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Good morning. Normally, I wouldn't broadcast while I'm at work, but this is different so please bear with me. [Hope pulls up a video chat, and is silent for several seconds. However, a word eventually appears in the chatbox with his name attached. However, he's not typing anything-- in fact, his arms are not moving. He's focused though, squinting a little as he tries to make these new powers of his work.]


... All right, not bad, though I'd like some punctuation and capitalization.

Testing 1, 2, 3. [He's a little more satisfied with that particular result, but the focused look on his face doesn't go away-- in fact, he's shifting in his seat and tapping at his chin with one finger. Hope's not the kind of guy to leave it at that. He always needs more work.]

I'd like to ask a favor of everyone-- if you don't mind me making typos, I could really use some practice with this particular ability of mine. Well... Let's talk about any topic that comes to your mind at the moment. Something you wouldn't mind-- [He's cut off mid-sentence by a single knock on the door, before it opens. Part of a man can be seen on the edge of a screen, a coworker of Hope's.

Meanwhile, the textbox is filled with a few somethings. Stuff Hope's likely not doing consciously, or even aware of, since he's standing up, his attention currently on the person who interrupted him.]


Heeeyyy there. Last day today, huh? We're sure going to miss you. I mean, things aren't going to be the same anymore since we wont have you and your imPort stuff around.

That's... er. Thank you? If that's all you need to say, I'm in the middle of wrapping some things up...

[Unfortunately, the man turns out to be a fanboy, and gushes on and on over how amazing it was that Hope became his coworker, and ignores Hope's subtle attempts to get him to leave, resulting in a Hope that's quickly feeling stressed over the attention, and it's definitely showing in the textbox where he's still broadcasting symbols.]


[Finally, Hope reaches out to grab the man's arm and pulls him towards the door.] All right, thank you very much for visiting-- we can speak more later. After work, please. I'm busy!

[When Hope sits back down on his chair, he realizes his connection to the network is still on and he starts to put a hand over his face, before letting it drop to sigh instead. His life.]

I'm sorry for the, er... Interruption. Can we move on from that, please?


Aug. 2nd, 2014 06:58 pm
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I don't really make posts on this thing--I never really know what to say, for one. And it kind of feels a little bit weird being a forty-something dad and using this thing basically to blog. But, anyway, considering I haven't posted in months and I don't really know half of you...well, might as well do this.

I'm Curt Connors, and I'm from the same world as...God, a ton of people. Tony Stark, Peter Parker, the couple of X-Men we've got here, Spider-Man... [ he cuts himself off with a small laugh. ] And probably a ton of other people from that world who I just don't know yet. Anyway, I work with reptiles pretty much on a daily basis, so if you've got questions about snakes or lizards, I'm your guy. that all? Uh, I don't really know what people say on these sort of things.

[ look at Connors not being a recluse, aren't you proud of him? there's a pause though, before he barrels into another question, his tone of voice more apprehensive now. ]

Ah, I do have a question, though. How would formal education work here? I had a doctorate back home, and I'd kind of like to have it again. Being an assistant research biologist is nice, but you're still an assistant. I know that with lawyers you can simply retake the bar, and with doctors I'm sure you can prove your skills in a medical setting, but I'm not exactly sure how the rest of us would prove our knowledge.

It's not like I can get my diploma or published research from across dimensions, after all.
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You know, we have a lot of really talented people here. Not that we didn't before -- us imports have always been pretty on top of things, but I think it goes without saying that without the talent and skill of everyone, there'd probably be a few of us that would be dead right about now. Or at least we'd have died. So, I don't think anyone's said it yet, but thanks, to everyone who helped get us out of there.

[ And there's a pause there, he's trying to be nice, and his ego is suffering. ]

I'd like to say we could have done it ourselves, but... well, you can't always predict for unpredictability, and getting us quickly could have been what saved our lives.

But, that's not the only reason I'm here. It's been a busy couple of weeks, not just from our unfortunate attempt to go to space, but for me personally. [ He indicates behind him, it's obviously an office, more strewn with metal and wires and parts than anything else. It's, frankly, an absolute mess. ] I got the loan a few weeks ago, but other than a few people I've gotten in on the ground floor, we haven't had much opportunity for hiring. Startups are always complicated.

But I'm happy to say, that if you want to work in tech and R&D, you should probably come talk to me. I can't promise high wages -- yet -- but I take care of my people, and with a few choice inventions, we'll be able to hit the ground running, and I'd like to see anyone with talent come talk to me. I promise, you won't regret it.

At least, you won't if you don't mind working for me.

03 | Video

Jul. 19th, 2014 05:31 pm
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So... I was wondering.

If we suddenly solved everything and were given a choice to stay here or go home, what would you choose? I've been thinking about it a lot-- [She really has, especially since finding out that they're working on finding a way for imPorts to stay or go at will. She misses Ooo, but she has more friends here than she did there, and she's happy with her life here. ... Mostly happy, anyway.] But I haven't really decided yet.

Or what about other places? Not, like, other places here. But places people you know or like here are from. Is there any place somebody's from that you'd want to visit? [That question is really just curiosity on her part. Finding out about new places is interesting!]
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[ Funneling the runoff from Energy Firm while steadily but surely branching out with shell companies, Miranda possessed the fiscal leverage to hole up in one of the executive suits on the hotel strip on the upper end of down. She even rearranged the room to serve as a facsimile to her old office. ]

Work kept me from making a larger presence to the network, but I find myself in position where I would benefit from your multifarious opinions and personal experiences.

[ She leans forward, fingers laced together. ]

I consider it something of an open secret that the Porter is alien technology that for whatever reason has allowed itself to remain in the keeping of the American government. My own concerns and expertise revolve around advanced technology other species have been to believe they simply 'found' by chance.

From what I would greatly appreciate from other imPorts is to pool their knowledge into a sort of database I'm hoping to build. Specifically, where alien technology and species are concerned. I understand it that we're not all humans, or from Earth. It would be immensely helpful if I could be educated by you and begin cross-referencing what I've found to work on removing the veil cast over our host.
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[Well, someone's calmed down from his last little speech on the network. In fact, this time he's not even upset about something--well, not in that way, anyway. He does seem a bit perplexed, though, sitting at his desk in his room while idly writing something down on a notebook (which was something he'd just gotten used to. Everything was typed where he was from. For once, he's out of that military gear and in what looks like a baggy t-shirt with an owl on it.]

Citizens of Heropa. I'm sorry to bother you so late at night, but I was hoping you could answer some questions for me.

I've been seeing things lately, just occasionally little glows around everyone I've talked to. It's not often, but it's definitely getting more frequent with the more people I talk to.

[A hand goes to his chin, thinking this over.]

According to my file, one of my powers is aura sensing. Which...would make sense, given what I've been experiencing. But it's still pretty confusing to me. 

[He'll cut right to the chase.] I need to see what these different glows mean. Going around guessing isn't going to get me anywhere.

So I'm asking for your help. Can you all tell me something you like, and something you hate? A food, an activity, anything. Any kind of story would be encouraged, so I could see a wide range of these. I have two goals here--[and two fingers go up.]

I want to see if it works over the feed, and the range I'm dealing with here.

[And because he promised he'd work on friendship...]

Thank you. I really appreciate any input.

[ooc: Metalhawk still hasn't quite mastered his robotic form just yet, so he's still stuck in his holomatter's form. ]
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[ For those who are keen, it isn't too hard to pick up that she's been around. Most of her calls on the network have been encrypted, but there was an earlier conversation that wasn't entirely locked. An amateur's mistake, but since then she's gotten better. Still, it means she has to accommodate for her mistake by making a public introduction. Several others are, so why not join in and hope it can get lost down the road?

Dressed in head to toe in the finest outfit her current income can get her (possibly a bit more) and with her hair darkened with highlights, she appears all dolled up for an introduction. More importantly, the source of this message isn't from her moniker, but from her "personal" name.


There are so many new faces the past few weeks yet the only shock that is portrayed is one of delight. Reunions between friends and foes, teammates and lovers. Remarkable how at first you're led to believe you're alone and then it turns out you just might not be. [ Something an Avenger should easily feel, but those kind of sentimental things are beyond her. ] Tell me please--are we alone? Have you made the journey unaccompanied or are you one of the fortunate few to have allies? You turn on this device, connect, and then you reconnect with those you thought you may never see again.

Perhaps I too am fortunate and you've heard of me? The name's Natasha Romanoff, make-up consultant. If you haven't, I could always use new clients.
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[ This post, though visible to the network, is ENCRYPTED rather heavily so as to be harder to access via remote sources, such as anyone attempting to hack in or monitor the network through something besides a communicator.

Similarly, the first two "points" in this post will be accessible to all imPorts, regardless of status. The second two "points" will be further encrypted to Registered imPorts only, although they can be hacked.

Captain Holiday is sitting in what appears to his home -- it's an apartment, a sliding door that opens onto a balcony behind him and an end table to his left, a framed photo sitting on it turned face down. There's also an ashtray, which he stubs his cigarette into and present lights another. Somewhere off-screen there is the distant noise of a radio turned to the news in another room, and far-off cooking sounds. ]

All right, listen up, everyone. There's a lotta nonsense bein' thrown around, word of mouth and a hell of a lotta other crap, and damn if it don't get tiring. I'm the liaison between y'all and the higher-up's in the military and government, and I'm the one that takes the crap when the roads collapse. My number's there so I can help you, not sit at my desk while someone runs their mouth and blames me for terrorism.

Y'wanna ask me something? Now's your chance. I'll throw y'all a bone and hope it don't come back and bite me in the ass. But first do yourselves some listening, and accept if I can't answer something then there's a reason for it.

Before I really get started, I'm tellin' y'all on the record you did a great job handlin' that situation with what's his name. Y'know who, the devil. You won't hear a peep of complaint from the law about it even if you ain't Registered, even if you bent the rules a little to handles things, that's my promise t'you -- seein' as you did us a favor, too. No surprises down the line, nothing like that. This ain't a matter of taking things into your own hands, this is a matter of public safety, common decency, and dealing with goddamn hellbeasts. Our people ain't been coming back in one piece from that kind of crap.

But movin' past that for now. That was an aside, a thank you, but down to brass tacks--

Point one's the obvious. I'm not your enemy. I ain't your friend neither, but I'm a better one than you'll make with some of the other folk around here. Y'don't wanna trust nobody named Peter Narga, and y'don't wanna trust nobody that calls themselves a Hornet.

[ He drags on his cigarette. ]

Point two. The Porter was found in 1985 and we still don't know where it came from. Back then it worked differently. We couldn't control the people it pulled in, but we got it working to send folks back after about twenty years of trying. Course, that research was useless after Lachesis synched up with the thing, and y'all know the story from there. It does what it wants to now. It's all like I've been saying from the start, we don't got control of it.

Three. Them tattoos of yours... since it's relevant. In the vicinity of any of the Porters, they react to the tech to nullify a person's powers if they earn a particular title. If someone goes on a murder spree, for instance, their wrist will say "CRIMINAL" on it. Byproduct of the signals interacting that we tried to make the best of. Ain't a perfect fix, of course, but it helps toward getting someone apprehended if you get 'em in the right place.

[ Hint hint? ]


Y'all won't hear this in the official statements, and y'all didn't hear it from me, either. The imPorts before you weren't the only heroes we had around here. We had locals, too, normal folks without powers puttin' on costumes to fight the good fight. Most of 'em retired. Ones that didn't just kinda disappeared. But people here… native to this universe, I mean, they don't disappear same way y'all do. This is technically hearsay, y'follow me? But there's compelling evidence around that some of them folks are still active underground. Fighting crime or making it, sometimes both. No one knows which ones they are from the names we used to know, splashed up in articles and all, they keep themselves anonymous wearing yellow hoodies or jackets and black scarves over their faces. They're called the Hornets, and for all intents and purposes you'd be better off thinking of them as a lot of terrorists themselves. They think they got themselves a bone to pick with the government and you saw up in Nonah how they're expressing their displeasure.

[ He blows smoke from the corner of his mouth, looking weary. ]

Anyway. I got brunch with my partner in an hour, so let's make this worth the time.

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Hello? [ A beat. ] I'm not just...talking to myself, right?

I think I remember hearing about the Cold War in the history files they used to give us to read growing up. I don't think it was supposed to last this long though, if I remember right. So either I'm really that bad at my history, or something's wrong with this place. [ His tone seems to suggest that he knows it's not him that's wrong. ]

The problem is that I'm in the middle of my own war, and it doesn't seem that they really give much of a damn about that, no matter how many times I tried to tell them that I have someplace more important to be. [ A pause. ] There's no place to make my case, is there? To go home?

[ It's just wry enough that it's obviously a joke, but just serious enough that there's an edge to it, the desperate hope that maybe something will come out of it. ]

If I'm stuck here, though, I suppose this is where I'm going to go for company, right? No extranet message boards, no videos posted everywhere? [ A pause. ] It's almost the technological dark ages, isn't it? Or almost, although this is pretty close to doing it with letters and a pony express.

I don't know if this means anything, honestly, but this is Major Alenko of the Systems Alliance, and they told me that this was the place to go to talk to people. So since I'm assuming I'm going to get a response to this, and assuming that everyone else has been brought in like I was...

What kind of places are people being pulled from? Is anyone else kind of in the middle of something important? Or a war? What kind of people were they looking for with this kind of kidnapping?
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So, there’s a question I've become increasingly curious about the more people I've spoken to. What year is it where you’re from? So far I’m getting the impression that most of you are from the early 21st century or even before that. [Which is so ridiculously far in the past that she almost doesn't know what to do with it. It's definitely weird to think she's so far in the future to most people here, but it's also pretty interesting to hear about the past first hand. Even if it isn't necessarily her world's past. ]

For me it's 2514 and everything is pretty different than it is here. Earth is still our most populated planet, but we have colonies on almost all of the other planets, in our galaxy and outside of it. We have a very nice metropolis on the moon, New Horizon's Lunar Colony. We had a few civilian space stations that were metropolis size too, like Titan Station. It was built around the fragments of Titan, one of Saturn’s moons and it was huge. [She doesn't even notice that she slips into past tense when talking about Titan Station.]

I've honestly never spent very long on Earth, I wasn't even born there. What I have seen is pretty different than this place. I'd be interested to know what it's like in the year you're from too. Is it like this Earth, similar, or very different?

★☭ one

Apr. 1st, 2014 07:45 pm
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[It’s twilight, and the figure that comes into shot is mostly an outline, blue-black against the sky. The white star on his chest still catches a little light, though, and the matching one centred in the circular shield held at his side. For certain people it might be kind of an iconic sight.

(For others, it's just a guy in bullet proofed spandex. Same thing, different day.)]

Okay, so speeches aren’t exactly my thing, but this is the first chance I’ve had to talk back since I woke up in your labs. Here’s the problem: I've heard the line about how random all this is, about how the folks in charge have as much idea as the rest've us about how to send anybody back. Not sure I buy it, but I've heard it. I listened to the speech on arrival. And then I opened my file.

You're pulling in kids, civilians, and maybe they've got some new superpower, but they've no chance in hell of figuring out how to live with that properly before you're suggesting they use it. Sending them off on missions. Fighting your war. You're calling yourselves America and sending refugees out as cannon fodder, with no support if they don't sign up for the cause. And I thought the America I came from had policy problems.

You know what soldiers fight for - the good ones, the ones worth having? Love. For a country, for a girl, the boys fighting at their side - whatever. It’s for love. So if you’re gonna take a guy away from the few things left he gives a damn about, you maybe need to watch that he doesn’t wind up fighting you.

[He pulls off one glove and shows the glowing tattoo to the camera.]

Look, all I’m saying is this may not be a serial number, but back where I come from, branding someone doesn’t say much about welcome.
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[ Timestamp: 4:22 AM.

When the video turns on, it's the face of a blond man, artificial light and the odd backdrop of two awkward looking trees, dirt and one giant worker ant, who took a moment to tilt its head curiously at the man before moving on. ]

I know we're all busy with our own lives so I'll try to make this short.

When we were brought into this world, some of us were given new sets of powers. Others may have had powers that they had from their own world, powers that they were already used to. I was one of the latter case. My powers involve size changing, from the 25 feet tall to being small enough to be able to interact with subatomic particles. It's a power that I've come to know, inside out. It wasn't an easy progress, I had a myriad of molecular instability that affected my life in a very personal way.

So I can understand what some of you who are dealing with these new powers are going through. You don't know the limits to what you can do, and we don't know either. That makes for a potentially dangerous situation, to both yourself and everyone else.

What I'm proposing is a training centre. I know we have government facilities here that are equally suitable for that but there are those of us who are uncomfortable with the idea of any government involvement. This will be a facility that's imPort funded, established and operated, so that we have a building of our own, outside of the government's eye. It won't matter if you're registered or not, the main priority of this is to make this place available to all imPorts.

I don't exactly have any concrete plans right now, a few blueprints and ideas off the top of my head. I'd like to hear what everyone's input on this before anything is done about it, especially those with new powers and those outside the law, so to speak. But all input is welcomed.

Thank you all for your time.

[ A quick smile and the camera turns off. ]
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[Between her job, her powers, and her own personal issues, Ellie hasn’t been sleeping well. Which means she might look and sound just a bit tired, and her British accent is slightly thicker than usual. At the moment she’s just finished up one of her shifts at work and hasn’t gotten back to her residence. ]

I think, if I could make one suggestion about what to give newly arrived imports, I’d suggest giving instruction manuals to those of us that are new to having powers. [She chuckles slightly awkwardly here.] A description really only goes so far.

[She waves a hand dismissively though and then gives a tired looking smile.] I imagine that’s not really something they could do though. The people that give us the files probably have even less of an idea about how these things work than we do. [Actually, she somehow doubts that, maybe that’s unfair paranoia though. She pauses again for a second.]

Anyway, the point I’m trying to get at is that I think I could some instruction. Or pointers from anyone with similar experiences. I was given empathy as a power, it was described as the ability to easily pick up on the emotions of those around me. Supposedly there’s quite a lot I can do with it beyond just sensing emotions, like empathic healing. [Whoever thought of that as a power has a very sick sense of humor considering how desperately Ellie’s wanted be able to fix people before.] I’ve been experimenting some, but I’d like to know if there’s anyone out there that could give me some advice.

[A pause] Specifically I’d really like some points when it comes to shutting things out. It’s getting a bit exhausting to say the least.

001. video

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[ the video turns on to show Phoenix looking off at something off screen for a moment almost pensively before looking dead on at the camera with a small smile. ]

I've found myself dealt a hand of cards I'm not sure how to play. ...What makes a hero? Someone who champions the weak... or maybe even just someone who helps as much as they can? Is it the intent, or is it the ability?

[ he pauses for a moment to let that hang up in the air for a minute before chuckling. ] I don't suppose there's some kind of school where we can learn all about Superhero 101, like using superpowers responsibly, for example. Or maybe to compare techniques for rescuing cats out of trees. [ ha ha ha. ]

I suppose I should introduce myself. My name is Phoenix Wright, piano player, and now official superhero. My resume is certainly receiving a long-awaited upgrade, though not exactly the way I expected. [ he has a small chuckle at that, because he can think of so many people more suited to being a bona fide superhero than him. ]

I'm curious about the state of law and law enforcement in this city. If you'll humour me, I'd appreciate anyone involved with the law here to speak up. Or contact me privately.

Oh, and one final thing. Residents of house #25 or anyone nearby. I've contained the fire, but need some help putting it out. [ this is accompanied by a relaxed smile that is wholly inappropriate for his words. what fire, you ask? well, let no one say Phoenix Wright doesn't so much enter a world as crash into it. ]

[ OOC NOTE: text in blue brackets represents Phoenix's own inner narrative, or basically his thoughts! ]


Mar. 11th, 2014 09:41 pm
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[While she only spoke before because of the comfort of it, Lightning decides to go with video this time. Given what she's prepared to communicate about, it seems at least the slightest bit more important for people to know what she looks like. The matter itself is simple enough, though, so she doesn't skirt around it.]

Lot of people aren't sure why we're here. And some people seem determined to cause trouble. [After all, there had been that fire. Not that she's making great sweeping commentary. She's not. Lightning's better at the action-oriented stuff than being stuck in a loop talking about it.] Either way, one thing's for sure: we should be able to defend ourselves.

The ... government here assigned me a job. I'm meant to train you in self-defense. [She huffs slightly, if only because she's still not sure she'd be any good at it. It's not that fighting itself is hard for her. Not in the least. But the rest. Yeah, she definitely has her doubts, and she wishes Serah was here to give her some tips on where to begin. But she's not, unfortunately.] No matter what you think, I think it's good to be able to defend yourself.

So if you'd like that, come and show up. If you aren't registered, we can do the lessons elsewhere. I haven't asked if that's a necessity—but some of you might wanna play it safe.

[She doesn't fault people for not registering, but she's done defiance in the past. She's still willing to do it, but playing along serves its purposes.]

Ask me any questions that you have.

[And then she leaves it at that.]

(( yoooo so if you are interested in this and your character would show up instead of talk to her about it, here's a handy sign up post so I can keep track of it. We can also talk there if you'd like to do a log or something of this! ))
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So, how about our friends with the government, huh? Asking us to do a few favors?

[ He doesn't sound all that insulted by the proposition, really. ]

Here's my blanket offer, if anyone would like to take the time, and wants a little company, I'd be happy to take you out with me when I fly around the City -- or, if heroing isn't your thing, and you're interested in something that sounds a little bit more like R&D, give me a ring, and we'll work something out.

[ And then there's a lengthy pause. Like this was really just a way to get things started. ]

I think it's important for you new people to understand that setting a foundation now will help you later. As a whole, being away from home is never preferable, but sometimes...well, it can take some time. You might be here for a few weeks, you might be here for months, or years. Hell, look at me. Up until two months ago, we'd been in the City for ages, me for almost five years, and now I'm here, and here's the five year mark.

Mind, the scenery's changed, but it's still about the same, at its heart. We're still a long way from home, and I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm not going to let this little drawback stop me from doing what I do best -- which is making sure that we aren't a threat -- but instead a tool to help build a better, and brighter future. Which is why, if you're not careful, you'll find yourself stepping into something bigger than just being disliked by the locals. These things build up, and have distinct ripple effects on the rest of the world as a whole.

So just remember that, if you don't register. They've been kind to us so far, even with the tattoos. Let's not blow it, huh?


Mar. 4th, 2014 08:21 pm
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Where I'm from, our powers tended to manifest themselves as magic-- in fact, the only powers one could have no matter the method was magic. Magic that made you stronger. Magic spells for healing injuries and some illnesses, and even creating those ailments in the first place. Magic solely for combat. Even magic that called for creatures to aid you. It's structured, tiered even, and the more you used what magic you had with you, the more spells you learned and the stronger you became. It comes from within you and in your hands it can have an elemental affinity, if you wanted.

And yet here... it's different. Here, it's not all magic. [Hope pauses to think of how he's going to properly describe what he knows of the powers here. To be honest, he doesn't even know how to do that, so he's just going to give up, since he'll just be asking people to describe their abilities anyway.] It's... well, words fail me, to be honest.

What are your abilities like? What can you do? What are your limitations? If you had them before you arrived here, how did you come by them, and are they any different here?

I hope you don't mind me asking. I'm honestly curious, really, because magic itself is rare and in my youth, the stuff of either legends or fairy tales to scare children into behaving. Here, I imagine, powers could be anything. [And there's a small note of wonder because yes, this is all new and weird, but exciting too.]

Good morning. My name is Hope Estheim-- or Alexander, if you prefer aliases.


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