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[ Open camera, video as always. Jinseok is the entire frame, as usual, but with significantly more of his head than he would usually film. A head in a different shade, because where his hair used to be dark blonde he's now gone bright orange, and seems to be very pleased with his new Fanta-shade of hair.

He spends a long time playing around with it on screen, shifting his bangs to get them into a proper place and quietly making faces at the lens until he grins, leaning back.

Do you notice anything different about me? A new level of handsomeness I have achieved? Of course, I have changed my hair. It's pretty, right? Fitting for an important imPort spokesperson?

[ He certainly thinks so, and plays with it a little more. ]

Summer is coming and it is important to be prepared early with something new. There is no point in looking the same for the whole year, unless you want to be boring and ugly forever. Freshness is necessary to be memorable.

[ Single fingergun to the camera, and the video ends. ]
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-o, this is it? I think. This thing that's supposed to let me talk to a lot of people all at once or something. They better not have been messing with me. Probably laugh at me talking to myself if this doesn't work.

[Yuu shifts, sitting back on his bed of his housing in Heropa, once he thinks he's got this thing to work. The video shows a boy with unruly dark hair and wide green eyes. He has some minor scrapes but if anything it was more sheer exhaustion than a major injury that caused him to pass out back home before waking here in this place.]

I'm still not quite sure I get the details on what's going on, but the basics, maybe. I'm Yuu. Yuichiro Hyakuya, in Shinoa's squad in the Japanese Imperial Demon Army. Which -- oi, Shinoa, Kimizuki, Narumi....any of you, if you're here, let me know. Mika too.

[He figures that should be enough. If anyone from home is around, that they would respond. He hasn't yet quite considered what to do if there were any other vampires around aside from Mika, but. He'd cross that bridge when he gets to it. Or something, however that saying goes. He sighs, running a hand through his mop of hair.]

At least the 'powers' they listed in this file, I already figured those back home. What about everyone else? Does everyone this 'Porter' thing pulls in have some back home too or.....? And school. Do I seriously have to go? I thought I got Guren to get me outta class once I passed the test for my Cursed Gear already. At least my job should be fun! I've never driven an ice cream truck before, but it can't be that much different from the military ones, right?

[He looks. So, so excited at this prospect of driving! Face all but lighting up as if he were a toddler being offered candy. But. No. No, Yuu on the road even without a single other car around results in a crash. This is a terrible idea. Not to mention he'd probably get fired for handing out the ice cream free or cheaper because how does US money work. in general. He's never had to handle it before.]

Ah, sorry. I guess everyone probably gets all this sort of thing a lot, these questions. But--thanks?

[For his part, Yuu almost does look kind of sheepish at that. Then he reaches, pressing a couple of buttons before turning the thing off successfully to end the feed.]


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[ Any relaxing day you may or may not have been having before now is ruined the second the feed begins, not with pleasant white noise but an inhuman screech. The kind of wailing you'd hear from a dying animal, but with the underlying unmistakable sound of an upset child.

A child, who to anyone who's met him, looks awfully familiar. Like a shorter, chubbier, dark-haired Jinseok Jin, all of maybe six years old.

The scenery is the lobby of a hotel in front if an elevator, blocked by a tall member of staff who rightly makes the executive decision not to let a small, unsupervised child roam the hotel.

And that unsupervised child is far from happy about it, throwing a big hissy tantrum for not only the people peacefully milling about the lobby, but also every person tuning into the network.

This hyung will not let me go home! This is my home! I live here! Me! Let me go upstairs!

[ The answer is still a wise "no", which is quickly drowned out by another spoiled, agitated baby fit. ]

✁ 002

Feb. 10th, 2016 06:56 pm
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Hey there, imPorts, I’m Captain Tucker. [he’s standing alone in front of the camera, though. the reason becomes apparent when a sallow palm waves in front of it, indicating whoever’s filming.] And I’m… I guess still private? Whatever. It’s just Church.

And we’re here to help you get the most out of your valentine’s this year.

[there’s a displeased grunt; sounds like somebody resents being involved.] Well. He is. I’m here to make sure that his advice doesn’t totally ruin your lives.

Wow, thanks for the endorsement, asshole. [Tucker snorts but does not look fazed in the least.] Everyone knows Valentine’s was created to help singles get laid, so that’s what we’re going to help you do.

Oh, my god. No, it absolutely wasn’t. Doesn’t it usually just make them feel like shit? I thought everybody spent Singles’ Awareness Day in the company of booze and Netflix. [They, Church?? Who do you mean by THEY.]

Sure they do, if they don’t have any of my guaranteed patented pick up lines. [Someone stop him.] Now, when you give one of these lines, it’s all about the delivery. The confidence. Say it knowing you’ll get laid. Jesus christ.

So, here are some lines you can use, free of charge, courtesy me. Jesus christ. [He clears his throat, stands up taller.] Hey, baby, if I flip a coin, what are the chances of me getting head? Even less than your chances of getting tail. Oh - or: I hear you're looking for a stud, I've got the std, all I need is u. Wh-- How the hell is that a selling point? You might as well just introduce yourself as Jerkoff McCrotchrot.

Better yet! I'm an astro-gynecologist and my next mission is to explore Uranus. [Church’s voice is getting steadily louder and more indignant.] Oh, come on! That’s not even what a gynecologist does! Oh man or: Do you work at Subway? Because you gave me a footlong. That is not how b-- Ugh.

Seriously. Have any of these ever actually worked for you? Any of them. Please. I need to know.

They got me Wash didn’t they? I’d say that guarantees they work.

Pffft, yeah right. You couldn’t-- Sorry, wait, what? Who!? [The feed snaps off suddenly, but not before the microphone catches a second of wordless shrieking.]
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[ At first, it's difficult to tell how the video is being shot. It almost looks like Jinseok is just standing normally, with the camera held at an arms length away from him... Only both his hands are on screen--one stroking a... wall? no, that's someone's shirt over their stomach--and his hair is doing some anti-gravity stuff? He appears to be laying down in someone's lap, judging by the way he pulls their hand down to fuss with their fingers while he talks into the lens. ]

I went to Seoul as part of the diplomatic party. Of course they would send someone like Jinseok Jin there to the place I was born. Is there a better diplomat to talk to all of South Korea? Definitely none who are as handsome.

But, see this? [ He holds up a card, one from a world that certainly isn't this one. It has his photo on it. ] My government ID, when I was still at home. It is a nice photo, right? Of course it is, I had my hair and makeup done that day. But, see this part? [ Date of birth... 2014.12.3. ] December 3rd, 2014. I was born then, and this year I would be 2.

So, I went back to the place I grew up. In Gangnam, it was that place, in a big house that was bigger and better than all the ones around it. Inside it? I thought there would be a small toddler me, and he would like to see what a handsome man he ends up becoming. I wanted to see it again, that house. But everything in Korea is different now. My inheritance--those companies that my parents were going to leave to me--they don't exist? And my house, the best one in Seoul, it wasn't there. What kind of Korea is a Korea without a Jin family? Aaa, I wanted to see a small, knee-high Jinseok.

Instead, the land where my house used to be, I will have to buy it out, and I'll build my house on top of it, exactly how it used to be.

[ Though he's got no plans to live in it, and no plans to let anyone else live in it, either.

He stops to play with the fingers in his hand that aren't his, making them frame his face with him.

It has been a while since there has been a video from me, isn't that right? Yes, it's right. I am Jinseok Jin, imPort Spokesperson. I am the words for all of you, and you should be thankful to me for enriching your lives.

That is all to say from me. [ He looks off the screen, reaching up a hand to touch something. ] You can turn it off now, beautiful Junseo.

The other button. That one. The red o--
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Hi everyone, it’s Ripley! I don’t have a lot to say, just---

Joyous Kwanzaa!

Everyone’s invited to the Kwanzaa celebration we’re--that's me and Space Lady and Walla-- having at Heropa 3 a little later today! It’s actually a celebration for the second day of Kwanzaa, since y’know it’s actually a lot more than just one day but I think probably it’d be super chaotic to try to do something with a bunch of people every single day so… yeah. [Oops, that sentence got away from her.]

Oh, and you don’t have to be a black folk to come, it’s open to everyone! Come share in some awesome African culture and have some awesome food.


005; video

Dec. 25th, 2015 11:19 pm
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[epsilon is, for the first time ever, too lazy to go through the rigamarole of trying to convey his annoyance through voice and hologram. he made carolina dump him back in the android so that he could enjoy the spread if he had to sit through dinner, but it seems like the novelty has worn off (read: the tank is full) and he's retreated to a corner to whine at the network. he is also wearing one of his hanukkah gifts.] Alright, listen. I know y'all've got better things to worry about, but I need to put my foot down. [he stringently ignores a distant kerfuffle behind him; though there's an orange and black blur that JINGLES its way past him, the deepening in his frown is probably just subconscious. or maybe in response to the sudden screeching coming from the kitchen. that tinkly little blur DID almost seem to have a drumstick shape near the front, didn't it? might explain the clamor coming from the other room.]

Christmas is officially over as of... [he glances offscreen briefly, checking the timestamp in the corner of his field of vision. this doesn't mean much, since... he can never remember which date is actually the important one and which is 'eve' or whatever.] Whatever. Whenever. Soon. The point is, the time for holiday cheer has officially come to an end. That means no more decorations, no more forced friendliness, and most importantly!

No more carols. If I have to listen to one more bubblegum trash ballad about giving hearts away or wanting somebody as a present, I'm gonna die. Just spontaneously expire. Seriously, how anybody makes it through two solid fucking months of the same chirpy songs is completely beyond my compre--

[the helmet that flies in from the other room is... pretty recognizable. also? pretty heavy. and pretty accurately dead center in the back of his skull. church responds to this quite eloquently, by tipping over and bringing the frame with him, cursing loudly for a moment before he shuts the feed off. replies will probably be after things at H003 have calmed down slightly. um. relatively, rather.]
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[Jacob and Raina are standing together in the video, facing the camera side-by-side. They're out in public, in a park in De Chima. Jacob speaks first.]

Hey, everyone. I just got Ported back in a few days ago. I'm still catching up. I'm not just posting to ask for updates, though. Raina and I- [He nods to her.] - have some things to say.

[ She glances over at Jacob and then smiles brightly, returning her attention to the camera. ]

It's in regards to the Unsettled ImPorts. This has been an underlying issue for quite some time, and I believe a lot of people here don't even understand the full scope of it. It's easy to be unaware when you're Registered. But life isn't as simple for those who have chosen not to swear allegiance to our government. I haven't experienced it first hand, but Jacob lived it up close and personal.

[ Raina looks to him with a fond expression, admiration for his bravery. She falls silent to allow him the chance to relay his experiences as an Unsettled ImPort. ]

I was Unsettled for more than a year before I finally Registered. It wasn't Hell, but it wasn't exactly easy either. You risk losing whatever job the government gave you, and you can say goodbye to health insurance too. That was all before they started searching us at state lines. And if you take on the bad guys without swearing loyalty, they'll call you a Vigilante and chase you down. That's what happened to me.

Which isn't fair in the least. Especially since by not registering, you're not overtly saying you're going to cause trouble. In many cases, the ones with real criminal intent will register with the government to use them as a means of protection. And in the meantime, the ones who wish to do good will be punished for it simply because they chose not to register for reasons entirely their own.

I think the best chance we have at change is educating -- not just the imPorts but the natives alike. And that's why we'd like to hear your opinions and experiences with this matter -- concerns, questions, and ideas you may have. If we speak out in public about this, our voices will be heard.

The government can tattoo us and track us, but they can't stop us from at least talking about things. You heard Raina- let's share some stories. It's not like the issues are just going to go away if we stay quiet.
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[Aw, look, it’s a cute little preteen! And she is definitely not in jail. Though she does look very serious (in her very serious sweater) as she addresses the camera.]

Hi! For anybody I don’t know, my name’s Mabel! Mabel Pines. And today I have good news and also bad news that has some good news? The totally good news is that I’m doing sweater commissions! So if anybody needs a last minute Hanukkah gift or something for Christmas or any other holiday, just let me know. All I need is a size and what design you want and you’ve got it! My rates are very reasonable.

Now the bad news! So... people might have seen that video on the network last week? The creepy one where the guy who looks like my brother was all like today I’m gonna walk on glass and freak everybody out? Well-- long story short but that’s actually not Dipper! That’s a demon. His name’s Bill and he’s pretty evil and also he can take over people’s bodies. [She looks off camera for a second before continuing.]

Which is all kinds of freaky, right? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! There're ways to tell if you're dealing with him or not.

[She holds up a pair of visual aids to the screen. Marvel at this 13 year old's artistic skills.]

And I’ve got these in helpful pamphlet form, too, for anybody who wants. See, I told you there was more good news! So, just to recap-- creepy wrong pupils is bad, triangles are extra bad, and please don’t just punch Dipper or anyone else you might suspect before you check for the warning signs.

--oh and if you’re gonna call us probably don’t call Stan first? It’s bad if his communicator thing goes off during one of his [Airquotes:] “business deals.” It scares the pugs.

[Mabel gives the camera a thumbs up!! Before turning it off.]


Nov. 25th, 2015 08:49 am
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[ This guy, again... He starts the recording with a wave, then reclines in a very practiced way, which is less about getting comfortable and more about showing as much of himself off as possible in the least amount of time. ]

There are fliers and notices and posts around, but what use are those things when instead, you could hear it straight from the mouth of Jinseok Jin? Worth nothing, so I will tell you all there is to know. Sit sit, listen to my handsome voice, be satisfied looking at my handsome face.

This month, the government is looking for imPort volunteers. You haven't signed up because you were waiting to hear more information from your beautiful imPort Spokesperson? Ahh, who can I blame? Nobody, only me for being so irresistible.

My imPorts, you have been invited to participate in a Virtual Reality Training Simulator. Hear it? Inside a computer, so no faces will be harmed if you fight like a broom in mud. Unless you are ugly, and you can probably ask them to hit you with that muddy broom to feel more at home.

They are also looking for people to watch and monitor if you are good at computers or are a voyeur who finds it sexy.

The training is held over two days, but you will be compensated for the time, and all your work places will be willing to let you go to participate. It is your duty as one of Jinseok's handsome and irreplaceable imPorts, right? Aaah, it's hard to be so popular.

There is no reason not to sign up now that you have heard directly from my mouth. Questions? Excuses to hear me talk more?

[ He winks, pointing straight down to where the replies will show up once he's finished recording.

And this is the guy who speaks on behalf of imPorts.
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[It's been a while since Rhys addressed the network at large, but he's lost a couple—friends? That robot, that other maybe-robot. That disconcerting emotion known as loneliness is starting to seep in around the edges. And sure, no problem, he could reach out to certain folks and know they'd show up. The Pines twins are startlingly reliable if you don't mind being the creepy older man hanging out with children, and there's always Harley if he can catch her ear. But right now he's attempting to branch out. Network, as it were. And he's not thinking about the friend that betrayed him back in his home universe or the many ways this could go wrong.

He is thinking positively and putting on his best, most polished smile.]

So, I've been doing a little internet searching and I've found a couple day spas that do the full deal—facials, manis, pedis—and you're thinking, Rhys. Rhys, dude. C'mon. You really want to spend your whole day getting pampered and waited on hand and foot? Not very, uh. 'Manly' of you.

[A sympathetic expression. All well-maintained and pushed in eyebrows. All a slim set to his lips.]

And I'd say, 'yes, sir or ma'am. That sounds great.' But most of these places have group deals, so I'm looking for someone or someones who feel the same. You can respond here, email me, text—whatever's easy. Thanks.


Oct. 23rd, 2015 08:15 pm
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Hello everyone. My name is Michael J. Caboose. Today I am going to tell you how to help your friends to stop fighting. I am an expert at it, so this will probably help you out a whole lot. This is a problem a lot of people have; just fighting, all the time. ALL the time. And then people are upset and complain to other people who just want to get some juice already.

First, you need to look at your friend who you are talking to. You should use your eyes. You can look at your friend with another body part but eyes work the best. If you don’t have eyes, then draw some eyes on your helmet and then use those to pretend. [buddy]

Next, you need to talk to your friend. This one is tricky. Sometimes you can use your mouth, and you can use the radio if you need to but try not to be too far away from your friend or they will not hear you or see you or pay attention to you unless you are right there. Within face-grabbing reach. [has...he done that before]

Some people can’t talk using their mouths, and that is okay. You can use signs. If you can’t write very good, get someone nice and smart to write your signs for you. Agent Washington is a very good writer, if you don’t have someone who will write your signs. Church is also good at writing, and he is good at reading too if your friend is not so great at reading.

Last, after you are done looking at and talking to your friend, you should either hug them or tell them to stop being dumb. This all depends on whether or not you want to hug your friend or hit your friend. Do not hit your friend unless they hit you first, or unless they try to hit another friend or unless they have big guns or cars or try to kidnap you or hold you hostage, or try to shoot people on your team because that is not nice. If your friend is being dumb and they don’t think they are being dumb, they will probably need you to tell them that they are being dumb. Usually most people are only dumb sometimes, not all the time. If they know they’re being dumb because someone tells them, they’ll probably stop.

If you want to hug your friend, then hug your friend. Gentle squeezes. Do not break your friend. He will be upset about it probably even if he forgives you because he is your best friend and he loves you.

You are all very welcome for this advice. If you have any questions, my office hours are between ten and two Monday through Thursday.

004; audio

Oct. 4th, 2015 09:44 pm
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Fucking-- Fuck! The goddam closet? What does a guy have to do to get a little respect around here?

[a few seconds of wordless, irritable grunting.] Okay, fine. Fine!

Either there's something really wrong with my internal clock, or somebody has some fucking explaining to do. Mostly about what the hell happened while I was pulled. [wait, right. that might not have context.] Deactivated. Uninstalled. Whatever!

[the next pause is short, there's a quiet shuffle and a slightly louder grunt that mean that he's crossing his arms and huffing irritably. in other words, the default church response to anything.]

I'm waiting, Private Tucker.
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There are a lot of new people on the network, so hello! I'm Akito!

Welcome to this super weird place!

Make sure to watch out for the psychopaths and the toilets!

I started up an extreme parkour and skating account on Instagram since people were interested... The username is 'sharkour' and I update whenever I think of it!

Does anyone want to be SnapChat friends?

I also have a Twitter now! Does anyone know of good accounts to follow? Right now it seems really lame...

A question for people with passive abilities! How do you manage them? Do you have any control of them? If you do, did you always or did you have to work at it?

That's everything! Thank you.

((ooc: just assume the social media names he uses are whatever name they are in this world! :|b))
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[Hey everyone, it's your friendly neighborhood Ambassador from Maurtia Falls. He's got his killer black suit and red tie combo going on as he regards the screen warmly.]

Good evening. And yes, I can say that. Because despite everything that has been happening lately, we continue to persevere. In the face of pain, and in the face of terror, we have stood strong. As I know we can continue to do together.

We remain unbroken.

I know many of you still feel anxious, however. Like me, you're probably feeling a strong urge to act, to do something. Anything to strike back against this feeling of violation. But I urge you to consider what matters. What truly matters in times like these.

Have we lost because someone struck out against our community? That we have been beaten? I have seen Imports assaulted time and again and yet I still see the resolve to continue our lives. To not bow to our fears.

Not once have I considered us beaten.

I believe that every step we take forward from tragedy is a victory. And as long as we continue to move ever onward we have never truly beaten.

That is why today I will not give any more attention to those that would wrong us. They are no longer worthy of our consideration. I come to you with my step forward into our future.

Today I bring you the Import Helix Station.

[With a wave out and behind him, the camera pans back to a large, gleaming multi-story building. Despite it's simple design, having been until recently an out of service highschool, the exterior had received a complete overhaul. Large windows framed with shining white-steel walls cover the majority of the visible side as it seems to almost glow in the evening sun.]

Of course, that's just the first name I could think of. [Revan hums this as the camera comes back to focus on him, losing much of the grandiose and somewhat enthralling tone he'd had until now. Now he seemed softer, more personable.] I'm actually open to ideas in that regard!

If you have forgotten or missed my previous announcement, I've built this facility to provide a base of operations for all Import designed services and charities that are directed towards our own community. While the other Ambassadors have done exceptional work providing for us all, I know there are several of you out there that have a desire to do good for your peers. Especially those that have just been ported in and lack the resources to comfortably start out on their new paths.

Now, you'll have the resources to do so. Any who wish to sign up their service will have all the tools and foundation they need to let their noble intentions find traction.

For starters you'll receive your own office, as well as workshop space and tools for you and anyone supporting you so you'll have a base of operations from which to act. And if you choose to register your service, you have the option of setting up the service to be a permanent addition to the facility. Meaning should you even become unable to continue your work, another noble soul can come in and pick up from where you left off.

So I urge you, come. Take this step with me into the future of Import prosperity. Together we can over come anything.

Together, like a helix. All interconnected. [He makes a bit of a spiraling motion with his hands] So... you see what I did there, yeah?

003; audio

Aug. 27th, 2015 10:21 pm
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Christ, I can't believe our stupid shitty lives managed to get more complicated.

[he clears his throat, for whatever. reason.] Alright, listen up. I can barely keep track of idiots that aren't also paranoid spies, so at this point, I... Kind of have no idea how many agents are bouncing around this trash heap. So, here's what we're going to do. If the words Project Freelancer mean anything to you, or Covenant, or MJOLNIR, or anything like that? I want you to chip in.

And when you do, you're gonna tell me about the last thing you remember happening. I don't care what planet it was on, or... Not on.

Oh, and I reserve the right to make these little reports private. The last thing that happened to you might just so happen to be, uh. Sensitive information.

[a long exhale, and an rhythmless tapping.] Phew. Alright. If none of that applies to you, you might still be useful. I need as much information as I can get on discrepancies in... Time? God, this is such bullshit. Look, I just need to know about people from the same reality or whatever, but different points in time. Like, is that the norm? There's got to be some kind of pattern to it.


Aug. 23rd, 2015 10:57 am
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[Krieg doesn't really know how to communicate with anyone - and ordinarily, that suits him just fine. After the swear-in, however, things are so quiet, too quiet...even he, far gone as he is, can tell that something is wrong. He needs an ally.

And so he turns to the comm system, struggling and twitching to bring across his point. To him, communicating is already like speaking a language he doesn't understand any longer...but now, he's doing it without even the whispers of an interpreter.

He still doesn't quite have the hang of video, so instead he goes with text.]







10, Audio

Aug. 15th, 2015 02:12 pm
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[There's no introduction, no time wasted on pleasantries.] This is Armstrong. There's been a gas attack at the University grounds in De Chima that's causing hallucinations, some kind of mass hysteria. I have gas masks and tranquilizer rifles located at the West entrance to keep the peace.

I need a goddamn situation report and I need it ten minutes ago.

[Those who want to get a resupply from Olivier can find her exactly where she said she'll be .]

02 | video

Aug. 13th, 2015 09:32 pm
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[it's perhaps one or two in the morning on Thursday when this post goes up. Lapis is nowhere to be seen in the video, having opted to tilt the communicator upwards so it has a fantastic view of the sky. judging by how many stars are visible, it's somewhere remote.

just as Lapis begins to speak, a few meteors suddenly flash across the sky. it's pretty clear why she's out here now, at least. the show continues with increasing frequency as she goes on.]

I've never seen a meteor shower from earth before. [for once she doesn't sound bitter when speaking about the planet, just thoughtful.] I mean, we charted everything, but it was just for transport routes and optimal warp points. We never really...looked at it.

[there's a shifting sound near the comm, like Lapis is either pulling her legs up or spreading them out. even gems can cramp if they're in a position for too long, ok.]

You'd never be able to tell this place is in another universe just from the stars; it feels like I could go up there right now and nothing would have changed. But I know that's wrong - there isn't anything in the world that waits for you, even in space.

[she's reminded of her journey back to Homeworld, the little changes to her once familiar route that she'd noticed only too late thanks to her exuberance. maybe if she'd just been paying a little more attention she wouldn't have been so surprised by the planet she'd returned to. but what would that have done for her? things would have played out the same way.

there's rising emotion in Lapis' voice when she speaks again. when you're carrying so much weight around with you, there aren't many nice things you can enjoy for long before accidentally upsetting yourself.]

...this is stupid.

[coming out here, making this post, everything. the camera jerks suddenly, and there's a flash of little blue alien and watery wings before it's abruptly turned off.

don't expect any answer from her until maybe half an hour after this goes up - she's shot up into space for a little bit to get up close and personal with the meteor shower...and to think.]
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[There's two voices already arguing as they turn on the transmitter, although their voices are quieter.]

South, I don't know if immediately broadcasting our location is the best ide-

We can either try it, North, or sit here with our thumbs up our asses until someone-

I'm just saying, we don't have to go around telling everybody where we are or even who we are. Our priority needs to be establishing contact with familiar faces and-

...It's on, isn't it.

...Smooth, North. HEY! This is Agents North and South Dak-fuck!

[The microphone sounds like it's being slapped around in the struggle between the two agents, coupled with the CLACK of armor.]

--OW! Don't bite, what is wrong with you!

You started it! Get off me-!

Stop acting like a child and GIVE ME THE-


Hah! [There's a final rustle of the microphone.] Hello, this is Agents North and South Dakota. We would appreciate the help of anyone who has information on other Imports with an Agent-plus-State Name designation.

[Muffled in the background.] I’m going to punch you in the ass!

You can try, kiddo. [Back toward the microphone:] We're grateful for any information you may have. North, over and out.

[OOC: If you want just one or the other of the twins, specify in your comment header which one you want. otherwise we'll either set up an order or both North (here) and South ([personal profile] missinferiority) will tag separately.]


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