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Since it seems as though Kate Bishop has left us, I've gone ahead and drawn up a copy of her FAQ. You can now find it here. Considering she clearly put effort into making and keeping track of this, it's not something I'm prepared to let to go to waste. In the same vein as when she first shared this, if you think I left out something important, let me know so it can be added. Comments, questions, or remarks are welcome.

[not really but it pays to be polite]
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I'm Meetra Surik. I'm new. I'm lost. A few things:

1. I can't believe you guys have more books than digital records. Talk about analog. Can somebody please suggest a good history book to get any idea of where/when/what the hell is going on?

2. How come there are no spaceships? How are you supposed to go to other planets? Are you seriously implying we're stuck here?

3. This whole Hero registration thing. Sell it to me. Why should I? Why should anyone? Would've been nice if I had been asked in the first place.

4. Nonah #2, I need some directions.

5. Is the term "Jedi" familiar to anyone here?

That would be all for now.


Aug. 5th, 2015 04:41 pm
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[ On screen there is this very charismatic, neatly dressed newcomer. He might have some resemblance to some guy called Talbot, no idea who that is, or for others, perhaps, sounds a little bit like Iron Man. These things happen. But here he is, Nathan Petrelli, a pair of silver wings acting as his tie-pin and an American flag pin in his lapel, denoting his political office. He straightens his jacket briefly before addressing the network. ]

So what, no Kissinger? What I can't figure out is if this is real life, or we're starring in a version of reality where Tom Clancy was high when he wrote his Cold War novels. I mean, think about it, it could happen.

Kidnapping a US Senator, though. I'd like to say I'm impressed, but it's not like it would be the first time.

Okay, so I've got the basics. Superpowers, non-mandatory conscription, yadda yadda. Some information on the histori-political situation here would be a good start. Mostly I wanna know where it all went wrong. Did we do the Cuban Missile Crisis? 'Nam? Watergate?

[ Then, slightly more to himself: ] This time travel stuff is messed up... Uh-- [ Louder, and back to camera: ] One more thing, I'm dying for a decent cup of coffee. The swill they give you on a military base isn't even worth swallowing.

[ OOC: So this is Sylar, shapeshifted. He doesn't know he's not Nathan, thanks to certain telepaths funking with his brain, but if anyone's power is relevant please let me know! ]
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Here's one for you. What do you call a man who is still three weeks from his doctorate when the multiverse kidnaps him? Mister.

In any case, hi, I'm Trevor; Mr. Zeitlan to some of you. I was recently employed to a posting at Xavier's, and as you can imagine there's not a whole lot of accessible material on my subject, which covers abilities of every kind. I'm putting together an encyclopedia of powers based on my extensive experience in my own world and what I learn here, but there's all sorts of teaching materials I'm having to fake as I go along. Incidentally, if anyone would like to help with that, I have afternoon office hours at the Institute, and you're welcome to drop in. I teach mornings.

Okay, so killing two birds with one stone, I have a couple of questions; if you could take a moment to reply to them, or just answer one, you'd help me out no end.

First of all, what was your first experience of using your power? Was it intentional or accidental? Any details about how you felt, or the consequences of using it would be helpful, as I'd like to use other people's experiences to build confidence in my students.

Second question is a little bit of fun, really: If you didn't have the powers given to you by the porter, which abilities would you like to have had instead?

[OOC: If anyone wants to handwave or plan classes/sessions, or teacher/teacher interactions with "Trevor", throw me a PM. These can be backdated to assumed CR if you like ("Trevor" comes off as knowledgeable, but there's an edge of creepiness to him that anyone could pick up on, and no, not just because he has giant eyebrows though that doesn't help his case one bit.]
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I don't know what I saw yesterday, but I don't think I'm the only one who saw it.

I need information about a brainwashing facility that might have existed twenty, maybe thirty years ago. Or anything dealing with imPorts, if there's a record of that. I've been looking into it, but I haven't had a lot of luck turning anything up.

I want to know if that was real.

one, text

Jul. 16th, 2015 12:21 pm
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[ man alive, he still is having trouble getting the hang of this device. That's what happens when you go straight from landlines to the internet. So, needless to say, Anatoly has figured out how to use text and is JUST USING TEXT, mostly to spare himself a bit of embarrassment.

and he has questions. oh he has so many questions. but he's going to start with the most obvious one.

I play chess.
Your government saw fit to place me in a job working at a pawn shop.
Has anyone else been victim of this terrible sense of humor?

[ there's an unspoken 'or did they just have it out for me.' no comment on the fact that the id is a CLEARLY Russian name, no comment on the fact that he's from 1980s, he is just taking this one confusing step at a time. ]
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[ The video is of Raina. At work. On a Sunday evening. Lit by the glow of her computer screen, and even as the feed begins -- she's finishing off her typing. Workaholic, much?

But she does give her attention to the communicator then, offering a sweet, charming smile. ]

Hello, fellow imPorts. I just have a few questions for the community as a whole -- a curiosity, if you will.

[ Her fingers lace in front of herself on her desk. ]

How many of you are satisfied with the power set you received upon arrival? For some of us, powers are new and strange, things we have never encountered in our own world. But for others, we're used to having far more. Abilities that were lost in translation either because they were far too strong or far too destructive. Some abilities may seem relatively useless. Some may be uncontrollable. Some require more thought, practice, and skill than others. While some seem like almost something of a joke on the porter's behalf.

All of this to say, these abilities of ours don't really share a common pattern. But they have become part of our identity as a whole and something that has branded us all as imPorts. And like our identity, there may be things about them we dislike -- things we wish we could make different. So if you had the opportunity to change your powers or alter them in some way, would you? If you could enhance them and make them stronger, would you do that as well?

Please consider my questions something of a survey to measure who may or may not be interested in my next leg of research. Thank you for your time.

[ With a friendly wave, she cuts the feed. ]


Jun. 26th, 2015 05:58 pm
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[ It's a peaceful scene in Maurtia Falls. The speaker is standing at the edge of the city's central canal. His ID reads 'Sylar'. Ominous for those who've come into contact with him. But Sylar has never been seen on the network before, and today is no different. Dressed in a black, high collared long coat, his face is obscured by a smiling Guy Fawkes mask.

He gives a metal gas canister a little shake as he shows it to the camera. It sounds empty, just a little liquid sloshing about in the bottom. And then he steps aside, showing the backdrop. Not much to see. Greyish skies, a car parked on the opposite bank, warehouses in the background. This part of the canal is in one of the shabbier parts of the industrial district, where prostitutes regularly take their johns to provide their service because there are rarely any interruptions. In fact, there does seem to be someone in the car, the driver's seat cocked back at an angle.


You know, I've really been very good. Very good. I should have realized that none of you really put any weight on human life. It's all just noise, as usual.

So what do I have to lose? Here's the thing, I am starving. I was locked away, denied my pursuits, denied even my rights as a human being. Now it's my turn. What's dying, really, when you come right back? A small sacrifice to make to stop a murder spree seems reasonable, don't you think?

But for the sake of getting your attention--

[ He opens his hand in front of him, and a phoenix like shape made all of fire emerged from his fingertips, licking flame and slowly opening its elaborate wings. He closed it into a ball of flame as it closed its wings again, and then pivoted on the spot and threw the ball across the canal. There, it caught a ribbon of gasoline on the ground, which leapt from the shore to the car, catching it violently aflame. A few seconds later, it exploded. ]

That's my cue to leave. You'll be hearing from me again in--let's say twenty-four hours, if my needs aren't met.


OOC: There is in fact nobody getting a blow job in the car across the canal, but a sad mannequin will melt into goo. Sylar will be resuming his commentary and responding from elsewhere, a safe distance from any heroes investigating the scene (which characters are free to do). In any case his motivation for doing this isn't just to try and get someone to volunteer to be his next victim, or even draw a hero into a battle that (he thinks) they can't possibly win (I am open for plotting plskthnx). But what his reasons are will be revealed in comments. Probably at the point where he admits that his 'murder' is all a big hoax...


Jun. 11th, 2015 02:33 pm
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Er, hey everyone, I think it's been a while.

[ Kaidan says, backing up from the camera like this is amateur blog post number 3. ]

I'm not really good at this kind of thing, talking to people and not really...knowing who'll respond. [ A hesitant, half-grin. ]

But someone I know brought up a good point. We were talking about being here, and htis whole...idea of ressurection. Especially in the context here. We don't...know much about the continuum they use for ressurection, other than the fact that it's in short supply, right? They had us trying to mine it back in... [ A moment, and he took a moment to activate his omni-tool, a bright orange glow, and the haptic display sprung to life. ] August?

Anyway, it seems like... every month there's something new, you know? People are getting hurt, killed, taking chances -- and I'm not exactly one to talk, I know. Being in the marines normally means you're ready to accept a certain amount of danger, and I think... a lot of us live like that every day. [ A flick of his eyes back to the camera, and the omni-tool vanished. ]

But anyway, I don't know, ressurection's pretty... tough stuff, you know? Who knows if it's a guarantee if you'll come back? Some people haven't -- when they're killed, and it feels so... wrong to bank on that.

I mean, are there places where this is normal? Where coming back from the dead is normal? I never thought I'd see the day where coming back like that is just...a thing that can happen. Or is it just... the promise of maybe going home here? Do we know that we will, if we die here? Is there a guarantee?


Apr. 10th, 2015 04:53 pm
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[ Peter's had enough. He's tired of trailing after the shadows of Sylar like it'll get him anywhere and he's done this already. It got old the first time he got shoved off a rooftop. It got even older the... second? time he helped kill Sylar. And now? He's just over it. Long past over it. And he's not going to apologize for his behavior.

Which is why he's now taking a page out of Claire's handbook. Especially since he's figured a certain something out.

... Peter's seated plainly at a table, a rather large kitchen knife laying in front of him. You know, one of those you see running rampant in horror movies.

Hey, Sylar.ooc cut for slight gore )
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[The video flips onto Will, situated at an older, well-worn desk in front of a window that seems to have come standard with the building itself. Right outside the window, right behind Will, is one of those ads featuring Chrollo. It all looks very cramped, though Will has managed to take the time to actually shave and get a haircut and put in the basic effort to look socially presentable. He's even wearing a plain white shirt and dark blue tie, nothing plaid in sight. Like it's normal! Tiny space, business dress, a totally shirtless dude in a cologne ad if he looks over his shoulder, everything is fine.]

Good afternoon, imPorts. Two things. [Will's eyes occasionally lift from the camera, as though there's someone giving him cues.] My name is Will Graham, and I've just taken on the position of working as a liaison between the police and our imPort population. Ideally, there would be a clearer line of communication between the two. If anything happens and you're uncomfortable going to the police yourself, for any reason, that's what I'm here for. [Eyes flick up. Well.] And to encourage you to go to the police when the need for it arises—they can't help if we keep them in the dark and doing everything on our own without giving them any notice serves to only add onto later headaches.

[So basically don't be Miles Edgeworth with the whole Yuri Petrov is Lunatic thing. Be him in the way that he was right, don't be him going to the Network for vigilante justice without doing anything else first. Okay? Okay. Good. Not that Will's incapable of just telling them about by looking at his own communicator, but he's not sure that's the best thing to share. Not immediately. The eyes shifting stops as Will takes a breath. Too much talking, goodness.]

For the second, since she was always quite good at stirring the pot, I'd like to add that Freddie Lounds, the journalist behind Tattlecrime: Heropa, seems to have been Ported out as of the end of February. [Casually leaving out what happened to her before that, delivery matter-of-fact, void of any and all emotion towards her.] I assume the site will be left as is, but there won't be any further updates. ["Updates" being a loose word for it; the way he emphasizes it is the first slip in the neutral mask, Will sounding irritated above all else. Got a bad taste in his mouth about it all.] If you have any questions, let me know.

[No "thank you for listening," no "goodbye," Will leaves it at that, flicks the camera off. That's all, folks.]


Mar. 17th, 2015 04:27 pm
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[ Peter doesn't look entirely pleased, but for the most part he's just sort of hanging out at work, taking a breather and all that. It's not like there's a million and a half things to do once you're done cleaning out the ambulance and so here he is, ready to face the world and... pose a question.

He... really doesn't like putting his face on the network very much though. But, even so-

Anyone here ever lose time? I don't mean going back home or finding out that you've been here before and don't remember. I mean, just- [ He's reaching for words here, glancing off for a second. ] One second you're some place, and then another you're somewhere else and two days have gone by. And you weren't anywhere during all of it. Just misplaced.

And I'm not talking about amnesia. Been there, done that. I still remember all those days now that i've got my memory back. It's different.

I'm talking about just losing your place here. I don't even remember where I went. If I went anywhere at all. I know where I was, and then the next thing I knew two days had gone by and I don't know where the hell they went.

[ He huffs a breath, looking a touch concerned before he gets over himself and hops down from where he was sitting. ] Figured i'd see if anyone else had been through the same thing.

[ Video ]

Mar. 17th, 2015 07:22 pm
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[ ID reads: KEN KANEKI

There is a familiar face on video, for those who know him, but Kaneki is a bit changed. He has pure white hair, tired eyes, and though he is smiling, it's hard to tell he means it. While he would usually smile awkwardly when addressing others, this time he just looks... calm. Per usual, Kaneki is wearing an eyepatch, this one black with centipede prints on it.

Kaneki bows his head towards the camera and the smile vanishes then ]

My name is Ken Kaneki. Recent events are forcing me to address this matter that I have always kept supposedly a secret. But between me attacking others, my personal files being leaked and me being killed in front of you all, I don't think I have the right to keep quiet about it.

Mentions of cannibalism and character death )

For my actions, I'm currently on probation and I am considered a criminal. My parole officer is Will Graham, if you wish to know who is following my case. I also need to apologize for everything I have done, but in truth I don't want forgiveness for it. I know a lot of it can't be forgiven so simply like that.

If you have any questions, you can ask. I will answer.
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[Castle is straightening beer bottles as he speaks, idly flipping through what looks like a book about brewing beer, and a half-drunk martini is occasionally raised to his lips. He's a tad drunk.]

Heropa, we need to have a talk about this "porting my housemates out" thing. I mean, having the house to myself is all well and good, I'm not opposed to lying around in my underwear on a lazy Sunday afternoon, but Asvaldr was sent home before our beer was even finished fermenting, for crying out loud. Be nice if I could actually get to know them a bit before, poof, they're gone.

Or, hey, maybe bring someone from my world here if I'm gonna be stuck.

So, uh, I'm gonna have a lot of beer on my hands in a few weeks if anybody's interested in helping me taste when it's done. I also have four vacancies in my house if, you know, anybody desperately wants to move to Heropa or needs a place to crash for the night.
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I decided at New Year's that I'm going to make this a good year. I have a lot of stuff that I need to do and deal with, and a lot of stuff that I just WANT to do, aside from that. So! First thing's first:

Does anybody have really awesome healing powers? Or do you know anybody with really awesome healing powers?

I don't know if I can actually fix what I'd like fixed. I mean, I knew a great healer, but he couldn't do anything. It might be a lost cause, but I'll try again.

(I have a dead hand, by the way. That's what it is.)

Also, since there's been another wave: Hello, new people! My name's Laurie. I hope you're having an okay time.


Dec. 8th, 2014 09:54 pm
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[ Carl's second post involves text this time. He feels a little nettled, but mostly shy and uncomfortable and doesn't want to show it. ]

Hi everyone.

I kind of have a question. Or want advice. Whichever. Although I know not everyone can really give advice on this sort of thing.

[ This is kinda uncomfortable. ]

Let's say you saw things that got really bad. Like, things in ruins, no more cities and history and no normal life, that sort of thing. So bad that you are pretty sure it will never be the same. Now you are here, with cities full of people and running water and electricity.

If you had a life before it fell apart, did you ever try to go back to it now that it's an option?

I'm just asking because I was in school when it happened back home, and I'm back in school but it's hard. It's just not the same.

[ The bells ringing for classes never failing to startle him, his classmates, ignorant of who he is, what he is, laugh at his discomfort. His uneasiness with the classrooms, the twenty or more bodies almost pressing in, and no exit to rely on. The classes were hit and miss at times - he would write down notes but would feel restless, uneasy, sometimes forgetting as he thinks to himself why isn't he outside when he remembers where he is.

Math is, surprisingly, the easiest subject for him. It's the easiest subject that he can cope. Numbers matter to him. English and History is the hardest. He keeps thinking on the books written back home, and sometimes he wonders if the authors there have been ripped apart, or dead and walking, or really dead and rotting, or still trying to survive. Thoughts that hadn't crossed his mind back when in his own world. ]

Anyway. Happy Holidays, everyone.

004 Voice;

Nov. 30th, 2014 03:10 pm
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Does anybody know anything about the Porter? Or have any theories about who it brings in and why people disappear? How do we know if they've actually gone back home and aren't somewhere here.

[There's a pause and a sigh.] I know some people've talked about this sort of thing before, but... When I got here, there were other people that I knew. People from my... world, I guess. [Since the thought of this being another world or dimension still seems a little whacky to him.]

And now it looks like they're all gone. Or at least I can't freaking find them anywhere. But I'm still here. So, to anyone who knew him here, I guess Sam Winchester is gone.

[And with that the feed ends abruptly.]


Nov. 21st, 2014 11:41 pm
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I apologize for my... absence as of late. I've been in the lab running tests on... well. I will get to that. [ She offers a smile before pulling the clipboard she has off camera, closer.] First of all, I wanted to thank Mr. Stark for allowing me to use his labs to run the tests. And I would also like thank all who donated blood samples.

Here are my findings as promised: [ She takes a breath, reminding herself to keep things in layman's terms.] Unfortunately, in regards to my own queries, the results were mostly inclusive. I did, indeed, find self-replicating nanties in the blood samples I took. But they seem to do nothing to affect bodily functions in a significant way.

Long story short--[ she winces because she prefers to babble about science rather than shorten an explanation.] after extensive testing, these nanites do not seem to be the source of our "powers". At least not on their own. [ oh, she wishes fitz was here, he'd probably be able to fill in the missing pieces of the puzzle somehow.]
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Signed Gabriel Gray; Unregistered:

Good morning/afternoon/evening,

I'm afraid my introduction is long overdue. My name is Dr. Gray, and I arrived in this fair city several weeks ago, although I have to say it's taken that long to really get a handle on my bearings. I've spoken to some of you already, but I thought it was about time I wrote a formal greeting and offered my expertise on a far wider scale.

I've introduced myself as a neurologist and a renowned figure in the sphere of genetically enhanced abilities - at least where my own world is concerned - but my skillset happens to run a little deeper than that. My own ability, such as it is, allows me to see how other people's powers work. What that means is if there's something funky going on with your ability, or you'd like a little help working out how to control something new, I'm the person to call. I'd be more than willing to offer my assistance, actually, because this new world allows me to tap back into my research on the most basic level, this time without the need for the subterfuge imposed on me formerly by the government. It's a world of exciting possibilities! This is what every scientist dreams of being able to do: study what they love and make a difference to real people.

I'm a little camera shy, I'm afraid, but I'd be more than willing to discuss your situation in person. Over coffee and a demonstration, perhaps.

P.S. As I understand it there's some sort of school being formed to do much the same thing. I'd be very grateful for any further information that's available on the subject.

[ OOC: Sylar's permissions post is here (I will assume no to all answers generally speaking so it isn't necessary to fill it out to tag me). Also if you're really super interested in him yoinking your character's power, either by long term empathic exposure/development or murder, shoot me a pm as well, I am all up for it. ]
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I know what you're thinking.

[ Maybe seeing a tiny blonde face on a video feed isn't the most threatening thing to see. She's not holding a weapon, and there's no glow of energy beams or anything, so it seems to be pretty far from supervillainy. But that frown? The set of her jaw? You don't see that too often on someone who's not determined to say a thing or two. ]

Who am I? Where did we come from? Who's the guy in the American flag and crazy waist to shoulder ratio? Why is there another announcement from yet another crazy new person who's complaining about liberty and personal freedom?

[ The brief moment of hey, let's talk about That Guy is replaced by a definitely not brief moment of angry blonde fury. ]

I don't know about you, but having questions like that kind of pisses me off. I did not take enough International Law or FutureTech 107: Teleporters and You.

[ A beat, then Veronica leans in, more or less until her face is the only thing that takes up the feed. ]

So if you know anything, or you know a Keith Mars, you better give it up pronto. I can think of some tasteful yet excruciating threats, if you'd like a little gas.


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