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Hello. I've been here for a couple months, but I've never formally introduced myself to this network. I wasn't sure of the proper conduct of going about it, so I apologize for delay. My name is Zod and I have some questions for anyone willing to answer this.

01. Is it possible to not attend the school they make me go to? The year will be over soon according to the staff, but I don't want to go back. I feel strange being there and no one likes to talk to me when I try to talk with them. They don't bother me, but they don't exactly like me either.

02. What are the best ways to be involved with your powers, but without...actually being a hero? I'm not really looking to go flying and saving the day, but I don't want to sit around and pretend like I can't help others. I live in Maurtia Falls and it's not exactly the nicest place, as I'm sure anyone whose come down here noticed. Any advice is appreciated.

03. How...safe are these networks? I mean, can anyone just hack into them that we don't even know (apart from the government that brought us here)? I don't like using my voice or showing my face on them, so I almost never use those functions, but I see a lot of other people doing it all the time. Am I just being paranoid about it?

I'm apologize this message came out so long. Answers to any of these questions are appreciated - it doesn't need to be all of them, I would be grateful for even one answer or perspective. Thank you for reading.
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"If thou be the Son of God, cast thyself down from hence: For it is written, He shall give his angels charge over thee, to keep thee: And in their hands they shall bear thee up, lest at any time thou dash thy foot against a stone." Poor baby.

The prophets wrote that Jesus, having resurrected, first presented himself to Mary Magdalene, who did not recognize him. Well, that's a classical telling. 'The women' is a more accurate translation. So I did that. They had cookies. [ A thoughtful clucking sound is attached to the disassociated voice. ] Then he came down upon his disciples, and broke bread with them. Would you be surprised to know just how many Satanists there are in Florida? They were very accommodating.

[ The camera is turned upwards. Here, at last, is an (unfortunately) familiar face for those who have been here for a while. Lucifer doesn't look like much otherwise, just another steely eyed, rough featured imPort making his introductions. There are wounds healing on his - admittedly pale - face that look like they might have been some kind of deep tissue radiation burn. Still, he doesn't seem to be in any pain--he looks kind of cheerful. ]

I really don't know what I did to deserve a military escort, but I'm more than happy to know that I've engendered such respect in the human population here. Well--respect; fear; one is so very much like the other.

Now then, why don't we start with some introductions. [ He tapped his lip with one finger, considering where to start. ] I have a number of names, most largely unnecessary, but Lucifer will do. For the uneducated amongst you, that means I'm an archangel. For the heathens--well, sucks to be you; you have fun with that. [ The amusement is clear in the crinkles about his eyes. ] Furthermore, I'm delighted to announce that very soon I'll be usurping the airtime of a televangelist near you. Television exposure, a sponsorship from DRV Games, the adoration of my fans-- [ He drawls, it's difficult to tell whether or not he's being sarcastic: ] It's like a dream come true.

Oh, and Dean? Hello darling. Let's have a little chat, shall we? Happy belated Easter, chickens.

04 | voice

Mar. 23rd, 2015 11:52 pm
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I'm sorry to ruin all of the pleasant news that's been shared recently, but this is important.

[this is quite a departure in tone from what people on the network usually hear from Jonathan - it's steely and solemn, no trace of the sunny young man chatting amiably about dogs and lost items.]

A week ago two imPorts were kidnapped by a man named Robert Jennings for the sole purpose of hunting them down like animals. [the disgust in his voice is barely contained] They were rescued and Mr. Jennings himself was apprehended - but a group called the Go Fors whose services he utilized is still operating.

They provided technology which made it possible to spirit the pair of them away without causing suspicion, as well as keep them trapped long enough to be hunted. There were at least six individuals involved; I can provide names and some other information to whoever would like it.

This can't be allowed to happen again. I'll do whatever I can to help anyone interested in taking this up as well, whether through more details or physical assistance, but...in the meantime, please be careful, everyone.

[there's no telling what else they might attempt before they're brought down.]
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[ The audio starts before video's established. Two voices are already talking in the background. One neutral and subdued and the other thick with a Jersey accent. ]

So you've got a call running--

Yeah, yeah, I'm not an idiot.

--But you've only got audio. There's video capability if you--

I know! I might be old to you but I'm--

[ The transmission is suddenly dropped. But it comes back in a few seconds. ]

--was the "End Call" button.

.......... Yeah, I see that. I mean I know! Maybe I just didn't like the connection.

[ Silence stretches for a moment before the more authoritative voice picks back up. ]

So, instead, hit this button--

I got it! I've got this! At ease, soldier! It's not that hard to figure out! Criminy...

[ Finally, video is activated and the viewer is given a wonderful view of a young man in the most unflattering uniform the Army could and has ever handed out. He's scowling at someone off camera, allegedly walking to the door now that his job as a handler is over with. ]

Yes, thank you! You do your country proud as an armored baby sitter.

[ There's one last screwed up look before he returns his attention back to his portable device. It's like something right out of a Flash Gordon movie. His face brightens for his new audience. ]

So. This again. [ He literally just got back from the future, guys. Can't these trips be staggered a little better, please? ] My own government plucks me from one war and into another. Doesn't seem like a very effective tactic, now does it? Not that that's any a'my business. Never is, but I gotta ask... Can't you fellas wipe your own asses? It's been, what, seventy years! Figured by now you'd have invented something to clean out all the nooks and crannies...


Mar. 4th, 2015 05:46 pm
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[ There is no emotion in Samara’s voice as she speaks. She is calm, distant, and her words are clearly chosen carefully. It took her much longer than she would like to admit to decide on these simple words. ] There are no apologies I could offer that would make up for the suffering I caused some of you. It is insufficient, but it is all I can offer in this place. [ She pauses for just a second. ] What my code demands of me is an impossibility here.

[ The statement is left there as is her apology. If any she hurt choose to contact her here, she will offer more. This is just meant to open a dialogue. That and she wishes to offer the information she received. ]

I, like others, have also found myself with memories that come from another. His name is Jackson McKinley and he is currently incarcerated in Heropa. Unfortunately, he is not allowed visitors at this time.

The first is a memory of McKinley sparing with a woman, he takes a hit from her and says the following: “I knew I could learn a lot from you, Ms. Medina. You've sacrificed so much to the cause, haven't you? It must really mean something.” The memory implies that he idolized her, even during the time he thought she was dead.

It appears as though the second memory is of his introduction to the Hornets. He was nervous when he waited for them to show up. Even in his wildest dreams he did not believe the Hornets would reach out to him and invite him to meet them. He was told that he would make a difference in the world. When the hooded figure came out of the darkness, when he saw the flash of yellow lining, he grinned. [ A pause ] He must have truly idolized the Hornets to have such a reaction to the simple act of meeting them.

The final memory was of a meeting between him and a man named Mr. Rodriguez, a more recent recruit. He was pleased to meet him and complimented him on the article he wrote. Mr. Rodriguez seemed surprised that someone read the articles. McKinley said that he read them before they disappeared and then commented on how he had to wonder why they had disappeared.

That is all there was. I doubt it will prove overly useful, but I did not want to go without sharing it. [ And abruptly she just ends things there. ]


Feb. 4th, 2015 07:32 pm
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[Audio, this time, as this message serves both as a test and a request. The people she's encountered so far seem friendly enough to ask, at least. And no harm ever came from questions, right? ]

Based upon recent events, I have several additional questions about this place that so far remain unanswered. I would prefer to speak with individuals who have resided here long enough to know this place's past rather than rely on old records. [For one thing, they're static and won't provide the insight she's looking for. For another, she can learn more about people by what they choose to tell her.]

I would appreciate it if there is someone willing to share more information with me. It seems that there is more to this place than I had originally guessed. [She isn't really sure what to make of that. She was sure the place had its secrets, but...she's usually pretty good at uncovering those.]

As there are quite a few questions I would like to ask, I will save the inquiries for those who choose to discuss them. I apologize in advance if I may seem...over-curious.
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[Jacob appears in portrait on the video, visible from the chest up. He’s wearing a button-up shirt and stands almost like he’s reporting for duty on a parade ground: shoulders rolled back, head upright, spine ramrod-straight. This is more of a formal thing than most of his previous Network talk.]

Hey. My name’s Jacob Taylor. Some of you already know me, but only a few of you really know about me. I figure it’s time to fix that. There are too many secrets around here as it is. So this is me, coming clean.

Back in my own world, I spent two years working for a human splinter group called ‘Cerberus.’ An illegal group. Terrorists, really. This post would last all day if I started telling you all the things they've done.

[Jacob closes his eyes for a moment, shakes his head, then opens them again with his face set and his voice steady.]

Cerberus fought for humanity. I thought that with them, I could protect people, and somehow keep myself from getting too dirty. But you know the saying about lying down with the dogs: you're going to get up with fleas on you, every time.

I've cut my ties since then, and I’m doing what I can to make amends. I’m sorry I served with Cerberus, and I’m sorry I wasn't honest with the people I've gotten close to here.

[He stretches his neck side-to-side for a moment, cracking out the tension. And then he’s done- no big speeches for this guy.]

That’s about all I've got. If anyone has questions about Cerberus and me, I’ll answer them. And if you still trust me enough to work with me? Let me know. I'm planning to get some atoning done while I’m here.
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What is WRONG with you people!? How dare you do this! Do you know who I am!? I am DOCTOR DOOMSDAY! The most brilliant scientist ever and now FORMER supreme ruler of the entire planet!

Do the jerk-offs in charge of this place have ANY idea how much work needs to be done to successfully take over the world!? It takes time! And planning! And enough nuclear weapons to make sure nobody messes with me! I made sure everything was perfect and then those buttholes bring me here - WITHOUT ANY OF MY STUFF!!! - right before I'm finished!

That is so RUDE! It's as if nobody cares how much effort goes into this sort of thing! And they couldn't even bring me somewhere interesting! I've spent the past couple of days observing this place and it's pathetic! Boring! Barely even worth taking over! You should all consider yourselves lucky I don't have my lab or any of the other stuff I'd need to take over this crappy place and make everybody suffer for ruining everything and dragging me here!

... Actually. [She pauses and looks at her hands.] Hm. I mean, it’s not the same as what I normally use, but I should still be able to do the trick! I can still conquer and crush people like this! Right! This is fine.

Feel free to grovel at my feet and start worshiping me as your new lord and master! Or be prepared to burn! Either one is acceptable.

[OOC: flame princess was struck by lightning! and now thinks she's a supervillain. Whoops.]


Jan. 12th, 2015 10:22 pm
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[If robot faces could look frustrated, this would totally be it. There are more important things she was worried about before she got here.

As it will take some time to get herself integrated with and accustomed to the network around here, she's going to have to do this the old-fashioned way. Much less efficient. But then, these were organics.]

If any individual has any information concerning this place or why I was brought here that I have not been given already, I would be...interested in hearing it. [A pause.] It also appears that quite a large amount of classified data has been leaked. I would like to know why as well. [She doesn't say what, though. Self preservation.

For the same reasons she's also a little reluctant to introduce herself--or at least to give her full designation. For now, she's simply a cleverly programmed synthetic. No need to get into the specifics of AI and behavioral shackles. Or, rather, the lack thereof.]

I do not believe this is any place I have seen before, and I have no records of any society matching the technology I have seen thus far. Any assistance you can provide is appreciated.


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