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[ Anyone who's been to Re: Cafe already will recognize the interior as soon as the feed starts going. There's a pretty good amount of people sitting and enjoying their food and drink visible, including a flash of a group of high school girls giggling in the corner. The video settles on them for a second as they watch something off camera, huddled together and whispering to each other. ]

Ah...the Kennibals finally came...

[ Hinami's voice is quiet, and finally the camera settles on its true focus and what the girls were apparently staring at: Kaneki. It's nothing out of the ordinary, just him going about his job while wearing the café's uniform.

Except Hinami apparently has no plans to let him remain on task and oblivious to the camera on him, because finally she's moving closer to him and calling out: ]

Onii-chan! Say something to announce the cafe, please!

[ Kaneki is a bit startled at first, turning to Hinami and looking absolutely awkward. ] Wait- ah- [ this was too sudden, Hinami! Kaneki clears his throat for a moment and decides to give this a go ]

Re: Café has just opened. I'm the owner, Ken Kaneki and we'd welcome your patronage. We are located in Nonah and the Café works like an urban museum of sorts. [ if anyone pays close attention, they'll notice the place is covered in many different types of acessories, decorations and other trinkets ] We accept many different items, so feel free to drop anything you'd like. [ he will point to the book shelves now ] We also work as a book café; we have all sort of books, which you can read or trade for yours. Or just leave some here, if you'd like.

[ and that's it. Kaneki has no idea what else to say, besides whispering back at Hinami ] I think that will be all, Hinami-chan.

Right! [ Hinami flips the camera to give a cheerful wave and show off her own uniform. ]

Please come by soon!

[ ooc; Re: Café is officially open! It's a café for everyone, however, it has a special section just for imPorts that have "special" needs (cannibals, vampires, and similars). It's not publicly advertised, but there are many rumors involving it since the owner is a known cannibal (feel free to come up with your own rumors, if you'd like). Kaneki is currently hiring. ]


Feb. 27th, 2017 09:00 pm
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[For once, Sadie the unofficial imPort Drunk is actually addressing the network from inside a bar. It seems to be a nice one, though, classily designed with bartenders in snappy vests and a polished bar. A sign hanging on the wall in the background welcomes imPorts.]

Darlings, in my tipsy travels across our wonderful host cities, I found the loveliest bar that I thought all of you should know about right away! Not only do they offer special deals for imPorts, they've even named some of the drinks after us! Look!

[Sadie holds the cocktail menu up to the camera, though it may be difficult to read. That's fine, Sadie is going to list some of them for you anyway.]

The Raging Bull is a powerful drink, with four types of liquor in it. Oh! And there's the Saitama Spectacular, it comes on the rocks only the ice is really an egg, which is a strange kind of garnish if you ask me. I also enjoyed the Red Rusty, which I believe is similar to Bloody Mary but with gin. And then there's the newest addition to the menu, the Taako Supreme. Isn't that clever? I do see what they did there! And then, of course, there's simply The Sadie.

Oh, there are simply too many. Here's a list! [To this network entry, she appends a link to the bar's website, which lists the many imPort themed drinks offered by the fine establishment.] Do come by and visit, and we can drink each other and to each other!

[ooc note; feel free to assume/make up your own character-themed drink on the menu, this is for sheer silliness and nothing more.]


Feb. 27th, 2017 06:16 am
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Just a few brief questions before I send you all on your merry way.

[Brief questions? Is anything ever brief with Loki? Well he does sound a bit pressed and he has opted for audio as opposed to video and text so he might truly be a mischief maker of his word.]

Question one, do you own a weapon? If you answered yes feel free to move on to question two, if not then continue to question number three if it pleases you.

[Wait, there's a list? A list and a pregnant pause.]

And by weapon let us define it thusly: an armament used to inflict damage to structures, systems, living creatures. An object you might use in battle, hunting, crime, enforcing the law, etcetera. [Does he have to spell it out? Yes he does.]

Two. Do you have a name for your weapon? If you do feel free to share that information, I'm quite curious. If you do not I feel sorry for your weapon, if you are too shy to confess your embarrassing little secret then allow me to put you at ease: my ancestreal sword is called Laeveteinn. Now you may come out of your shell and reveal your true nerd colors or what have you, you've the agency and support.

[Though anyone who knows their Norse knows that Loki's sword Laeveteinn translates pitifully into "damage twig."]

Three. Are there mythological and/or famous weapons in the world where you come from? Again, feel free to share.

[You are in a safe space, marginally, but what exactly are you driving at, Loki?]

Oh, and finally, but entierly unrelated: is sleep really for the weak?


Feb. 10th, 2017 07:44 pm
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[Saitama looks as dull and egg headed as ever, however, is there a hint of nervous sweat at his temples...?]

So. On a scale of 1 - 10, how lame is it for someone to hide someone else's Valentine's chocolate that's coming in early through the mail because he--they're not getting any?

A friend was asking me, but I couldn't say ...

[Obviously, he's talking about himself and needs confirmation on how lame it is he's hiding Genos' fan mail.]
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Excuse me. I have a question. Is there anything worth seeing in this world?


That is the entirety of the message.

Clearly a great communicator this one, what with her bored-sounding drawl and complete lack of context, clarification, or ceremony. But hey, she said, "Excuse me," so that's got to count for something, right?! Who doesn't want to help another newbie out here?]
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[Behold, it's a pirate. A pirate that's significantly less blood-covered than the first time he tried to use the network, and look--he's even got the camera more or less appropriately centered. Progress.]

I'm lookin' for a job.

[There's only so long one can go without money, even if there are people who give free food to imPorts sometimes.]

I can do most things, though my best skills're as a swordsman, if you need a bodyguard or security or somethin' like that.

[Sure enough, there's three (three!!!) swords sheathed at his side. What kind of swordsman fights with three swords? Well, here's your chance to find out.]

Only thing I won't do is cut down people for whatever personal grudges you might have. You can sort out that kinda shit yourselves.

--Oh yeah, and I ain't joinin' anything officially; I've already got a crew to get back to, so. I'll work for you, but it's gonna be a temporary sort of thing. Got it?


Jan. 3rd, 2017 07:18 pm
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[Some of you might recognize the unnaturally pale face peering at the screen. It's Sabriel, who has been abruptly moved back into government housing. A surprising number of newspapers and magazines are scattered about. Sabriel's been trying to catch up on what she missed.

There's also a few cardboard boxes that Sabriel hasn't moved up to her room yet.]

Apparently the Porter- or what ever's inside of it- is just as capricious as we thought. And being dragged out of one world and then back into it a few months later is- confusing. At least I don't need to learn how to deal with technology again.

[She hesitates, clearing her throat.]

For those of you I've not met yet, my name is Sabriel, fifty-third Abhorsen of the Old Kingdom. I was first Ported into this world almost two years ago, and it seems I've returned after an absence of a few months.

[Sabriel tries to smile, but doesn't quite succeed. There's something anxious in her expression, and it slips out as her demeanor becomes far less formal, her voice wavering just a little.]

I haven't been gone for too long, but- Kaneda, Magicman, Kagerou, Kid- are any of them still here?

[Then she manages a rather stiff smile, her composure returning.]

While I took some precautions before I was Ported out, I'll need a bit more time to get my affairs back in order. Hopefully that won't be too difficult.

[Sabriel pauses, then says one last thin before she posts the message.]

It's good to be back.

03 | VIDEO

Jan. 3rd, 2017 02:23 pm
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[When the video opens, imPorts get a good sight of the top of Rusty's nose before he begins to jog backwards, revealing that the camera was set far enough away from the building to have it have a pretty damn good view of the place.

The place in question is a warehouse with its icon and the words VENTURE INDUSTRIES emblazoned on the front of the building in stylish, metallic silver letters. To be honest, the outside actually looks pretty damn impressive. He worked hard on the place.

The inside is a different story, but nobody's seeing the inside today, now, are they?]

A-hem! Good afternoon, fellow imPorts, because I have got a very big announcement to make today. I'd like to announce the formal opening of Venture Industries, a new, imPort-run R&D company. This baby right here - [he tilts his head, gesturing towards the building] - is where you'll want to go if you need a superscientist attending to your affairs. While we do a general business here, it would be neglectful of me not to mention my specialties. [Which he pronounces, this time, and this time only as spe-see-al-i-ties, because he's trying to sound fancy.] We specialize in engineering work, weaponry, and, of course, the vast field of, ah... DNA studies.

[Which is a nice way of saying that he used to have a cloning facility in his basement, but shh!]

The point being that although I've already got my hands full with government projects, I'd be more than happy to squeeze some fellow imPorts into my busy schedule. Or if any of you youngsters are looking for a truly exciting place to intern at, you have my number.

That's all. Helper, the fireworks!

[ One, solitary firework explodes over the top of the building. It looks pitiful.]


[And then a flamethrower begins to shoot incessantly from the roof. From Helper, really, who's currently standing on the roof.]

Goddamn it, this is why I need an intern, because of your incompete--

[Of course, the feed clicks off before the general public can hear any more of Rusty's verbal flagellation of his poor, confused robot.]

[ OOC: On the off-chance that anyone's interested in the offered internship or work being done, Rusty is currently accepting interns and has government contracts for advanced weaponry with additional interests in biological warfare. Feel free to PM me for further plotting or contact me on plurk at wisdombitch! ]
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[ Hinami looks so unimpressed it should win an award, given how docilely cheerful she usually is.

That face is the face of a girl who is Done With This Bullshit. ]

I thought the fan club they made for Onii-chan, the "Kennibals" was weird enough, but this...

What even is a "cannibaby"? I might still be in middle school to catch up but I'm fifteen, technically.  [ Attached is a link to a badly made fan site. Pretend it's filled with actual content and plenty of speculation on OMG HOW DOES SHE HAVE SO MANY GUY FRIENDS BUT SHE'S NOT DATING THEM??? and the KAneki-Hinami sibling relationship. ]

Is there any way to get this stuff taken down? It's really dumb. And creepy.

If they send fanfiction like they did to Onii-chan...
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You guys like fireworks?!

[Ah, there it is, the call of your Nonah resident fuckboy, Kaneda. A change of pace from the last time he showed his face on the network, that’s for sure. And still lacking any sense of volume control, we see. The feed clicks on, showing the boy in...Ken Amada’s room? It’s got a giant stuffed bear in the corner, a desk with what looks to be a boy’s winter homework, and a sleeping Koromaru on the bed. Not a layout you'd expect from a bosozoku biker to have...so process of elimination in this house can only narrow it down to (1) Ken Amada.

Why is this in Ken’s room? A good question, since there's nothing really wrong with Kaneda's own room... Well, it is Kaneda, and he’s been known for his eccentricity...but also it’s been where he’s been sleeping the past few weeks. He won't admit it out loud, but Ken's been one of the major factors of him actually getting up and around the house. It just seemed natural to host it in that room, since he'd taken up residence there for the time being. He can’t really enter Tetsu--the empty room. And his own just reminded him of how alone he felt. He’s NOT having that.

Whether or not he’s shoving down his problems or truthfully moving past his best friend and adoptive brother’s departure is another story entirely. But with a new year approaching, it meant a new Kaneda, and he squared his shoulders, faced the screen, and took another metaphorical step. It was all he could think to do.


Right, fireworks. Kaneda is quick to show what this broadcast is about, holding up three plastic shopping bags one one arm filled to the brim with fireworks--an odd assortment, as if he’d been shopping at some weird explosives bargain bin. Don't ask where he got it. It start with an M and ends in aurtia Falls.]

Course ya do, what kind of person doesn’t like fireworks?

[His one free hand pats the bags with pride, dusting off his knuckles on his shirt. Confidence bleeds from him once more, it seems.]

Point is--I’m launching these tonight in the west Nonah outskirts.

Got nothing to do? I’ll be there.

[ooc: There’ll be an open log going up later today for the fireworks party! I'll edit with the link once I get it up. Answering this post isn’t necessary, but if you wanna chat up before then or ask Kaneda questions about his YOLO, feel free to!]
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[So. About the cart and whole Santa interest Sorey has. Yeah. He has done the Thing. He's all dressed up and, even if he's obviously not as heavy or grey haired as Santa traditionally is, the kids don't seem to mind as he hands out presents from the back of his....er, cart.]

Hey everyone! If you want me to help deliver some presents if you haven't already given them to your friends, just let me know! And I can deliver them for you. I have some for the kids anyway, so it's no big deal.

[May as well put the offer out there anyway. He mostly wants to spread the cheer and generosity. Which may or may not be also in part some way of distracting himself from being apart from certain friends and family himself at this time.

He also may or may not end up roping Mikleo into this effort as well.]

Merry Christmas, everyone! Or, whichever holiday you celebrate!
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[Cue Doc, seated in the largely empty living room of De Chima 3. There's a large fluffy dog sprawled over his lap and another curled against his side,, so he won't be doing very much moving here. A toy train sits on the table in front of him. His voice, when it finally sounds, is uncharacteristically serious.]

Once again, the Christmas season has arrived, and I see its commercial presence has only grown in the last thirty years. For those who've celebrated in the past, you know it's meant to be a time of great joy. But there's a certain pressure inherent in the celebrations. We're presented with endless images of joyful families, friends coming together...if there are holes in one's life, it's easy to feel forgotten. It's trivial to become bitter and hardened when what you're lacking is put on display every day.

The holiday wasn't universal on my Earth, and I'm aware it's foreign to an even greater number of you, so I'm hoping that eases the pressure on us. Still, I know that's not quite enough, so for anyone who's feeling lost and has some energy to burn, I have a proposal:

My clock business is still running, but on the side I've become Santa's elf for the month. I'm constructing as many toys as I can for local children, and if anyone wishes to donate or build, I'd be extremely grateful for the assistance. The spirit of giving might just be what's needed in the dark days of winter---Kepler, Christmas, please---all right, I suppose that's enough for now---

[The dogs are squirming against him now, so he laughs and pauses the feed.]
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Tetsuo's gone.

[It's the hardest thing Kaneda's ever been able to admit, and a large part of him didn't even want to make this broadcast. Something about how this was his business, or how it meant admitting defeat in his search for his best friend and family. His voice lacks the confidence it usually has, the undertone almost a soft squeak, as if he's trying to hold back tears.

That may explain why this is audio.]

You know.

For anyone that was looking, or whatever.

[There's an audible inhale and exhale, gloves covering his mouth as he thinks some things over.] So...I'll be taking over Neo Tokyo til I can kick his ass for ditching me with it. You know how to find me.

[No they don't.]
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[Someone looks excited. Probably because he saw some mention of Christmas earlier. Or, the general idea of it. Along with the inevitable obvious past time of spotting decorations around, hearing the carols as he is out and about at times.

Now, Christmas isn't so much a thing back home, but it isn't hard to figure someone like Sorey getting excited about it all the same.]

Hey everyone! I'm guessing this 'Christmas' thing is a new holiday, right? We didn't have it back home. Or, not quite this big, if we did have something sort of similar at Glenwood. I gather it's about gifts, right? And this Santa guy. But this is a good excuse to get presents for everyone! [And here, he looks a bit more sheepish, rubbing at the back of his head, his mop of hair that does seem to be growing out a bit again.] I mean, I feel kind of bad, for leaving before and stuff anyway.

But it seems like fun! So I want to try. I wonder if this 'Santa' would bring me one of those goblin carts....

[Sorey no.]

A-anyway, the kids seem pretty excited! Maybe I could help do something with them for Christmas. Any ideas? Or...more details? Either way. This would be my first Christmas, so.

[He may have missed a few important facts. Like how Santa is really just some guy dressed up in a suit. You know.]
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[She's on her break at work and she's been listening to her co-workers talk about the holidays and what they would be doing. She was asked and almost felt put n the spot and it got her thinking.]

With it almost being December, I'm curious about what people do during the holiday season, is there a tradition you have back home? What are your plans for this year?
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Once, Thanksgiving was celebrated by proclamation. This nation was called to give thanks, to celebrate.

It transformed into tradition. Then an annual holiday. Now it is commonplace.

[ He pauses, purposefully. His voice is soft and calm. ]

We've been taken from our worlds. Our homes. Our times. I have been here for ten months, two weeks and four days. Some of you have been here for years. Others, much less.

In that time, is there anything in this world you are thankful for? People. Places. Things. Or perhaps thankful to be here. Or maybe you're not thankful at all. Maybe everything you're thankful for has been ripped away from you.

Regardless. Today is a day to give thanks. So tell me. What are you thankful for?

001: TEXT

Nov. 20th, 2016 02:05 am
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hi everyone! i'm karina and i'm pretty new here

won't take up too much of your time, sooo... quick question!

if you could design your own superhero costume, what would it like? function over form or a combination of both? what matters most to you when you're out and about and helping people out?

or what DOES your costume look like, if you've already made one and you're in a position to tell

thanks in advance everyone ♥

( audio )

Nov. 14th, 2016 07:23 pm
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[ Greetings good folks of the network! This one is coming to you during the evening hours but not too terribly late at night. A nice time of night. And he won't be taking up a lot of time, but Dorian does have a burning question that needs answering! So, he turns on his device and his voice is playful, curious. ]

Hello and good evening! Now, I have another fun, distracting sort question for you all.

[ Are you guys ready for this? This is so serious!!! ]

What would you say, in your opinion, is the quintessential date activity?

[ Because someone's just learned what "dates" are and, surprisingly it's not a fruit. ]


Nov. 12th, 2016 06:29 pm
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[ The message, much like most of Mikleo's network posts, is short, sweet, and to the point. He decides to send a message to the network with text, rather than voice and video, just in case there's someone out there that can neither hear or see him. ]

Good afternoon.

Sorey's told me that there were others who knew my older self. However, as impossible as this may sound: I've gone back in time here. If we met here before, then I apologize in advance for forgetting. Could you introduce yourself to me again, in that case?

And, I was wondering. Does this happen often? I've heard about others going home often, but from what Sorey told me, my case is rather rare.

Thank you,


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