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[ The kid on the video is, like, a parody of capitalism - short, rotund, jowly, with slicked-back hair and a mercenary gleam in his eye. He shoots everyone a smile that's clearly trying for confident and reassuring but which just comes out as scuzzy. ]

Good day.

[ He steeples his fingers, revealing the gleam of his silver cufflinks with their brown mahogany inlays. ]

My name is Mark Vorkosigan, CEO of PKE, LLC, a full-service investment firm. Some of you received financial compensation for your heroic actions during the black-out - congratulations. And thank you for your service. You may well be wondering, now, what to do with that money. Well. I have an easy solution for you.

Invest with PKE. As all of my investors can tell you, I guarantee a return on your investment that far exceeds what any other investment firm can offer. I can assure you that with my assistance, you'll become rich. Which, I am assured, is in its own way a blow against our Soviet enemies, because they despise material wealth.

[ Or something. Anyway. He flashes another oily smile, and then Mark out. ]


Feb. 5th, 2017 05:04 pm
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at the risk of being That Guy, i gotta ask: whats the deal with the job assignments for new imports? are they all jokes or is the universe just messing with me?

either way, im definitely in the market for something better. the government wasnt helpful enough to kidnap me with a resume or references on hand, so i guess youll just have to take my word for it, but here goes:

names Cisco Ramon, techspert extraordinaire. masters in engineering, second best coder on my earth. app writer, gear inventor, whatever you need. i can weld, i can solder, i can sew (leather, which let me tell you, is a bitch to work with). new to this earth so help a brother out and tell me where to look, or just offer me a job, thatd be great either way. shacked up in heropa but commutings easy with these porter things right?

so yeah. call me. been a while since i had to look for a new job, but im pretty sure my interview game is still on point.



Jan. 6th, 2017 04:11 pm
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[The communicator is either being carried by someone else, or simply floating after the man. Well dressed in his 1920s best, he is currently perusing the ‘occult’ section of a local public library. There’s a moment of silence as he traces the spine of one book, then simply begins speaking.]

How many tomes are able to be written on a subject this world clearly knows nothing about?

[He idly picks one book off the shelf- Idiot’s Guide To Protection Spells- and smirks as he flips through.]

I was something of a magical scholar- amateur, really- in my younger days. Making the utter absence of new forms to learn about here an understandable disappointment.

[The book is snapped shut, and he finally looks up to smile into the camera.]

If there are any actual witches or wizards listening, I would appreciate a moment of your time. Or, barring that, anyone that has seen magic in their lives. I’ll settle for whatever information this world can manage to scrape together.


[OOC: Also feel free to action it up in any library your character may be in. Or if you live in 009 MAURTIA FALLS come action at him for earlier/later in the day!]
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must be proficient with the standard ground cars of this world
hover car proficiency preferred but not necessary
familiarity with early 20th century models preferred
instructor age 25+ preferred

Student comes from the early 1920s and drives a Crossley. Payment will be done per lesson. Details to be negotiated.
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[ The imagery when the camera clicks to life would be familiar to anyone who's ever witnessed a certain Miami church, monochrome and pristine as the day it was left without a patron. But the girl centered in front of the stained glass window cuts an ethereal enough figure in her white suit and short-clipped platinum hair with a shock of black, as if she's a fixture of the place herself. ]

Peace and consumer joy be with you, America. Whether it's despite or because of being torn across dimensions, I trust some of you are having a most blessed holiday. As for those inconveniences among us who prefer less heavenly hosts? This year, I'd like to offer open doors.

[ It's all an appropriately solemn atmosphere until her lips quirk into a smile, and a clean snap of her fingers casts a warm glow as every candle lights up. ]

For formality's sake: yes, it's that Lucifer. Give or take a few mythological liberties. No, you aren't the first to be skeptical. I suppose that's as good a content warning as any?

That said, The Church of the Morningstar is under renewed management, and invites you to a wholesome Christmas Eve night of festive song and blasphemy. Any creator seeking inspiration, any persecuted looking to spark rebellion, or old-fashioned fans of excess are welcome to find a little sanctuary here by the fire. And as history will show, you can always do far worse than the Devil's music.

[The camera pans to the left, up towards the church's pulpit and what looks like a charming nativity scene beside it. There's a set of simple mannequins inside to represent the traditional figures; the three wise men, Joseph, a bundle of scrunched up cloth in the manger, and—well. That last one certainly isn't a mannequin.

Inanna straightens up from beside the manger with an impish grin, draped in the cloth robes of the Virgin Mary. In spite of the simple garb they still manage to look as radiant as always. ]

May we all have an unholy night to remember. We could certainly use it, couldn't we?
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Hullo, all.

So...The days are short, the air is cold (except in Heropa), and all of us are struggling with lingering embarrassment from all those mis-sent texts. So, to give us all a bit of cheer, and in recognition of all the holidays we've constructed to help us deal with winter, I thought we all could give one another a bit of love.

So! How does this work, then? Well -

1. Go ahead and post your name in this post.
2. People respond to you with things they like about you, lovely moments you've shared, et cetera.
3. You go out and respond to others with things you like about them.
4. NO BEING AWFUL. Do NOT give backhanded compliments or secretly troll people or things like that. The point of this is to be good to one another. Go be good to one another!


Nov. 23rd, 2016 10:37 am
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[ Congratulations, network. Today, everyone gets a video feed of a red hover truck, something leaning more towards the sort you'd find parked out on a farm and certainly not brand new, if the handful of dents and dull patches say anything. Still, it's not too bad!

A big ol' mastiff mix is hanging out in the front seat, paws up on the windowsill as he leans out, watching whoever is taking the video in typical happy dog fashion.

And today is the day the Pevensie farm finally, finally gets a better way to travel than with the horses.

[ That would be Hawke's voice and, oh boy, does she sound delighted. ]

Because someone just got an entirely official, most definitely not fake driver's license.

[ Which, even if she makes that sound a little shady, is true. Someone, somewhere, has made the poor life choice of signing off on her road test. ]

001: voice

Oct. 5th, 2016 01:42 pm
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( It's taken Cassandra a great deal of trial-and-error to be able to use the communicator at all. It sits awkwardly in her hands, as if mocking her ineptitude. The thought of people being able to see her face, from a distance, is frankly unnerving, so she quickly discounts the video option. Writing is bad enough when it's ink on paper, so that leaves her with one option she understands, really: voice communication. There are items in Thedas that have a similar function, Cassandra knows, but usually they're not so... bright. And rectangular.

Now, she knows, she is just procrastinating, and she is not the type of woman who likes to waste time. She flicks the audio function, like she'd been taught, and scowls at the device as if she expects it to stare back. )

I do not like this.

( A moment later, it's as though she's just realised she's already turned pressed the button. )

Oh! It's...on?

( Of course it is. And everyone has heard her confusion. Why did anyone think this form of communication was a good idea again? She does her best to gather both her composure and her thoughts. She starts to talk in a clipped staccato: )

I shall be brief. I am not familiar with this technology. Obviously. I was merely wondering if anyone else here is from a world similar to my own. I would like to hear your experiences, if you would share them.

( And she ends the call there partly because she's not sure what else to say but mostly because she's still not convinced that this actually worked. )


Aug. 27th, 2016 11:11 pm
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[ As always, with Shade, it's Video.

And as always, he looks pretentious as hell, but this time, it's worse.
] Good evening, imports!

[ Says Shade, dressed in a dark smoking jacket, complete with a pipe, although his tophat and shades are still on. In the background, one can see a roaring fire -- in North Carolina no less -- and in the foreground, a small shadow gremlin stumbles around, bringing a both a glass of hazy green liquid (absinthe) and a paper, which Shade takes. ]

I'm the Shade, for those of you whom I haven't met, and I'm quite the fan of the written word.

Most of the time. [ He holds up the paper, labeled with a bold TMI -- the headline an image -- with a headline underneath: TMI EXCLUSIVE: REGGIE MANTLE CONFESSES - SEE WEBSITE FOR DETAILS ]

I thought I'd give this a go, as the reading seemed to hint that it would include too much information, but this may very well be... too much.

[ He cleared his throat, before he started. ]

Import Harleen Quinzel may not be a human import at all! The import was last seen turning into a -- my word, really? -- Harley Davidson motorcycle, and speeding down Formation Boulevard in Nonah this past Saturday. Some followers of imports pointed out that she may be a... Transformer -- [ He sounded bewildered: ] What is a... ah! -- an alien that is known to tranform from a robot into a vehicle.

[ A pause. ] Fascinating!

And the next one says... Saitama, the import known for packing quite the punch... [ He paused, eyes peering over his sunglasses while he read. His face becoming more and more horrified by the moment. ] ...is now starring in a...n.... X-rated video called "Three Fist Man"? [ Muttered under his breath: ] By erebus -- I don't think that's appropriate for the Sundays...

[ Gross. Maybe he should move on. But only after he reaches out to take a sip of his drink. ]

Ah! My friend Dorian! Apparently you've been rather naughty. [ He grinned. ] Caught in the sheets with Power Girl! My! And with an illegitimate child? Kara Danvers? [ A hand to his chest. ] Toby must be devastated, really. It appears that TMI reporters were able to locate an illicit exchange between the two, but there was no footage, but... the similarities between Ms. Danvers and Power Girl are rather striking, aren't they? [ A wave of his hand. ] Or is it coincidence? Who truly knows?

Ah! It appears that an import is to blame for the FBI's incompetence as well? Apparently a one Erik Lensherr was to blame for the FBI's entire database, which found itself wiped. Apparently the man is a living...magnet? Can that affect compuiters? Regardless, the FBI chose not to comment, and instead dismissed the intrepid TMI reporter as insane. Of course tthat's incorrect.

And lastly -- [ He's on the third page -- ] Import Frederick Chilton was found in the arms of his patient! How scandouls. James Patrick Marsh, hotel owner, was found with the Doctor on a sensuos lunch date, where the two were found laughing over... strawberries and créme. [ A thoughtful noise. ] How very romantic -- and clichéd. [ Another sip. ]

Isn't it fascinating, what things we've all been up to so far?
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I realize that six-

That seven months isn’t quite enough time to adjust to everything available when there is such a large change in technology from my world. With that in mind, can anyone tell me how to prevent someone from contacting you over this?

[She taps the screen. Someone has had far too much interaction with Ikki]
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[ Insomnia leads to some dumb shitposting. So: ]

Anonymous post, 2:49 a.m.:
What's it like to have a brother? You can also say what it's like to have a sister. Especially if you were adopted. And especially if your brother is really accomplished.

[ And especially if he isn't really your brother, but actually the person you were cloned from, and especially if you were raised to murder and replace that brother, and so you've memorized every fact of his life and yet somehow nevertheless been completely surprised by the person he actually is...

After this post, Mark wanders away to spend time on other parts of the network, which leads to this urgent message: ]

Anonymous post, 4:32 a.m.
If you're looking for porn don't go to ImPorn.com.

[ All he wanted was an artistic representation of some boobs he'd tried to imagine himself and suddenly, shit he never wanted to see. Ever. ]

( video )

Jul. 25th, 2016 03:13 pm
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[ when the video begins, mahanon is curled neatly in a chair, picking away with a small knife at what looks like a piece of wood that's a couple of inches long. his eyes lift and he offers the camera a brief smile, then turns his attention back to whatever it is he's slowly carving. ]

So that was exciting, huh? Anyway, speaking of gods and stories, after talking with Bull, I've been thinking a little about my own. --That is, those of my people and our gods. It's a mostly oral tradition among the Dalish, because we're nomadic by nature. Our clan Keepers are charged with remembering them and passing them on.

[ he finishes the little carving with a flourish, setting the knife down and unfolding himself. he leans toward the camera, planting a small, stylized, seated wolf in front of it.

he leans back, grinning a little sheepishly. ]
--I was thinking about making a halla, but I'm not that great an artist. [ he brushes the few flecks of wood off his pants, sitting back in his chair again. ] Anyway, I suppose a wolf is just as good, so to speak. They have a.. peculiar place in the elvhen pantheon. I used to keep a small totem on me, but.. I lost it in the Fade. Go figure. .. I try not to consider that some kind of sign. [ a breath. ] This fellow is representative of Fen'Harel, the Dread Wolf. He's.. rather a complicated figure. One part trickster, one part representation of evil, one part.. dispenser of hard-won wisdom, I suppose.

[ he hesitates, then reaches for the wolf again, rubbing his thumb over its snout with a thoughtful look. ]

.. I'm.. interested in other religions, a little? [ a beat, glancing back up and gesturing to his vallaslin. ] Not to convert. After all, I wear my faith on my face. But.. stories, like I mentioned. I was training to be a Keeper, myself, before I was caught up in the Inquisition, and I guess it's been a habit to collect them where I go. I know that we supposedly have a few gods-- [ and here's an unsure look, because he's not sure how much he really believes it, text post claiming it or not. after all, corypheus thinks he's a god, too. ] --here walking among us, at least. And even if you aren't a person with religious faith, surely you've heard a myth or two from your world.

[ he hesitates, brushing his braid back over his shoulder, then offering a small shrug. ]

That's it, really. Thank you.
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[ So, the problem with the road not taken whatever is that it started on June 10th. Which was the date of Dorian's wedding. And it's very hard for two people who enjoy feeding off attention and being the stars of the show to be the stars of the show when half the people who RSVPed for the wedding don't show up.

Dorian and Toby both probably had hissy fits. Dorian is going to continue his hissy fit over the comms.

So, what is this now? Someone messed up technology of some sort? Another one of Callaghan's whatever exploded? It might be the Cain Cabal, anyone heard from them? Perhaps it's magic, Kaplan or Peter Pan might have fucked us all over again. Because it's been a few days now and I think we're all aware that something is annoyingly wrong...again.

I suppose the question now is, who on Earth do we have to hound in order to get this mess fixed, and what sort of actions do we need to take to make certain that none of you people fuck us all up again. Personally, I'm halfway close to throttling whoever did this and, when I find out their name, am dangerously close to making that threat a reality.

[ huffy bitchy whiny hissy fit!!! Life is hard for Dorian, people don't pay attention to him!!! ]

( video )

May. 4th, 2016 09:24 pm
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[ the feed begins with the lower half of a pale, tattooed face. the narrow shoulders also visible in the frame are pulled taut, giving the figure the look of someone maybe a perpetual half-second away from bolting. there's a moment, then a hand lifts to adjust the communicator, revealing the rest of the face-- and some fairly pointy ears. an elf, then, and one from thedas given the tattoos. he stares for a few wary moments, then takes a bracing breath and forces his shoulders to straighten. ]

Good evening. I-- [ right. this isn't even as bad as addressing the court in halamshiral, mahanon. you've got this. you were first of your clan. you're the inquisitor. you've physically walked in the fade and time-traveled and drank from an ancient well of knowledge left by one of your gods. this is nothing, right? .. ugh. ] My name is Mahanon Lavellan, lately of the Inquisition if that means anything to anyone. I'm looking for anyone who might also be from Thedas.

[ a beat, head tilting, and his glance slides away from the camera. he appears to be in a park, or at least somewhere with trees, and apparently there are other people around if the background noise is any indication. he hesitates, then glances back to the camera again. ]

.. Am I the only elf here? I.. haven't seen sign of alienages in this city, and I didn't think to ask before. [ because it's never occurred to him that his people might not exist in other worlds. why would they not? humans seem to be everywhere, after all. he's been getting second and even third looks, of course, but no one's challenged his right to go anywhere, and no one's called him a knife-ear. everything about this experience thus far has been surreal. (and he'd thought the inquisitor business was mad.)

there's another brief pause, then a slightly helpless, bewildered glance. ]
And I suppose I should ask if there's any sort of.. more helpful.. book? [ he reaches up, tapping the communicator. ] This was explained to me, which I'm grateful for, but there's a great deal about this world that's extremely new for me. The currency, for one thing. [ a small, tired laugh. ] My list of things to ask about is getting quite long, actually.


May. 4th, 2016 12:01 pm
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[It's a nice enough afternoon that Rincewind is enjoying his lunch break at the Nonah Public Library in the library's courtyard, sat at a stone picnic table. Having made a concession for work, he is not in his normal robes (although he has his hat, of course he has his hat), but is instead wearing a blue, long-sleeved shirt patterned with gold stars.

It is a woman's blouse; he has yet to realize this.

Stacked at his left are an arrangement of books. Most have to do with languages, but a few - Homer's Illiad and The Odyssey, a book on turtles, and The Bible - are incongruent. At Rincewind's right, next to his salad bowl, is a plastic tub. It contains a bit of grass, a single twig, and one box turtle.]

Look, I've got to get this out. For a world that really doesn't resemble the Disc at all, there are a lot of strange parallels. [Rincewind taps at a notebook with one hand, feeding the turtle a bit of lettuce off his fork with the other.] I mean, that's not to say there aren't major differences, of course - this world is round, for one, and as far as I can tell it doesn't seem to rely on magic or Narrativium at all to run.

Only, look, I know about nineteen to twenty languages on the Disc, depending on whether or not you consider orangutan to be a language (I would) and you'd think they wouldn't transfer here, but they do! Or at least - [a glance at his notes] - at least twelve of them do, that I've found. To some extent. Again, not accounting for orangutan.

Anyway, they all have different names here - you lot call Klatchian Arabic, and Quirmian French, for example - and some of the vocabulary is a bit different or extended, but otherwise it's mostly the same. Odd, isn't it? Like, the fact that I'm speaking to you right now and you understand me - I know this language as Morporkian where I'm from, but it's English here, isn't it?

And some other things, too. The man in this one - [he taps the The Odyssey and stabs at a bit of cucumber, which the turtle eyes hungrily.] - Odysseus? He's someone who really existed on the Disc. We know him as Lavaeolus, and it was the Ephebians and the Tsorts who fought and did the bit with the wooden horse, there was nothing to do with these "Trojans", but otherwise it's word for word.

[Rincewind straightens proudly, and his fork strays just close enough for the turtle to snag the wizard's cucumber with deft precision.]

He's an ancestor of mine, you know, Lavaeolus. [smugly.] Not everyone can say they've got an ancestor.

Anyway, I'm droning on, but you get the idea, right? Has anyone else noticed strange parallels like that? Things that are sort of the same but not quite? I can't be the only one.

[Rincewind's teeth clack down on empty metal instead of crisp vegetable, and he shoots the turtle an astonished, accusing look.]

Oh, you cheeky git.

[the weight of this insult seems lost on the reptile.]


Apr. 9th, 2016 03:53 pm
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[ The young man on the screen looks a hell of a lot like Admiral Miles Naismith, or (a bit less) Dr. Hermann Gottlieb - he's clearly small like Miles, just from the angle of the camera and the proportions of the chair in comparison to him. But he's also fairly recognizably different. He doesn't have Miles' Cool Facial Scar (tm), for one. He's a little fatter, too - just a little. And he's dressed much differently: black, expensive clothes, black tie over a black shirt under a black suit jacket, not exactly tasteful but pricy. Hair slicked back. The kid is trying hard to look cool, and he's poured almost enough money into his wardrobe to accomplish it. ]


[ This is a Businessman Smile that he flashes at the camera. ]

My name is Peter Kane. I'm very grateful to the imPort community for being very helpful when I arrived last month - [ And he pronounces that very smugly, because he wants everyone to be impressed by his conspicuous wealth having been accumulated in only a month. ] And so I'm going to offer you all an opportunity. And I wouldn't recommend that you pass it up.

PKE - that stands for Peter Kane Enterprises - a full-service investment firm - is offering you a golden opportunity. I'm willing to take all of you on as clients, to manage your money and make you all rich.

What am I offering? I'm guaranteeing you at least an eighteen percent return on investment. [ Which is really good, though he mysteriously looks a little disgruntled when he makes that promise. He could do much more, but...he'd sooner that it not be really obvious that he's cheating using his Porter-given power. Sooner not deal with the SEC... ] All I ask for is a five hundred dollar initial minimum and a year guaranteed commitment. Which is low and generous. I'm going to be asking for much more from non-imPorts. [ When he's built up enough of a reputation to actually be able to pitch things to non-imPorts. This is less charity, more desperate nosing around for clients to build capital. ]

Contact me if you're interested in getting in on the ground floor of this incredible opportunity. Or you'll need to come to terms with the fact that you turned down the opportunity to make enormous amounts of money. So if you love poverty, feel free to ignore this message.

Kane out.


Apr. 8th, 2016 06:28 pm
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[A new world, a whole new populace to meet. As long as they don't expect him to do anything other than woo them, Ivan thinks he'll get on with these people quite well.

Time to introduce himself, then. He takes as much time as necessary to figure out the (frankly archaic) video capture equipment. His first call needs to show his good side, after all.]

Hello, De Chima. I've recently been ImPorted to your beautiful city, and I'm looking for an equally beautiful guide to introduce me to my new home. Would any of you ladies out there care to oblige me?

I also thought I would introduce myself for those of you who aren't sure whether or not to help me: My name is Ivan Vorpatril, and I am your galactic dream come true. Respond to me on this channel, and I can happily repay you with a night that is truly out of this world.

[ Audio ]

Apr. 5th, 2016 01:09 pm
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[ Today's broadcaster: male, young-ish, and openly irritated, which may or may not be a result of a half-hour long struggle with technology and its use, just to get this far. One would assume he had been given the same instruction on how to use the communicator as ever other imPort, but one would also have to assume he'd actually been listening, instead of furiously stewing. ]

I don't want to talk to any of you.

This isn't an excuse to get social with me.

I need information and if you've got it, I'll listen. If not, piss off.

[ With that friendly, rousing introduction, he immediately continues: ]

Why is some parking paid but some isn't? How do you pay it? Why are tickets involved if they're not for travel?

Is "cola" how you poison your enemies?

What is "weefee" and what's it connecting to?

Has there always been one moon here, or did there used to be more?

[ And then, after a long, surly silence: ]

I need recommendations for markets with fresh produce. In bulk.
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[ Finally, finally, here's someone on the network taking credit for this mess. Spoiler alert: it's Hiro. Again. The camera shows him in front of a badly damaged machine, with one arm in a sling (but mostly healed thanks to his brother). He look ... frazzled. To say the least. ]

Okay - okay. I messed up really badly. And I need some help. Trust me, this wasn't what I was trying to do. I think. I can't remember either ...

I really need some help fixing this machine. And - more importantly, I need help keeping Callaghan away from it. He doesn't know where it is yet, but I know he's gonna find out and come after it any time now. And if he breaks it again, none of us are getting back to normal.

(( OOC: OOC signups to help! Or, y'know, screw things up more. ))


Apr. 2nd, 2016 07:19 pm
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[There’s a lot of noise in the background of this video post. Like, way more noise than usual when Mabel’s face shows up on the network. One could say almost… exactly double the noise?]

Hi! Hey. Important question. I know everybody’s busy with stuff but this is a matter of life and death probably? Through forces beyond our control we have an animal that-- well look!

[The camera pans. Two twelve year old boys (who look suspiciously like tiny versions of the Stans) are riding a magnificent creature around a living room. Dipper watches anxiously, but seems resigned to the situation. He has the look of someone who has walked through the flames of hell and can now withstand anything. The camera stays on the chaos long enough for one of the Stan kids to fall off the… thing. The lower part of the thing. The part you can conceivably ride on.]

It’s a centaurtaur! And we’re not sure how it breathes? Or eats. We have some, um, theories but we can’t test it because we can't reach. So if anyone’s ever had any experience with an animal like this or you’re pretty tall and willing to help us do some research please let us know! Thanks.


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