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Alright! So. I've been on Earth long enough to notice certain things. Things like, say, clothing! Some people wear one kind of clothing and some people wear others. At first I thought there was some kind of Earth code I was missing because I didn't really get it, but now I know what I don't know!

That makes sense right?

Anyway, someone talk to me about gender. Gender among your species, I mean. Because my species... um. It's complicated I guess. I don't think I've ever seen a female Cybertronian. I've heard of one but everyone says she's really super crazy.

...This is alright to talk about, right? I don't want to offend anyone or anything. My human form looks female, so I'm just... curious.


Mar. 4th, 2015 05:46 pm
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[ There is no emotion in Samara’s voice as she speaks. She is calm, distant, and her words are clearly chosen carefully. It took her much longer than she would like to admit to decide on these simple words. ] There are no apologies I could offer that would make up for the suffering I caused some of you. It is insufficient, but it is all I can offer in this place. [ She pauses for just a second. ] What my code demands of me is an impossibility here.

[ The statement is left there as is her apology. If any she hurt choose to contact her here, she will offer more. This is just meant to open a dialogue. That and she wishes to offer the information she received. ]

I, like others, have also found myself with memories that come from another. His name is Jackson McKinley and he is currently incarcerated in Heropa. Unfortunately, he is not allowed visitors at this time.

The first is a memory of McKinley sparing with a woman, he takes a hit from her and says the following: “I knew I could learn a lot from you, Ms. Medina. You've sacrificed so much to the cause, haven't you? It must really mean something.” The memory implies that he idolized her, even during the time he thought she was dead.

It appears as though the second memory is of his introduction to the Hornets. He was nervous when he waited for them to show up. Even in his wildest dreams he did not believe the Hornets would reach out to him and invite him to meet them. He was told that he would make a difference in the world. When the hooded figure came out of the darkness, when he saw the flash of yellow lining, he grinned. [ A pause ] He must have truly idolized the Hornets to have such a reaction to the simple act of meeting them.

The final memory was of a meeting between him and a man named Mr. Rodriguez, a more recent recruit. He was pleased to meet him and complimented him on the article he wrote. Mr. Rodriguez seemed surprised that someone read the articles. McKinley said that he read them before they disappeared and then commented on how he had to wonder why they had disappeared.

That is all there was. I doubt it will prove overly useful, but I did not want to go without sharing it. [ And abruptly she just ends things there. ]

002; video

Feb. 21st, 2015 12:50 pm
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Listen up, y’all!

[The ID reads Marceline the Vampire Queen. Marceline’s back, sitting just outside a supermarket in Heropa. She's leaning on her ax bass and wearing the green campaign hat that comes with her Troop Leader job. Just to her right? Mabel Pines, wearing a green vest covered in puffy stickers. Behind them? boxes and boxes of girl scout cookies, and a few local girls in vests setting up a table.]

I know there’s some big stuff going on lately, but whatevs. [She just shrugs. It's not her problem, she really doesn't care.] Here’s the deal. Girl Scout cookies go on sale in Heropa today. And sure, you could go to other troops...but we’re the ones with imPorts. [All of two. Not that...she needs to be up front about that. Right?? She gives a winning grin.] You’re gonna make some kids reaaaaally happy if you buy these... [Said very theatrically and sing-song.] Like my girl Mabel here! Some of you know her. Say hi, Mabel.

Hi guys! Do you know what the actual greatest part of cookie season is, besides eating tons of the best cookies ever made? It’s making dreams come true. And it would definitely make a whole bunch of dreams come true if you bought cookies from our troop when you see the tables outside of stores every afternoon this week! [Mabel makes her best doe-eyed hopeful face.] We’d really appreciate it!

You can always buy some from me or Mabel, too. Get in touch. I’m gonna have some for sale at that convention coming up, over at my booth... and if any girls want to pitch in or whatever to help us push this sugary biz, that’d be killer. The council says we’re doing this until the 14th, if we don’t run out first. [Is she eating red velvet oreos while she’s talking about selling other cookies? Yes. Yes she is. She looks contemplative for a second, before she glances to the girl next to her.]

Mabel, anything else?

Just remember, if you buy from our troop, you'll make dreams come true and some kids really happy. Way happier than any other troop, probably! At least two hundred and five percent happier. [Mabel nods, solemnly.]

You heard the lady. And... hey, another thing. Are any of you musicians? Like, seriously? I didn’t want to put out an open call or something, but I need bandmates. Drummer, guitarist and a keyboardist, at least. Bonus points if you can do guitar and bass. Just - hit me up if you’re not completely lame with an instrument, guys. We’ll talk. ‘Kay?

[And then, practically on-cue, the indistinct sound of young girls shouting off-screen. Marceline groans, getting to her feet and grabbing her communicator.] Zoey! Jen! Break it up, you bozos, save it for-- [She ends it there. What a professional.]

[ooc: cookie season in heropa! there's more details about this whole thing over here. marceline's in the default color, mabel's in blue. as you probably guessed. responses will come from either or both of them! if you've got any questions, hit me up or comment to the ooc post.]


Feb. 20th, 2015 10:37 am
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Bear with me, but this is insanely fascinating. The way this whole thing is set up in the bathroom. I can-- I can have a bath whenever I want. A hot bath! In five minutes! I could bathe every day. This is revolutionary!

And in the same tub, I can make it rain. Hot rain, even. I have my own personal waterfall.

The technology in this world is impressive. I wish I had more words to convey that because-- well, you know, hot waterfall.


Feb. 12th, 2015 08:05 am
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[ the comm reads Impulse ]

Hey! [Greeting all you lovely imPorts on this fine morning is a kid in a cream and red spandex suit, yellow tinted goggles over his eyes, and a big ol' smile on his face.] Those of you that don't know, I'm Impulse. Super fast, super crash- [Bart Allen you are literally the only person who says crash stop ruining your secret ID] -part of a team of superheroes back home and here which dude totally awesome and totally here to help.

[But that's not what today's post is about! So, he takes a moment to inhale and focus.]

Anyway two things. First [He holds a up a finger] I can run fast enough to move over water and break the sound barrier. Which means I have the ability to be just about anywhere in about an hour. I also uh [He winces] kinda need to make some money which is totally moded since most of the fun places won't hire kids if the government doesn't tell them to. So if anyone needs a package or letter - for all you guys from before technology - delivered super fast and super discreet send me a message! I can do literally any city in any state.

Second [A second finger ticks up, and his grin spreads] anyone wanna race? There totally have to be more people with super speed here I mean I know super strength is pretty common and a lot of people seem to have tech powers or are just really smart but there have to be a few people who can run or fly.
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[ the video is clearly accidental - it first starts out with a simple view of the generic heropa bedroom. a bed and a door make for a cinematic masterpiece. it takes a whole two minutes, maybe even more, before the director finally realizes the camera has even been on at all.

she listened intently to the whole explanation of the phone, yet she still hardly understands it.

slowly but surely, a tiny girl with her hair styled in the shape of a pretzel (yes, a pretzel) garbed in traditional dress pops up in the bedroom scene. she looks like she's quite obviously struggling, and when she's satisfied with the camera angle, her expression only shifts to something like mousy, jumpy trepidation. ]

Umm... [ she makes a noise as if she's about to say something more, but her stage fright shines through and makes her hesitate. the camera is moved again for a brief moment but is soon back on her face. ]

I-I've been told that there's a neat-work to speak to other people on. [ she's assuming this is it. ] I've also been told that I'm a 'hero,' but that isn't right. This isn't my home, and I don't live in Flow-ridda. [ if there's one thing she's sure of, it's that she's being bad right now by speaking to all of these supposed people on the network. she shouldn't be speaking so familiarly to strangers. she shouldn't be speaking to strangers period. ]

Have I... been bad?


Feb. 10th, 2015 08:34 pm
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Shit, so. Let me get this straight...

[Well, for one thing, you need to straighten out your camera there, Bull. The big Qunari is holding it upside down, affording viewers a lovely look at the underside of his scruffy chin. And a couple scars -- one that looks a little more picked at than the rest.]

[Oh, and the horns. Did we mention the horns? And the fact that, as he's walking down the street, he's a good head and shoulders taller than everyone else.]

All this... metal crap. The stuff that moves. The... thing here, in my hand. This is all normal to you guys?

I can't be the only one who doesn't know what he's doing. Please say that. It looks really bad if anyone saw--

[Like if he was being recorded.]

[He squints his one eye down at the screen. Like he's waiting for an immediate response. Then when nothing immediately pops up, he starts mashing buttons. Or trying to hang up. Those huge fingers aren't good with tiny buttons.]

-- oh come on. You're magic, aren't you? Work.
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[Who's tired of newbies fumbling with communicators?

Well too bad, because the scowl you're treated to tonight is from another guy doing just that. And boy, does he ever know how to scowl. He's also wearing plate armor, from what's visible in the video, and a pair of the fluffiest fur pauldrons you've probably ever seen.]

Maker's breath, why am I even--

Oh, ah... is this on? Er. Right.

I'm looking for a certain group of people, and I wonder if anyone might direct me to them if they happen to be here? The first is a woman by the name of Trevelyan, the Lady Trevelyan. She might also be known as the Inquisitor, if that means anything to anyone. Or if anyone's heard the names Cassandra Pentaghast, Josephine Montilyet, or Leliana? I'd even settle for Varric right now. We were in the middle of something rather important before... all of this, and I.... Well, I've been told there's no means of getting back quickly, but I would prefer to know that they're safe, at least.

And as I was repeatedly assured that I am trapped here for the foreseeable future, I suppose I must find some means of employment. I've been offered a position, but I must confess, I... don't entirely understand what it entails.

What is "spandex"?

[ video ]

Feb. 7th, 2015 10:54 pm
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[ When the camera turns on, there's already a smear of red across the lens, and the scene is a whole lot of jostling motion. Then Ramir comes into sight with wide eyes and a panicked expression, until she sees it's running. She forces composure after that. ]

Heeeeeeyyyy, guys. How's it going?

[ There's some crying and screaming going on in the background, which Ramir seems happy to ignore. Except for the quick sideways glance she darts over at it, anyway. ]

Haha, rhetorical question. I don't really care. Listen, I've got kind of a thing going on—

[ An interruption from offscreen: ] Oh my god it’s bigger than I thought! I'm still bleeding!

Shut up Drift, I'm working on it! [ Aaannddd back to the camera: ] So anyway, does anyone know how to, say, sew a guy back together? Or maybe just put a sword back in him. I'd take either one. [ A quick smile, as she moves to end it. ] So, yeah, lemme know. Thanks.

01 | text

Feb. 6th, 2015 02:26 pm
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First question: Is there a library easily accessible here? Or some form of physical resource hub. Anything will do.

Second question: The machine that brought us here. Does it have a sense of humor?

[ Yes, those are two completely different questions. What is small talk. Or context. When your brain feels like it's been hammered before it's been placed in your new and slightly horrible human skull it's kind of difficult to manage coherent thought.

He'd do some internet searching, like he's used to, but he's not feeling well right now; he's already tried at least one of his new powers. It had worked well enough, right until he converted back into human form.

Intense pain would be putting it lightly, especially for someone who's new to being human.
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( ooc: info on the mirror network here and note about oliver's abilities - he has a power that allows only people who already know that oliver queen = the arrow to be able to place his features while he's wearing a mask! )

[The image on screen is that of a man in a hood and a dark green mask. Almost every visible inch, apart from his neck and face, is covered in some sort of green leather, and there's a quiver peeking out from over his shoulder.

When he speaks, his voice is lower and rougher than Oliver Queen's would be, and the name showing up on the display is nothing more than:

I've noticed something since arriving here. A good number of the people I've seen on the streets, making posts about information they've gathered, and bringing up technology they've found or made are- [... kids? he probably shouldn't say kids.] Younger. Than a lot of people may like.

[Here, his voice gets a little clipped.]

So, to those of you buying your first ski mask to take advantage of whatever abilities you have: don't. Go back to school, go back to your friends, go back to the life you've been living here, go back to being safe.

[There's a pause, to let that sink in, before: ]

To everyone else: don't do it alone. Get training, be well equipped, find someone who will watch. Your. Back. When things get out of hand. [Because if Oliver has experience with anything, it's with a dumbass teenager who will just keep diving in no matter what he shoots him with does to try and stop him.]

And for those of you with experience: share it.

[This has been a Grumpy Green Arrow PSA]
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[Jacob appears in portrait on the video, visible from the chest up. He’s wearing a button-up shirt and stands almost like he’s reporting for duty on a parade ground: shoulders rolled back, head upright, spine ramrod-straight. This is more of a formal thing than most of his previous Network talk.]

Hey. My name’s Jacob Taylor. Some of you already know me, but only a few of you really know about me. I figure it’s time to fix that. There are too many secrets around here as it is. So this is me, coming clean.

Back in my own world, I spent two years working for a human splinter group called ‘Cerberus.’ An illegal group. Terrorists, really. This post would last all day if I started telling you all the things they've done.

[Jacob closes his eyes for a moment, shakes his head, then opens them again with his face set and his voice steady.]

Cerberus fought for humanity. I thought that with them, I could protect people, and somehow keep myself from getting too dirty. But you know the saying about lying down with the dogs: you're going to get up with fleas on you, every time.

I've cut my ties since then, and I’m doing what I can to make amends. I’m sorry I served with Cerberus, and I’m sorry I wasn't honest with the people I've gotten close to here.

[He stretches his neck side-to-side for a moment, cracking out the tension. And then he’s done- no big speeches for this guy.]

That’s about all I've got. If anyone has questions about Cerberus and me, I’ll answer them. And if you still trust me enough to work with me? Let me know. I'm planning to get some atoning done while I’m here.


Feb. 3rd, 2015 10:02 pm
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[Because surely you haven't seen enough new faces, there's another one. The elf is saying something that's clearly him cursing.]

Fenedhis lasa, "it's easy to use" they said! Well, I'll have you know, I'm no expert in tiny little things with blinking lights that are, apparently, not enchanted in some way.

Yes, well, I think the next time a bunch of men in strange clothing cram me into the oddest caravan I'd ever seen, I'll decide perhaps to take what they say with a grain of--

...Wait, is this working now?
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[ Though it had taken some time, she had eventually found someone to give her instructions on the queer little device she'd been given, how to keep to voice, for fear she did not fully understand the strange common tongue written here- at least not enough to use it comfortably. The idea of a video image, some mirror like form of projection, was just too strange to even consider just yet.

Audio would be fine. She'd .. get used to it. Even if there seemed very little she would want to actually 'get used' to. This world was not her own, not by a long shot. ]

Umin hanya... Night falls here and yet even my eyes struggle to see the light of the stars. Is this common on stormless nights?

[ Because why talk about more important things when this is clearly the only thing she can bring herself to say. Hell if she knows if anyone is even listening, let alone will respond. It felt vaguely as if she were walking into a crowded tavern and speaking aloud, waiting for an anonymous voice to reply.

Not that she was nervous. Much. ]

[ IC EDIT after 11pm. ]

My given station is strangely fitting as an archery instructor. I will take on whomever wishes to learn, and shows promise.

( video )

Feb. 3rd, 2015 11:27 pm
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[ Originally, this post was going to be audio, but it occurred to Isaac that was a lot like hiding. He looks sheepish, but also a little unnerved, and his eyes are a little shifty when he speaks. ]

I...had something planned to say here, but...

[ He shakes his head. ]

A few days ago...a week maybe? I don't know...I've...I've lost time...There was a freak lightning storm and...I think I was hit. For a while after that I thought...that I was someone else. If you've ever had your memories messed with, or...anything like that, you know what that does to you...

...anyway, I know I talked to some of you, and I wanted to apologize for...if I freaked you out. I'm...I think I'm better, now.

[ He clears his throat. ]

I'll, uh, go.

[ And he does. ]


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