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Feb. 25th, 2015 10:12 pm
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[Having been here for only a month, give or take, Marie is still a fairly new face on the network. Though even those who might recognize her will find that she's looking a bit different today. Amazing what a difference a change of clothing can make. Though if one pays attention to the background, which looks like the hallway and door of a doctor's office, they might very well find out why. Being a receptionist typically means you have to dress well.]

Hi. Marie here for those of you who don't know me. Don't really have a lot of time since I'm on break, but I wanted to get this out just in case things start to get weird. [She pauses for a minute, glancing downwards and pouting slightly.] Well, weirder. Which isn't really saying much, but still. There's a lot that's been going on lately, and while I don't really get what's going on, I know it's not good. Like those fires. So I want to help as much as I can. That's why I just wanted to let everyone know that if you ever get injured, just let me know. My Persona, Kaguya, can heal. And I've got a vespa to get to you quickly. Got my liecents a little while ago, if anyone wanted to know how that went. Not that anyone helped me study. Jerks.

[That last bit is muttered out after she turned away from the camera, but it's still loud enough (though just barely) to be heard. When she turned back to the camera, her expression was slightly flustered.]

So...yeah. That's all I wanted to say. If you aren't sure about the whole healing thing, just ask Gamagoori. You know, that really big guy who yells a lot? He'll vouch for me. Just don't ask him why he needed healing...
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[It takes a day or two after he shows up-- in which there is a flurry of reuniting with friends, and making a new one-- for Minato to make a network post. When he does, he doesn't have anything particularly exciting to say. He just knows from experience that if he wants to drag himself out of the temptation to mentally withdraw, to slump into a hazy drifting rather than deal with reality, he needs to make connections. In short, he needs social links as badly as he'd needed to make them when he'd first come to Iwatodai: not for his Persona's strength, but for his own happiness.

There's no reason the same strategies shouldn't work here.]

Hi. I just arrived. [He has a quiet but forthright tone.] It seems I'll be going to high school here as a senior... I'd like to meet any classmates, or underclassmen, if they're on here. Maybe we could study together or join a club. I work after school on Wednesdays and Thursdays, but otherwise I'm available.

And I was wondering... [He trails off, a bit of melancholy reserve echoing on his features.] How has everyone else liked living here?

[It's a simple, open-ended question. Non-intrusive. Minato is nonetheless legitimately interested in any answers.]


Feb. 6th, 2015 04:03 pm
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[It's been at least sixteen hours since Roxy arrived, time which she has mostly spent showering and sleeping. A full day of hangovers, death, more death, final bosses, and time travel is remarkably draining.

She texts from the roof of a building, legs dangling over the side in boredom, looking down at the passerby below and letting the wind blow her hair about.]

here there be bright pink courier )
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[Feed's on an to many, there's Akihiko there, standing infront of a mirror in what looks like a- grungy as hell, dark public bathroom. The sort of bathroom that casts everything in yellow and it's hard to say if it's the lightning in the place or just- the walls having been caked with something you don't want to know anything about.

But otherwise, it looks like a boy. Late teens, shirtless, fit. Grey, short hair, grey eyes- but the most eye catching thing is the blood down his nose and the swollen skin under his right eye. Blood even more so trailing down the side of his face from what- looks like a long slit cut open in his face along his brow. Anyone that's been hit hard enough knows the cut was probably put there on purpose. Better to drain the blood.]

[He's leaning in, using his tattoo to activate video in the mirror. Audio would've worked two but it really didn't matter. He leans to clean up his face a bit, grabbing his own jaw, taking a look at his teeth.]

I was reminded of something. [Breath heavy, still dripping in sweat. There's bandages on his hands, red seeping through at the knuckles.] I'm not sure if anyone's said anything about it yet. I really haven't been looking.

But the lightning before. [A sigh, looking a little annoyed. With good reason, that whole- ordeal was really annoying.] It wasn't just some storm. It was artificial. I figured it was a good idea to say something but it only just struck me now. Not only wasn't it artificial, but when it was happening- I-

[Stands up again, a thoughtful look on his mostly blank and battered face. He holds a cloth under his nose before lowering it and looking down at it.] I knew when it'd happen next, when it'd strike, what days.

It was like it was all planned out. Does anyone else know anymore?

[A pause, staring for a moment. Oh right.]

I guess there's been new arrivals too. Welcome. [He guesses.] You can call me Sanada.
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I would like to follow up on my previous message, and let everyone know that with the contributions of a number of people, and the assistance of an anagram solving program called Zazzle, the encoded message left by the Horents at the waterfront Brycha warehouse has been deciphered. It is as follows:

A rich vex, lo! = Charlevoix
A Canonical Testing Mirth. = Michigan Central Station
A lore hunk. = Lake Huron

For those unfamiliar with the geography, Charlevoix is a city in Michigan, Michigan Central Station is the now-abandoned rail depot for Detroit, and Lake Huron is one of the Great Lakes which, not at all coincidentally, largely borders Michigan.

As part of the initial trip to Brycha, the Young Avengers investigated a portion of Lake Huron that was suspect due to our investigation, and a metal door was spotted, though it could not be reached. The details on the rest of the team's findings are detailed in Kate Bishop's imPort information.

However, additional investigations to the two Michigan locations are still needed, though I'd recommend if anyone decides to venture there, to try and keep their visit low-key. The Hornets knew we were coming to Brycha, and were able to clear out ahead of time, leaving us only precisely what they wanted us to find.

[ he sounds a little pinched; he doesn't like being anticipated like they were ]

Though I concede the point that 100% stealth isn't likely, given that this list of locations was left by the Hornets for us to find. Still, every precaution helps.

[ A pause, and then he feels obligated to mention: ]

It is important to remember that the Hornets are a terrorist organization, who've attacked imPorts before. At Brycha, they were content to merely bait us with clues... anyone who chooses to investigate them, please use caution.
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[The princess appears on the screen with a pleasant smile and a bizarre angle. Per usual, Anna spends a few seconds fascinated at seeing herself while she moves her device around to capture her at different angles. Soon enough though, she puts her attentions to her virtual audience.]

Hi there everyone! For those of you that don't know me, I'm Anna. And, well, I'm still Anna for those of you who do. Which, you all know. So. Anyway.

I was wondering about this whole "Valentine's Day" thing I keep seeing everywhere. [Yes, those were air quotes back there.] Because there's way too much information that doesn't agree on the internet. Someone said it was a Hallmark holiday but I thought Hallmark was a television channel? They had all those super sad movies with, fortunately, happy endings at Christmas?? Then someone else said it was about some guy from a zillion years ago who might've been a wizard and helped people heal or horrible bloody stuff or... something.

[She might've overloaded herself on the web searches.]

Oh! And some one else said it's about celebrating your special someone. And, um. [Anna blushes. The rest of her words come out in an even faster rush than her normal babbling.] If it was about that I just. Want to make sure?? You know, because it's good not to forget those kinds of things.
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[Back'date' this to a little earlier in the day. Rin's pumped himself up, did a little running, now he's ready to present his plan. As last minute as it is, Gamagori deserves this. The guy works so hard and is so bad awkward with people sometimes. A good friend like Rin is pretty much obligated to smooth out any furrowed brows.

Biggest bonus: he has his own place.]

Yo. The elections are coming up, and this guy, Ira Gamagori-- he's running for ambassador of Nonah. If you aren't sure who you're voting for yet, I'm throwing a support party at my place tonight. I'm in the north government apartment complex-- you can't miss it. It starts at seven.

[A sharp (literally, he has jagged shark teeth) to the camera before it cuts out. He needs to finish up his snack purchasing.

ooc: party log can be found here, and ooc plotting post is here.]
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Hey there, imports. [ The video shows a guy with a look on his face that clearly says business. Although there's a smile, it's pretty obvious it's a 'business smile', although the way he dips his head shows off the right side of his face instead of the left. Every now and then, though, he turns slightly, and it's pretty obvious he's got some marks on his face, although they're not prominent. Faded, like scars. (Or from plastic surgery) ]

Anyone from back in the City can attest that this was probably expected, but for those of you who don't know me, I'm Mitchell Hundred. Now back in the City, it was Mayor Hundred, and before that -- where I come from -- it was also Mayor Hundred, [ A slight pause, here. ] and, later on, Ambassador. I'm sure you can tell where this is going, if you followed the news at all.

Like the other candidates who posted here have said, they're electing ambassadors, and if you've been around De Chima, I'm sure you've seen the posters, and heard the ads. I thought I'd take my time to get here, since most of you know who I am, and what my preferred career choice is.

So, if you're in De Chima, tell me what you'd like us to work on. I know the environment of the city, and I've spent quite some time in there. For those of you who own businesses, what kind of support would help you the most? If you want to, what do you need? If you have no interest in it, what issues matter to you?

I'd like to be your ambassador, so tell me exactly what kind of ambassador you'd like to have, so we can work together, if I'm elected.
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[Upon retrospect this is a pretty terrible idea. Even if she's using text over video, asking for some help with this studying thing might not be the best of ideas. She'll have to meet with one or more of these people eventually. What if she's still stuck in this dumb magical girl outfit? That's embarrassing. It's already bad enough that she has to go out in public. And it's not like she can wear a huge coat and hat indoors.

But on the other hand having a vespa sitting around collecting dust isn't going to help her much. She's got to make the most out of this world.]

Hey everyone. My name's Marie and I'm new here. I've gotten the basics down pretty well, but I was wondering if someone could do me a favor. I've got this Hovervespa, but no liecents. [She means license.] Could someone with one tutor me? This book I got is a little overwhelming.

[And that's all. Pretty straightforward.

Meanwhile, for those of you who are in Apartment Number 26, Marie can be found sitting at a table reading the aforementioned book so she can get her license. Nothing too strange, except she's completely covered by a big blanket. It's almost like she's trying to hide what she's wearing...

Because she totally is. Worse part is she thinks she's being subtle.]
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[So, guess who got hit by the magical girl virus? That's right, this girl. And she isn't happy at all. Brace yourselves, she's going to be yelling up a storm.] 

What's going on?! I can't use my powers the way I used to! I just...use them without saying anything or whatever, but now...

[Anita ends that sentence with an angry and pained growl.]

I have to say stupid things if I want to make paper blades, and my clothes change! [Her voice has been climbing steadily, increasing in fury, but now, while she's back to using indoor voice, it sounds more dangerous than her screaming.] Fix it! [BACK TO SCREAMING.] Now!

[Muttering to herself:] Geez, I look so stupid...

[Housemates, that racket is coming from Anita's bedroom. And the door is locked because she doesn't want anyone to see her in a frilly, delicate white dress, whose skirt is made of layers of ruffles. There is a large white ribbon in her hair, and both the ribbon and her dress seem to be made of paper.

Good luck getting her to demonstrate what happened to her.]

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Jan. 13th, 2015 02:48 pm
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[Flame Princess has been debating whether or not to post something like this for most of today... and some of yesterday evening, too, honestly. It's embarrassing, but she's not getting any closer to figuring this out on her own. Mostly, that just lead to being frustrated and more than a little bit confused. Besides, it won't be that weird as long as she doesn't actually name anyone. ... Probably

At any rate, she makes sure to use text this time, rather than the usual video. She'd prefer to not have everyone see just how brightly she's been burning.]

does anybody know how you're supposed to know if you like someone????? But I mean LIKE like someone. Not just knowing if you like somebody as a friend that stuff is way easier to figure out.


Jan. 12th, 2015 10:26 am
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[ the video clicks on to Cure Princess...however, considering that Hime's voice doesn't change in her superhero form and she was dumb enough to have her community identification say her real name and superhero id on it, feel free to connect the dots. Also, for people who have seen Cure Princess before, she looks a bit...weird. In the sense that this isn't her normal superhero outfit. and also, in the sense that occasionally that outfit fades away and is replaced by her normal, blue and black magical girl duds. Princess hasn't seemed to notice that just yet.

anyway, she's in a side room while frantic Porter techs talk and scamper around the background and Princess is just grumpy

This is so stupid! I go home for a day or two, then I come back here, and now they won't let me leave! The people who run the Porter are just...they're just...so mean!

[ grumpy huff and grumpy sniffle. a pause, and oh yeah, something she needs to ask the people. ]

Oh hey, what's 'conflicting surges of energy' mean? One of these guys, [ pointing to a Porter tech ] said something about it and that's why I'm still here and why these meanies haven't let me go home yet.

[ ooc: this is the start of the magical girl plot!. the plot will run until the 15th, and everybody can join in! if people are accepted after today/before the 15th, feel free to join in/toss your dude in as well. :) ]
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[Keeping a low profile is necessary in hostile territory, and though there has been no outright attack on her person being kidnapped and deposited in an unknown area certainly qualifies as being placed in hostile territory.

Watching alone, however, hasn’t done enough. It’s time for her to ask questions; calmly. While many likely panic, the woman on the video feed appears calm and collected. Though her expression is calm, she appears somewhat disheveled. Her long hair is just untidy enough to signal to those familiar to her that she's a bit out of sorts, and though her focus is clearly on the phone she's unconsciously pressing a hand to her neck.]

Seeing as I’ve just arrived, I can’t quite figure out what I’ve done to have so many people so interested in me. As soon as I walked outside, there were people interested in taking photographs and getting autographs. Frankly, I think they’ve got the wrong person.

Unless there’s something that you all know that I don’t, anyway.

[The woman looked away from the camera.]

I suppose if I’m going to ask for information, it would be wise to introduce myself. Good afternoon; my name is Riza.

001; video

Jan. 11th, 2015 10:03 am
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[Another new wave, another bunch of new faces on the network! Have another one for the pile, Heroes. And she's...grey. She frowns once at the communicator, before her face splits into a razor-sharp Cheshire cat grin for just a second. Looks like she's satisfied it's going. The girl appears to glide away from where she's propped up her comm, settling lazily onto the nearby couch.]

What's up, you guys? Glad to finally get this thing working. Not too different from my phone back home, but y'know, you always gotta play with a new toy to try everything out. Anyway. [She sounds about as adolescent as she looks, at least. She reaches over beside her, picking up a bass that looks...distinctly like a double-axe. Huh. She starts tuning it, looking back to the camera.]

I'm Marceline - the Vampire Queen, but I got a feeling that second part won't matter here. Eh. [A shrug. And sure enough, the tag on the ID backs up that title claim.]

Whatevs. Point is, what's some good music around here? Scene in this place is pretty different from Ooo's, but I recognize a lot of the sound at least. I've looked around the internet a little, but some recs'd be cool. [She grins, moving some stray locks of hair back into place. Well, more or less - her hair's way out of control. And there's a lot of it.] Just don't give me something that blows. [Marceline makes a hrrrrming sound, rubbing at her face. Looks like there's still something else.]

Oh, yeah - is there a point to the whole registration thing? 'Cuz I'm not really into it.

[Hard to take being told what to do by anyone, never mind a country that's way younger than she is. A beat.]

One more thing! What the heck's a Girl Scout? Anybody know? [Yeah, she could just look it up, but she's already talking to people who've been here for a while. What she does know is that it sounds suspiciously like the government decided to put her in charge of kids...]


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