03 | Audio

Sep. 21st, 2014 07:01 am
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...So. Ezio is gone.

[There's a long pause.]

I think he went back to where...when...he was supposed to be. The stuff I bought for him here is the only stuff that's left.

Probably just as well. It would have been weird for him to have modern clothes back there.

02 | Video

Sep. 15th, 2014 05:05 am
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[The wind is a bit much on the microphone when the camera feed first comes on. Desmond is heading indoors, though, recording as he walks. He's heading into a mall area, by the sounds and glimpses of storefronts behind him.]

Okay, so. When I first got here I was assigned a job like everybody else. As of a few weeks ago that fell out. And I'm officially down to my last fifty bucks. So I thought I'd put myself out there here, just in case. I figure I'll have a lot better luck than going place to place.

I'm offering a courier service. You got something that is too time-sensitive or delicate for the mail, I'll run it across Heropa for you for cash. I've also got bartender experience, if anyone knows of a place that's hiring.

By the way... call it a weird question, but...something's been bothering me lately.

[He hesitates, not even sure if he should even go through with asking it. Finally, though, he breaks his silence.]

When you get homesick...is it normal to even miss the stuff that annoyed you, or pissed you off? Or people you weren't even friendly with?


Sep. 6th, 2014 03:00 pm
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[ There's a biiiig pause before Dorian starts talking. He is totally in a motherfucking cell and rocking that chic prison orange. Great job, loser. ]

Good news and bad news. Or, more like, bad news but some good news that would make the bad news less bad.

If you were trying to get in contact with me for the past few days, that ties into the bad news: I was arrested. It's nothing I can't handle by myself, you don't need to worry. [ except that he knows like, two people, are just worried about him. ] I simply won't be around and about for a while.

The good news is that, for once in my life, I've managed to be exceedingly well behaved to the police officers. So well behaved that despite the...ah, nature of my crime, they've set bail. More bad news is that it's rather high. Still, I'm not too haughty to ask for help in a situation like this, especially since I'm much too attractive for jail. [ There's a little laugh here, like he's trying to just take the whole situation as a joke, letting the fact that he's in jail slide off like water on a duck's back. ]

Any donations to the newly established "Get Dorian Out Of Jail" fund would be gladly appreciated. I'm currently in the Heropa jail, so visits would be appreciated also. [ There's a contemplative pause, before he adds, ]

And unless you're Anita, don't touch my stuff!
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[ if it's not obvious, it's definitely Loki. he's all dressed up in his armor and headpiece, and he's also wearing a peculiar mask. ]

A shame it isn't November yet. "Remember, remember the first of September" doesn't have the same cultural significance, does it? Let's just say it's more of throwing off the mask of anonymity.

[ with a sigh, he pulls up the mask, revealing his face. he looks theatrically put-out. the curious part really isn't his face, or the mask, but he's entirely surrounded in white, fluffy clouds and clear, blue sky as far as the eye can see. there's no horizon in sight, it's essentially the perfect blue backdrop that he's standing against. how he got there or where exactly he is could be anyone's guess. ]

Before I dive right into the meat and potatoes, I'd like to make a few things clear. Dabbling in truth was never really my strong point, but utilizing it is something else entirely—oh, and publicly, I'm well aware! Let's just say that I'm a sneaky good-for-nothing trickster, and everyone should keep an eye on me.

That's the disclaimer for you! See? No need for the bouts of warning that this message may accompany.

[ he shrugs up his shoulders, struts forward and poses before looking all too smugly satisfied with himself. ]

That said, down to biz. There's been a lot of talk. The kind of talk that really doesn’t go anywhere. Captain Holiday always keeps the guise of the matter-of-fact while being one of the most frustratingly vague people within these Nine Realms. I take it that it's already been noted. But with new techniques such as the compartmentalization of information—how much does anyone within the mortal government really know?

Hornets, terrorist attacks, space missions, and we all remember that pleasant paint ball incident where the prize was a date with the lovely Porter while everyone else participating succumbed to an untimely and unfortunate death-like experience. There were also the challenges in space that most likely would have ended in boom without intervention. Ah, and the time at that swear-in soiree where the wrong saunter to the wrong room at the wrong time left the crowd there feeling like they were on fire, but it's okay, they really weren't. Then there's that monotheist who went on a psychotic murder bender and ravaged the countryside to fix the so-called anomaly of us. [ a dismissive wave of his hand. ] Who may get off on good behavior soon, as a pleasant side note for all of us keeping track.

And the latest and greatest, the wide-scale opportune kidnapping of imPorts thrown into a death match with mechanical bears, etcetera. Complete with nullifier tech! Hm ... it's almost as if someone out there doesn't like us very much. Or the idea of us, and ideas can be powerful. Wasn't there that bit about interrogation within the borders of this country? We are in the middle of some kind of temperature-like war, aren't we? You could really carve up the tension with a dull blade.

Out of all these seemingly connected, or unconnected events, we're forced to conform to a universe synced up tech savvy Greek Fate program and a Porter that thinks it’s all in good funsies to muck with our abilities and pull us through several omniversal barriers, and all the while managing to constrain the powers of those who can find such methods of travel. Moral of the story? Don't ever pay full price for travel when you can do it for free. That's to say that my extra-dimensional abilities don't hold water. Nor did the other spectrum of mortal religion's. [ cough cough Lucifer cough cough. ]

Not saying that there aren't worlds worse than this, it's pretty much a grand walk in the park from every angle. But other possibilities out there—a-aa-aand the probability of another "bad end" is always sort of there, isn't it? I've been there, I've seen them, and they're none too pleasant.

[ possibility brought gifts and curses, but he'd still take freedom any day of the week over the small comfort of security. he likes it here, even all these mortal politics. ]

Holding information hostage gets old and can cause all kinds of trouble. Like dying trouble. No one likes dying trouble. So I'd like to propose some sharing is caring—conspiracies, experiences, theories, call it a free-for-all impromptu exercise. Keep it public, won't we? A little ol' request from this trickster. We don't want anyone running around in a hacking frenzy for information. Kiiiind of misses the point.

Oh, yes, to start us off! It’s a bit funny how only one Fate is mentioned syncing with the Porter. There’s three, isn’t there? At least myth dictates of them. Hm—sooooo … how many other references can we pick up on, hm? Who's ready for Greek bingo?


[ he straightens his voice with a little er-mm. ]

Let's make that Greek and Roman, hm? I guess that ups the chances of a bingo, so Lachesis can be the "free space."
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[ The first thing that may become obvious to those who have spoken to Sansa before is that she has apparently come around to the idea of modern clothing since the last time she posted to the network; the camera shows that she is wearing one of those fashionably oversized tank-tops with a wolf emblazoned across the front. She's seated on her bed, leaning back against the wall. ]

I've been having some peculiar dreams as of late. [ She is very good at making it sound casual, as though it has no reason to actually cause her any concern. Regardless, she isn't actually stating what her dreams happen to entail. She's not ready to give that much away just yet. At least, not without something in return. ]

At least, I think that they're peculiar. I have come to realize that I do not have much basis for comparison. So I have found myself rather curious: What is it that the rest of you dream about every night? Do you think that there's any meaning to them?


Aug. 1st, 2014 07:35 pm
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[Margaery looks delighted as she gets the camera to work, adjusting the angle as she smiles warmly. As uncertain as she is about using such a strange device, there is naught to do but just take the plunge.]

To think that this is broadcasting to all instantly, it's incredible! I never had believed anything such as this was possible but this world is full of surprises such as these. I am sure there is much more to discover in due time.

[But new technology or not, Margaery remembers the purpose of why she wished to make contact with others. She's still wearing her wedding gown though she had let her hair down to fall about her shoulders.

It's for the best she sheds the remnants of a wedding which had resulted in the death of her second husband. That fact hadn't really sunk in yet, she thought that if any moment she would hear Joffrey's haughty tone or see a glimpse of his confident sneer.]

I am Margaery Tyrell, of House Tyrell though I am sure that name means little here. I hope nonetheless I could inquire as to where to find more suitable clothes- what I am wearing now is hardly practical for every day use.

Even if you are unable to provide assistance, I hope to get to know everyone here. The welcome I have received here has been so very kind.


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