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[june taps her finger against the side of the comms device she’s been issued. if it were up to her, she might not use it at all; certainly not this soon. feels counterintuitive, sending out video of herself to a presumably large and unknown group, to someone who’s spent as much time keeping herself under the radar as she has.]

[but it’s contextually clear enough that this is what one does--one addresses one’s fellow, ah, heroes with this thing. anyway, this whole setup isn’t so different from home. she’d just begun to fall into a little routine of playing along as prison physician--no, the irony there hadn’t escaped her. this is more of the same, really. play along.]

[the communicator flickers on: june, looking relaxed, seated at some outdoor cafe.]

So. Heropa. Nice to see they opted for understated with the name.

[her tone is nothing approaching resentful, though. it’s light, with a little almost-laugh at the end, there. she ducks her head; eyes back up. full name, she reminds herself, no record here.]

Introductions? I’m Dr. June Covington. I’m… ah, new. Here. As it were.

I’m sure I’ll be meeting many of you soon. [bright smile. everything above board here; definitely didn’t scope out any sections of the town for potential test subjects on the way over.] I look forward to it.

[she shuts the feed off. was that so hard?]


Feb. 26th, 2014 03:55 pm
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[There are a lot of questions, a lot that she's had answered just by being here, but there is always more than that. It's why she comes here today. Lightning isn't great at this means of communication; it seems more like it's suitable for someone else, someone not her, but here she is.

Some part of her realizes her questions will be telling, especially for Hope, but they are necessary. They're important to understand. Not only her situation, but this world's situation.]

I come from a world that was in danger. A different danger. Our war had long since passed, and what remained was somewhere that ... [She struggles with the words.] Use your imagination. [That works.]

What I want to know is the source of this war. Who's leading it? Why is it happening? [As a military adviser, she has a feeling it'll be important going forward, but she wants her fellow imPorts' opinions first; it feels important. This is their lives, too, after all.]

I also have some questions about the flow of time. A friend and I ... we're from different points altogether. He's from my past. But the past itself is shaky. Is that the same here? Should we consider all points in the timeline one and the same?

[What else should she add? There's a sound of uncertain shuffling, in part because she's impatient with herself for not knowing what to say right off the bat.]

... Right. I'm Lightning.
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[The video switches on, showing Mycroft looking as neutral as possible. He's in his room, doing his best not to show his distaste at shared quarters shine through. Mycroft even manages a polite smile, the expression not even reaching his eyes.]

Of all the places on this continent it had to be Florida. That will have to change, sharpish. I could argue it's the wrong country, but that's a debate I don't have the time to participate in. I'll have to just avoid the roadside food stands and hope for the best.

My name is Mycroft Holmes. I occupied a minor position in the British Government, so should anyone have questions along those lines then direct them to me. If I find them engaging enough, I'll answer them. As for the notion of "powers", I will have to accept what my eyes tell me regardless of how ridiculous it seems. I do hope some people here weren't lumbered with pointless ones, that would be cumbersome to deal with.

[No, really, why Florida? It's all hot weather and humidity. Ugh. Mycroft idly swings his umbrella, not used to having to introduce himself to others in this capacity.]

Well, this should be interesting. Do feel free to introduce yourselves.

001; video

Feb. 13th, 2014 10:10 pm
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[For long moments, Ororo simply stood outside, on House #015's lawn. She took a look around the rooms, sure, and she'd spent some time looking through the file that she'd been given earlier. But ultimately there was something about the house that unsettled her. It didn't feel very lived in, and though it was spacious enough, it felt too small. A little like the walls were closing in on her. So she'd escaped to the front yard for some air, and to gather her thoughts and consider her options.

She wasn't a stranger to being pulled into new worlds. It wasn't something that happened often, but it had happened before, so she wasn't too troubled about that. No, what did trouble her was everything that she'd left behind: the school, the students, her team, her family... For her to be pulled away from all of them, at a time like this, left her frustrated and more than a little annoyed. Outwardly she remained calm, but it was harder to keep the sky from reacting to her building temper. Lightning flashed in an otherwise clear sky, and Ororo couldn't be bothered to do more than frown idly up at the clouds. How fortunate, she thought, that she didn't have to worry about upsetting weathermen in this world.

Eventually, she finally takes action. If this were like any other time she'd visited other dimensions, it stood to reason that perhaps one or two of her teammates were around here. It was just a matter of finding them. She switches on the communicator and, after a beat of hesitation, decides on something short and to the point and, hopefully, wouldn't give too much away about her.]

Good afternoon, all. If you have heard of, or know of the X-Men, I would greatly appreciate it if you would please contact me. Thank you.

[ There. Formal, polite, and straight to the point. But... well, not very friendly. Ororo decides to tack something else on, in a much warmer tone of voice: ]

That being said... My name is Storm, and I am newly arrived. Our handlers have been kind enough to fill me in on the situation, but I must admit that it is still a bit much to take in. Would it be too much to ask for some clarification on the information that we have been spoonfed?
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Right. Okay then. I am not sure where to even begin here. I am not into this wifi tattoo/mental link to the network system they have here. It all seems a bit invasive and I'd rather stick to text for now. But I suppose I can scratch 'get a tattoo' off of my bucket list.

Anyway... kidnapped another universe! I wish I could say this I the first time something like this has happened to me. It sounds insane. Which leads me to my next question... does 'The City' ring a bell to anyone?

It's just. It's been a very long time and all this 'Hero' talk can't be a coincidence. Obviously things are different but... yeah. If anyone does recognize that name, I'd appreciate it.


ii. video.

Feb. 13th, 2014 04:12 pm
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[You can tell something about this message has been a long time coming when it first clicks on, revealing the bust of a young boy with uncertainty in his eyes. The moment he confirms it's recording is the moment he places down the communicator with small hands, before settling back and sitting down. His eyes are downcast, debating - until he gathers some more courage and starts talking.]

Someone died.

[There's a lengthy pause after the announcement. He just... doesn't want this to make him a freak. He has to remind himself he's not the only one with an ability no one else has. That's the only reason he's brought himself to reach out.]

I can see her sometimes. She wants my help, [As all the benevolent spirits who visit him do, in the end,] But she won't say anything.

I don't know what to do.

[Dr Malcolm isn't here to help him. They'd said goodbye once he'd helped that little girl back home, but - he wishes he were here to give him more advice, now.]
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[ The lighting isn't good, but it's clear enough that Harvey Dent is recognizable in the frame. Who else could that be, really? He looks surly, but on his good side his mouth almost seems to be smirking. ]

Do you want to know one of the reasons I'm glad I quit being a lawyer?

Human nature. Has its good sides and its bad sides, but they aren't even. Because good and bad people alike always pretend like they're innocent. People seize upon weakness to drag out skeletons that have been hidden under the porch, but sometimes they were already buried.

[ He sneers. ]

I hope whoever tried to call the law on me without evidence remembers that every story has two sides. My record's clean and so are my hands.


Feb. 11th, 2014 09:49 pm
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Hey, you.

[Kuzan, holding his communicator at arm's length, stands in front of his new apartment, staring at his phone with a bored expression--or, part of one. He was wearing a sleeping mask over his eyes. The mask itself was a bit of an odd addition to his pristine looking white and blue suit.

It was likely the best expression he could offer at the moment. There was little shock in his situation, though he barely possessed any to begin with. Rather, he was fiddling with his phone and trying not to break it on the first day.

His free hand reached up to pull the sleeping mask partially off of his face.]

Whatever you guys are called. I forget. [A beat.]

Where can I get a car? How much do those things cost, anyway? They're kind of cool. [Truly, he possessed a sense of priority.]


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