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Hey there, everyone! I've got a question, that hopefully someone can answer.

[ There's a beat, a shuffling of papers. ]

So the classes I'm meant to teach are about wrapped up - just a couple weeks left. And since I had been wondering, before-

Who here is acquainted with the law, here? I assume I'd uh, need to re-apply for the Bar Exam if I wanted to practice, obviously. I just need to know who I need to talk to, if there's special requirements, for ImPorts.

Obviously, I'm not expecting a free pass, or anything, but I know there might be... differences in what I'm used to and here, so! I just want to get things cleared up and hopefully get on track to defending people once more.

If you've got any answers, feel free to get back to me!

Oh and, uh, to everyone else - nice to meet you! My name's Phoenix. I'm uh. Maya's friend, if you know her. I suppose I should have made that clear by now...
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Tomorrow, as I understand it in this world, is a holiday called Memorial Day. It exists to remember those who gave their lives during service in this nation's armed forces.

Where I come from, the world seems to be perpetually at war. The three great powers-- the Chinese Federation, the European Union, and my home country, the Holy Britannian Empire-- are always struggling for some corner of the globe or not. I do not know how many people have died, but I can only imagine it is many.

Some of my family members have died as a result of this, like my brother Clovis. Some days I miss him very much.

Who would you like to remember, on a day like tomorrow? Please, tell me about their lives, if you wouldn't mind.
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My...apologies. I realize it's quite late. Many of you may be in bed already, as I too should be...There's a serious matter I wished to ask about if you'd take a moment and offer me a little of your time.

[Compared to his usual cheerful self, he seems quite solemn as he sat listlessly in his room. Out of desperation, he was turning to the network.

But that was to be expected, all things considered. This wasn't an easy matter to accept. Of course he should be happy that there was a possibility of Ivan having gone home, but he isn't sure. He's rather worried since there's no way of knowing if something happened to him when there were no signs of a struggle. Based on what he's heard before about a rash of kidnappings in the recent past, he cannot say.]

You see, a friend of mine who was roomed with me in Heropa #26 has recently..disappeared. I called the authorities and called them again, to report him as a missing person but they've seen no sign of him thus far. I realize it's only been two nights but. I looked and I looked, but he never came home from work. He was a cashier at KAWAII!! Imported Japanese Goods.

His name is Ivan Karelin, he's a friend and colleague of mine from Sternbild City. He's blond, and has purple eyes, which I hear is a somewhat unusual trait. He loves Japanese culture, and wears a purple jacket with the word "Japan" inscribed on the back.

[Unfortunately he can't exactly give away any more details than that, especially not concerning his alterego as Origami Cyclone.]

I fear something may have happened. I'm afraid I don't know exactly what happened. If you've seen him, or anyone matching that description, would you let me know? Thank you and thank you again.

( video )

May. 4th, 2016 09:24 pm
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[ the feed begins with the lower half of a pale, tattooed face. the narrow shoulders also visible in the frame are pulled taut, giving the figure the look of someone maybe a perpetual half-second away from bolting. there's a moment, then a hand lifts to adjust the communicator, revealing the rest of the face-- and some fairly pointy ears. an elf, then, and one from thedas given the tattoos. he stares for a few wary moments, then takes a bracing breath and forces his shoulders to straighten. ]

Good evening. I-- [ right. this isn't even as bad as addressing the court in halamshiral, mahanon. you've got this. you were first of your clan. you're the inquisitor. you've physically walked in the fade and time-traveled and drank from an ancient well of knowledge left by one of your gods. this is nothing, right? .. ugh. ] My name is Mahanon Lavellan, lately of the Inquisition if that means anything to anyone. I'm looking for anyone who might also be from Thedas.

[ a beat, head tilting, and his glance slides away from the camera. he appears to be in a park, or at least somewhere with trees, and apparently there are other people around if the background noise is any indication. he hesitates, then glances back to the camera again. ]

.. Am I the only elf here? I.. haven't seen sign of alienages in this city, and I didn't think to ask before. [ because it's never occurred to him that his people might not exist in other worlds. why would they not? humans seem to be everywhere, after all. he's been getting second and even third looks, of course, but no one's challenged his right to go anywhere, and no one's called him a knife-ear. everything about this experience thus far has been surreal. (and he'd thought the inquisitor business was mad.)

there's another brief pause, then a slightly helpless, bewildered glance. ]
And I suppose I should ask if there's any sort of.. more helpful.. book? [ he reaches up, tapping the communicator. ] This was explained to me, which I'm grateful for, but there's a great deal about this world that's extremely new for me. The currency, for one thing. [ a small, tired laugh. ] My list of things to ask about is getting quite long, actually.
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Coming back is always the hardest part.

[It’s a blunt statement to start a network post off with, and the teenager voicing it doesn’t sound comfortable with it. Or with doing this at all. In fact, he sounds like he’s completely exhausted, voice strained and words running slightly together.]

Sorry, I guess I should make that clearer for those who haven’t gone home and been ported back yet. If you didn’t know, you forget everything about this world when you leave it and if you return, all the memories you had come back all at once. It’s like… [He pauses, trying to figure out how to best phrase this.] Two different versions of you, suddenly overlapping. Feeling everything they felt. Remembering everything they did. It’s happened to me twice now, and it’s...difficult. To try and remember that they’re both you. At least it is for me, anyway. What's more important, what happened in your world or what happened in this one? Does it even make a difference?

[Another even awkwarder pause ensues.]

Um, right. Introduction. I should have started with that. My name is Shinji Ikari. I’m fourt-[wait that's not right anymore]sixteen years old. Until a few hours ago, I lived in Neo-Tokyo-3, Japan. Yes, most worlds don’t have a city like that. I know, believe me. Like I mentioned, I’ve been here before, and I lived in the City before that for about two years. I-

[He trails off into nothing. There’s silence for a few seconds. He could leave it at that, but...he wants keep moving forward, doesn’t he? If not, then what was the point of any of this? The quiet is broken by a small, nervous chuckle.]

I guess none of that really matters now, does it? I’m starting my life over from scratch.

When I was here last, I tried...to stay off the network. I wanted to keep my head down, and pretend to be normal. When I did that, I pushed people away. People who cared about me. I don’t want to do that again. I don’t want to be that person again. So this is my promise to be better and making it here in the open, where everyone can hear, will make it harder for me to forget that. Hopefully.

[ All of that came out almost at once, and he hadn’t actually intended it to. Stopping just didn’t feel like an option either.]

Sorry for taking up so much of your time, everyone. It’s - it’s good to be here. [Or anywhere, really.]


Apr. 17th, 2016 08:29 pm
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Hey, everyone. Listen. I had an idea. See, I've heard those... heroes running around have special names for themselves. Different names. Like... super man or something.

So. I've decided.

[Whoa now, he sounds proud of himself. That's probably not a good sign, where Iron Bull is concerned. And this is something everyone can thank the one and only Sky High for, since the nice man has been filling Bull's head with talk of Hero Names.]

Get this. Instead of the Iron Bull, how about we go with... The Iron Dragon?

[There's a pause. Like he's waiting for a reaction.]

Yeah? Huh? Intimidating enough? I figured it would be. It has a better, scarier ring to it.
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[His voice comes out a little hesitant - embarrassed, maybe.]

Uh, hey there. I suppose I should re-introduce myself, since a certain someone pointed out I hadn't posted since I... uh, tried to get help with my powers. Thanks for that, by the way, everyone! It's been a couple months now and I've got the hang of it.

Anyway, I'm Phoenix, Phoenix Wright. But uh, now I've got a different problem. See, they uh... assigned me a job. And, I mean, it is something I have some experience with, and I've been doing alright introducing the basic concepts, but...

[A groan.]

Why do they think I can teach law here just cause I practice it at home!?

I've never had to plan lessons before, and I'm supposed to teach National Security Law to Students? I'm not exactly an expert on that level of the law, not to mention this place is... well, a lot different!

...I suppose I should explain what I did at home, too. In case anyone is interested. Back home, I was a defense attorney. So if people need help, I can offer to represent them - at least, I'm pretty sure the Bar Exam isn't that much different than the one I took. I've got a pretty good track record, too. So... if you need someone, I'm always on hand - it's sure something I have more experience with than teaching.

[A beat.]

Which - if anyone has any tips, uh, feel free to let me know! I-I could use some help...!

[He chuckles, nervously, before shutting off the audio.]

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Apr. 13th, 2016 02:23 pm
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[The network ID reads 'Fuu Hououji', but she's not putting her face to it.]

Good day, fellow imPorts. I've been considering something for a few months--perhaps I should have asked this earlier but it's been complicated recently and I don't have previous experience with the idea of being a 'superhero'.

I know it's practice for many to assume secret identities for superhuman feats and other sorts of derring-do, but I've also noticed that it isn't universal. I haven't done much in the way of individual combat or rescuing, but it's only a matter of time.

So I was wondering: if you have a secret identity, why did you make that choice? What are the pros and cons, and do you use it only on this Earth, or at home as well? If you work under your own name instead, why do you do that? Was it a conscientious decision?


Apr. 9th, 2016 11:03 pm
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Even though I am certain that it wasn't April for me back home before I arrived, it is here and I have checked the calendar to confirm the date.

Today is my birthday.

[Her lips quirk a little.]

Now a lady shouldn't have to reveal her age but I am old enough to drink. The strange thing is, the year is 1946 for me back home and it's 2016 here so technically I would be far older than what I am.

[A pause.]

Rather than getting caught up in technicalities, I'd like to invite people to a gathering at the training place I run. Those of you who are already students of mine will know where it is, but for those who don't, the address is [Peggy states it.]

Feel free to bring your own drink and food. There will be some light refreshments and music, as well as a cake. The celebration starts at seven o'clock tonight and will run on for a few hours or until I need to go home and sleep. [A laugh.]

I look forward to seeing people there.
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[Prior to making this post, Adrien spent some time trying to decide how to go about making a post to this network. Carefully rehearsing what he wanted to say before he ensures that Plagg is going to remain out of frame for the duration of the recording. Luckily the Kwami is happy enough to stay busy stuffing himself with cheese as opposed to bothering Adrien while he makes a post.

In the end, however, he decides to simply post with text. It feels easier than forcing a smile while he talks to a bunch of strangers.

Hello, my name is Adrien Agreste. I'm new to this world, to this whole situation, and unsure of where to go from here. I've read over the pamphlet but it's only the tiniest bit helpful.

I expect you, the general imPort populace, get a lot of new people with similar questions and I'm just going to be adding to the heap. For that, I apologize. But I'm curious and if there's anyone who doesn't mind responding I'd be grateful.

1. What do you do if you come from a world in which superpowers are limited to comic books and you really have no interest in being a hero? Not that being a hero is a bad thing, or anything, it could be kind of cool, it's simply a skill set I do not possess.

2. Is registering worth it in the end? Why do you think it is or isn't depending on your stance?

3. Would it be better to attend this Xavier school rather than the school for the general populace?

4. Does anyone fence? Or does anyone know of any good fencing schools/instructors?

I suppose that's enough for now. Thank you in advance for your responses.
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[A helmeted man in what appeared to be full Hero regalia focuses dead-center at the view of the camera, his coat and epaulettes fluttering in the wind, staring at it for a time as if he's either contemplating something or was just quite puzzled. In the background there were open skies, and it's hard to tell perhaps but there may have been a few birds here and there flying past or around him. Either he was up on top of a building on a roof of some kind, or he was just floating in mid-air.

Normally he'd have been on HERO TV even in this capacity when addressing the citizens. Was this a broadcast much like that? Given the phone they'd given him upon arrival was the only thing that appeared to be working however, he has little choice but to utilize it in lieu of his wristband that couldn't gain a connection.

Although the former King of Heroes was no longer taking orders from Agnes to get the "perfect" shot, it still seemed he wanted to pose just right, with his hands on his hips and then his arm lifting in salutation before long. It becomes clearer that yes, indeed, he's flying in the air, if the jetpack on his back was any indication. (Maybe the phone was floating too?) The stream of air he pushes through it brings him higher now and if he wasn't in costume, he may even have smiled.]

Greetings and greetings again! Is this not a strange, fascinating place we have found ourselves? I admit this is all quite new to me, but it is my deepest wish that if anyone needs my help, that they ask for me. I promise I will endeavor to do my best with all might!

[Maybe that's a little strange, that he's saying he'll help others, when it's more likely that he's in a position to be helped.]

I have agreed to protect the cities and its citizens, and so I say to you, my fellow Heroes, thank you and thank you again for your service! I am Sky High! And I am looking forward to meeting all of you!

[It was your generic in-service Hero spiel, of course, but how can he do anything else when he has very little else to go off of? They'd only given him so much information in the pamphlet. Still, he'd been attentive enough when it came to the details.]

Ah, before I make my rounds there was something I wanted to ask, if it is permitted! You see, I come from a place where NEXT are quite prevalent, but I've never encountered a place where you gain abilities upon arrival. I've heard that everyone has powers here. I don't meant to pry, I just have to wonder how that happened, exactly. They didn't really invite such questions when I arrived, you understand.

To anyone whose powers may have recently awakened...You may have difficulty controlling them at first. It's natural, however. You'll quickly get used to it, I assure you.

Thank you and thank you again for your time and consideration!


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