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I—had everything. Right at my fingertips—

[Rhys' hands are being held up roundabouts the center of his chest, palms to the heavens, fingers curled halfway in. He clutches at air, unable to hold onto what he really wants, because now it's at least light years away. Again. That chair. That view. All of it, lost. And he's back in this place he once saw as a source of solace, but it's more like a fucking hellhole that should be obliterated off the face of the universe.

He's a little upset. The fear is back. The pain in his head from when he knocked it at the Swear-In 'last month.' Who understands time, anyway?]

And it's gone. Whoosh. All of it. Every last drop of success—all of it.

[Never has a man been more distraught. He sucks in a deep breath, smoothes one hand over the back of his head, and gives his comm a deadly sullen look.]

I'm back.

[The weakest, least excited fingergun pointing at you, kid. Bang bang.

A heavy sigh.]


[So. Very dry.]
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[A familiar jaunty tune plays and a cartoon font scrolls across the screen, "UnderSTANding Stuff with Mr. Mystery! Episode 2: Writing a Check, For Real This Time," appearing underneath a picture of Mr. Mystery himself.

Stan stands in front of the camera looking uncharacteristically stern.]

So the check episode might be cursed. But after Rhys-ent events, there's an educational moment here that can't wait. I'd apologize to Floyd for the post nightmare that editing the airing schedule titles is going to be, but he did eat the last glazed donut, so he's dead to me.

[He points at the camera and frowns.] Dead to me Floyd! ...Moving on.

Today's episode is about Stranger Danger. [This image appears to the side of the screen.]

Don't let the dumb rhyme fool you, this is a very serious matter that you should take very seriously. You might think, hey, I'll get into this guy I don't know's car! It’ll be fun to just drive off into the who knows where without telling my grunk-- family, and worrying them half to death! What could go wrong? ...Lots of things. Lots of things can go wrong. Lots of terrible things that the network won't let me go into detail about because it could "scar our target audience for life." But it rhymes with 'bread in a witch.' But even less terrible things could happen! Like being abandoned out of state by your kidnapper, and having to hide behind a truck stop pie rack for four hours while desperately holding your pee. That's a memory that'll haunt you for the Rhys-t of your life, kids.

[There's an undignified WAIT, WHAT in the background.]

So remember, kids, don't trust strangers. Especially g-Rhys-y people. With greasy hair and shifty eyes. One of them's not even an eye, just some weird robot implant. [Stan coughs, deciding to end that tangent early.] ...In this hypothetical situation.

And for all the weirdos out there thinking about hanging out with children, just remember: Avoid A-Rhys-t, Don't be a Creep.

[The image of Rhys appears on screen once more, before the scene around it fades to black, leaving it as the only image on the screen before the episode ends.]


Aug. 4th, 2015 09:49 am
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Hullo, everyone. It's Kitty. I've not been around for a little while, but - I'm back now. In Heropa. And, erm - just for anyone who cares - both Mandrake and Bartimaeus have gone home. So I'm the only one left from my world now.

[ Her expression following that announcement is a mixture of disgust (because that sounded dreary and pathetic, didn't it) and sadness. Then, with a little shake of her head (you can practically hear her telling herself to stiffen her upper lip) she continues on: ]

Right. So - all right. I recently made a rumblr - that's an account on the website rumblr-dot-com - and I've actually managed to get quite a few followers. It turns out people are completely mad for having imPorts friended on social media. Anyway, it's actually really great - there are lots of really worthy causes out there, and when I pick them up they get spread around pretty nicely. It keeps this celebrity thing from being overbearingly stupid. I generally ask my followers to bring causes to my attention. This week I'm trying to help raise funds for maintaining latrines in areas where people practice open defecation. A lack of proper sanitation is linked incredibly closely to higher rates of infant mortality and shorter lifespans, but a billion people in the world live without access to it. And it doesn't take all that much money to make a change. So I'm trying to raise funds for that this week. Next week, we're going to be taking a look at raising money to help with mass deworming.

My rumblr is called 'therealkittyjones,' if anyone wants to follow me.

I'm also looking for people to help out with some fundraising for these causes. I've been in touch with a radio station, and I'm thinking we ought to do a celebrity version of two truths and a lie - in honor of all that rubbish at the last swear-in, you know. What happens is you come onto the program and you give me two true statements and one lie. Listeners go online and they wager five dollars on which one's the lie. If they get it right, they get an autographed picture of you, and if they get it wrong then their money just goes to charity. You'll also put up some of your own money, and if I manage to guess on-air which one's the lie you have to donate too. I've gotten asks for some of the imPorts in particular - [ She leans forward and clicks to another window on her communicator, her eyes moving as she reads. ] So, Superman, Mr Stark, Mr Hundred, Mr Wayne, Mr Gamagori, Mr Taylor, Mr Xanatos, Mr Callaghan, consider yourselves called out - you know, reading off all those men, I just realized how sexist my followers are, eurgh. There are a few women on this list too, but not nearly enough. Olivier, Sabriel, Power Girl...Actually, you know, pretty much everybody's interesting to the locals. I think all of you are on here, the list is like five pages long. We've just got far too many men here, haven't we?

[ And she sits back, her eyes focusing as she comes back to the window of her webcam. ]

Anyway, it'll only take about an hour of your time, and it's for a good cause. A series of good causes. Plus you'll get to talk about yourself, and I've never met anyone who wasn't at least a little bit obsessed with themselves. So...let me know if you're interested and I'll set up all the details.

Right. Anyway, thanks for listening.
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It's—been interesting lately, hasn't it?

[For a while, everything had seemed picture perfect out here, in the year 20... something. Rhys has already forgotten, but for a time it was all parties and new job offers. He was kicking back, roasting merry as any chestnut over a controlled chimney fire. Within a few weeks, he was complacent, and then shit hit the fan. Splattered. Jack showed up—not the Jack he knows, but real Jack—and the last swear-in became a real work of art. Add in this new stuff that fortunately hasn't affected Rhys on a personal level, and he's starting to miss Pandora.

An eensy bit. Not like, for real-real. He just had such high hopes for his life here! Sad to see them crashing down.]

So, I was thinking of taking a short vacay. You know, just to—not be here?

[Where all this stuff is happening. The weird/unpleasant stuff. ]

And I was wondering if anyone knew a nice vacation spot. I'm thinking something lowkey, maybe owned by an elderly couple? Price range...

[Thoughtful lip purse and shrug of one shoulder, then the other, then they level out. ]

Above average? I'm on Google, but I'm always open to personal recommendations. Thanks.

one, text

Jul. 16th, 2015 12:21 pm
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[ man alive, he still is having trouble getting the hang of this device. That's what happens when you go straight from landlines to the internet. So, needless to say, Anatoly has figured out how to use text and is JUST USING TEXT, mostly to spare himself a bit of embarrassment.

and he has questions. oh he has so many questions. but he's going to start with the most obvious one.

I play chess.
Your government saw fit to place me in a job working at a pawn shop.
Has anyone else been victim of this terrible sense of humor?

[ there's an unspoken 'or did they just have it out for me.' no comment on the fact that the id is a CLEARLY Russian name, no comment on the fact that he's from 1980s, he is just taking this one confusing step at a time. ]


Jul. 12th, 2015 10:44 pm
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Hello everyone, I have a small favor to ask. [Sabriel's in a graveyard, wearing rather muddy clothes-she's making this post during one of her breaks at work, apparently.]

First- I won a car, thanks to that game at the last swearing-in. But unfortunately I have no idea how to drive it, though I'd like to learn- is anyone willing to offer lessons? I can pay you for your trouble.

[Someone, help her. Hopefully someone will teach her who doesn't view traffic laws as optional.]

Secondly- part of the nature of Charter magic is that it's a power granted by baptism, not birth- I've taken on several students here, and I'm always happy to teach more. I want anyone interested to understand that Charter magic takes dedication and training to master- the rewards can be great, but all lazy or slipshod spell casting will get you is singed fingers.

[And while there's a light in Sabriel's eyes as she speaks, it suddenly dies away.]

And no, I have no intention of teaching anyone necromancy, even in a theoretical sense. After the incident with Melkor, I trust everyone understands why. [Not that there's much theory to Free Magic- it runs on will and instinct, and Sabriel can't actually give anyone that power- not unless they already had it.]
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Assigned jobs, assigned homes. All necessities and what have you just... provided for us.

On the basis we play nice and all be heroes. Now... does anyone here think that's a bit odd? I mean, there's so much anonymity possible!

Who's to tell if one of us -- oh, I don't know -- strays from the path?

I mean, you can't even see my face! If I started running amok with these magic powers, but never said a word? How would you know? [Ultron laughs, right there, though.] Of course, there's not much a college professor could do, is there? Except fail students.

I suppose that's terrifying enough.

[Fishy, fishy Ultron. As much deadpan snark as there is in the words, every answer will be cataloged. Noted down. What better way to gather information than by mocking the system?]

Anything of note, yet?


Jun. 4th, 2015 08:34 pm
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[a little gasp. this thing's kicking on again, doing things. this it's not sounds-- it's...his face? Martin stares, baffled, holding his breath as he stares. slowly, he tilts his head, turns, recognizing this is...him? really? he's not terribly familiar with his face; his own reflections in the glass around here have been spooking him - one more terrible thing to add onto this experience.

he's quite the mess: grimy, sweaty, bangs smeared against his face, looking like he's just spent a day being chased by a pack of wolves. that...that might've gone over a bit better, actually.

after this beat of realizing this is his face, he makes an unhappy sound, his expression twisting unhappily.

his voice is very small, whispering:]

I-I don't...I don't know... [a sniff. he drags a hand across his face; the device is tilted, so the screen sees only the sky and the two buildings he's hiding between. late afternoon somewhere. the top of his head bobs in and out of a corner of the picture, and there's some rustling of pages and an abrupt crumple.]

I don't know. [a huff. the picture wobbles and there's a clack as the device is put on the ground; nothing but a steady stream of sky and some muffled sounds as ambiance.]


Apr. 19th, 2015 09:37 pm
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Hi. It's Kitty.

[ She gives an awkward little wave to the camera. She feels ridiculously uncomfortable posting about this right now, and it shows; she looks anxious and displeased. But - ]

I know there was a bit of talk of having a birthday party for me today, but it's been cancelled. For...rather obvious reasons. So just - if you were going to come, do stay home. [ Then, with a quick attempt at some comforting levity: ] Spend the time you would have at my party finding a good cause, and then when all of this is over with, volunteer with them.

[ Okay. Her attempt at a smile fades, and then she continues on: ]

Anyway. That's not...quite it. There've been a few people who've gone. Simon Newton, for one, and John Mitchell. And just recently, John Mandrake. [ This last...She does not look happy about that. ] And I know sometimes people come back without memories, so if you find them back, and they've forgotten something, please let me know. I think - they might not know to contact me, if they lose memories, so I'd like to know if they return.

[ Translation: "Mandrake was my blood enemy, but now we're friends, and won't it just be my luck if he comes back forgetting that second part."

Her next attempt to shake off her gloom looks like almost a physical effort. She just about twitches like a cat shifting its attention. ]

Anyway. While we're avoiding getting each other ill, why don't we do something to keep our spirits up? Has anyone read those books about the vampires falling in love? Billy gave me one, and they are bloody ghastly, aren't they? So, go on, then, tell me about the absolute worst book you've ever read.

01 | Video

Apr. 13th, 2015 11:12 pm
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Good evening, my fellow imPorts!

My name's David Xanatos, founder and CEO of Xanatos Enterprises. Don't worry if you haven't heard of it; it doesn't exist here. Or rather, it didn't, but I do mean to change that. I'm somewhat accustomed to working on the bleeding edge of medical and engineering research, and I'd like to continue working towards the benefit of humanity, no matter where I am.

I understand that we have a number of people in this world, imPorts like myself, who work in these fields? If so, please contact me at the earliest convenience. I intend to reward hard work and technical skill quite handsomely.

It's been a pleasure meeting you all.


Apr. 10th, 2015 04:53 pm
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[ Peter's had enough. He's tired of trailing after the shadows of Sylar like it'll get him anywhere and he's done this already. It got old the first time he got shoved off a rooftop. It got even older the... second? time he helped kill Sylar. And now? He's just over it. Long past over it. And he's not going to apologize for his behavior.

Which is why he's now taking a page out of Claire's handbook. Especially since he's figured a certain something out.

... Peter's seated plainly at a table, a rather large kitchen knife laying in front of him. You know, one of those you see running rampant in horror movies.

Hey, Sylar.ooc cut for slight gore )


Mar. 22nd, 2015 09:38 pm
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[ What have we here? A white mech with a big grin. Is he new? Most of the network wouldn't recognize his face. He puffs up happily. ]

I finally have my body back! It only took me several months...

Would you look at that!

[ Definitely a familiar voice. ]

Oh-! Right! It's me, Drift! If anyone wants to go for a celebration drive, let me know. I'm in a really good mood.
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[ At first, the video is so up close and zoomed in that all there is to see, is a bright warm light. But as the camera starts to pull back, it becomes more apparent that it might in fact be a bright eye, a lens of sorts, narrowing and widening as it twists. It's squinting more like, curiously, until it's wide open all over again, a face soon staring down at the device.

More of him comes into view as he pulls it back - a robotic head, then his neck, barely his shoulders - which is right around when he’s distracted by a bird passing overhead, looking around himself a bit before he finally drops his attention back down to the comm.

For a moment, he tips it every which way, offering everyone a wonderfully disorienting show (and if you can make it out through the blur, the visual of a junkyard in Maurtia Falls behind him). When he finally stops, he just looks confused, head tipped sideways as he attempts to ascertain the situation at hand. If he had a larger grasp on the English language, you bet your patooties he would be saying something about how this isn't where he’s supposed to be.

Which can be proven instead by what he does say, voice all grinding metal as he rolls the words like rocks.

Home? ...I, hero?

[ ooc; if you think you can figure out where he is, feel free jump right in to action if you want! ]


Mar. 11th, 2015 10:46 pm
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...guess I should figure out how this thing works, huh.

[That's what you hear just as the video comes on to show a man who... looks a little like if a grizzly bear turned into a person. The truth is, Uvo's been in town for a few days - so he's lacking the utter confusion of a complete newbie - but he hasn't been at his residence the whole time. Gotta get that last bit of freedom before he settles in, after all. Which means some people may have spotted him roaming about less inhabited spaces in the city the past couple of days, since he's, well, massive and hard to miss. But in any case, he's here now! Peering into the camera, frowning a little. Something seems to occur to him.]

Anyone ever figure out why they make these phones so damn small? The ones back home were just as bad-- worse, even. How's a guy supposed to keep in touch with anybody on this thing? Flimsy, too.

[well, now that that's out of the way-]

Ah... anyway, since I'm new and all, someone familiar with Nonah wanna point me in the direction of where they keep the entertainment? Maybe a good bar... no, definitely a good bar. It just seems like this city doesn't see the kinda fun some of the others do.

[Speaking specifically about Heropa and its recovering-from-terrorists state... yeah. Fun.]

Yeah, that's all.


Mar. 6th, 2015 12:43 pm
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[The comm video turns on. It's her first time post on the network and she ain't pleased, a good face to say howdy to a network of strangers. She's still dressed as a high plains drifter, hat and all, but one thing off about the get up is she has a name tag pinned to her duster coat with a name so long it's almost hard to read, but it says "TheRedPlainsRider". It was a real fight to get all of that on there. The name tag has the roomba logo on it.]

So. Can y'all tell me what sorts'a jobs ya got? Do they fit what ya got the life skills fer or . . . did the government just throw everything you ever learned out the window and give ya a job the two bit drunk from the saloon could do? 'Cause I really need ta know how offended I should be right now.

Any of ya brain surgeons or bridge engineers that'd like to trade with me and be a robot vaccuum cleaner "quality" inspector? Seein' as trainin' and skills ain't a thing folks 'round here seem to be worried 'bout, might as well grab any ol' job I can.


My job is stupid and I'm a bit sour, is what I'm sayin'.


Mar. 4th, 2015 07:15 pm
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[The face that pops up on the screen is young, pale, and composed, although Sabriel's at least learned more about how to use electronics since her first post.]

So, since there have been many new arrivals- I'd like to welcome all of you. My name is Sabriel and I arrived about a month ago. [And Sabriel's smile slips slightly as she says this. A month was longer than she was expecting to remain here- and February was more eventful than anything she'd expected from a world like this.]

Hopefully your first month here will be less eventful than mine was. Has everyone who was effected by the Hornets returned to normal? I know Cure Princess and I helped most of the affected people- did we miss anyone? In any case, if anyone has any questions, I'll try to answer them to the best of my abilities, although someone else has already assembled a "FAQ". [And with a great deal of fumbling, Sabriel manages to post a link.]

I'm also proud to announce that my friend Manfrea and I will be hosting a panel on magic at the upcoming imPort convention. Whether you have experience in magic yourself, or are simply curious about it, we'd love for you to attend.

And as a final note, does anyone know where I can purchase a sword? Something I'd be able to actually fight with.

[Then, Sabriel posts a separate entry on the Mirrornet.]

Everything that happened last month made me realize- we don't have many doctors, or people with healing abilities among us. And the fact that all imPorts have powers and no one from this world does will often lead to divisions. But I think I might have a potential solution to both of these problems. Why not teach anyone who wants to learn- either Native or imPort- how to heal with Charter magic? It doesn't require any inborn power, simply baptism, and using it to heal is simple enough, though it does require some training. And I understand that teaching people magic comes with some risks, but I'm willing to accept them.

[ooc: More information here Or PM this account or pp me at [ profile] sarahthesilent Despite what Sabriel wants, she will not be able to teach magic to NPCs.

EDIT: Actual teaching log HERE.]


Feb. 18th, 2015 11:49 pm
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[A young man appears on the feed; John Mandrake. You may know him from the imPort charity event a few weekends ago. You may have even indirectly received assistance from his organisation if you're an Unsettled imPort. Or you may just think he's some snot-nosed brat.

Either way, he does not look his usual composed self tonight. Oh, he's trying, for sure. But something is off. His appearance-- usually fastidious to a point, without a hair out of place-- is unusually somewhat disheveled. Perhaps no more than your usual teenager, but for him? It is Distinctly Odd. He looks... tired.]

Any information regarding the whereabouts of one Ms Kathleen Jones-- known to most as Kitty-- will be rewarded. She has not been seen now for at least 48 hours. Before you ask:

She has not been ported out.

I have tried a location spell, but it backfired.

Any other imPorts with tracking abilities or information on when they last saw or spoke to her will be welcome.

She did not have any plans to leave or "go underground" as I am aware of them-- though of course that means little. But at present we do not have any information whatsoever regarding a reason for her sudden and mysterious disappearance. So any assistance in shedding light to the contrary will be most welcome.

My name is John Mandrake. If you come across anything please contact myself or Bartimaeus on our respective lines. Good day.

[ooc: the beginning of the Kitty kidnapped plot! As mentioned, all locating-abilities will be blocked for now.]
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[ The video starts rolling well before Walter's prepared to sit down and talk. What the viewer gets is about twenty minutes of a frail and sickly thin, older white man in his tighty whities, staring blankly into the screen. A bottle of wine is in one hand, continuously pouring the contents into a glass as he drinks them down only to refill it again. It's the alcoholic channel, with a few fascinatingly thoughtful jaw clenches and an unwavering staring competition with the lens. Finally, he clears his throat and speaks up. ]

So this is supposed to connect me to others 'like me?' These so-called imPorts...

[ He studies his empty glass, turning it in his hands. ]

There's one question that never got answered, and maybe you can give me some insight? Clue me in a little because I sure saw a lot of fire and brimstone a few days ago...

[ He looks up, dead eyes focusing on the screen. ]

Is this supposed to be hell?


Jan. 12th, 2015 10:22 pm
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[If robot faces could look frustrated, this would totally be it. There are more important things she was worried about before she got here.

As it will take some time to get herself integrated with and accustomed to the network around here, she's going to have to do this the old-fashioned way. Much less efficient. But then, these were organics.]

If any individual has any information concerning this place or why I was brought here that I have not been given already, I would be...interested in hearing it. [A pause.] It also appears that quite a large amount of classified data has been leaked. I would like to know why as well. [She doesn't say what, though. Self preservation.

For the same reasons she's also a little reluctant to introduce herself--or at least to give her full designation. For now, she's simply a cleverly programmed synthetic. No need to get into the specifics of AI and behavioral shackles. Or, rather, the lack thereof.]

I do not believe this is any place I have seen before, and I have no records of any society matching the technology I have seen thus far. Any assistance you can provide is appreciated.


Jan. 9th, 2015 10:35 pm
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[ So hey, this is Annie. She's been a little hazy around the edges for almost a week now, having trouble even grasping certain items, cups slipping through her grasp- it's getting really out of hand. ]

Alright, this is getting ridiculous.

Has anyone else got powers sort of like ... Not invisibility-- Intangibility? Or something sort of like it? Because it's just being a right pain for me not being able to get a handle on it.

I can offer tea and lunch in exchange for any help, and I promise, I'm excellent, proper company.

-- Oh, my name's Annie, and really, I won't bite. I'd just really love to get the hang of this ... whatever it is.


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