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Some of you will have just received notice, as I have, that Unsettled imPorts will now be subjected to new restrictions and requirements. Since I doubt it is in the government's plans to explain the ramifications and implications of what they've just done, I've decided to take it upon myself, so that everyone understands exactly where we stand and what this might mean. So, to start: my name is Matt Murdock. I've been an attorney in both New York and California for nearly fifteen years, primarily a criminal defense attorney, with a fair amount of experience in cases dealing with what we could call "superpowers." I've been here well over a year now, practicing in Heropa, Florida, long enough to start to see how things work, and where the flaws in the system are.

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[Crane notices the willingness to discuss Father's Day amongst the community - sons have lost their fathers, and fathers have been torn from their daughters and sons. To say certain imPorts were angry about the separation; that didn't even begin to describe it.

So today, there's the opportunity to research. Father's Day offers everything he's looking for. The ritual tradition has transformed the collective human subconscious and is an annual display of feelings. Denial. Aggression. Love. All emotions that originate from one source, one word.

And that word is fear.

His tone is soft and hypnotic, with a slight lilt. It's the gentle tone he uses on his patients when he wants them to talk.]

A proverb says, "When a father gives to his son, both laugh; when a son gives to his father, both cry."

[Crane taps his comm against his knee, and then he rests it on his desk and folds his hands in his lap. He licks his lips, once - and clicks his tongue in his cheek. He crosses his right leg and sinks into his chair. These are the those parts of his body language that nobody can see or hear, but are thoroughly expected to those revealed to the man he is. He's prepared to weather any open confrontation.]

Humans cry tears of joy and tears of sorrow. But for each person who begins to weep, another one stops.

I suppose it is the warmth of the relationship that makes fathers and sons cry.

[A pause. His voice remains soft and calming.]

If any of you find today difficult, I am willing to lend a confidential ear.

[Happy Father's Day.]


Jun. 20th, 2015 11:01 pm
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 Right, so. Been here long enough that I guess I can stop hoping it's all a dream. Friggin' hate it, no amount of playing with bees all day is going to make it suck any less, but that's not the point. 

Point is, I'm Sera and right now I'm bored. So, I was thinkin' show your face and I'll draw you. Or how I see you, anyway.

[Giggling follows the offer. Sera's caricatures will without a doubt be pretty ridiculous, and most likely vulgar in the case of adult characters. Beware of exaggerated dicks and boobs. Unless you indicate that you're not cool with that.]

And tell me what you do for fun around here while you're at it. Might as well talk while do it, yeah?

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Assigned jobs, assigned homes. All necessities and what have you just... provided for us.

On the basis we play nice and all be heroes. Now... does anyone here think that's a bit odd? I mean, there's so much anonymity possible!

Who's to tell if one of us -- oh, I don't know -- strays from the path?

I mean, you can't even see my face! If I started running amok with these magic powers, but never said a word? How would you know? [Ultron laughs, right there, though.] Of course, there's not much a college professor could do, is there? Except fail students.

I suppose that's terrifying enough.

[Fishy, fishy Ultron. As much deadpan snark as there is in the words, every answer will be cataloged. Noted down. What better way to gather information than by mocking the system?]

Anything of note, yet?
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Hi guys.

[ He's a little uncomfortable because he's not the guy who make announcements. He's usually in the background, the support, usually unseen but not forgotten.

So he's not totally used to making these kind of posts. ]

I dunno if you guys have noticed or not, since I never done something like this before. Tara Chamblers is gone, probably went home. I was kinda waiting she'll come back after a week or so, but no such luck. Pretty sure she's gone home, to where ever she's gone too.

[ I hope she survives, is what the unsaid is being said. And I hope when she dies she doesn't die alone. ]

Anyway, since I'm the remaining one here from my world, I thought maybe to prepare myself.

My people and others from my world kinda are used to eat roasted opossum and straight out of the can. It kinda took me a while to get my stomach used to all the food here, but I still wouldn't recommend making a crash course out of it to anyone from home. I'm not much of a cook either, even though I try sometimes.

So does anyone have any good suggestions? Something easy, and not something out of a can? No junk food or sweet stuff, I tried that on my first go here.

[ He sort of smiles awkwardly. ]

It didn't pan out to well, obviously.


May. 17th, 2015 09:41 am
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So - all right.

[ Young Miss Kathleen Jones has the good grace to look embarrassed as she's making this post, because it is very embarrassing. And yet this is sort of a question that needs to be asked, because she hasn't really seen anyone asking it. Even though it's sort of... ]

We've never really managed to figure out why we were the ones who ended up here, have we. I mean - it's pretty clear that the Porter, or Lachesis, or whatever it was that brought us here, didn't just pick at random. So obviously there's got to be some reason why it's us. And I've sort of noticed -

[ She makes an awkward little gesture of her hand. ]

I mean - No one really talks about it, but you can just look around and see...

[ Another embarrassed little wave of her hand, and that embarrassed little wave finally gives her courage enough to just go for it: ]

Has anyone else noticed that we're all ridiculously good-looking? This isn't a joke post, I'm not trying to be funny - It's completely improbable, just how attractive we all are. I'm not just talking about humans, either. I'm not being human-centric, I don't think. Because I know that there are a lot of non-humans here who are uncommonly gorgeous by their species' standards. And so it's just...

[ She falters. Her face is decidedly pink with embarrassment. ]

Anyway. I don't know. I just wanted to know if anyone's looked into it at all. This is really a serious question, I swear.

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Apr. 21st, 2015 05:25 pm
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[This is - not particularly a post that Max wants to make, but it's the quickest way to get her offer across, and the quicker they get to work, the better.]

I will keep this brief, as we are all rather busy right now, however I hope I may be of some use to anyone amongst us with scientific expertise.

My body has been infected with the virus that was brought into this world, but I am able to keep it from effecting my behavior, and from spreading to others. I believe this may allow a more compliant test subject than has been available until now, for those attempting to create a treatment or vaccination.

I've quarantined myself in my own apartment to avoid putting an extra body in the hospital, but if anyone requires my assistance for studying the virus, contact me here.

Everyone else, please listen to the authorities and stay safe.

[She hopes people don't ask too many questions about how she can keep the virus under control, because she hates talking about her powers.]

03 video.

Apr. 18th, 2015 09:58 am
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[ The video clicks on to show Newt, but he doesn't really seem focused on the device at all. Staring past it, eyes clouded with... something. The feed jerks around sporadically from shaking hands, and Newt looks filthy on screen, like he's been in one too many fights that he may not have won, covered in dirt and grime, blood and wounds.

After a minute of this, his eyes snap to the screen, clearing with recognition, remembering what he'd turned it on for in the first place. ]

Sorry, I- I'm... not well. I've got the Flare and it's getting worse. [ A deep breath, and he's dragging a trembling hand through his hair. ]

I think I'm contagious, and that means you're all infected unless... there's people called Munies- [ his expression sours at the term ] Immunes, shanks that don't get sick with it. Don't know if they exist here, you're better off going to a hospital, getting tested for disease or somethin'.

Just- for God's sake, don't bloody breathe on anyone until you do or we'll all be dead.

locked to housemates & castmates )
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[After Harry settles as best as he can into the housing he's been provided, he spends a long amount of time observing the Network before using it himself. Earlier, he got a lay of the land, now he needs to take stock of the community. It's as diverse and overly candid as any social media from home, though with more encryption possibilities that he takes careful note of.

It's time to put a cover in place, just like any other day, and Harry decides his domestic one will be best: The closest to his true self without anything compromising, though he's felt as compromised as a man can get since his arrival. His voice is polite and measured when he finally starts recording.]

Pardon me if a voice post is a bit forward for a new arrival. This sort of technology has never been my strong suit. My name is Harry Hart. I can't claim to really understand what's going on, despite all the supplemental material that's been provided-- [There's the faintest huff of exasperation, which is entirely genuine. Few things annoy him more than red tape, and he has no intention of keeping that secret.]

Regardless, I'll be happy to offer my services to the community at large. Unfortunately, that only comes in the form of tailoring. I don't have all of my equipment from back home, obviously, but I can manage basic alterations, simple patch ups. Hopefully I can work with the government on setting up shop more extensively, but you're welcome to contact me regarding any of your sartorial needs.

I can't say the military will find much use for this either, though they do make quick work of asking for unflinching loyalty, don't they?

[He ends the transmission on that little note of skepticism, casting out hooks for any answers he can get.]
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[ Comm ID reads: Ravager. ]

Could use a little more billboards and posters for the Super-Zeroes, but whatever. [ faint irregular tapping: arms folded, she's drumming her fingers on her sleeve ] Cute. Boh-ring. How about a fight? Loser pays in cigarettes.

[ a beat, then, ]

Bring a non-shitty power and I'll even let you have first strike.


Feb. 3rd, 2015 01:40 pm
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[When the feed begins, the setting clearly isn't one of the government assigned houses; the apartment is far too stark and modern, with a few pieces of expensive looking art visible in the background (God knows how a new imPort afford Van Gogh). Max herself is dressed simply, hair loose and make up toned down. She has no jewellery except for a simple gold chain visible beneath the collar of her cream blouse.]

Good evening imPorts. For those of you I haven't had the pleasure to meet yet, my name is Max Briest, and I work for a homeless shelter located in Heropa, called Atlas Hugged. [a beat] I wasn't responsible for the name, it's a little too on the nose for my preference, but that's out of my control. What is in my control, as it is my job, is fundraising for the shelter, which is where I ask you to come in.

Before you click away, I promise I'm not asking for money. [She smiles, wry and self-deprecating, because of course that’s what everyone would think! She knows this sort of thing can be annoying.] We might have help from the government, but we hardly have the resources of someone who has lived their whole life in this world, so I couldn't be expected to ask money of you.

[Is that a passive aggressive dig at any charities that do ask imPorts for money? Who knows.]

What I am asking is for any help you might be capable of providing. Volunteering time is the most obvious, we could always use more hands on deck. For those of you with jobs at any high earning companies, you may be able to encourage them to donate money, or gifts in kind, such as clothing, medicine, or food.

However I do have a project in mind for the near future, both of which require the help that only imPorts can provide. While we may not have the resources here we do at home, what we do have is celebrity status, and as… uncouth as it may seem, that's something charities are able to take advantage of.

My first request is for creators. For any artists, writers, musicians, or designers who'd be interested in creating something to be sold to the general public, with a percentage of the proceeds going towards the shelter. Due to the quite turbulent nature of imPorts - we never know how long any of us will be here - I believe anything created by imPorts could become quite a high commodity if marketed right.

[There's an easy confidence in her voice, like she knows exactly how to market it right.]

If you have any interest in helping out in this way, please don't hesitate to contact me.

[There's an ease in the way she speaks that suggests this has been pre-planned, but it isn't stiff as if she's reading from a script. She just went in knowing what she wanted to say.]

Now, while I don't necessarily have a deadline for this, I would like to host an event in order to promote and yes, sell, the work of imPorts, alongside works from those native to this world. As such, I will be hosting a privately funded gala for imPorts and locals alike, on the first day of Spring, which should give everyone enough time to prepare any works they'd care to donate, and to plan their outfits and dates. [Her smile is amused, because clearly clothes and dates are also important.] While it isn't a costume party in the traditional sense, there will, of course, be a Spring theme for those inclined to dramatics.

[There's something almost a little self-deprecating there, as if she's including herself in that. With that done, she pauses to tuck a strand of hair behind her ear, having reached the end of the message she wanted to give, and she's now she left to wrap it up.]

If you’ve made it all the way through this message, I'd like to thank you for your time, and hope that you'll contact me if you have any interest in helping out. There will be more details to come about the gala, as the date draws closer, but for now, goodnight.

[And with that, she switches off the feed.]


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