience is treated to an odd upshot of Kristoff Bjorgman, the camera rising and falling and swaying slightly as the (rather amateurish) cinematographer plods along beside his companion. The less anybody realizes that the phone's being held in a reindeer's mouth, though, the better. Aside from the click-clacking of hooves on pavement, Sven actually manages relative silence while Kristoff speaks.

Lit by an old-fashioned oil lantern held before him, the scene painted is decently dramatic. As usual, though, he ruins it with a bumbling start. ]

So, uh. There's this Halloween thing again, which I still don't really get, but... Anyway, I work at giving people "ghost tours" now, have for a while, and the whole thing's great for business. I don't think that was the point of turning this thing on, though.

[ So what was it? Hm. ]

Well, I just-- I was wondering about scary stories, and how they're the same and how they're different. I thought it'd be, y'know, fun. To tell them. Or lay them out. Or however you want to say it.

So I'll trade you one-for-one, and maybe the scariest story gets a prize or something.
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Hey everyone.

So if you didn't know, uh. I'm part of a team back in my world of young superheroes called the Young Avengers. It's what it sounds like, if you're from any world that might have people from mine; we're Avengers, only. You know.


Keep up, guys.

So considering our fearless leader is gone, and after that her fearless lieutenants, all you have is me, her fearless....tank. And I guess I'm stepping up now.

So here's the deal.

If you're over sixteen but you don't feel like joining the adult versions of the same kind of superhero things, talk to me, and let me know. You don't have to register with the government, I'm not registered. You don't have to be a fighter, either. We'll figure out what we can do.

Sound good?

Let me know, and all that.
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So on a scale of one to awesome, one being useless as a slicker in the Sahara and awesome being ten: how useful is/are your power(s)?

Idle curiosity. Must be Tuesday.

Checked the newspaper, it is actually Tuesday.

[ that was handy and this, as she's walking to the bus stop from the porter, again, seems more expedient than texting everyone she knows. it only seems to be a day or so, so maybe they won't have even noticed.


anyway abigail is back from her power update! ]


Aug. 27th, 2015 11:43 pm
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[ Carl would be lying if he said the gas didn't fucked him up. It gave him nightmares, he couldn't sleep, he felt like he lost something back there with the terrified crowd. Whatever sense of not feeling safe he always had ever since coming here has just amplified, like he's living back in his world now.

The things he used to distract him is not working any more. Job hunting only frustrated Carl, as his aversion with large groups of people has only gotten worse.

So he gotta do something about it. He has gotten some help on the network, some good suggestions. Good start as any. ]

I got some quick questions.

1) What hobbies do you have that's cheap and easy to do? I'm getting bored with origami.

2) What are the kind of jobs that is good for not interacting a lot of people? I don't think being in large crowds is going to work for me anymore.

Thanks for any suggestions.


Aug. 11th, 2015 04:33 pm
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[ Cisco sits back from turning the video feed on, his garage/workshop visible in the background, and goes back to fiddling with a project on his workbench while he talks. ]

So, what kind of movies do you guys like? Back home, I mean. I know stuff is weird here and some movies don't exist, and they have stuff some of us don't have back home, so if there's any good universe-local movies I'm missing out on that only exist here, I could use some recs, too. Bonus points if there's any really good alternate universe versions of stuff I'd know from home. Negative points if it's propaganda crap, because there's enough of that on TV as it is.

[ He props up the thing he's working on to get at the bottom of it, and it looks like a projector. Wonder what that could be for! ]
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[ There's a bit of shaking of the feed, then a weird angle of someone looking down at the camera. Enjoy that shot up his nose, ImPorts. ]

Is it working? I think... yeah, that's gotta be it.

[ The feed pulls back and Max, despite his limited time with smartphone tech, has already mastered the classic Selfie angle. He's grinning up into the feed. ]

So somebody -- what's his name? Felix? -- Someone called this place a vacation. And yeah, sure, I was plucked out of my home against my will, didn't get to say goodbye to my mom --

[ -- He didn't get to say goodbye to a lot of people, but Max pushes the thought away quickly. ]

But I for one humbly and graciously accept this small reprieve from the daily stresses of being a twelve year old. Sure, we gotta fight supervillains, but what's a little mortal danger if it means we get to skip out on standardized testing, am I right?

[ He knows all too well -- but in a place like this, where nobody knows him, at least he can pretend he used to be normal. With a dramatic sweep of his arm, he motions toward himself, still grinning all the while. ]

So, ladies and gents, my name's Max. Nice to meet you!


Aug. 8th, 2015 09:53 pm
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[ The video on this is slanted sideways - and not showing anyone in particular at first. Only after some shuffling and mild cursing (in Greek? is that Greek?) does the video focus on a rather sallow boy with a mess of dark hair. He looks like he hasn't slept in a month. And there's a faint, dingy quality to his outline in spots, like he's not entirely solid.

He also looks suspiciously like he's never used a cell phone in his life. That's because he hasn't. ]

Why isn’t this … I haven’t messed up this badly for ages. [ His voice drops to a mutter for a moment: ] Did it break me? Are my powers broken? I need to know where I am. The people at that machine weren’t at all helpful. Babbling something about heroes and … I don’t know what else.

Do they mean that line about wanting superheroes? From everyone? I've read enough comics to know that superheroes don't like hanging out with dead people.

[ And Nico knows that offers of help - however well-intentioned - often come with a catch. ]

OOC: If you have a character who's died in MoM or canon, please see Nico's permission post here!


Aug. 7th, 2015 11:27 pm
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Hey, okay, so... question: if I'm understanding Kate Bishop's guide correctly, we're v2.0 of this and there was a separate world before this that Lachesis imported people to...and then moved them from? Right? Anyone with more info on that?

For that matter, any clue who's been here the longest?

And speaking of being here a long time, anyone know the rules and regulations of modifying one's apartment here? Specifically the Maurtia Falls Govt. Apartment Complex. I mean, I don't want to do anything drastic--just to be clear, definitely NOT talking about knocking out walls here--just a nice coat of paint and stuff. (Hermann: see attached file)

-- Newt      __ \/_
            (' \`\
         _\, \ \\/
          /`\/\ \\
               \ \\    
                \ \\/\/_
                /\ \\'\
              __\ `\\\
               /|`  `\\
                        \\    ,

[[ooc: the ascii art comes from here]]


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