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Mar. 11th, 2015 07:22 pm
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We've got posts up playing icebreakers and asking for people to regale them with the exciting tales of their weekend, so I think it's safe to say that we're past the current crisis? We better be, because I'm sick of slicing my fingers up leafing through the classifieds and don't need anybody jumping on me for being flippant during a tragedy.

[so preemptively defensive, Hazel. maybe you should have had somebody proofread this before sending it out.]

I'm looking for a job. I had this whole thing typed up with my preferences and abilities, but it ended up sounding like I was looking to run bootleg liquor over the border.

Which. I mean, if there's an opening for that I'm totally down for an interview? But that's not exactly the kind of thing you advertise for.

I was a private detective back home, buuut honestly I think I broke more laws than solved actual cases. No convictions, though! Uh. The point is I have a shitty skillset and I am super desperate. If the job's not boring as hell and it can finance dozens of pre-ordered video games I'm interested.

Look, it's this or I start prying radios out of hovercars. The crime rate of Heropa is in your hands!!
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Okay, so... I've been trying to keep using 'em to a minimum, but uh...

[Heaving a sigh, Yang raises her arms and her gauntlets extend to their full functionality, only to whirr and click uselessly.]

...I am completely out of ammo, and unless someone around here can point me to a shop that sells Dust cartridges, I'm gonna be out a while. So I figure I should ask- anyone here think they could help me find a good substitute?
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[ Those lurking the comm the afternoon of March 9th will spot Jolly Jonah himself staring near aimlessly into the camera. The man is sitting on a brown recliner, and he's tired. It not hard to tell, especially given the pile of paper that can be seen just out of the frame and the fact that there are at least 8 stogies in the ash tray next to him. He's got a new one in his mouth right now, actually!

But still, for as tired as he looks, you'd never guess that by the way he speaks. While most new imPorts have a reputation for being rather displeased with being so rudely yanked from their homes, JJ's overall demeanor is...surprisingly pleasing. So much so, that he begins speaking at a mile a minute as soon as the video turns on. ]

Well, it's about damn time somebody recognized my heroics! Looks like whoever's doing the import thing is finally makin' some steps in the right direction, eh? I mean, just reading about some of the weirdos you've brought in before me? Glad to see you're starting to pick out some upstanding citizens like myself!

[ He taps his cigar against the ashtray next to him, getting rid of the excess ash. Some gets on the arm of the chair, but J.J. doesn't flinch at that. ]

In fact, I recommend that whoever is running this damn thing pick out my son next! John Jameson, real American hero, that one! Don't bring in my wife, though. Lord knows that I could barely stand her back in New York, can't deal with all the friggin' nagging she'd do down here.

[ Suddenly, his entire demeanor changes. He now speaks to the camera head-on, dissuading any need for tangents. He's large and in charge and everybody has to know. ]

You can call me J. Jonah Jameson! Why am I telling you this, you might ask? Well, maybe if you stopped askin' so many damn questions in the first place and let someone with intelligence speak, I could tell you! Anyway, point is, that is a name you ingrates are gonna be hearing a lot from now on. See, back where I come from, I was a pretty big deal! Nobody wanted to mess with the likes of me!

So, for all of the so-called "vigilantes" out there? There's a new hero in town and the only superpower he needs is the power of the press!
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[Teddy's taken Hulkling form for this one; if his team are here, and they're using their identities for some reason, it's probably for the best he does the same. He smiles at the camera, perfectly cheerfully, although it might look a little incongruous with his massive frame and green skin.]

Hey, just wondering if anyone's got any news on some friends of mine. I don't even know if they're here, but it's worth asking, right? So if you hear of anyone calling themselves the Young Avengers, could you let me know, please?

[He clears his throat, and his face falls a little, looking slightly awkward and much more anxious. He's obviously worried, and trying not to show it. Then again, who wouldn't be worried if they didn't know where their boyfriend was?]

Or if you've seen anyone called Wiccan- he's about five foot eight, black hair, red cape, really cute, uses magic- could you tell him Hulkling's looking for him? Thank you.


Feb. 15th, 2015 01:19 am
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It's been a long time. How has it been? What have I missed?

Sorry. I just realized: I don't care. I do care about the fires, however.

[ She's been in a neighborhood, slowly gathering up flames. It occurred not long after she belatedly visited the registration ceremony. (Spoiler: she didn't sign up this time.) Half the time she's tempted to contribute to the fire, but the other half just wants her to just lay down on the pavement and relax, enjoy the heat and screams. As a result, she's conflicted on what she wanted to do. ]

And for once, the fires are not my doing. A small regret, because I really want to burn something. It's better than freezing to death, I say.

Do you know what it is like to have some parts of your body completely frozen, and have them soon broken off? I do.

Burning is a mere joy compared to that. But I'm a dragon, so I can't burn. How fortunate of me.

[ She would frolic in the flames, even. ]

I don't think there's much I can do in this burning city. I best be going back.

But if I find even one coin missing from my lair I will set the entire southeastern region on fire. If you don't believe me, ask Kang, if he's still here. If he's not here, then you better hope no coins are taken from my hoard.
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[H'ssssk is lounging about in some junk filled room, idly working away at sharpening his claws. Gaze and be jealous of how relaxed he is mammals!]

Mammals! Have you all killed each other yet? Can you hurry up and get it over with, it'll make saurian rule much easier if you get rid of yourselves. Saves me crystals too. Don't tell me the chaos stopped for your imbecilic holiday of hearts and candy? Stop with the flowers and fornication and get on with wiping your species out!

001. voice

Feb. 12th, 2015 08:11 pm
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[The name that shows up on the entry is "Tadashi" because you better believe he's not taking chances in a place like this. Optimistic? Yes, absolutely. But not risking safety and trying to keep the whole 'internet safety' role model in tact is something else. Besides, he'd never hear the end of it from his little brother if Hiro saw him posting to this network with his full name. So yep, another one that hacked his user ID settings.

There's a fairly substantial pause at the beginning of the recording while Tadashi tries to suss out the buzzing in his head and how to word his question without being too obvious. He eventually sets the device down on the desk in front of him, making his voice sound distanced a bit.]

I could use some input on something if anyone could help. Best non-destructive pranks while snowed into your own house, what've you got?

[He hasn't forgotten that dare Hiro made Lana do or the cheap snowball shot in the yard. It is on.]
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so i gotta say this is a bit different than wwhat im used to but this clunky piece a shit seems to be wworkin noww
evven if its stupid autocorrect function keeps tryin to fix my quirk
shitty pain in the ass piece a trash human technology
guess ill deal wwith it for noww
ANYWWAY this aint wwhat i wwas expectin to see on the other side of the transportalizer especially after uhh
wwell nevvermind
that shit aint any a your lots business
i suppose this is a better option in SOME case than wwhat i might havve had back wwhere i came from
still aint too keen on howw the wwhale gibberish fuck i wwas evven brought here proper
i mean sure there wwas that siltsucker that laid all the deets on me about this horseshit but i wwasnt exactly LISTENIN cuz honestly wwho givves a fuck about that nonsense
except i guess noww i do since im wwonderin about it

i doubt im the only one of us trolls wwho got taken here unless im some special case
that a wwhich i wwouldnt be surprised considerin wwho i am but i digress
i imagine itd likely be one a you that are still breathin
or otherwwise aint sufferin holes in your personal torsos
so come on showw yourselvves i aint got all night
or i guess i do but i really rather not wwait for your cowwardly asses to muster the courage to speak the fuck up
so come on wwho a you are skulkin around these wwaters
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[ the audio is fumbly & like theres too much wind at first. its awkward & theres a muttered 'manischivetz' in the background before suddenly it gets silent like someone went inside. the voice from before speaks up, louder & clearer, with a distinct queens accent lacing her words.

the name attached to the post is jessica drew

... You know, if someone asked the one place I'd refuse to go in the world, I'd tell them Florida. But I guess I died and went to the last ring of Hell anyways.

[a beat. its a poor quip but shes too thrown for a loop & not to mention extremely wary of her whole situation to actually be funny. ]

It looks like I'm paparazzi here. Follow you until you... whatever. [ theres a sound like she wants to say more. she wants to see if her teams here but she doesnt trust this network & or the systems here. so she just hangs up. ]


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