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[Illumi had things to prove today. He spent this first month here lying low, taking in the workings of the world he'd landed in, and now it was time to put his secondary plan into action: Verifying Hisoka's claims. The first was that he'd been here twice before, and the second that members of his family had been here before as well. Anything he finds on the network will be taken with a grain of salt, but it's better than Hisoka's word alone.

The camera is focused neatly on Illumi's face, no disguises in place and with the backdrop being a plain wall. He seems pleasant enough, raising a hand in greeting.]


I'm looking for someone who knows me or is familiar with the Zoldyck name. Any information is useful, but I'll know if you're lying.

[He pauses, then adds as an afterthought.] Oh, and if you know of any recent assassinations in the area, just the victim's name will do.
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so i just got here

and yeah i got the whole welcoming spiel so can it

i got separated from my friend somehow but hes gotta be here somewhere. if u see a kid named gon that wears all green and is way to cheerful lemme know.

oh and what happens if u just skip school? theyre telling me i have to go to school when the new semester starts. ive never went to school before though and it sounds like a waste of time.

[Something about the tight-knit government around here, how he arrived, and everything they knew about him just rubbed Killua the wrong way. Normally he wouldn't even care to ask, but he has to wonder if there's some ridiculously disproportionate punishment for playing hooky. He's been here all of a day and he already doesn't trust the place.

The last thing he remembers from home was using Accompany On with Gon. By all means they shouldn't have been separated, and yet they were, which is why he's convinced his friend has to be here somewhere. Not that anyone at the base would tell him.]
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[He's back. Ah, and not much time has passed here, has it? Might as well prod at the network a little, though why not make it a bit of a game? He did have that endearing persona he used once before against... who was that again?]

[Oh well.]

when u show up here with rly cool powers u probably would feel pretty bad not using them 2 b a hero huh? (っ◞‸◟c)

ahhh but isnt that scary?? how strong do u have 2 b 2 jump a building?? all u heroes must b rly strong. wats the most heroy thing uve done here?? how can i get good at it! ᕙ(⇀‸↼!!)ᕗ

[Guess who.]

[Or don't. You can also just tell him about cool stuff you've done to make yourself a potential target and be fawned over and complimented because you're so cool.]


May. 26th, 2015 08:35 pm
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I've been an attorney for fifteen years. And I'll admit there were times when I thought about running for DA, or for mayor, but I've never really been a policy-maker. Maybe it's because so many policy-makers seem to make decisions with their heads firmly entrenched somewhere— you can fill in where on your own— because sadly, it seems like nobody has bothered to learn anything from history. Not their own, and not ours. Which, when you've had the catastrophic champion of a previous registration attempt hanging around drooling to toss in his two cents, the opportunity is quite clearly there. I'm sure he'll have something to say any minute.

[ Matt hopes he does. Matt sure as hell has a lot to say to him, right now. But he carries on in the calm, courtroom voice in the meantime. ]

So let's talk about all the things they didn't mention in that press release, because I for one would like to know:

- How are they going to enforce this effectively without tracking everyone's status extensively?
- How extensively have they been tracking this in the first place?
- How is a registered imPort going to know that the possible costumed Import is or isn't a vigilante? "Let's you and him fight"? I can see the lawsuits piling up already.
- How will they know who to target?
- Where is the oversight for this program? Who is giving the orders and passing out the information? How do we know that they're getting it right and not just adding names on a list?
- Alternatively, haven't they just handed registered imPorts license to go after who they want?
- What reasonable basis is there to consider that "registration" is an effective criteria for trusting that an individual has the training or effective judgment necessary to be trusted with what is essentially a law enforcement task? Is that really a trustworthy reason to believe someone can carry out their job?

And, most importantly:

- When mistakes are made, who the hell's going to be held accountable?

You see, I was there when the Superhuman Registration Act passed in my universe, and I was there when they tried to pass registration acts for mutants again and again before that. And when the costumed community turned on itself, it wasn't always heroes bringing in their former friends. They allowed criminals to become part of the program to hunt down the noncompliant based on a flimsy pretext— people who had spent lengthy periods in jail, mass murderers and a cannibal alien and a mad man who put on a goblin costume and went on to blow up Asgard. So you'll forgive me if I don't look at this and think it's an effective solution to the problem. Because I want to know the details. I want to know that this isn't going to become the same unconstitutional, poorly-organized clusterfuck I've already witnessed once.
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[ The camera is not focused on Laurie's face, but rather her hands, in which she holds a paper cootie catcher. The colors written on the four outside flaps are RED, BLUE, GREEN, and YELLOW. Simple enough setup, right?

She moves the camera up, then, smiling wide and nervous before her expression settles. This is as close to public speaking as she gets. ]

I know it's kinda childish, but I thought it might be fun. Ask a question --Um, a yes or no question-- and pick a color.
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[The feed's gonna first cut in with the image of the sky--it's a beautiful day, and there's enough big fluffy clouds to give some shade cover in most places. Otherwise it's burning hot. There won't be a face on the video, at first, it's instead going to curve down to a swimming pool, alongside what looks like a Hotel. There are kids playing in it, and a few adults hanging around outside on the pool floor, as well.]

Man, if there's one thing you don't ever see in Tokyo, it's stuff like this. I mean, we get real nice days, sure. And if you go out into the country, you can go swimming, too. But an outdoor swimming pool? [The camera pans up, and it finally shows the image of a sunflower-haired teen, a squinty smile that beams sunshine perhaps just as bright as the sun itself. ...He's holding the phone up-side-down, so he is, too. Sorry.]

Saw what I think was an alligator in a pond, yesterday, too. Just chillin', people walking by it like it was no big deal.

Talk about your strange things and weird surroundings. Really makes you miss home, in some ways.
Or maybe it makes home seem boring.

[He'll finally right the camera; a grin still plastered on his face.]

Unless this sort of place is normal life for you guys. Was your home like this? Or was it way different? I'm a little curious to know--I can't be the only one feelin' a little outta place sometimes, Can I?


May. 2nd, 2015 09:37 am
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[Hey there, network. Here's one Jaime Reyes who, unlike the rest of the population, looks well kept and well rested. He also happens to be wearing a shirt courtesy of Will Graham that says I DID IT ON PORPOISE, complete with an obnoxious cartoon porpoise on it, but he's not about to comment on that. He also happens to be holding a Starbucks cup with a logo that's distinctly not native to this world, because hey, it'd been a lovely, hot summer's day when he'd gotten Ported back in, and sometimes a guy wants a cold drink with some whipped cream on top.]

Um... hey, not to make it an echo chamber in here or anything [here's looking at you, Kotetsu] but apparently when the Porter takes people, it does it all at once. I got ported out a couple weeks ago, but apparently things went south while I was gone.

[A gift for understatement, this boy.]

It looks like the whole cure thing is under wraps now, but I read something about a dragon attack on top of it all? Once we got the all clear on the whole infection thing, maybe we should go and see about helping out the folks who got their houses, uh, trampled. [He frowns. It doesn't sound like it'd been a ball around here, but he feels bad for his absence anyway. He'll have to do what he can.]

...anyway, there's a bunch of people I need to check in with, so let me know if you're okay? I think you guys all know who you are.

[Private to: Power Girl]

I really wish I got back to you about this before I wound up being ported out, but I managed to get the report. There's some head trauma in there, and they said that either she took a heavy spill or got hit hard enough to snap her neck. There's no DNA on there, and they had some assumptions to make about how big the guy was, but if it was an imPort like you think it was, we could be looking at anything.

That's about it, honestly. I know that's not much help, but I guess the officials are as lost as we are about the whole thing.

[Private to: Will Graham]

Thanks for the present, Will. That was really nice of you. [It's a thank you that could sound rote, but of course, Jaime sounds genuine. He's going to treasure the heck out of that toolbox.]
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[Illumi understands the device well enough to use it without any serious fumbling. It's similar to the phones they have at home, so his face isn't too near or far from the speaker when at last he decides to post to the network. He's altered his voice as much as he can and video has been turned off. Precautions while he settles in.]

I'm looking for someone who knows how this network works.

[He wants to be able to comment and contact others anonymously, but hacking was always Milluki's forte. Seeking out aid over this network reminds him of websites only available to pro Hunters. The worlds don't vary that much, do they?]

There are a few things I would like to do here.

[And whoever responds to the ad will teach him or he'll find a less comfortable use for them.]

Tomorrow afternoon, I'll be waiting at the public library in De Chima. Send me a message if you'll be coming.

[All very simple and politely said with mild jittering noises in the background. He's done up as Gittarackur entirely, after all. Doesn't want to be caught if someone out there has the power to turn on his device's camera without his permission.

Plus, it's more fun this way.]

Ah. I'll buy you a drink for your help.

[People like drinks! Right? Damn, he's good at peopling.]

001. Video

Jan. 9th, 2015 05:50 pm
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[He hasn't been here for long. A mere handful of days. Even so, Chrollo has already spent a significant amount of time pondering his appearance here - or should he say, his reappearance. Truth be told, that's the strangest part of it: watching videos of himself saying words he doesn't remember saying, greeting people he doesn't remember knowing. It's as though someone has sealed away a part of his mind and that's far more disturbing than sealed nen. More disturbing, even, than appearing in a foreign world inhabited by people from worlds yet more foreign still.]


[There is a benefit to it, as well, and that is... data. Information to mine - who knew what about him (almost no one, and almost nothing, it seems - that's good), and what sort of approach works best when dealing with which person.]

[And it gives him something to say, too, on this, his "inaugural" appearance on the Network. So here he is, all kind eyes and gently failing hair, forehead covered by a bandage, looking sheepish at best. And here he is, putting on his best gentle, warm tone, when he says...]

Ah, this may be a little awkward, but... my name is Chrollo Lucilfer, and I've been told some of you may know me from a few months ago... or weeks ago? I'm not really sure, I'm sorry.

[Weeks. He's counted them, too.]

Unfortunately, I really don't remember anything about it. So if anyone would like to reintroduce themselves -- or introduce themselves for the first time -- I'd be most grateful. And most pleased to meet you, as well. It's a little troubling to know I may have lost friends due to my disappearance and lost memories.

Thank you very much! I appreciate your time.


Jan. 8th, 2015 03:59 pm
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[ When Traci comes on the video screen she's got a bright smile on her face and a pair of sunglasses propped on top of her head.]

So far I give this place a 5 out of 10. It's a definite improvement over the last quasi-alternate dimension I ended up in. Free housing is pretty nice too. [ Those are the main positives she's seen so far. ] The whole registration thing is docking some major points, so is the potentially being permanently trapped here thing. [ Potentially. It's said as if she doesn't fully buy it.

She twists her face up in to a mini scowl. She's not actually mad here, just slightly annoyed. ]

The file on me was also pretty creepy. I docked a point for the creep factor there. Where do those even come from? [ And who all has access to them? She lets out a sigh and then pauses for a few seconds. ] I'm also taking points off for the job. Magic: The Slathering body cream --nope. That's a nope there. [ Nope forever to school too. ]

So, I could do this other ways [ magic ] but it looks like this is the normal way to say hi. And I can do normal, dad would be so proud. Anyway, hi. [ She waves. ] I'm Traci Thirteen, though I think this thing already lists that part. I'm looking for any and all information people can give me about this place and about whose trapped here. I'd like to know as much as possible about the situation and the variety of people we have here. [ So that she can see what chance they have of getting out. ]

Oh, and hello to residents of Heropa [ she lets out a little snort, this place is seriously called Heropa? ] number 5. Looks like we're going to be roommates. I promise it won't be too weird. [ It's probably going to be pretty weird, sorry. ]
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[The name on the ID says ???? | Didi. She's a young woman with pale white skin, dark hair, and a little curly-cue underneath her right eye that doesn't seem to be just makeup. Basically, she looks super Goth.]

Ever have one of those days where you're feeling a lot more mortal than usual? Mortal-ish. Maybe that's just me, though.

But this is exciting! New place, new people, a new history I haven't seen before. Every time I think the universe is running out of surprises... well, it's no fun being right all the time, is it? There's something new waiting around every corner like a pony ready to pounce.

So! So, so, so! Figure I'll pick everyone's brains. What's your favorite part about being here? I have two already, and that's the two flavors of free malts they were giving out at that cafe place. But that can't be all, so I want to hear what the old-timers have to say.

Oh-- call me Didi, if you want. It's a cute name, don't you think?


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