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[Will has been trying to figure out what to say or if he should even say something first, if he should just read around and only speak up if anything piques his interest. He'd arrived late in the morning, made no attempt to seek out his housemates, and immediately locked himself in his room. It's not until later in the evening that he finally sits to do it, and he's certainly not about to show his face or give out his voice unless something really calls for it. The idea of announcing his presence to people he has never met and isn’t meeting because of a connection? Not exactly his bag, but he’s got to do it eventually. If he was "that guy who pops in to talk about dogs and law enforcement and poorly done journalism but never says anything himself without prompting" it would be better than what he was being thought of back home, certainly, but still not the best way to make a good impression. Not that he’s probably made a good one on housemates, basically ignoring their existence and being as quiet as he could. If asked about it, he’ll fall back on being very upset about the transition and needing time to himself, nothing personal.

There’s a million things that run through his head, what to ask or say. If he should introduce himself or just let people look at what name shows up (Will Graham, nothing special), what’s probably been asked before and what really matters and doesn’t matter.

Two questions:
1) Are there any recommendations for a source of regular news? What’s happening in the world at large, weather forecasts, local updates, newspapers or magazines. Something reliable. Anything but tabloids.
2) Is there any unstated rule about what sort of pets would and wouldn’t be acceptable if someone is sharing a house, or is it a case-by-case basis?

[Staying informed and pets. Domestic. Ordinary. A normal guy attempting to get some normalcy in a place that is anything but. Newspapers and magazines. There’s nothing wrong with liking the daily crossword puzzle. Old man.

If there’s some sort of "rule" about how people should be allowed to have whatever pets they wanted as long as they were quiet and well-behaved and not a nuisance, he’d really like to know as much. He’d also like some details on the nearest hospital, but he’ll ask someone in his house. Eventually. Once he gets his hair under control and finally feels up to dealing with questions about his hand in a cast and why he would need to go to the hospital for anything else and all those annoyances dogs never burden him with.

Hopefully he didn’t get stuck with anyone who had severe allergies to fur. That would make this Monday truly the most intolerable Monday of them all.

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Apr. 13th, 2014 04:14 pm
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[The video opens with a view like this. Jesse walks across the balcony, filming the scenery rather than himself, but he's narrating:]

Ugh, oh my goddd... Look how blue that is. Just, like, really blue. That's insane.

[He's not paying attention to where he's going, apparently, because he bumps into a table and knocks over a few empty beer bottles. It's not visible, but the sound's unmistakable, really.]

Shit - haha.

[He turns the camera around on himself, waving and smiling around a hand-rolled cigarette that's stuck between his lips. He's not wearing a shirt, so enjoy the view of his bony, blinding white chest and the horrible Chinese dragon tattoo over his heart. On the bright side, his burns from the museum fire are long gone?]

'sup, Heropa. Just wanted to let you know I'm totally not coming back. I'm staying in Miami for, like, ever. Have fun with the creeps and the psychos up there. It's been a pleasure. Except not.
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[The ID on today's post reads WILD TIGER, and there's a man in a green-and-gray mechanical suit on the screen. Those imPorts that assisted in the museum rescue last month might recognize him as the guy causing property damage zipping around carrying civilians out of the building. Alternatively, you might have seen him on a TV commercial or two promoting registration. Notably, most of the words in those commercials are in text form, despite his position as "spokesperson" for registered heroics.

But that's not what he's on the network to talk about. Behind the faceplate, there's the sound of Wild Tiger clearing his throat, and if it were possible to look a little awkward in a helmet while your face is obscured, he would.]

So, uh. Where I'm from, we had these call band things, where we could be--well, called, to help out when emergencies happened.

And I've been thinking, it might be a good idea to have something like that for us? Like when that crazy guy set fire to a crowded museum, we did a pretty good job getting everybody outta there, but we were only able to get there so fast 'cause it was on the network and we had someone telling us where to go.

Not every emergency's gonna have someone able to announce it like that, and I think we have a better shot of being able to protect the people if there's some sorta system in place to let us know when something's going on. Maybe we could sign up to get patched into 911 calls...? Or something like that.

[A beat. He rubs at where the "neck" of his suit would be.]

I figure it's not something the government would let unregistered people sign up for, and I know a lot of people've got reasons for not registering, so we could make some sorta list of people who'd wanna be involved, and find some way to get the information to 'em without having to register.

...Uhhh, that's all, I guess. Thanks for listening!
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[ It's Saturday afternoon when the video finally airs, and unfortunately, Castiel looks a combination of uncertain, tired, and purely annoyed. He stands remarkably still, behind a podium in something that resembles a church. Or what a church would be if it was a television show. ]

Uh — [ Is there an echo in here? ] Hello - again. I'm Castiel, and this is... I'm not going to read that.

[ Which immediately prompts a cut, and Castiel is then sitting in a small room behind a desk with a wide shot of bookcases behind him. He looks a little more comfortable than before, though less than pleased that he's being forced to read from the stack of papers he's holding in his hands. Briefly, a letter rolls across the screen, and by the time Castiel's face is in view, he's frowning. ]

And I'm supposed to answer that? It's not relevant to any of this, and I-- All right. [ He looks directly at the camera. ] No.

I apologize for any discomfort you might have felt in the unintentional murder of that animal, but they do not go to Heaven. A soul is required to reach the Heaven you and countless others are familiar with. I suppose one has never asked if they rest elsewhere, and I would... like to believe that to be true. But no, it doesn't go to Heaven. [ This is awkward, so he just gives a short, very strained smile.

Annnnnnd moving on. The next question comes in the form of a phone call, and Castiel squints, recognizing the voice. ]

Who is this? [ There's a slight pause. ] Implying that you don't care means you should consider ignoring it. The belief that there is something more does not necessarily ensure the details are always correct. But I think that their... intention is in the right place. Find something you can put faith into, and never doubt that. You remind me of-- [ The video immediately cuts (yet again) to a waiting screen with the logo of the church, and when it finally returns to Castiel, the tie he wears has been pulled loose. Even his hair looks wild. He reads the next question slowly. ]

So, is everything the good Book says true or what? I don't understand. What specifics are you asking me to answer for you? Please send something else that isn't so generalized. Or badly written. [ He shuffles through the papers like he hasn't just insulted anyone and glances at the camera again, beyond it to the people who are there but unseen. ]

A-- what? A scam? They are legitimately trying to reach others through... All right. I suppose soul winning does sound-- We should still help them. [ His attention focuses on the people who may (or may not) be listening instead of those he's arguing with. ] If anyone is willing to help, someone is in need of money to spread the work of the Lord.

Don't worry, Okugbe Edekie. You will get what you ask for even if —

[ And with that, the network immediately ends the broadcast, flashing up ways to contact Castiel with other questions or concerns they might have. Thanks for tuning in! ]
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[So T'Challa's been here a day or so. He gets the gist. Time to address the public like all noobies do! People who know T’Challa may notice he has grown a beard in recent times, and is also wearing glasses. With how many people here that likely recognizes him, there’s little point in having another identity, so he won’t use the fake name he was given in Hell's Kitchen. But for now, he doesn’t see much of a point to change his civilian appearance.

If anything it will let others know what period of time he is from.]

Making network posts seem to be one of the more common ways to introduce ones self in this universe, so I have decided to not stray far from the normal routine. My name is T’Challa and I have been in this world for about a day. And despite a lack of... subtlety--[Such as HEROpa.]-- there doesn't appear to be many large differences between my universe and this one.

But even so, I do have a few questions. Questions mainly for those who have likely been here for a couple of years. Over the network I have seen talk about a world that took place before this one. “City” is the name I keep hearing. I am curious as to what this other “City” was like. How similar is this world to that one? Were these same laws still in place as well as the tattoos?

As for everyone else... [...] Tell me. How has your day been?

[THAT'S what's missing from the network! Polite behavior gawd. Everyone's so busy arguing and stuff they never ask the small things!]

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Apr. 1st, 2014 07:45 pm
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[It’s twilight, and the figure that comes into shot is mostly an outline, blue-black against the sky. The white star on his chest still catches a little light, though, and the matching one centred in the circular shield held at his side. For certain people it might be kind of an iconic sight.

(For others, it's just a guy in bullet proofed spandex. Same thing, different day.)]

Okay, so speeches aren’t exactly my thing, but this is the first chance I’ve had to talk back since I woke up in your labs. Here’s the problem: I've heard the line about how random all this is, about how the folks in charge have as much idea as the rest've us about how to send anybody back. Not sure I buy it, but I've heard it. I listened to the speech on arrival. And then I opened my file.

You're pulling in kids, civilians, and maybe they've got some new superpower, but they've no chance in hell of figuring out how to live with that properly before you're suggesting they use it. Sending them off on missions. Fighting your war. You're calling yourselves America and sending refugees out as cannon fodder, with no support if they don't sign up for the cause. And I thought the America I came from had policy problems.

You know what soldiers fight for - the good ones, the ones worth having? Love. For a country, for a girl, the boys fighting at their side - whatever. It’s for love. So if you’re gonna take a guy away from the few things left he gives a damn about, you maybe need to watch that he doesn’t wind up fighting you.

[He pulls off one glove and shows the glowing tattoo to the camera.]

Look, all I’m saying is this may not be a serial number, but back where I come from, branding someone doesn’t say much about welcome.
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[The video clicks on to a full grown man sticking his tongue out at the camera. After a few moments, he seems to notice the fact that he's doing it and snaps his mouth shut, clearing his throat awkwardly.]

My name is Ren. I'm looking for a man named Aoba Seragaki. Any information you can provide me with is appreciated.

[He looks ready to end the broadcast there, but he hesitates.]

... [He practically deflates from any confidence he'd had when he first started and looks at a loss for what to say. He stares at the screen, looking puzzled, but eventually he speaks up again.]

Ah... I have another inquiry, if it is not too much of an inconvenience. Is it unusual to arrive here in a human vessel if you do not usually have one?

Thank you for your time. [There's an awkward head bow before he turns the feed off.]
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I seek answers. I am no mere toy, to be cast about the winds as some Machine sees fit. I carry the Stone within me, I choose the fate of nations and kings, and I woke to Wales, not to, to, to-

[There's a pause and this is said with dripping derision]


Where is my companion? Why has it been seen fit to take me and not him? He is more at ease with the walking world, as it took me near hours to manage this magic, and I still have little faith in my success with it.

How can I find my way back to the lake when the waters that separate me seem vast and infinite? Once the Romans sailed such broad waters but I am no Roman-made thing, and I have no such experience with anything wider than what I saw beyond the borders of Ynys Afallon and the high walls of Caerleon. I know much of land but little of sea, and would ask someone to take me, if debt can be incurred against the hand of my king.


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