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[ Kanaya is sitting at her desk, with Ashiah laying down on it in front of her. The little grub keeps glancing around in various directions, while her mother's gaze and smile is fixed on the camera. ]

I've been thinking recently about the cross-section of the imPort community who aren't human, perhaps most particularly since the ambassador elections last month. There are a sizable amount of us, not a large group, but significant. I've spoken with many of you on individual terms, and while the resources Governor Kang and SELF have provided to those of us with more unique needs have been invaluable, I feel there is still something missing in our collective socialization. We live the imPort experience in a way that many others won't fully appreciate, and I think we could benefit from sharing those experiences with each other.

[ At this point, Ashiah tries to wander off camera, but Kanaya suppresses a giggle as she puts a hand on top of her and scoots her back into place. ]

I'm unsure exactly what form that would take, but putting us all in a room to share our stories would be at least a start. If anyone is interested, please let me know, and I'll see about renting some space. Of course, if you have any special dietary needs, in terms of snacks, I would like to hear those as well.

This is generally something I'd prefer to save until we're in person, but... [ She's interrupted as Ashiah turns around and nuzzles into her chest, then tries to climb up her shoulder. Kanaya stops and laughs to herself, then plucks her off and cradles her, despite all her fidgeting. ] Anyway, for those of you who I haven't had the pleasure with yet, my name is Kanaya Maryam, and this is my daughter, Ashiah. I'm an Alternian troll, specifically an awakened jadeblood, which basically means I'm a vampire. She's a Daughter Grub from the same planet. [ She raises a finger, shaking her head. ] And before you ask, no, she isn't a troll, and she won't grow up to be one, either. Once she finally pupates, she'll become a Mother Grub. They acted as gestational surrogates for trolls, while the jadeblooded caste were their caretakers and midwives. It's all a bit complicated, this is just a general summary.

So, hopefully we'll be able to put something together moving forward, and I'll be able to hear all of your stories, as well. I'll be looking forward to hearing from each of you.


Jul. 12th, 2016 02:39 pm
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[ Time to be straightforward.

Time to be humble.

Time to-- ]

I'm looking for work.

[ --speak gruffly, pause, and then try again after a minute, with a better explanation this time. ]

What I mean is, I'm looking for temporary work until such time as I transition to a more permanent place of employment. [ Code for: I was fired. ]

I'm a veteran combatant and in the past I have corralled bandits, pirates, animals, monsters, and dragons. Considering those are few and far between in this place, I can also provide physical labor, fieldwork, and animal husbandry.

[ Clears his throat. ]

I am also an expert chef.

01: video

Jun. 7th, 2016 02:36 am
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[The camera cuts in on a close-up - a round face, piercing blue eyes with no clear pupils behind rimless glasses perched atop a snub nose, broad pointed ears sticking out chin-length black hair, fills the field of view, scrunched up in a look of the sort of concentration you'd expect from someone disarming a bomb.] What does that light- broadcasting? Oh, seven hells...

[The face scrambles back, revealing a person standing maybe three feet tall, dressed in a wizardly-looking sort of robe. They wave to the camera, smiling nervously.] Ah, hello! Sorry about that - devices like this aren't common where I come from, and the ones there are tend to be... hazardous, in one way or another. [If Allagan technology isn't malfunctioning from millenia without maintenance, it's functioning perfectly and trying to kill you.]

Anyhow! Malms Vovokosi, battle thaumaturge and adventurer, at your service. [He bows to the camera.] Now, since the Grand Company that brought us here has been so kind as to arrange employment already, I find I have a favor to ask. Does anyone play Illusion: The Gathering? I feel I should have some idea as to what the wares I'm to be selling are.
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[ The video starts with a blurry shot of grass and Matthew, speaking from behind the camera, in the middle of a sentence. There's also shouting in the background, laughter--the event being (rather inexpertly) filmed is a party involving five teenage boys, cake, and a giant slip-n-slide. ]

--got it, I got it!

[ The feed shakes as he tries to get the camera pointed where he wants it, revealing a number of the people involved. Here's a glimpse of a rather smudgy boy, eating a piece of cake with something like reverence on his face. There's Adam Parrish, cupping his hands around his mouth and hollering-- ]

Gansey, take off the damn sunglasses!

[ And then the camera fixes on the ridiculously long slip-n-slide itself, and coming down it right now? Yes, that is Richard Campbell Gansey III. That is Richard Campbell Gansey III wearing swim trunks and rocketing down the slip-n-slide from hell (more accurately, the slip-n-slide of dreams), and he's smiling like a king and somehow manages to make this look almost dignified. Though he did, in fact, fail to remove his sunglasses first; think of that what you will.

This is raven boys having fun. Matthew gives a shout of delighted laughter, and Chainsaw chimes in from offscreen but close by with a loud kerah!, which snags Matthew's attention.

The camera turns when he does and someone else comes into view--shaved head, tattoo clawing up the back of his neck, fierce-eyed raven on his shoulder. But this is Ronan Lynch as rarely ever seen--relaxed, unguarded, all posturing abandoned because who needs posturing to throw their little brother a birthday party?

Matthew sounds very excited. ]

Hey, hey, Ronan, I just realized. Since I'm old enough now, do I get to drive the Camaro?

It's up to Gansey, shitheel. If he's okay with it, I don't care.

[ "Shitheel" is in fact a term of affection, and you can tell because the easy smile on Ronan's face is one reserved for very, very few people. ]

Yes, I'll ask him if-- Huh? Oh.

[ Matthew laughs again, this time at himself, and the video shakes again as he pulls his communicator closer to his nose. ]

I must've hit the wrong button. I think everyone can see this.

[ Ronan's expression changes abruptly and his shoulders square up, because being video broadcast to a shit-ton of strangers absolutely does require posturing. ]


No, no, I got it. I'm just gonna-- Sorry, guys!

[ That's an apology to you, imPorts. Matthew's laughing again when he shuts off the feed. ]
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[Dooku's voice on the Network is difficult to miss: deep, resonant, rich, and inexplicably British despite him being from space.]

Good evening, my friends. As his probation officer, I feel it is my duty to inform you that Death the Kid has departed from this universe.


A pity, really. He only had a few days remaining on his sentence. I was looking forward to recommending his freedom from government supervision.

Now then, there is another matter I wish to discuss. I have been considering the role of emotion in the matters of power. ImPort abilities often seem tied to how we feel. Passions such as anger and fear can threaten our control, yet they can also spur our powers to greater heights in times of need.

In my Galaxy, there are two philosophies which have debated these issues for many thousands of years. One believes in the denial of passion. They insist upon tranquility and harmony. It is their belief that only a calm heart, without attachments, can attain true wisdom in serving others. They do not even allow themselves to fall in love...

[The Count's voice drops slightly, becoming a touch darker.]

The other perspective calls this a lie. It accepts passion as the truth of all living things, and draws power from it. It teaches that even the strongest of emotions can be embraced, and disciplined, and used to great effect.

I would be interested to know what my fellow imPorts think on this matter. Are our feelings to be repressed, or embraced? Which path do you believe will lead to greater fulfillment?

[Talk to the Sith Lord about feelings, Network. Also, if you're tagging him for the first time it's a good idea to check out his permissions post!]


May. 3rd, 2016 12:12 pm
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Hello again friends. Today I come to you with a question: When you arrived in this world, did you leave anything behind in your home universe? Anything precious, or vital to your well being? Perhaps something that is hard to find, or simply does not exist in this world. ...Yet?

[As Revan speaks, he moves between a row of strange machines: devices with spindly, segmented, almost spider like legs that work tirelessly on assembling something in the background.]

ImPorts are a varied and diverse group of people who hail from a multitude of exotic locations, with cultures that might appear completely alien to some. While this world we reside now is wonderful and accommodating, and our hosts do everything in their power to satisfy out needs, I know from experience that sometimes what it can offer comes up short. And as such it often times lacks ideas or resources to provide all that ImPorts need to be happy.

Many of you know me as Ambassador of Maurtia Falls, but today I'm leaving the politics aside, and I wish to discuss with you my personal business: Malachor Industries. A project of mine that has the means to fabricate or replicate just about anything within reason.

All I need is the design, and if the core elements needed to create it exist on this plane, I can bring it back to you. Or perhaps you need something that not even your world could provide, but hope may yet live that it can be created here?

So tell me neighbors, what have you been left without for too long now?

001; video

Apr. 6th, 2016 09:29 pm
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[This post is forward dated to tomorrow.

The video opens on a rather busy scene: a hotel desk, behind which the hotel itself is covered in various tarps, ladders, and the like. From time to time, someone passes by in this background. Worn jeans and worn shirts make it evident they're construction workers getting down to business. And once or twice there will be a man in a fine suit or a woman in a fine dress, all tailor fit and reminiscent of the 1920s. It's clearly not their first choice of uniform—the men may tug at their collars as they become more familiar with the closeness of fabric, the women may seem to have issues with their new shoes. The scene is simply a shot of this hotel entrance for a few moments before James Patrick March comes to stand in front of the desk, in his usual too fancy attire, wearing a pleasant smile. A moment of silence before he nods in the direction of the camera and ever so innocently inquires, all 20s charm and 20s drawl:

Well, is it on? [No voice answers him but he's gotten a yes just the same, and does his best to look directly at the camera. It's probably obvious he's not familiar with this. Like, just a bit.] Greetings! I can't say that I've ever participated in a televised broadcast, do forgive any mistakes I may make.

My name is James Patrick March [said with so much pride, this is a man who loves his name] and I've been among this world for just over a month now. Met a few of you so far, all very delightful. But I look forward to meeting more, and so this little announcement came about. You see, I'd been put in this town, Maurtia Falls as they call it, and been given work at a local hostel. Well! I'm quite pleased to announce under my new management, we are working to renovate, to elevate this hostel to a hotel. All has gone quite swimmingly so far, and the estimated date for the newly minted Hotel Castile to be functional is the twenty-first of this month. Now, where I come from, no one ever opens a business without celebration—it's pure bad luck! And so, I'd like to extend an open invitation for the twenty-third, the following Saturday, to every single one of you imPorts, as we are called, to join us for the evening. There will be food and drink, music, an open bar, a raffle...and if anyone enjoys the party more than they anticipated, there will be plenty of rooms to stay in until sobriety kicks in! The Hotel Castile will be proud to offer affordable rates and exemplary service to our guests in all regards.

[There's a pause, a break in the Super Happy Public Service Guy From Way Back When. He's engaging an eye battle with whoever's behind the camera. Seems he doesn't quite approve of the rest of their services, doesn't want to say the thing. The thing he eventually shakes his head and finishes with anyway, looking somewhat disgusted at this horrible offer they must include.]

...and complimentary Wi-Fi.

[The old timey dude doesn't appreciate modern reliance on the Internet, water is wet. But he gathers himself back together quickly to finish it up with a smile. One may wonder how strong his cheeks are because he comes across as the sort who is never not smiling.]

So please, do join us! The Hotel Castile is located at [address, delivered with so much joy, he is just such a happy fellow] and the evening's festivities are scheduled to begin at five. No one is ever late, however, don't be shy.

[Dude is a damn toothpaste commercial with all the smiling he's got going on right now. Like he's frozen in that form...for a few seconds before he squints again at whoever's holding the camera like, okay, he's done, right? This is finished, isn't it? Good job team, will that do, pig, or what? And that's the face the camera cuts off on—great timing, too, since the noise of a saw starting up had just taken over.]

[ Audio ]

Apr. 5th, 2016 01:09 pm
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[ Today's broadcaster: male, young-ish, and openly irritated, which may or may not be a result of a half-hour long struggle with technology and its use, just to get this far. One would assume he had been given the same instruction on how to use the communicator as ever other imPort, but one would also have to assume he'd actually been listening, instead of furiously stewing. ]

I don't want to talk to any of you.

This isn't an excuse to get social with me.

I need information and if you've got it, I'll listen. If not, piss off.

[ With that friendly, rousing introduction, he immediately continues: ]

Why is some parking paid but some isn't? How do you pay it? Why are tickets involved if they're not for travel?

Is "cola" how you poison your enemies?

What is "weefee" and what's it connecting to?

Has there always been one moon here, or did there used to be more?

[ And then, after a long, surly silence: ]

I need recommendations for markets with fresh produce. In bulk.
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Hey there.

[it's a Louisiana accent, for those in the know. A Louisiana accent attached to a wary (and worn) looking man in his late thirties, rubbing a hand against the rough stubble on his chin. He's in a black suit jacket over a simple white, striped formal shirt, a black tie. Not Sam's usual fare, not by far, but no one here is going to know that.]

...So I'm gonna warn you now that you've probably heard all I'm gonna say before. Sorry for that. I have spent a little time gettin' some lay of the land, probably not enough, but enough to get that I'm not the first to be this confused at showin' up, or the first who's come from somethin' a little hard, and who this situation ain't exactly helpful to. I get that, and I won't bother you none with it.

Now, I've figured out through the lack of True Blood on the shelves an' the fact that apparently my town doesn't even exist anymore, that there's a lot more to this than bein' a few states over. And I'm gonna try to adjust to that, same as anyone. I'll even give bein' an assistant manager at the De Chima Vineyard a good go, despite not really bein' a wine man.

But... [he sighs deeply] ...the best way I figure to do that adjustin' is by talkin' with people. I've always found that more helpful than just nosin' around on my own. I owned a bar and grill back in Bon Temps - that's that non-existent town I mentioned - and managed some rentals. People and business are what I know. They're what I'm comfortable with. So I hope you don't mind me askin' ya'll to just talk with me a bit. Maybe 'bout what it's been like for you to be here, or any tips you've got for a newcomer. Hell, at this point I'd just settle for you givin' out the name of your favorite place to drink or eat.

'Cause sometimes all we need's just not to feel alone.

[he licks his bottom lip, considers, and nods his thanks.]

So, my name's Sam Merlotte. I'll thank you in advance for hearin' me out.


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