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Hey, Lana here, quick question. Does anybody know how you switch where you're living? Is that a thing we can do? It's not that I hate where I'm living or anything— Kamala, you're awesome, seriously— it's just I noticed one of the houses down the block was empty, and I was thinking it'd be cool to live with some friends from home.

So yeah, let me know.

[ Audio ]

Mar. 7th, 2015 10:00 pm
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The nanites they put inside of us - I want 'em out. Or I want 'em deactivated. Or t'least I don't wanna be revived after I die.

How do I do that?

[ he is serious; no sarcasm, no foul mouth, Ryoki doesn't want those things to bring him back to life. Or anything for that matter ]
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[ Getting shanked by the Tooth Fairy? Kind of a downer. It's been a sucky month in general and Hiro is just absolutely tired of it. So instead of wallowing in his feelings, he's been working out his issues by building armor and taking apart Hornet tech. He's still kind of idly doing that, but the video doesn't focus much on the tech in the room - he's still trying to keep from being completely obvious about his superhero antics, after all. There's still pieces of armor visible around the corners of the screen, though, and he's still got all his tools out. The 3-D printer in the back of the garage he's in also continues to hum loudly as it churns out more pieces.

But that'll take a while, so: time for a break. His left arm is covered in ... small insects? No, on closer look, they're blobs of metal that move and shift seemingly without any input from HIro. They move in a cross between insect-like and geometric patterns, shifting to help him pick up anything from a tiny screwdriver to the larger (and presumably heavier) pieces of metal strewn about. Good thing too, because the arm under those tiny bots is encased in a plaster cast.

Hiro uses them to fiddle with something on his desk as the video broadcasts. ]

There's been a lot of stuff going on lately here. Honestly it kind of sucks except for the tech involved. And I've got, like, an hour to kill until this next piece finishes printing, so anybody else who got tech out of this whole thing? Spill. I'll show you mine in exchange. Especially if you got power nullifiers - I heard I'm not the only one working on that.

[ A pause. ]

And ... did anyone else almost get stabbed by the Tooth Fairy? Juuuust, uh. Asking.

002; video

Feb. 21st, 2015 12:50 pm
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Listen up, y’all!

[The ID reads Marceline the Vampire Queen. Marceline’s back, sitting just outside a supermarket in Heropa. She's leaning on her ax bass and wearing the green campaign hat that comes with her Troop Leader job. Just to her right? Mabel Pines, wearing a green vest covered in puffy stickers. Behind them? boxes and boxes of girl scout cookies, and a few local girls in vests setting up a table.]

I know there’s some big stuff going on lately, but whatevs. [She just shrugs. It's not her problem, she really doesn't care.] Here’s the deal. Girl Scout cookies go on sale in Heropa today. And sure, you could go to other troops...but we’re the ones with imPorts. [All of two. Not that...she needs to be up front about that. Right?? She gives a winning grin.] You’re gonna make some kids reaaaaally happy if you buy these... [Said very theatrically and sing-song.] Like my girl Mabel here! Some of you know her. Say hi, Mabel.

Hi guys! Do you know what the actual greatest part of cookie season is, besides eating tons of the best cookies ever made? It’s making dreams come true. And it would definitely make a whole bunch of dreams come true if you bought cookies from our troop when you see the tables outside of stores every afternoon this week! [Mabel makes her best doe-eyed hopeful face.] We’d really appreciate it!

You can always buy some from me or Mabel, too. Get in touch. I’m gonna have some for sale at that convention coming up, over at my booth... and if any girls want to pitch in or whatever to help us push this sugary biz, that’d be killer. The council says we’re doing this until the 14th, if we don’t run out first. [Is she eating red velvet oreos while she’s talking about selling other cookies? Yes. Yes she is. She looks contemplative for a second, before she glances to the girl next to her.]

Mabel, anything else?

Just remember, if you buy from our troop, you'll make dreams come true and some kids really happy. Way happier than any other troop, probably! At least two hundred and five percent happier. [Mabel nods, solemnly.]

You heard the lady. And... hey, another thing. Are any of you musicians? Like, seriously? I didn’t want to put out an open call or something, but I need bandmates. Drummer, guitarist and a keyboardist, at least. Bonus points if you can do guitar and bass. Just - hit me up if you’re not completely lame with an instrument, guys. We’ll talk. ‘Kay?

[And then, practically on-cue, the indistinct sound of young girls shouting off-screen. Marceline groans, getting to her feet and grabbing her communicator.] Zoey! Jen! Break it up, you bozos, save it for-- [She ends it there. What a professional.]

[ooc: cookie season in heropa! there's more details about this whole thing over here. marceline's in the default color, mabel's in blue. as you probably guessed. responses will come from either or both of them! if you've got any questions, hit me up or comment to the ooc post.]


Feb. 20th, 2015 10:37 am
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Bear with me, but this is insanely fascinating. The way this whole thing is set up in the bathroom. I can-- I can have a bath whenever I want. A hot bath! In five minutes! I could bathe every day. This is revolutionary!

And in the same tub, I can make it rain. Hot rain, even. I have my own personal waterfall.

The technology in this world is impressive. I wish I had more words to convey that because-- well, you know, hot waterfall.
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[ The video starts rolling well before Walter's prepared to sit down and talk. What the viewer gets is about twenty minutes of a frail and sickly thin, older white man in his tighty whities, staring blankly into the screen. A bottle of wine is in one hand, continuously pouring the contents into a glass as he drinks them down only to refill it again. It's the alcoholic channel, with a few fascinatingly thoughtful jaw clenches and an unwavering staring competition with the lens. Finally, he clears his throat and speaks up. ]

So this is supposed to connect me to others 'like me?' These so-called imPorts...

[ He studies his empty glass, turning it in his hands. ]

There's one question that never got answered, and maybe you can give me some insight? Clue me in a little because I sure saw a lot of fire and brimstone a few days ago...

[ He looks up, dead eyes focusing on the screen. ]

Is this supposed to be hell?

001. voice

Feb. 12th, 2015 08:11 pm
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[The name that shows up on the entry is "Tadashi" because you better believe he's not taking chances in a place like this. Optimistic? Yes, absolutely. But not risking safety and trying to keep the whole 'internet safety' role model in tact is something else. Besides, he'd never hear the end of it from his little brother if Hiro saw him posting to this network with his full name. So yep, another one that hacked his user ID settings.

There's a fairly substantial pause at the beginning of the recording while Tadashi tries to suss out the buzzing in his head and how to word his question without being too obvious. He eventually sets the device down on the desk in front of him, making his voice sound distanced a bit.]

I could use some input on something if anyone could help. Best non-destructive pranks while snowed into your own house, what've you got?

[He hasn't forgotten that dare Hiro made Lana do or the cheap snowball shot in the yard. It is on.]
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[ the audio is fumbly & like theres too much wind at first. its awkward & theres a muttered 'manischivetz' in the background before suddenly it gets silent like someone went inside. the voice from before speaks up, louder & clearer, with a distinct queens accent lacing her words.

the name attached to the post is jessica drew

... You know, if someone asked the one place I'd refuse to go in the world, I'd tell them Florida. But I guess I died and went to the last ring of Hell anyways.

[a beat. its a poor quip but shes too thrown for a loop & not to mention extremely wary of her whole situation to actually be funny. ]

It looks like I'm paparazzi here. Follow you until you... whatever. [ theres a sound like she wants to say more. she wants to see if her teams here but she doesnt trust this network & or the systems here. so she just hangs up. ]
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[ Bradbury doesn't tend to post to the Network much -- but for those who've never seen him before, he's probably never looked so happy, either. Or like he's vibrating with energy, practically bursting with something to say. ]

First of all, congratulations to the imPorts that got voted into office. I'm sure the community'll be better off for your support. But I'm here to talk to you about something a little more important.

[ A pause, for dramatic flair. ]

Valentine's Day.

Now, I know it ain't everyone's favorite holiday -- it definitely wasn't mine after my ex-wife divorced me -- but hear me out. After a while, I realized all it's really about is being able to connect to someone else, finding someone who gets you. My job is helping people make those connections, and if you've seen any of my shows, you know I've got a lot of experience at it.

So, here's the deal: I'm helping Channel Five set up a few blind dates for Valentine's Day, but I'm gonna need people willing to get themselves matched up. It's gonna be recorded, but it's not like you'll have a camera crew following you around to do it, so you'll hardly even notice it's there.

Here's the best part: one couple gets an all-expenses paid trip to Disney World, Germany, France, England, or the Netherlands. Not a bad deal for a couple of hours having fun with someone, right?

If you're interested in signing up, or you know someone who is, go ahead and call this number. We'll get everything sorted out for you.

And if you're wondering if this is for you, give it it a shot anyway. Nothing wrong with taking a chance and putting your heart on the line -- ain't that just one way of proving you're still alive?

[ ooc: Related to this plot! Remember that your character can be signed up by another character (and hell, you can sign them up in their hero identity if you want to) and may be tricked into showing up for a date; feel free to use that post or this one for plotting/scheming! ]


Feb. 7th, 2015 11:40 am
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Sorry to interrupt anyone's day, but- I mean, it's kind of a pressing question.

[There's the dull roar of a hundred thousand screaming preteens in the background, muffled by a very fragile ten feet of concrete. Judging by the background, this blue robot looking guy is probably in the tunnels underneath a stadium of some sort.]

I haven't had a lot of experience dealing with this kind of celebrity. I mean- if a teenage girl says she'll absolutely die if she doesn't meet the boy of her dreams, she's exaggerating, right? I'm pretty sure she wouldn't die but she was crying, and she looked so sad and it seems so important to her...

And- I'm sorry, but why are there so many women in their forties here? Is that a common thing? I was told this band's demographic was usually girls eighteen and under. And there's almost no men! Don't men like music? There's not even a lot of boys! But I've seen the sales data collected and boys buy the album, so why wouldn't they come to the show?

I'm just trying to understand some things, I think it might make me better at my job. Thanks for your time.

[The feed cuts.

...and then flicks back on.]

Oh! And I'd like to bring the residents of House #1 in Nonah, North Carolina some souvenirs to introduce myself. I'm in Florida now. Is there anything you'd like?


Feb. 6th, 2015 04:03 pm
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[It's been at least sixteen hours since Roxy arrived, time which she has mostly spent showering and sleeping. A full day of hangovers, death, more death, final bosses, and time travel is remarkably draining.

She texts from the roof of a building, legs dangling over the side in boredom, looking down at the passerby below and letting the wind blow her hair about.]

here there be bright pink courier )


Feb. 4th, 2015 09:00 pm
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[ Kitty's smile is firm and no-nonsense. Her voice is more than a little bit bossy. She has an announcement to make. (An announcement that, for once, has nothing to do with bloody uprisings or anarchy. Hooray! Or boo?) ]

Right. Listen up. Friday is Hiro's birthday. I'm sure you know Hiro. If you don't, meet him. He's brilliant. In every sense of the word.

[ She crosses her arms. ]

So, five o'clock, at Gini's Cafe in Heropa, we're having a get-together. If you know Hiro, or if you want to hear some really amazing talk of ridiculously advanced robots, or just learn at the knee of a complete genius, stop by. Since I expect his idea of a good birthday will be to consult on some new project or another. My boss is giving us all the leftover bakery items from the day, and there'll be cake, but if you want to bring food with you, you should. Bring presents, too. And some low-denomination bills, because I talked my coworker's band into playing for tips and cake, so don't be stingy.

Anyone who wants to help out on buying food and drinks and the like, let me know. No alcoholic drinks. No drugs. This is going to be a party for brilliant people, not something like that.

[ A nod, and then: ]

Okay. Thanks.
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[ Lana sounds disinterested, for the most part. But the elections are tomorrow, and part of being an upstanding citizen meant voting in elections, right? Right. ]

So I get that we're supposed to vote tomorrow, which I guess is kind of cool considering they don't care if we're old enough to vote or not. But what if you just got here like a month ago and don't know any of the candidates or the issues or whatever?

What I'm saying is, if you're running for imPort Ambassador, pitch me your shit. Your... platform. Whatever. Tell me why I should vote for you.


Feb. 4th, 2015 08:17 pm
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[The first thing that flashes on screen is the top half of Toothiana's face and the rest of her gorgeous feathered 'hair'. There's also a huge blur of motion behind her - her wings fluttering frantically to keep her hovering a foot or so off the ground] Oh! Oh! It's working! Wait. Let me-

[the angle shifts and now there's a better frontal view of her face and part of her upper body, which, apart from her face, seem to be entirely covered in shiny green feathers. As far as expressions go, she looks excited and nervous all at once]

There. Much better. [A delicate hand appears in frame and waves at the phone.] Hi there! If- [she looks briefly hesitant before continuing cheerfully enough] anyone's out there. Sorry. [here she chuckles] This is all new to me. It's hard enough not to leave this thing behind when I fly. [She shrugs her shoulders once, sheepishly.] Anyway, I'm the Tooth Fairy. It's very nice to meet you!

I actually have a very important message for everyone. If you lose any teeth from now on, remember to put them under your pillow before bed! It's strange that there aren't any tooth fairies around but I guess that's why I've been brought here. I usually only collect children's baby teeth but, since I'm starting from scratch here, I'll collect the adults' too, so don't forget!

That's all. Thank you for listening and don't forget to floss!
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my hands keep turning into paws.

this would be adorajdfg';k if typing didn't suck

plz help

i'm stuck in cat vine hell

in my head

((Kamala got struck by lightning and now partially think she's a cat. Yes.))
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[There is the sound of metal-on-metal, and then Hope huffs angrily]

Is there a universe where clothing sizes actually make sense? Because I think I'd rather go fight Galactus or something instead of dealing with this.
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[ Hello, network. The feed opens up to shelves and shelves of stuff -- stereos, power tools, appliances, speakers, the works. You name it, you see it. There's even a display rack of guitars hanging on one wall along with amplifiers. And, whoa, hey, was that a horse from a carousel? What the heck?

Today you'll be treated to the dulcet tones of Rupert Holmes' voice as he sings "Escape," though the music is indistinct and soft, almost as if it were playing over headphones. ]

Okay, look-- [ The camera flips around to a dude looking pretty aggravated, and-- oh, hey, those headphones we mentioned earlier are hanging around his neck. ] --I've only been working here for, like, a day or two? But I think it's time for some serious changes. So we're implementing a new rule at the pawn shop, alright? If you're gonna mess around with the guitars, the following songs are now banned.

[ He ticks them off on his fingers as he names them: ]

"Smoke on the Water." "Sweet Child of Mine." "Back in Black." "Purple Haze." "Crazy Train."

And "Stairway to" friggin' "Heaven."

We all get it, rock star. You kinda know your way around a guitar, and you kinda know, like, the first couple bars of the cool parts, but you're seriously not impressin' anyone with your half-remembered riffs.

So to anyone who wants to come in and plans on playing even one note of those songs -- and trust me, I'll know, -- be advised: I have guns. I will use them with extreme prejudice.

[ He pauses for a beat, scrunching up his lips, then he shrugs. ]

Pretty sure that's it. Have a good one.

[ -- and the video ends. ]
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[ Hiro has wasted zero time in getting himself settled in at StarkTech. Little plastic bins of tools and supplies have been showing up at his designated work area all week, and now here's the kid himself with a box of tools on one side and a fresh pad of paper on the other. All ready to get started and make some brilliant engineering designs!

... Okay, maybe this one isn't the best idea. He scraps it, crumples the paper, and tosses it into a bin. Same with the next one. Annnnd the next one. Before long the bin is overflowing and Hiro's pad of paper is completely blank. Ugh, he hates starting new projects. Once he's rolling, then there's no stopping him - but starting up from nothing? Complete and utter mind block. Sure, he's got some thoughts from the week so far, but actually sketching out possibilities and implementation strategies is making his head hurt just to think of it. And the background noise from his technokinesis is terribly aggravating under those circumstances.

Use that big brain of yours to think your way out. Look for a new angle. That's what his brother would have done.

So that's how Hiro comes to be hanging upside down from his chair, head braced against the floor while he levitates his comm in front of his face. At least he can practice his technokinesis like this. ]

okay guys name like. the COOLEST thing you've ever seen, tech-wise. because wow i am dry on ideas today and I need something SUPER AWESOME to build.

or if you have something SUPER AWESOME that needs repairs i guess i could do that too. genius engineer and all.

[ Humble, isn't he. For the vast majority of folks out there, the only thing he's going to do is text ... but if you happen to stop by StarkTech (or work there), you can see him in his all his upside-down glory. ]
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So I guess now that I've sort of settled in [Again. Moving happens to her a lot] - are there any other X-Men here? Or, well - different timeline and all that junk, maybe a different name. Mutants.

[oh right - introductions. For once not everyone in the world knows who she is.]

I'm Hope Summers.
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[ Hello, imPorts. Have one still-settling-in newbie. The comm tag reads Lana Baumgartner. She seems a little put off. ]

Look, the state-funded housing is nbd, but do they seriously expect me to be a superhero AND a high school student AND a part-time "pharmacist assistant?" Like, is that a joke? [ Both the heavy work load and the crack at her being a literal science experiment. ] Uncool.

But yeah, whatever. If you live in House 20, then hi, I'm your new roommate or whatever. If you don't then, uh, mind your own business?

Lana out.


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