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[The camera blips to life to show a blonde, bun-haired girl's beaming face. She appears to be in her bedroom, seating at her desk with her bed in the background. Her room is tidy and decorated with cute accents. A stuffed animal on her bed; a string of star-shaped lights hung on the wall; pale purple curtains on the window barely appearing in frame; any sort of touch she could bring to the room that made it feel less cookie-cutter. Government housing was pretty bland in appearance, she was clearly doing her best to make the room assigned to her feel like it was hers.]

So! Valentine's Day is coming up!

[She cocks her head a little, thoughtful.]

Back home, that's the day when girls would give chocolates to the boys they like or like-like... Then, on White Day, the boys are supposed to give gifts back in return!

[She's all smiles.]

But apparently here, it's all mashed into one day? I think that's really wonderful! No month long wait to see if the guy you like, likes you back! I mean, not that I've dealt with that personally... but I know people who have!

[She shakes her head a bit. Don't fumble! With a soft clap of her hands together, she looks directly into the camera with a bright smile.]

I just think this is all really sweet and I hope you all have a nice Valentine's day this weekend!

[[Note: her comm tag reads "Usagi Tsukino," no mention of Sailor Moon.]]
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So. It's come to my attention that we are like-- [he squints off-camera for a moment] three days away from Valentine's, and I've only got two questions: Where's the party, and who's in the market for a date? For the record, I am a Capricorn with exceptional taste in music, poetry, cars and alcohol.

[-- a slight pause.]

And, I mean. Come on, look at me.

[The most ridiculous, devil-may-care grin imaginable. Hear ye, hear ye, ladies and gents, Jim Kirk has the floor. But after a moment it fades and he clears his throat, going back to 'business', so to speak.]

Name's Kirk! Friends call me Jim. I'm new, but don't worry about the welcome wagon. Got that sorted out on my own. My kingdom for a good hamburger.

[And with an airy little wave, he disconnects.]

[ooc; 4th walling info for the curious!]


Feb. 10th, 2015 08:34 pm
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Shit, so. Let me get this straight...

[Well, for one thing, you need to straighten out your camera there, Bull. The big Qunari is holding it upside down, affording viewers a lovely look at the underside of his scruffy chin. And a couple scars -- one that looks a little more picked at than the rest.]

[Oh, and the horns. Did we mention the horns? And the fact that, as he's walking down the street, he's a good head and shoulders taller than everyone else.]

All this... metal crap. The stuff that moves. The... thing here, in my hand. This is all normal to you guys?

I can't be the only one who doesn't know what he's doing. Please say that. It looks really bad if anyone saw--

[Like if he was being recorded.]

[He squints his one eye down at the screen. Like he's waiting for an immediate response. Then when nothing immediately pops up, he starts mashing buttons. Or trying to hang up. Those huge fingers aren't good with tiny buttons.]

-- oh come on. You're magic, aren't you? Work.
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We're the good guys.

( for her first address to the network, irene mimicks what she was told upon first arriving, no matter how hazy the circumstances surrounding her arrival might be. she certainly doesn't waste time; her address to the group at large is barely fifteen minutes after she is dropped off at her new home. as much as she hates to add to the general confusion that seems to be going around, she wants answers. immediately.

her appearance is as it always is: calm. put together. her tone is nonchalant, mocking even, and less than distressed. lipstick immaculate, hair pinned neatly. she doesn't look inconvenienced in the least. )

Good is so subjective, isn't it? I'm quite certain anyone would say they were 'good' if given the chance, regardless of what their actions prove. All this talk of justice, heroics, saving people....

( the way her sentence trails off is very intentional. )

Well, you can forgive a girl for being a bit skeptical.

( her gaze on the camera is pointed, and her smirk dares, prove me wrong. she's information gathering. surely there has to be at least one person out there who likes to overshare. after all, there always is. )

( ooc: i have an opt out and a permission post for anyone who is interested. )

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Feb. 7th, 2015 06:01 pm
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[The video opens up to absolutely no one on the screen at first; it's just filming some activity in the background, people walking around, kids playing...

It stays that way for a few seconds before a face suddenly swings in from above, upside down, with an accompanying, screechy, very, VERY loud voice.


[It's practically a scream, and will probably catch anyone monitoring the network by surprise. The colourful individual laughs and drops down from whatever he's hanging from to face the screen properly, right-side up.]

Guess what? I'm a human~! [Yes, that much is obvious from the video feed, but he talks as if he hadn't been one previously.] I've got elbows and knees and five fingers. [He shoves a hand into the screen and wiggles his fingers, cackling gleefully.]

So what are fun things humans like to do here that don't involve the net? Tell me!!

01 | text

Feb. 6th, 2015 02:26 pm
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First question: Is there a library easily accessible here? Or some form of physical resource hub. Anything will do.

Second question: The machine that brought us here. Does it have a sense of humor?

[ Yes, those are two completely different questions. What is small talk. Or context. When your brain feels like it's been hammered before it's been placed in your new and slightly horrible human skull it's kind of difficult to manage coherent thought.

He'd do some internet searching, like he's used to, but he's not feeling well right now; he's already tried at least one of his new powers. It had worked well enough, right until he converted back into human form.

Intense pain would be putting it lightly, especially for someone who's new to being human.
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( ooc: info on the mirror network here and note about oliver's abilities - he has a power that allows only people who already know that oliver queen = the arrow to be able to place his features while he's wearing a mask! )

[The image on screen is that of a man in a hood and a dark green mask. Almost every visible inch, apart from his neck and face, is covered in some sort of green leather, and there's a quiver peeking out from over his shoulder.

When he speaks, his voice is lower and rougher than Oliver Queen's would be, and the name showing up on the display is nothing more than:

I've noticed something since arriving here. A good number of the people I've seen on the streets, making posts about information they've gathered, and bringing up technology they've found or made are- [... kids? he probably shouldn't say kids.] Younger. Than a lot of people may like.

[Here, his voice gets a little clipped.]

So, to those of you buying your first ski mask to take advantage of whatever abilities you have: don't. Go back to school, go back to your friends, go back to the life you've been living here, go back to being safe.

[There's a pause, to let that sink in, before: ]

To everyone else: don't do it alone. Get training, be well equipped, find someone who will watch. Your. Back. When things get out of hand. [Because if Oliver has experience with anything, it's with a dumbass teenager who will just keep diving in no matter what he shoots him with does to try and stop him.]

And for those of you with experience: share it.

[This has been a Grumpy Green Arrow PSA]
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[ Though it had taken some time, she had eventually found someone to give her instructions on the queer little device she'd been given, how to keep to voice, for fear she did not fully understand the strange common tongue written here- at least not enough to use it comfortably. The idea of a video image, some mirror like form of projection, was just too strange to even consider just yet.

Audio would be fine. She'd .. get used to it. Even if there seemed very little she would want to actually 'get used' to. This world was not her own, not by a long shot. ]

Umin hanya... Night falls here and yet even my eyes struggle to see the light of the stars. Is this common on stormless nights?

[ Because why talk about more important things when this is clearly the only thing she can bring herself to say. Hell if she knows if anyone is even listening, let alone will respond. It felt vaguely as if she were walking into a crowded tavern and speaking aloud, waiting for an anonymous voice to reply.

Not that she was nervous. Much. ]

[ IC EDIT after 11pm. ]

My given station is strangely fitting as an archery instructor. I will take on whomever wishes to learn, and shows promise.


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