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Nov. 28th, 2016 02:24 pm
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The winter season in this world is a strange one. I've watched it unfold with some fascination. The emphasis is not quite on meeting with your loved ones to eat and reminisce in the colder months, but to show that affection through gifting. That's not a foreign concept in Vere. We give, of course. But I've noticed a lot of the 'gifts' being advised in this place are far less thoughtful. And come with a disregard for personal safety.

[ Mass produced, he means. Over the top. Don't mention sales ever again. And yet talk of holidays and family has him feeling quite considerate. Which is also the likely reason he's choosing text instead of showing his face to the network. He doesn't like to be too obviously sentimental. ]

If you could have one thing that you had been given in your world brought to this, what would it be? Mine would be a book. I've had it since I was eight and even now I would like to read it again, because it was chosen by someone who loved me.

[ As Prince of Vere, he's been given many expensive and ridiculous things. But Auguste's book of tales should still be sat in his room in Arles. He misses it. ]
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[The feed clicks on, and the voice that follows is astoundingly cheery in comparison to the subject matter.]

So. How would you go about celebrating a birthday and a deathday at the same time, without involving cake or alcohol?

[A beat.]

Asking for a friend.
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( guess who's back, back again? here she is, the grumpy savior, and... unbelievably, she's doing kind of okay. not, you know, great... but kind of okay.

she comes as a woman on a mission, though... however embarrassing it is.

easy to pick up hobbies that you do with your hands, and go

sidebar: does anyone want a dreamcatcher? because I've got a lot of dreamcatchers.

( no seriously. a lot of dreamcatchers. she can get about an hour of sleep a night on a good night, so far, and the rest of her nights are spent failing at crafting and making dreamcatchers. )

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Nov. 14th, 2016 07:23 pm
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[ Greetings good folks of the network! This one is coming to you during the evening hours but not too terribly late at night. A nice time of night. And he won't be taking up a lot of time, but Dorian does have a burning question that needs answering! So, he turns on his device and his voice is playful, curious. ]

Hello and good evening! Now, I have another fun, distracting sort question for you all.

[ Are you guys ready for this? This is so serious!!! ]

What would you say, in your opinion, is the quintessential date activity?

[ Because someone's just learned what "dates" are and, surprisingly it's not a fruit. ]

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Oct. 19th, 2016 07:33 pm
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[ Laurent looks as he always looks when addressing the network at large - the epitome of relaxation. He has his phone wedged up against a book on the coffee table for a better vantage point, one leg bent at the knee, the other stretched out before him, an arm draped elegantly against the edge of the couch, wrist loose. As ever, it’s a very careful production. If he’s aware his last post made quite the negative impression on the people, then he doesn’t show it. In fact, his expression seems almost friendly, if a little cold. ]

I want to talk about the Porter cities. [ Not politics this time, everyone is very safe. Well, mostly] It has come to my attention that the information I had before is outdated, and what better way to fix that than to ask those who live there? Currently, I reside in Heropa. I’ve yet to be charmed by the alligators. But what of the rest? What do you like about living where you do? What do you not? Is it a safe area? Or do the vigilantes of this world rule over it? How are imPorts treated on a daily basis?

[ He could go on, but there’s a flicker in his composure when a door is opened off screen. His face instantly transforms. It loses the sharp politeness and softens, eyes warm as he regards the man who’s just walked in. This might be the first time Laurent’s smile has lost its thinness. It’s certainly the first time it has been so helplessly genuine and it makes him look younger, sweeter. Damen has that effect on him.

Damen had been busy in the kitchen, as is evident when he comes into view. He's carrying a large tray with an assortment of what looks like finger food. He's learned to use the microwave, it's called progress. His smile is as warm as Laurent's, though he manages to look confused at the same time.

Were you talking to someone?

Just asking questions. [ Gone too, is the frost in his tone. It might not have been noticeable in the first place, but there’s no denying it now. Laurent shifts slightly, as his lover takes the seat beside him, carefully balancing the plate before them. Without thinking he picks up a small pastry and holds it before Damen’s mouth as if in offering waiting for him to take it. There is no embarrassment in the action, no self-consciousness. In fact, this new smile is like a private joke. ]

[ Damen is fixed on Laurent, his smile amused while he accepts the little quiche. He seems to be in on the joke. He may even be about to comment on it, but then his eyes fall on the camera and he looks suddenly alarmed. ]

You are filming this?

[ Of course Laurent is filming this. Damen pushes the tray aside while Laurent turns back to the camera. ]

Yes. [ His smile is still real, but more amused now. ] How else would I speak with people? [ But he should probably get back to talking and not looking like he’s hungry for more than mini quiches, actually. He doesn’t care but people here are very small-minded. ]

Tell me anything you would have liked to know upon your own arrival in these cities, that would help greatly.

( ooc: Laurent is in blue and Damen is in red. )


Oct. 16th, 2016 08:09 pm
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[ Dorian's sitting down on a small, jet black armchair, tucked in the corner of an all too busy bedroom. There's a bookshelf stacked to the brim with books to the left and a medium sized oil painting hanging on the wall, a Romantic seascape with more emphasis on the clouds than the water, clouds painted in dark, stormy, gray brushstrokes. Dorian gives the camera a small nod, then starts to read from a book, in an even, measured tone, perfect for audiobooks. ]

"It was the strangest book that he had ever read. It seemed to him that in exquisite raiment, and to the delicate sound of flutes, the sins of the world were passing in dumb show before him. Things that he had dimly dreamed of were suddenly made real to him. Things of which he had never dreamed were gradually revealed." [ There's a pause, while Dorian flips the pages and continues reading. ]

"'I am so sorry, Harry,' he cried, 'but really it is entirely your fault. That book you sent me so fascinated me that I forgot how the time was going.' 'Yes, I thought you would like it,' replied his host, rising from his chair. 'I didn't say I liked it, Harry. I said it fascinated me. There is a great difference.'"

[ Dorian closes the book, as he looks to the camera. There's a hint of a melancholy tone in his voice as he continues—somebody's obviously been lost in memory. ] Words written by Oscar Wilde—today's his birthday, by the way. Wear a carnation and take some absinthe in his honor. But the words of the post aren't what I want you to think about: the content is.

Let's talk about books, network. What's your favorite book? Or perhaps your favorite author? And, if those are questions you simply can't answer, what's your favorite genre? And finally, has there ever been a book that so captivated you the way the one Oscar wrote about captivated me?
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[The network is treated to the sight of a skeleton man (albeit dressed in more appropriate street clothes), who some people might remember from last year. This time, though, he’s considerably more relaxed, guitar resting in his arms.

It looks as though Manolo is waiting for something, and sure enough another voice, closer to the communicator, softly starts in, ]
You look good, Manolo—tres, dos, uno! [That's when he begins to talk. ]

...Hello, my friends! I said I would do this last year, and I am a man of my word…so! Would you like me to sing and dance for your Halloween parties? My fees are very reasonable, I promise!

Here, have a demonstration!

[ Without another word, he breaks into an acoustic version of the Monster Mash, his inflection dramatically rising and falling throughout the song.

It’s blatantly a cover with a ranchera flare to it. And he is really, really into it. Who knows, the tune might even get your character in the mood for some Halloween fun.]

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Oct. 4th, 2016 01:33 pm
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[ Today he is alone in addressing the network. That does not mean Damen is not nearby, he usually is. It was just easier to do this himself. And his lover would probably have something to say about the vaguely insulting tone in which he's doing it. That too. Laurent's clothing is still a little too severe for a person so young. Buttoned up all over, he looks like someone who should hold himself rigidly. And maybe he does, most of the time, but there is a languid set to his shoulders, a well-formed ease that could almost suggest he’s friendly, approachable as he holds the camera up.

When he talks, it is with the manner of one used to addressing people.

Tell me of this world’s government. [ It's a command, thankfully softened at the edges by his countenance. ] Politics has always intrigued me, though I would not profess to be know it intimately. [ The thin lipped smile twitches almost bashfully, like an apology for his ignorance. ] I have heard, however, that there is no monarchy here, that those who rule this land are chosen by the people. Apparently that is a better way of things. [ He says apparently like someone has tried to tell him the sky is pink. ] I would like to know why.

Where I am from, we have kings. The right to rule is in their blood, and they will have been schooled for it from birth. They are therefore prepared for the role, more capable than the common man. [ Something like amusement crosses his face. It would be easy to fall for this act, to think that he's just a young man unused to a world like this, and not a king who considers the whole thing a ridiculous mess. ] But you would elect the common man in a king's place. How can you be sure, then, that it is the right choice? People are easily charmed, I understand that. [ Stupid people, he thinks. ] But a smiling face and a firm handshake does not make a clever man, nor a sane one. When I look at the choices that have been made here, I confess that it alarms me. [ Ronald Chump needs someone to run him through with a blade, honestly. ] I would not like my life to be led by an idiot. But people must sleep soundly at night and therefore you must be satisfied, I simply do not see how.

Though, like I said - [ He waves one hand loosely. ] - I don't know much about politics. Perhaps someone can educate me.
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[ The video turns on to reveal a large man, who is providing it with a close-up shot of about half of his face, and one strong, muscular shoulder. Most of his skin is bare, aside from a white tunic-like garment pinned at that shoulder. It's evident that someone is in the room with him, since he's focused on them and not on what he's doing. ]

Is it working? I cannot tell if --

[ Another voice interrupts, directing his attention back to the camera, and then Damen adjusts it so that his whole face is on screen. He is dark-haired and dark-eyed, and his olive-toned skin is well bronzed by sunlight.

He could not look less comfortable with a camera in his hand. His smile is a somewhat awkward attempt at friendliness, but it's obvious this is new to him.

Hello. My name is Damen. [ His eyes flick away from the camera at that, looking again at his companion. 'Damen', and not 'Damianos'. A pet name given to a network of strangers. He sees no reason to hide their true names - but he’ll do it, even so.

While he is introducing himself, the person who had his attention earlier decides to make an appearance. Or better yet, he decides to slide into the space by ending half on Damen’s lap, one hand lazily lifting to sweep a little of his hair back from his forehead. Where the original man is large and olive skinned, Laurent looks fair and slight in comparison. He isn’t actually in miniature, a fact he will press upon people at some point, when perspective is brought up. And where there is bare skin on show behind him, his is all covered up by the kind of clothing that looks restricting even by modern standards.

And mine is Laurent. [ He somehow manages to look like he’s smiling without following through, which is a power he possessed before the Porter ever decided to bless him with new ones. ] As you might have guessed, we’ve only recently arrived to this wonderful place.

[ Damen has rearranged himself to give Laurent space, and slide an accommodating arm around his waist. At that comment, though, he rolls his eyes up at his lover. Be nice, Laurent.

Laurent catches that look out of the corner of his eye, mouth twitching slightly like that smile he’s been curbing is threatening to break free.

We would like any advice you can give about acclimatising while here. This world is unlike our own, your buildings, modes of transport, ways of communication - [ Lifting his brows upward as if to indicate the device . ] - they’re all unfamiliar. We would not like to remain ignorant.

[ Then Damen leans in, tagging onto the end: ]

And I have need of a place to train. I prefer the sword. If any of you would test your skill against mine, I’d welcome it.

[ The glance they share then seems to be one of mutual agreement. Laurent shifts slightly, reaches out to turn off the feed. His sleeve obscures the view, but to those with extremely good hearing they might catch the as if anyone could best you before Damen interrupts his own smile to reach forward.]

Wait - there was something else. [ There’s a brief scramble for something beside him, and then Damen lifts his file into view. With his eyebrows lifting and expression dubious, he reads from the page. ] Can someone tell me what-- ‘Sunday School’ is? I am supposed to teach it.

[ He glances up at Laurent, nodding. ] That’s it.

[ It’s settled then, Laurent angles the camera once, so that his sincere ( no, really! ) expression can be caught. ] We appreciate the aid.

[ ooc: Damen is red and Laurent is blue. ]


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