Aug. 10th, 2016 02:29 pm
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Do all names have meaning?

I thought they were only sounds. Things you knew to answer to. I was wrong.

What meanings are there? To... anyone who reads this?

[He really could have phrased it better, but "what does your name mean" sounds too informal for his liking, so there you go.]


Aug. 7th, 2016 06:27 pm
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[ Have you ever wanted to see someone take apart a hoverbike? Well today's your lucky day. Holtzmann has set up an impromptu lab in Heropa #10 - and scattered junk absolutely everywhere in one of the downstairs common rooms, sorry roomies - and turned on the camera almost absent-mindedly, having remembered that she wanted to post to the network only after she's elbow-deep in this hover clutch. ]

So I had a question. [ She says, pulling out a friction disk and tossing it over one shoulder. A polymer d-ring follows suit a moment. ] Ghosts. Anybody seen 'em around? Had problems with 'em? I heard about this continuum stuff but nothing about the afterlife.

[ A few more discarded parts later, she decides it's time to take the more direct route. Namely going after the hover mechanism innards with an acetylene torch. Works pretty great ... until she lights the curtain behind her on fire.

There's another beat as she realizes she's forgotten something. ]

I'm Holtzmann. And I'm a Ghostbuster, so. Yeah. If you've got info, gimme a call.

[ The flames creep up the curtain in the background. ]

(( PERMISSIONS ARE STILL IN PROGRESS but here's the most important one: 4th walling is a-okay as long as you don't talk about the events of the 2016 movie to her face. Everything else Ghostbusters-related is fine. ))
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so since c l e a r l y this network/glorified message board isn't used for anything actually important i'll ask it here

free cute phones (not sketchy at all btw). a file full of info on us (again: SO not sketchy). crappy apartments. roommates. big government. inter dimensional travel or w/e.
this is all some special kind of bs but has anyone addressed the bs fact that the jobs we get assigned are like some kind of freaking joke
it's a little too insulting imo

has anyone gotten a job that they can take seriously
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[ Insomnia leads to some dumb shitposting. So: ]

Anonymous post, 2:49 a.m.:
What's it like to have a brother? You can also say what it's like to have a sister. Especially if you were adopted. And especially if your brother is really accomplished.

[ And especially if he isn't really your brother, but actually the person you were cloned from, and especially if you were raised to murder and replace that brother, and so you've memorized every fact of his life and yet somehow nevertheless been completely surprised by the person he actually is...

After this post, Mark wanders away to spend time on other parts of the network, which leads to this urgent message: ]

Anonymous post, 4:32 a.m.
If you're looking for porn don't go to ImPorn.com.

[ All he wanted was an artistic representation of some boobs he'd tried to imagine himself and suddenly, shit he never wanted to see. Ever. ]
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[ It took Peter a while to figure out the whole smartphone thing. To be fair though for him 'a while' was like... five minutes. Maybe six. Oh he still hadn't figured out EVERYTHING yet, but like the basics? Totally down. He had to fight the urge to try and take it apart and put it back together again. He had a feeling it was waaaay more complicated then the walkmans and arcade cabinets he pulled apart and tweaked. ]

This thing is so awesome... Like something outta a scifi flick or something...

[ There's a guy with a silver mullet and motorcycle goggles perched on his head on the screen. No really. Dude looks like he walked right outta the 80s. He pretty much did too. There's also an odd high pitched buzzing noise in the background. Technically it was music. A mix of Queen, David Bowie, Rush, and Pink Floyd. Not that most would notice. It was being plaid at like... several hundred times the normal speed. Luckily Peter notices he left his walkman on and he flips it off after a couple seconds. ]

Anyway, hey. Name's Peter Maximoff and it's come to my attention that it is the year 2016. Last I checked it was 1983.  That means I'm missing out on 33 years worth of music and that's a damn tragedy. [Clearly that's his most important issue here now. ] So y'know. I need recs from all you future people! What's good? What sucks? I'm not too picky about genre but I gotta have music or I'll probably go crazy.

[ OK so really he's still worrying about his mom and his sisters and the kids at the Prof's school and other family issues that he just really doesn't wanna think about daddy issues don't ask. So to keep his mind off things he's just gonna think about music and stuff because running more laps around the city really isn't helping him much. ]

Oh! And video games. There's gotta be like at least a dozen new versions of the Atari and ColecoVision by now, right?
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So, uh. Kinda a weird question, but hypothetically, if you knew that you could just... die or stop existing or whatever at pretty much any moment, like really knew it, what kind of things would you want to do? I don’t mean stuff you’d do if you didn’t have to deal with the consequences, cause you could die fifteen minutes or fifteen years from now. But what stuff would you not want to die without experiencing? Your bucket list, I guess.
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[the teenager in the video is wearing a green beanie. it must be new because there's still a price tag poking out behind his left ear. he beams at the camera with the slightly choreographed but earnest good nature of a closet introvert on his first day of school.

his eyes are slightly small, a telltale sign for those who fraternitize with potheads.]

Hi! I'm Joe. I guess I must have like, retrograde amnesia or something because I found this folder of brochures and stuff about a Porter and superheroes and nanomachines and whatever but I don't remember any of it from before? Anyway I just have a couple questions.

Number one. My neighbor is eleven and he told me their classroom pet just died, and I told the school I'm going to get them new ones. Then I started to think about, you know, the ethics of making animals that don't need to eat or poo. I mean, I'm not super religious, Darwinism seems kinda accurate, and even though I'm a vegan but I get that cows were just way too small for the industry before we had breeds. Mankind has been messing around with genetics for a long time. But it seems like a slippery slope, right? When does messing with life itself turn into like-- the crippling hubris that comes with the presumption of human convenience? Will Mother Nature fight back? Does the balance correct itself? You know? And is it important for eleven-year-olds to learn about cleaning poop? And if someone like, hypothetically... [he pauses with the subtlety of a bsod.] got a bird that doesn't eat or poopoo, and they decided it was unethical to give it to fifth graders, what should he do with it? And before anyone asks, it has a butthole and a mouth hole.

Okay. [he sucks in air as if he'd started to run out partway through that ramble (probably).] Okay. My other question is, does anyone else want to do a juice cleanse? Because I guess I was doing some kind of messed up diet. I lost twenty pounds and had like three hundred pills in my cabinet, but I feel super bloated and gross. Right now, I'm seriously even willing to consider wheatgrass or cod oil even though I usually can't stand the taste of fishy burps. And, you know, vegan. I could use a diet buddy. Or a group. I'm into groups. But not yoga or weights or meditation.

Hiking, I love hiking. And four-wheeling. If anyone sees an olive colored ATV with a 1984 sticker around, that's mine.

Okay get back to me. Later! [he waves enthusiastically at the camera, then hangs up.]


Jun. 8th, 2016 07:04 pm
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[ the feed comes on to show a boy with very tall hair and a much shorter girl with scratches on her face over her eye, one looking rather cheerful and the other less so. ]

Hi hi hi everyone, I have an important question. [ he holds up a finger, tilts his head as if a thought had just occurred to him. he's so preoccupied he was going to launch himself into his spiel without even introducing himself. ] I'm being rude. I am Henry Cheng, and we were wondering —

[ the not so tall and in fact very short girl interrupts. ] We're looking for someone we know! [ she pulls a little face, looking over at Mr. Henry Cheng. ] A few people, actually. [ okay, maybe that was a little rude. she murmurs something unintelligible and takes a step back. please, proceed. ]

And that was my lovely friend Blue. [ he gestures with a flourish toward her, shoots her a wink, absolutely unbothered by the interruption or her outburst. ] As she said, we are looking for someone. Multiple someones. I'm sure this place has a list of sorts, yes? A quick way to CTRL-F a friend's name and find out their status?

[ he looks a bit more serious, then, like underneath the cheerfulness he's exhausted. his next words are very earnest. ]

We would appreciate any info. Thank you.

[ in the background, Blue begins tromping away, shedding dead leaves for some reason, and can be vaguely heard to say 'maybe we should've mentioned Gansey by name' before the video ends. ]


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