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[Unlike Kate's previous "info dumps," she appears on a video this time. She's done this before, but it's been a while. She doesn't happen to be in costume this time, instead appearing at a desk in what is very probably her bedroom with two coffee cups within view of the video. Has she been sleeping? That's unlikely, to say the least, given the dark rings under her eyes. She has tried to touch them up with foundation, but the lighting and video itself doesn't do her much favors in that having worked out.

The news that came in the night before hadn't been good, to say the least. She spent most of the night trying to parse out and figure out a few different roads to take, and she's finally decided to go with this one.

It's dramatic, but sometimes, a good public announcement gets the job done.

The funny thing about all of this? A year ago, Kate would have considered this announcement a success. Many of investigations have been founded on the idea that she thought the government was corrupt. A year later, it feels like something entirely different. It's not the nail in the coffin she had been seeking for so long.]

Hey friends of the Mirrornet. What I'm about to cover could be serious, and it could have some dramatic implications for us going forward. And it's going to be a lot, so … sit tight. [At that point, she waves a piece of paper in the air to show that she has prepared notes.

She pauses, taking the time to take a long sip from one of the purple mugs before she presses on.]

and then the rest )
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[ The comm gets turned on, and is pointed to...a scenic De Chima gas station? Anyway, Freddie's looking at the comm, narrating like it's something super important. She's crouched behind her terrible, keyed-up car, as if she's hiding from someone. ]

Right, it seems like this dickhead that I've been stuck with is not a friendly face as I once thought, but is instead some sort of co-conspirator with that asshole astronaut. He's tried to keep this device away from me multiple times, obviously failing.

[ the dickhead in question is Will Graham who, emerging from the gas station and walking towards the car has a look of expression on his face that's the beaten-down expression of a man who's come to accept that everybody he knows is either missing or insane. Needless to say, once he spots Freddie recording, he picks up the pace to get to the car a bit. ]

I don't know how much time I have before he comes back. So anybody from Uranus, I need you to contact me as soon as possible. I've been designated to bring back—

Freddie, just give me the comm, and I'll—

Never, you traitor!

[ Needless to say, Will Graham has had enough of this bullshit and promptly tries to yank the comm away from Freddie. Who's struggling to keep hold of it. So enjoy some shakycam footage of a gas station, the ground, and Freddie & Will's lower bodies, complete with occasional cries of "traitor!" from Freddie. Eventually, the comm manages to get turned off in the scuffle. ]

[ ooc: lightning sucks ]
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Hey, everyone. I’ve got some information to share, and I hope you guys have some to share too. Here’s one thing that I’ve noticed: newbies are way, way out of the loop when it comes to everything that’s happened, and you guys deserve to know. We’ve already got a few detailed accounts by Kate Bishop (she’s written up a FAQ and a guide to the Hornets. See the links? Click on the links. Seriously, it’s good to know). But what we’re missing here’s a timeline. You’ve probably been hearing a lot about imPort events being attacked, so I’ve got a little something set up here. It’s pretty bare bones, but it tells you some major events that you need to know. If you think anything needs to be added to it, tell me. It’s just so that new people coming in know what kinds of things they have to deal with (and the associated risks of attending imPort events).

But I’m just here to talk about the kidnapping in July. Here’s a little more detail for you:

In July, 2014, a summer camp was held for teenaged imPorts and natives, though they were accompanied by adult chaperones. They were due at the airport to fly home on the 22nd, but failed to do so after their bus was hijacked, taking them all to a facility in the mountains where they were forced to fight artificially mutated animals and technology. These fights were held in enclosed arenas, separate from the bedrooms they spent the rest of their time in. The bedrooms were equipped with power nullifiers to prevent them from escaping. Included in these bedrooms was a television where the recorded fights were played - and it’s almost certain that the recordings of these fights made their way into other people’s hands, probably anyone who was interested in seeing how well their technology did. We formed a search party, and we were able to help get them out. After the last person was out, the entire facility exploded. Nobody but the people who were kidnapped were found there.

I wasn’t in there. I was just in the search and rescue party. If I’m missing anything important, tell me.

The really important thing is that they still haven’t been caught. Me and a few others have been doing some digging around based on the tech we found. All of the technology was sourced from legit, global companies, and all the funds paying for the tech were wired over through several funds in Switzerland, Brazil, and South Africa. The last two were independent banks with tons of private investors. All of the chips were delivered to the States to a series of warehouses. This was a seriously global affair, but it’s looking like it’s all branching from one place.

Unless I’m seriously out of the loop, we still don’t know who did this, and we should. Did anyone else manage to find anything else?

PS: I know I'm not the only one who's noticed that everyone's been going kind of crazy. Does anyone know what's up with that? Seriously.

EDIT 1: The most important tech they've developed in the camp was a gas that induces aggression from anyone who inhales it for approximately 20 minutes, but this was a long time ago. They could have increased that time since then. Here's a list I'm starting up though:

ugh sorry this is long CUT )
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[ kanaya knows she has to make this confession, not that she's particularly looking forward to it. but now that they've put her in solitary, nothing about this punishment has been satisfying. she needs something better.

everyone needs to know, but she doesn't want their pity, and doesn't deserve their sympathy. so. she kind of goes a little too far in the other direction, there.

I've been quiet the past few days. I say this not as an apology, because I don't particularly give a shit, but as an explanation. For those who don't know me, my name is Kanaya Maryam, an for the past few months I've been moonlighting as a costumed thug. One might even go so far as to say I was a supervillain.

Shocking, isn't it? I was a bit surprised, myself. [ not that she's going to explain that one. ]

As Hobgoblin, I committed numerous crimes, whether disrupting traffic, harassing the costumed set, playing ghost in a haunted house, other, more serious infractions. Kidnapping. Stalking. And...worse than that. [ her flippant tone cracks, her voice falling low and shaky. ] I've-- I've hurt people. People who didn't deserve it. Innocents.

[ there's a fury brimming in that last word, a self-loathing and shame. she can feel her hands shaking, her knuckles going white as she balls her fists. but they won't see that, it's important that they don't. if they recognize any remorse, it will defeat the whole purpose.

she takes a deep breath, letting it out slowly as she collects herself again.

For all of these things, the most the local authorities have seen fit to do is stick me in a room alone without my powers. Which is really great, I must say. Wonderful to know that we feed and house our criminals when law-abiding residents have no such amenities, especially when they aren't registered! I must say this world's punitive measures are deeply impressive, it truly overwhelms me with compunction, how much softer-handed it is than I expected when I turned myself in. I suppose I shouldn't be really surprised, when the approach to everything is such a joke, such a limp attitude toward justice is at least consistent.

But it isn't real justice. It's a mockery. [ she thinks of terezi, and wonders if she'd be more embarrassed by the meagerness of it, or that kanaya submitted herself willingly. terezi would know what to do here. ]

I'm sure many of you could do better, someone who really believes in the subject, unless you're too stuck in all the nonsense moralizing humans too often preoccupy themselves with. You're heroes. I'm a villain. That seems simple enough to me.

If you want to see real justice done, I'm not going anywhere.
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It’s a little late, but happy new year, ImPorts. I hope your gains will be great, and your losses light.


And happy anniversary, too. That one’s right on time.

It’s been a pretty rough one, right? I mean, most years are tough, when you go through them, but this one more than most... it’s been a challenge, hasn’t it? I know there’s not too many of us who arrived here last January, but there’s more than that who arrived in February, and March, and each month after that. Your anniversaries are coming up soon, too. The future arrives before you really know it. And the past... it gets further and further away, no matter how much you think about it.

[ It’s a post from Ruka. Did anyone honestly expect it to be cheerful? ]

Maybe it’s that I think too much about this sort of thing, but... not every ImPort gets to celebrate an anniversary. Or, not everyone will. It’s been a year, but we’ve already lost a lot of our comrades along the way. New and old. Even if it’s ExPorts, and even if... some of them will return to their previous lives, it’s still... a loss, for the people that remain here. ... ... It’s hard to find closure, when the gateways to and from this life never seem to close. It’s impossible, almost impossible to know if someone will return—to know if they will be the same person we knew, that they’ll remember us, or hold the same bonds that fastened us together in the first place.

I know there’s a lot of new arrivals. Some are familiar, some aren’t, but I... think it would be good, to take a little bit of time to think about the ones we’ve lost. That have been lost. For you, it might only be one person... or it might be the whole world. To lay them to rest, even if only for a little while. [ Though her speech has been riddled with short pauses, thoughtful breaths for the word to come, this one is more pronounced. Hesitant. ]

I suppose... Well, it’s not much of a confession, when I say I know what it feels like, is it? Going on like this. But... if yours is something you want to talk about, you can talk to me.

I’ll be here.


Jan. 15th, 2015 04:27 am
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[This is a fun little thing. Melkor had been amusing himself with turning the phone on and off, turning it every which way and pressing buttons. He was told its function and maybe he can figure out what is going on beside the whole hero speech he had been given.

After being imprisoned for three ages, Melkor has been taken from his moment of victory and just a moment before obtaining what he wanted the most. It's a little frustrating.]

I have been informed that this...device is the means by which to seek out others. I seek one by the name of Manwë, if he is indeed present in this world-

[Melkor pauses as he looks out the window at the setting sun, eyes widening. He's not from a time when night and day are a thing so this is new for him.]

So the Trees have been devoured then and darkness will cover the world once more.

[At least it's not on fire this time, though not through lack of trying.]


Jan. 9th, 2015 09:09 pm
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ok listen up hero city, i need to know all the ways u guys figured out how to do the powers thing. how do u activate them or whatever?? i need a list and i need it PRONTO. inquiring minds need to know ASAP.

also hey sup room 14, i got a proposition: dont touch my stuff and i wont touch urs

[ Just kidding, she's probably gone through everything that isn't locked away, and is scheming about how to get to the things that ARE locked away. But it's important to look like a considerate roommate. ]

2 - text

Jan. 8th, 2015 10:33 pm
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[Approximately one month ago, Mike Parker posted his first entry to the network. And then he up and disappeared halfway through responding to said entry. How rude of him.]

i take it back . all fo it. all the stuf i said bout the gov. or implyd bout the gov. takin it all bak. ofishaly. ok ? u need 2 kno the gov is great. the gov our gov is the vry best gov out of all the govs. at lest all govs in this world. cant judge all govs in univrs dont kno em. mayb there beter mayb just horible & mean & shity.

like mayb if u got kidnaped ( & im usin that word nicely the kind of kidnapin our gov does is cool its 4 a good cause everybody knos that ) by sum gov on anothr world ud get a glowy tat sum place uncomfortabl. wrist isnt bad at all. way beter than u kno. use ur head, think bout that 1.

but yea. i was wrong. usas gov is awsum. sure theyv screwed sum ppl over in the past but theyve changed & dont do that anymore. & they dnot have secret groups or any othr secrets cept mayb smal ones but everybodys got smal secrets. smal secrets make the world go round. its fine.

lov ur gov ok. i kno i do.

so can anybody explain 2 me how its jan when it was just dec cuz it was just dec & now its jan.. jesus.

or! if anybody knos any hero clases u can go 2? i could use sum lesons on this stuf. gona serve my gov! just need a litl help getin started.



Dec. 15th, 2014 03:09 pm
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[The ID reads Clark Kent, as always. Not the right time to try fooling the network yet.]

Sadly, Captain Holiday was put under intensive care not long before I ended up here so I never got to talk to him. But I was hoping some of you might have gotten a chance to contact him before that. If you have, I'd appreciate if you could tell me about your conversations with him.

You don't have to tell me what the conversation was about, I understand a lot of them were confidential. [That word, he hates it. Lois might see it as a sign that she's pulling the right strings but Clark only sees it as a wall he cannot punch or fly over.]

It's really him I'm interested on. If you noticed anything weird in how he behaved, perhaps, or if he was acting completely normal.

[He pauses for a second. And then:]

I'd also be interested in talking with people who've been able to take a look at the Porter, or been in contact with it. I understand it's a privilege to be allowed near it?

Thank you.


Dec. 12th, 2014 09:52 pm
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[ If it sounds like Freddie's reading from a newspaper article....that's because she is. technically she's reading from her own. ]

"Possible Porter Shutdown Imminent! Tattlecrime has received exclusive news of the most dire situation: a possible Porter shutdown is imminent. According to an inside source, the Porter's energy readings have been falling since last month. Radiation levels have been falling to historically lwo levels. The last time this happened was back in 2010, when the previous group of imPorts were sent home and the Porter shut down. As such, officials have been worried that a repeat of 2010 might happen and that the Porter might shut down for good. Sources speculate that this is linked to the fact that no imPorts have arrived this month, for the first time in ages.

Notably, Captain Ananke has neither confirmed nor denied this accusation, a fact which leads to the belief that it is true." [ and then, back to normal voice. ]

I'm still compiling information about the capitol-c-City's Porter for comparison, if anybody's got any useful information for me. It'll be part of Part Two, which is getting written up as we speak. I pay for good information.

[ paaaause. ]

And really, go read Tattlecrime. It's written up there as well, in all it's glory.
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[Castle is leaning back in an office chair, trying to balance pencils across the bridge of his nose. The We Are Hommens logo is visible behind his head, and the edge of a whiteboard is visible at the left side of the screen.]

You know, I'm thinking a career change might be in order for me. Writers aren't universal, and I'm not sure how to respond to some of the letters I get. "Dear editor, which brand of smokes is trendy this month?" "Mr. Castle, you recommended this vintage whiskey and I hated it, I want a refund!" "I don't care how famous you were back home, a nobody like you shouldn't have been editor right away!" And I've done more research on prostate health than I ever imagined I would have to.

Maybe I could work as a street performer. "Castle's Amazing Origami Creations". Of course, that would require me to master my powers first... darn.

I'll figure something out. It's not like I'm wanting for inspiration here after all.
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[ Hey-ho, there's a martian on the network again! Except this one is green and a short haired redhead. She's also been kind of MIA for the past 2 weeks, but that's her own business. (And the Porter's.) ]

This is probably a really lazy way to go about this, but ... Is anyone hiring? Not really feeling the whole part time journalist anymore.

And, um. If anyone's seen Impulse lately, can you let me know? He's pretty short, brown-red hair, talks faster than a bullet... I haven't seen him around, lately.

[ She's tried his communicator and come up with nothing. This is an easier way of getting it onto the network than shoving bad news on everyone. ]
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Good news: ugly Christmas sweaters are a go this year. If you were in doubt that I would be without knitting implements upon arrival into Heropa ... you would be correct, but I bought new ones. Better ones. Knitting needles with a bright future ahead of them.

There will be no baubles this year, sadly. Instead there will be an assortment of odd looking cats and perhaps a jolly Santa. People who will receive an ugly sweater regardless of showing interest: Kanaya, Karkat, probably Derek Hale. Actually, if I know you, you are likely getting one. :)

Anyway, if anyone else would like one please register interest here. If you would like to vehemently show how opposed you are to sweaters (I am looking at you, Doctor F. Chilton), also reply here. (Read: you will still get a sweater, maybe even two).

Reasons you might not get a sweater: the apocalypse (again), I break an arm (or two), death or other extreme circumstances. I'm not really planning for any of the above, so it looks like we are all in luck.
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[What happens when cannibals get backed into a corner? They eat each other, naturally.]

Quite a few of you have had your lives upset due to the files leaked by Freddie Lounds. She spoke about the truth and mentioned several times that she has nothing to hide, and yet she failed to provide her own file despite it being requested and despite claiming it was "an open book for anybody to read." In the vein of her own words about people deserving to know the truth, I'll be sharing her file with the community at large today.

LOUNDS, FREDDIE [alias: Tattlecrime]
POWERS: Turning things to leopard print, murder "sensing" which results in headaches.
MEDICAL HISTORY: Had chicken pox as a child.
NOTES: Ran Tattlecrime, a website dedicated to reporting on murder and murderers, known for having the first scoop and posting gory pictures before the crime scene could be processed. Sued for libel six times. Settled for all six. Has perfected the art of getting law enforcement workers unfairly fired, though used connections to shuffle them into other lines of work with better pay if confronted. Currently works at running a version of Tattlecrime in this world.

[He's not putting her house number and he's not putting the people who live with her, tempting as it is to make sure anyone who'd try anything at her place is going up against a dinosaur who shrieks about science and genocide and crystals. So tempting.]

For those of you who don't know me, my name is Will Graham. I am unfortunate [in every way] enough to come from the same place, originally, as Freddie Lounds. If anyone has further questions on the matter, I may be of some assistance.

[Objectively, of course. There is totally no bias one way or the other about Freddie Lounds here, don't be ridiculous.]
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[There's a teenage boy sitting by a window inside what's pretty obviously a government-provided residence, tapping his fingers against the the wooden armrest of his chair, one leg casually crossed over the other. And he looks comfortable, and not at all troubled, although he hasn't been around so he's fair to assume that he's "new," or at least newish.]

"Heropa," is it?

[He frowns a little, but its a mild sort of frown - the kind of frown one gives when they aren't so much displeased as aware they should be frowning.]

World-changing isn't as surprising as it probably should be... given the mutable nature of reality. That doesn't make this less aggravating, though. Not that I mind Florida, but being here is just.... useless, useless, useless.

[Actually, his face is pretty unreadable in general. But right then, at that moment, a shadow passes over his features, bringing out the angles and planes, the heavily arched brow.]

[It passes a moment later, and he's all mild stoicism again.]

Well, anyway, I apologize for the unpleasant introduction - it has nothing to do with any of you. I'm always pleased to meet people, even under strange circumstances.

My name is Giorno Giovanna.
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Freddie Lounds isn't the only one with a source.

Did anyone else receive someone's file last night?

[ private to skye ]
If I give you my phone, do you think you could trace where this came from?

[ private to karkat ]
I sincerely hope you've been quarantined because I may not know precisely what troll body entails but it sounds disgusting.


Nov. 7th, 2014 12:06 pm
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[ at about noon today, Tattlecrime: Heropa is updated with a new article, titled "Secrets Revealed! Who's Really Protecting Our Country?" ]

article under cut. spoilers it's the public files from the misfile plot. content warning for talks about drug use, mental illness )

[ ten minutes later, Freddie posts the link to the article to the network. Hey, at least she's warning people as she...drags them through the mud. ]

Everybody might want to check this out. I'm sure it'll prove to be VERY illuminating.

(also, does EVERYBODY in some sort of 'watch over the children' position do drugs? It's kind of worrying)

xoxo, Freddie

[ ooc: ALSO, I am super up for anybody deciding to take a potshot at Freddie if you want. shoot me a pm/plurk and we can work things out. c: ]
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[At 8:45 PM on November 3rd, this message is broadcast to all Import devices. The video shows a flickering feed of security cameras in some swanky lounge. As the camera shifts, six people can be seen in and around the lounge, in various emotional states:

- Abigail Hobbs
- Annie Leonhart
- Kate Kane
- Siegmund Heissenrech
- Anna
- Rampage

Finally, the voice of The Manipulator comes over the line.

Attention, all Import citizens of Heropa. This is The Manipulator speaking.

Here, you can see there are currently seven people in the top floor lounge of The Lift in downtown Heropa. Six of them are innocents. Six lives. Six hostages who may be dead by tomorrow morning.

Unless one of you has the guts to save them.

[The camera feed flicks around appropriately to show the security system, the room's entrances and exits, and whatever else he talks about.]

Let's break it down nice and simple.

The lounge is secured by an alarm, doors and windows-- one that you won't be able to turn off without my knowledge or my help. If it goes off, the hostages will die. If anyone attempts to enter or leave the lounge, the hostages will die. If anyone sets foot on the 15th floor of this building without my express say-so, the hostages will die.

But you don't need to sit around and accept this loss of life. You can stop it. Only one person needs to die tonight to end this.

The seventh person. Me.

[And now the camera flickers to show a brief glimpse of a silhouetted person- someone in plain clothes, wearing a black mask over his face.]

One of you so-called heroes has fifteen minutes to get to the rooftop of this building. There, your only task is a simple one... you're going to kill me. Get rid of me permanently. End this hell of an existence of mine once and for all.

No mercy. No tricks. Just you and me and your powers, and the death that I was denied ten years ago.

[The shot goes back to the lounge and the hostages within.]

If your powers don't work on me, I'll understand. Nothing else has worked so far. And I'm really not unreasonable. We'll just have to try someone else. Every hour. On the hour.

And if some hour passes and nobody shows up to take me on, then one hostage dies. You've got six whole tries to figure this out before we run out of hostages.

But remember. I don't need to kill anyone. Nobody innocent needs to suffer tonight. Only one person needs to die to put an end to this.

So come get me.

[And the feed ends.]

((ooc: All replies will come from "The Manipulator," not "Yomiel."))

002 | text

Nov. 2nd, 2014 08:40 am
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Ladies, gentlemen, friends, Romans, countrymen:

Pleased to announce that the fruits of my and various folks' labor will be coming to a TV near you very soon. Stay tuned for more details as we move closer to the premiere, which should be sometime mid-month. Just in time for sweeps! ;)


Oct. 23rd, 2014 02:30 pm
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[ totally recording this in her car (which, for the curious, is a used piece of shit that couldn't have cost more than $400.) ]

First of all, for those in Orlando, Tattlecrime always pays for photos. Of course, you've got to save the civilians and all that jazz, but if someone just so happened to snap a picture of the chaos...well, we've got to spread the word, don't we? [ said with a small little smiiiirk, Freddie you massive shit. ]

And for those of you back home, as well as the ones who can catch a break, I managed to find something interesting during a little trip to Colorado that me and my partner went on [ her partner being Jayden. a+ job, Fred. Reaching into her glove compartment, Freddie pulls out a business card in a zip-loc bag, with the emblem of a labyrs over a bull. The card's a deep purple background and, as shown by Freddie turning it over to show the back to the camera, just has the pretentious symbol on it. ]

Remember that summer camp? Terror in the Mountains, as I've been calling it. Well, the two of use decided to explore the former site of the arenas and found this thing. It belongs to Daniel Punnett, genetics mogul, and creator of those tiny little foxes that all the celebrities have in their purses. I had a lovely, if brief, interview with him and I'm fairly certain I'm on the blacklist for any future events Mr. Punnett has. Still, you can't deny that a business card for a guy who works in genetics found at the site where you had to face mutated animals? Suspicious.

[ She pauses for a moment, smirking, obviously enjoying just how awesome she is at her skills of blind luck and fucking Google before Freddie realizes something. ]

Oh yeah, obviously not dead. The interview went great and it's up on Tattlecrime as we speak. Thanks for those who had concerns about me--you really didn't need to worry, though. I know what I'm doing.

[ the camera clicks off! and, before she hits post, Freddie embeds a link to Tattlecrime as a not-so-subtle promotion of her website, go and get her photos you guys. ]


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