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Now that the age craziness seems to have died down and I'm not like ten or whatever anymore. Thanks for that, Hiro. [No. Really.]

So. Since it's been a while and all and Al isn't here. I was wondering if anyone else might want to spar with me? Hand to hand, I don't mind if you don't want to go into using our powers at the same time. I just need someone to spar against, keep myself in shape. I mean, not that working out on my own or helping teach Hiro isn't also a good idea but. You know.

[Having someone to spar against, to keep his reflexes sharp. Having someone that would be able to withstand a punch from the auto-mail. Not only that but someone different would keep him on his toes. Since he and Al both trained under Izumi and know each other's moves pretty well.]

A-anyway, I was also wondering if anyone had any more information on the Porter. I myself haven't been able to figure much and I figured maybe someone else who has been around longer or with more connections than a student might manage if they know more on that.

[Which totally is not him having something in mind. Resolving that the Porter and possibly looking into the native super heroes, especially those that died, would be the best bet in information that might help get back home. Or to bring Al back. Preferably whole. Which he's also still been looking into. An answer to help there in case he's still bound to the armor.

Anyone who knows him will probably be side eyeing this though. For obvious reasons of this being Ed and he tends to be something of a trouble magnet with things like this. Poking his nose in where he probably shouldn't, if Laboratory Five is anything to go by.....]
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[The feed turns on to show none other than Eridan Ampora leaning back from the communicator, obviously having just set it up on some surface before him. Since his ass is parked on the couch, it's probably a coffee table.

He looks serious, or at least as serious as a cape-wearing fish alien can look.]

Now that all that weird age bee ess an' other shit is outta the way for the most part, methinks it's time I make this little announcement. Consider it a PSA a' sorts. It's a matter of great importance.

[His eyebrow raises as he stares the feed down, allowing for a dramatic pause, before continuing:]

Upon showin' up here about a perigee or two ago, I came to the information that you humans got some system of non-gowernment when it comes to the waters of this planet. International waters, or some rubbish like that.

[A dismissive hand wave as he rolls his eyes.]

As such, the oceans of this shitty an' pathetic rock is left utterly unguarded, or ewen ruled ower for that matter. Honestly, it's one of the few things you human hawe done that's made any sense at all.


[He leans forward, resting his elbows on his knees as his hands come together, fingers lacing.]

As the only suitable sea dwellin' royalty on this entire planet, I stake my claim of the ocean--of all the bodies of water, actually. It's only right that someone such as myself inherits this world's aquatic reserwoirs.

[He's absolutely 100% serious here too. Which, probably makes this worse, considering he's making this on April Fools Day of all days. Not that he's really aware of that holiday.]

That bein' said, as the new an' rightful ruler of the seas, there's gonna be some laws you landcrawlin' sacks a filth need to follow.

[He reaches next to the communicator, pulling up a sheet of paper. Look at that. He wrote it down, this shit is absolutely offishal now!]

First of all, no more stinkin' sweaty pink-skinned animals in my waters no longer. You do enough as is to pollute the planet by existin' on it with your foul presence, don't need that sorta scum muckin' up my waters. Second of all, no more slaughterin' a marine life without direct permission from the Emperor of the Ocean-- [His gaze goes from the paper in his hands to the feed, eyebrows lowering.] --that's me, if you hawen't been payin' attention. The ocean is my killin' cauldron, an' it's high time you shorewalkers back the fuck off.

Last, but certainly not least: no more ships, boats, or any such garbage in my oceans. Trespassers will be prosecuted by the New Nautical Aristocracy, ay-kay-ay, myself, an' you will not see mercy for your transgressions.

[He places the paper back down, resettling in his seat. Trying to look aloof and intimidating all in one go, but when you're the equivalent of a 13-14 year old human, you just look like a ridiculous tryhard.]

If you got concerns, questions, or whatewer, I'm feelin' generous enough to entertain them, an' if there are any other sea dwellers I ain't aware of on this planet, feel free to contact me an' I'll see what I can do to work you into my new kingdom, we sea dwellers gotta stick together, after all.

The rest a' you, naysayers an' what hawe you, kindly piss off.

[And without further ado, he leans in to turn off the feed.]
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[...Have a teenage boy perched on his sofa with a takeout container of Chinese food in his lap. You're getting this post between bites of rice!]

I was out shopping the other night and saw something pretty weird. Didn't wanna say anything right away because I was wondering if I'd see it again or if somebody else would, but so such luck. Anyway, I got to figuring that I might as well tell the network about it now just to be on the safe side!

So, it was out in De Chima!

[Josuke pauses to gulp back a sip of water before continuing. For this part, he's not gonna be shoveling food in his face because that'd be kind of gross and inappropriate. Instead, he just wiggles a pair of chopsticks between his fingers. It's not great manners, but he's feeling kind of restless. Forgive him!]

In the downtown area...uh, I think there was a greeting card place nearby? I was just on my way back to the Porter when I'm sure I saw blue-green fire! You that creepy clown-masked guy's flames? I thought he got ported out a couple months ago, but there was a case in the news recently about some burned body found in the street, too. Said something about how nothing else in the area was scorched, just the guy. So it can't be a coincidence, right?

[The chopsticks wiggling ceases and Josuke shakes his head.]

I don't know if that Lunatic guy's back, but if he is...people should be careful.

[OOC: Replies will be slow because I'm fresly on hiatus, but I meant to toss this up the other day to reference Ariel's player plot! it is!]
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[Instead of the young man everyone usually sees when Maedhros gets on the network, he looks more like he's around fifteen or so. And he's practically vibrating.]

Two hands! I have two hands again!

[He tries to mostly stay still but it's hard when he has something he thought he'd never have again.]

Does anyone have a forge or something? I want to make things. [He wants to make all the things and he wants to make sure certain people can't use them.]
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Is it weird to ask for... advice here? I know this is a public forum, so don't feel pressured into answering or anything. I've just been thinking, and has anyone... you know, kind of managed to reform themselves from an awful person? Doesn't matter whether at home or here, I don't care about the details. I'm just curious.

And, I guess this is my real question, but after you stopped being awful, did the people you were awful to forgive you? Or did they just not want to see you ever again? Were you able to become friends?

Sorry. I'm just kind of wondering what the usual turnout for this kind of thing is. Guess it depends on the situation.
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( Hook is still having trouble running his tablet. he barely learned how to use his talking (cell) phone before he landed here. suffice to say different technology is not favoring him better. he's had some time to practice. . . not a lot to do when he's been in the hospital since he arrived. he isn't sure how long, it had been a bit of a disorienting experience to be in and out of consciousness as parts of his body grew back.

he's glad to be out. hospitals aren't any fun. even if this time around he wasn't handcuffed to the bed, and no blonde saviors showed up to press on his wounds.

(actually he would have been happy enough to see her he wouldn't have cared if she broke a rib or two.)

the question is, so, now what? and he honestly isn't sure of the answer. this network is supposed to help him connect with other 'imports' like himself, so maybe they can give him guidance. he isn't generally one to favor asking for aide if he can help it, he just has little options to the alternative. he'll suffer it for a good cause. )

I'm sure this has been asked before,
but is there a way to contact where we're from?

( he won't call it home. that idea hurts a little too much. and he has just experienced the pain of a heart growing back, he's good on pain for awhile. )

if I'm stuck here,
then at least I could tell those who might care not to worry.

( he doesn't know what he'd say exactly, yet. but if there's a way. . . he's got to say something. )
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[ The video feed switches on, revealing a girl around the age of twelve sitting on the edge of a bed. She's still wearing her outfit from back home, a dress with pink and purple colors. The recording appears to be her bedroom in her assigned Maurtia Falls home. In her lap sits some kind of strange, purple and pink doll. The doll's ears seem to move every now and then. It definitely appears to be alive somehow. ]

It's working! [ A brief smile appears on Elize's face, proud that she managed to get the contraption to work. Then the doll pipes up in a louder voice: ] Wah-hey! So cool!

[ "Cool", but when it dawns upon Elize that many strangers are seeing her face now, a blush begins to creep up her cheeks. Maybe she could have used audio, but she had a reason for posting a video. She holds Teepo closer to her body, but resists the urge to hide her face with him. She wants to get better at talking to people. ]

...I'm Elize Lutus. Hello. [ Her voice is shaky, but she manages a tiny, awkward smile. And more energetically, Teepo greets the watchers: ] And I'm Teepo. Nice to meet you all!

Um... I have some questions I'd like to ask. If we can't find our friends here, does that mean they're back in our world? I'd like to help everyone here, but... there was something super important that we needed to do to help our friends with too!

And my folder said that I'm a student. [ As for Elize's other question, she reaches for her folder while keeping Teepo in one arm. The reason she decided to use a video feed was mainly to show Teepo. She doesn't mention her part-time job though. No complaints at all taking care of kittens. ] I've... I've never been to school before. I want to go to school, but will they get mad if I bring Teepo?

I want to go to school with Elize!


Mar. 6th, 2015 12:43 pm
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[The comm video turns on. It's her first time post on the network and she ain't pleased, a good face to say howdy to a network of strangers. She's still dressed as a high plains drifter, hat and all, but one thing off about the get up is she has a name tag pinned to her duster coat with a name so long it's almost hard to read, but it says "TheRedPlainsRider". It was a real fight to get all of that on there. The name tag has the roomba logo on it.]

So. Can y'all tell me what sorts'a jobs ya got? Do they fit what ya got the life skills fer or . . . did the government just throw everything you ever learned out the window and give ya a job the two bit drunk from the saloon could do? 'Cause I really need ta know how offended I should be right now.

Any of ya brain surgeons or bridge engineers that'd like to trade with me and be a robot vaccuum cleaner "quality" inspector? Seein' as trainin' and skills ain't a thing folks 'round here seem to be worried 'bout, might as well grab any ol' job I can.


My job is stupid and I'm a bit sour, is what I'm sayin'.

002 | video

Dec. 8th, 2014 02:33 pm
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Hey, anyone heard from Henry? He didn't come home from school today.

[ Hurrying along on the sidewalk, business-like buildings passing just beyond her shoulder, Emma raises a hand to indicate. ]

About this tall, brown hair.

[ She turns the corner and her attention drifts off the camera quickly. ]

Let me know if you've seen him.

[ And she hangs up as she lowers the phone, on the move. ]
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[ The video opens on Booster Gold, shirtless, in blindingly gold spandex shorts, standing in front of the ocean. It's sunset, but the lighting's all wrong. Almost like it's... a fake backdrop in someone's garage.

Oh. ]

Hello, fellow ImPorts! Booster Gold here. Like what you see? Of course you do. Want to see more? Of course you do!

[ Photos flash on screen: Booster in an open-chested Santa Claus costume. Booster surrounded by teddy bears with a rose in his teeth. Booster dressed as what appears to be a sexy Thanksgiving turkey. Luckily that's the last one. ]

Enticed? Entranced? Other E-words? Shh. Don't speak. I know.

For the low, low price of only $19.99, you can be the proud owner of the Officially Licensed Booster Gold Mancalendar. Twelve months of yours truly — and what's more, all proceeds go directly to charity!

The Booster Gold Mancalendar — just in time for the holidays! They make the perfect gift for family, friends, neighbors, coworkers, and your paperboy. And even better, each and every copy is autographed.

All naysayers will be put down for five copies each.

[ WINK. ]

[Mercifully, there's a loud throat-clearing from behind the camera, which is hastily set down on a table or something.] Booster. Get to the cars already.

[After a moment, Ted comes into view.] What my friend here means to say is that this calendar here is sponsored by Kord Enterprises. Or, uh, what's going to be Kord Enterprises. Eventually. [He picks up the camera again and turns it around, to reveal what looks to be a stunningly gorgeous, new and improved Kord version of the flying cars that are so prevalent around Heropa.]

We probably should have included more of these shots in the calendar, but hey, here's a free first look for you all. So if you're interested, if you want a Mancalendar or just to take a look, come on by. The address is on the calendars.
[And in case you don't want a calendar, he gives the address here.] 
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Right, um. I have a question.

Is it lying to little kids if I get a job pretending to be Santa Claus?

I mean, I know it's lying, I guess I just... Is it a mean thing to do? 'Cause I have this reindeer, and somebody offered, and extra money's never bad, you know? But I'd feel bad if I was lying like that, and if it might be, like, morally questionable.

I didn't know people went around telling kids they're Santa, that's all. Is that just a thing they do here? A-okay?
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[the video opens on snow. she brushes back a stray hair, and manages a smile. it's almost natural-looking -- besides the slight, worried knit in her brows.] Hi. This looks like where all the imPort conversation goes on, so I thought it'd be polite to introduce myself.

I'm Snow White. Yes, the same Snow White you're thinking of, since it... doesn't really seem like keeping it a secret here is going to work. [her smile gets a little tighter around the edges.] Let's leave it at that I'm not the biggest fan of the Brothers Grimm, and I have enough trouble making woodland creatures file their taxes, let alone mop or dust. I'm much prouder of the work I do back home for our government than anything in the fairytales.

I can't say I'm happy about being here, and I imagine none of you are, either. But, since I don't seem to have a choice [is that a hint of bitterness???] I'll have make the best of it. I'm starting with getting to know all of you. [her voice is sincere on that note, at least, even if she doesn't sound super jazzed to be here.]
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[ sitting on what looks to be like the front steps of any typical heropa government housing, abigail is, for once, sans scarf. her long dark hair still manages to hide her ears, but her pale throat is still visible. visible enough that the still angry red scar on the left side of her throat is very obvious. ]

If you were used to hiding something, what would you do to... [ she licks her lips, seeming to struggle to figure out the right word. ] Emphasize it?

[ is it obvious enough that she means her scar? she hopes so because she just signs off with that. ]
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I know what you're thinking.

[ Maybe seeing a tiny blonde face on a video feed isn't the most threatening thing to see. She's not holding a weapon, and there's no glow of energy beams or anything, so it seems to be pretty far from supervillainy. But that frown? The set of her jaw? You don't see that too often on someone who's not determined to say a thing or two. ]

Who am I? Where did we come from? Who's the guy in the American flag and crazy waist to shoulder ratio? Why is there another announcement from yet another crazy new person who's complaining about liberty and personal freedom?

[ The brief moment of hey, let's talk about That Guy is replaced by a definitely not brief moment of angry blonde fury. ]

I don't know about you, but having questions like that kind of pisses me off. I did not take enough International Law or FutureTech 107: Teleporters and You.

[ A beat, then Veronica leans in, more or less until her face is the only thing that takes up the feed. ]

So if you know anything, or you know a Keith Mars, you better give it up pronto. I can think of some tasteful yet excruciating threats, if you'd like a little gas.
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So. That....broadcast. Data breaches, that, um...what was it, 'Lachesis' thing? Not quite sure what to make of that. But we were never told that much or really allowed access to the Porter except as a reward or whatever as far as I've gathered. So that's....not really new. At least that I'm aware of.

But that's....not really what I wanted to talk about. Seems like everyone's chatting about that already. I was gonna ask about....well. Aliens. I mean, we had the Reach back home. Among a few others that I guess technically are aliens but look human. I guess I'm just curious. I mean, with everyone here there is bound to be some or people that knew aliens, right? Were they....peaceful? Or did they attack or what? What about their laws and culture? I mean, this isn't just alternate Earths. This is...way bigger scope. Where I'm from humans are just kind of starting on the whole space travel thing, sending out satellites and stuff. So this is kind of amazing, an opportunity like this.
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[ the video feed opens on david as reflected through a mirror. is he taking a bathroom selfie? david, that's gross. his communicator is nowhere to be seen, and both his hands are leaning against the vanity. where is the camera? his visor, probably. ]

In my time here, especially since beginning work as a career counselor, it's become alarmingly clear to me that at least half the people here have no idea how to use the devices they're giving. Some of you are from times where technology of this nature didn't exist, and that may not be your fault. But it is a problem that demands a solution.

[ with a slight twitch of his eye, the camera shifts subtly. but the view takes on a yellow tint, and an overlay of the video appears on the left side, until it's quickly swiped away. he pulls his visor up to his forehead, and the yellow comes away with it. oh, he's in front of a mirror because he's showing off how much he knows about the systems, broadcasting directly from his eyes.

well, isn't that fancy of you, david.

Here at imPort Career Services, our job is to equalize the playing field, to give you the tools to live as full and satisfying a life as you're inclined to while you are forced to live here. Some of you have already taken advantage of our jobfinder program, but there's still more we can offer.

I'm going to be holding a workshop on Sunday at the community center, focused on giving imPorts a primer on the most basic technology you'll encounter in your lives: the communicator. We'll be going through the basics, how the Network app works and how-tos for various scenarios, and even touch upon some of the more advanced features, [ pressing a finger to his temple, ] like the mental relays.

In the future, I would also like to give classes on Office, Acrobat, and other programs you may encounter in the workplace, but our funding is a little in flux with the exit of Mr. Edgeworth, our organization's founder. I'll keep you updated as that situation progresses.

Attendance is free, just make sure you're there by 9am when we get started.

Have a good day, and enjoy your weekend.
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[There's a pirate leaning in far too close to the camera and blinking a lot. Then he frowns and moves it back a little. He spends a little too long staring at it and frowning before finally deciding it's good. Does he realize it's recording already? It's unclear. But when he finally decides to talk, he doesn't push anything. He just smiles, nodding towards the camera.]

Evening. I'm Captain Hook. And I have a question for our esteemed overseers. Specifically, those jocular miscreants in charge of employment.

[He lifts his hook. There are bits of wire and clockwork dangling from it. Clearly the remains of what used to be a clock of some sort. It's dead now.]

Don't misunderstand me, I'm rather dextrous with my hook, but even I have my limits. Really, clockmaking? I can hardly think of any tasks I'd be more ill-suited to perform.

Honestly, weren't there any opportunities for sea-faring careers?

02 | Video

Aug. 11th, 2014 04:04 pm
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[When the video comes on, Jaime's seated at his desk back home, a tidy stack of books visible out of the corner of the screen, and a larger stack of boxes smack dab in the middle of it - which is fine, considering the contents of the boxes is what he's here to talk about today.

He gives the camera a little wave.]

Hey, guys. I'm Jaime, and today I'm gonna be making a... really weird PSA. So as it turns out, we come from a bunch of different worlds and times, and some of these worlds and times don't actually have toothbrushes, which makes my boss want to cry, so! She gave me a box of free stuff so you guys can avoid cavities and, y'know, terrible breath.

[What he's saying here is that you guys - you medieval guys, you know who you are - are disgusting. All of you. That's okay, though, because superdentist-in-training is here to help.

He cracks open the box and pulls out a toothbrush, still in its plastic wrapper, and with it, a hilariously small travel-sized toothpaste tube.]

What you wanna do is squeeze some toothpaste onto this, and just -- brush your teeth like this. [He pantomimes it in midair, which looks about as stylish as it sounds. He honestly looks a little self-conscious but hey, it's a living. (Half a living. Maybe a quarter of a living, if he's lucky.)]

So seriously, if you need any of this stuff, hit me up, because I got like a hundred to get rid of. Also, it's super helpful in de-disgustifying your mouth and they've got, like, cheerful little pictures on it. It's a win-win.

[The aforesaid cheerful little pictures are happy suns with sunglasses and purple tulips, because evidently he got a crate of designs meant for small children. Beggars can't be choosers, right? He cuts the feed.

...and turns it on again long enough to add,]
And I got floss!

[Job done.]


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