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Dec. 12th, 2016 08:09 pm
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[ Short and sweet today, people. The video flicks on and Dorian is there, smiling and shining in all his splendor. Gaze upon glory, etc etc. ]

Greetings, all! It has come to my attention there are several holidays celebrated around this time of year. Granted, I don't particularly know them as we celebrate different ones in Thedas, the basic premise seems to be the same: [ he waits a beat and his smile grows wider; ] a party!

So, here I am, extending an invitation to all of you to join me this coming Saturday. Directions are attached should you need them. Time is sundown until whenever you feel the need to leave. I do hope to see you there!

[ With that, he's done and the feed clicks off and it's followed by directions to his home. ( Corresponding log is up here to anyone who feels like stopping by. Even if Dorian doesn't know them, everyone's literally welcome! ) ]
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ok get this

there is a bull for HEAVEN

like instead of IRON BULL hes like GOD BULL and shit can u imagine

hahahaha take that wolf god am i right

((ooc: you can thank this thread for the text here))

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Nov. 14th, 2016 07:23 pm
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[ Greetings good folks of the network! This one is coming to you during the evening hours but not too terribly late at night. A nice time of night. And he won't be taking up a lot of time, but Dorian does have a burning question that needs answering! So, he turns on his device and his voice is playful, curious. ]

Hello and good evening! Now, I have another fun, distracting sort question for you all.

[ Are you guys ready for this? This is so serious!!! ]

What would you say, in your opinion, is the quintessential date activity?

[ Because someone's just learned what "dates" are and, surprisingly it's not a fruit. ]

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Nov. 1st, 2016 02:28 pm
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On my arrival, I asked myself two questions likely shared by others;

How are our worlds connected?

And whence came the power to steal us outside of time?

You have probably waited patiently for an answer to these questions; or took it upon yourself in desparation to find answers. Do you consider that it is very, very probable the porter has linked hundreds of worlds though they exist leagues and years apart?

Let me conclude. I expect all of our worlds are linked together by some means. Shall there not exist people who believe the same as me?

And I would also like to hear about your systems of magic, if you can graciously spare the time.


Nov. 1st, 2016 08:20 am
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[ It's late at night when Cullen makes the post, the time of night when people would probably text something like this. But typing on the phone is still too much of an unnatural struggle for him to default to it.

He sounds relatively normal. Maybe just a tiny bit tired. ]

What is it you do when you cannot sleep and there is no work to be done to better utilize the hours you spend awake?

[ There's a tiny pause. ]

I am no stranger to sleepless nights, yet in coming here, I've now naught to do with mine.

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Oct. 7th, 2016 05:53 pm
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— Thank you.

[ The video catches the tail end of a conversation, with two men shaking hands and parting ways after. The older one is familiar to some, probably — one of the escorts for the new arrivals, just doing his job to help. The younger, the owner of the device it seems, is definitely not native, his clothes the biggest indicator, like he stepped out of some wild tv fantasy drama.

But then the device is turned to Edmund's face, and he waves shortly, just a flick of his wrist, awkward in that he definitely has no idea what he's doing. He doesn't quite smile, but he makes an effort not to look unfriendly.

My apologies, to my... audience? [ By the Lion, that is so weird to say to some weird box that apparently helps to communicate with others. ] I asked for help in figuring out how to use this contraption — he was certainly kind about it. He mentioned that plenty of other individuals would have difficulty using the first time around. I suppose he didn't tell me that just to make me feel better.

[ Which he isn't, but that's a differently story. ]

In any case, I am looking for certain people. Three, really. Peter, Susan, or Lucy Pevensie. If any one of them is here, I would deeply appreciate being pointed to them.

[ He'd thought about asking about the others, Mr Tumnus, the Beavers, or even Aslan. But he has had time to watch his surroundings, and there are more humans here than animals, and somehow, he can't fathom that there would be Animals. Besides, in a troubling situation such as this, at least one of his siblings would be in the midst of the chaos. ]

If not, then — my name is Edmund. A ple— [ a thoughtful pause, then finally, a small amused smile. ] I suppose it's not quite a pleasure to meet your acquaintances, since I've yet to meet any of you at all.

001: voice

Oct. 5th, 2016 01:42 pm
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( It's taken Cassandra a great deal of trial-and-error to be able to use the communicator at all. It sits awkwardly in her hands, as if mocking her ineptitude. The thought of people being able to see her face, from a distance, is frankly unnerving, so she quickly discounts the video option. Writing is bad enough when it's ink on paper, so that leaves her with one option she understands, really: voice communication. There are items in Thedas that have a similar function, Cassandra knows, but usually they're not so... bright. And rectangular.

Now, she knows, she is just procrastinating, and she is not the type of woman who likes to waste time. She flicks the audio function, like she'd been taught, and scowls at the device as if she expects it to stare back. )

I do not like this.

( A moment later, it's as though she's just realised she's already turned pressed the button. )

Oh! It's...on?

( Of course it is. And everyone has heard her confusion. Why did anyone think this form of communication was a good idea again? She does her best to gather both her composure and her thoughts. She starts to talk in a clipped staccato: )

I shall be brief. I am not familiar with this technology. Obviously. I was merely wondering if anyone else here is from a world similar to my own. I would like to hear your experiences, if you would share them.

( And she ends the call there partly because she's not sure what else to say but mostly because she's still not convinced that this actually worked. )
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I’m going to be honest with you here network, I’ve been avoiding you.

It’s not you, it’s me. I just needed some time apart from all the self-congratulating, needy social media bullcrap that this network breeds. I mean, it’s no Rumblr, but sometimes it comes a close second.

Pro tip: if it’s not about me I’m just not interested. [Hopefully that’s a joke, but there’s a big possibility it isn’t.]

But I’m here to extend the olive branch of apology for depriving you of my company for a long ass amount of time, and also remind you that the second season of my show finished airing not so long ago, so buy that shit when it’s on DVD so I can get your money. Or… a very small percentage of it.

[Best salesman ever.]


Sep. 9th, 2016 11:48 am
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[ By now, Cullen has figured out the different settings on his phone. Not all of them, but the ones involved with making posts to the network. Thank the Maker for that, because trying to write messages on the bloody thing is a trial and sometimes he just doesn't have the patience for it.

He's sitting on the porch, mostly just his head and shoulders—the latter clad in a simple t-shirt—visible in the video. The bland side of his house makes up the background. Not visible is his mabari, sprawled out at his feet. ]

Pardon the intrusion—[ Using the phone is one thing. Network etiquette is still rather nebulous to him. ]—but I wondered if anyone might have some advice on where I might locate a proper job.

[ His relatively neutral expression dips into a disapproving frown. ]

My current duties are ridiculous and wholly unrelated to my talents. [ The frown smooths out. ] I was the general of a rather large army and have been a soldier for the majority of my life. As a child, I grew up on a small farm. I'm accustomed to being active and prefer it to more idle occupations.

[ He drums the fingers of his free hand against the arm of his chair. He has no idea the protocol for ending communications of this nature. ]

Thank you for your time.

[ Eh, that's good enough. ]


Sep. 3rd, 2016 05:22 pm
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Tell me about when you realized you were in love.
And then tell me about when you realized you weren't.

Both of those have an either-or element, too, of course. Don't think you have to have both to join in.

Alternatively, if you don't have either of those... Tell me about your siblings. Or your best friend. Or your worst enemy.

Everybody has these little pieces of personal history, but nobody new you meet will ever know those parts unless you choose to share them. It's like editing your own narrative. A lot of them probably seem innocuous once you have some distance, but I love hearing about things like that. I always wished that I could see the whole of people in an instant, or that I could read them as easily as I could read books.

I can't, though, so I have to ask and hope that people are willing to share bits of themselves with me.


Aug. 15th, 2016 06:15 pm
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[ Learning to use the communication device is a process, one that Cullen has yet to fully master. There’s nothing like this in Thedas, and despite countless hours spent messing around with it now that he knows it isn’t possessed by demons, he still isn’t confident in his ability to use it. Knowing that he’ll never be unless he practices, and having used it twice with some success already, he decides to give a try.

And prays to the Maker that he isn’t making a colossal fool of himself.

It’s audio only, not out of shyness, but simply because that’s the setting he manages to find first. His voice is smooth and clear, carrying a faint accent that in this world might be reminiscent of a British one. ]

Forgive me if I fail to follow proper protocol for using this device. There is nothing like it in my world and I fear this is my first attempt at holding a public conversation on it.

[ At least, he thinks that’s what he’s doing. The details are a bit sketchy in his mind. Everything since his arrival has been a lot to take in. ]

I was wondering if there are others here who come from a place not quite as… [ He pauses here, uncertain how to continue. After a brief moment, he sighs. ] I’m uncertain of the term. Advanced, perhaps? There are so many things here that do not exist where I come from. I know neither their names nor their uses. And I wondered if there were others having a similar experience. If so, I would ask how you’re adjusting.

[ Another pause, slightly longer than the first. ]

And if you might have any advice for me in doing the same.
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[ Oh you are all in for such a lovely treat on this fine afternoon! Dorian has decided to make his presence officially known in a fashion befitting of... well, something. It's taken him a while to adjust to using such a device, and he still doesn't know much about it, but he does know how to fake knowing everything. And that is the key to survival.

Or something like it.

He grins widely in greeting before tipping his head to the side and waving his hand in a mockery of a bow. ]

Hello out there. I've been told this will reach a wide variety of people and assured I'm not simply speaking to myself. Not that it's a terrible thing, of course, speaking to oneself! Especially when you have a voice as delightful as mine.

[ Ego, yes. He has one full and intact. ]

Now, then! For those who've not had the pleasure, my name is Dorian Pavus and I've found that over the years one can learn an interesting deal from someone new by simply playing a game. And who doesn't enjoy a little bit of entertainment? One of my absolutely favorites is word association. I'm sure there's plenty of you who are smart enough to know or assume what I mean, but for the others: I give a word and you tell me the first thing that comes to mind, then I—in turn—do the same and so on and so forth. We keep going until whenever it reaches a natural end or a question derails the game itself.

Simple, yes? [ He smiles again as if he's just taught a child a new trick. ] I'll start you all off with an easy one: Magic.
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[So this whole powerswap thing hadn't gotten off to a great start, what with the fire and the earthquake and the armed attackers. But it was cool! Cindy went home, she rested up, she learned how to not shoot fireballs from her fingertips... Her hair still kept frizzing because of the pesky lightning, but that might have also been because of the Florida humidity.

But there are still some issues.

So quick question: I think I'm bringing stuff back to life? Every time I swat a fly it jumps up and walks around again. Plus I think I made a dead rat dance. Not as fun as it sounds.

Any advice for a newbie wizard?
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[ Hello network! The feed clicks on to reveal Nonah's resident wizard- he's apparently in the kitchen at Nonah 005, and offers the camera a bright smile. ]

Hey fellow imPorts, my name is Charlie. I've been here for- Jesus, a couple months shy of a year now? That's way longer than I thought I would be. I'm still slogging away at the job they assigned me and I realized that here more than anywhere I'm in the position to actually do what I really want to do for a living, which is working with magic.

In my world I'm what's called an Animator- that basically means I'm a wizard who can enchant and otherwise manipulate inanimate objects. I figure I may as well offer to draft up enchantments for anyone who wants one.

For example- [ He leans over to reveal the kitchen counter behind him, on which sits a small stack of dinner plates. A nearby dishrag picks itself up as the first plate lifts from the pile. The rag wipes the plate off, and the plate settles itself into a separate stack. The next plate picks itself up and the process repeats.

After a moment, Charlie leans back into frame. ]

I'm not limited to just household objects, of course- as long at it's not alive in some way, I can usually enchant it. I will say if you want something like a weapon then we're going to have to talk about it. I don't hand that kind of spellwork out to just anybody.

Fair warning, I can't just wave a magic wand and suddenly make brooms start carrying buckets of water across the room. For me, writing an enchantment is more like working out a complex equation- all the pieces have to fit together just right in order to get the desired result. The more complicated the enchantment, the longer it's going to take to draft up. I have been at this a long time, so there's a lot of stuff I already have the framework for.

I'm willing to negotiate cost based on what you want and how long it will take me. Feel free to ask me any questions you might have, and if you'd like to see more examples of my work, I can gladly provide some.

(( OOC: Enchanted weapons require a power slot and a power update to be submitted with the mods. Mundane items are fair game, so long as they won't affect a large amount of people or cause damage. Additional details can be found here. You can drop a comment on that post to ask about enchantments as well! ))

001 | Video

Dec. 4th, 2015 03:25 pm
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[The video clicks on to show a young man in a black cowl whose mouth is speckled with blood. Sure, there appears to have been an attempt to clean it off before turning the feed on, but he's missed quite a few spots. No matter, Midnighter has more important things to attend to.]

Hate to break it to any of you who actually knew him, which from what I can gather is a grand total of 3 of you, but the last guy with my name is gone. Apparently whoever the hell it is that brings us here liked me better. Probably because it seems like that guy makes me look like Booster freaking Gold. For everyone else, name's Midnighter. I've already done my homework and gotten the basics, so no need for anyone to give me a big speech.

That said, two questions:

[He holds up a gloved hand, palm facing him, as he counts his questions off with his fingers. He does this mostly because he realizes his palm is also caked in blood from touching his wound. Unfortunately, there's some on the back of his glove too.]

1. When the time comes and you so graciously choose not to become a government puppet, how exactly do you get around to the other Porter cities? From what I can gather, the porters are a puppet-only privilege.

2. Where does a guy go to have some fun around here? I was just about to get into an extremely messy breakup, and I could really use the stress relief.

[Does he mean punching or partying? With him, it's impossible to tell.]

I'll also accept recommendations for a good place to eat.

Oh, and anyone with business with the other guy can take it up with me. Figure it's the least I can do.

[Rubs some of the dried blood off his mouth with a fisted hand before turning off the feed.]

((OOC: Midnighter has a permissions post, and I'd really appreciate it if you could fill it out when you get the chance. Thanks!))


Nov. 10th, 2015 07:49 pm
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[Joaquin is standing up very straight, arms crossed, a serious look on his face. Under his mustache his mouth is drawn in a thin line, not really frowning but not happy either. Uh oh.]

As a soldier I've often found myself defending others in the name of what is lawful and just. That's the true nature of my work, back home and here as a hero. However, there are times when even a soldier is at odds with the law they have sworn to uphold. This, unfortunately, is one of those times.

[The stiffness melts away as he takes on a more huffy tone.]

I mean, seriously, you have to be twenty-one to drink? What kind of arbitrary age is that? You can buy smokes when you're eighteen but those are [he does the air quotes] bad for you. People will gripe at you at any time for just having a cigarette but making drunken posts over the communicators? Completely above reproach. [Sorry not sorry about using you as an example, Newton.]

Look, all I'm saying is, it's terrible that people are so judge-y when it comes to certain vices and not others. And those of us who could drink back at home should be allowed to drink here! It's only fair!

[Yeah, that's his real complaint here. Just had to get that off his chest.]
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As seen in all local imPort city newspapers:
De Chima Animal Shelter seeks imPorts for fostering!
With local animal rescues expecting to reach capacity over the upcoming holiday seasons, the De Chima Animal Shelter is reaching out to members of the imPort population who may be interested in the companionship of a dog or cat, but don't feel that they can commit to long-term ownership due to unstable existences. Even a few months of a loving household can go a long way in finding our shyer shelter residents a permanent home! Some restrictions do apply, as the shelter cannot in good conscience allow imPorts listed as Criminal to volunteer as fosters.

As seen on BlueTube, USTube, and the popular clickbait website Fuzzfeed:
Have you seen it? Are you SWAG enough to have seen it? Don't worry potential cool kid, here's the home video from infamously handsome TV host Stan Pines that went viral over the weekend, creating this week's new internet sensation! Find out why this man has 12 PhDs but can't put on a sweater without being stabbed*!
*Video contains no actual stabbing.

NBSea has a BRAND NEW "documentary" airing 10:00 PM EST on November 10th! Following the frenetic fervor of their successful shark endeavors, the sharp teethed executives at NBSea have shifted their usual educational programming to something more of the popular consumption variety -- this means CONSPIRACIES. Or as NBSea will call it: conspiraSEAS! This evening's "documentary" offers the theory that not only do mermaids actually exist and the government KNOWS and is ACTIVELY HIDING MERMAIDS FROM YOU, but that in fact the following imPorts are UNDER THE SEA COVER MERMAID SPIES:
Kitty Jones
April Ludgate(-Graham)
Dipper Pines
Jang Junseo
Hazel Lockwood
The Iron Bull
Lapis Lazuli
Carl Grimes
Tobias Matthews
Agent Texas

The takeaway from the program is clear: approach these merPorts with caution and make offerings of raw fish to appease the creatures.

Nailed it!, the high-end fashion nail polish company wants to produce the first and MOST EXCLUSIVE imPort line OF NAIL POLISH. All proceeds will go to Nailed it! and their stockholders. The company is looking for ONE color suggestion per imPort in order to market that imPort's face over that imPort's personalized and stylish hue! Nailed it! will take any offer, literally just comment with a color and you will have your own thematic nail polish out on the shelves by Friday.

The Homeland Security Advisory System has moved from BLOOD ORANGE to EVERGREEN in response to the unusually calm and perfectly normal activity afoot.

The Majority Report comes out the 10th and 20th of every month. You may find details and submit here. The cut-off time is 12:01 AM PST on the 9th and the 19th for the corresponding dates.


Nov. 7th, 2015 08:28 pm
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See this fish?

[Bull what--]

[Okay, before that question can be answered, or even asked, the camera swings around to show off a hideous, flopping salmon. Then it swings around to look at Bull again. He's grinning.]

It's going to be a dragon.

[And the camera whips around again, showing off a fountain-slash-waterfall installation somewhere in Nonah. Bull is standing on one of the little raised platforms in the middle of the 'pond'. Holding the fish.]

And I'm gonna wrestle with it.

[Somewhere, off-screen, one can hear Kaneda's voice yelling:]

Oi! Jiji! That's not even a koi!

[Undaunted, the Iron Bull winds up... and flings the poor salmon at the waterfall. With literally no other explanation.]

((ooc: Kaneda and Bull will probably both answer.))


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