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[Congrats Heropa, you have one uncertain looking teenager on the network. Both arms are crossed over his chest (which is missing the usual red S) and Conner practically glares at the phone that he's set up. Behind him is the turmoil of his room that the people currently in Residence 16 might have heard him tossing about. The bed has been upended and is sitting on its side against one of the walls along with the rest of the furniture - some may notice he's taken a couple of chairs from the common area. That doesn't leave a lot of open space in the rest of his room and that's the way he likes it.

He also may or may not have searched for bugs.

Curled up on one of those chairs is an excessively large white wolf, part of his body spills off the chair. Wolf has his resting on one the arms and doesn't seem to care about Conner or his public broadcast.]'s the fourth of July. A day of independence and freedom. Feels kind of ironic to have shown up on this day. [He doesn't elaborate on that more but certain people know.]

Are we expected to keep the jobs they gave us or are we allowed to find a new one? [Conner does not look excited about the prospect of having to keep it.] I'll give it a try but I don't know how well it will go over for me working at a fitness place.

[Sure, he can benchpress a small car but that doesn't mean he can teach someone to benchpress a car.]


Jul. 2nd, 2014 01:43 pm
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[ This video is obviously taken at an office, at Hans's desk, in a moderately sized office. Hans gives the camera a little wave...and man oh man, does he already seem way too proud of himself. Oh dear. ]

About a month or so ago, I asked Lieutenant Ananke for some information about former heroes. Since then, I've been doing a little bit of research and emailing with some people who knew them. Most people have accepted the fact that their relations may be dead--there's a lot of gravestones for former heroes. Reactions to their deaths really run the gamut. Some are proud of the heroes, some are worried that they're in a bad place, some don't want to talk about it, but pretty much everybody thinks that they're dead.

[ Which is honestly worrying considering that the government wants them to be heroes, but Hans is keeping up appearances and not mentioning that at ALL. ]

Anyway, I just thought that it was something people should know! I've got a few more names to look into but feel free to ask me any questions. Though, you should know... [ there's an annoyed pause here, as Hans frowns. ] I didn't find any information about whether or not they were members of that Hornets group mentioned. Unsurprisingly, most people seemed unwilling to talk about it. And to be honest, I couldn't find any information about these Hornets--they seem to be an urban legend over anything else.

[ Of course, Hans did find some information about a couple of heroes whose parents were worried they had fallen into the wrong crowds. But he's not going to tell the communicator that, not when he's got more work to do to find specifics and can possibly use the information for himself. Then his annoyed expression fades, to a bit of a worried frown. ]

On another note, is everybody okay? I know that paintball game must have been absolutely horrible. At least, I know I hated it. [ a siiiigh, as he crosses his arms over his chest. ] I'm certain the stress of the game wore on the nerves of some people, including one of my poor housemates. He was hardly behaving like his normal self.

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[Godot sits on the sofa in the living room of his new apartment. The room is bare except for a few small boxes, and a coffee table in front of him on which the communicator is resting. Something like 12 white coffee cups are scattered around the table's surface.]

Indulge me in a parable, my Imported amigos.

[You don't really get a choice, it seems, as he is all ready to go. It's time for Morality, Philosophy and Coffee Talk with Godot.]

There once was a doctor who lived in a small, peaceful town. He was very successful, and often called to other nearby villages to care for the people there.

The doctor returned from a long journey one day to find the door to his home left open. When he went inside, to his horror, he found his family, dead, all the victims of murder. He caught a glimpse of a man fleeing through the back window with a bag of valuables. The doctor gave chase, but could the man escaped into the woods. There were no other witnesses, and the doctor was left alone with nothing but his grief.

[He pauses for a slow, savored sip of the coffee in his mug. For a moment, it almost seems he's forgotten about the story, so concerned is he with the coffee. Just when it starts to become an awkward silence, he continues.]

The doctor left his home to continue his traveling practice, haunted by what had happened to his family. Years passed, and he finally felt able to move on with his life.

One day, he was working the back lines of a battlefield. The camp was small, and he was the only doctor working. A cry came out from one of the nurses, and the doctor rushed to help. A patient needed surgery, quickly, in order to live.

But when the doctor saw the face of the man lying unconscious in the bed, he recognized him. It was the same man he had seen fleeing from his home the day his family had died. Here, a man who had made a vow to save lives held in his hands the life of a man who may have committed the ultimate personal wrong against him.

His oath and his livelihood bind him to save this man. However, he could also do nothing-- or alternatively, twist the scalpel in his hands a little too far to the left or right, press a little too hard, and watch him die.

[Godot gives this part a long, dramatic pause as he finishes off the last of his mug.]

That's the end of the story. But the answer depends on the listener.

So tell me. Does the doctor save his life, or not?
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[This message appears as audio/text only on the broadcaster's in. Regardless of how anyone responds, they'll only hear a voice, or see his words transcribed into text.

The communicator it broadcasts from has been hacked to hide the sender's real name. Only his alias will be visible.

You know, you people really impressed me. I expected screaming, panic, chaos, scrambling from the authorities once they started to notice me. I expected to see hysteria and news broadcasts and exposes... that's what happened last time.

What I didn't expect was for so many people to play amateur investigator on me. I think that kind of perseverance deserves a reward, don't you? Besides, my plans didn't work out in the end, so I might as well reward all the people who were kind enough to loan me their bodies.

I am the one responsible for the recent crime wave committed in Heropa.

[The next part of the message does include video-- a cobbled-together montage of the coverage of Yomiel's crimes. T'Challa, Elsa, Ellie Langford, Jaime Reyes, Shinjiro Aragaki, John Mitchell, Violet Harmon, Kay Faraday, Phoenix Wright and Ruka are all seen from the news footage about their crimes.

Yomiel's voice cuts back in over the end.

I manipulated all of these people into their crimes. I am the guilty party.

Why did I do it? I don't expect anyone to understand, so I won't waste your time trying to explain.

I also don't expect you uptight tyrants in the court system to release them all just because of what I've just claimed. But at least consider my testimony. You'll find the only explanation for what they've all done is little old me.

Why am I confessing?

[He laughs then, a low and fairly mirthless sound.]

Because there's nothing you can possibly do to me. Even if you find me, even if you lock me up... there's absolutely no way you can punish me.

And last, but not least, I'm sure you're wondering one more question.

Who am I?

Back home, they called me The Manipulator.

002; text

Jun. 10th, 2014 04:57 pm
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So it's been brought to my attention that, *despite* all the cutting-edge tech this world has to offer, this world doesn't have an equivalent version of Instagram yet? I know for a fact I'm not the only person here with the know-how to do so. For shame.

So here you go folks. Have an Instagram clone. You're welcome!

Friend me if you want, I'm @skyenet. Send me your best pic! (Anyone sending dick pics will be banned and put on the network wall of shame for all to see.) Happy snapping!

Questions, comments and praise all welcome.

[At the bottom of the post is a link to her Instagram clone for the imPort communicators, as well as a version for phones and computers, and instructions on how to install. If one were to look at Skye's profile, they'd see this as her first post.]

1. Video

Jun. 7th, 2014 08:42 pm
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[ there is much to be said, and yet there is also so little. He wants to damn everyone but at the same time he doesn't want to give them such importance. However, Satan has decided he would not act, not yet. He would let things drag for a little while and strike when the time was right - but for now, he'd be the human boy he once was: Ryo Asuka.

So after he takes the desired form of said teenager, Ryo turns on the video feed and addresses the network. he is currently at Residency number 13 kitchen, if anyone knows the place ]

Since there are so many, I'm guessing nobody knows how to leave yet. Aha, after what I have seen and done, being kidnapped and sent to another world doesn't seem that crazy. A world that is thirty years ahead of my time, too. Great.

Anyway, few questions and please, serious answers only, I don't have any patience for bullshit, right now. Or ever.

[ Ryo, be nice, man. You are too grumpy ]

Does anyone know anything about demons or devilmen? Or has anyone heard of someone named Akira Fudou?

Also, I have no desire to take the idiotic job given; it's as if they grab jobs randomly and give them to us. I'm assuming ImPorts are allowed to take a less crappy job?

And finally, out of curiosity, why is anyone helping the war?

[ and that's it. he is going to turn this off without even saying goodbye ]

01 - Video

Jun. 2nd, 2014 10:17 pm
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[The voice that comes across the network has a note of disconnection to it, maybe from shock of someone finding themselves bustled through Surprise! Superhero introduction. An accent twists his words, something guttural from the Baltic states. The occasional lilt of French pronunciation can make it a little harder to identify.]

My name is Doctor Hannibal Lecter.

[The video finally pops in, a young man shown in the view. His open study of the device (and the occasional too close view - maroon red irises are not attractive in most people) shows his unfamiliarity with technology. Take a good look at what frustration looks like on Hannibal Lecter. It isn't something he lets happen often. There's an abbreviated startle when he realizes that he has gotten it to work. Immediately the placid look comes back, a pure professional instead of an eighteen year old that couldn't make this alien communicator work like it was supposed to.]

[A young man who is a fully qualified doctor and is now a sous chef according to what he's been told. A chef isn't terrible, and while he liked the medical profession as much as he could be said to like anything, it's the being reduced to an assistant that bothers him the most.]

Needless to say, I am one of the new arrivals, and I am having difficulty finding Residence #12. I would appreciate any assistance. This layout is a bit confusing.

[Meaning 1951 person is a little concerned about Cars That Float And Defy Science along with figuring out the rest of it. Or that is the impression he wants to project. Hannibal is a fast learner, can accept what he cannot disprove. In a situation where he doesn't know what is surrounding him, he would prefer to seem like someone who needs the help of others. There will always be those quick to assist, to be the Good Guy. Something he finds bitterly amusing given that he's in a city of 'heroes'.]

I see what they said about this not being 1951 any longer is very true.


Jun. 2nd, 2014 11:40 pm
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[ Kira can be seen in the kitchen, sleeves rolled up as he slices some vegetables. He's doing his best to not show the fact that he's incredibly stressed by the situation - anyone paying attention to his hands may notice that he has been bitting his nails, leaving them pretty short. ]

You probably get a lot of questions from newcomers, don't you? It must get tiring after a while.

Nevertheless, I'm going to ask you to bear with me for a moment. For those of you who had to find a job on your own, did you experience any difficulties in particular? I... was given a job I don't really feel qualified for.

[ To say the least. He's meant to be the display manager of a gallery and his only interest in art is fairly creepy and not suited for polite conversation, let a lone a job. ]
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A question, ImPorts: what would your preferred secret identity be? How ridiculous would you be willing to go in terms of name and costume? Which imagery would you avoid when suiting up?

Additionally, I have a small thesis I've been working on and if anyone is free to be interviewed and/or analysed re: their views on vigilantism, I would be very grateful. If you would prefer anonymity, I'm sure we can work something out.
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[ This post, though visible to the network, is ENCRYPTED rather heavily so as to be harder to access via remote sources, such as anyone attempting to hack in or monitor the network through something besides a communicator.

Similarly, the first two "points" in this post will be accessible to all imPorts, regardless of status. The second two "points" will be further encrypted to Registered imPorts only, although they can be hacked.

Captain Holiday is sitting in what appears to his home -- it's an apartment, a sliding door that opens onto a balcony behind him and an end table to his left, a framed photo sitting on it turned face down. There's also an ashtray, which he stubs his cigarette into and present lights another. Somewhere off-screen there is the distant noise of a radio turned to the news in another room, and far-off cooking sounds. ]

All right, listen up, everyone. There's a lotta nonsense bein' thrown around, word of mouth and a hell of a lotta other crap, and damn if it don't get tiring. I'm the liaison between y'all and the higher-up's in the military and government, and I'm the one that takes the crap when the roads collapse. My number's there so I can help you, not sit at my desk while someone runs their mouth and blames me for terrorism.

Y'wanna ask me something? Now's your chance. I'll throw y'all a bone and hope it don't come back and bite me in the ass. But first do yourselves some listening, and accept if I can't answer something then there's a reason for it.

Before I really get started, I'm tellin' y'all on the record you did a great job handlin' that situation with what's his name. Y'know who, the devil. You won't hear a peep of complaint from the law about it even if you ain't Registered, even if you bent the rules a little to handles things, that's my promise t'you -- seein' as you did us a favor, too. No surprises down the line, nothing like that. This ain't a matter of taking things into your own hands, this is a matter of public safety, common decency, and dealing with goddamn hellbeasts. Our people ain't been coming back in one piece from that kind of crap.

But movin' past that for now. That was an aside, a thank you, but down to brass tacks--

Point one's the obvious. I'm not your enemy. I ain't your friend neither, but I'm a better one than you'll make with some of the other folk around here. Y'don't wanna trust nobody named Peter Narga, and y'don't wanna trust nobody that calls themselves a Hornet.

[ He drags on his cigarette. ]

Point two. The Porter was found in 1985 and we still don't know where it came from. Back then it worked differently. We couldn't control the people it pulled in, but we got it working to send folks back after about twenty years of trying. Course, that research was useless after Lachesis synched up with the thing, and y'all know the story from there. It does what it wants to now. It's all like I've been saying from the start, we don't got control of it.

Three. Them tattoos of yours... since it's relevant. In the vicinity of any of the Porters, they react to the tech to nullify a person's powers if they earn a particular title. If someone goes on a murder spree, for instance, their wrist will say "CRIMINAL" on it. Byproduct of the signals interacting that we tried to make the best of. Ain't a perfect fix, of course, but it helps toward getting someone apprehended if you get 'em in the right place.

[ Hint hint? ]


Y'all won't hear this in the official statements, and y'all didn't hear it from me, either. The imPorts before you weren't the only heroes we had around here. We had locals, too, normal folks without powers puttin' on costumes to fight the good fight. Most of 'em retired. Ones that didn't just kinda disappeared. But people here… native to this universe, I mean, they don't disappear same way y'all do. This is technically hearsay, y'follow me? But there's compelling evidence around that some of them folks are still active underground. Fighting crime or making it, sometimes both. No one knows which ones they are from the names we used to know, splashed up in articles and all, they keep themselves anonymous wearing yellow hoodies or jackets and black scarves over their faces. They're called the Hornets, and for all intents and purposes you'd be better off thinking of them as a lot of terrorists themselves. They think they got themselves a bone to pick with the government and you saw up in Nonah how they're expressing their displeasure.

[ He blows smoke from the corner of his mouth, looking weary. ]

Anyway. I got brunch with my partner in an hour, so let's make this worth the time.

[ OOC: Closed to new responses. ]


May. 22nd, 2014 11:11 am
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[The video switches on to show Minako looking almost serious, though there is definitely a glint in her eyes. She's wearing a short, plain dress which ties at her shoulders but as always, her red bow is tied in her blonde hair.]

Ladies and Gentleman, today is your lucky day! For today, you will all witness the arrival of the one, the only-

[Here she pauses for dramatic effect, straightening up before holding out her arms wide with a big smile, her eyes practically sparking.]

The idol herself, the one and only expert in love shining brightly through the darkness- Minako Aino!

That's right, here I am, ready to take on anything you all can throw at me! So bring it on, I'm totally ready to take on the bad guys so they better beware now! I won't go easy on them!

[She gives a loud laugh, giving a peace sign to the camera, confident as always.]

But I hope we can all be friends! I guess I have to go back to school here so a lucky few may be my new classmates too, it will be lots of fun and I bet there will be a cute guy who would be happy to show a pretty new girl the ropes, right?
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Hello, this is Armin Arlert. I've met one or two of you already, but I'm new to this place. This is my first attempt at making a post, so bear with me.

First of all, I'd like to thank everyone who's made very informative and interesting posts recently. There is a lot here to understand and adjust to, and I appreciate the effort it must take to compile that sort of knowledge.

I have a few questions.

1. This might seem like an obvious distinction, but is there an actual difference between men and women's soaps and such? I purchased some items and the clerk asked if I was shopping for my girlfriend. I don't really care one way or another, but I'm curious.

2. I am attending high school, and several people have asked me if I'd be interested in joining their club or sports team. Is participating in extracurricular generally beneficial to my entire education experience, and if so, are there any groups which are superior?

3. On a similar note, I am making a list of suggested reading materials to work on over the summer while I am not in school. I would appreciate any suggestions, particularly of books that would offer good insight into America and living here, or that you enjoyed growing up. I'm also at a loss where to begin when it comes to choosing what music to listen to, which is apparently a large factor in the forming of youth sub-groups and identity. What bands and singers do you like?

4. I sometimes feel as though we are under constant scrutiny here. Maybe I'm just not used to this much attention. How are you holding up?
[This, of course, is the most important question: Armin doesn't want to ask outright hey is anyone else being followed?]

Thank you for your time and patience at this overly long message. I hope my next one will be better.


May. 13th, 2014 12:45 pm
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[The silence of Matt's office on Tuesday morning was a relief for Kate. It gave her time to think, to sort out her thoughts, and try to figure out where to go next. Given everything (given Miami and Nonah), it's difficult to figure out where to begin. But she has to begin somewhere ... and provide at least one announcement of her own.]

Hi, it's Kate again. I guess you can all see that, and don't get me confused with our other fabulous Kate. I couldn't do red hair if I tried it, and I especially couldn't work it the way she does.

I wouldn't do this as a textual communication, but there are a few things of note to cover! From my perspective, one of these is self-interested, but the rest of it is hopefully of interest to you.

First, I've joined with Matt Murdock at his firm as a secretary. It's grueling work. Very grueling. I sharpen pencils at least three times a day. But if you missed his wonderful message, we're two unregistered individuals making it in this world, and we haven't received any penalty.
[The "yet" is typed and then backspaced. It's only typed and backspaced for her own benefit. She likes seeing it.]

The other half of my duties will be as a private detective. I intend to use the ability granted to me by the porter—psychometry—to advance my investigations, but only when needed. I'm offering my services to people here, but I'll be conducting my own investigations when they come up. Some of you can guess why. [She is still a superhero, anyway.]

The rest of the information is relevant to circumstances that have passed. Kanaya made a very good point, but I think we also need to be aware of the government's involvement in everything. I've been skirting around it, but I'll be more straight forward now.

1. Captain Holiday told me that the freedom and rights that we have offered to us are far more than we're supposed to be getting. We're lucky, and he's looking out for us. I'll grant him that, but that means there are people in the government who disagree with this decision, and if he was removed from his position, we'd be seeing a very different tune. I wouldn't be surprised if we are in certain areas.

2. However, Captain Holiday also lied to me when I asked about the porter. To clarify, he said they never had control over the porter, when evidence in this world's history books say something entirely different. While they had control over it before, they no longer do—or so he says. I don't know how much of his information is informed by our public communication, but he claims that Lachesis synced up with the porter prior to the first string of imPorts' arrivals. When that happened, they lost control of the porter.

These combined facts make me think they do lack control of the porter.

3. We're only given information on a need-to-know basis, but that's a given.

4. Attacks aside, I'm still left wondering why they want us to go to Mars. Go ahead with your conspiracy theories, because I've definitely thought of all of them. None of them are all that great.

5. The government does have a way to track us if we leave the country. I think we can all put two and two together on how much of our activity they can keep an eye on at any given moment.

6. There is a Homeland Security here because of the Cold War between ourselves and Russia.

I'm not saying that the government is behind the attacks. I think that wouldn't be very smart of them, and it'd be a risky decision. We imPorts aren't coming out looking rosy after them, because we look like a threat to their people. They could easily cut their ties to us if they wanted, and they haven't yet. I think that's something we have to consider as a future possibility, but no time soon.

That said, in reference to Kanaya's message, the government did have Eden East put on a great party for all of us, and there were several strange things that came out of that. The disease, the room that started to feel like it was fire, and the bird that attacked us all. That was a government sanctioned event, and not everything appeared to be a threat from an external source.

I do think we're in a position where we need to line up the acts to find answers, so this is the information I've found. I'm eager to welcome more information from all ends. I think we've all had very different experiences so far.

Thanks, and as always, feel free to ask questions.


May. 13th, 2014 10:41 am
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[Anyone who has run into Lucifer in person lately will be pleased to see that his clothes are blood free. He is spotlessly clean today, though a little tired.]

Some of you seem to think that leaving me angry messages will make me own up to various acts of vandalism that I had no part in. As for sharks, well. Why mess with nature?

[Aka: it wasn't him, and no he is not replying to any of those voice messages.]

If it makes you all feel better, that town over in Illinois was the last. Someone pass the news on to Fox that this isn't the apocalypse after all.

[ooc: this is it! Lucifer is heading underground for a week to prepare for: his exciting plot finale! That means no more killing this week, and next weekend A WHOLE TON OF MONSTERS 8D

There is still time to plot, so go go go!]
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[ Exosuits with climate control were the work of the lord here in Florida. Miranda teased a lock of already fraying black hair between her thumb and forefinger as she locked anyone on the network in chilly, appraising stare. ]

Spare me anything starting with wormhole and temporal displacement. If the scientific community lionized by the other imPorts is anything to go then I'll just read their thesis and shake their hands at the next swear-in party. [ Her clipped words are cagey but otherwise confident in that this was a bridge to be crossed at a later date. Theories are for people without decent funding. ] What I want to know is why the government have been sidestepping my demands for access to information on their orbital defense system that isn't some goddamn telescope.

If they are pulling people out of their own dimensions, and cannot even be bothered to look up then consider any arrangement they sought with me shot to hell.
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Now that we've cleared away the rubble from...that, I have a question. ['that' being a monorail exploding.

also goddamn, does Hans look worried.

What does it mean if you can't contact someone on these communicator devices? I've tried giving her a call, I've tried sending her a message, but I can't contact her. I was going to drop by her house but, well, they shoved us all to North Carolina, so that went out of the equation.

[aka Anna got dropped and Hans does not know what this means. someone help the poor worried looking Disney prince. :( ]
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[The voice on the Network is deep, forceful, and thoroughly unamused.]

You know, I've thought about getting a tattoo before. This thing on my wrist? It’s not exactly what I had in mind.

I'm Jacob Taylor. I'm looking for some answers. They’re telling me that I'm in a different universe, and I've traveled through time. Apparently I've been drafted, too.

[Jacob pauses, snorts.]

This is all bullshit, right? The kind of tech they're talking about shouldn't even exist, especially not in the 21st century. And I'm not fighting for a government I don’t believe in or belong to. I'm no mercenary.

If anybody wants to help fill the new guy in, I'd appreciate it. I'm not swearing any oaths until I get more information.
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[ There's a few things flashing through Tate's mind as he records--none of it good, but his face doesn't show that. Instead, it's a gentle lift of his lips in an odd, almost hesitant smile. If he's playing the suburban is fit he might as well act the part. Luckily, it doesn't require much--the dazed confusion is genuine, at least. ] We're being tracked, aren't we?

[ He doesn't like it, and that much is evident in his tone--but it's surprisingly even, and he leans back, huffing bangs out of his eyes. ] Still bullshit. Where I'm from the worst thing you have to worry about is whether or not you're popular in high school.

[ And again, a lie, but Tate settles for glancing down and picking at an imaginary thread in his jeans. This isn't the house and that suits him fine. What he still finds strange is that he can leave. He's free to roam the world, and leave when he can, and he falls silent for a few moments. ]

I'd like to go to a beach. We're in Florida, so--that should be pretty damn simple. [ Shrug. ] Which one is the quietest? Though I guess it'll ruin the purpose of being a quiet beach if you tell me. Moderately quiet, then? [ It sounds stupid coming from his mouth, but he sighs. ]

Library would be nice, too.
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[Finding himself transported somewhere against his will was nothing new to him. The sheer number of times it happened had long since blended together into an almost drunken daze within his memories. After all, it's perfectly normal to mentally blot out something once you repeated it enough times. He has been wandering these looped worlds for so long that he just allowed his instincts to mindlessly guide him through.

That was not the case here. As he was branded and rapidly force fed information, he quickly came to the startling conclusion that he has never experienced this scenario before. This was not any of the numerous worlds that he had been forced to repeat nor the ship graveyard where it all started.

In fact, he shouldn't even be alive right now.

Touma silently explored his surroundings as his thoughts were consumed with puzzling out the new situation he found himself in. Just what happened to him after his fight with Othinus? Was this her original world? Even with its bizarre retro appearance, it looked far too advanced to be her home. This could be an entirely new world, but that lead to the obvious question as to why she would even bother doing that. She had nothing to gain by continuing their conflict. Of course, what confused him the most, was the fact that she seemed to have revived him again. He ruffled his spiky hair in frustration as he contemplated these questions.

A tired sigh escaped his lips. With the communicator in hand, he decided to give it a try. The feed opens up to display a Japanese teenager with a hair style one would associate with either Shonen protagonists or no good delinquents. A hint of confusion tainted his expression and tone.]

Othinus, I know you can see this. What is all this? Is this really the world you've been desperately trying to return to? Did something change in the aftermath? It would be nice to know since you bothered to revive me.
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So, there’s a question I've become increasingly curious about the more people I've spoken to. What year is it where you’re from? So far I’m getting the impression that most of you are from the early 21st century or even before that. [Which is so ridiculously far in the past that she almost doesn't know what to do with it. It's definitely weird to think she's so far in the future to most people here, but it's also pretty interesting to hear about the past first hand. Even if it isn't necessarily her world's past. ]

For me it's 2514 and everything is pretty different than it is here. Earth is still our most populated planet, but we have colonies on almost all of the other planets, in our galaxy and outside of it. We have a very nice metropolis on the moon, New Horizon's Lunar Colony. We had a few civilian space stations that were metropolis size too, like Titan Station. It was built around the fragments of Titan, one of Saturn’s moons and it was huge. [She doesn't even notice that she slips into past tense when talking about Titan Station.]

I've honestly never spent very long on Earth, I wasn't even born there. What I have seen is pretty different than this place. I'd be interested to know what it's like in the year you're from too. Is it like this Earth, similar, or very different?


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