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[ After his last appearance on the network, Fraser's post this time is a little more subdued. Well okay, he's not in the middle of a power ballad, but not everything is normal in the House of Fraser this afternoon. He's dressed in his uniform, because he has appearances to make later on in the day, but predominate in the video feed is his surroundings. Stacks of envelopes to either side on the desk, a handful of jewelery in reds and silvers and golds, all with...maple leaf motifs. Then in the background flags and stacks of T-shirts and a bizarre cuckoo clock, saddle cloths, dog coats and horse blankets and even a heap of red and white bunting. All of it Canada themed.

Fraser is rubbing at his temple as he begins to speak.
] On this day in 1867, the North America Act was brought into effect, merging New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and the United Province of Canada into a single country, hitherto named Canada. Today, we celebrate June 1st as Canada Day, but only as a result of the actions of a small group who slipped the motion to rename it past Parliament, and consequently through the actions of Prime Minister Diefenbaker--

[ At this point there's a bark from off screen. ] Yes, that Diefenbaker. [ Another bark, a little meaner this time. ] No, I will not get to the point--I mean. [ Fraser faltered. ] I mean, I... Of course I will.

[ Now Fraser rubs at the back of his neck awkwardly, then looks back at the video. ] Well, in any case, what I'm trying to say is that although I am of course very grateful for the passion of my fans and followers, Canada Day, despite being popularly considered to be the birthday of-- [ Diefenbaker whines again, firmly. ] Well, there really isn't any need to give gifts, and if there is anyone who would care for a T-shirt or two, or ten... You'd be most welcome.

[ Diefenbaker gives another urgent peel of wolf grousing murmurs, and so as Fraser turns off the feed he's heard to remark: ] It doesn't matter what you say, I have no intention of trading T-shirts for junk food just because you say you're hungry. I fed you less than an hour ago.
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Some of you will have just received notice, as I have, that Unsettled imPorts will now be subjected to new restrictions and requirements. Since I doubt it is in the government's plans to explain the ramifications and implications of what they've just done, I've decided to take it upon myself, so that everyone understands exactly where we stand and what this might mean. So, to start: my name is Matt Murdock. I've been an attorney in both New York and California for nearly fifteen years, primarily a criminal defense attorney, with a fair amount of experience in cases dealing with what we could call "superpowers." I've been here well over a year now, practicing in Heropa, Florida, long enough to start to see how things work, and where the flaws in the system are.

An opening argument )

See here for legal argument about the mandatory health exam issue )

See here for searches )

This is a closing argument )

This is like a bibilography...for RP )
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[Isaac clears his throat before he actually speaks.] was June 6th. That makes two birthdays here. [He's quiet for a moment, almost as though he's surprised himself that he actually paid attention to the days.] I...uh...time went by really fast. I guess, with all the crazy stuff that's been happening, it makes sense I lost track of it.

[He's quiet for another moment before he clears his throat again.]

Anyway, that means I've been here a little over a year, and the place hasn't... [He trails off. There is literally no reason to show everyone you're the crazy guy, Isaac.]'s been really nice, actually. A little...antique, but nice.

[Another pause. He's not very good at one-sided conversations.]

So, I was wondering, for those of you who've been here a while, too, and maybe come from places that, well, from pretty bad situations, have you put any thought into...your future? Here, I mean? What did you come up with?


Jun. 4th, 2015 08:34 pm
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[a little gasp. this thing's kicking on again, doing things. this it's not sounds-- it's...his face? Martin stares, baffled, holding his breath as he stares. slowly, he tilts his head, turns, recognizing this is...him? really? he's not terribly familiar with his face; his own reflections in the glass around here have been spooking him - one more terrible thing to add onto this experience.

he's quite the mess: grimy, sweaty, bangs smeared against his face, looking like he's just spent a day being chased by a pack of wolves. that...that might've gone over a bit better, actually.

after this beat of realizing this is his face, he makes an unhappy sound, his expression twisting unhappily.

his voice is very small, whispering:]

I-I don't...I don't know... [a sniff. he drags a hand across his face; the device is tilted, so the screen sees only the sky and the two buildings he's hiding between. late afternoon somewhere. the top of his head bobs in and out of a corner of the picture, and there's some rustling of pages and an abrupt crumple.]

I don't know. [a huff. the picture wobbles and there's a clack as the device is put on the ground; nothing but a steady stream of sky and some muffled sounds as ambiance.]
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[Harry has been mulling over the government announcement since yesterday, and becomes more and more certain things never actually do settle down around here. He's glad he had the foresight to register, though beyond the mark on his wrist, it means nothing to him.

What's more important is casting out feelers on the Network on another rare occasion, to gauge reactions, and who to keep his eye on.]

I've found that some things manage to stay consistent between at least my own world and this one. The sky is blue, water is wet, and America spins morally divisive federal action in the most saccharine way possible.

[A small testy sigh, that doesn't betray the heavier one he breathed out after reading the announcement.]

But perhaps political discussion is a bit gauche when I mean to talk business. Lillian, Miss Sabriel, your suits are ready to be picked up or delivered at your earliest convenience.

[And the end of the post is its disguise; finished examples of his tailoring work.]

Sabriel )
Lil )


May. 26th, 2015 08:35 pm
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I've been an attorney for fifteen years. And I'll admit there were times when I thought about running for DA, or for mayor, but I've never really been a policy-maker. Maybe it's because so many policy-makers seem to make decisions with their heads firmly entrenched somewhere— you can fill in where on your own— because sadly, it seems like nobody has bothered to learn anything from history. Not their own, and not ours. Which, when you've had the catastrophic champion of a previous registration attempt hanging around drooling to toss in his two cents, the opportunity is quite clearly there. I'm sure he'll have something to say any minute.

[ Matt hopes he does. Matt sure as hell has a lot to say to him, right now. But he carries on in the calm, courtroom voice in the meantime. ]

So let's talk about all the things they didn't mention in that press release, because I for one would like to know:

- How are they going to enforce this effectively without tracking everyone's status extensively?
- How extensively have they been tracking this in the first place?
- How is a registered imPort going to know that the possible costumed Import is or isn't a vigilante? "Let's you and him fight"? I can see the lawsuits piling up already.
- How will they know who to target?
- Where is the oversight for this program? Who is giving the orders and passing out the information? How do we know that they're getting it right and not just adding names on a list?
- Alternatively, haven't they just handed registered imPorts license to go after who they want?
- What reasonable basis is there to consider that "registration" is an effective criteria for trusting that an individual has the training or effective judgment necessary to be trusted with what is essentially a law enforcement task? Is that really a trustworthy reason to believe someone can carry out their job?

And, most importantly:

- When mistakes are made, who the hell's going to be held accountable?

You see, I was there when the Superhuman Registration Act passed in my universe, and I was there when they tried to pass registration acts for mutants again and again before that. And when the costumed community turned on itself, it wasn't always heroes bringing in their former friends. They allowed criminals to become part of the program to hunt down the noncompliant based on a flimsy pretext— people who had spent lengthy periods in jail, mass murderers and a cannibal alien and a mad man who put on a goblin costume and went on to blow up Asgard. So you'll forgive me if I don't look at this and think it's an effective solution to the problem. Because I want to know the details. I want to know that this isn't going to become the same unconstitutional, poorly-organized clusterfuck I've already witnessed once.
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Wow, there's a lot of new faces lately, aren't there?

[ Hi Netowrk, here's a vauely, faintly scarred face looking at the camera for you. He grins, slightly, as if he knows that this is the busiest time of the month, and that there have been plenty of arrivals since he showed up a while ago.

But really, he's just making conversation, anyway. There's a look on his face, a touch apologetic.

I'm going to go ahead and apologize, for those of you who showed up in De Chima, and I didn't personally greet. That's my mistake, I got caught up a bit in negotiations, and I tend to...not really do this social media shit very well. [ A beat. ]

For those of you who don't know me, I'm Mitchell Hundred, and if you live here, you'll figure out pretty quickly that I'm the import/native ambassador for the city.

What that means? Well, I'm trying to bat for you folks, which is not exacly as easy as it sounds. For obvious reasons. Things like what happened recently can just...people get worried, and for good reason. But we can do small things to help out with that, to make us seem more normal the longer we're here, and that starts with us. Being...well, dazed and confused doesn't really do a lot, I'm afraid. Believe me, I know it's fucking hard, especially when you show up to a place that's totally outside of anything you've ever seen in your life.

So recently, I asked the various government agencies in De Chima to allow me to work with you guys to help us make a community center. It's not going to be anything big, to start out, but it's something. Ideally, it'll be open to anyone, whether you're in De Chima or not, but obviously that's a bit of a logistical issue, if you can't just port in. Unfortunately, they're not willing to pour taxpayer dollars into it -- which isn't surprising, honestly, with how the economy is -- so we'll have to bankroll it ourselves.

So I guess, unfortunately, I'm also asking for donations today. Donations and volunteers, actually. If you've got something you can teach other imports to do, I'd love for you to sign up when it's open. Even if it's basic, like "how to cook with a stove", I've seen people come in who were using fire pits to cook on, so basic lifeskills are just as needed as anything else.

[ There's a pause. ]

So if you'd like to help out, please let my office know, and if you have any questions, I could probably answer them. I've been doing this import shit for a while, so I'm always willing to offer at least as many answers as I can provide.

[ Another, slightly longer pause, as an afterthought: ] And to those who knew him, I haven't heard from Rick Bradbury, so I'm pretty sure he's been ported out, if you were looking for him.

001: VIDEO

May. 10th, 2015 08:01 pm
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[There's a new face with bouncy blonde pigtails waving happily at the camera. She's sporting a wide friendly grin.]

I figured I should do one of those "nice to meet you, get to know each other" things, since I'd just hate to miss out on a trend. And, well, it is nice to meet you! Probably! I dunno, we haven't done it yet, so you could totally suck for all I know.

But maybe you don't! So, hi. I'm Harley. Got any tips for a newbie? Y'know, stuff you wish they'd gone over when you got here. Pros and cons, lifehacks, that one weird trick they don't want to you know.

[She reaches to shut off the feed, but pauses as she remembers one last thing. And, obviously, it is the most important thing a girl should know.]

Oh, and for you Heropa folks. Where do you keep the fun in this town?
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Is hurting someone the only way of getting the job done? Wolverine said pain goes around -- it's a circle. If you protect others, you have to take on their pain to protect them . . .

but is that the only way? I admit I am . . . scared. Of getting hurt. I fought a dragon and I was scared because . . . well for a lot of reasons.

But then the dragon died and people lived and that's a happy ending.

. . . Isn't it?
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I’m not going to start by asking twenty questions, I assume those that've been here longer must be sick of them. [So there’s bound to be a few people here that might recognise his voice, though he doesn't know who and if there actually is anyone from home. Some of the standard questions that come to mind he has the answers to already from looking back. Others, well he doesn't want to unleash a bombardment of questions when he’s first introducing himself to people. After all, that can come later and when they wish they just ignored him.]

So I’ll just ask if there’s anything worth knowing that people feel like sharing. Maybe someone could even tell me where a good place to get some decent coffee is.

[He might sound cheery, but those good enough to pick things up might realise that his tone isn't quiet ringing true. He doesn't want to inconvenience people he doesn't know with his own problems, so best not to make anyone think there’s something wrong.]

Oh, I’m Kurt by the way.

002 | VIDEO

Feb. 5th, 2015 09:52 pm
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[ Hank's not particularly keen on being on camera right now, being shabby looking and aggravated to be here again, and most of all, feeling disorientated and a haunting deja vu at all of this. But he knows appearing as himself is important. The start of video begins quietly. It's dark in the background but unlike his last communication, he's definitely in a room. ]

Hello. It looks like I've been taken out of the loop for a while.

[ A pause, his hand fiddle with a remote-looking piece of technology. ]

The last memory I have of this place is working with people — people that I found out are gone now — to build a community hub. I don't remember an exact time or place or anything more precise than that. It's—It's a bit foggy for me, like a dream and

Well. I would say it's unsettling but it's more than that. Being out taken out of something and to be put back in place...

[ Hank rubs at the stubble forming along his jaw, taking another pause to focus. ] I can't really shake off how weird this feels because something like this has happened to me before. Someone else took my place and I had no memory of what happened in the time I was gone. I can scan the network all I want but that doesn't tell me much.

If anyone listening can confirm for me that there was no one here who looked like me or went by the name Hank Pym was active and present sometime between fall, September or October - it does't matter, and now, that would clear a lot of things up.

Thank you.
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[ It's not often that Matt actually has something to say publicly like this. He can't really think of the last time he did. However, it seems unfair to dump it all on Kate and make her do it, especially after he went all the way to Greece to make it happen. ]

Per the research into the Hornets done by Commander Shephard and Kate Bishop, and Kate Bishop's suggestion that someone attempt to track down Eleni Wang, I can now confirm that she is, in fact, alive and in Greece. Lil Crawley and I managed to track her down.

[ It may be a miracle that they managed to work together. ]

To that end, I have some new information about the Hornets and the Import situation in general circa 2010. I can confirm that, to the best of my knowledge, everything she had to tell us was the truth as she knew it.

[ He clears his throat. He's not going to elaborate on how he knows that. ]

Richard Peter Wayne, also known as the Black Arrow, was killed during his investigations. He had been attempting to look into potential government cover-ups, but came across the Hornets along the way. Ms. Wang believes they are probably responsible for his death, and that possibly a former hero was involved or may have committed the murder. However, her attempt to investigate his death was cut short by anonymous threats, so she cremated his body and left the country.

[ And deciding to discard some of the detail on her personal life... ]

In addition, she had a fair amount to say about the Import departure in 2010. Unsurprisingly, opinions were sharply divided between the people who believed it was the right thing for them to leave and the people who thought the Imports had run away with government permission. There was a shockingly brief period of increased National Security, which surprises me immensely given my universe's United States, but it later turned out that the Import departure did not in any way escalate international conflict, since the country no longer had it's own, uh...personal superhuman weapons. Consequently, they downgraded the alert after six months.

Ms. Wang also suggested that this may have contributed to the rise of the Hornets, and at least provided them with a new group of willing recruits who were dissatisfied with both the government and the imPorts, since the Hornets side with neither. She emphasized quite clearly that they should be handled with caution and considered dangerous, particularly if former heroes may have fallen in with them.

[ There's the sound of shuffling paper, while he checks his (hideously handwritten nobody can ever decipher) notes. ]

That's the main gist of it. If any of you should come into contact with her family again, she specifically requested that they not be told why she left the country, so I'd appreciate it if you would honor that. Given that she was more than willing to cooperate we should at least be able to do that much in return.

[ He's also deliberately left out some details, such as what her assumed name is or where exactly they found her, but Matt also figures that's something he can reveal to anyone who might want to go speak to her again, and not broadcast widely. ]


Nov. 13th, 2014 03:10 pm
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I really should have put this up on the actual day but I was busy that afternoon [ visiting Shade in the slammer ], didn't think about it at all until the next day [ because he went out, got drunk and then slept until noon ] and just haven't gotten around to posting this until now. [ because Dorian is a lazy fuck. Like, he's recording this from the couch of Residence #2, that's how lazy he is. ]

Still, November 8th was my birthday. I accept posthumous birthday gifts of alcohol, good food, good times, and job offers. [ said in a blase tone of voice...but one that is also kind of serious. Get him stuff, you guys. ]

On a different note, it seems we've got some new arrivals again. Pleasure to meet you, the name's Dorian Gray, welcome to Heropa, blah blah blah. Of course now, it's time for your typical opening question, so I can see what you're made of and spark those intellects. [ and also so he can be a judgmental little bitch. and because Dorian's bored. ]

Fortunately, this is a rather simple one. Pick the one you value the most: brain, brawn, beauty. Bonus points will be given if you explain why.

Alternatively, I've read just about every book in the house and that includes my flatmate's horrible taste. [ he's talking about you, Mitchell. ] Any suggestions for things that exist in this reality would be appreciated.


Nov. 12th, 2014 09:59 pm
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[ It's late at night when you get this message.

Hello to all heroes and villains, and people who really don't give a shit. Meet Carl Grimes: a kid who kinda straddles in all three categories. He's actually pretty filthy, with his blue shirt stained with dirt and sweat. His hair is slick with sweat as well, looking like it hadn't been washed in a few days. The only thing that looks impeccable is the hat he's wearing: brown with light gold tassels, a sheriff's hat.

His eyes are clear and he frowns in confusion. It's obvious he's a newcomer. ]

Hi. I'm Carl.

[ He pauses, trying to find something good to say without saying anything. It's like reaching out to people on the internet before the walkers came about, he suppose. He's trying to remember what you do on that, but he hasn't been on the Internet for a long, long time. ]

I was in Georgia before I came here. I was with my dad. His name is Rick Grimes. He was a sheriff, if it helps. I don't know if he's here or not, so I'm just looking. So I guess . . .

[ Another pause, and he looks a little uneasy, unsure what else to say. He wants to say the names of others, but he's not even sure if they are even alive, the last time he saw them they were running around in the burning wreckage of their home.

His uneasiness and habitual shyness took the better of him and quickly turns off his camera, sending the message to other "heroes" before he looses his nerve and not say anything to anyone at all. ]


Oct. 29th, 2014 08:36 am
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I am having a serious crisis, and I need help. Hopefully a network full of heroes can provide some kind of relief to a desperate spark in need.

[ oh, sure, he's heard of things like... explosions, death, political debates, and benefits being cut (that's super annoying, actually), but really, there's just one Most Important matter at hand: ]

I think they've stopped making my favorite kind of hair gel. I can't find it anywhere, and trust me, I've checked every store. Shouldn't there be -- I don't know, warehouses full of it somewhere out there? Isn't that how these things work? It doesn't matter -- I need more of it, pronto! Do you have any idea how difficult it is to keep looking as good as I do without hair gel?!

There'll be some kind of reward in it for you if you can help me out, I'll figure that out later -- just give me a hand here, someone!
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[ Unlike most interactions with Armstrong, the characteristic loud, friendly smile that he usually portrays on his face is replaced with a more serious and grave look. His shirt is, like most occasions, turned off as his eyebrowless face squints and glares at the feed with alternating forms of intensity.

He's trying to set a mood. Emphasis on trying. The alternations of intensity underneath his brow look inconsistent at best and like he accidentally squirted lemonade in his eyes at worst. ]

It appears now that, for some time, justice has taken a more passive role in both the eyes of the U.S. government and imPorts. Political reasons aside, there is no justification to injure civilians on the behalf of a government that is now cutting our funding. We remain each other's valuable resources for both fighting injustice from wherever it may be. We cannot remain reliant on a system that has no intention on looking out for us.

[ A close observer will notice that wherever Armstrong is right now, it's really cold. His breath is visible, creating tiny clouds of vapor as he shivers from time to time. ]

I expect all who take the term Hero to stand against injustice and perform true heroic values! [ His voice booms before a smile slowly erupts on his face. The more familiar side of Armstrong takes over. Good cop, bad cop. ]

Now, for the real reason I'm talking on here...! I wish to ask, does anyone have abilities that change seasonally? [ He remains still and focused. ] It appears that, for summer, I was given the talent of producing Hawaiian shirts by thought but now that it is fall....

[ He starts to triumphantly flex before a bright light envelops his torso. It fades to reveal an American Flag turtleneck. ]

It appears Heropa wants me prepared for the seasons, as now I can make turtlenecks! Would anyone want one?
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[ The setting of the video is very carefully set up so as to show a wide swathe of beach, and Fraser isn't squared away in the frame, he steps back and stands on the left hand side of it. He's at least dressed for the beach this time, in a light white shirt and blue jeans, his feet bare. He's wearing his stetson to keep the sun off. ]

I'm looking for some help refining my ability. Actually it's...a matter of life or death. There have been several accidents, and I'm afraid I'm still trying to work out some of the kinks.

[ He rubs at his ear awkwardly, ducking his head and blushing, but looks back up before he speaks again. ]

Ah. The real problem is that while I seem to have perfected the art of using it deliberately, I'm still having trouble with...spontaneous transformations. Last week I changed while I was sleeping and spent the following day confined to the body of an Arctic Tern.

So if anyone with perhaps a little more experience... Thank you.

[ And then Fraser finishes up his act by transforming into an enormous polar bear. Just in case he wasn't absolutely clear about what his power was, sits up, and raises his big white paws as though to say "Tadah!" ]


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