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[ totally recording this in her car (which, for the curious, is a used piece of shit that couldn't have cost more than $400.) ]

First of all, for those in Orlando, Tattlecrime always pays for photos. Of course, you've got to save the civilians and all that jazz, but if someone just so happened to snap a picture of the chaos...well, we've got to spread the word, don't we? [ said with a small little smiiiirk, Freddie you massive shit. ]

And for those of you back home, as well as the ones who can catch a break, I managed to find something interesting during a little trip to Colorado that me and my partner went on [ her partner being Jayden. a+ job, Fred. Reaching into her glove compartment, Freddie pulls out a business card in a zip-loc bag, with the emblem of a labyrs over a bull. The card's a deep purple background and, as shown by Freddie turning it over to show the back to the camera, just has the pretentious symbol on it. ]

Remember that summer camp? Terror in the Mountains, as I've been calling it. Well, the two of use decided to explore the former site of the arenas and found this thing. It belongs to Daniel Punnett, genetics mogul, and creator of those tiny little foxes that all the celebrities have in their purses. I had a lovely, if brief, interview with him and I'm fairly certain I'm on the blacklist for any future events Mr. Punnett has. Still, you can't deny that a business card for a guy who works in genetics found at the site where you had to face mutated animals? Suspicious.

[ She pauses for a moment, smirking, obviously enjoying just how awesome she is at her skills of blind luck and fucking Google before Freddie realizes something. ]

Oh yeah, obviously not dead. The interview went great and it's up on Tattlecrime as we speak. Thanks for those who had concerns about me--you really didn't need to worry, though. I know what I'm doing.

[ the camera clicks off! and, before she hits post, Freddie embeds a link to Tattlecrime as a not-so-subtle promotion of her website, go and get her photos you guys. ]
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[ The bright posters of Nauru island resorts and beachside scenes in Tuvalu on the wall behind her stand in stark contrast to Elizabeth's gray blouse and tired eyes. Ambiguous messages and leaked encryptions that may or may not be a trap don't exactly call for restful nights for people like her; A Soviet spy in the guise of a stressed housewife cum travel agent who clears her throat as she moves back from the camera to take her seat in front of it. ]

Hi-- I'm Elizabeth, your state tourism agent, here to make sure that you, our heroes, have the opportunity to rest and relax between the often perilous yet essential missions assigned to you.

[ Her smile is taut, clearly unaccustomed to speaking to a machine like it's human, and she swallows nervously. ]

As you know, the holiday season is still some months away but that also means we can offer great low-season prices. Our latest promotion is for trips to the beautiful Micronesia: 25% discount for one-week holiday packages to the lovely Nauru island, 30% off for Tuvalu and, get this, 50% off for tickets to the amazing Gilbert islands.

This offer won't last forever, so stop by the counter soon or give me a call.

[ A pause as she considers what else she's supposed to say in this instance, before-- ] Thank you.
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"In our first news item this evening, authorities say they have finally caught the hacker responsible for last week's government security leak. The imPort known only to authorities as "Skye" turned herself in to Heropa PD this morning, confessing to the crime and providing ample evidence of her involvement. What spurred this sudden confession, police are still trying to understand. Is she merely a pawn taking the fall for some larger organisation? We now switch to Lauren McMercer live, interviewing the policemen who made the arrest."

[The interview that follows of the officer is bland and doesn't really give much detail. There was no fuss to be had with the arrest; in fact, the whole thing was basically a non-event.]

((OOC: like the previous post, you can use this to chatter among yourselves on the network, come visit Skye in lock-up, etc. It's a multi-purpose kind of post to keep things from over-flowering.))
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[ it's been over two years since steve had woken up in the future; he's more or less gotten the hang of modern technology now. which means that when he addresses the network via a video, there is no technical malfunction, and the feed doesn't shake, it isn't upside down, none of that. it shows steve in uniform, framed so that he's visible only from the shoulders up. behind his head, the curve of the shield strapped to his back is visible, though not immediately recognisable. ] This is Steve Rogers- though most people back in my world know me as Captain America. [ there's a hint of a smile in his expression, something rueful. ]

Where I'm from, freedom of speech is an important pillar of society, and I hope the same holds here. So I'm asking now — what are your experiences with the military, and the government?

[ there's no hesitation in the question, just a firm steadiness to both his voice and his expression. steve isn't paranoid by nature, but hydra infiltrating shield has shown how important transparency and scrutiny are for a government and for the military. so, before he goes back to a life of service for a government that isn't the one he knew growing up, he wants to have some account of what they're like. asking the government itself or turning to the media is one thing: in a well-functioning society, those are sources that will tell him the truth. in a not-so-well-functioning society, however, that's very different and steve? steve grew up in brooklyn, grew up on backalley fights and the great depression. asking the people is, in the end, the best source there is.

after a moment's pause, he adds:
] If, for whatever reason, you'd rather not talk about it via this channel, I'd be happy to meet you anywhere. And if you're afraid to talk, that tells me enough.

Thank you for your time. [ he lifts a hand, obviously to shut off the video feed, but before he does, there's a dry: ] Rogers out.

002; voice

Oct. 3rd, 2014 07:12 pm
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[ A whole month and one enjoyable beach trip later, Ace is finally crawling out from hiding under whatever bed he'd been sulking under (quite literally, actually). It's about time to figure out what he should do next after the catastrophe in De Chima and so... ]

This might be a weird question, but what kind of work is out there for a dog?

[ Or should he be a little more specific? ]

An imPort dog, not a regular one. I mean, I do sort of still have my old job, but I'm starting to think they're going to leave me suspended for a lot longer and it's getting a little dull.

[ Sure, playing regular household pet dog is fun, but he'd stopped being one of those even before ending up in Heropa. ]
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[ It’s Clark Kent the one that talks to the network, pushing his glasses up in a nervous gesture. The file had both his names, along with a pretty basic explanation of his powers so he knows, at least, that he doesn’t have to play Cat and Mouse games with the government about who Superman really is. But he’s still going to keep things on the down low for a while.]

Clark Kent here, and I’ll already say I’m sorry in advance if you’re getting tired of new people popping up. I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be the first one to complain that ‘people are waiting for me back at home’, so I won’t bother.

We’re… fairly used to weird things happening all over Metropolis by now, and Lois- Lois Lane? Anyone ever heard that name?- happens to love finding herself in the middle of it far too often for my liking. So I get it, I do, but if what they were looking for were heroes to do this whole- [A vague movement with his hand.] well, “heroical” thing they should probably have gotten somewhere for the Justice League, or the Society.

I’m just- usually the one that writes about it, this is all a bit over my head. But if there’s any way people who aren’t used to do the heavy lifting could help, I’d like to hear about it.

[There, he’s probably left enough clues that people in his world will pick up. Hopefully also someone who actually recognizes him- Clark Kent just got here, so Superman can’t risk making an appearance so soon.

Before he turns of the feed, he adds something else:]

Oh, and I’m… apparently going to be talking about fashion. Unless ill-fitted suits I can pay of a reporter’s salary are suddenly in I’m afraid I’ll need some pointers on that, as well? I’m not sure why they thought I’d be fit for that job, either…
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What's this, then? Does it work like a—

No, that isn't right.

[ After a few more seconds, Mary's figured out how to convert the voice function to text. While her mind is a-whirl at everything she's been shown and told, she's going to keep this post as casual as possible, because...stranger danger. ]

Yes, text; now there's something a little more formal and a little less "Manchurian Candidate". Of course I say that now realising just where I have said it and who may have read it. Steep learning curve, is it? They must take us for mugs, or maybe it really is all true. Well, I've never been the master blogger that my fiancé is.

Speaking of, does anyone know a John Watson? Sherlock Holmes? I seem to have lost them. Do they still sell those little child harnesses/torture devices, or does this version of the U.S. have a better check on lost children? I definitely might need a couple of adult-sized ones, once I find them again. It might be easier when it's actually daytime.

Along with those, I should order a few superhero films for research, now shouldn't I? Do they count as documentaries?


Sep. 30th, 2014 07:56 pm
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[ second verse, same as the first. Whale looks annoyed at the fact that he's been thrown across worlds yet again, but he's taking it surprisingly well. If sulky. He's pretty sulky. And you can see the background of scenic De Chima government house walls behind him. He's making this video from his (currently fairly sparse) room like a goddamn teenager. ]

I've just got two questions about this whole thing. One, how do I remove these "powers?" I'm fine without any sort of magical power-granting nonsense and want to stay as far away from that mess as possible. [ because that 'machine' transported them between worlds, in Whale's mind it is totally magic and (say it with me now) all magic comes with a price. ] And two, has anybody figured out a way to get your credentials from another world? I'd like my doctorate to transcend dimensions so I can get back to some actual work and not the job the government assigned me. Somehow I've got a feeling that the hospitals here won't hire anybody off the street.

[ a pause, and then he adds, ] And before you ask, yes I did pay attention to that bit about how we're supposed to be "heroes." But I'm not doing any of that hero nonsense that the government wants us to do, so it doesn't really apply to me.
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[Ward is so wary of using the network. He's dismissed a thousand and one ideas and plans for trying to get his message across before deciding that simple, straightforward code is the best. Hard not to imagine Skye going through all his messages.

Even if the rational part of his mind honestly admitted that was wishful thinking.

She had neither the time nor the inclination now that she'd ruined his life but trying to come up with a plan was proving considerably difficult.]

What's the government status on pets in our housing? Also I'm looking for a dog, anyone with a line on dogs that are big enough to take a little rough housing, not to mention can handle someone with super strength. Tough, but needed. Advice appreciated.

[this is not a man who's used to this sort of thing and he's not about to talk to the man via his inbox. Ward's tone conveys just how comfortable he is with this, which is to say not at all.]

Thank you for returning Dixie to her owner.

[Click. SO DONE.]

[these next two messages are sent at the highest level of encryption that Ward can manage.]


How goes the plan to destroy all mammals doctor?


Would professional codes of conduct forbid me from thanking you in some way for the therapy?

[And their arrangement. He needs your help sir.]

video; 002

Sep. 27th, 2014 10:39 am
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[The camera turns on to show the inside of a store. It's decorated with cobwebs and hanging bats, the corner of a menacing skeleton just at the edge of the screen. It's a Halloween store through and through, that much is obvious.

Suddenly, though, there's a shadow on the wall and some extremely exaggerated mwahahahahahaha! type laughter before Bart pops into view. His hair is slicked back and he has fake fangs stuck to his teeth, just barely visible over how he has his arm thrown in front of him, draped in a black cape.]

Bewaaaare the mighty Draaaacula! [He wiggles his eyebrows in what he hopes is a menacing way before breaking out into laughter] Oh! Oh, or- [He runs from in front of the camera, and all that can be heard is the gentle wshhh of fabric moving against fabric.

Just a few seconds later he's walking stiffly back on screen, arms held out straight in front of him and wrapped in fake bloody bandages, his mouth slack and open in a loud groan. He makes it halfway across the screen before dissolving back into laughter and running off again.

What follows are a few quick costume changes and rather theatrical reveals; Pirate.]
ARRRR Someone be tellin' me that- pfff- [Ghost] BOO! Haha!! Someone told me that October has this- this thing called- [Mad Scientist] Halloween muahahaha! Which, dude, best idea for a holiday ever do we really get candy if we dress up?

[He's forgoing the costume change now, instead just grabbing up his comm and grinning into it excitedly.] I mean, I've never gotten to do Halloween and it sounds totally crash so I started wondering what other holidays are there? This world, other worlds, oh are there alien holidays??

[Just then, another voice cuts in - HEY! YOU'RE NOT SUPPOSED TO TAKE THEM OUT OF THE PACKAGE! - and Bart winces comically - YOU BETTER BE BUYING ALL OF THESE, KID!!] Whoops, busted.

[There's a final glimpse of the store, a rather impressive pile of discarded costumes, an angry shop keeper, and Bart's unrepentant grin, before the video cuts.]


Sep. 26th, 2014 04:51 pm
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[ when the video comes up, most people would think it wasn't intentional because it's shaking a lot. It IS intentional but Toboe is a bit busy releasing all the hospitalized dogs at the Veterinary Clinic he works at.

As he does so, screams ("Let us out! Stop that! Toboe, don't you dare!!") from the nurse and the Veterinarian who had just been locked inside the doctor's office, can be heard. There is also so much barking and yelping going on, but you can tell the perpetrator (Toboe) keeps opening all the cages and the dogs are just running around the clinic like crazy ]

Run!! You can escape now! I'll meet you in a bit, where we agreed on!!

[ and the dogs bark and OFF THEY GO OH MY GOD DOGS EVERYWHERE.

And finally Toboe addresses the the video ]
They do terrible things to dogs here!! They cut their-!! [ and suddenly he realizes what he was about to say, his face turns very red and he whispers ] They cut their... you know. Back there. [ testicles. He means testicles. ]

ANYWAY! It won't be happening again!

[ And Toboe's human illusion is gone and in place of a 14 years old boy there is a red wolf, THE HERO TO ALL THE DOGS and the one who will protect their privates! Something like that.

And off he goes out of the clinic, following after the puppies he just saved from a very terrible fate. No more balls shall be cut from that day on!

Who thought having a talking wolf working at a Vet clinic was a good idea... THINK AGAIN. ]

02 | Voice

Sep. 24th, 2014 12:36 pm
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Hey, y'know, I've been thinkin' about this for a while. I've been workin' with dogs for a while and I was kinda curious here who owns 'em and who likes 'em.

Cause I was thinkin'! What if we had a group where we met up each month to spend time with the canines? So long as they're well trained! We could get treats and toys to share... that'd be cool, right? I think so!

And if y'needed help trainin' them, look no further! I'm the best there is! Love the guys more than anythin' else!

[ Video ]

Sep. 19th, 2014 08:44 pm
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[ Hey look it's Clem! Hi Clem! Only she looks a little ... guilty, and sheepish today. She's curled up on a chair by the window, with a book open in her lap, and a look of concentration on her face. Occasionally she glances up and around at a sound of the apartment settling, or a bird chirping - any noise she wasn't expected she jumps a bit in surprise. ]

.... I kind of messed up at work today. I think the man I work for is mad at me.

[ Or just a little concerned, Same thing. But uh... what exactly she did to make him concerned in the first place ...well, she knew she screwed up badly there. ]

Is Thane still here?

[ She hopes he is, but...wouldn't be surprised if he was gone - that tended to be the norm; people leave. At least he hasn't died right? After an awkward pause, she decides to offer another question. ]

And... um..What's a tibisp? I can't find it in the dictionary.

001; video

Sep. 17th, 2014 06:57 pm
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[Max is sitting on an office chair and lazily spinning around on what appears to be a stage. He's wearing the equivalent of BK's crown.]

Employees are the greatest invention ever! These humans don't acknowledge Inhuman royalty, but they'll still cater to my every whim.

[He indicates to whoever is holding the communicator to pan over to a bunch of people standing around and fanning or feeding a very large bulldog. They look like they're only tolerating this for their pay-cheque. A snap of his fingers has the camera back on him.]

But I put forward a question to my fellow refugees, name a show with sufficient amount of explosions so these won't go to waste.

[He finally stands up and claps his hands twice. The wall behind him explodes and the camera drops to the ground as people scream and run out evidently deciding this is not worth the money. Max comes back into view as he stands over it.]

Hmm, less loyal than I hoped. That was only a very small one too.

[And then he bends down to pick it up and the video ends.]
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[See a dinosaur in a vest. See a dinosaur in a vest talking. Just a normal day.]


[Yelling. Definitely yelling and not talking.]


[He pauses a moment to glance at some papers before looking back up at the camera.]

Mime? MIME IS NOT A JOB! MIMES DON'T DO SCIENCE! Have you mammals changed your mammaly words again?! Is this some hipster thing?!

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[Pitch's brow is raised in curiosity for a change, letting out a soft sigh before he begins. He isn't in his twisted abode but somewhere where all the stars of the sky are visible above and behind him.]

There are things about you, you humans, that I have never truly fathomed the reasoning behind.

Why do you love?

[It isn't something he has ever understood, as a being of Fear who's sole existence has been about survival things like love are somewhat out of his ability.]

There is no logic to it, no... clear reasoning. It only brings you pain and suffering in the end. Only ends in sorrow.

What drives you to put so much investment in to another individual that you lose the will to continue on without them?

Explain this to me, for even in all my watching and years of knowing your fears of losing it I have yet to understand why.
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[ on the network tonight there's something that distinctly Doesn't Belong. ]

Three-Sided by LOKIOFASGARD 13 Sep 2014
imPort (Relations) | Mature (17+) | Work in Progress

Author Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings Matt Murdock/Harvey Dent, Matt Murdock/Tony Stark, AU, NSFW, Matt Murdock, Tony Stark, Harvey Dent, Lawyer Sex, Office Sex, Emotional Hurt/Comfort, Dubious Politics, Dubious Everything, Making This Up As I Go

Harvey Dent is caught manipulating the mortal legal system, and Matt Murdock must defend his integrity—even as they fall further into the abyss of judicial enchantment! The two of them land themselves in the political scandal of century, while Tony Stark becomes tangled in a seemingly unrelated web of courtroom drama caused by his own heavy hand.

As they dig themselves deeper into personal complications, they become increasingly threatened with a reveal that would expose their intense, yet clandestine love triangle.

Language: English Words: 30,938 Chapters: 5/? Comments: 127 Kudos: 54 Bookmarks: 16 Hits: 1586

[ for whoever decides to dive right into the bowels of this terrible real person fic, it's quite well-written. the prose is almost poetic, and the characterizations and dialogue believable. included is a fairly graphic elevator scene.) it's gripping and gritty, if not a little theatric and self-indulgent. despite it being quite lovely, there's the distinct feeling that the reader might actually need a shower, whoops.

it's up on the network for about ten minutes before

ETA Whoopsie. Misfire.

[ a wild fanmix appears. ]
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[ The video clicks on to show a teenage boy sporting a black eye and a letterman jacket with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows and a big letter 'R' on it, as well as a mildly derisive expression on his face. It's a well-crafted guarded look, closing his face off from giving much away about what he might be thinking in the disdainful nonchalance it conveys. ]

So, I think one of my favorite things about this place so far is how I managed to show up just in time to start up school. Again. Some sense of humor someone's got -- but hey, I'm not complaining.

[ There's good reason for why he's not, but that of course he doesn't mention; better to play it like he's too mature for that kind of nonsense. He flourishes with his hand in a theatrical sort of gesture before he goes on, and briefly his tattoo is visible -- although instead of REGISTERED it just reads REG, the rest covered up with an adhesive bandage.

He continues in a tone of mustered confidence, approximating the appropriate smug punch his follow-up really calls for:

I'm Reggie Mantle, and I'm not gonna ask about superpowers or trans-dimensional whatcha-call-it because I figure, real or unreal doesn't matter much if we're livin' it anyway. I got a better survey question from a homework assignment:

What do you hate? With a passion?

001 > TEXT.

Sep. 9th, 2014 12:58 am
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[Ward's throat still feels like shit and a half, but he's managed to process the following. He's no longer in jail (that's a plus), he's got super powers (he's unsure if that's a plus or minus) but he arrived and avoided the network for a few days out of fear of breaking the damn thing. He's decided long since then that he can't let Skye intimidate him.

She's here. And she's been here for awhile. She has home team advantage.

The only problem is they have a record of him. This whole registering thing was crap - what was the point of being given a second chance if he really couldn't leave Grant Ward behind? For the first time he wants to.

So time to test the waters. He's been to the ceremony, he's been sworn in, he's had a dramatic reunion with the woman he'd thought he cared about.]

New arrival here. Roomba salesman and repairman. Anybody else get a completely shit job? I know nothing about Roomba's.

Assuming Roombas here are the vaccuum robots. Y/N?

Also feel like shooting myself in the foot here, but is there some kind of a "so now you have super abilities" support group? Any help or advice appreciated.

[Reading over it two or three times he nods, satisfied that it's not incriminating, that it's blaise enough that even if people decide to ask him questions he can think up enough to talk about without screwing up.

He'd been in worse situations.

His roommates might have noticed that his doorknob on the outside was significantly bent and someone has been closing doors in their apartment very, very quietly.]


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