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What do you do when a constant external factor prevents you from moving forward with the practical application of your research?

[ qubie qubie qubie months of work and all he has to show for it is what is essentially a glorified ham radio he is very sad. all the sad. time to move back to the nanite research. ]

And has anyone here with shapeshifting abilities given themselves an extra appendage, removed it, and then studied how the nanites react to it?

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[Anastasya's just outside of her workplace, Tesladyne Industries, when she turns on her communicator. She looks much the same as her last post, though her attitude is perhaps a bit more formal, her gaze a bit more intense. She sets the communicator down on a little stand she had brought out. There's even a small crowd gathered around the base of the steps, mostly reporters from De Chima and Heropa, where the building is located.]

Hello everyone. As I'm sure you've all noticed by now, a number of our import friends and family have been behaving...strangely...for the last few days. It's difficult to even describe, really, as if they're themselves but...not. And this hardly the first time this sort of thing has happened, really. Almostly routinely we're subject to strange and otherwise inexplicable phenomenon. Being turned into children strikes as one of the more...obvious of the changes.

And we seem to just be expected with it. [She frowns.] This is the norm we are find ourselves trapped beneath. But it can't stay that way, yes? We have to be able to prevent

[She turns so the camera can see the building and logo behind her.]

It's one of the reasons I began working here. This is Tesladyne Industries, it was created by a friend of mine, a...robot? I believe is the word. His research, our research, was initially into simply finding a way home. Which he seemed to have managed, since he vanished months ago. But lately I've been thinking more about, not so much leaving, as ensuring that our stay here is less traumatic then we all seemed to be resigned to. It's one of the reasons I've beginning for ambassador, also. To make things...easier. For all of us.

Other imports work here as well, and in other companies, doing much the same thing. Though we all claim to have different long-term purp-

[Ana is turning back to the camera as she speaks when there's an almost sub-audible crack, followed by a violent bang somewhere distantly behind the camera, and there's a brief second of shock before her small frame is lifted half a foot off the ground as a bullet catches her just below her collarbone and whirls her around and onto the ground, the sudden shift sending the communicator bouncing off it's perch. It hits the ground with a clatter, facing away from the building and catch the crowd as the reporters and onlookers scatter in a wave of panic and shouting, everyone ducking or just taking off down the street.]

[On one of the buildings across the street, a shadowed figure some might recognize as Bucky Barnes was hauling a rifle up off a stand before disappearing into the recesses of the building.]

[As the sound starts to subside, there's a faint, pain-filled moan from the woman herself, then the rush off footsteps and a male voice which some might recognize as Duncan.]

Fuck, get her inside! And someone call the fucking police! Did anyone see where-

[And a hand comes down to grab up her communicator, shutting off the feed.]

[Ooc: Responses from Anastasya will not come until late into the evening, nearly midnight. Duncan may respond to people also.]


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[welcome to late night shitposting with duncan, mother's day edition]

Okay so, hypothetically speaking

If you were born in 2024, and you wanted to try and see if your mom existed in a parallel universe in 2016

Would that be creepy?
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What are your experiences with the law, here and at home? Is this system similar or different from the one you had where you're from, and how so?

Do you believe the system here is better or worse empowered to protect its citizens? To what extent should it have such power in the first place?

I was a detective, back home, so I'm interested in people's opinions of this country's legal system


May. 4th, 2016 12:01 pm
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[It's a nice enough afternoon that Rincewind is enjoying his lunch break at the Nonah Public Library in the library's courtyard, sat at a stone picnic table. Having made a concession for work, he is not in his normal robes (although he has his hat, of course he has his hat), but is instead wearing a blue, long-sleeved shirt patterned with gold stars.

It is a woman's blouse; he has yet to realize this.

Stacked at his left are an arrangement of books. Most have to do with languages, but a few - Homer's Illiad and The Odyssey, a book on turtles, and The Bible - are incongruent. At Rincewind's right, next to his salad bowl, is a plastic tub. It contains a bit of grass, a single twig, and one box turtle.]

Look, I've got to get this out. For a world that really doesn't resemble the Disc at all, there are a lot of strange parallels. [Rincewind taps at a notebook with one hand, feeding the turtle a bit of lettuce off his fork with the other.] I mean, that's not to say there aren't major differences, of course - this world is round, for one, and as far as I can tell it doesn't seem to rely on magic or Narrativium at all to run.

Only, look, I know about nineteen to twenty languages on the Disc, depending on whether or not you consider orangutan to be a language (I would) and you'd think they wouldn't transfer here, but they do! Or at least - [a glance at his notes] - at least twelve of them do, that I've found. To some extent. Again, not accounting for orangutan.

Anyway, they all have different names here - you lot call Klatchian Arabic, and Quirmian French, for example - and some of the vocabulary is a bit different or extended, but otherwise it's mostly the same. Odd, isn't it? Like, the fact that I'm speaking to you right now and you understand me - I know this language as Morporkian where I'm from, but it's English here, isn't it?

And some other things, too. The man in this one - [he taps the The Odyssey and stabs at a bit of cucumber, which the turtle eyes hungrily.] - Odysseus? He's someone who really existed on the Disc. We know him as Lavaeolus, and it was the Ephebians and the Tsorts who fought and did the bit with the wooden horse, there was nothing to do with these "Trojans", but otherwise it's word for word.

[Rincewind straightens proudly, and his fork strays just close enough for the turtle to snag the wizard's cucumber with deft precision.]

He's an ancestor of mine, you know, Lavaeolus. [smugly.] Not everyone can say they've got an ancestor.

Anyway, I'm droning on, but you get the idea, right? Has anyone else noticed strange parallels like that? Things that are sort of the same but not quite? I can't be the only one.

[Rincewind's teeth clack down on empty metal instead of crisp vegetable, and he shoots the turtle an astonished, accusing look.]

Oh, you cheeky git.

[the weight of this insult seems lost on the reptile.]
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[ Max has been getting better at cleaning his room since Duncan moved in, but anyone who cares to check the background of this shot might notice it's spotless. No clutter on the floor, and the bed itself is actually made.

Amazing what a sudden bug infestation will do to your cleaning habits.

Max is sitting at his desk with the phone propped up against a book to record. Ignore that can of bugspray just barely in-frame. ]

Hey guys. If I wanted to shield my house from magic and prevent people from, say... magically filling my bed with roaches from an unreasonable distance away, how do I go about doing that?

[ Totally hypothetically, of course. ]
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[the video feed clicks on to Duncan setting up the camera. He pulls away, hands held up tentatively while he waits to make sure everything's working how it should and nothing's going to fall over. The setting behind him is obviously a science lab, and the camera is centered on a pair of double-sided portable whiteboards in front of the counter lining the wall, with a stool sitting somewhere off-center in between them.

Satisfied with the recording setup, Duncan turns around and walks up to the whiteboards, which are both covered in chicken scratch notes and hastily drawn science diagrams. If you can actually read his shitty handwriting, it's a lot of half-formed ideas about nanotech and genetics, and some of it is...concerning. like mad science concerning.

He pauses, staring at the board on the right, which is the one with all the potential mad science on it while the one on the left is mostly just note-taking and calculations. he scrutinizes it for a moment, absently biting his thumbnail, like he's looking for some kind of answer in what he's written there.

it's worth noting that he looks like hell. button-down collared shirt wrinkled in the manner of having been worn for a couple days straight, and he hasn't shaved since whenever he put that shirt on either. he looks exhausted but wired. manic, even, as he looks back toward the camera as if suddenly remembering that it's there. he turns to face it completely.]


So, nanomachines, right.

Fuckin'. Fuckin' nanomachines. Nanites. All that bullshit.

[he is definitely exhausted enough for his accent to be slipping. he's still trying to maintain the neutral American, but his Texas is showing through, and what he winds up with is an inconsistent mess of an amalgamation of the two.]

You know what I know 'bout fuckin' nanomachines? Fuckin'. NOTHIN'. [he smacks a hand against the whiteboard's frame and then is distracted for a second while he straightens it back out.] Nothing. But! I am also a goddamn grad student, so if there's one thing I know how to do, it's motherfucking research.

So. So nanomachines, alright, nanotech 101, tiny-ass fuckin' machines that can do all kinds of cool shit. They call 'em nanites here, but it's the same shit, it's all nanotech. And their nanotech progress would be fuckin' incredible if they used them for, you know, curin' cancer or what the fuck ever, but no! No, instead they just shove 'em into ImPorts for government surveillance bullshit. They can use that shit to bring us back from the dead but they can't be fucking bothered to--

[okay, no, deep breath. he holds his hands up like a signal to halt--to, uh, himself? inhale, exhale, lowers his hands, starts over.] Anyway. The government's use of nanomachines on us is irresponsible as fuck, and fuck you if you disagree.

And, uh, the government's hiring ImPorts right now to improve on their nanotech, so it can't get hacked by Russia again I guess.

But you know what'd work better?

Fucking not pumping us full of goddamn nanites in the first place.

So--so! With that in mind! [he snatches up a dry erase marker and flips the board over to its reverse side, which is...well, it's equally full of concerningly mad-sciency shit, but he swipes his sleeve across a big arc of it, clearing off a space. he decisively uncaps the pen and then...doesn't...write anything, instead standing poised with it as if he's going to start in a second here.] I say we put our collective science brains together and figure out how to fix this fuckin' nanite problem our own damn selves.

Like. Like would an EMP take them out? Not optimal for the robots, probably. Or we could, uhh, make our own nanites to combat the originals and take them out. Corrosive anti-nanite chemo mix? Find their resonance frequency? Lasers? Fucking. Science is all about lasers, we can probably solve this with lasers somehow.

Or. [facing the camera again, turning away from the whiteboard. no, he still hasn't written anything down yet.] Or we could engineer fake antibodies to bind to them. Or uhh genetically alter a virus--HIV, right? Perfect. Turn HIV onto the nanites instead of T-cells and let that dismantle 'em exponentially.

Or, um. I don't know, draining all your blood would probably work. I mean, you'd have to be willing to die a little, but I can resurrect people so don't worry about that. Honestly, that's probably the simplest answer.

[that sounds like maybe it should be a joke, but he definitely sounds and looks as serious about it as he did about every other suggestion he threw out. he hasn't slept in three days, his mad science meter is through the roof right now.]
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[ Good evening, imports. Gansey's face is front and centre in this video. He's sitting at a desk of some kind, and the room he's in is large and predominantly wooden. Apart from that, few details can be seen. He's mounted the camera rather than holding it. His hair is attractively tousled and his expression is the kind associated with an address to the nation. ]

I wanted to thank you, all of you, who helped to bring us home. I don't think I can adequately express how good it was to see American soil again. I'm grateful for that, and to you. I know that many of you took great, personal risks on behalf of the captives. Thank you, truly, for all that you've done.

[ That sounded very solemn. It's nothing compared to what's coming, though. Gansey looks as serious as he's ever managed here, an expression that makes him appear far older than his years. ]

Unfortunately, I also have something to tell you. The Russian A.I. spoke to me in captivity. LACKEY's perspective was a useful one, but it was also disturbing.

Our lives here have been comfortable. The American Government has been welcoming, there's no doubt about that. I was always keen to play by their rules. I thought that asking us to Register was understandable. After all, we're essentially refugees, relying on their good will to have any form of freedom here. I Registered. I was happy to.

[ That's very much a past tense. He leans back in his seat, expression shifting just a little. He looks less polished, and more thoughtful; scholarly where he'd previously been political. ]

It's fair to say, the last week has given me ample time to consider that position. How LACKEY, and its Russian masters see us, was very clear to me. [ Gansey spreads his hands. He smiles slightly, careful and controlled. ] If Registration is intended to give us the rights of a citizen, it was roundly ignored. We were not foreign nationals, we were not Prisoners of War. We were not people, at all.

We were - are, in their eyes - no more than weapons, which they fully intended to use. It was the Russian view that the Americans have mishandled us, spoiled us, and that we are possessions of theirs.

[ His smile disappears, and his eyes hold a spark of anger. ]

I don't know what your feelings on that may be, but I can tell you mine. I have no desire to be a weapon in the Russians' hands. Neither do I have any intention to do the same for the Americans. I know that many of you are fighters. Many are soldiers, and for you, military action is second nature. That's not the case for everyone. We are not all fighters - but we all have powers, and my concern now is not just how the Russians wish to make use of us, but how this country will. It's clear that the power we have is desired by both sides. It's my opinion that Registration is going to mean fighting with, and for this country's military, and sooner rather than later - whether we would choose that, or not.

[ He thinks a draft is inevitable, in other words. If imports are such a valuable commodity to the Russians, they'll be just as much of one to the Americans. They are, to date at least, the only people in the world with powers like theirs. How long can the US really be expected to ignore that, if their enemies are already open about their intent? ]

That's why I can't support it anymore. I'm not saying any of this to frighten anyone. With all that's happened, I think you should know how we're seen, and make your own decision.

I'm sorry to end this on a sour note. I really am grateful to everyone who helped us, including the military. It's simply that, I wouldn't carry a gun. I certainly don't want to be one.
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[ Max is in looking almost uncharacteristically dapper with a nice burgundy collared shirt and dark slacks. It's not as all-out as the suit he'll be wearing tomorrow, but he still looks presentable. He's in an airport, waiting for his next layover that will take him to Mexico City. ]

So guys, in the middle of all this... everything, [ accentuated with a vague gesture of his hands ] I don't know that everyone world government's gonna be jumping at the chance to get involved in the war effort. I think one of our main obstacles for getting help is what's gonna happen if the Soviets decide to retaliate against anyone who supports us.

So I was thinking: What if we — not the government, but us actual ImPorts — offered some kind of protection? Maybe put together some kind of... I don't know, volunteer strike force to step in if Russia tried to strongly discourage other countries aiding the USA. Just offer them some kind of reassurance that they're not the ones who'll be paying the price.

I know it's really short notice and all, but if we made an offer like that to Mexico City, would anyone be up to participate?


Dec. 27th, 2015 05:24 pm
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[In the background there is the sound of rain. He must be outside somewhere.]

Did you know this world also had a Nikola Tesla? He still died seventy years ago but...he existed. It's like a little slice of home, almost. This place even looks the same...

He was the smartest man I ever knew. He built me in 1923, just for a start, and they say my brain is 100 years ahead of any technology that exists now. He was kind, caring, and only wanted to help mankind.

He was also kind of a weirdo. Wouldn't eat anything he couldn't calculate the exact volume of. Not many people know that.

I don't know. Maybe it's spending the holidays in another dimension that's doing this to me. Who do you miss from back home?
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Merry Christmas. Now somebody recommend a movie to me that's not friggin' Santa and his army of deer minions and tiny green goblins, please for the love of all things evil and unholy.

If not movies, then manga. Or American comics. Damn, anything. I can't take this torture anymore!!!!!
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[ Oh look an unimpressed fallen angel. What else is new? ]

Christmas, Christmas, Christmas. Everyone's talking about it, but... I've never seen anyone talk about it this much. It's a much bigger deal in America than it was back home. I don't get it.

Like, if you're expected to get everyone gifts, how are those gifts at all meaningful? If it's the thought that counts, shouldn't the gift have come from nowhere, and not some... Holiday obligation, or whatever?

Someone please explain. What is the point?


Dec. 11th, 2015 08:46 pm
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[Kang isn't quite in full Governor!mode, but he's definitely putting his political skills to use here.]

My name is Kang, for those of you whom I haven't met. Over the past few months, I've been assisting Claire Dearing, the Curator of Paleontology at the De Chima Museum of Natural History with a new imPort initiative - one that will greatly benefit imPorts of non-human status, or the animal companions of imPorts, that have difficulties in finding or acquiring necessities such as specialized medical care and housing.

[In other words: a lot of things are human-centric and it's time this problem was addressed.]

We have two events planned for this month: an interview and a fundraising dinner.

The Scene with Dan Rogers, a talk show on the Vulpine Channel, will be interviewing several non-human imPorts on December 17th. I'd like to thank everyone that has agreed thus far, and to extend an invitation to any other non-human Miss Dearing and I may have missed to join us in the interview.

I can assure you that the questions will be screened for appropriateness beforehand by myself and Miss Dearing.

[He knows things can go south veeeery quickly otherwise. Let's try to prevent an incident on live TV as much as possible.]

If you are interested in being interviewed, please contact either Miss Dearing or I as soon as possible.

The dinner is being hosted by the De Chima Museum of Natural History on December 29th at 6PM. Tickets are $15, and all proceeds go towards the initiative; both imPorts and natives are welcome to attend. If you would like more details on the dinner, contact Miss Dearing.

Additionally, we would appreciate any others who would like to offer their assistance in this initiative.

[With that done, he relaxes slightly and holds up his right hand to show the mass of scars on it, centered around the palm.]

And speaking of this initiative, I have a question.

This may be a long shot, but are there any imPorts who specialize in neurobiology, particularly of the non-human variety?

[Details on the interview plot are here.]
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[So this whole powerswap thing hadn't gotten off to a great start, what with the fire and the earthquake and the armed attackers. But it was cool! Cindy went home, she rested up, she learned how to not shoot fireballs from her fingertips... Her hair still kept frizzing because of the pesky lightning, but that might have also been because of the Florida humidity.

But there are still some issues.

So quick question: I think I'm bringing stuff back to life? Every time I swat a fly it jumps up and walks around again. Plus I think I made a dead rat dance. Not as fun as it sounds.

Any advice for a newbie wizard?
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[The feed is pretty simple, just Cu sitting at a table mulling over what appears to be an array of blades. From large decorative bowie knives and daggers, to what appears to be a long bladed spear tip that he's currently examing in his hands. By the frown and clipped tone it might be easy to discern that he's running a bit hot under the collar.]

Ok, a potentially dumb question followed by one that may only seem foolish if I've overestimated you guys:

First - Is throwing a spear considered Archery as far as the letter of the law?

I ask because as far as I can tell, Pennsylvanian law is saying only Archery hunting is currently allowed. What a pain. What's the point in limiting what kind of weapons hunters use? If I'm going to eat what's left, why sould it matter to anyone else what condition the meat's in after the kill? Tch, another unreasonable law of this era if you ask me.

[He sighs, tossing the spear head up twirling in the air with a flick of his wrist and leans back as it lands --sticking into the wood with a satisfying THOP!]

It's not that I mind using a bow, I could probably do just fine. It just isn't my speciality. Which brings me to my second question:

Anyone out there confident in their weapon crafting skills? Crafting bows, Fletching arrows, or otherwise? If I wanted to get something high quality, like better than the soul-less, mass produced stuff you find in stores now adays. I'm willing to pay whatever you need to make it happen.

OH I guess PS, if anyone wants to go hunting, despite the restrictions, speak up. I wouldn't mind the company. I could even be bothered to teach you a thing or two if you were up to it.
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[ Hello network! The feed clicks on to reveal Nonah's resident wizard- he's apparently in the kitchen at Nonah 005, and offers the camera a bright smile. ]

Hey fellow imPorts, my name is Charlie. I've been here for- Jesus, a couple months shy of a year now? That's way longer than I thought I would be. I'm still slogging away at the job they assigned me and I realized that here more than anywhere I'm in the position to actually do what I really want to do for a living, which is working with magic.

In my world I'm what's called an Animator- that basically means I'm a wizard who can enchant and otherwise manipulate inanimate objects. I figure I may as well offer to draft up enchantments for anyone who wants one.

For example- [ He leans over to reveal the kitchen counter behind him, on which sits a small stack of dinner plates. A nearby dishrag picks itself up as the first plate lifts from the pile. The rag wipes the plate off, and the plate settles itself into a separate stack. The next plate picks itself up and the process repeats.

After a moment, Charlie leans back into frame. ]

I'm not limited to just household objects, of course- as long at it's not alive in some way, I can usually enchant it. I will say if you want something like a weapon then we're going to have to talk about it. I don't hand that kind of spellwork out to just anybody.

Fair warning, I can't just wave a magic wand and suddenly make brooms start carrying buckets of water across the room. For me, writing an enchantment is more like working out a complex equation- all the pieces have to fit together just right in order to get the desired result. The more complicated the enchantment, the longer it's going to take to draft up. I have been at this a long time, so there's a lot of stuff I already have the framework for.

I'm willing to negotiate cost based on what you want and how long it will take me. Feel free to ask me any questions you might have, and if you'd like to see more examples of my work, I can gladly provide some.

(( OOC: Enchanted weapons require a power slot and a power update to be submitted with the mods. Mundane items are fair game, so long as they won't affect a large amount of people or cause damage. Additional details can be found here. You can drop a comment on that post to ask about enchantments as well! ))

4 | Video

Dec. 4th, 2015 03:04 pm
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[This post goes up Friday morning, 9am approximately. Ripley’s sitting cross-legged in a chair, with a backpack over her shoulders and an exaggerated pout on her face. A PA system goes off in the background, a phone rings, y’know, all the stuff you expect of the front office of a school. Her voice is low when she speaks, she doesn’t want the administration to hear her post.]

Uh……… could someone come pretend to be my mom or dad at my school? Jackson followed me to class today and they didn’t like that and now I’m a little bit in trouble for [Yeah, she’s totally gonna mock the principal here:] “bringing a dangerous animal into the classroom environment” and they wanna talk to my parents but they’re not here…

And I think they’re upset about other stuff too? …like my attendance record probably, ‘cause that’s not so great, and how I never have my homework done…

But that’s not my fault! Seventh grade is hard, I need help with my homework and I don’t, have anyone at home to help me!

[Shoot, she’s getting off track.] Um. Anyways, help please!

[And she’s gone.]


Nov. 29th, 2015 08:38 pm
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[At some point, Robo was able to acquire a webcam of some form, so he was finally able to transmit video despite not being able to use the touchscreen of his communicator.

More importantly, he'd spent the last few weeks talking business with various people off screen. It turns out there are people who would be a little less stringent on who they give a business loan to if the person involved is an ImPort, and so the robot had managed to put down some basic framework for his new business.]

Well that was a busy few weeks but as everyone was so eager to point out, there's not a lot else to DO around here.

I am happy to announce the official founding of New Tesladyne Laboratories. It's not much, yet, but I have an office, and patent pending on a few little gizmos from back home that I'm sure SOMEONE will be interested in producing. That means I'm gonna have money coming in, and I'll need something to do with it.

SO, if you are of a scientific persuasion, I may have a position available for you at Tesladyne Labs! Roboticists, physicists, biologists, geologists...I'm looking for anyone who's willing to poke the edges of human understanding of the universe and see how it pokes back. We also do consulting.

My main goal is getting multiple heads able to focus on a dimensional portal project so we can all get out of here, but I figure in the mean time if you have any side projects you want to work on, I can probably get a lab set up for you soon enough.
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[It's late in the evening when Anastasya addresses the network, and her voice is buffeted by the hum of machinery and cars in the background.]

So I have a question for others who have arrived here.

[There's a sudden squawk in the background, distinctly a large bird, though the tone seems tinted by something that makes it somewhat distorted, almost ephemeral.]

Oh right, yes Bluebeak. Sorry. name is Anastasya Griffin. I'm...well, new. [A beat, and she almost sounds amused.] Hi.

[And moving on.]

Anyway. From what I've discerned, there are people here who have died wherever they came from, but they're alive here. Genuinely alive, not simply risen via magic.

So I understand that, but...has anyone else encountered a 'power', for lack of a better term, where you're...both?

Alive, yes. But then, at times, not. As though whatever force revived people in the first place just...keeps acting upon you?

[The bird in the background squawks again and Anastasya draws in a breath.] I'm not asking this right, am I. Mm. Okay.

Does anyone else have a power that involves death? In any form, I'm not feeling terribly picky. I'd to discuss it with you.
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So, imPorts, what are your thoughts on destiny?

[ Max is in his work uniform for the Museum of Folklore, framed by the charming backdrop of a cramped break room, soda in hand. ]

Admittedly, I'm a bit of a lit nerd back home, and a lotta stories out there start off with a prophecy. Modern stuff, too, but even then it's usually in an old timey magical setting.

A little bird once told me destiny is equal parts chance, free will, and necessity. Prophecy, divination, time travel... has anyone back home dealt with that kind of stuff? Knowing what's supposed to happen before it does?


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