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[It's been awhile since Harry has addressed the Network as a whole, but after last week's excitement, for lack of a better term, now seemed to be a good time. Busy sounds of sewing machines and idle chatter about fabrics can be heard in the background.]

I'm not usually one for bombastic declarations-- [Because only in some overly polite world might this be considered bombastic.] -- but I thought I should announce that Hart's of Heropa is open for business again.

Though, more importantly, I don't think we'll be networking at the swear in ceremonies in the future, for obvious reasons.

[A small sigh. Weary, but more annoyed than anything.]

I apologize to anyone who may have witnessed my behavior that night. Though it's my understanding that the gas used makes us act unnaturally, that's no excuse to not express my regrets.

[Harry's polite language probably wouldn't have seemed as sincere via text, which is why he sticks to voice-- he does mean it, and not just because more people now have hints about his training.]

On that note. Let's all stick to those with background checks for professional help in the future, shall we?

Locked to Eggsy )

Locked to Steve )

Locked to Peej )

Locked to Mary )


[Several hours later, an anonymous video feed appears on the Network, the location currently scrambled. A rather battered looking man sits tied to a chair under blinking fluorescent lights, glaring at the camera. Typing can be heard slightly off screen, and text appears beneath the feed.

I'd like to introduce the Network to Mr. Leskoff. He and his KGB friends have been very busy following us up until recently, and now he's come forward to explain himself. If any of you have questions for one of the people that's been spying on imPorts for the last few months, now's the time.

Don't have the balls to ask any more yourself--

[Obviously, the spy can read what's being typed as well. The dull snap of a silenced pistol firing cuts the man off, however, and he freezes as the bullet punches a hole in the wall immediately behind him.]

Try to stay on topic, Mr. Leskoff. You don't want me to get bored.
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SEE THE MIRACLE. [ Says a sudden booming voice. The by now familiar tone of an imPortant! advert suddenly begins, showing inside and outside views of a beautiful modern church in nighttime Miami, crowds of people mill around inside and out, and among them is the occasional truly ill looking person. Lucifer's satanist followers aren't a certain kind of people--sure, there's the gothic type in their black robes and Bowie make up, but there are just as many people among the crowd that you wouldn't blink at if they passed you in the street, all creeds and colors and ages. Some people have their babies with them.

If there's anything unusual in this video, it's that the church has been painted. Now the columns outside bear bold Enochian sigils - the language of angels - that seem to glow phosphorescent in the darkness--it's quite clearly spellwork of some kind, to those familiar with magic.

Finally in a shot inside the church, Lucifer introduces a man in
a cloak and a mask, guiding him by his elbow into place on the transept, just in front of the altar. The lights in the church go down suddenly, except for a spotlight lighting the man in the mask and the lights coming down the aisles. ]

I give you Raziel. The keeper of secrets. The angel of mysteries.

[ There's a flash of smoke from about the transept, and then - cleverly - angel wings are projected with lasers into the smoke about the cloaked figure, making it seem as though he has wings--a modern illusion, smoke and mirrors. ]

Come forward; let his touch heal you.

[ And then there's a short montage, a man hooked up to breathing equipment who lifts the mask from his face and breathes easily without it. A woman with a withered arm who grows it back right there in front of the crowd, and a small child who is guided to the front by his mother, and healed of his blindness. He breaks down in tears. Lucifer sure does like featuring children in his adverts, doesn't he? The child hugs his mother, and the screen tunnels out and goes black, giving way to Lucifer on screen. He's in his office again, with the stained glass wings on the windows behind him. ]

I give you my brother Raziel, the healer. [ Such lies. The man behind the mask isn't Raziel at all, and while he's certainly an import, the church's anonymous new healer isn't an angel, but a man. Still, Lucifer is very pleased with himself. He can't heal others himself, but securing a healer for the church has multiplied his already bursting attendance figures. The service for healing is on a specific day of the week, but large donations allow people to see Raziel out of service times, and will hopefully fund the church's expansion to other cities (come on LA!) ] His services are made available to anyone who needs them, of course, and as Raziel is an import, like you, and eager to provide his help, I urge you not to hesitate just because of his relationship with me.

If you're injured, if you ever need help, come to him and he'll heal you. Or call. Whatever you like. There's no fee, either, if you're wondering. He tends his flock the best way he knows, that's all that matters, and I'm only too happy to provide the venue.

[ And if the people coming pay, or convert out of gratitude, then so be it. Party on. Lucifer's expression changes from serious all of a sudden, and he leans toward the camera. ]

Okay, last thing. Honest answer: LA, Maurtia Falls or Vegas--where should I build my next church? Somewhere else? Anyone who says Hell, Michigan gets a prize that they probably won't like. [ Wink. Thumbs up to camera. Lucifer out. ]

[ ooc: replies may come from Lucifer or "Raziel", who is totally not an angel, but definitely a healer. Lucifer is so pleased about this shit. Also recent pamphlets from the church and their website and social networking, are all covered in information about Raziel, as well as talk about new branches of the church in other American cities. IC messages can be sent to Raziel via this inbox ]
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[ will had told abigail to stay away from some people (one people) in particular and she's pretty good at it when it comes to person to person stuff, but she knows the network opens her up to the possibility of running into them so to speak.

but she's doing it anyway, it's not like abigail is known for good life choices.

so here she is, chin propped in her hand as she sits at what looks like a dining room table. her long brown hair is down around her shoulders, as always, neatly covering her scars. things abigail will never get: a hair cut. ]

So, considering the recent events, I'm curious. Who here believes in god? Capital G, maybe lowercase, whatever one you like. It's probably been asked before, but-- [ she shrugs. she wasn't here, so she doesn't care. gonna ask it again. ] Devil and Heaven and all that jazz applies, too.

I'm just curious.
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[ It's dark -- mostly because it's late, but there aren't an excess of lights on, either -- though Reggie's face is faintly illuminated by the light of his communicator screen and also something off-screen that might be a TV or bedside light. Either way, he's recognizable enough, and though he's smirking faintly his expression is otherwise somewhat blank.

He's been staying out of most of the current drama as best as any survival-oriented, cowardly narcissist can, which is pretty damn well. All things considered. Basically he hasn't been leaving the house if he can avoid it, for which has his reasons.

So, all right. Hear me out. Anyone else ever noticed how once you're here, you have to just start believin' in everything? Like that any kinda crap is possible and you just gotta get used to it... after a while you don't even have to think about it anymore. [ Which is, you know, nice. In his opinion. ] Nice thing about that is not having to worry so much about whatever happens, I think. No matter how bad things have gotten here, it's never been the end of the world.

... Well, not yet. [ And his brow crinkles at that, but only briefly. ] Kinda makes you think, huh? Like what's the best way to take advantage of being stuck in some world that actually takes okay care of us? Don't even bother arguing with me about that part, it's true and everyone oughta know it. We get a lot of free, fake time to kill being here, so I say it should be obvious: we can do whatever we can't do back where we came from. Anyway, what I actually wanna know is--

Anyone here made a bucket list yet?
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[ Raina is sitting outside of one of the Heropa residences and the network gets treated to her wearing nothing but a floral print bikini. I mean, it's always flowers. Always. But the swimsuit makes sense because she's sitting at the pool, her feet dipped in the water. ]

I've been thinking a lot lately about what I can do in this world to contribute. After all, I'm no fighter, so I can't necessarily offer any real assistance to the heroic efforts put forth by the great many who fight for the safety of the imPorts and non-imPorts alike. But I've had conversations with quite a few people now, and the general consensus is that you don't necessarily have to be a fighter to be a hero. And taking that to heart, I've decided to help where I can.

For those who don't know me, my name is Raina. I currently work with the ImPort Cellular Research Center in De Chima. Our purpose is to study and understand what it is that makes us unique -- from our powers to the nanites to individual traits unique to the various worlds we each come from. Of course, it's difficult to do research when we hardly have any samples. So what I've taken upon myself to do for the research center and for the community is run an imPort blood drive fundraiser.

The blood that you donate will be given to the medical center in De Chima, and you would have the option to donate about ten percent what has been taken to the ImPort Cellular Research Center itself where your contributions will go far. If donating blood, however, isn't your thing and you still want to help out, we will be taking monetary donations as well. Every little bit helps.

The blood drive will take place this upcoming Saturday at the ImPort Cellular Research Center. I'm also using this network post to put out a call to anyone who wishes to volunteer. Having trained people to draw blood on hand would be excellent, but if people wish to provide baked goods, face painting, or live entertainment, I believe this could be a fun outing for all -- not just those who are contributing. No blood drive would be complete without cookies, and no cookies are worth it unless they're homemade, after all. I hope to see you all there!

[ The feed ends with a cheeky grin and a wink. ]
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[Hello, Network. Sort of. It's a text post, nothing special.]

We have several holidays here, and none of them seem to be universal. A lot of them revolve around food. I've been curious about the foods from the worlds everyone else comes from that might not be common here. What's the best and worst where you're from, according to you? Has anything here been better or worse by comparison?
There is a certain brand of breakfast sausage where I come from that is undeniably repulsive and hasn't made the leap here, for example. The closest thing to it was a pizza from a place in De Chima that has since been shut down. Bass fishing has been better here than it was back home, though.
So what's stood out to you?

[A text post full of lies.]


May. 11th, 2015 11:10 pm
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so to break up your monthly newbie flood
in 24 hourish i will be 25
back home that meant discount hookers or something
i can't even remember
it's been a long time
all the corn you can eat, maybe?
not as good as 21
but there will be a Thing for it
bring tribute, get in
or pinkie swear to do something embarrassing i can record
that's the gift that keeps giving
that's it
no other secret handshake

sorry will

[ooc: a bar address in Heropa is attached. there will be a log coming later for any that want to drink and celebrate or be there and not celebrate. Will edit with link once that is up!]
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[ the network is introduced to alby via a video that's not quite on his face. actually, it's mostly alby just trying to get used to the shucking thing that he'd been given, staring at it with the most distrustful face one could possibly manage, his eyebrows furrowed, scowling deeply into the video as it starts up too close to his face and then gets pulled away with a muttered "shuck."

alby's breathing kind of hard, and his shirt's ripped--there's blood on his face and on his chest and shirt, and he looks a little wild when he does finally settle in, panting a little bit as if he'd just been running. he had been, actually---he got away from the imPorter as fast as shucking legs would carry him, and alby had only finally trudged back to a stopping point in front of a house labeled 001. eventually, his shuck curiosity got the better of him--god, let him never tell anyone that happened--and though alby hadn't gone back for the file, he'd at least remembered the number. 001. alby wasn't dumb enough to think this was anything but some other shucking trial, and, seriously. after everything that happened. WICKED could even manipulate them in death.

WICKED. right.

well, whatever shuck kind of trial this is, something's not quite right, and thus the reason for the video broadcast. the changing is still weighing heavily on his mind, still haunting his perception of the world in shades of hellfire and thunderstorms, of cranks he's expecting to see around every corner. the way the city looks isn't in line with the scorched earth he saw in his memories, but the destruction---and talk of the flare--is.

his brief, sour, and certainly mistrusting question is this: ]
What the shuck kind of Paradise is this?

[ but before alby can properly get angry about it, a cat leaps up into the video feed, right in alby's face. mrroww, says the cat, and it purrs and basically gets all up in the video, making the camera tilt and shift around. alby puts a hand on the cat's back, not too harshly at all, and gently pushes him down, but the cat resists enough so only the top of his head, his eyebrows, and his eyes poke out from over the top of its body. ] And what the shuck's with all the cats?

[ alby doesn't get much time to ponder it, though, because the cat decides that's clearly not good enough: it knocks the device over. the last thing you hear is alby's shucking-- before it falls and turns off. ]
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This is a PSA to anyone who is being affected (infection or otherwise) by the 'Flare' virus that is caused a quarantine in Heropa. For anyone who is stranded after the attacks on Nonah and Heropa by the ... Dragon. And for anyone who is having trouble tracking someone down.

I have access to eyes and ears all over the cities, technically technologically speaking, so if you're looking for someone in this giant mess of a crisis, I'm your girl. (Not your girl, but your girl. Your go to. Yo' man.


If you are looking for someone's whereabouts, their status, or anything else along those lines, just leave me a message here and I'll get on it. I'm stuck where I am, I'm not infected, and I'm feeling insanely useless. So please. If I can help you, let me. If there's anything else you need that has to do with technology? Ask and I can probably lend a hand.

text »

Apr. 21st, 2015 05:25 pm
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[This is - not particularly a post that Max wants to make, but it's the quickest way to get her offer across, and the quicker they get to work, the better.]

I will keep this brief, as we are all rather busy right now, however I hope I may be of some use to anyone amongst us with scientific expertise.

My body has been infected with the virus that was brought into this world, but I am able to keep it from effecting my behavior, and from spreading to others. I believe this may allow a more compliant test subject than has been available until now, for those attempting to create a treatment or vaccination.

I've quarantined myself in my own apartment to avoid putting an extra body in the hospital, but if anyone requires my assistance for studying the virus, contact me here.

Everyone else, please listen to the authorities and stay safe.

[She hopes people don't ask too many questions about how she can keep the virus under control, because she hates talking about her powers.]

8, Video

Apr. 19th, 2015 02:08 pm
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This is Major-General Armstrong.

We have reason to believe that a highly-contagious virus, potentially lethal, is now in the public in Heropa. The entire city should now be considered under quarantine. I'll be recommending to the civilian government that all routes in or out be shut off.

I'll be establishing an internal quarantine zone for the uninfected. We'll need medical personnel to begin working on a cure.

For god's sake, don't be stupid about this.

Armstrong out.

001; video

Apr. 19th, 2015 09:59 pm
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[Dorian's making this post from some corner of the library he's claimed for himself. Piles and piles of books can be seen in the background and he also holds one in his hand although he chucks it to one side as the video starts.]

That had to be the quietest party I've ever attended. Not a single death and no one's reputation torn to shreds. Formal events such as this swearing in should have more of high society tearing into each other because how else do you get over the tedium of smiling politely all night?

I suppose the identity game was meant to be the entertainment, but that's a little too Orlesian for my tastes.

[There's a pause as he stares at something out of view, someone walking past who can't believe that he isn't trying to keep his voice down to a whisper. But they don't say anything so Dorian continues on.]

Now where was I? Ah, yes. Change is inevitable and I thought the level of technology would be the only thing I needed to get used to, but if the parties are going to be a lot less bloody then I'd like to know what else I should expect. Keep in mind personal hygiene is still optional to a large number of people back in my world. [He wrinkles his nose in distaste at the thought of people like Blackwall.]
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[After Harry settles as best as he can into the housing he's been provided, he spends a long amount of time observing the Network before using it himself. Earlier, he got a lay of the land, now he needs to take stock of the community. It's as diverse and overly candid as any social media from home, though with more encryption possibilities that he takes careful note of.

It's time to put a cover in place, just like any other day, and Harry decides his domestic one will be best: The closest to his true self without anything compromising, though he's felt as compromised as a man can get since his arrival. His voice is polite and measured when he finally starts recording.]

Pardon me if a voice post is a bit forward for a new arrival. This sort of technology has never been my strong suit. My name is Harry Hart. I can't claim to really understand what's going on, despite all the supplemental material that's been provided-- [There's the faintest huff of exasperation, which is entirely genuine. Few things annoy him more than red tape, and he has no intention of keeping that secret.]

Regardless, I'll be happy to offer my services to the community at large. Unfortunately, that only comes in the form of tailoring. I don't have all of my equipment from back home, obviously, but I can manage basic alterations, simple patch ups. Hopefully I can work with the government on setting up shop more extensively, but you're welcome to contact me regarding any of your sartorial needs.

I can't say the military will find much use for this either, though they do make quick work of asking for unflinching loyalty, don't they?

[He ends the transmission on that little note of skepticism, casting out hooks for any answers he can get.]

01 | Video

Apr. 13th, 2015 11:12 pm
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Good evening, my fellow imPorts!

My name's David Xanatos, founder and CEO of Xanatos Enterprises. Don't worry if you haven't heard of it; it doesn't exist here. Or rather, it didn't, but I do mean to change that. I'm somewhat accustomed to working on the bleeding edge of medical and engineering research, and I'd like to continue working towards the benefit of humanity, no matter where I am.

I understand that we have a number of people in this world, imPorts like myself, who work in these fields? If so, please contact me at the earliest convenience. I intend to reward hard work and technical skill quite handsomely.

It's been a pleasure meeting you all.


Apr. 6th, 2015 04:10 pm
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[ Hawke's managed to master the video function!

Only she isn't featuring in said video herself, which, hopefully, will remain that way. Instead, she has the camera pointed at the cluster of dogs lounging around the random bus stop bench she's seated on somewhere in De Chima. The pack consists of dogs of many sizes, breeds, you name it, and not a single one even remotely belongs to her.

Therein lies the problem...

Now, the first month of having a very doggy entourage was undoubtedly fun and all, but I've found it actually does begin to wear on you when people start thinking you're stealing their pets on a regular basis.

[ At least the "piles of newspapers fetched and left at door" problem was solved by Dorian traumatizing half the dogs in the neighborhood, so, hey, there's that. ]

There is a way to shut off the random fun powers the porter hands out, isn't there? Just a little? You know, without shutting anything else more important off? If anyone knows, I'm all ears.

002. Video

Apr. 3rd, 2015 06:16 am
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[Hey all, it's Chrollo - currently sporting a nice green cloth across his forehead and some pretty plain civilian clothes - jeans, a light jacket, a nice button down shirt. He looks pretty down to earth and not at all like a goth or a dramatic editorial model.]

Ah, it's been a long time since I did one of these.... I hope this doesn't come off as overly awkward. [He smiles a little.] But, all right... I have a few questions and a few people to contact, so I figured... why not get it all done at once?

[He sets the camera down on... probably a table of some kind. And now, you can see that he's currently sitting in a large but really... cluttered room. There are boxes everywhere - moving boxes, taped up and untaped, and the room itself is dimly lit but it's fairly easy to see that the only thing he's bothered to unpack is books. Stacks of books. Stacks and stacks of books.]

[So many books.]

[But hey, he doesn't mind. He looks pretty comfortable, really.]

First of all, I was wondering what kinds of things people for for excitement around here. Suggestions? I don't mean things like going to clubs - although if you have a club to suggest, I guess that's fine, too. But recently I've been going on... I guess they're adrenaline junkie excursions. [He laughs a little, sheepish.] A few weeks ago, I went swimming with sharks without a cage. I... don't think they're going to let me do that again, so that's out. And sometime this month, I'm going skydiving, but what else is there to do? I guess I could bungee jump or climb a mountain? I'm not sure. Neither I nor the friend I'm going with are particularly worried about physical peril - no one's going to die, so don't worry about that.

Second, this might be a little boring after that first part, but I'm looking to learn a little about computers. At home, I had a friend who handled that kind of thing for me, so honestly I have a hard time doing much more than looking at websites. If someone's willing to point me at a tutor or some kind of course... that'd be great. ...I know there are college courses I could sign up for but I'm not sure how well they'd take to my wandering in and asking how to turn the machine on.

Finally... I used to do a lot of charity work at home, and I'm wondering if anyone has any suggestions for which ones here are involved in worthwhile work. I have a list of potential organizations I could get involved with but I don't want to choose one that's going to use donations to line their own pockets. I don't have patience for that kind of nonsense - I'm looking for an honest charity that donates the majority of its incoming funds to the cause. I'm especially interested in organizations that feed the hungry or provide housing and opportunities for the homeless. But I'm willing to consider other causes, as well.

[he reaches over to shut down the video, and then... pauses.]

Sorry, one more thing. Jesse Pinkman? I'd like to talk to you about the outcome of that auction. Arrangements, details, that kind of thing.

Anyway, thank you for listening, and for your patience!

[And the feed goes off!]
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[The video flips onto Will, situated at an older, well-worn desk in front of a window that seems to have come standard with the building itself. Right outside the window, right behind Will, is one of those ads featuring Chrollo. It all looks very cramped, though Will has managed to take the time to actually shave and get a haircut and put in the basic effort to look socially presentable. He's even wearing a plain white shirt and dark blue tie, nothing plaid in sight. Like it's normal! Tiny space, business dress, a totally shirtless dude in a cologne ad if he looks over his shoulder, everything is fine.]

Good afternoon, imPorts. Two things. [Will's eyes occasionally lift from the camera, as though there's someone giving him cues.] My name is Will Graham, and I've just taken on the position of working as a liaison between the police and our imPort population. Ideally, there would be a clearer line of communication between the two. If anything happens and you're uncomfortable going to the police yourself, for any reason, that's what I'm here for. [Eyes flick up. Well.] And to encourage you to go to the police when the need for it arises—they can't help if we keep them in the dark and doing everything on our own without giving them any notice serves to only add onto later headaches.

[So basically don't be Miles Edgeworth with the whole Yuri Petrov is Lunatic thing. Be him in the way that he was right, don't be him going to the Network for vigilante justice without doing anything else first. Okay? Okay. Good. Not that Will's incapable of just telling them about by looking at his own communicator, but he's not sure that's the best thing to share. Not immediately. The eyes shifting stops as Will takes a breath. Too much talking, goodness.]

For the second, since she was always quite good at stirring the pot, I'd like to add that Freddie Lounds, the journalist behind Tattlecrime: Heropa, seems to have been Ported out as of the end of February. [Casually leaving out what happened to her before that, delivery matter-of-fact, void of any and all emotion towards her.] I assume the site will be left as is, but there won't be any further updates. ["Updates" being a loose word for it; the way he emphasizes it is the first slip in the neutral mask, Will sounding irritated above all else. Got a bad taste in his mouth about it all.] If you have any questions, let me know.

[No "thank you for listening," no "goodbye," Will leaves it at that, flicks the camera off. That's all, folks.]

#001; text

Mar. 7th, 2015 01:47 pm
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In light of recent events it seems apt that I make an advertisement offering my services to the general public. I am Sherlock Holmes, consulting detective, amply acquainted with the solution of murders, thefts, arsons, and the generally unsavoury, etc. Inquiries of a general nature may be directed to me at any time, though I take cases at my own discretion, and will generally request an interview to establish both the particulars and the legitimacy of the case. The suspicious may refer to Dr. John Watson for a no-doubt superfluously effusive list of my general accomplishments, and when he proves unconvincing I should be delighted to provide a demonstration of my capabilities. In what will no doubt be vastly more appealing than any of the previous to some of you, I shall add that all services will be rendered entirely gratis.

((ooc: Permissions post/opt-out here, for anything you'd rather Sherlock not pick up on. Additionally, there may be some threadjacking here and there by the aforementioned Dr. Watson since it is his lot in life to babysit this gigantic infant, and if anyone would like to address him instead of Sherlock they can note as much in their subject lines.))


Feb. 16th, 2015 11:12 am
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[ Peggy has been hesitant to post to the network before now, at first because she was new to the technology, later because she found reason not to trust it. But today she has information to share, and this is the most efficient way to do it. She sits before the camera, her back straight, shoulders square. ]

On Friday evening, I — along with a fellow imPort — encountered one of the Hornets responsible for the attack on the prison. He revealed that the Hornets have planned a series of thefts in De Chima to take place this coming weekend. Specifically, they have targeted engineering companies, with a special interest in those that manufacture generators. I don't know how they intend to carry out these thefts, or why. My hope is that sharing this information here will hinder their plans. I will also be visiting and warning the potentially targeted companies soon.

The security footage from the prison suggests that there were several Hornets running around Heropa that night. If any of you were able to find and speak with them, I encourage you to share anything you might have learned with us.

[ A few seconds pass, and it seems that she is finished speaking. In fact, she reaches for the communicator, ready to turn off the recording. Her hand pauses midair, then she lowers it. ]

On an unrelated note, if anyone knows of a definitive way to confirm that someone was ported out of this world, it would be much appreciated.

[ It's a long shot, she knows, but she has to ask. ]
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[ Bradbury doesn't tend to post to the Network much -- but for those who've never seen him before, he's probably never looked so happy, either. Or like he's vibrating with energy, practically bursting with something to say. ]

First of all, congratulations to the imPorts that got voted into office. I'm sure the community'll be better off for your support. But I'm here to talk to you about something a little more important.

[ A pause, for dramatic flair. ]

Valentine's Day.

Now, I know it ain't everyone's favorite holiday -- it definitely wasn't mine after my ex-wife divorced me -- but hear me out. After a while, I realized all it's really about is being able to connect to someone else, finding someone who gets you. My job is helping people make those connections, and if you've seen any of my shows, you know I've got a lot of experience at it.

So, here's the deal: I'm helping Channel Five set up a few blind dates for Valentine's Day, but I'm gonna need people willing to get themselves matched up. It's gonna be recorded, but it's not like you'll have a camera crew following you around to do it, so you'll hardly even notice it's there.

Here's the best part: one couple gets an all-expenses paid trip to Disney World, Germany, France, England, or the Netherlands. Not a bad deal for a couple of hours having fun with someone, right?

If you're interested in signing up, or you know someone who is, go ahead and call this number. We'll get everything sorted out for you.

And if you're wondering if this is for you, give it it a shot anyway. Nothing wrong with taking a chance and putting your heart on the line -- ain't that just one way of proving you're still alive?

[ ooc: Related to this plot! Remember that your character can be signed up by another character (and hell, you can sign them up in their hero identity if you want to) and may be tricked into showing up for a date; feel free to use that post or this one for plotting/scheming! ]


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