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[Gamagori appears, in his usual Goku Uniform, pressed and perfect just like his posture. His eyes closed, arms pulled tight behind him, he stands for a moment, taking a breath before-]


[Oh yeah. It's that voice you can't get enough of- literally. One of his abilities is to grab and keep your attention with his voice. So despite you wanted to turn this off in favour of lethargy or- whatever the hell Gamagori is talking about, it's incredibly difficult to and you might as well listen to the entire message because trying not to do so will just be more painful- some how. Damn this kid has some pipes.]
The following addresses information gathered from two captured Hornets, asks for volunteers in locating a third in Nonah this weekend, and discussing warnings about the Lightning altering memories. The vaccine produced at StarkTech is also mentioned. Peggy Carter's information about De Chima is also mentioned.And it's Gamagori so- buckle up. )
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[ More newbies on the network? Oh yes. At least this one seems well-acquainted with how to use a phone. In fact, he has an iPhone in hand- his own, from home. ]

So, iPhone. [ and he gives a nod towards the screen, indicating his communicator ] iPhone I can somehow access with my brain.

[ he gives a thoughtful pause, and then decides to let the subject drop for now ] Yeah, okay. Why not. Still not the weirdest thing I've heard all day. [ a sigh ] I won't bore you all with the "how do I get home" questions, because it's already been established that pretty much isn't going to happen, as much as I'd like it to.

What I'm really curious about is the whole... superpower thing. That's seriously just normal here? People can fly and walk through walls and- I don't know- cast magic spells and that's totally fine? Because when I went to bed last night I wasn't expecting to wake up in the middle of a comic book.

[ A beat ] My name's Charlie, by the way. Charlie Maxwell. I'm supposed to be living in, uh, Nonah 005, I guess.

... Also, if there's a guy by the name of Jacob Randall or a lady by the name of Kara Makenna running around, please point me in their direction.

005 [Video]

Feb. 9th, 2015 07:04 pm
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[Oh hey, it's this guy again, wearing a little bit of concealer to hide the fact he hasn't slept well over the past week. People expect him to look fairly fresh and energetic, after all, especially since they've got one less killer roaming the streets.

Up until now he's made these types of videos while donning his powersuit, so he decides to keep up the tradition. Some people might think he looks like a pink Iron Man, but that's okay. His ego can take it just fine.

Naturally, his face plate is open, revealing a fair-skinned man wearing a polite smile.]

Hi, this is Barnaby. I've noticed some new faces lately, so now seemed like a good time to do this.

First of all, I'd like to once again thank everyone who helped apprehend the masked vigilante Lunatic, also known as Yuri Petrov. For privacy's sake, I won't mention anyone by name, although you are welcome to step forward and identify yourselves in response to this message so your fellow imPorts can properly thank you.

[Things are far from over back home, unfortunately, but...well, that isn't Barnaby's problem anymore, so he presses on without giving it another thought for the time being.]

Second, I want to remind people that we have an Emergency Notification System in place. Registered imPorts who sign up will receive a small device that lets you hear information from dispatchers. Unsettled imPorts who are interested can also sign up through any registered imPort who owns a device. In either case, people are welcome to sign up through either myself or Wild Tiger. Any other device-holding imPorts are also free to help people sign up.

Additionally, we have a communicator-based app that lets you send out a distress signal to any device-holding imPorts. Anyone who needs help learning how to use the Distress Signal Application, please let me know so we can arrange something.

Third thing: although Petrov is behind bars, I think most of us are well aware of the potential dangers both the imPort and native communities currently face. To anyone lacking concrete combat or rescue experience: please refrain from jumping onto the front lines. No one gets saved if you die, and you'll likely hinder other people's attempts to apprehend criminals or evacuate citizens.

There are other ways to help, though, which brings me to my next point: is anyone interested in receiving certifications for CPR and first aid? If enough people say yes, I could try to arrange something.

Anyway, I think that's everything. People who have questions or concerns about the Emergency Notification System, the Distress Signal Application, or possible first aid and CPR certification classes, feel free to ask in response to this message or in private.

Thank you for your cooperation.

[People who want their characters to sign up for the Emergency Notification System, check this link out!]
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Ugh. So very ugh.

[ quite a way to start a broadcast. he looks a little over-dramatically cranky. there's a moment where he adjusts the camera, leaning forward to change the angle once. twice. three times. then he lifts his hands in surrender when it won't sit the way that he pleases. ]

Right—hello. Quite a lot of new faces out there, aren't there? And some old ones. Blah blah blah, pleasantries. Let's jump right into sharing time. That's right, it's been a very adventure-filled last few days. [ he straightens his voice before diving right in. ] A knight, wrought with scorn, and little ol' me, unfortunate enough to be struck by lightning while minding my own business. [ does he ever mind his own business? he hadn't even been concerned about that whole lightning thing. well, too bad for Loki. ] Between the trek out into the woods, yelling about monotheistic purgatory-places, and seeking out a particularly nefarious rival, I woke up in an ally in Nonah after being kicked out of a seedy bar for—drum roll, please—giving a passionate speech about the art of self-sacrifice and the importance of the reign of the current queenly monarch. Many feelings were roused. You dares were exchanged among the boos. It was in French. I don't think anyone got it. Er—well, I got it, I suppose.

No need to fret at all. I'm very back to normal now after a very stupid bender. [ he waves his hand, wiggling dark nailed fingers. ] Insert obligatory warning about freaky lightning here. I'm getting a bucket of spicy chicken wings and a pint of fudge ice cream. Toodles.


Feb. 6th, 2015 04:03 pm
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[It's been at least sixteen hours since Roxy arrived, time which she has mostly spent showering and sleeping. A full day of hangovers, death, more death, final bosses, and time travel is remarkably draining.

She texts from the roof of a building, legs dangling over the side in boredom, looking down at the passerby below and letting the wind blow her hair about.]

here there be bright pink courier )


Feb. 4th, 2015 11:30 pm
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[It's been a few days since Locke's arrival and he's spent them busy, meticulously combing through every bit of information he can find. The network he learns in and out, the world less so but thorough enough to start a ruse, his power-well. He learned the basics. Times have been busy after all and in-between research, he's spent the majority of his time picking pockets, slowly gaining enough money for a suit.

The very suit he's wearing as the video flashes on. It's an inexpensive suit, tailored a bit too tight around the shoulders. The face he wears is of a wannabe handsome, black hair slicked back and teeth well-cleaned. The face of a sleazy salesman, if his research proved right. After that all the transformation required was a quick restructuring of facial features. Shapeshifting, Locke was learning, had it's charms.

Smiling broadly he spreads his arms wide in greeting and a crossed leg bounces in delight.

Ladies and gentlemen! You'll have to forgive me for any ignorances I may show. I'm new to this fine city-or set of cities [He grins and winks]-and am still fumbling my way around. I'm aware it's nothing particularly new so I'll spare you the details save one: people have an incongruous habit of staring at us when we pass! [He claps his hands, laughing as if this were a startling revelation. Then it's mock-serious, legs uncrossed, one fist on his hip as he leans forward.]

Now, usually? I'd take offense to that. Not this time-these beggars got me thinking. [He grins again, leaning back.] What's a crowd without an artist? What's attention without a business? Wasted, I'd say. Damn well wasted. As newly-ah-imported people, we hold a duty to redirect that attention to more productive efforts. I've heard whispers of a few businesses? An election? What better fuel to those fires than the kind we receive for free?

Now, I'm a humble man. I don't assume to be the first to think of this. By the gods, I may not be the first to implement it-[he slams his hand down on the arm of his chair.]-but I am the only bastard worth your trust.

[It's a bit dramatic, but that's part of the character. Steepling his fingers, he smirks over his fingertips.] My name is Leocanto Kosta, ladies and gentlemen. Allow me to be your first publicist.

[Yet, despite his claims, his phone still labels him as Locke Lamora]

[ooc: Locke is using his shapeshifting powers for this post. He will be unrecognizable except in voice to those who know him.]


Feb. 4th, 2015 08:17 pm
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[The first thing that flashes on screen is the top half of Toothiana's face and the rest of her gorgeous feathered 'hair'. There's also a huge blur of motion behind her - her wings fluttering frantically to keep her hovering a foot or so off the ground] Oh! Oh! It's working! Wait. Let me-

[the angle shifts and now there's a better frontal view of her face and part of her upper body, which, apart from her face, seem to be entirely covered in shiny green feathers. As far as expressions go, she looks excited and nervous all at once]

There. Much better. [A delicate hand appears in frame and waves at the phone.] Hi there! If- [she looks briefly hesitant before continuing cheerfully enough] anyone's out there. Sorry. [here she chuckles] This is all new to me. It's hard enough not to leave this thing behind when I fly. [She shrugs her shoulders once, sheepishly.] Anyway, I'm the Tooth Fairy. It's very nice to meet you!

I actually have a very important message for everyone. If you lose any teeth from now on, remember to put them under your pillow before bed! It's strange that there aren't any tooth fairies around but I guess that's why I've been brought here. I usually only collect children's baby teeth but, since I'm starting from scratch here, I'll collect the adults' too, so don't forget!

That's all. Thank you for listening and don't forget to floss!


Feb. 3rd, 2015 01:40 pm
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[When the feed begins, the setting clearly isn't one of the government assigned houses; the apartment is far too stark and modern, with a few pieces of expensive looking art visible in the background (God knows how a new imPort afford Van Gogh). Max herself is dressed simply, hair loose and make up toned down. She has no jewellery except for a simple gold chain visible beneath the collar of her cream blouse.]

Good evening imPorts. For those of you I haven't had the pleasure to meet yet, my name is Max Briest, and I work for a homeless shelter located in Heropa, called Atlas Hugged. [a beat] I wasn't responsible for the name, it's a little too on the nose for my preference, but that's out of my control. What is in my control, as it is my job, is fundraising for the shelter, which is where I ask you to come in.

Before you click away, I promise I'm not asking for money. [She smiles, wry and self-deprecating, because of course that’s what everyone would think! She knows this sort of thing can be annoying.] We might have help from the government, but we hardly have the resources of someone who has lived their whole life in this world, so I couldn't be expected to ask money of you.

[Is that a passive aggressive dig at any charities that do ask imPorts for money? Who knows.]

What I am asking is for any help you might be capable of providing. Volunteering time is the most obvious, we could always use more hands on deck. For those of you with jobs at any high earning companies, you may be able to encourage them to donate money, or gifts in kind, such as clothing, medicine, or food.

However I do have a project in mind for the near future, both of which require the help that only imPorts can provide. While we may not have the resources here we do at home, what we do have is celebrity status, and as… uncouth as it may seem, that's something charities are able to take advantage of.

My first request is for creators. For any artists, writers, musicians, or designers who'd be interested in creating something to be sold to the general public, with a percentage of the proceeds going towards the shelter. Due to the quite turbulent nature of imPorts - we never know how long any of us will be here - I believe anything created by imPorts could become quite a high commodity if marketed right.

[There's an easy confidence in her voice, like she knows exactly how to market it right.]

If you have any interest in helping out in this way, please don't hesitate to contact me.

[There's an ease in the way she speaks that suggests this has been pre-planned, but it isn't stiff as if she's reading from a script. She just went in knowing what she wanted to say.]

Now, while I don't necessarily have a deadline for this, I would like to host an event in order to promote and yes, sell, the work of imPorts, alongside works from those native to this world. As such, I will be hosting a privately funded gala for imPorts and locals alike, on the first day of Spring, which should give everyone enough time to prepare any works they'd care to donate, and to plan their outfits and dates. [Her smile is amused, because clearly clothes and dates are also important.] While it isn't a costume party in the traditional sense, there will, of course, be a Spring theme for those inclined to dramatics.

[There's something almost a little self-deprecating there, as if she's including herself in that. With that done, she pauses to tuck a strand of hair behind her ear, having reached the end of the message she wanted to give, and she's now she left to wrap it up.]

If you’ve made it all the way through this message, I'd like to thank you for your time, and hope that you'll contact me if you have any interest in helping out. There will be more details to come about the gala, as the date draws closer, but for now, goodnight.

[And with that, she switches off the feed.]


Feb. 1st, 2015 11:09 am
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[ For the first time since coming here, Hiro's making a video post to the network. Normally he'd do this via text but - dammit, he hasn't slept and he's barely eaten since the disastrous charity fair started yesterday morning. And he looks like it too. Dark bags under his eyes, empty coffee cups strewn around his workstation, and tech junk spread out everywhere. Not just "on his desk" everywhere either; there's a halo of junk floating in the air all around him, forming a 3-D workspace that might be impressive if not for the fact that it is also a chaotic mess.

It's been a long night. A very, very long night.

The kid groans a bit and sits up. He's a young teenager, scrawny and small if the scale of the desk around him is anything to go by. He proooobably looks like he's a little too young to be in the heart of StarkTech running approximately five million tests in the background, but that's how it is. Skye can be seen in the background too, busily trying to attack the problem from a programming angle. ]

Okay - look, anyone who got the vaccine against the lightning memories? There's an issue. We're working on it, but it's major and you need to listen up right now. Most people who got it are accidentally transmitting memories to each other. It won't override anyone's mind, and the person getting it knows it's not theirs, but trust me, there is some unpleasant stuff going around right now.

[ He pauses, massaging his temples. A small gaggle of bitty little white robots wander into frame and cluster around Hiro's arm. A compact comforting committee. ]

Thanks, I think. The good news is, every test I've run is indicating that it should wear off within the next twenty-four hours. The bad news is, we have no idea how to fix it any sooner than that. I've been trying and I'm going to keep trying but every solution I've come up with requires turning the vaccine off completely. Which - if that's what you want, I'll do that too, but -

Look, nobody touch anybody for like twenty-four hours, okay? We can handle that much, right?
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[Josuke gives the camera a sharp look.]

Got a couple orders of business, so listen up!

First thing's first—there's a lot of you getting involved in trying to take down that Lunatic guy, right?

Well, I don't plan on fighting, but I don't plan on letting anyone die, either. If you need help, I can fix up most injuries, so keep that in mind. It doesn't matter if it's just a tiny scratch or if you're hanging by a thread, just keep your communicators close and shout of you need help!

...should probably mention that I'm not Registered, though, so if anyone can help with Porter access, that'd be great.

[Go figure something like this would happen right after he decides to go the Unsettled route. Anyway...]

Second and last up—and way unrelated to the former...

My work's given me this Mardi Gras masquerade thing to organize! Sounds fun, right? But I got a whole ton of stuff to buy and put together and it's an insane workload for just one person. So...anyone wanna lend a guy a hand? Can't pay you, but if people are willing to take IOUs or something, I'm good for those. At the moment, I need help with shopping, making posters, building a stage, and decorating! Which is like, pretty much everything.


...any takers?
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[Back'date' this to a little earlier in the day. Rin's pumped himself up, did a little running, now he's ready to present his plan. As last minute as it is, Gamagori deserves this. The guy works so hard and is so bad awkward with people sometimes. A good friend like Rin is pretty much obligated to smooth out any furrowed brows.

Biggest bonus: he has his own place.]

Yo. The elections are coming up, and this guy, Ira Gamagori-- he's running for ambassador of Nonah. If you aren't sure who you're voting for yet, I'm throwing a support party at my place tonight. I'm in the north government apartment complex-- you can't miss it. It starts at seven.

[A sharp (literally, he has jagged shark teeth) to the camera before it cuts out. He needs to finish up his snack purchasing.

ooc: party log can be found here, and ooc plotting post is here.]

3. Video

Jan. 28th, 2015 11:17 pm
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[ Fraser is dressed in light Florida "winter" clothes, which for him is basically just a long sleeved plaid patterned shirt and his RCMP issue stetson. He's squinting in the sunlight he's facing, making sure to keep direct light out of the camera, and relatively close up. ]

I'm afraid I'm left looking for assistance after...well, a rather unusual gift from my fan club. There was no return address, which is difficult because there isn't really anywhere to keep him, but--

[ He pulls the camera back slightly, turning it past his left arm to take in the view of a black Canadian gelding - a horse, in short form - grazing cheerfully on the short cropped grass outside Fraser's Heropa residence. That's #008, incidentally. Sorry about the horse manure on the path, he'll clear it up somehow.

Fraser takes a deep breath and then turns the camera back toward himself.

I ah... I hesitate to say that I'm not grateful. I'm not exactly unused to the concept of fanmail, but this is rather outside of my personal experience, as you can imagine. Well, not the horse per se, I have a great deal of experience with horses, but... He is a rather extravagant gift, and I'm by no means prepared...

If anyone has some rope, I can fashion a temporary picket, but of course a longer term arrangement would be ideal. If anyone has any ideas, I'd appreciate the help. Thank you.
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[Hello network, have an at best only vaguely familiar face, since this is the second time he appears and he hasn't been entirely active as an imPort in general. He looks kind of tired.]

I made the mistake, on arriving here, of assuming that I was given a job at the department store because of my experience in running a shop. I feel now that this was somewhat naive, but do try to be charitable.

[Well, that sounds like... nonsense. Does he have a point? It appears he's not finished, at least.]

It is now obvious to me that this decision was instead based on the fact that I have experience if war, and of being a professional soldier. [He levels a wry smile at the camera.] I was not aware just what the holiday season entails around here, or exactly what lengths people during this time of the year. In particular, don't let's even go near the whole 'Black Friday' thing again... although it did not really get much better from there.

[Being done with this rant, he seems to relax somewhat, and his unimpressed look is changed for something closer to amusement. He leans back somewhat, showing off more of clothes that look a lot less Victorian and significantly more fashionable than the ones he arrived in, if still somewhat... eccentric. And very colorful.]

With that I of course wish to have said that this is the reason why I've not made that many attempts to reach out toward the imPort community or actually do what I was taken here to do. It would have been somewhat easier if someone had warned me.

So, that being said, any advice and warnings concerning this more modern world would be appreciated. I seem to be almost two centuries behind on developments, and I'm assuming there have been people other than me in the same situation.
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You know, life can be hard for the small trader in the big city! Especially when he suddenly finds himself no longer in his city at all, and also quite unable to ply his trade, what with hat shops not being particularly known for their ability to follow a man around. Mind you, considering how this week is going, I suppose I wouldn’t be overly surprised if it turned out that my humble haberdashery had followed in the footsteps – or wing beats – of its namesake, and had learned how to fly.

[The man on the screen, despite his words, seems fairly unshaken by recent events. He's smiling pleasantly, comfortably leaned back in an armchair. The translator mechanism appears to still have left him with a Russian accent, and the clothes he's wearing look distinctly Victorian. As he speaks, something like laughter is audible off-screen, although it sounds weirdly mechanical.]

Not to mention, being here has faced me with something that can only be described as a bit of a conundrum. You see, I am already well acquainted to this manner of work for which we've all been recruited. I have been allowed to be a hero through the good graces of my government - or rather, through the grudging ill graces of the same, and the much kinder graces of a rather special girl. I won't say I didn't enjoy the experience, or that I won't long on occasion for the glory days of yore-

[His eyes dart momentarily off-screen, his smile flickering but not quite giving away the emotion underneath. There is a loud snort from whoever it is he's looking at, also this sounding strange; more like steam escaping from a valve than an actual human sound. Luvander laughs in turn, shaking his head and turning his focus back to the camera.]

But being someone's pet idol and political advantage has with time and certain recent events lost some of its appeal to me, and I can't deny I find myself uncharacteristically hesitant to return to life as it used to be. Not to mention, I rather miss my shop. So what is an old soldier to do? I was informed that the purpose of these devices is communication, so some advice would be appreciated.

[OOC: Also open to action posts for people living in Residence #033. The off-screen presence is in fact an incorporeal dragon appearing to be made of some glowing pearlescent substance and hints of fire, slightly larger than a horse. The only reason she's managed to squeeze herself into the living room is probably that part of her body goes right through the wall and is fully visible outside. Sorry about that.]


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