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[ if it's not obvious, it's definitely Loki. he's all dressed up in his armor and headpiece, and he's also wearing a peculiar mask. ]

A shame it isn't November yet. "Remember, remember the first of September" doesn't have the same cultural significance, does it? Let's just say it's more of throwing off the mask of anonymity.

[ with a sigh, he pulls up the mask, revealing his face. he looks theatrically put-out. the curious part really isn't his face, or the mask, but he's entirely surrounded in white, fluffy clouds and clear, blue sky as far as the eye can see. there's no horizon in sight, it's essentially the perfect blue backdrop that he's standing against. how he got there or where exactly he is could be anyone's guess. ]

Before I dive right into the meat and potatoes, I'd like to make a few things clear. Dabbling in truth was never really my strong point, but utilizing it is something else entirely—oh, and publicly, I'm well aware! Let's just say that I'm a sneaky good-for-nothing trickster, and everyone should keep an eye on me.

That's the disclaimer for you! See? No need for the bouts of warning that this message may accompany.

[ he shrugs up his shoulders, struts forward and poses before looking all too smugly satisfied with himself. ]

That said, down to biz. There's been a lot of talk. The kind of talk that really doesn’t go anywhere. Captain Holiday always keeps the guise of the matter-of-fact while being one of the most frustratingly vague people within these Nine Realms. I take it that it's already been noted. But with new techniques such as the compartmentalization of information—how much does anyone within the mortal government really know?

Hornets, terrorist attacks, space missions, and we all remember that pleasant paint ball incident where the prize was a date with the lovely Porter while everyone else participating succumbed to an untimely and unfortunate death-like experience. There were also the challenges in space that most likely would have ended in boom without intervention. Ah, and the time at that swear-in soiree where the wrong saunter to the wrong room at the wrong time left the crowd there feeling like they were on fire, but it's okay, they really weren't. Then there's that monotheist who went on a psychotic murder bender and ravaged the countryside to fix the so-called anomaly of us. [ a dismissive wave of his hand. ] Who may get off on good behavior soon, as a pleasant side note for all of us keeping track.

And the latest and greatest, the wide-scale opportune kidnapping of imPorts thrown into a death match with mechanical bears, etcetera. Complete with nullifier tech! Hm ... it's almost as if someone out there doesn't like us very much. Or the idea of us, and ideas can be powerful. Wasn't there that bit about interrogation within the borders of this country? We are in the middle of some kind of temperature-like war, aren't we? You could really carve up the tension with a dull blade.

Out of all these seemingly connected, or unconnected events, we're forced to conform to a universe synced up tech savvy Greek Fate program and a Porter that thinks it’s all in good funsies to muck with our abilities and pull us through several omniversal barriers, and all the while managing to constrain the powers of those who can find such methods of travel. Moral of the story? Don't ever pay full price for travel when you can do it for free. That's to say that my extra-dimensional abilities don't hold water. Nor did the other spectrum of mortal religion's. [ cough cough Lucifer cough cough. ]

Not saying that there aren't worlds worse than this, it's pretty much a grand walk in the park from every angle. But other possibilities out there—a-aa-aand the probability of another "bad end" is always sort of there, isn't it? I've been there, I've seen them, and they're none too pleasant.

[ possibility brought gifts and curses, but he'd still take freedom any day of the week over the small comfort of security. he likes it here, even all these mortal politics. ]

Holding information hostage gets old and can cause all kinds of trouble. Like dying trouble. No one likes dying trouble. So I'd like to propose some sharing is caring—conspiracies, experiences, theories, call it a free-for-all impromptu exercise. Keep it public, won't we? A little ol' request from this trickster. We don't want anyone running around in a hacking frenzy for information. Kiiiind of misses the point.

Oh, yes, to start us off! It’s a bit funny how only one Fate is mentioned syncing with the Porter. There’s three, isn’t there? At least myth dictates of them. Hm—sooooo … how many other references can we pick up on, hm? Who's ready for Greek bingo?


[ he straightens his voice with a little er-mm. ]

Let's make that Greek and Roman, hm? I guess that ups the chances of a bingo, so Lachesis can be the "free space."

2, Video

Aug. 17th, 2014 02:20 pm
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[The camera opens on one Olivier Armstrong, sitting crosslegged in a chair, one hand out of frame below her.]

It seems that some of the idiot man-children here have no idea how to behave appropriately towards a woman who so much as crosses their path. Let this be an example to the rest of you.

[She raises that hand, which is holding the necklace of a certain redheaded boy, yanking him up by his neck like a cat might pick up a kitten.

The boy's face is darkened and swollen with bruises and he has one hell of a black eye. There's also something on his forehead: "LECH" written across his face in black marker that some might recognize as the permanent ink used by the plastic surgeons at the recent swearing-in ceremony.]

Go on. Tell the world the lesson you've learned.

[He coughs up a little bit when he's picked up, grumbling when he's forced to look into the camera, all beat up like this.]

I... I learned you ain't supposed to compliment women like that. And to treat 'em with respect... and not as someone to get with...

[He reaches up to rub his necklace.]

Can ya let go? Yer chokin' me!

If that's what you want. [She doesn't just 'let go,' per se. Oh sure, she releases her grip on his necklace, but only after she's bodily thrown him back to the ground.]

And if I catch you doing it again, to anyone, public shaming like this will be the least of your concerns.

That's all.

[The feed cuts.]


Aug. 17th, 2014 04:06 pm
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[There have been a few heavy network posts lately, it seems like. Some Big Bads showing their faces (or not) and making dire threats about things that were previously lacking in dire threats and so on. It might make a guy feel a little left out, and want to join in on the fun. Perhaps that's inspired Lucifer to share the gray walls of his cell with the world again.

There's no sign of his watchful guard, Bill, for anyone paying attention.]

They tell me if I comply with their rehabilitation program, they open the doors and let me out for good behavior.

Not even my Father gave me that option.

[Is he considering playing ball? Is he amused at the idea of rehabilitation? His expression makes it hard to tell. ImPorts associated with the justice system will be aware that Lucifer is presenting this in an extremely simple manner, whether he was actually offered this deal or not.]

And that's the question, isn't it. What would you do to unlock the doors of your cage?

[Finally there's a sign of emotion, his lips twitch into something that could be a smile. The gates are barred, the locks are strong, and there is no real way home- without someone else's say-so.]
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Ah—here we are.

[ time to do his actual job. there's a peer into the camera before he settles back smoothly, resting his chin in his hands and gives a festive, fingery little wave. he's dressed normally, simple green hoodie with his hair pushed back like he decided to up and make this message on whim (and it's possible with his capricious personality that it could be the case). ]

Hello there.

[ he leans back, pressing the tips of his fingers together casually and looking a pleasantly satisfied. ]

Next weekend, brought to you by high demand, there will be a little get together to sample some of the newer and more popular wares that I have to offer. [ he waves a hand carelessly. ] Cosmetics. Cosmetics of all kinds. I have a very vast and eclectic variety of powders, stains, liners, varnishes, and lacquers; with the appropriate sets, tools and utensils, of course. All types of colors and styles are available for those that need a more hands-on experience. Everyone will get a chance to try what they want, despite excess or lack of funds.

[ he holds up a bottle of black nail polish between his own dark nails, waving it enticingly. incentives. ]

Ah, and I have goodies for all attendees. I couldn't go without saying that, could I? No one walks off empty handed. Collective "yay"s all around.

Invitations are extended for anyone who would like a spot. Please RSVP, I've—well—erm, limited space and provisions set aside for the occasion. I wouldn't want anyone to go without refreshments, as that would be a very bland party.

[ he stops in the switch from one idea to the next, as if something's just occurred to him. ]

Oh, yes, before I forget—I'm also in need of a few hands for something I have planned. Nothing big, we'll save the missions and heists for another time, but anyone with the experience in the variety of brute strength and-slash-or the mixing of fine beverages is urged to contact me. Settled or unsettled. [ there's another thoughtful pause. ] Unsettled preferred.

V: Audio

Aug. 2nd, 2014 01:36 am
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How incompetent are you people?

[Pitch is entirely serious in that question, sounding somewhere between aggravated and amused. In the background can be heard the very faint distorted warbling of Celiene Dion.]

Between apparently getting kidnapped and trapped in space and the usual disgrace to the millions of years of evolution that produced you I'm not entirely sure any of you can be trusted not to choke to death when you draw air to breathe.

Not that I'm surprised by it, your inefficient existences aren't anything new.

I mean really, you have more than a few people here who can travel by unconventional means rather instantly and you didn't think to ask if they could oh... take a look or something? Just because there are those here with standards on what we involve ourselves with doesn't mean we can't be paid or otherwise convinced to assist in matters.

Your inability to look past your navals aside, if anyone is interested in oddities I can be convinced to part with some of my findings from my absence from your constant nattering. I have a few rather fascinating mutated skulls.


Aug. 1st, 2014 07:35 pm
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[Margaery looks delighted as she gets the camera to work, adjusting the angle as she smiles warmly. As uncertain as she is about using such a strange device, there is naught to do but just take the plunge.]

To think that this is broadcasting to all instantly, it's incredible! I never had believed anything such as this was possible but this world is full of surprises such as these. I am sure there is much more to discover in due time.

[But new technology or not, Margaery remembers the purpose of why she wished to make contact with others. She's still wearing her wedding gown though she had let her hair down to fall about her shoulders.

It's for the best she sheds the remnants of a wedding which had resulted in the death of her second husband. That fact hadn't really sunk in yet, she thought that if any moment she would hear Joffrey's haughty tone or see a glimpse of his confident sneer.]

I am Margaery Tyrell, of House Tyrell though I am sure that name means little here. I hope nonetheless I could inquire as to where to find more suitable clothes- what I am wearing now is hardly practical for every day use.

Even if you are unable to provide assistance, I hope to get to know everyone here. The welcome I have received here has been so very kind.
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[Someone thought it a bright idea to make the resident rebel angel a televangelist. This idea was a very poor one. 

One might stumble across this program by zapping lazily or specifically searching for it. Either way, what is seen on TV screens all over on the Christian Channel is what appears to be a constipated man fiddling with the little black microphone someone out of patience has lopsidedly pinned to his trench coat. His hair is an untamed mess and he clearly resisted going into make up a little too much.]

I don't understand why you want me to say my name and greet the camera. Or what you want me to say. [He seems to be very exasperated with whatever poor soul is hovering off camera, trying to get him to do his job.] God? God doesn't care about me, or you, or us. He left.

[Somewhere backstage, the producer thinks he might be very close to a nervous breakdown and gives Castiel instructions via his ear piece. The glare intensifies, but at least he somewhat listens to what he's been told, and wanders over to the speaker's desk. If at all possible, his frown deepens, and he flips a page or two in the book places there.] 

Talk about the Bible...? [he mutters, obviously to himself and blissfully unaware of the just what the microphone does. Finally, he squints at the camera.] Uhm. It... contains very many factual errors and mistranslations. Would you prefer I lie to spare human... sentimentality?

[It's at this point that the producer is convinced his soul just threw up a moderate amount. A message about 'technical difficulties' flashes across TVs all over, and a short while later some woman or another appears to announce a slight change in the program, clearly questioning her career choices.]

And now we've reached the Q&A part of our program. The lines are open, please dial the number displayed below to be put through to Castiel with your questions and concerns regarding your faith and your life. Also displayed below is our email address, so feel free to send in more questions and comments that way.

[The camera - reluctantly - cuts back to Castiel, who is currently busy not noticing the camera despite frantic off-camera hand waving, and instead toys reproachefully with an angel figurine. Someone put him in a chair next to a table holding several religious pamphlets, as if by sitting the angel down, this catastrophe can somehow be salvaged.

Here's a hint: It's almost completely impossible for this to improve in the way the show runners would like.]

[ooc: Feel free, if you don't want your character to contact Castiel on the TV show, to contact him later via the regular Network, just let me know in your header!]


Jul. 20th, 2014 08:40 pm
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[Somehow, for whatever reason, Gabriel is still sitting at the coffee shop. It's like he doesn't know what to do and just gravitates there, sitting outside. The staff know him as a permanent fixture, and that sure doesn't hurt when they give the odd freebie here and there. Today Gabriel is fanning himself with the menu, not looking too impressed with life.]

Heropa, I just can't quit you, but we have got to have words about this weather. I'm starting to suspect that the only place here with decent aircon is my brother's cell, and that's saying something. Nice to know where the taxes are going, not that I pay those. [Huffs] Anyone around here able to control the weather?

[Shrugs.] That reminds me, anyone seen Kaworu? Skinny kid, yay high, looked like an albino? Often seen with the most polite look of cluelessness I've ever seen? And trust me that's saying something considering some of the guys I know. I was starting to think the kid had gotten lost in the library, but maybe he went home? That or walked in front of a car, as nicely as possible. Both are very likely.

[Ugh no, it's still too warm. Thank goodness the menu is being put to good use.] And I doubt anyone is gonna bite, but anyone here managed to go AWOL yet? Or had any tattoo changes on them? Feel free to send your answers to that one on a postcard.

03 | Video

Jul. 19th, 2014 05:31 pm
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So... I was wondering.

If we suddenly solved everything and were given a choice to stay here or go home, what would you choose? I've been thinking about it a lot-- [She really has, especially since finding out that they're working on finding a way for imPorts to stay or go at will. She misses Ooo, but she has more friends here than she did there, and she's happy with her life here. ... Mostly happy, anyway.] But I haven't really decided yet.

Or what about other places? Not, like, other places here. But places people you know or like here are from. Is there any place somebody's from that you'd want to visit? [That question is really just curiosity on her part. Finding out about new places is interesting!]
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[ after some deliberation, she decides to make a post. it’s after every other means is exhausted. their food budget is poor, she needs supplies for school, and Kaine is generally being unyielding in his approach to delicious desserts. of course the imPort population will understand. ]

hi everyone!!!!! i’m Aracely. i want to make cupcakes but Kaine says we don’t have enough money to make cupcakes so I saw this once where people can raise money to do things, so I should raise money for cupcakes!!!!!!! ^___^ I think all of you guys are really nice, so if I ask nice maybe I can make some for more than just me & kaine! btw all we have is gross food and a lot of it is in cans so

OH DO YOU WANna know what a cupcake is i'll tell you

a cupcake is a little cake thats baked in a cup! it can be really fun and have some frosting on it. there are all kinds of frostings and I was thinking of using strawberry. Maybe I’ll get enough money to buy some sprinkles, too.

[ she thinks about this for a moment, and then refocuses to furiously type on her communicator. ]

i'm trying to raise $30 for some cupcake money. that will buy two frostings, two rainbow spirnkled cupcake mixes and some sprinkles for the top. SO IT HOUGHT IF YOU GAVE ME SOME MONEY

$1 i will say thank you really loud!

$5 I'll give you a big hug and say thank you again.

$10 You're super nice you can have 2 cupcakes.

$15 I'll make Kaine say thank you too. EDIT. I'll ask really nice for Kaine to thank you....

$30 CUPCAKE PARTYYY!!!!!!!! you can invite a friend and have some cupcakes.

IF YOU give me MORE $$$ I'll get different colors and make super rainbow cupcakes with every color of the rainbow!!! (red orange yellow green blue VIOLET purple) even Kaine will like them

i'll be waiting outside of residence #31 with a jar for some cupcake money!

THANKS EVERYONE!!! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ (those hearts are for you)

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[ That's right. It has been one week - less than one week - and Edgeworth is already bored and restless on vacation. So here he is. ]

A few items of business.

Wills. The risk of unexpected disappearance due to Porter malfunction is significant. Please be advised that, in the absence of kin or a legally recognized will, any possessions accrued in this world by a disappeared imPort will revert to the government.

I would recommend that all imPorts visit an attorney to write a will with them so that their possessions and funds either go to a friend or stay in the imPort community. I am willing to do this work pro bono; I have little doubt that other members of our legal community here would be willing to do so as well.

Please spread this offer to new imPorts when they arrive.

My thanks to April Ludgate for bringing this vital issue to my attention.

Employment. There are two primary difficulties facing imPorts if they choose not to register. The first is finding employment. I have been accruing a list of imPort-friendly businesses who are willing to hire unregistered individuals, and I am currently working on setting up a service that will help new imPorts find job placements. The first step is finding someone who will work as a career counselor and manager of this service; please contact me if you wish to apply for this job.

Fund. The second difficulty is, of course, finding money. It is difficult to sustain ourselves, being as we are refugees, if we do not have support from the government; those who reject government support are often at a loss.

To counteract this, I've set up a legally registered fund. This fund will make interest-free loans to any imPort in need of support.

The current endowment is $26,000. This is a paltry sum, as you can see. It is desperately in need of donations. All donations will be completely tax-deductible. One-time donations are appreciated, but continuing donations are even more so; I myself am donating 10% of every paycheck to this fund. It need not be so much; every bit helps.

Phoenix Wright is the other individual working with the fund. Contact him or myself if you have any questions.

Thank you very much for your time and attention.
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[For those who have seen Will Graham before, the difference today is pretty drastic. The difference being, of course, that he's gotten himself a much-needed haircut and actually shaved, which means he looks like a regular guy in plaid as opposed to a cousin of some mountain cryptid in plaid. What's behind him is probably the thing that grabs the most attention, that being a picture of a shark that's been made big enough to cover a nice section of the wall behind him. A handful of people are gathered around it and talking, but it's too far away to make out much of anything.

He doesn't sound extremely excited (shock), doesn't like being on video, but oh whale.

I read a story where I'm from, some group that specializes in studying great white sharks had caught one near Jacksonville, tagged her, and tracked her to gather more data. Named her Lydia, followed her paths, got information they wouldn't have had otherwise. While back, I told some of the fishers here, we got together, and...recreated it. ["We went out and caught a shark and put a bunch of tags on her," is what he means.] That was a little over a month ago, and our Lydia's given a lot of data here, too. Ended up getting a nice monetary bonus tossed their way which they've decided to use on a little. Fish fry. Party. [This does not look like someone who talks about parties much. Or goes to them.] Since I was the one who told them about it, and I'm an imPort, I was asked ["""""asked"""""] to extend that invitation to the rest of you. Saturday after next, not far from Heropa, arrangements can be made to get people to and from. On the beach. It's a lot of free food and beer and boats and music and I'm sure there will be fireworks at some point—

[He's running out of steam in regards to how to talk about a party, nearing the end, when one of the men in the group behind him calls out, turning to show that he is wearing one of the tackier, more suggestive shirts Will sells because Master Baiter.]

Why don't you hand out some of your shirts? I love mine.

[Will hasn't turned to fully look at him and doesn't need to to know exactly which one is being displayed, which tacky joke is haunting him right in plain sight. He takes a second (during which he looks about ready to kill) to compose himself so his voice doesn't sound murderous before:]

And. Free shirts. [SWIMMING ALONG QUICKLY] Anybody interested, just let me know. I'll give out directions.

[He can't even try to smile. The shark looks like it would be much nicer than he does by the time he ends the feed.]

[ooc. there will be an open log up on the 26th!]
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[ When Charles appears on the screen his expression is twisted into one of confusion, with a layer of thoughtful disapproval dusted on top. He opens his mouth to speak, then shuts it; debating two subjects that seem to be warring for relevance at the front of his mind. Really, that's been the story of his day to day life, here. ]

There are entirely too many strange things going on in this future; there's more culture shock than I'd expected. On the one hand, I suppose I had expected cars to fly—not disappointing. On the other, what on Earth are the ingredients in this? [ Charles displays an energy drink for the camera after a moment with a knit brow. ] I really only wanted tea—which they didn't have—and I was given this in the place of coffee. I don't think it "does the same thing". I think I was lied to.

[ Then, putting it aside, his expression turns more serious. ]

I digress. I can.. save my suspicion for another day. What I would like to know, from anyone who is willing—what is the power you acquired upon your arrival here? They are not unusual where I am from. However, they're acquired through genetic means; I cannot help but wonder if that is true here, as well, in some—retroactive way, if your genes have been... modified.

Thank you.

[ He's right about to shut off the feed before he stops and, as an aside, says: ]

I would also appreciate it if someone younger could tell me whether or not there are drugs in this drink. Thank you.
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[Hear that Heropa? That's the sound of what should be a destitute lounge singer. The sound of smite worthy caterwauling. Yes, ladies and gents, it's Celine Dion and that hell worthy song from that movie we all hate.

At least Balthazar hates it. With a passion. The camera is pointed towards the source, a simple radio while in the corner the angel seems to be scrambling for something heavy enough to hit it with.]

Unacceptable. Un-bloody-acceptable! This bloody fecking song!

[He comes up with a thick hardcover book and throws it. It does nothing, bouncing off the radio and there's a string of curses in french and gaelic. Balthazar doesn't seem to be away that this is being filmed. Someone wanna give him a heads up before he smites himself?]


Jul. 13th, 2014 05:15 pm
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[After speaking to Loki and a number of other individuals, Lightning resolves to make this commentary. Her experience with gods is lengthy, and what she's learning here in this world is that many are quick to dismiss them. While there were myths back home that people frequently ignored, it had never been the same. Myths included stories of the l'Cie, told to scare people when they would go to bed lest they might be turned into soldiers against their own world's gods. But that was different. Having lived alongside the fal'Cie all her life, she had accepted their involvement.

That this world dismisses gods, that the people from multiple worlds, can dismiss gods, strikes her as odd. To say the least.

There is much she can say on the matter. She only hopes that she covers all that matters.]

It has come to my attention that there are a number of people here who dismiss the presence of gods. Given the circumstances that we currently find ourselves in, I've chosen to share my experiences with you. I understand that many of you come from worlds where gods are uncommon or not present at all. Even in this world, gods are dismissed as myths ... or are a feature of religion, thought to be separate and distant. It's hard to believe in something you can't see. I don't blame you.

But my home world was one where gods worked alongside humans. Prior to my present, there was a war between worlds, between Gran Pulse and Cocoon. The gods pit these two powers against one another, hoping that they would destroy existence in order to bring forth a certain being for their own goals. Gran Pulse was wiped out as a result of this war, each and every person who lived there vanishing into thin air as a result of the apparent decimation. Cocoon, my home, prospered alongside the gods, the fal'Cie. They provided goods, electricity, and everything else we needed. For so long, we lived under their whims and according to what they wanted, not realizing that we were all up to eventually be thrown away when they grew tired or disgusted with us. We were their puppets, and we had to learn how to do things differently. That was a journey that we all went on from the beginning to the end, until we finally defeated god after god so that people's memories and experiences would be remembered.

That is not to say that you should all share the same experiences, but there is good reason to believe that we are experiencing that here. There is proof left and right. I worry about what this god ... these gods[the emphasis itself is said rather forcefully]—have in store for us in the long term. But dismissing them, pretending that it's not a concern ... that's the last thing we should be doing. Treating it like "superstition," treating it like there's a more immediate concern at hand ... is unwise. They are one and the same.

I do not know if this government is unwittingly playing to gods' whims. I can't say that for myself, but I've been asked many times what I'm prepared to do. If they are, we can help them unchain themselves. What I know is that gods shouldn't play with our lives, and we should be prepared to act to stop that

[There's a pause here, where she sighs and glances away in the video.

There's a huff of breath before she presses on:]

If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Everything I know about these present gods I have learned from others, but I am more free to share my own experiences.


Jul. 12th, 2014 08:43 am
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[The thing about employing text is that when you start using it when all your broadcasts are in video, people tend to question why you've suddenly switched. So he makes the decision to instead compose himself as best as he can and use video instead.

Unfortunately, he always sort of overestimates his ability to compose himself. He certainly doesn't seem distraught, or panicked, or anything of the sort, but he's definitely shaky. This is definitely a far cry from his normal, slow, quiet, lengthy broadcasts.]

I'm leaving on a business trip abroad for...some length of time. I'm - not certain how long. Please don't try to contact me; I'll be far too busy to answer any messages.

Good day.
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["The Manipulator" is the name on this communication.]

Pancakes. Thick, fluffy, floury, smeared with melting butter and drizzled with real maple syrup. Served with fluffy scrambled eggs and two strips of black-label bacon, cooked crispy.

Fried chicken. Crispy skin, juicy meat, subtly salty. Served with a side of mashed potatoes, homemade cream gravy, and wilted collard greens cooked with garlic.

Beer. A dark stout, complex and almost chocolate in flavor, smooth and sophisticated to sip. Accompanied by a bowl of pretzels and the smell of smoke on the guy sitting next to you at the bar.

An apple. Yellow-red-pink skin, crisp and juicy, just the perfect texture without being too hard or too mealy. Simple and refreshing.

Pork rinds. Airy and crisp, salty, spicy hot with the flavor of meat. Eaten straight out of the bag while watching sports.

Roasted sweet potato. Wrapped in wet newspaper and then in aluminum foil, then buried in a pile of burning leaves to bake. Sweet and starchy, soft and hot, the perfect snack on a cold winter's day.

[Okay... that's a nice, random list there. There isn't much indication why "The Manipulator" is posting this one.]

Come on, Imports. Give me a few more. Give me something from your world that no one else has tried before.

I'm in-between things to do, you see. All this space shuttle excitement has been useful in distracting the authorities from looking for me. So I might as well try to enjoy myself with all the extra spare time.

Plus, I figured the cops could use another word from me. It's been so long since they've even imagined I've been active. Just as clueless as the people I've possessed since then.

Ooh... I bet you didn't even notice I was there, did you?

You'd think you people would learn.

[All replies from "The Manipulator" will come through audio or text only.]
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[The video turns on, showing Sam Winchester. Hair a bit shorter than the previous one, looking a few years younger, wearing a green, light jacket and a blue and white check shirt.]

[He looks surprised. And a little lost.]

I've got to say. I expected Hell to look a lot less metropolitan. [He holds up a hand.] I know, I know. I read the packet. Not Hell, just Florida. Though I'm pretty sure more than a few people back home would have said that there wasn't much of a difference.

[The smile he gives his own joke is wan. Yeah, he knows it's a bad one. It's what he's got for the moment.] I didn't see it in the file, but are you here, too, Dean? Not sure if I should hope for that or not, actually. But if I'm hallucinating, I'm pretty sure I'd drag him in, too.

[He pauses a moment, considering, before adding--] If this ISN'T a hallucination, I suppose I should introduce myself. Sam Winchester. Uh...pleasure to be here, I suppose.
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[ Armstrong knows he can't just blindly advertise himself and his powers on this network. After all, to his understanding, anyone can be looking at this and he's not exactly sure what impact his actions could have on the public. With that, he's going to just post a harmless message that will garner the attention he needs from possible comrades and, hopefully, charm others into talking to him…. with his body.

His Hawaiian, pink floral print with tropical trees (decorated down to the last detail! There are coconuts with happy faces!) shirt rips revealing a diamond-cut physique that shines with sparkles as he flexes in multiple positions. ]
Hmph! I am Alex Louis Armstrong! And it appears that I have been sent here for reasons that are similar to your origin in this heroic land! [ His shirt reforms, this time, the Hawaiian shirt is green and has turtles with sunglasses. ] It will be an honor to serve alongside all of you and I wish many successes upon you in hopes that, one day, you will develop a perfect muscular system just like mine! [ RIP. Another shirt explodes and drifts into pieces as he makes some super sexy playmate endorsed poses to demonstrate his upper body girth. A new shirt forms, replacing the old one with a standard white Hawaiian shirts with red cartoonish crabs. ] If anyone would like help developing their body, please do not hesitate to give me a call! Honing these intense muscles have been a trait passed down the Armstrong family line for generations!

[ Heropa, you may pour yourself a drink right at this very moment. ]


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