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[Good old Jaime Reyes has been here for over a year and a half now, and what has he not done yet? That's right; an accidental post.

This one takes the form of a series of texts, each chunk of text being published as a new post as he blearily smashes at his phone's keyboard... complete with auto-correct and typos.]

Hey Wally wake up you wouldn't believe the dream I had
Okay so EVERYONE had a beard you had this giant ginger monstrosity
Ken had like this giant wizard beard and dick had those things what do you call them
giant sideburn thingies
minayos was freaky right blue and Kashmir wouldn't stop twirling hers and will's was beautiful
also milagro had one that touched the ground for some reason

if you know juicy nasty [yes, that's jyushimatsu] he was there too because I think he's haunting me

anyway EVERYONE was acting like it was totally normal and were like hey wheres your beard so I grew one but then all my teeth fell out which isnt fair because everyone else had their teeth AND beards

wally I answer literally every single one of your stupid texts
wake up or else I'm coming over there and dragging you out of bed

jk I'll ask dick to do it for me

[Expect mortified responses once his phone buzzes him awake, everyone... and if your character has CR with them, feel free to comment to find out what beautiful facial hair they would receive.]


Apr. 7th, 2016 02:38 pm
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[The video opens on a patch of blue sky, with some birds flying by. The camera turns and there's a surprisingly green girl giving a smile and a wave. And apparently holding the comm with no hands. She floats (??) peacefully for a bit, wind catching her cape before looking at the camera again.]

Hey, everyone! I'm Miss Martian. But you can call me M'gann. Just thought I'd introduce myself. A-and even though I am actually from Mars, I promise I'm not here to invade or anything! I mean, an invasion of just one person isn't a very good invasion. And I'd probably go all undercover so you wouldn't even notice... It'd be pretty easy actually.

[She actually appears to be considering the logistics of an alien invasion before remembering herself.]

Anyways! I'm really excited to meet everyone and I hope we can be friends!


Mar. 28th, 2016 09:31 pm
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[Oh hey, on the screen is everybody's favorite(?) bubblegum fairy girl! Er, except she looks quite a bit different. For one thing, she's got bat wings instead of dragonfly, and for another, she's wearing significantly less than usual. For the third, her body language is completely different--she's lounging like she's trying to look as alluring as possible.

She may look like Megan Gwynn on the surface, but otherwise she comes off as a totally different person.]

Hey scrubs!

[She twirls a lock of her hair, smirking.] Not that I don't appreciate the free digs and everything, but what's with the ambiance, huh? How's a girl supposed to get any action in, like, suburbia hellhole? It's so squeaky clean around here I bet you can't even kill a guy. What's there to do here that's fun?

[Her grin widens and she licks her teeth, which should give any viewers a decent impression of her idea of fun.]

Anybody who feels like living it up a little give me a yell, 'kay? Nightmare out.


Mar. 23rd, 2016 08:27 pm
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If you could anonymously mail one person a huge box of glitter, who would it be and why?

[ A blond in a very special hat and shutter shades is hanging out in a brightly lit tiki bar, sipping on the world's most obnoxious looking drink.]

Also, hey, in case the hat didn't tip you off, it's my birthday! And because I'm feeling generous, drinks are on me. Stop on by [ he flashes the menu, featuring a cartoon parrot next to the name of the bar ] and bring me presents. Or just help me figure out what to do with this pony I rented? He answers to Poptart and I'm pretty sure he grants wishes.

[ There is, in fact, a Shetland pony with a unicorn horn strapped to its head wandering around the bar. It's covered in glitter. Please save it. ]

[ the accompanying log, open to all! ]


Mar. 12th, 2016 09:26 pm
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[The first thing to come over the feed will be a too-close shot of a handmade sign before the wizard gets the right angle to show his face and the small park behind him in Nonah. He appears to be Unhappy.]

Right, okay, was I not legible enough, do you think? Should I have offered translations? I consider myself rather patient on the whole, but when some idiot - for the third time in two days - takes a clear warning and turns it into an invitation to create the sort of disaster which loses me my job, I get the feeling this blasted sign is doing more harm than good. So let's just make something clear, shall we?

This - [the video shifts for a moment to show a wooden trunk on legs, running full tilt behind him after a few terrified squirrels] - is not a pet! It is certainly not some sort of tame training dummy for empty-headed fighters to test their skills on. It is a monstrosity crafted of sapient pearwood, and when it feels its owner, who happens to be me, is being attacked, it eats people. No stern warnings, no shining letterheads or gentle taps on the shoulder, just death. Maybe missing fingers or a quick trampling, if they're lucky.

Am I making myself clear enough? Try to hurt me, this man right here, and my magical box will murder you, and I will watch.

[a pause.]

...Provided I have not already run away.

[Rincewind nods sharply, then takes off his sign and throws it in a trash can.]

There. I've officially done all I can do, I've said my piece, this is no longer my responsibility. [he sighs, pinching the bridge of his nose.] Honestly, I don't understand how it was so difficult to understand in the first place. You see a sign telling you not to do something - who then thinks 'Oh, well surely they don't mean that for me?' I swear, no matter where I find myself, it seems I'm always the only sane man arou -

[there's the loud crack of splintering wood and the sound of several screaming members of the rodent family. Rincewind (and the video) looks behind him to see that the Luggage has knocked down a large oak tree in its pursuit of the squirrels. His face drains of color.]

Oh bugger - !
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[It's a little after noon when Chloe turns her communicator on. She's sitting on an old white plastic deck chair, and from the look of the buildings behind her, probably on a roof somewhere in Nonah. She's in a worn old white tanktop with a skull on the front, her jeans-covered legs propped up on something, her coat hanging off the back of her chair. She's spent the morning avoiding people, not answering her texts, just...brooding. There's a cigarette between her lips, and she takes a drag off it before she catches it with her other hand, her attention mostly on the phone.]

You ever think about time 'n shit? Like, how it hella doesn't make any sense here? Like, okay, back home, before I wound up here, it was 2013 right? In October.

[She leans back in her chair, resting the phone on her leg, tilted up so all the screen really catches is her face and neck and the clouds.]

Suddenly I'm here, it's three years and a couple months later. Just, wham, welcome to the future except it's a weird fucked up cold war version of the future. And I get like, it's way worse for other people, right? Pulled from other centuries or other fuckin' planets with their own weird-ass calendars but.

Three years.

[She's not even really sure what she's going on about, honestly. She'd been puzzling this over in her head all morning and hadn't gotten anywhere, so maybe she thought rambling out loud would help. It wasn't really working.]

So here we are, right? March 11th, 2016. Shit had gone different, I'd be twenty-two today.

[She hesitates, her gaze distant, up on the clouds as she took another puff off her cigarette.]

Instead, I guess I'm twenty. Sort of. Minus a couple months. Still my birthday though. [And then she smirks, pointing the two fingers holding her cigarette at the sky.] Fuck you, universe. Chloe Price made it to twenty after all.

[She scooped up the phone again, and for a second is framed in the picture again, the camera half-covered by her thumb as she reaches for the disconnect. Her voice is quieter again.]

Didn't see that comin'.

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[Wanda has already seen Steve Rogers's network post and replied to it. Touching base with The Boss (er, probably more like former boss, technically, as they're not in their world any longer) when she saw his post -- and pleasantly surprised at his presence here as well -- became first priority for her.]

Wanda Maximoff speaking.

[When she starts this video off with the introduction, her accent is Eastern European, probably unfamiliar for most to completely pin down; Sokovia also didn't get much attention in her universe, anyway (not before Ultron), so even the Sokovian accent may be unfamiliar to many from her own world as well. Though, to those with a Serbia as well in the universes from which they hail from, before they arrived in this one, they might think she sounds vaguely Serbian, but that's as close as they'll probably be able to come. Assuming they're familiar with the Serbian accent at all.

Appearance-wise, she has long and dark hair, Caucasian, mid-twenties, and the makeup on her face is mostly just dark eyeliner and red lipstick. She's changed into something a little less obvious than her Avengers outfit that she arrived here in, so no shot of a fancy costume for you people today, sorry.]

I am new here, and skipping the usual round of questions from others who have recently arrived -- [She's already flicked back a few entries on this network device, browsing through it before broadcasting this video. It's how she came across Steve's very recent post.] -- but since I have already seen one man on the network who is familiar to me, I thought I would take a 'roll' -- [English expressions for things are so weird sometimes.] -- and see if there is anyone else here who may be familiar with me. So? [That's her cue for people to introduce themselves.]

And a last general question: The information I was given has my housing in the Nonah apartment complex. If anyone could tell me their favorite places in the city -- to visit, to eat, whatever -- I would appreciate that and will accept all suggestions.

[And then she ends the video.]
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[When the feed flickers to life, on the screen is a wide-eyed girl in her late teens; she'd look pretty normal, if it wasn't for her eyes and bright pink hair. To some, she may be a familiar face.]

Oh my gosh, hi, um, Network! [Her accent is faintly Welsh.] It's been, like, a really long time since I was last here so maybe you guys won't remember me, but I was definitely here before, and I mean I can't say I really missed this place but some of you were pretty cool, so it'll be nice to see you again--

[And that's when a different voice cuts in from the background, way deeper, very not Welsh, and sounding vaguely like it's coming from someone with rocks in their throat. Because it is.] Are you making a post? Is this like a superhero Youtube thing? I wanna be in it too! [What looks like a big grey stone wall slides into frame behind the girl. At least that's what it looks like until it. Bends over. And now there's some kind of big stony head in the frame over her shoulder.] Yo! What's up, nerds? I'm Rockslide, and the weird foreign girl here is Pixie! We're with the X-Men and if you wanna like our video and subscribe to our channel--

[With that the girl shoves the strange rock-being in what seems to be the equivalent of a shoulder in an attempt to get him to move over. It goes about as well as you'd expect a teen girl shoving a strange rock-being. In fact, she barely even fits in the screen anymore.]

Santo! I mean--Rockslide! This is my video! Go make your own video! [It's no use, she's been totally upstaged.] They already know who I am, that's why I’m re-introducing myself, not just plain old introducing myself! There's a big difference!

You don't need to re-introduce yourself, everyone's gonna remember the pink haired girl with wings! It's way more important that people meet me and know how much of a cool guy I am. [Santo clears his throat to go back to his Professional Youtube Guy voice, leaning in more and thus taking up more of the screen real estate. Because he's an asshole.] And for all the single ladies out there, you can hit me up with a private message any time and we can totally set up someth--

[Yeah, Megan's completely out of frame by now, and she's not real happy about it. Plus, Santo's bulk is muffling her voice, the nerve.] I can’t believe you’re using my video to try and chat up girls!

[--And then the screen goes blank. Did she shut it off on purpose? Did one of them turn it off on accident while wrestling for focus? The world may never know.]

[ooc: Megan is pink and Santo is gray! Both of them will be responding to this post. If you prefer a specific character please make a note, otherwise we will reply at our own discretion.]

02 | Video

Sep. 15th, 2014 05:05 am
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[The wind is a bit much on the microphone when the camera feed first comes on. Desmond is heading indoors, though, recording as he walks. He's heading into a mall area, by the sounds and glimpses of storefronts behind him.]

Okay, so. When I first got here I was assigned a job like everybody else. As of a few weeks ago that fell out. And I'm officially down to my last fifty bucks. So I thought I'd put myself out there here, just in case. I figure I'll have a lot better luck than going place to place.

I'm offering a courier service. You got something that is too time-sensitive or delicate for the mail, I'll run it across Heropa for you for cash. I've also got bartender experience, if anyone knows of a place that's hiring.

By the way... call it a weird question, but...something's been bothering me lately.

[He hesitates, not even sure if he should even go through with asking it. Finally, though, he breaks his silence.]

When you get it normal to even miss the stuff that annoyed you, or pissed you off? Or people you weren't even friendly with?


Sep. 14th, 2014 08:00 pm
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[ the camera is placed haphazardly, like it was just thrown over her drawer. normally enthusiastic, bubbly Aracely looks distressed, like she's suddenly be left in the middle of the wilderness and doesn't exactly know which way to go. there's no path, no lantern, and suddenly she's very alone.

her head is turning sharply, her senses on all-alert. she sounds desperate.

Kaine is gone! Kaine is gone and I can't feel him anymore! Just like that, he was taken! He left! He's gone!

[ a painful twist of her stomach and her guts drop. she would feel ill if she wasn't so stiff. ]

He went out ... h-he went out ... [ breathing. deep breath. she puts her arms around her shoulders. ] ... he just went out to help people and he was taken ...

This can happen to anyone, can't it? They can take someone and no one knows!

[ she feels empty, like a part of her suddenly snapped out of existence. whoever might be close may feel the same choking emptiness that she does. it's a little contagious.

her voice gets small.

What's supposed to happen now...?
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[ on the network tonight there's something that distinctly Doesn't Belong. ]

Three-Sided by LOKIOFASGARD 13 Sep 2014
imPort (Relations) | Mature (17+) | Work in Progress

Author Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings Matt Murdock/Harvey Dent, Matt Murdock/Tony Stark, AU, NSFW, Matt Murdock, Tony Stark, Harvey Dent, Lawyer Sex, Office Sex, Emotional Hurt/Comfort, Dubious Politics, Dubious Everything, Making This Up As I Go

Harvey Dent is caught manipulating the mortal legal system, and Matt Murdock must defend his integrity—even as they fall further into the abyss of judicial enchantment! The two of them land themselves in the political scandal of century, while Tony Stark becomes tangled in a seemingly unrelated web of courtroom drama caused by his own heavy hand.

As they dig themselves deeper into personal complications, they become increasingly threatened with a reveal that would expose their intense, yet clandestine love triangle.

Language: English Words: 30,938 Chapters: 5/? Comments: 127 Kudos: 54 Bookmarks: 16 Hits: 1586

[ for whoever decides to dive right into the bowels of this terrible real person fic, it's quite well-written. the prose is almost poetic, and the characterizations and dialogue believable. included is a fairly graphic elevator scene.) it's gripping and gritty, if not a little theatric and self-indulgent. despite it being quite lovely, there's the distinct feeling that the reader might actually need a shower, whoops.

it's up on the network for about ten minutes before

ETA Whoopsie. Misfire.

[ a wild fanmix appears. ]
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What was the date when you arrived here?

[ This is the most important part, at least by the standards of the persona she's tried to project thus far, and as such demands the most attention and response. Hence the text!! But that's not the end of the broadcast by half. Immediately after the text portion gets fired off, the audio kicks in, and some broad starts talking. Her tone is businesslike, but not brisk -- like she knows exactly what she's going to say, but is in no particular hurry to say it.

Or like she's more than happy to listen to herself talk for ages. It could also be that. ]

I'm not about to flatter myself by assuming I'm the only one who's been watching, but I don't believe anyone's remarked on this yet. Not here, at least. And we know what happens when one keeps information hostage, right?

[ HO HO HO HO HO. She doesn't really sound amused, although her voice briefly lilts into the appropriate register. ]

If we take this entire wave of imPorts -- the ones who've arrived and departed within the year -- as a whole, there have been several different patterns for arrivals. I wasn't there, so please, correct me if I'm wrong. But to my knowledge, between the initial group in January and those who began to appear in February, there were no stragglers. There was simply the one, and then the rest of us. From then on, it appears to have been a fairly continuous flow.

But I don't think we're keeping to it now. This is based only on what I've noticed, so I can't say for certain when it started or whether the change is significant at all. Still, some of you have to have noticed there were more introductions toward the beginning of last month than there were at the end. I believe the timing has changed again -- so that the majority of newcomers show up at the beginning of the month and, as it goes on, cease to arrive entirely. A happy medium, I suppose you could call it. Particularly happy for the government, since it ensures newcomers can hardly get their bearings before they're given the choice to register.

Some of you have been theorizing that Lachesis is present again. If that's so, you should be looking to the way she measures. She was a little less organized in the old universe, as I remember -- but back then, she wasn't under supervision. It's funny how things change.


Sep. 13th, 2014 03:40 pm
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[Someone's been rather asocial since his arrival. He's spent most of the time adjusting to being human and dealing with empathy headaches that have mostly subsided now. It's time to be a little less of a loner, even if it is only digitally.]

So. Names.

I suppose everyone must have one, so we don't all dissolve into chaos and epithets.

My own names have been chosen for me in the past, and I no longer find them suitable. I would like something new. A fresh start. However, I am loathe to admit that I don't know where to start when it comes to choosing oneself a name.

Advice would be appreciated.

[And it doesn't help that he has zero experience with human names, either.]
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[ The feed turns on rather abruptly, almost as if the person who turned it on isn't used to the controls; and let's be real -- she isn't. The camera is rather skewed at an odd angle, not showing much of the young medium's face, or rather, showing too much of it in a close up before the screen pans up to the ceiling. Her voice can be heard nevertheless as she speaks though, rather determined, yet frustrated. It's in a low tone, but not inaudible. ]

At least being a hero is better than being called a witch... [ A beat, before there's an adjustment of the camera, lowering from the ceiling angle to a more proper angle, though it's still rather odd and disorienting. ] Ooookay, I think I got it this time! Take that!

[ And just as she yells that familiar (perhaps to some) phrase in an obnoxiously loud voice, the camera finally adjusts itself properly, now centered at Maya at a proper angle and closeness. She has her fists closed, a determined glint in her eyes before she speaks, energetic as always. ]

Now that that problem's fixed, greetings, citizens of the world! I am the illustrious, the amazing, the inconceivable Maya Fey, ace spirit medium. I'm still tinkering with the kinks of the whole, you know, superhero name and all, and I was thinking maybe either "Mystic Maya" or "Ayam Yef", but those two sound so blah and not dynamic enough, you know?

That's why today, I need your help! I need to come up with something even more amazing than amazing! Otherwise I'm going to get a heart attack for not having a cool superhero name...!

[ P R I O R I T I E S ]

( ooc: it may or may not come up, but if it does and you'd like to opt out of any pl vs aa spoilers, tell me here! )
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Testing... testing 1, 2, 3... ahem!

Hey, Virginia! I think. What a weird name for a place to live. Vir...ginia.  [Teeheehee! ] Well, not like Omegaland was any better, but at least people know what Omega means. What the heck is a Virginia anyway?

Anyway, enough of the small talk and buddy-buddy chit chat. Let's get to the whole point of this log.

[ she clears her throat and pauses for dramatic effect. Her initially upbeat and positive image scrunches up into annoyance and anger as she leans in towards the camera with an outburst: ]

I don't wanna be an intern! Who the heck decided that would be a good job for me? Who even wants to be a lame-o intern anyway? Interns are losers that do all the dirty work like, like, I dunno, going on coffee runs, filing boring paperwork, and being guinea pigs in the testing lab! I am so not a guinea pig. Blowing me up in the name of explosive science is a waste of my amazing brain!

Who wants to be MY intern, huh? I'd totally be up for negotiating the terms of being a guinea pig. Like, you know, um... I won't blow you up! [ Teeheehee! ]

So, I guess the real point of this video log is... can I get a better job around here? Like, I never had a chance to go out and get a job of my own before because my first job was just handed to me! Can you believe it? The things the army will do for a bit of firepower and some blueprints, am I right?
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So, people get powers when they're brought here.

[ she's talked to enough people to establish it as a Fact. ]

Anyone find themselves having less than they're used to?

[ yes, yes, she's still wondering why the hell she can't just kick her way out of here. she's got ideas on her own missing power, given its nature, but a broader idea of the situation would be nice too. ]

If you want to answer, you can say what kind of power it was. Same goes for if you got anything new instead.


Jul. 2nd, 2014 01:43 pm
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[ This video is obviously taken at an office, at Hans's desk, in a moderately sized office. Hans gives the camera a little wave...and man oh man, does he already seem way too proud of himself. Oh dear. ]

About a month or so ago, I asked Lieutenant Ananke for some information about former heroes. Since then, I've been doing a little bit of research and emailing with some people who knew them. Most people have accepted the fact that their relations may be dead--there's a lot of gravestones for former heroes. Reactions to their deaths really run the gamut. Some are proud of the heroes, some are worried that they're in a bad place, some don't want to talk about it, but pretty much everybody thinks that they're dead.

[ Which is honestly worrying considering that the government wants them to be heroes, but Hans is keeping up appearances and not mentioning that at ALL. ]

Anyway, I just thought that it was something people should know! I've got a few more names to look into but feel free to ask me any questions. Though, you should know... [ there's an annoyed pause here, as Hans frowns. ] I didn't find any information about whether or not they were members of that Hornets group mentioned. Unsurprisingly, most people seemed unwilling to talk about it. And to be honest, I couldn't find any information about these Hornets--they seem to be an urban legend over anything else.

[ Of course, Hans did find some information about a couple of heroes whose parents were worried they had fallen into the wrong crowds. But he's not going to tell the communicator that, not when he's got more work to do to find specifics and can possibly use the information for himself. Then his annoyed expression fades, to a bit of a worried frown. ]

On another note, is everybody okay? I know that paintball game must have been absolutely horrible. At least, I know I hated it. [ a siiiigh, as he crosses his arms over his chest. ] I'm certain the stress of the game wore on the nerves of some people, including one of my poor housemates. He was hardly behaving like his normal self.

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[THE SCENE: megan's room, which is decorated tastefully in floral patterns and pastels, almost making up for the fact that it is also a total disaster area. megan herself is standing in the middle, in view from the waist up--the comm seems to be resting on a desk.

there is a few seconds before megan does anything, apparently not having realized the broadcast has started. then she smiles, claps her hands together, and bounces on her heels a little bit, her wings fluttering in unison.]

Um, hello, Network! Omigod, this is my first post, isn't it? Well, hello, my name's Megan. Or Pixie, if we're being professional.

[she gives a small wave before continuing. her accent's some kind of british (welsh, for those who can tell).]

I don't know about you, but I thought paintball ended up being kind of rubbish! And I know there are a lot of people about my age around here, sooo, I was thinking, why don't we go have some fun for once? Like, a group outing, or something. I haven't been downtown too much yet, but there has to be some good clubs around, right?

Or we could go to the movies, or anything people would like to do. I just thought it might be nice to blow off some steam and hang out, considering everything that's been happening. What with the fake bodily injuries and crazy robots and all.

So, if you're interested, let me know and we can figure out what we're doing and when. Since it's summer, any day of the week should work, right? (Er, this place doesn't have a curfew, does it?)

Don't worry if we don't know each other, everyone's welcome, and maybe this way we can all meet new people! Anyway, that's all, carry on.

[she gives another little wave and the feed cuts.]

TEXT ADDENDUM, dated a few hours later: since the swearing ins this weekend im thinking well shoot for wednesday evening unless someone has an objection. we can meet in the park and figure out the way from there! see you then (/^▽^)/

[OOC: the intended result of this post is a semi-open everybody-hits-the-town log that I'll probably put up at some point in the next week. I'm trying to keep the specifics flexible. If you want to participate you can either have your character ICly RSVP to this post or just gatecrash the log, either's good.]
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Evening, ImPorts. My sincerest apologies to everyone who volunteered to let me interview them last month - I overestimated my ability to juggle finals and personal hobbies at the same time. I'm surprised I've come out with the ability to form individual thought.

[There are dark circles under her eyes. There are probably some instant noodles in her hair. It has been a grueling time, for Rose Lalonde. She's so glad it's summer. ]

In any case, freedom is within my grasp and if anyone is still interested, then I will be doubly grateful. I will even buy you a coffee. I will buy you a coffee and possibly some sort of sweet dessert.

[She pauses, getting a little misty-eyed for a second, before: ] My anniversary is coming up, soon. If we were still in the city, this would be two years. [Another pause; she makes a barely audible hm, her mouth down-turning, just a little. ] Time does fly, doesn't it?
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[ The video shows Erik seated in front of a desk covered in books, largely focused on the history of the past fifty years, along with the advancements in science and technology that have occurred in that time. There are several notebooks strewn about, and a map pinned to the wall with several marks made on it-- anyone who chose to scrutinize it closely enough may notice that they are the locations that are unique to this world. The room is well-lit, sunlight shining through the open window. ]

I hate to put a damper on this weekend's festivities. [ No he doesn't. ] But since my arrival, I have found myself with more questions than answers. That delightfully informative video that our hosts provided for us was of little help, I am afraid. You see, this is not the first time I have been branded against my will, and I have few reasons to believe that the intentions of this group are any more pure than the last.

So now I turn to you, my fellow imPorts, and I ask this: If you have chosen to register, why? I wish to believe that the majority of you are wise enough that you have not been drawn in by simple propaganda, so I am sure that you all have your reasons.


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