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[ While the video switches on, there's something of a hesitation before the man holding the communicator actually lifts it to show more than the chest of the pinstripe suit he's wearing.

Finally, Harvey raises it up to his face: the familiar (to some, not all) bisection of scarring is plain to see, the handsome right side with its one alert blue eye and thick coif of hair a stark contrast to the savage red burns that have razed the left side, and kept the hair there white and deadened. His expression is a neutral mask for a long, weighted span of moments, before his eyebrow lowers down over his good eye.

My name is Harvey Dent. Some of you may know me already -- I'm a Public Defender in Heropa, former District Attorney of Gotham City. While that may seem neither here nor there, it brings me to my next point. No... my entire point.

[ He falls briefly quiet again, then gestures to his face. The elephant in the room, as it were. ]

Masks off. Don't be alarmed; everything's fine... before anyone decides to jump to conclusions.

This is me -- a face of justice broken down and left for dead. Someone that once believed in cleaning his city of corruption, but now... no, since, I realized that had been my first mistake all along. What the world needs is balance, not saving -- if it can't be right it can still be fair.

That's still my priority. I'm not going to hide it any longer, regardless of who still wants to call me crazy for it; that's why I undid my facial reconstruction, to prove that I'm serious. To make it clear that as a lawyer, balance of consequence is as important as balance of representation.

So no, I'm not resigning. I'm not c-- [ He stops short and laughs briefly, seeming to change his mind about that sentence, and there's an off-screen metallic clinking sort of sound. ] Where justice is concerned, an impartial voice is more necessary than you'd think. Such a heated subject, as of late.

[ He smiles in a calm-but-uneven way, as much as his mangled lips will allow, and holds a business card up to the camera; it shows the business address for his practice, as well as his phone number. 'Walk-ins welcome!' it reads amiably. ]

Remember: That's Harvey.

Harvey Dent.
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Crane is no longer on the loose. He's in my custody.

My custody, as I'm sure will be illuminated to me, is not lawful, nor is it constructive. It's my belief that Crane needs structured punishment for what he has done: a trial, imprisonment, and psychiatric help. Not a pitchfork carrying mob and a chopping block.

Crane is from my world, and I know him. I know the scope of his threat, and his madness. I also know that what's in store for him is unacceptable in the state it currently exists. I want to surrender him - I will surrender him - but I have demands regarding his treatment that RISE will sustain, if they want my cooperation. This is my letter to RISE discussing my terms.

Letter to RISE which is also visible to public )

I don't think anything I'm asking for is beyond reason. They are concerns everyone here should have with the criminal justice system that they themselves allowed to take hold, and will be held accountable to if they break the law - as I have.

If you want Crane, then RISE needs only state it's intention to cooperate, prepare its tribunal, and in seven days I will hand him over to face the people's justice. If you want to come after me instead, then you can expect a fight.

"Justice cannot be for one side alone, but must be for both." That is all I'm asking for. Much is being done to rebuild in De Chima, the families of the people he hurt continue to need your help, but justice for them and justice for Crane are the same thing, and one cannot be leveled for the sake of revenge for the other.


[ OOC: The OOC planning post for this plot resolution is here. I'll add other OOC notes if more planning posts/network conversation goes up as a response just to keep everything tidy. Have at it! ]
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Does this everyone really seeing this?

[The voice is soft and hoarse with tears. The voice is also unfamiliar, as is the face it belongs too. Kristin is in what is now her room, lights dimmed to near non-existence. She's been holed up in there for some time, trying to pull herself together - but her head is pounding under the weight of hundreds, thousands of details about this place she's found herself in.

But being alone isn't helping her figure all of this out, either.]

Listen, I...I really think there's been some mistake. I'm not...I'm not some hero, I'm a file clerk. I don't belong here, I belong back at the GCPD, in my room, where everything is organized exactly how I want it. Where everything makes sense.

[New tears well up, and she cringes away briefly from the camera, puling off her glasses as if somehow doing it will help this time. It doesn't.]

...Why did they pick me?
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[Tiffany is sitting at her kitchen table, the remains of her famine-induced validation rampage evident around her - her apartment looks messier and more cluttered than usual, there are a couple wilted, depowered flowers scattered around the floor behind her, and on the table in front of her is a rather sizable pile of crumpled slips of paper, each with a phone number written on them. The effects have worn off on her a little early, because the flowers have died and she hasn't been out of her apartment all day - after going completely over the top for all of the 5th and most of the 6th, she'd finally crashed hard back at her place and has only just woken up from a twelve-hour nap.]

So I... I been feeling kinda weird this week, for the past couple of days, and I'm pretty sure I ain't the only one, right? Feels like my head hasn't been screwed on totally straight. I mean... I could think clearly, but I'm not sure why I was thinking what I was. I'm not unhappy about most of it, 'cause I been having fun, but I am pretty fucking confused.

And I skipped work on Friday. I'm not gonna get fired, right? I like my job; I wanna keep it.

[And she has more than one reason to be worried about losing it. She works at an addiction rehab center, but she has definitely not been abstaining from drug use in these past couple of days.

She picks up one of the paper slips, frowning at it.]

Uh, I think these are all from regular people - not imPorts. But if you gave me yours and you want me to throw it out, I can do that.

That's all, I think.


private to Chilton )
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[there are two posts to the network, one after another. she's been struggling with navigating the communicator for a while now, but she thinks she's managed to bruteforce the basics of the interface. a young woman speaks up, apparently the camera's only got the top of her head in frame.]

Um... hello? Is this thing... wait... [she stops the broadcast, playing it back for herself before she starts another post. this time it's aimed properly, and she's definitely sure it's going. Cassandra's sitting outside a beachside cafe in Heropa on a bright and sunny afternoon. wearing a tacky pair of cheap sunglasses with the Flash's symbol on them - imPort tourist crap at its finest - and drinking a cold bubble tea.

best to play the naive newcomer swept up by all this hero stuff.

Hi. I'm Cassandra. I've been... lurking? [is that the word she wants...] For a few days now. Settling in. I have to say, this is... different, next to Gotham and Blüdhaven.

Hi, roommates, if you're... watching this. I haven't been around. Sorry. Between work, and... rehearsal, it's-- [she shrugs. surely they know how it is. or at least, they might think they do, which is good enough for her. looong sip from her straw.]

Anyway. I know some of the... names I've heard, but I've also heard we have... alternate universes? Even among us. What can you tell me?
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[ Raina is sitting outside of one of the Heropa residences and the network gets treated to her wearing nothing but a floral print bikini. I mean, it's always flowers. Always. But the swimsuit makes sense because she's sitting at the pool, her feet dipped in the water. ]

I've been thinking a lot lately about what I can do in this world to contribute. After all, I'm no fighter, so I can't necessarily offer any real assistance to the heroic efforts put forth by the great many who fight for the safety of the imPorts and non-imPorts alike. But I've had conversations with quite a few people now, and the general consensus is that you don't necessarily have to be a fighter to be a hero. And taking that to heart, I've decided to help where I can.

For those who don't know me, my name is Raina. I currently work with the ImPort Cellular Research Center in De Chima. Our purpose is to study and understand what it is that makes us unique -- from our powers to the nanites to individual traits unique to the various worlds we each come from. Of course, it's difficult to do research when we hardly have any samples. So what I've taken upon myself to do for the research center and for the community is run an imPort blood drive fundraiser.

The blood that you donate will be given to the medical center in De Chima, and you would have the option to donate about ten percent what has been taken to the ImPort Cellular Research Center itself where your contributions will go far. If donating blood, however, isn't your thing and you still want to help out, we will be taking monetary donations as well. Every little bit helps.

The blood drive will take place this upcoming Saturday at the ImPort Cellular Research Center. I'm also using this network post to put out a call to anyone who wishes to volunteer. Having trained people to draw blood on hand would be excellent, but if people wish to provide baked goods, face painting, or live entertainment, I believe this could be a fun outing for all -- not just those who are contributing. No blood drive would be complete without cookies, and no cookies are worth it unless they're homemade, after all. I hope to see you all there!

[ The feed ends with a cheeky grin and a wink. ]

001: VIDEO

May. 10th, 2015 08:01 pm
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[There's a new face with bouncy blonde pigtails waving happily at the camera. She's sporting a wide friendly grin.]

I figured I should do one of those "nice to meet you, get to know each other" things, since I'd just hate to miss out on a trend. And, well, it is nice to meet you! Probably! I dunno, we haven't done it yet, so you could totally suck for all I know.

But maybe you don't! So, hi. I'm Harley. Got any tips for a newbie? Y'know, stuff you wish they'd gone over when you got here. Pros and cons, lifehacks, that one weird trick they don't want to you know.

[She reaches to shut off the feed, but pauses as she remembers one last thing. And, obviously, it is the most important thing a girl should know.]

Oh, and for you Heropa folks. Where do you keep the fun in this town?
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[The video cuts on and at first it just shows the side of a building. Then trees, a sidewalk. It's moving around, obviously being held, but not settling on any one sight. The person is walking down the street, or so it appears. Then someone speaks.]

Okay, good, now...wait. [The movement stops, the scenery stands still and then suddenly flips, spinning until the screen is taken up by a young man, looking barely into his late teens, whose face is very close, as if he's leaning into the camera. Then he smiles, looking triumphant.] Now, I got it. [This is what happens when you're terrible with technology and weren't paying as much attention as you should have been.]

You can see me right? I mean, whoever is watching this uh...recording. Criminy, it's like something out of a Buck Rogers strip. Is everything around here from a World of Tomorrow exhibit? The fella who showed me around told me that you can see me and I can see you, if ya want me to.

So...hi. [He smiles and it's a little awkward, but he's not looking upset. More unsure than anything.] I'm Toro. I guess I'm the new draft in town, but keeping people safe and away from danger is old hat for me, so if you need help out of a tight spot, let me know. Gotta say I've never been to brought to some alternate world for it before, though, so I can cross that off the list. At this rate I'm not gonna have anything left to cross off by the time I'm thirty.

I'm still figuring everything out, but this city sure is friendly and they put me up somewhere real snazzy, so I can't complain too much. But what I really want to know is where a fella can get some good food and maybe a sweet piece of pie? I'm starving for something that isn't c-rations. Something I don't have to heat up myself would be swell.
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[The video feed clicks on and shows a man with tidy hair, a clean face, a neat black suit and a pair of leather shoes. He doesn't speak immediately, but his gaze never strays - there's nothing behind it, no gleam in his eyes that betrays his fascination. He needs to understand the predicament he's in, and wants to hear what everyone has to say. Or perhaps he's just curious. He's a doctor and scientist, clinical and precise. He's not used to being away from his work. The people who'd brought him here had stripped him of his belongings, causing him to utilize other means - and he had to do it without drawing suspicion for as long as possible.

He offers a small smile. Witnessing facial expressions raises the level of group trust, he knows. He would rather have used audio, but this would give a better impression. Meanwhile, his blood bubbles under his surface; he wants to find those scared of being here. He has nothing else to keep him but work. His fingers were itching to insert themselves into everyone's dark places. He wants to understand them. He wants to see what makes them tick. He calmly hides his hands in his legs. His cold disappointment at being separated from witnessing the results of his fear gas flooding Gotham is nearly overwhelming.

He stares into the camera with sharp blue eyes. His tone has a slight lilt.

Anyway. Hello, you crazies in spandex. This is your unfriendly neighborhood psychiatrist. Perhaps you've met him before?]

I won't claim arriving here was my choice, but I'm aware that's not a unique situation.


I'm looking for participants in a clinical research study. My name is Jonathan Crane, and I need willing persons to discuss their experiences in this new... life... if you will. You will not be required to pay any bills, and will be adequately compensated for your time. I want to make this city safer. Whether or not you decide to volunteer is completely up to you.

[He's completely honest. Honestly.]

And it should go without saying that I wouldn't be so unkind as to ignore those in crisis. I'm a psychiatrist. In fact, I was a professor as well. Mental distress is something I am trained to deal with. Whenever you or somebody you know needs support, please let me know. I'm here to help.
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[ The camera does not immediately focus on the face of the man holding it; it shakes a bit, the screen showing a white shirt, black suspenders, a right hand sporting two finger splints. Finally it levels to show Harvey's normally handsome face, except there a couple of things amiss:

One thing of note is the scar that goes down the left side of his face, from eye to jaw, a clean line of a cut through his plastic surgery that is not fresh but has not yet been "fixed." Another is his blackened right eye, and his lip swollen on the right side. He doesn't look particularly in pain -- or at least doesn't show it -- but what he does look is pissed off.

Too far. This has gone too far. Look at me -- look at this.

[ Harvey points to his face with his splinted fingers, still looking livid. His breathing is harsh, but even. ]

It's never enough, what I do. Bad enough I have to work with and against the system, "unsettled" and working the arms of law, but the big red weight on my shoulders sees to it I'll never see a moment's peace for the rest of my life. I'm no saint -- I know. Made mistakes. So now I wake up looking like a human punching bag.

Not to point fingers. But where's the justice in that?

[ He gestures, vaguely, with his splinted fingers as much as he can move them. He takes a sharp breath, exhaling slowly, looking like he's trying to calm down though his face is still red around the eyes, the temples, the forehead. His left eye looks particularly dead as it stares forward, his weary-but-professional expression making the fact it's a glass replica suddenly more obvious. It moves in not quite perfect synch with the right eye. ]

Just my two cents.

All that aside, I had something else to say. I was hoping to look my best for this announcement, but next time I'll know better than to put it off. Never mind the state of my face. My name's Harvey Dent, and for those of you that don't know me yet, I'm a Public Defender in Heropa. If you're ever in trouble and can't afford a representative, we might see more of each other. I won't rest until I see justice is served the way it's meant to be.

That's all. Good day to you.
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Who exactly is responsible for deciding jobs around here?

Because seriously, what about 'aspiring magician' says 'part time tailor'?

I've never sewed in my life.

[There's a slight pout in his voice.

Lies. But no one needs to know that.]

[ video ]

Jan. 16th, 2015 10:18 am
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[ The video shows a man with brown hair, blue eyes, and a light blue button-up shirt sitting at a table. ]

Hello again. [ A Scottish accent, tempered by living in London. ] It's really been a while since I've been around, or on the network or anything. I think I've been a little pre-occupied by, um, some things. Yeah.

Anyway. [ He clears his throat and sits up taller in his seat, three fingers on each hand wrapped in white bandages. ] I've been thinking about looking into some supplementary work. Or then again, I might just need a new job proper, a fresh start. If anyone has suggestions or knows someone who's hiring—or, if you are hiring, for that matter—I'm quite interested in scoping out other potential employment opportunities and things.

[ Then it seems he's just had an idea or remembered something. ]

Oh, and. I remember having a little problem with... an old habit. I'd asked for help, gotten a little bit, and I guess I'd forgotten to really follow up on it, you know? So I'm just a little unsure of where to really go from here.

[ Feigning relief with marginal success, he exhales audibly. ]

I suppose that's all for now. Cheers.


Dec. 13th, 2014 05:33 pm
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[Val is back from her brief absence, with only a costume change to show for her stint at home. She's wearing a skin-tight black and green outfit that makes her look like the littlest Tron extra. It is, for the people who'd recognize such things, the kind of suit one wears under power armor.]

If someone you know is acting really weird but it's actually kind of an improvement, do you try to fix it?

This is not hypothetical.

[Dr. Doom said Reed had always been right. Frankly, she's worried about him.]

[locked to Peter Parker]

Peter, we need to talk. In person.

[Whether the fact that this is coming from a three year old makes it more or less ominous is up to him.]

[locked to Kate Bishop and Billy Kaplan]

I have news.

[Wait, that could be misinterpreted.]

...Good news. Probably.


Nov. 21st, 2014 06:32 pm
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Hello, again. [ A vaguely self-depreciating smile and a wave goes here, as Chrollo leans over a table toward his propped-up communicator. ] I've found myself in sort of a tricky situation, and I could use some advice.

Have you ever... tried to redeem someone? Someone you know could do a lot of good, if they applied themselves. Maybe they've gotten off to a rocky start, but you know there's potential.

If so, how did you do it? Did you have a strategy? Were there any approaches you found useful? I'd be happy to take any tips or general advice you might have. I've never done this kind of thing before, so I'm all ears. Even if you haven't been in a situation like that before, and it's just hypothetical advice, I'm still happy to listen.

[ One more smile, as he reaches to end the feed. ]

Thanks in advance.


Nov. 20th, 2014 09:52 pm
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Hi! It's me again.

I was wondering if anyone knew anything about the laws here? Not all of them. Just normal stuff. Like-[Hm. Let him think.]-pet laws, I guess? Like is it illegal to own an alligator? And laws about kids too, since people keep bringing that up. And fighting! Is fighting legal? I haven't tried yet because I thought it might be. At least, everything else I usually do seems to be.

[He dims as he says that.]

See, I made a promise awhile ago that I wouldn't break anymore laws but I keep doing it by accident. It's not that I mean to, it's just… [He pauses, considering his words.] My home was a lot easier, I guess. I didn't have as many rules to follow. [Another pause. Quicker, this time.]–Honestly, it's been kind of weird adjusting.

[The feed falls silent save for some muffled thumbing and hissing in the background. When he speaks again he seems markedly cheerier though it's strained. Possibly faked.] Anyway, that's it. I just want to know about laws and crimes and stuff, if there's anyone here who knows about that. It doesn't need to be very in-depth. [He'd actually prefer if it wasn't.] Thanks in advance!
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If you would like- choose the question you'd prefer to answer the most and answer it. I have reasons to find ways to burn time, and you'd be helping me out quite a lot if you answered, so thank you if you reply. [Obvious smile in the words, but the smooth voice does have a slightly- tired tone to it.]

If you could do any one thing with no strings attached, no consequences, and nothing holding you back- what would it be?


What is your biggest regret and do you think it taught you anything?


What skill or ability do you have that gives you the most pride?


Do you have a favorite type of candy and if so, what is it?

Or lastly, what is your most preferred way of passing the time?

['Passing the time' is becoming increasingly difficult the longer he's locked away to rot, so time to try something new. Not only that, but it'll show he's trying to make an effort at ridding himself of those evil idle hands he seems to have and trying to become a better person... Though he supposes, if anyone has anything good to say he might actually find something to do once he's free. Instead of- well- What he shouldn't be doing.]

[It more is a way of reading people though. Testing them. Depending on what answer they choose and how they decide to answer it- besides the answer itself- will tell him a lot about them. What questions they avoid, how much information is given. You can learn so much from a person from that alone.]

[That and he's a naturally curious person who enjoys idle chit chat. And while there's many things going on in the world right now, they're far from him where he is now.]

002 | text

Nov. 2nd, 2014 08:40 am
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Ladies, gentlemen, friends, Romans, countrymen:

Pleased to announce that the fruits of my and various folks' labor will be coming to a TV near you very soon. Stay tuned for more details as we move closer to the premiere, which should be sometime mid-month. Just in time for sweeps! ;)

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[The typical Godot scenario: set up on a sofa with a cup of coffee. He looks a little tense today for some reason, though tries to calm himself with a few sips of coffee before he speaks.]

In the wake of Mr. Edgeworth's departure, I believe it's important to have Import representation on both sides of the law. Therefore, I will be resigning my position at the public defender's office, and am in the process of transferring over to the prosecutor's office for the city of Heropa.


As a registered Import, I intend to prioritize cases involving other Imports. This means that if you break the law, your name will find its way across my desk. This does not mean that I'll be pulling any extra strings or going any easier on you should that be the case. So let's just all do our best to behave ourselves, shall we?

It also seems appropriate that I should offer my services to those who may come from different worlds and cultures, and who might have some questions and concerns as to how our legal system operates. Ask, and be served.

[An uncharacteristic pause goes here.]

If there are any such questions, my name is- Armando. Diego Armando. You can remember it.

[With no further discussion on how all of a sudden he's going by a different name, the broadcast ends.]

003; video

Sep. 23rd, 2014 03:43 pm
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Good afternoon, fellow imPorts. It is with considerable regret that I must inform you today that Miles Edgeworth, caretaker of the fund for Unsettled imPorts, has returned home recently. I have been holding off on making this announcement for as long as possible in the hopes that it would not be necessary, however it seems as if this is truly the case.

I am sure that those who were close to Mr. Edgeworth were already aware, however given his business, this is a matter that concerns more than just his close personal relations.

For those of you who are unaware, part of Mr. Edgeworth's business was managing a non-profit fund for Unsettled imPorts so that those who were wary of registering-- particularly children and teenagers with little other means of supporting themselves-- might have some security, as well as helping to find jobs for such imPorts.

Mr. Edgeworth left very clear instructions that his business was to be transferred to a Mr. Phoenix Wright in the event of his departure; however, it seems that he too has either gone missing or returned home. In any case, I have not been able to locate him.

The initiative, however, was sound. I would like to reassure both those who donated to the fund and those Unsettled imPorts who were depending upon it that the initiative will continue, in keeping with the spirit of Mr. Edgeworth's hard work. However, I cannot manage it entirely on my own. Being seventeen and only a first year law student, I am neither considered a legal adult in this world nor familiar enough with the nitty gritty legal details that must be taken care of in the day-to-day. I therefore humbly request the help of any like-minded individual who would be willing to assist. The groundwork has all been done by Mr. Edgeworth, it should not be too difficult a task. My name is John Mandrake, and you can reach me at this communicator ID at any time.

I've cleared my schedule, so I'll be around for some time today if anyone wishes to ask any questions.

02 | VIDEO

Sep. 19th, 2014 09:03 pm
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[Samara’s face holds little expression aside from the hint of what could be a smile touching the corner of her lips.]

It has been a long time since I have found myself in a position to act upon my curiosities. [After all curiosity can lead to very unpleasant things when it comes to the life of a Justicar. However, in this place, she sees little problem in at least entertaining a few of her curiosities. It is almost refreshing to ask questions and learn again. ]

I feel as though it may have left me somewhat rusty when it comes to asking questions on such a large scale. [Rusty is the nice way to put it, let’s be real here.] However, the more I have spoken to people here, the more curious I have become about this particular subject. [So, she’s going to attempt asking a question and talking to people, hopefully she will not be terribly awkward at it.]

The question I have is simple: how are injustices handled in your world? I understand many come from places with strict laws in place to punish those that commit crimes, but I find myself interested in what other ways people have for handling such things. [She tilts her head slightly to the left.] Though if any would like to speak about the laws they have, I would be interested in hearing of those as well.

[She smiles just a tiny bit and bows her head slightly before turning things off.]


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