Nov. 10th, 2014 01:33 pm
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Now, I'll admit, I've been fairly negative in the past concerning a lot of matters. Whether it's been about my powers or about the body I've been trapped in or the situation in general. I'm grateful to the people who have been helpful, some of you in kind of a roundabout way and others more directly. I'm not complaining about either method. Most of you have been pretty great.

Being forced into this situation and on this planet as I have, it's really given me a new perspective and a certain appreciation for other species. Honestly, my previous feelings were less than complimentary. I get that. I had a lot of learning to do, and I probably still do. I've really come to terms with organic species now. I've made friends with a lot of you! That's something I never saw myself doing a few months ago.

So I just want to say that I don't see you guys as organics. I see you all as people.


Nov. 8th, 2014 02:42 am
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So, as everyone knows, some of our fellow imPorts, our friends, have had their secrets revealed publicly, without their consent! This is a terrible thing, because secrets are meant to be shared by choice! When telling your secrets, you bare your soul to those you love and trust the most! Nothing is more personal than telling a secret, and to have that forced out... It's cruel! And we shouldn't stand for it!

So, today, in solidarity with our friends, we should all choose to bear our own souls! Support your friends and loved ones, and shout your heart's greatest secret to the world!

[so, go on. do it. bare your soul.]
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I get that there are bigger things going on, but I'm looking for a fork and knife I can't bite through.

[He'll lift up the evidence to the camera. It's a metal fork with the prongs neatly severed as if by, say, super strong teeth? This is the fourth he's been through this week. Really has to stop reading the network or other interesting things while he's having lunch.

Laugh it up, swim buddies (you know who you are). This is a legitimate issue at this point. He can't keep buying silverware, and with things as they are, he's not of a mind to go to the government over this. Rather have another 'Port-friend give him an alternative.

Can't even enjoy the holiday with this looming over him!]

I don't have much saved up, but if you have a solution, let's talk.
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[Rei's actually got his cold and serious face on, which is more of a unconscious reaction to addressing a bunch of people he doesn't know than because he actually means to look cold and serious.

Besides, his topic today isn't that serious.]

Hello. I'm Rei Ryugazaki. I was wondering if anyone could give me some advice as to what to do if my powers are ruining my clothes.

[Now he looks a smidge embarrassed. He adjusts his glasses.] I've run through two pairs of running shoes already and they aren't cheap. [Especially since he likes nice running shoes. He can't have sub-par performance due to sub-par equipment!

And don't even get him started on what the friction from his super speed did to his pants.]

I know the obvious answer is to stop running, but it happens even when I'm not trying. I was wondering if there were any retailers or clothing brands in general that specialized in this sort of thing? [He's not overly hopeful but it's worth a shot!]

Also, if anyone has wings you can make... appear. [How else do you put it?] What do you do if they appear while you're wearing clothes? So far it's just been intensely uncomfortable but I can't just go around shirtless. [In public.] And I don't want to cut slits in all my clothing either.

[He nods.] Thank you in advance for any assistance you can offer me.


Oct. 15th, 2014 10:50 am
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Hello again. Drift here! In light of a lot of upsetting talk, I was wondering if anyone would like to go for a run with me or maybe a good sparring match? Just because this isn't my real body doesn't give me an excuse to not be in shape.

Also, would someone be willing to offer a lesson or two in cooking? I'm starting to suspect I cannot survive on frozen waffles and canned soup forever.

Thanks in advance!
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You know what's easy? Taking things away from people who aren't participating the way they were supposed to. I know it's...easy to be mad. Particularly about what's happening, and if I were to have my benefits cut, and my other benefits in question, I'd be mad too, more than that, I'd be scared.

The problem is, when you decide to do things when you're scared. I've done it before, and the problem is that thinking clearly isn't something that really comes to mind, and that's...where problems come in. I don't want to see us get in trouble, by not thinking. But I don't want to let people get walked over, either. The problem is that they haven't heard from us, and while I've pushed in my own way, it's been...ineffective. I'd like to sugarcoat it, but I won't, it was a mistake. The fact is that we need to push in a different way, and it's time to change tactics, if you're unhappy with the way things are.

For the people I haven't spoken to yet, I'm your representative. I've been advocating for import rights with our military benefactors, but unfortunately, the military is as restrained to the budget as anyone else, and that's the simple fucking fact of it. We can't change the budget, particularly when the porter's kept up like this for so long. There are a lot of us, and I don't know if they were prepared for so many people, and such a diverse crew. We've been lucky, honestly, back in the City, when we first started coming through, there were problems with destruction -- but then again, we had fucking Godzilla there.

I guess, I should really promise that I'm going to do better, for you. However, I'm one voice, and these sorts of things need a bit more than just empty words from one asshole who looks like he belongs. I need things from you guys, tell me why you chose what you chose. I'm not...looking for debate, exactly. We all have our opinions, and our reasons for choosing registration or not registering. What I'm looking for is the reasoning. why does registration make you uncomfortable, why did you choose not to? What can the government do to encourage you to do it? I know that sounds pretty damn trite but... [ He reaches up, to run a hand through his hair, the camera doesn't move, it looks to be affixed at computer length, from his desk. Behind him is a (mostly) obscured list of the senators currently in office, with [x]x and [y]s next to the names. It's a map of how they voted, obviusly. ]

I guess, what I'm saying is, give me something to take to them. Let me see if I can start pushing in the right direction, to see if we can change some minds. Tell me why you chose the way you did, what made you do it. What's your history with this kind of thing. Showing how diverse we are as a community will do more good than anything else.

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Oct. 9th, 2014 02:52 pm
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[The video starts with a tired face: furrowed eyebrows, frown set, and irritation clear in bright blue eyes. The angle is low, as if he's just playing around with the features and hadn't intended to record anything. He's walking, though, the occasional glimpse behind him suggesting he's on his way to find his assigned housing.]


[And then he pauses, his attention moving from the phone all together. There's a slight hum in the distance, and perhaps the sound of-- water?

Suddenly he's walking quickly, probably going places he shouldn't be going but the video only shows Haru's face, intent and focused.

When he stops, there's just the slightest pause before he abandons the phone entirely. On its descent, the video briefly captures a backyard with a pool - probably not his backyard - and Haru stripping out of (most) of his clothing.]


Sep. 14th, 2014 08:00 pm
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[ the camera is placed haphazardly, like it was just thrown over her drawer. normally enthusiastic, bubbly Aracely looks distressed, like she's suddenly be left in the middle of the wilderness and doesn't exactly know which way to go. there's no path, no lantern, and suddenly she's very alone.

her head is turning sharply, her senses on all-alert. she sounds desperate.

Kaine is gone! Kaine is gone and I can't feel him anymore! Just like that, he was taken! He left! He's gone!

[ a painful twist of her stomach and her guts drop. she would feel ill if she wasn't so stiff. ]

He went out ... h-he went out ... [ breathing. deep breath. she puts her arms around her shoulders. ] ... he just went out to help people and he was taken ...

This can happen to anyone, can't it? They can take someone and no one knows!

[ she feels empty, like a part of her suddenly snapped out of existence. whoever might be close may feel the same choking emptiness that she does. it's a little contagious.

her voice gets small.

What's supposed to happen now...?
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[Pitch's brow is raised in curiosity for a change, letting out a soft sigh before he begins. He isn't in his twisted abode but somewhere where all the stars of the sky are visible above and behind him.]

There are things about you, you humans, that I have never truly fathomed the reasoning behind.

Why do you love?

[It isn't something he has ever understood, as a being of Fear who's sole existence has been about survival things like love are somewhat out of his ability.]

There is no logic to it, no... clear reasoning. It only brings you pain and suffering in the end. Only ends in sorrow.

What drives you to put so much investment in to another individual that you lose the will to continue on without them?

Explain this to me, for even in all my watching and years of knowing your fears of losing it I have yet to understand why.
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[There's a pirate leaning in far too close to the camera and blinking a lot. Then he frowns and moves it back a little. He spends a little too long staring at it and frowning before finally deciding it's good. Does he realize it's recording already? It's unclear. But when he finally decides to talk, he doesn't push anything. He just smiles, nodding towards the camera.]

Evening. I'm Captain Hook. And I have a question for our esteemed overseers. Specifically, those jocular miscreants in charge of employment.

[He lifts his hook. There are bits of wire and clockwork dangling from it. Clearly the remains of what used to be a clock of some sort. It's dead now.]

Don't misunderstand me, I'm rather dextrous with my hook, but even I have my limits. Really, clockmaking? I can hardly think of any tasks I'd be more ill-suited to perform.

Honestly, weren't there any opportunities for sea-faring careers?


Sep. 11th, 2014 09:43 pm
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It's a really nice day today! I think tomorrow is going to be nice, too. And I enjoy my new job, much more than my first one. And it seems like I'm making a new friend every day! And I can own such pretty things, and afford real meat and everything. And...

[There's the sound of liquid stirring, of a spoon clinking against the side of a teacup.]

It's important to stay optimistic about things. Staying sad or angry doesn't change anything.

[There's a slight hitch in her breath.]

... Why couldn't they just let us go home together?

[What sort of mother can't even protect her own child?]
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[Rin's a teenager from a modern, regular-ish universe, so it didn't take him long to adapt to the communicator he was given. It's not that different from his phone from back home, minus this intranet that spans the connections of, uh. All of these 'imports' (imPorts—IMPorts???) like him. There was rage at first, of course, but by now it's subsided and has regressed to mild frustration. All that's left is slightly drawn in eyebrows and tight lips.

That's how the video starts for a split-second before he's figured out it's finally recording and okay, he's gotta looks less bothered. More—settled? Tolerant? Especially when he's about to make this request.]

My name is Rin Matsuoka.

[He knows English, so even if there wasn't a translator aspect to his communicator, he'd be set. Thus the Western formatting of his name. Bilingual and looking to mingle.]

I guess I'm stuck here like the rest of you. I don't know anything about being a hero, but I don’t want to lose what I do know. If anyone has experience with swimming here, I'd like someone to practice with. I swim competitively—butterfly and free.

[Like he's introducing himself to a class for the first time. Kinda stiff. He'll loosen up as he gets to know folks.]

And… I'd be willing to teach someone who's willing to practice hard. [That's the end of it. He's not very good at this—only recently made captain of his swim team. Addressing a lot of people at once? Not his forte.]


Aug. 5th, 2014 11:45 am
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[ It's the witching hour. And the feed is very, very dark-- except for occasion sparking from the overhead street lamp, which briefly provides scant light to the sidewalk. In the background, an attentive eye might notice at the traffic lights are out. And all the business signs. And really every thing electrical as far as one might be able to tell.

There's the sound of fingers snapping, then a blue spark comes to life before settling into a flame at the tip of Jenny Quantum's thumb. The little light illuminates her face as she lights a cigarette.

Here's a word of advice for all you newbies:

Don't get attached. Don't give a shit. Don't get comfortable. Stay focused. Stay angry.

[ She sits down on the curb and snuffs the flame out by grinding her thumb against the pavement. Her voice goes on in the dim: ]

Otherwise this place is gonna break your fucking heart.

( OOC: Info here! )
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Hello, there! I've got a proposition to make. I'm free, you're free, we're both free, so why not spend a little time getting to know each other? And what better way to do that than to play a game? Don't you love games? I do. Games are great, so let's play.

Couple of guidelines first! Do you know the word association game? I'm sure you do. Everyone knows the word association game, it's a universal staple, I've played the word association game with a forest on Thremkin in the 78th century and they don't even have words, what's your excuse? Just to be clear, in case you don't know it, the game goes like this: I say a word, you reply with the first word that comes into your head. For example! I say "cheese", you might say "mouse". Or "blue". Or "smelly". One word answers, please! Those are the basics... I'm adding an extra bit, though, for a bit of fun. We each get the chance to say "why?" three times, and we also get a "pass" each. So! Say you said cheese and I said "feet", you could say "why?" and I'd have to explain where the association came from. In that case, cheesy feet - bleurgh. If you don't want to explain a why, you can pass, but only once. It's no fun if you keep all those embarrassing associations to yourself!

Okay. Without further ado, I'll start. I'll give you a few, so pick your favourite and we'll go from there.

Your options are: gate, silver, star, book, stink, dream, tea or precious.

No need to tell me which one you're going with, just dive in with your answer and we're off!
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Our designation is "hero", isn't it? And while a clamorous number of you may resist this government-mandated labeling, such is nevertheless the social stratification that we find ourselves bound against. [He clears his throat -- there's a clink of glass, a murmured slosh of liquid.] It almost seems a touch Promethean. [A beat.] And, ah, we the imPorts, pitted against universal disparity, well. Haven't we noticed a few universal constants?

[The archetype talk. Chilton may be more Freudian in practice and provocation, but not even he can resist a little symbolic Jungian theory.]

If you're so inclined to understand my meaning, then let's begin: list three desires, or goals if you will, that you possess. I'll take it from there.

[It's an invitation for a quickie analysis. Careful, though, because the psyche can be quite a... Jungle.]
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[It's not too long after Danger's post that this one goes up--video, in his case. He's hanging out on his couch in house #14 again, and looks--somewhere between reflective and nostalgic. It's Father's Day, so of course he's been thinking about Kaede--but when the post goes up asking people to talk about their dads, it gets his mind on the reverse.]

Danger's post got me to thinking--how many of you guys have kids, back home? I'm not just talking by blood, anyone you'd consider your kid or like a kid to you counts, really.

I was wondering if anyone'd wanna share something about their kids, a story or a random fact or what they're like.

I dunno, maybe it's silly, but I kinda like the idea that maybe, even if time isn't actually moving for us back home, they'd still know--somehow--that we're thinking of 'em.

[A slight pause. He shifts on the couch, leaning forward toward his communicator a little. His smile is soft, and if it seemed a little distant before, it's certainly faraway now.]

I guess it'd make sense to go first, yeah? I've got a little girl back home, Kaede. She's ten, this year. She...

[He trails off for a second, but it's easy to see from the barely repressed enthusiasm that it's not so much that he can't think of what to say as that he wants to say everything at once, and can't figure out quite where to start.]

She's an amazing kid. Super independent and brave and tough as nails, too. Helped her old man outta kinda a huge mess not long before I got here, actually. And really smart, she's close to the top of her class in school!!

[He's practically gushing with pride as he says all of this, but that last thing gets some particular emphasis, because he was pretty terrible at school himself. There's a beat or two more of pause, and then he laughs a little.]

Got a temper on her too, though. Sweet but fiery, just like her mother.

[If his eyes look sad for a moment there, he's not affording anyone the chance to dwell on it, because he barrels straight on--]

Heh, if she were here, she'd probably be yelling at me right now for being embarrassing. [Another soft laugh.] So I guess I oughta stop there before she scowls too much at whatever she's doing back home.

[He could go on forever about Kaede ok, she is his baby. ;w; Buuuut perhaps best not to lose all the cool points he'd just so painstakingly finally earned, even if just in spirit.]


Jun. 12th, 2014 01:38 pm
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Alright, alright! I give up. I've changed forms once here, so I know it's possible, but I — [ hhhrrrgh he hates to admit this ] —can't do it on my own. Voluntarily, if you will.

This human body has lost any novelty it might have had [ which was none ] and I'm looking for anyone with tips. What is it some of you fleshies do... meditation? Would that help? I'm getting desperate. And, Danger, you need not apply. As well-meant as an answer of "I can do it but I have no idea how I do it" may be, it's not quite helpful.

It looks like we're getting a few more Cybertronians around here, is that right? Well, if any of you can figure out the change, feel free to let me know. I can make it worthwhile to share the wealth. If you're about as lost as I am, though... well. Good luck.

And, finally, if you're not going to be of any help at all, then at least tell me your favorite food. You wouldn't believe how exhausting it is to keep trying new foods, with no idea which one will be unexpectedly awful.
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[ hello imPorts and other communicator wielders, good to see you today. there's a new video communication available, and upon watching it you'll be greeted with the cheery, dopey grin of a man who is definitely modelling a beautiful bowtie and idiotically purple tweed combo. the following is brought to you by a beautiful English accent. ]

Well, this is good, isn't it? Love a good abduction. Not— not actually, not abductions, but... [ WAVES... HIS HAND AROUND A BIT... you know what I mean right, guys? abductions, not... well. abductions. good! glad that's all cleared up, then, carrying on: ] I'm not usually the one being abducted, I've got more practice with being the one doing the rescuing, but I'm always up for something new! And transuniversal abductions, well, I've only got a dozen or so of those under my belt, so.

... Oh, and a text feature. Text! Fun. Let's give this a go.

[ for those of you watching in realtime, the text appears at the same time the video shakes along with his typing it. for those not, there's a random text post chilling on the network: ]

Hello everybody this is a text, lots of love and other stuff from the Doctor

Sorry, hello, can't resist buttons. Anyway! I was actually just popping up to say hi! Howdy. I'm the Doctor: alien, two hearts, travels through time and space in a big blue box. Thought I'd get that out of the way straight off, not that I've got any doubts I'll be repeating myself any number of times in the not so far off future but if there is anybody out there who recognises that description please do feel free to speak up for a chat. That's open to any of the rest of you, too, as it happens. Wouldn't want anybody getting jealous, chats for all, that's my motto. Well! It was lovely seeing you all, now that that's done I suppose I really ought to jet o—

[ and, after somehow managing to plough his way through a run on sentence that should by any normal standards have exhausted his lung capacity long before its end, the Doctor in all his merry energy reaches up to click enthusiastically alongside his goodbye and—

hat. there is a hat. quite suddenly, quite without warning: hat. right there in his hand, a baseball cap. he stares at it for a second... glowers at it for a moment after that, takes a slow sweep of a glance towards his communicator (did you see that)—

and grins. ]

Hah! What do you know? That really works!

[ and with that, Docout. ]

[ ooc: backdated to the day before the swearing in gig - I'm going to throw my timelines up in the air eventually one way or another but I might as well try to not sabotage myself before I've even started tagging wow ]
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[ For those who are keen, it isn't too hard to pick up that she's been around. Most of her calls on the network have been encrypted, but there was an earlier conversation that wasn't entirely locked. An amateur's mistake, but since then she's gotten better. Still, it means she has to accommodate for her mistake by making a public introduction. Several others are, so why not join in and hope it can get lost down the road?

Dressed in head to toe in the finest outfit her current income can get her (possibly a bit more) and with her hair darkened with highlights, she appears all dolled up for an introduction. More importantly, the source of this message isn't from her moniker, but from her "personal" name.


There are so many new faces the past few weeks yet the only shock that is portrayed is one of delight. Reunions between friends and foes, teammates and lovers. Remarkable how at first you're led to believe you're alone and then it turns out you just might not be. [ Something an Avenger should easily feel, but those kind of sentimental things are beyond her. ] Tell me please--are we alone? Have you made the journey unaccompanied or are you one of the fortunate few to have allies? You turn on this device, connect, and then you reconnect with those you thought you may never see again.

Perhaps I too am fortunate and you've heard of me? The name's Natasha Romanoff, make-up consultant. If you haven't, I could always use new clients.
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[Greetings, good citizens of Heropa. Have a small, peppy voice blasting through your speakers excitedly.]

All of these buttons are so neat! And confusing! I bet you’d have to be somebody almost as smart as Inumuta-senpai to understand all of them, and even then that’s iffy—Senpai’s as limber mentally as he is physically, and he can twist around like a slippery soba noodle, so that’s saying a whole lot!

[There is a noise that starts low and builds, a yawning, guttural, terrifying sound, the type of sound one might think of when imagining the collapse of a star. And then a girlish, unashamed giggle.]

Oops! I went and made myself hungry! I better go and find the grocery store before I track down Ryuuko-chan—oh! Oh! I can surprise her with Mystery Croquettes; Mom’s been teaching me the recipe! I better get going if I want to find good stuff for the fillings…


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