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Sep. 7th, 2015 10:03 pm
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[ So even though the feed opens up, Walt doesn't talk for a moment or so. There's a sharp inhale and it's accompanied by a piteous cough. And then after a couple minute pause, he starts talking -- sounding rather relaxed. ]

Today was my birthday.

[ A beat. Nonchalant. ]

But it's also my death anniversary. How many people can say that? Their life came a full and complete circle, starting and ending all on the same day? I mean, what are the chances? Pretty crazy, that.

[ Another brief pause. Another follow up cough. When he speaks, his voice is a little strained. ]

I mean like, this whole world. What an insane concept, right? To think that our own individual worlds are just this tiny fraction of all the different worlds out there -- some with crazy powers or vampires or Satan. We have Satan. Does anyone ever stop to think about that? How Satan has a TV show? I mean, I guess...what a better way to say welcome to hell than Satan with his own TV show. I've never actually watched it, mind. But I imagine it probably involves burning people alive.

But following that thought -- I still think this place is hell. I mean, I can't be the only dead guy walking here, can I? And it's definitely not heaven. My therapist called it purgatory once.

[ A beat. ]

Purgatory is kind of accurate. Sometimes he knows what he's talking about. All of us just sitting here and waiting -- to either go home and die for good or to do whatever it is we do here. I mean, we can't die. There's a definite statistical likelihood that we come back to life if we get killed, so do we age? I'm 53 today, but am I not really 53? Am I eternally 52 until I die again? Do I die again? Or do I just live an endless loop of my life -- dying, coming here, dying coming here until some otherworldly being makes up their mind?

Maybe that's what Satan's show is about. Collecting as many of us that belong in hell and dragging us back with him. That's a pretty morbid thought, isn't it?

[ So why is Walt laughing. Why is Walt laughing like it's the most hilarious thing in the world? Why is he laughing at all? What was he laughing at again?

The laughter dies. ]

What was I talking about again? [ But it's lost. ] Anyway, I just want to know. Is there anyone else out there who died? Bonus if you died on your birthday. Might be good to talk about it. Therapeutic. And I'm here to listen. We can talk here or in person. If anyone wants to go with me to get birthdeath day breakfast for dinner, that could be a thing. That we do.

003 | video

Sep. 1st, 2015 06:10 pm
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[It's video time with Jeff! Why can't he just do text like normal people, you ask? Because then the world wouldn't be able to see his beautiful face, duh. He's at his desk, lounging like a pro with a full glass of scotch held at eye line, managing to look somewhat thoughtful as he keeps his narrowed eyes on the alcohol before him.]

I went home like a month ago. Did one of those away for a day, lived a year things. Kinda makes you wonder what game the Porter's playing with crap like that, some weird ass brand of temptation and torture all in one.

So, real talk here, imPorts... If we all got told they didn't want us any more, that we got 24 hours to decide whether to go home or stay here forever, what would you do? Is what you built up here enough to keep you? Or are you just gonna be counting down the hours to get back and see those you left behind?

Pretty deep stuff, huh?

[He finally looks to the camera, just starting to reach to turn it off, before...]

Oh! And uh, season one of my show is drawing to a close soon. I know you've all been watching it avidly. Gotta start considering my options for next season, so wanna guest star? Got ideas? Wanna be in the crew? Hit me up. Time to make season two even better than the first. [And he's out, with a final, winning smile.]
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So on a scale of one to awesome, one being useless as a slicker in the Sahara and awesome being ten: how useful is/are your power(s)?

Idle curiosity. Must be Tuesday.

Checked the newspaper, it is actually Tuesday.

[ that was handy and this, as she's walking to the bus stop from the porter, again, seems more expedient than texting everyone she knows. it only seems to be a day or so, so maybe they won't have even noticed.


anyway abigail is back from her power update! ]
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[ 'Sup MoM. It's your favourite nerdy teenager. She's sitting on the edge of her bed, pieces of drawing paper where they usually are, scattered around her like she's a storm. Mostly she's been passing the time with working on her power. So far she's managed to pull all sorts out of paper - crooked jewellery, imperfect and smudged mugs, hairclips that don't hold her hair very well. She just wishes she could be better, be useful.

That's not why she's on the network today though.

So yesterday was my birthday. [ She says it with a little shrug and a smile, it's not that big of a deal. ] My birthday was also two and a half months ago. So does that make me sixteen still? Or have I just advanced to seventeen? I don't know how any of this works. It's not like time travel exists where I'm from.

[ It's mild curiosity. It's not like seventeen means she can do much more with her life. ]

Oh! Also. What do you think's a good starter pet? I've never had one before. I think I want something fluffy though.
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For those who haven't seen it, this conversation is worth turning your attention to. At the very least, for the sake of speculation.

[ There is a link provided, and were this a voice post, there would be a long pause while you're meant to digest the information and see the obvious, problematic links. ]

There are those here who have no interest in being a hero: this post is not meant for you, as you have already made the perfectly valid choice to do what is in your own personal interest. I see no problem there. However, there are those here who truly, outwardly claim and have made the choice to be heroes. But it's curious that for one in specific, who makes themselves known as intentionally fighting for the good of the people, that they had prior information pertaining to similar gases from their own home that some of us had the joy of experiencing.

Therefore, would it be so off base to say that they might have knowledge as to where these toxins came from?

And since they had this available, why didn't they do something before now? Why did they wait until such a large incident before they were willing to stand up and offer help. Because while we certainly cannot have expectations for heroes to stand up at all times - many of us are only human, after all - retaining pertinent information regarding those who consider themselves 'villains' seems rather hypocritical.

Are we hiding those of us who might cause damage, now? Or are we simply waiting for them to wreak havoc so we can save as many people as possible?

[ ooc; all replies anonymous unless otherwise specified. ]


Aug. 16th, 2015 07:25 pm
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Story time, boys and girls. [ said in a sarcastic tone of voice, as Dorian leans back in a chair. He's filming this from his apartment in Maurtia Falls—the wall behind him is completely blank, no pictures and no mirrors. Physically, he looks fine (doesn't he always?), though his hair's a bit of a mess and there's just something in Dorian's eyes that screams "I am so fucking done with this." ]

Since arriving here over a year ago, I've been attacked, immolated, had my hand bitten off, coerced to jump off a building, beaten up, manipulated into hallucinating people from home, immolated again, and beaten up again—all of this from different people. A few days ago, I was gassed and then someone attempted to blind me by slicing my eyes open with a knife. [ said all too casually, as if he's talking about the weather. ] The funny thing is? All these incidents were caused by different people.

Add in me, who killed someone while hallucinating, and what's our common thread? We're all ticking time bombs, just waiting for somebody to flip the switch and watch us go off. I'm starting to think that the Porter picks people less for who would make a good hero and more of who would make a good weapon. [ He makes a finger gun and points it at the screen. Thankfully, Dorian's a bit too dignified to make a 'pew' noise as he mimics firing said finger gun. ] Just point and click, while the potentially psychotic people with potentially lethal superpowers get rid of your problems.

And before you point out that some people were possessed by the Hornets when they beat me up or made me jump of a roof, I know... [ and there's a pause, while he counts on his hands, ] four people who definitely killed someone back home, myself not included, and at least five people who it really wouldn't surprise me if they did. Probably more—I really need to make some less trigger-happy friends. Considering there's about two hundred of us tops, that's still a worrying amount.

[ He fixes the camera with a lovely little tense smile. ] Food for thought. [ there's a pause, as Dorian thinks things over. Is he missing anything? ] Oh! New people, hullo there, my name's Dorian Gray and yes, the swear-ins are usually this terrible, though this one was particularly nasty. Anybody know who caused it?
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I'm Meetra Surik. I'm new. I'm lost. A few things:

1. I can't believe you guys have more books than digital records. Talk about analog. Can somebody please suggest a good history book to get any idea of where/when/what the hell is going on?

2. How come there are no spaceships? How are you supposed to go to other planets? Are you seriously implying we're stuck here?

3. This whole Hero registration thing. Sell it to me. Why should I? Why should anyone? Would've been nice if I had been asked in the first place.

4. Nonah #2, I need some directions.

5. Is the term "Jedi" familiar to anyone here?

That would be all for now.


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