Feb. 2nd, 2016 10:33 pm
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[The feed comes on, the network device is leaning up against something to view this cat laying on the floor with a not all too happy look on his face.]

We're gonna retaliate, right?

You know we could, easily. Just go to Russia, steal all their nukes and chuck em' into space, then attack them.

They got no right to be doin' what they're doin' and they did throw the first punch.

So what's gonna happen? We gotta sit back on our laurels and do nothing?

Not that saving our asses was nothing or whatever else happened while we were rotting away in that sub.

[Can't blame him for feeling angry, or vengeful.]

So what's the plan? Whatever they get, they got it coming.

[And the feed shuts off.]


Jan. 9th, 2016 01:43 am
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[The camera turns on, it's a dimly lit area, a small box of sorts made of wood. like a bed built inside of a box. It's cozy, and lit by christmas lights. Shadow leans in the corner looking world weary for a change. His dog is leaning against his side and bringing her legs up as he continuously pets her belly as he speaks.]

Anyone else up this late? I'm having trouble falling asleep right now.

Been a lousy couple' a days, a lousy week, and tomorrow's my birthday. I don't wanna feel like shit all weekend so like... any nightcrawlers out there wanna hang out or gallivant around in De Chima?

Keep a cat company for a while?

[Aside from the kitten crawling into the small space from a compartment above and the dog at his side, and the two other cats just out of view.]
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Ladies and Gentleman of America.

This is a turkey.

[What shows on the hand held camera's feed is a Turkey in a back yard, held in by a utilitarian wire fence. It has water and some corn feed, but otherwise it is most certainly not free to go where it pleases.

In case you haven't figured it out, this Turkey is destined to be dinner, my dinner, unless you do something about it. The price of it's freedom is simple. Go donate to the animal humane society. The more who donate the more likely it is I'll go vegan this thanksgiving. [What a liar. But still, at least this hostage situation is for a good cause?]

Go to the link in the description below and use #Freethebird in your donation listing. You have until Thanksgiving or she'll be featherless and sitting in a tub of gravy.

It's up to you, because I got no problem with the consequences! [To emphasize the point, he turns the camera to focus sharply on his very sharp and very large teeth. One looks newly grown, another larger one just starting to push through.]

Those are my demands. Signing off.

[And the feed shuts off.]
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So, imPorts, what are your thoughts on destiny?

[ Max is in his work uniform for the Museum of Folklore, framed by the charming backdrop of a cramped break room, soda in hand. ]

Admittedly, I'm a bit of a lit nerd back home, and a lotta stories out there start off with a prophecy. Modern stuff, too, but even then it's usually in an old timey magical setting.

A little bird once told me destiny is equal parts chance, free will, and necessity. Prophecy, divination, time travel... has anyone back home dealt with that kind of stuff? Knowing what's supposed to happen before it does?


Nov. 10th, 2015 07:49 pm
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[Joaquin is standing up very straight, arms crossed, a serious look on his face. Under his mustache his mouth is drawn in a thin line, not really frowning but not happy either. Uh oh.]

As a soldier I've often found myself defending others in the name of what is lawful and just. That's the true nature of my work, back home and here as a hero. However, there are times when even a soldier is at odds with the law they have sworn to uphold. This, unfortunately, is one of those times.

[The stiffness melts away as he takes on a more huffy tone.]

I mean, seriously, you have to be twenty-one to drink? What kind of arbitrary age is that? You can buy smokes when you're eighteen but those are [he does the air quotes] bad for you. People will gripe at you at any time for just having a cigarette but making drunken posts over the communicators? Completely above reproach. [Sorry not sorry about using you as an example, Newton.]

Look, all I'm saying is, it's terrible that people are so judge-y when it comes to certain vices and not others. And those of us who could drink back at home should be allowed to drink here! It's only fair!

[Yeah, that's his real complaint here. Just had to get that off his chest.]
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[So shortly after the events of two idiots breaking into a military base. One of two said idiots finally gets enough mental dead ends on the questions that very expensive failure left them.

The kid looks quite a bit more peevish than the last time he took to a video addressing the network as a whole. And now seems to be taking to long sleeve shirts.]

So, quick riddle.

For those of you are familiar with the stories of Lachesis in this world, if she's not in the Porter, got any guesses as to who is?

((OOC: Both Nico and Luke will be answering this one!))
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[In all honesty the network is lucky they aren't being subjected to a serious faced redhead who has been spending most of her days either in the library, working, or at one of the local coffee shops drinking and looking through books from said library. Instead however, she opts for text messaging rather then visual representation.]

If you're reading this I'll try not to take up too much of your time. Has anyone ever heard of instances of people just not being on the network, ever? I'm trying to find my cousin.

[She debates if she should elaborate more on why Ben would probably be here, but decides it's not really important. What's important is to find out if there's a statistical possibility that Ben might be flying lower then below the radar. If it had been a few years back she might think that that would be a statistical impossibility, but honestly, Ben's grown up a lot in the last year. She could almost imagine him staying low key enough to not be noticed by the locals. Instead, she ends things there.]


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