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[There is a 6'1", 200ish lb. man staring you down; the man is dressed in a very...interesting-looking suit. The mask isn't on, but what you see looking back at you is a tired, stern face that, yes, has a handlebar mustache on it. His wrist-magnums are not on.

The man is smoking and standing, glocks akimbo.

Behind him, there are display cases and exhibits, pertaining to various weapons, in a nice, marbled setting. Notably, nothing is on fire.
] Alright. After the events of th'past few weeks, people've been scared of goin' into museums. I was told this morning that attendance at the Museum of Weapons, where I work, is at its armpittiest low in ten years.

And you know what else the Head Curator told me? Head Curator here told me I gotta keep perspective. That, at least, we still got the museum. That we oughta keep on doin' what we're doin', beef up security, but otherwise act like nothing happened.

[A beat.] I'm gonna go one step further and issue one warning.

This here museum is under my protection. Anyone even joke 'bout getting lighter fluid from th'nearby convenience store and droppin' by to test it out, you're goin' on th'banned for life list.

You mess with this place, I mess with your face.

Made that rhyme so nobody's got any excuse to forget it. [With that, the transmission cuts.]
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name's Harlock.
no burning questions or complaints or philosophies to regale you with, sorry.
just these:

[three sets of coordinates. if explored, two lead to open, rather secluded areas just outside of town – one on the coastline. the other just leads to one of the bars.]
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[A man with longish, light brown hair appears on the screen. He obviously needs a haircut. There are probably a few grey streaks and his eyes say that he's seen a lot of not so nice things. Other than that, he appears to be in his 30s and, for the most part, he seems pretty calm about all of this. At least he's not yelling at the camera phone. Then again that's not really how he does things. Not much can be seen behind him except sky.]

On the off chance Barry shows up sometime in the future and looks back on this I feel like I should make some sort of joke about not being in Kansas anymore.

[He pauses as if he expects someone to laugh or reply. Forgive him, his attempts at humor might be lost. He hasn't had people out side of his circle of Mount survivors in a LOOONG time. He shakes his head, already giving up on that. It sort of confirms that Barry isn't here.]

Except of course for the fact I wasn't in Kansas prior to being here. I still have mixed feelings about whether or not to be grateful to be in Oz actually. There was a lot still to do in L.A. anyway. Though I can't figure out why you would need this many heroes for anything. We didn't have this many when the world wasn't being overrun by the undead back home...let alone afterwards. So unless your crisis or whatever reason we were brought here was like that...well...there were probably smarter people you could have picked up.

[None of this bodes well in his opinion. The man sighs. The Mount needs him and he just got out of ONE illusion-based dream world that, for awhile, he had pegged for an alternate dimension. Honestly, he would really like to stop having to world jump, even if this one is supposedly more real. He has responsibilities.]

I suppose complaining over this thing isn't going to change that though. Ranting didn't work back home and I don't think it's going to do much good here either.

[So, he moves on. It's probably about time he said something anyway.]

Hello, my name is George Bailey and yes, that is my real name. I've heard all the jokes, I can assure you. I'm from Los Angeles, California or at least what's left of it. It's been awhile since I've actually met new people so my skills at introducing myself probably leave a lot to be desired.

[George looks into the camera awkwardly for a moment. It's been awhile since he's used something like this too. The fanciest thing they had back at the Mount was probably the radios and walkies. He looks back up and sighs. He'd never been much of a Facebook, video chat, whatever kind of guy. Not his thing.]

Should probably head to this house they set me up with and meet my new house mates. I'll talk more later.

[George closes the camera function and ends the post, for now.]

☼ 011.

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[molly is in the forensics lab, white coat shrugging off one shoulder and a thoughtful look on her face. there's an open bag of crisps on the table near her, and some of that classic 50s music is playing in the background, take your pick. something is whirring in the background, and a real detective will probably guess that she's waiting for it to stop doing that.]

It seems like new people show up here about as often as they did in the City. It's so strange, how things like that make it seem so--I don't know, I don't think homey is the right word. I mean, well, it's been months and it sees like things are falling back into the same routine. Except for, you know, the clothing and music and general aesthetic.

[there's a ding behind her, and the whirring ends she perks up]

Oh, the blood's done!

[she stands, and starts towards it.]

The technology is definitely a nice perk, though. I guess it's from all the reality-jumping going on.
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[ Timestamp: 4:22 AM.

When the video turns on, it's the face of a blond man, artificial light and the odd backdrop of two awkward looking trees, dirt and one giant worker ant, who took a moment to tilt its head curiously at the man before moving on. ]

I know we're all busy with our own lives so I'll try to make this short.

When we were brought into this world, some of us were given new sets of powers. Others may have had powers that they had from their own world, powers that they were already used to. I was one of the latter case. My powers involve size changing, from the 25 feet tall to being small enough to be able to interact with subatomic particles. It's a power that I've come to know, inside out. It wasn't an easy progress, I had a myriad of molecular instability that affected my life in a very personal way.

So I can understand what some of you who are dealing with these new powers are going through. You don't know the limits to what you can do, and we don't know either. That makes for a potentially dangerous situation, to both yourself and everyone else.

What I'm proposing is a training centre. I know we have government facilities here that are equally suitable for that but there are those of us who are uncomfortable with the idea of any government involvement. This will be a facility that's imPort funded, established and operated, so that we have a building of our own, outside of the government's eye. It won't matter if you're registered or not, the main priority of this is to make this place available to all imPorts.

I don't exactly have any concrete plans right now, a few blueprints and ideas off the top of my head. I'd like to hear what everyone's input on this before anything is done about it, especially those with new powers and those outside the law, so to speak. But all input is welcomed.

Thank you all for your time.

[ A quick smile and the camera turns off. ]


Mar. 22nd, 2014 05:49 pm
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by which I mean no, Edgeworth just has a quiet, calm, thoughtful little tirade for you all]

Good day. I'm acquainted with some of you already; for those whom I do not yet know, my name is Miles Edgeworth, and I work as a prosecutor here. I hope that you will indulge me in listening to a bit of a speech.

I understand that here, as in the previous city - and as in the homes of many of you - there is a tradition of vigilantism. I do not come today to decry vigilantes as criminals; I know that those of you who engaged in such practices almost certainly did so out of a desire to protect your homes, to fight crime that could not otherwise be fought, and the like.

But anyone who is considering returning to such practices here - who is considering becoming a vigilante and acting outside of the law - I beg you all to take a step back for just a moment and examine your actions with a critical eye.

I know that it is easy to resent the law. We like to think of the government as some meddling busybody keeping us from doing what is fun. But laws are never written out of spite. They're written for protection: of you, of your neighbors. At times, they're written to protect people from one another; at times, they're written to protect citizens from the government itself.

Laws are in place to protect people. So if you choose to act as a vigilante, to break the law, what are you doing? You're trespassing against others. You're resisting things that were put in place for the protection of yourself and your neighbor. Police cannot act as freely as vigilantes, but for good reason: they're held in check so that they are answerable to the people and to they cannot do harm to the people.

So I beg of you, any who would turn to vigilantism: consider instead working with the police. Particularly given recent events, the police force here needs those who have remarkable powers to help keep the citizenry safe. You will not be able to act as freely, perhaps, but you will be helping the city - and helping it in a way where you will not run the risk of overstepping your bounds and causing hurt.

Thank you very much for your attention. I welcome any disagreement or debate, and will freely and gladly engage any who wish to speak about this.
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[Between her job, her powers, and her own personal issues, Ellie hasn’t been sleeping well. Which means she might look and sound just a bit tired, and her British accent is slightly thicker than usual. At the moment she’s just finished up one of her shifts at work and hasn’t gotten back to her residence. ]

I think, if I could make one suggestion about what to give newly arrived imports, I’d suggest giving instruction manuals to those of us that are new to having powers. [She chuckles slightly awkwardly here.] A description really only goes so far.

[She waves a hand dismissively though and then gives a tired looking smile.] I imagine that’s not really something they could do though. The people that give us the files probably have even less of an idea about how these things work than we do. [Actually, she somehow doubts that, maybe that’s unfair paranoia though. She pauses again for a second.]

Anyway, the point I’m trying to get at is that I think I could some instruction. Or pointers from anyone with similar experiences. I was given empathy as a power, it was described as the ability to easily pick up on the emotions of those around me. Supposedly there’s quite a lot I can do with it beyond just sensing emotions, like empathic healing. [Whoever thought of that as a power has a very sick sense of humor considering how desperately Ellie’s wanted be able to fix people before.] I’ve been experimenting some, but I’d like to know if there’s anyone out there that could give me some advice.

[A pause] Specifically I’d really like some points when it comes to shutting things out. It’s getting a bit exhausting to say the least.

two; video

Mar. 15th, 2014 12:05 am
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[Hans clicks on the video. He's sitting, shock and surprise, at a desk and is wearing a simple oxford shirt.]

I've only been here about a month and I'm already moving up! [a tiny pause, then he breaks out into a wide grin, obviously proud of himself.] You're looking at the new liaison for imPort Public Relations!

[because he is just massively done with the idea of being a waiter. serving others? utterly ridiculous. He was a prince after all.]

Part of my job involves putting together publicity spots promoting registration. I know that for some of you, you've only been here for a short while but if anybody has any success stories of how the government has helped them out, then I'd greatly appreciate it if you told them to me!

[someone should also probably teach him how to use an actual video camera or how to type with more than two fingers but hey, baby steps.]

001. video

Mar. 14th, 2014 06:58 pm
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[ the video turns on to show Phoenix looking off at something off screen for a moment almost pensively before looking dead on at the camera with a small smile. ]

I've found myself dealt a hand of cards I'm not sure how to play. ...What makes a hero? Someone who champions the weak... or maybe even just someone who helps as much as they can? Is it the intent, or is it the ability?

[ he pauses for a moment to let that hang up in the air for a minute before chuckling. ] I don't suppose there's some kind of school where we can learn all about Superhero 101, like using superpowers responsibly, for example. Or maybe to compare techniques for rescuing cats out of trees. [ ha ha ha. ]

I suppose I should introduce myself. My name is Phoenix Wright, piano player, and now official superhero. My resume is certainly receiving a long-awaited upgrade, though not exactly the way I expected. [ he has a small chuckle at that, because he can think of so many people more suited to being a bona fide superhero than him. ]

I'm curious about the state of law and law enforcement in this city. If you'll humour me, I'd appreciate anyone involved with the law here to speak up. Or contact me privately.

Oh, and one final thing. Residents of house #25 or anyone nearby. I've contained the fire, but need some help putting it out. [ this is accompanied by a relaxed smile that is wholly inappropriate for his words. what fire, you ask? well, let no one say Phoenix Wright doesn't so much enter a world as crash into it. ]

[ OOC NOTE: text in blue brackets represents Phoenix's own inner narrative, or basically his thoughts! ]
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So we've weathered our first publicly broadcast display of violence. In this world, that is.

[ A woman is speaking. She sounds pleasant enough at first blush, soft and modulated and distinctly feminine, but beneath that there's the unmistakable tone of someone who very much enjoys listening to the sound of her own voice. ]

Honestly -- I knew our communal memory was short, but this kind of nostalgia has never been worth repeating. I'm sure you all think you're terribly special, subjected to this indignity and being called "hero" on top of it. That must be such an insult. It had better be, for you to react like such children.

You're not the first, you know, and what happened this week won't be the last incident of its kind. That's the tragedy of random selection, right? There's no telling what kind of people will come out. In the last place, let's see... there was the old military commander who unleashed vampires on the City and almost detonated a bomb in this country's capital. There was the scientist who experimented on children and made her own army of feral monsters. The psychiatrist who caused mass hallucinations at a parade. The one who summoned an immense baby to wreak havoc on New Year's Eve.

[ There's no trace of humor in her voice, even at that last one. ImPorts, man. They've seen some shit. ]

I could go on, if you'd like, but I think you understand by now. Do you know what those people all had in common? Not one is still here today. Some of them were killed [ one by her personally, whoops ] and some were imprisoned -- others lingered on to vanish into thin air, like so many before them. But none of them managed to see their work borne out in a lasting way. That was all under Lachesis, who had much less interest vested in making sure we cooperated than our current monitors. Her greatest concerns were always for herself. After all, with the power she had to command, we could all of us be replaced, and our lives renewed at her discretion. Her entertainment was a much more fragile matter. Whether that still holds true, I couldn't say -- as far as I know, none of us can, as none of us have died. But the heroes made up for her apathy, just as they'll do now. That's just how it goes, and this time around the deck is stacked in heroism's favor.

Don't misunderstand what I'm trying to say -- if you're going to make a spectacle of yourselves, I don't particularly care what happens to you. But every action has a consequence, no matter how untouchable you'd like to believe yourself. If you have any questions, of course, I'd be happy to answer. The only trait less attractive than ignorance is hubris. Let's not mix the two any further.
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So, how about our friends with the government, huh? Asking us to do a few favors?

[ He doesn't sound all that insulted by the proposition, really. ]

Here's my blanket offer, if anyone would like to take the time, and wants a little company, I'd be happy to take you out with me when I fly around the City -- or, if heroing isn't your thing, and you're interested in something that sounds a little bit more like R&D, give me a ring, and we'll work something out.

[ And then there's a lengthy pause. Like this was really just a way to get things started. ]

I think it's important for you new people to understand that setting a foundation now will help you later. As a whole, being away from home is never preferable, but sometimes...well, it can take some time. You might be here for a few weeks, you might be here for months, or years. Hell, look at me. Up until two months ago, we'd been in the City for ages, me for almost five years, and now I'm here, and here's the five year mark.

Mind, the scenery's changed, but it's still about the same, at its heart. We're still a long way from home, and I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm not going to let this little drawback stop me from doing what I do best -- which is making sure that we aren't a threat -- but instead a tool to help build a better, and brighter future. Which is why, if you're not careful, you'll find yourself stepping into something bigger than just being disliked by the locals. These things build up, and have distinct ripple effects on the rest of the world as a whole.

So just remember that, if you don't register. They've been kind to us so far, even with the tattoos. Let's not blow it, huh?

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Oh man they were not joking when they threw all this superhero crap at us. I thought they were talking complete garbage when I turned up, like some stupid prank they play on the non-natives. Woops, guess that's me on the back foot already, there's a surprise! So I'm thinking, if this place is meant to be grateful for us all doing them superhero favours, then I think we should all lay down some ground rules. I mean what are they going to do to us? Ground us? Send us home?

I propose free coffee for all imports as a start. They should be giving us all free coffee and free donuts. Cops get free donuts, I'm sure they can swing it for us lot too.

Free coffee, free donuts, and oh, throw in your two cents too right? I mean we're doing them the favour, the least they could do is return it some more.

Also I'd avoid the church down on third avenue, they're up to some pretty shady shit in there.
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[When the feed clicks on and the machine hums, darkness envelops the figure standing in the middle. It's either nighttime or he's found himself a nice, dark place, shadows projected on dimly lit skin.

The glow of the tattoo is obvious on his forearm, turned to the camera for everyone to see. It's clear the man wants it to be the first thing people pay attention to.]

This thing.

[It reads 'UNSETTLED'. He lowers his arm.]

Never been a fan of being branded.

[And he's been branded, more than once. First by his brother's last breath of revenge, then by Kaena's ownership. He was a slave and he was tortured, and this reminder of her scars is in no way welcome to the man who's barely gotten a footing in his freedom.]

I want it off.

Name your price. I'll tell you where to meet me.

[Since he imagines there has to be a way, and he imagines the government doesn't want the imPorts to know about it. But where else could he approach people about it? General population doesn't seem the way to go, so this will have to do.

The feed disconnects, now as quiet as the man behind it.]


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