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[ The video starts rolling well before Walter's prepared to sit down and talk. What the viewer gets is about twenty minutes of a frail and sickly thin, older white man in his tighty whities, staring blankly into the screen. A bottle of wine is in one hand, continuously pouring the contents into a glass as he drinks them down only to refill it again. It's the alcoholic channel, with a few fascinatingly thoughtful jaw clenches and an unwavering staring competition with the lens. Finally, he clears his throat and speaks up. ]

So this is supposed to connect me to others 'like me?' These so-called imPorts...

[ He studies his empty glass, turning it in his hands. ]

There's one question that never got answered, and maybe you can give me some insight? Clue me in a little because I sure saw a lot of fire and brimstone a few days ago...

[ He looks up, dead eyes focusing on the screen. ]

Is this supposed to be hell?


Feb. 14th, 2015 01:40 pm
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Uh. A few things. For everyone who saw Ramir's previous- er. Message. I'm fine, everything is fine. I just happened to discover one of my powers wasn't very... fortunate. But I'm okay now, everyone is okay. Sorry to worry anyone.

Secondly, if anyone needs any self-defense training, I'll be more than happy to help. In light of recent events, I would be elated to be able to help anyone feel more safe and secure.

Lastly, I am pleased to announce I will be opening a spiritual cleansing and homeopathic shop soon in Heropa. If anyone is curious, I will be happy to answer any questions on the matter.

I see we've got a nice flood of new arrivals, for those of you who I've not met, my name is Drift. I look forward to making your acquaintance.
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[ the view of the area behind barry looks like— well it looks like a bench because barry feels like soaking up the fresh air and honestly if these conversations go south, he feels like it might be good to be out in the open where he can run easily without upsetting everything else. see, there's a part of him, a very big part of him that knows asking this is a bad idea. if the reaction oliver had gotten when he just existed was any indication, this is, in fact, a very no good bad idea. one he probably shouldn't indulge himself with and yet here he is totally indulging himself. for science and for his own piece of mind.

but mostly science. ]

So. How many of you recognize the name Barry Allen? [ there's a pause and the world's longest sigh before he says anything else, because he realizes he can't even frame this as him asking for someone else because his id says his name. no this is just barry allen asking how many people recognize just his name. ] I don't— You can tell me how or not, I'm easygoing as far as stories like that go, but consider this a survey with me asking one question. [ ...this was such a bad idea. moving on to equally important stuff. ]

Oh yeah! Before I forget, if you live in residence thirteen in Heropa, hi. I haven't actually gone in there yet but I think I have roommates. I'll be there in a minute, but hi before you actually see me in person. [ "minute", ha. then there's this half pause before: ] And does anyone know what exactly being a crime show fact checker entails? I mean I deal with crime scenes at home so I know what they're supposed to look like! But if I'm going to be checking if some crime is real because it's a true crime show— that's a little different obviously. And a bit exploitative so I might not be as comfortable with that.


Feb. 12th, 2015 12:50 am
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[ The feed flicks on to show bright blue eyes and a wide white grin. Chuckling, the seemingly eighteen-year-old culprit tips the phone back so it can catch most of him (staff slung over a shoulder, perched somewhere hideously high and whoops, sorry if you get vertigo!) on the viewer. He's had a really terrible Easter weekend back in his own world but this, this place? This is incredible. (He might have taken several dozen selfies with people on the street already. No regrets.) In the past hour, all three cities have suffered a bit of a chilly spell; frost on windows and even light snow in the south as he explores.

Then again, with an ID reading Jack Frost | Spirit of Winter the mystery is somewhat at an end, if you've been wondering where the sun went. ]

Hey, people! Can everybody see this? Hear it? Kids, old fogeys, the whole nine yards — you don't even have to believe in what you're watching, you just can? [ Barking out an excited laugh, Jack's eyes crinkle. ] Oh, man, you've gotta be kidding me.

Anybody want to talk? I've got three hundred years to make up lost time for.

[ Chinning a hand, he settles in a perched crouch. Evidently, for those who pay attention to details, Jack is only frosty in name and powers, old-old, and completely at home with technology. ]

[ video ]

Feb. 7th, 2015 10:54 pm
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[ When the camera turns on, there's already a smear of red across the lens, and the scene is a whole lot of jostling motion. Then Ramir comes into sight with wide eyes and a panicked expression, until she sees it's running. She forces composure after that. ]

Heeeeeeyyyy, guys. How's it going?

[ There's some crying and screaming going on in the background, which Ramir seems happy to ignore. Except for the quick sideways glance she darts over at it, anyway. ]

Haha, rhetorical question. I don't really care. Listen, I've got kind of a thing going on—

[ An interruption from offscreen: ] Oh my god it’s bigger than I thought! I'm still bleeding!

Shut up Drift, I'm working on it! [ Aaannddd back to the camera: ] So anyway, does anyone know how to, say, sew a guy back together? Or maybe just put a sword back in him. I'd take either one. [ A quick smile, as she moves to end it. ] So, yeah, lemme know. Thanks.

o1; video

Feb. 7th, 2015 08:26 pm
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[ about as brief as it comes, her face level the whole time ]

I've been given to understand this is a different universe from what I've known. I request independent verification.

If anyone knows the names Chaiva Egloff or Andrew Hussain I would ask for immediate contact.

Thank you.


for maurtia falls #004 residents.

[ she might hate everything about this, but she's been given a place to stay so she's here, a bag strung over her shoulder and her face and body set to rigid. over the next few days she's mostly to be seen either cooking in the kitchen (things she leaves in the fridge afterwards) or vanishing into her room.

you have a great roommate, guys. ]

for others.
[ she can be found around the city, hair pulled up tight and communications always in her hand as she searches. what she's looking for exactly, well - that can't be found. doesn't meant she isn't trying.

her look is always a little sharper than she means it to be. ]

001 | Video

Feb. 7th, 2015 06:01 pm
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[The video opens up to absolutely no one on the screen at first; it's just filming some activity in the background, people walking around, kids playing...

It stays that way for a few seconds before a face suddenly swings in from above, upside down, with an accompanying, screechy, very, VERY loud voice.


[It's practically a scream, and will probably catch anyone monitoring the network by surprise. The colourful individual laughs and drops down from whatever he's hanging from to face the screen properly, right-side up.]

Guess what? I'm a human~! [Yes, that much is obvious from the video feed, but he talks as if he hadn't been one previously.] I've got elbows and knees and five fingers. [He shoves a hand into the screen and wiggles his fingers, cackling gleefully.]

So what are fun things humans like to do here that don't involve the net? Tell me!!
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[ The person on the screen is not what you'd expect out of a typical imPort. He's a middle aged, balding, chubby white man. He's definitely not a superhero if looks are anything to go by. He looks familiar enough with the use of a smartphone, however, so he at least has that going for him. ]

Uh, hello, "imPorts?" I take it that's what they're calling those of us who were brought here, anyway, although it sounds strange to say it out loud...

[ He shakes his head. Back on track. He's only making this recording to gather information. That is what he's good at, after all. ]

In any case, what I want to ask is, what year is it? I mean, one second I'm in my living room in Cleveland, Ohio in the present day-- 2012-- and then the next thing I know, they're "debriefing" me and letting me out into this city where it's sort of the fifties but futuristic at the same time? I... don't get it. I mean, I've never really been into science fiction, myself.

[ He looks around, as though trying to come up with something else to ask. He's read his file, so he knows that whatever "Hyperthymesia" is, it's probably to blame for the fact that he can't stop remembering that time in fifth grade when Jenny Wheeler lent him her peanut butter and fluff sandwich at lunch. ]

I guess that's it. So... yep. Anybody who can clear up this year issue, call me back. Thanks.


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