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I know that there have been deep concerns raised about the state of the work done by the Ambassadors. I urge you to, if you have questions, concerns, or any other matter that you suspect we may be able to assist you with, to contact us.

My office is always open to petitioners, and I am more than pleased to speak to the populace on any matter.

I thank you, especially those of De Chima, for your constancy and your support, and I urge you to contact me if you require assistance for any issue, great or small.
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[Faint pop music plays from just off camera, and a young woman with pale skin and platinum blond hair lounges on a lawn chair somewhere with a copy of As I Lay Dying on her lap (har har), soaking up the sun and chewing on a piece of gum. With her complexion, the rays seem desperately needed but should leave her at quite the risk for sunburn if she's not careful! In any case, right now she's clearly not thinking about that, as she is quite busy adjusting the angle of the camera sitting next to her, even going so far as to lift her sunglasses onto the top of her head to get a better look and make sure everything is perfect.

Once she's satisfied, she smiles, nods, and blows a big, pink bubble that pops quite loudly.]

Pop quiz, everybody. Karen DeSonne here, your intrepid undead girl reporter.

Oh, wait. Reporters don't... give pop quizzes, do they? [She taps her chin thoughtfully.] Intrepid undead substitute teacher? Sure, let's go... with that.

I've heard a lot of talk about powers and heroes and nano-something-or-others since I got here, but other than how we're a problem... this world would be blessed to be rid of or something like that, not a lot about monsters. Creepies. Crawlies. Spooky, scary... skeletons. Can I get a head... count on how many of you out there are the things that go bump in the night? Maybe we can start a club. Also, those of you who'd rather kill a zombie than buy her a caffè Americano and a white chocolate chip macadamia nut cookie, you can chime in too. Then we'll both know exactly who to keep... our distance from, won't we?

[The sunglasses are slid back down over her eyes, and Karen leans back into prime sunning position. Then, almost as an afterthought:]

Bonus question, before class is dismissed. Any idea what this place needs our type around for? They say when there's no more room in Hell, the dead will walk the Earth. So what does... that say about an... Earth that's desperate to have us?
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To my constituents, but also the citizens of the greater imPort community. I fear what we have had a most ardently fearful event, with the loss of light, and I assure you that we in the Ambassador's office of De Chima will be doing our utmost to find not only the cause, but also to implement a method as to better communicate in such a repeat of the event.

But as we must soldier on, I do ask you, if you should please, to answer some questions for me if you will. I should be glad of the replies, even if you think them most unreasonable, and so I must ask you to conduct your answer with utmost honesty. I should be grateful for any assistance you should bear me.

As always, I am yours in service, and will gladly hear any words, be they good, or bad, with as much humility as I am able to bear.

Most gratefully.

City of residence:

1. Did you find yourself in severe danger in the events of the loss of light?

2. Did you easily find aid in the form of shelter?

3. Did you easily find aid in the form of protection?

4. Did you easily find aid in the form of medical services?

5. Should another incident like this happen, would you like to be a part of a non-registration based network, maintained by the office of the Ambassador, to aid in the assistance of other imPorts and native citizens?

6. If yes to the above, please state your skills and your powers, if relevant.
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Hullo, all.

So...The days are short, the air is cold (except in Heropa), and all of us are struggling with lingering embarrassment from all those mis-sent texts. So, to give us all a bit of cheer, and in recognition of all the holidays we've constructed to help us deal with winter, I thought we all could give one another a bit of love.

So! How does this work, then? Well -

1. Go ahead and post your name in this post.
2. People respond to you with things they like about you, lovely moments you've shared, et cetera.
3. You go out and respond to others with things you like about them.
4. NO BEING AWFUL. Do NOT give backhanded compliments or secretly troll people or things like that. The point of this is to be good to one another. Go be good to one another!
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I have two matters that are of some importance that I must speak to, the first of which is that I find myself in hopes that at the season those of us to remain should take stock and find great joy with each other. And so I will most gladly host a party in December, at the Farm, and if you should be so inclined as to come I would gladly and gratefully hear any dates that are not available.

Now that the most trifling of matters have been dealt with:

I think it is an interesting place that would ask the people to select who will lead them. And I have been fortunate and well-placed enough as to be selected among those. I would ask you to not consider your rights so petty to not speak to them.

And so any who have need of me, and my responsibilities, should know my door to be open and my ear for their use.

003; Video

Nov. 24th, 2016 10:16 am
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[ This is Baelish, coming to you from the Maurtia Falls Ambassador office. Not Baelish coming to you from his casino or Baelish coming to you from his strip club. That makes this professional, right? ]

Greetings, my fellow imPorts. For those of you who do not know me, I am Lord Petyr Baelish, Ambassador for Maurtia Falls. I wished to address you all to talk about a few things, but most importantly this Nonah election. It is of utmost importance that we vote and show support for our fellow candidates. The job of ambassador is an important one, and I believe all of these candidates have qualities that would work to benefit Nonah. It is in your hands to decide who best will fit your city. But I implore you to truly look into who has the policies and qualities you seek. I would be more than happy to illuminate some of those to any imPort who may not have been following the race too closely.

[ And that's all he says on the matter since his good pal Dorian Gray had always harped on him about talking too much in his network posts. ]

Second of all, for those of you who recall the attack in Philadelphia at the ambassadorial celebration -- did any of you happen to return with the remains of one of those monstrosities, whether it be for scientific study or perhaps as a souvenir? I have been curious about what information can be gleaned from them -- especially in relation to the ImProcreats, if anyone still happens to have their little creature from that Swear In for comparison.

[ A beat. ]

And lastly, I understand this day to be a day of gratitude -- a nationwide celebration for families and friends to get together and sit down for a meal. Unfortunately, on this holiday I find myself largely alone and I am certain there are others who are in a similar position. If anyone has need of company, I can provide a place and wine if you can provide a dish of food or two. It does not have to be traditional in terms of what is served, but the important thing is that we are not alone when we could be together.

That is all. In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I thank you all for your time and wish you a wonderful holiday.


Nov. 23rd, 2016 10:37 am
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[ Congratulations, network. Today, everyone gets a video feed of a red hover truck, something leaning more towards the sort you'd find parked out on a farm and certainly not brand new, if the handful of dents and dull patches say anything. Still, it's not too bad!

A big ol' mastiff mix is hanging out in the front seat, paws up on the windowsill as he leans out, watching whoever is taking the video in typical happy dog fashion.

And today is the day the Pevensie farm finally, finally gets a better way to travel than with the horses.

[ That would be Hawke's voice and, oh boy, does she sound delighted. ]

Because someone just got an entirely official, most definitely not fake driver's license.

[ Which, even if she makes that sound a little shady, is true. Someone, somewhere, has made the poor life choice of signing off on her road test. ]
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( guess who's back, back again? here she is, the grumpy savior, and... unbelievably, she's doing kind of okay. not, you know, great... but kind of okay.

she comes as a woman on a mission, though... however embarrassing it is.

easy to pick up hobbies that you do with your hands, and go

sidebar: does anyone want a dreamcatcher? because I've got a lot of dreamcatchers.

( no seriously. a lot of dreamcatchers. she can get about an hour of sleep a night on a good night, so far, and the rest of her nights are spent failing at crafting and making dreamcatchers. )
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[Two weeks. Two weeks she's been here, every day more stressful than the last. Natalie depends on logic, it's her only anchor in a twisted-up, confusing world - but there's not enough of it here. Powers that shouldn't exist, technology that shouldn't exist, machines that the government put inside her. A job that's loud and chaotic, where she's sent arbitrarily from one random item to the next, fast, fast, fast, never letting her stop, and the machine blares angrily at her if she's even two seconds late. She can't stand it, but she's terrified of what might happen if she tries to quit.

And that's not even to mention the bizarre images and voices vibrating in her head - (that last one's the network, of course, but it's hard to tell how much of it is real, if any, and it deeply unsettles her). She's been trying to ignore it, but it's easy to activate, and there's no end to it.

She's had enough.]

I can't do this

Please let me go home

["Post." And the thought slips away into the ether.

She doesn't expect a reply, not really.]

video ♚ i

Oct. 7th, 2016 05:53 pm
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— Thank you.

[ The video catches the tail end of a conversation, with two men shaking hands and parting ways after. The older one is familiar to some, probably — one of the escorts for the new arrivals, just doing his job to help. The younger, the owner of the device it seems, is definitely not native, his clothes the biggest indicator, like he stepped out of some wild tv fantasy drama.

But then the device is turned to Edmund's face, and he waves shortly, just a flick of his wrist, awkward in that he definitely has no idea what he's doing. He doesn't quite smile, but he makes an effort not to look unfriendly.

My apologies, to my... audience? [ By the Lion, that is so weird to say to some weird box that apparently helps to communicate with others. ] I asked for help in figuring out how to use this contraption — he was certainly kind about it. He mentioned that plenty of other individuals would have difficulty using the first time around. I suppose he didn't tell me that just to make me feel better.

[ Which he isn't, but that's a differently story. ]

In any case, I am looking for certain people. Three, really. Peter, Susan, or Lucy Pevensie. If any one of them is here, I would deeply appreciate being pointed to them.

[ He'd thought about asking about the others, Mr Tumnus, the Beavers, or even Aslan. But he has had time to watch his surroundings, and there are more humans here than animals, and somehow, he can't fathom that there would be Animals. Besides, in a troubling situation such as this, at least one of his siblings would be in the midst of the chaos. ]

If not, then — my name is Edmund. A ple— [ a thoughtful pause, then finally, a small amused smile. ] I suppose it's not quite a pleasure to meet your acquaintances, since I've yet to meet any of you at all.

001: voice

Oct. 5th, 2016 01:42 pm
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( It's taken Cassandra a great deal of trial-and-error to be able to use the communicator at all. It sits awkwardly in her hands, as if mocking her ineptitude. The thought of people being able to see her face, from a distance, is frankly unnerving, so she quickly discounts the video option. Writing is bad enough when it's ink on paper, so that leaves her with one option she understands, really: voice communication. There are items in Thedas that have a similar function, Cassandra knows, but usually they're not so... bright. And rectangular.

Now, she knows, she is just procrastinating, and she is not the type of woman who likes to waste time. She flicks the audio function, like she'd been taught, and scowls at the device as if she expects it to stare back. )

I do not like this.

( A moment later, it's as though she's just realised she's already turned pressed the button. )

Oh! It's...on?

( Of course it is. And everyone has heard her confusion. Why did anyone think this form of communication was a good idea again? She does her best to gather both her composure and her thoughts. She starts to talk in a clipped staccato: )

I shall be brief. I am not familiar with this technology. Obviously. I was merely wondering if anyone else here is from a world similar to my own. I would like to hear your experiences, if you would share them.

( And she ends the call there partly because she's not sure what else to say but mostly because she's still not convinced that this actually worked. )
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[ The video turns on to reveal a large man, who is providing it with a close-up shot of about half of his face, and one strong, muscular shoulder. Most of his skin is bare, aside from a white tunic-like garment pinned at that shoulder. It's evident that someone is in the room with him, since he's focused on them and not on what he's doing. ]

Is it working? I cannot tell if --

[ Another voice interrupts, directing his attention back to the camera, and then Damen adjusts it so that his whole face is on screen. He is dark-haired and dark-eyed, and his olive-toned skin is well bronzed by sunlight.

He could not look less comfortable with a camera in his hand. His smile is a somewhat awkward attempt at friendliness, but it's obvious this is new to him.

Hello. My name is Damen. [ His eyes flick away from the camera at that, looking again at his companion. 'Damen', and not 'Damianos'. A pet name given to a network of strangers. He sees no reason to hide their true names - but he’ll do it, even so.

While he is introducing himself, the person who had his attention earlier decides to make an appearance. Or better yet, he decides to slide into the space by ending half on Damen’s lap, one hand lazily lifting to sweep a little of his hair back from his forehead. Where the original man is large and olive skinned, Laurent looks fair and slight in comparison. He isn’t actually in miniature, a fact he will press upon people at some point, when perspective is brought up. And where there is bare skin on show behind him, his is all covered up by the kind of clothing that looks restricting even by modern standards.

And mine is Laurent. [ He somehow manages to look like he’s smiling without following through, which is a power he possessed before the Porter ever decided to bless him with new ones. ] As you might have guessed, we’ve only recently arrived to this wonderful place.

[ Damen has rearranged himself to give Laurent space, and slide an accommodating arm around his waist. At that comment, though, he rolls his eyes up at his lover. Be nice, Laurent.

Laurent catches that look out of the corner of his eye, mouth twitching slightly like that smile he’s been curbing is threatening to break free.

We would like any advice you can give about acclimatising while here. This world is unlike our own, your buildings, modes of transport, ways of communication - [ Lifting his brows upward as if to indicate the device . ] - they’re all unfamiliar. We would not like to remain ignorant.

[ Then Damen leans in, tagging onto the end: ]

And I have need of a place to train. I prefer the sword. If any of you would test your skill against mine, I’d welcome it.

[ The glance they share then seems to be one of mutual agreement. Laurent shifts slightly, reaches out to turn off the feed. His sleeve obscures the view, but to those with extremely good hearing they might catch the as if anyone could best you before Damen interrupts his own smile to reach forward.]

Wait - there was something else. [ There’s a brief scramble for something beside him, and then Damen lifts his file into view. With his eyebrows lifting and expression dubious, he reads from the page. ] Can someone tell me what-- ‘Sunday School’ is? I am supposed to teach it.

[ He glances up at Laurent, nodding. ] That’s it.

[ It’s settled then, Laurent angles the camera once, so that his sincere ( no, really! ) expression can be caught. ] We appreciate the aid.

[ ooc: Damen is red and Laurent is blue. ]
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I realize that six-

That seven months isn’t quite enough time to adjust to everything available when there is such a large change in technology from my world. With that in mind, can anyone tell me how to prevent someone from contacting you over this?

[She taps the screen. Someone has had far too much interaction with Ikki]


Aug. 1st, 2016 08:10 pm
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[ This network post is brought to you from the Maurtia Falls ambassadorial office. Petyr Baelish and Count Dooku are seated together so amicably -- you would never guess they once went head to head in an election. And naturally, Petyr is the first to speak. ]

Greetings, fellow imPorts. There are a few matters I would like to address. First and foremost, I do hope everyone is well after the unexpected attacks in Philadelphia a couple of weeks ago. As the Ambassador for Maurtia Falls, I believe this hits especially hard because it happened within my very state. But I want to thank the imPorts who fought and helped to subdue those creatures as well as the ones who helped lead those in need to safety. It could have been far worse without all of your efforts. As such, we must find out who was responsible for those attacks. It is the only way we will be able to prevent them from happening once again. If anyone has any information or would be willing to investigate these matters, please let me know and I will be sure to direct proper funding to your efforts.

[ A pause. ]

But the main reason we are here is to address another issue within our very community. During the debates, it became abundantly clear that many of you question RISE -- their organization, their methods, and their competency. I have been in contact with Lady Sabriel, and we have arranged an investigation that will hopefully answer questions and put minds at ease. [ One way or another. ] Count Dooku had already wisely suggested an investigation during the debates, and as such, I believe he is the best possible choice to lead this matter, not only because of his foresight but because he is a man dedicated to bringing the truth to light.

[ Baelish gives Dooku a small gesture. The floor is all yours, friend. ]

[The Count steps forward and bows his head as though humbled by Lord Baelish’s kind generosity toward his defeated rival. Yet when he speaks, his voice is strong and confident, earnest in his totally-legitimate pursuit of justice.]

Today, the Ambassador and I call upon imPorts to step forward as witnesses to testify regarding the activities of RISE. Anything you have to say, good or bad, will be welcomed into our report. Your voice shall be heard in the strictest of confidence. And further, we invite any Registered Hero to volunteer as an investigator as part of this inquiry. Help us to uncover the truth of these disputes by interviewing witnesses and determining where there is need for improvement. Together, we shall ensure that truth and justice are served.

Interviews will be held over the following week. If all goes as planned, we shall have gathered our testimony and submitted our report within the month. RISE will be compelled to adopt whatever recommendations we provide regarding their practices- and whatever recognition they receive for their brave service, of course.

[That’s all the Count has got. Back to you, Lord B.]

As always if you have any questions, you may direct them at Count Dooku or myself. We thank you for your participation and do hope that this will be to the benefit of all parties involved.

( voice )

Jun. 23rd, 2016 11:25 pm
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[ There's a moment of brief silence before he speaks, his voice even-toned and Russian-accented. ]

Some of you might know me as one of the candidates for De Chima Ambassador. Some of you have probably missed my involvement altogether, as it has been unfortunately minor. I'm announcing that I'm stepping down from candidacy, in an effort not to fracture the vote. If my opinion means anything to you, I'd like to encourage you to vote for Queen Lucy or Ms. Yayoi in my place, as both seem estimable, forthright women to me who will keep your best interests at heart.

Thank you.

[ And... that's it. He ends the transmission. Gregor really does hate public speaking, even if he's not bad at it. He's also lying completely about his reasons for stepping down, but none of the truth is a matter for the public. ]

002; Video

Jun. 5th, 2016 10:29 am
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[ When Baelish appears on the screen, he is sitting comfortably in his office, the camera propped up on the desk and his hands fold together across the surface. The gleam of his mockingbird sigil is evident at his collar as is the jeweled Narnia hunting pin on his sleeve. A physical sign of his and Lucy's alliance far before he even speaks the words. ]

Greetings to my fellow imPorts, old and new.

My name is Petyr Baelish, the Lord part of my name is optional of course. When I first addressed the network, it was to talk about your thoughts and feelings toward this war and the ambassadors who served each of the imPort cities. I received a lot of valuable feedback and made some interesting friendships because of it. And now, I come to talk to you about the same things -- only this time as a man who will be running to represent you in the city of Maurtia Falls.

cutting this because Baelish doesn't know the meaning of tl;dr )


May. 31st, 2016 05:10 pm
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Gold, here. My apologies that I have been scarce; these devices are still a mite worrisome for me.

[ Someone has made a point not to post to the network since his arrival and hasn't even interacted much with his roommates, keeping to himself and diving into his work, long enough to keep his bills paid. ]

Heroes and villains.

[ He clears his throat. ]

Obviously, an important dividing factor among many, here. In fact, for all I've been able to see, the city runs on it. Regardless of your world of origin, I'm sure you came here with your own assumptions -- the tropes each role can be known for.

So here is my question: Living among both in equal measure, perhaps more closely than you perhaps realize, how does it affect your idea of what these things mean? Does it?
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So, uh... hi?

[The woman on-screen cringes a little and runs a hand through her hair.]

Sorry. Never had to introduce myself to the internet before. I'll try to be less awkward from now on.

I'm Ruby. Or, you can call me Red. Some of my friends do, so... Anyway! I'm new around these parts and figured I should say hi to everybody. It seems to be the thing to do for us newbies, right? So yeah, I like running, watching movies, nights out on the town with friends. That sort of thing. So if that's your thing too, hit me up, I guess? Maybe we can do a thing together sometime. I don't know.

[Yes. Excellent. Not awkward at all.]

Also, if anybody's up for a weird conversation about witches and ghosts and goblins and stuff or has seen a small woman wearing a sword, a scowl, and a suit of armor, let me know! I seem to have lost one. Er, woman, I mean. Not goblin.


one, voice;

May. 5th, 2016 10:52 pm
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[ There is no way in hell Medraut would swap this to video and he can't really type right now. As it is, major props to whatever nurse showed him how to put this thing on voice. When he speaks, his voice is calm and controlled, though there's no denying the tiredness inherent in his voice. He's got a British accent and just speaks so diplomatically. ]

To those in this realm, I offer my services. I am Medraut, regent of the High Prince Lleu, former ambassador to the kingdom of Aksum, member of the royal court at Camlan. I know these terms mean nothing in this realm, [ because he already badgered one of the nurses about Camlan and got jack shit ] but I offer them as qualifications nonetheless in the hope that you shall find favor upon me. And, as long as I may remain here, I pledge to serve this realm as faithfully as I would my own Britain. [ This is all said very diplomatically, Medraut covering all his bases, attempting to appear like he's got his shit together despite the fact that he is VERY scared and VERY confused and is certainly not going to let anyone else see that. ]

Of course, [ and there's a small pause ] any attempt at serving shall have to wait a little bit. [ And here the tone of his voice gets a little sheepish. ] I'm afraid the...Porter, I believe? I'm afraid the Porter brought me in at a terrible time. [ He tries to sound commanding again here but he KNOWS he just sounds so tired and has no authority and has to earn everybody's goodwill here again. ] I was brought here with a raging fever and shall have to stay in these quarters overnight. As such, I would greatly appreciate it if someone brought better quality linens to Nonah General Hospital, room 112.

[ Hospital sheets are itchy, yo. And just ignore the fact that Medraut isn't really talking about the fact that he got ported in with a bleeding hand that needed surgery as well...nope, just a fever, that's the only thing we're talking about! ]


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