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[May's visible on the feed, but she has the camera angled more to look what's behind her- this spider-themed costume being the most prominent, though there are plenty more nearby. There are a few others that are questionable in different ways. Those aren't the only ones, either. There are plenty more further down that aren't import superhero themed, and but the majority have carefully picked out costume names for the ones that aren't licensed- things like 'Rock Queen' or 'Colorful Superlady' or 'Webstress'.

It's 'special', that's for sure. May's own expression seems to be a mix of confused, embarrassed, and trying to not giggle.]

I'm not the only one that finds these kind of embarrassing, right?

[Why are there so many 'sexy' costume variations? Or accidentally terrifying ones?]

Did they need so many 'sexy' variations?

[She just came here for a school-friendly costume.]

[OOC: Feel free to see or make mention of more than what's been linked or mentioned! Sexy costumes for everyone. All the regrets.]
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As seen in local newspapers, over radio airwaves, and online:
Essscape from the Maurtia Falls Zoo!

Local authorities in the city are issuing warnings about a recent escape from its zoo in which two pythons were able to break out of their habitats and sneak away from zoo grounds in the middle of the night. Workers at the zoo and police are currently working under the suspicion that someone has tampered with security footage from that night, as all surveillance was shut down some time before zookeepers noticed the pythons' cages were opened. The security guard in charge at the time had been found unconscious and was rushed to the hospital, having to be treated for a snake bite himself, possibly from one of the escaped snakes. Doctors say it was a close call, but he is expected to make a full recovery.

The local police are urging residents to keep children and small pets indoors as they and Animal Control search for these snakes, one an African and the other a Reticulated python. There is also a possibility a third and venomous snake has escaped the zoo, but there is no official word on the matter.

As seen on BlueTube and major media outlets:
Video on Bluetube emerges of local teens on a graffiti spree in an abandoned warehouse in Heropa finding what appears to be the carapace of a giant spider, roughly the size of an SUV. There's fear in the community as people wonder if this is an elaborate prank or if it's a new breed of spider developed by the Russians, and this is just the first of many. Responses have ranged from burn the warehouse to the ground to test it for DNA to even more violent suggestions but so far it's only been taken by the police and held in evidence. Parents wonder if it's safe to send kids to school with the menace of giant spiders in the neighborhood.

As seen on national and international news:
Imagine the world's shock when people with superpowers, here started to manifest. After the effects of the recent change by none other than StarkTech's Tony Stark, the world was shocked when he came clean to the authorities, explaining that it was a nanovirus he'd released into the water supply. Even more shocking was the fact that he didn't outright pull the app -- instead he was caught on national news this week -- where he had this to say:

"I know that this wasn't ideal, and that whatever happened -- whatever spurred this different me to do these things... it wasn't right. That being said, I don't believe people should be forced to either have powers -- or get rid of them now that they've been given the opportunity to try them. Particularly when we are sitting here, with powers of our own.

So I'm offering this, to those of you who want to keep the: don't delete the app. If you want to get rid of them, delete the Four. Anyone who gets a StarkTech phone in the future -- if you get a phone -- it won't have the app anywhere near it.

And, if you do get a phone over the next three months, 100% of the profits will go to rebuilding the damage that I've caused."

Unsurprisingly, the small boost in sales has done nothing to fix the damage done to StarkTech stock since last September.

As seen on social media outlets, BlueTube, and entertainment news:
The imPort-fronted heavy metal band Countdown released a new single this week taking aim at controversial real estate mogul Ronald Chump. Countdown has spurred contention in the past due to the critical political content of their music, but their new single "LumpenChump" is unusually aggressive in its lyrics. The song attacks Chump for being foolish, cruel, dishonest, prejudiced against superhumans, not as wealthy as he claims, and having unusually sized hands, along with a host of other criticisms. A press release signed by Countdown's lead singer Count Dooku declared that the song represents an "artistic statement in response to the unacceptable remarks Mister Chump has levied at the imPort community, and against all others who share his vile views."

In apparent response to the song, Chump has Bweeted an image of himself standing with his arm around the metahuman costume designer and occasional criminal known as THE CHINCHILLA, with the caption "I love super-people! Just as long as they don't smell like Dookie!" Subsequent Bweets assured the world that there is nothing wrong with Ronald Chump's hands, and that he is indeed very, very wealthy.

As seen on Rumblr and local newspapers:
Heropa's very own shrinking violet photographer, Max Caulfield, was spotted taking shots of the sinister Superior Iron Man while a group of our finest ImPorts were taking him down. The genius playboy-turned-supervillain did not appear to take kindly to it, however, knocking the recent Xavier graduate unconscious. Luckily, she was rescued by eccentric watchmaker, The Doctor, and the provocative pictures still made it to the papers - not to mention her Rumblr, which has steadily gained followers since the incident. You just can't stop the press!

As seen on BlueTube and the back pages of the tabloids:
A Maurtia Falls woman reportedly called in a dead and dismembered ImPort. However, when police arrived on the scene, it was determined that this was a false report, as no body was found despite signs of a shooting. Could it be, the woman cried wolf?

In what might be an ironic wordplay, multiple ImPort corpses were found across the nation days later and informally identified by acquaintances including the "Red." Despite bearing resemblance to known individuals, no official statement has been released about their identities. These bodies have since been taken into police custody.

The Homeland Security Advisory System has moved from GEOMEAN OF 60:1 GRAY to DESPERATELY WRONG BEIGE because if being beige is wrong, the system doesn't want to be white.

The Majority Report comes out the 10th and 20th of every month. You may find details and submit here. The cut-off time is 12:01 AM PST on the 9th and the 19th for the corresponding dates.


Oct. 7th, 2016 07:17 pm
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[The screen of their communicators flickers to life with a fluorescent glow. Initially, there's only a hint of someone there-- thick red fabric, chain mail, a hammer.]

I had prayed to come to good tidings. Greet friends, and assuage fears. To bolster thy strength with mine own.

Instead, I come here haunted by past misgivings I thought requited, by a name all too familiar to me. If you know him as well, I would like to speak to him.

[It doesn't sound like a request. The image swings up high to a broad faced man with long blonde hair. A winged helmet. His eyebrows are drawn down across a brow rigid as though it were carved from stone.]

To my friend.
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[Greetings, MoM. Fresh meat here. Here is one (1) Terry McGinnis, dressed in his usual black t-shirt and brown jacket with the large grey stripes on the arms. He seems... panicked.]

Look, I have lots of questions and things to say about being kidnapped and brought to some kind of parallel universe or something, and I'll get to all of them in a moment, but more important right now--

[Terry quickly pans the camera to the other side of the room, where a large, black Great Dane has backed himself into a corner...on the ceiling. The dog seems uncertain about his unusual situation, but isn't distressed.]

How do I get my boss' dog off the ceiling?!
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[ At some point, mid-evening on Sunday, during the height of the battle, the network for most users flickered to life -- the system-wide announcement was simply Iron Man -- although at some point, his helmet had peeled back, a few stray strands of the Symbiote-infused suit wavered and flickered back and forth, like something alive, chrome moving as if it were a real thing.

And Stark stood there, the camera obviously wasn’t a comm -- but one of those handy cameras that one of the De Chima ambassadors had set up, and right next to him is Spider-Man, hunched over on the ground, both suit and man looking distinctly the worse for wear.

You know what we need, imports?

We need to stop hiding. We need to stop pretending that we’re something other than what we are -- we’re humans, each and every one of us. We pretend like we’re better than the people down there, just discovering their potential. Like we’re enlightened. Like we don’t have our own problems.

[ He wraps a hand around Spider-Man’s bicep and hauls him to his feet, a slight, sardonic grin on his face. Spider-Man, for his part, doesn’t look like he’d be able to stay there without being held up. He's not even looking at the camera. ]

I’ve always been one for the public knowledge of who we are. We should be held accountable for our actions -- yes, yes, even me. I know this isn’t popular right now, I know it isn’t.

[ Spider-Man makes a dismissive noise, barely audible over the camera microphone. ]

There’s no reason to be rude.

See, the thing is... you accuse… me... of talking outta my--

[ He plants his heels and pivots in Iron Man’s grip, shooting out web-lines from both wrists towards a target off camera. Spider-Man heaves, there's an earsplitting squeal, a briefly seen blur of dark, and an almighty CRUNCH before the camera goes dark.

It stays dark for another 45 seconds.

When the broadcast resumes, it shows the same scene from a different angle. More than that has changed: the wreckage of a car burns merrily in the background, an Iron Man-shaped imprint molded into the chassis. The man himself looks no worse for wear. Spider-Man, even more battered, looks barely conscious, only able to scrabble feebly at the gauntleted hand that holds him by the throat, a good foot off the ground.

I was going to say -- before I was rudely interrupted, that I forgive all of you, because you can’t help it, not really. My friend here, however, he can help it. And he chose to ignore that.

What I don’t forgive is trying to undo all the work we did together.

[ He reaches under Spider-Man's chin -- batting aside the other man’s last-ditch attempt to defend himself -- grabs the mask, and pulls. The face underneath is bruised, bloody, and not quite present, but recognizable to anyone who saw the network post on Wednesday. ]

Peter here’s a great example. We go through all this trouble, a public unmasking back home, media, everything, and what does he do?

Somehow, he undoes all of it. It took coming back here for me to remember what he’d even done. You think I’ve got the problem? Imports, we all have a problem, and it’s as deep as our very culture.
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[ The feed opens on a video that looks like it was recorded by something much higher quality than the standard imPort communicator, as a dark-haired woman walks down a runway in a very colorful drape dress. The colors blaze across the fabric in a way that seems both orderly and wild, passing from the hottest pinks and yellows at the shoulders to a blues and purples at the hems, mixing and mingling in the middle like the angriest possible pastels. A few of the colors even hit hues that don't look like they're naturally occurring, at least not on this planet.

It's the centerpiece of the Maryam Spring Collection, being showcased tonight in New York.

But, as the model nears the end of the runway, she looks disconcerted for a moment, as if suddenly struck by indigestion. She does her best to keep going and playing it off, but eventually she has to stop and turn her head toward the she burps out a large puff of flame. There are sounds of awe and shock from the audience as everyone's phones start flashing and snapping away, and the model turns back to walk as briskly as she can back behind the curtain.

The clip ends, and the video cuts to a frazzled Kanaya, broadcasting from her communicator backstage. She's wearing the biggest, fakest smile her fangs will allow, eyes wide and distressed. Behind her, the same model can be seen in the changing room, still wearing the dress, guzzling bottled water while steam pours out of her mouth. Kanaya glances back at her, smile unwavering, and the woman is clearly very upset that she can apparently breathe fire now.

Satisfied that the extent of the situation has been conveyed, Kanaya turns back to the camera, letting only one word escape her grit teeth.

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[ The post shows up late at night, some ambiguous time from some ambiguous poster. Locus has been messing around and figured out how to post to the network anonymously, which hadn't been his aim, but ultimately he's pleased to have discovered it. ]

What is it that makes you happy? How do you find something like that?


Sep. 6th, 2016 12:06 pm
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[The background in the video is the first Nonah housing block. Just outside of 003, to be precise.]

I'm not sure what's worse, the ending up in a different dimension thing or missing about a year and a half out of all of this.

Anyone have the Sparknotes?
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Uh, hi. I’m Clark.

[This is not a bad idea. This is not a bad idea. This is not a bad idea. Maybe if he keeps repeating the same thing over and over he’ll be able to convince himself. But he doesn’t seem to be the only one confused (not by a long shot), so there shouldn’t be any harm in getting some answers through this network. It’s just unnerving to know so many people that know who he is. What he is, something only his family and Lana were supposed to know. Will he find more people who know that, if he shows his face?

Again: This is not a bad idea...]

Uh, so now we know why some of us de-aged a bit, I guess? Or aged up. Which is- well, not good that it happened. But it’s good that we at least we know what’s going on. And it wasn’t the government doing it. [Which is a relief.]

But what about those who don’t remember? Do we have any idea why that’s happening or how to reverse it? [The idea of someone playing tricks with his mind it’s pretty unnerving. And it’s the unnerving cherry on top of a very unnerving couple days.]


Mar. 21st, 2015 01:23 pm
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[ Here Kangmo is opening up the video function of the communicator to ask a few innocent questions involving powers given on arrival vs. powers people showed up with.

Here Kangmo is suddenly pausing with his mouth open, like he's about ready to say something.

... And here Kangmo is sneezing all over the camera and screen.

Oh gross. Oh that's really gross. He's making a face, though it might be hard to tell through the spit and snot combo now cover the screen. At least he's fast in trying to wipe it off.
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[I really sincerely hope no one was expecting to see Cole’s face because you’re not going to.

Enjoy the view of his fabulous hat! And his chin!

And the remains of a Trademark Friendly Starbucks super mocha in his hand as he messes with this contraption.

Who gave him coffee?]

I don’t understand. They say it can let me talk to people across the country, far-flung friends and foes I haven’t met yet, but I don’t see how. It isn’t magic. I could tell if it was. It’s not a raven and it can’t fly. Then how does it work? If I press this button [he suddenly gets really loud because he upped mic volume] will people hear me? Will this button--

[The feed ends as Cole hits the power button. Whoops.

Someone get this kid an adult]
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[ Those lurking the comm the afternoon of March 9th will spot Jolly Jonah himself staring near aimlessly into the camera. The man is sitting on a brown recliner, and he's tired. It not hard to tell, especially given the pile of paper that can be seen just out of the frame and the fact that there are at least 8 stogies in the ash tray next to him. He's got a new one in his mouth right now, actually!

But still, for as tired as he looks, you'd never guess that by the way he speaks. While most new imPorts have a reputation for being rather displeased with being so rudely yanked from their homes, JJ's overall demeanor is...surprisingly pleasing. So much so, that he begins speaking at a mile a minute as soon as the video turns on. ]

Well, it's about damn time somebody recognized my heroics! Looks like whoever's doing the import thing is finally makin' some steps in the right direction, eh? I mean, just reading about some of the weirdos you've brought in before me? Glad to see you're starting to pick out some upstanding citizens like myself!

[ He taps his cigar against the ashtray next to him, getting rid of the excess ash. Some gets on the arm of the chair, but J.J. doesn't flinch at that. ]

In fact, I recommend that whoever is running this damn thing pick out my son next! John Jameson, real American hero, that one! Don't bring in my wife, though. Lord knows that I could barely stand her back in New York, can't deal with all the friggin' nagging she'd do down here.

[ Suddenly, his entire demeanor changes. He now speaks to the camera head-on, dissuading any need for tangents. He's large and in charge and everybody has to know. ]

You can call me J. Jonah Jameson! Why am I telling you this, you might ask? Well, maybe if you stopped askin' so many damn questions in the first place and let someone with intelligence speak, I could tell you! Anyway, point is, that is a name you ingrates are gonna be hearing a lot from now on. See, back where I come from, I was a pretty big deal! Nobody wanted to mess with the likes of me!

So, for all of the so-called "vigilantes" out there? There's a new hero in town and the only superpower he needs is the power of the press!
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[ Tonight on the network: a grown man puts on a puppet show! Wait, what? ]

seriously. puppets. )

[ There's a melodramatic sigh, and the camera shifts around dizzyingly until there's an actual human non-puppet face, upside down, probably hanging off his couch, looking bored out of his mind. ]

So look, last time I was this bored was years ago, and an entire wing of the Central City Art Museum got brand new mustaches free of charge. I'm about a half hour from going bird shopping. I've already drawn up blueprints for how to turn my spare room into a ball pit. Someone save me.

I know! Here's three ice breakers, choose your favorite. Or answer all three if you wanna, I'm not the boss of you. One, what's the weirdest thing that's ever happened to you? Two, if you could pick one place to absolutely never go on vacation, what would it be and why? Three, pitch me a movie based on your life in under a minute. Bonus points if it's in the form of a limerick.

Best answer gets... I dunno, your very own personalized puppet? I just can't stop makin' these little things. Call it art therapy, I guess.

video »

Mar. 4th, 2015 10:45 pm
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[ The video clicks on to a redhead in pleather, fussing as she hot-glues part of the white design on her catsuit back into place (she could sew it, sure, but that's too much effort for a single day of suffering). Verity also isn't wearing her glasses and the hair isn't hers, a wig mimicking her friend's. ]

Since I'm already in Heropa to help clean up for the weekend, I figured I'd go to that convention getting advertised. [ That explains the mostly-finished cosplay, then. ] Just wanted to toss out a disclaimer in case someone thinks I actually might be Lorelei on the way to or from the nerd gala, out of context, and feels like exacting revenge for whatever. [ Lor's shady, this is the truth. Even her pals admit it with a straight face. ] I go splat very easily, unlike a certain lady I know.

[ Cosplaying a bro? Yes. Easiest option for a human lie detector, since she knows Lorelei's awesome powers are real. ]

Is anyone else going for a breather and who will you be dressed as? I'm half-blind like this, you'll have to come find me.
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[ If one listens in very closely, they may be able to hear the quiet whir of a machine or occasional creak of a mattress, otherwise there’s very little background noise to be heard when Sasha begins the feed. Wherever she is, it’s likely the door is closed to minimize the amount of noise when she begins to speak.

Her voice is tired, but more than that, it’s laced with embarrassment. There’s an “um” and “uh” before she is able to push down that awkwardness holding her back from addressing the network. ]

Hello, it’s Sasha here. I’ve never actually posted to the network like this before… [ Wait, that’s getting off topic. ] Ah, pardon me for imposing, but Jean and I need a favor.

[ There is where some confusion settles in: ]

The doctors are saying because we’re under eighteen we need a “legal guardian” to come get us from the hospital. They won’t release us —

—even if we've got no reason to need any kind of adult supervision. I've already told them we don't need some adult to look after us. [Jean's eyes roll. While they would normally be asking for their captain to come and drag them out, he's been gone for over a month. The fact that they're stuck here is kind of an unforeseen event, and he's irritated by it.]

Don't just think we're asking because we've decided to know better, either. [Crap like "kids these days" comes to mind. That stayings like that even exist here is baffling for him. He rolls his eyes and looks over at Sasha to let her finish. He's clearly not in the mood to be here any longer.]

… um, right! So if there’s anyone who wouldn’t mind coming to the hospital, Jean and I would be very grateful. Thank you.

[ It sounds genuine enough coming from Sasha, though she wishes they didn’t have to make this post at all. They’re sixteen, not six. ]

( ooc: green is sasha and normal colour is jean! )
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Okay, so now that I think that the worst of the Hornets stuff has died down, I thought it might be a good time to reveal my latest project - and by latest I mean this is why I've been dodging everyone's phone calls - the slightly tested and hopefully fully functional Hero Wiki for the use of all heroes and civilians.

Um, so, the way it works, is that you can update it as you like and stuff, and add new entries, but just so you know it is moderated - like, by me, and anyone I can get to help - so you know, don't go too crazy. I just thought this might be a good way to kind of get information out there, including for other ImPorts? So we can see if someone we know is here or not, that kind of thing.

And you know.

To nerd out and stuff.

Anyway, there you go. Maybe I can go back to sleeping at night, now.

[ooc: as usual, please please please do feel free to create character pages and have fun with this!]
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[With everything that's been going on in this place and in her head, Rikki's been thinking it's time to start something normal to counterbalance the stress and everything. Teenage girl cannot live on superheroing alone. And there's an old standard that she will always fall back on.

The only large space she can weasel some alone time on at school is the basketball court, which obviously isn't ideal. No mirrors, for one thing. She decides to compensate by using her phone to record video to look at later and accidentally tells it to post in addition to saving it.

What follows is more or less this at about three-quarters speed. She hasn't had formal lessons since she was in her home universe, but that's only been about eight months, which doesn't exactly erase a solid 12 or so years of training (even if the last two were more spent adding martial arts and Steve Rogers-style gymnastics to her skill set). And in the meantime, she's kept up serious levels of physical activity and gained a body enhanced by super soldier serum. It comes to her way easier than she expected, and she only fumbles a few times - her landing on the jump is more of a fall than a planned thing, though she does save it. It's clear she's a little rusty.

When she heads back to grab her phone and see what she looked like, she realizes that it's been streaming the video to the network and facepalms.] God, I'm dumb.
Uh, we now return you to whatever you were doing. Tip your waiters.

[The video feed goes dead.

And then turns back on for a second.]
- for the record, I'm totally better than that when I've actually had time to practice.
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[ the audio is fumbly & like theres too much wind at first. its awkward & theres a muttered 'manischivetz' in the background before suddenly it gets silent like someone went inside. the voice from before speaks up, louder & clearer, with a distinct queens accent lacing her words.

the name attached to the post is jessica drew

... You know, if someone asked the one place I'd refuse to go in the world, I'd tell them Florida. But I guess I died and went to the last ring of Hell anyways.

[a beat. its a poor quip but shes too thrown for a loop & not to mention extremely wary of her whole situation to actually be funny. ]

It looks like I'm paparazzi here. Follow you until you... whatever. [ theres a sound like she wants to say more. she wants to see if her teams here but she doesnt trust this network & or the systems here. so she just hangs up. ]


Feb. 11th, 2015 05:08 pm
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Hey. I'm not really sure who oughtta know, so, uh... general PSA: Gon and Killua got ported out. I don't know for how long, but for now, they're back in their own world.

[Illumi too, but Jaime's not going to even hint at the fact that he knows who the hell Illumi is, let alone the fact that Killua grabbed some of his DNA for him. Exercising a little caution won't kill him. He pauses before adding on,] Brenda got ported out a while ago, but I'm pretty sure I managed to contact all her friends about that already.

[He blinks awkwardly at the camera for a second, lets out an almost imperceptible sigh, and straightens his posture.]

I know we got a lot of new people coming in now, so hey everyone, I'm Jaime. [He gives the screen a little wave.] You've been told that you can't go home, so I'm betting talk about people going home might be kinda confusing. The deal is that sometimes, people get Ported out. As far as we can tell, it's totally random; it can happen to any of us at any time, but there's no way of controlling it. It's been circulated a little already, but there's a FAQ out there if you guys got any other questions. I'll put a link here.

[He cuts the feed. And, true to his word, he links to Kate's FAQ. There you go, newbies.]


Feb. 7th, 2015 11:40 am
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Sorry to interrupt anyone's day, but- I mean, it's kind of a pressing question.

[There's the dull roar of a hundred thousand screaming preteens in the background, muffled by a very fragile ten feet of concrete. Judging by the background, this blue robot looking guy is probably in the tunnels underneath a stadium of some sort.]

I haven't had a lot of experience dealing with this kind of celebrity. I mean- if a teenage girl says she'll absolutely die if she doesn't meet the boy of her dreams, she's exaggerating, right? I'm pretty sure she wouldn't die but she was crying, and she looked so sad and it seems so important to her...

And- I'm sorry, but why are there so many women in their forties here? Is that a common thing? I was told this band's demographic was usually girls eighteen and under. And there's almost no men! Don't men like music? There's not even a lot of boys! But I've seen the sales data collected and boys buy the album, so why wouldn't they come to the show?

I'm just trying to understand some things, I think it might make me better at my job. Thanks for your time.

[The feed cuts.

...and then flicks back on.]

Oh! And I'd like to bring the residents of House #1 in Nonah, North Carolina some souvenirs to introduce myself. I'm in Florida now. Is there anything you'd like?


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