Aug. 20th, 2016 07:21 pm
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[ The Doctor gives the camera a grin and a little nod. ]

Hello network! Just have a quick question here, time to take a roll call! Who's got magical creepy healing powers?

[ this is "being subtle." Sorry Clara. There's a big grin before, ]

Oh! Also, how do you own a shop? Apparently I got promoted. I've worked in a shop before but I don't think I've ever owned one.


Aug. 9th, 2016 03:56 pm
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[Oh good, it’s Mabel Pines. This bodes well! What doesn’t bode well is that she’s outside the mess that is Heropa 18, wearing a sweet helmet and with two piles of junk sitting on the front lawn visible in the frame. Piles of junk that might, in a galaxy long ago and far away, be a “pod racer.” Except these definitely have more rockets attached to the sides. Like, an excessive amount of rockets.]

Hey guys! Mabel Pines here-- oh and Dipper! [Who waves distractedly at the camera as he puts the finishing touches on his racer.] We just wanted to remind everybody to save the date. The date being August 31st! ‘Cause it’s our birthday and it’s gonna be a celebonanzapalooza to be remembered. We’ll be celebrating being fourteen-- totally seasoned teenagers!-- in major style. And all of you are invited!

[In the background, the pod racers gently lift off the ground. There's a faint humming noise and a weird glow. This actually looks like it might work?? Dipper gives Mabel a thumbs up and adjusts his helmet, only for one of the racers to make an alarming pinging sound and suddenly list to one side. He smacks something and everything straightens out.]

We really do mean all, even you new people! Every imPort’s a friend of the Pines family, except for that one guy and he knows who he is. Come by, say hi, get cake! Bring presents.

[Dipper nods at Mabel, and the twins snap on some sweet goggles in synch. Several pigs with fire extinguishers in their mouths stand at attention. Mabel makes to turn off the camera before she remembers--]

--and if you’re in Heropa we’re sorry about the noise!

[Mabel gives a jaunty wave and the camera turns off as they hop in their racers. The people of Heropa will get treated to some alarming drag racing noises and some minor explosions in the next few minutes. Everyone else-- hey, you’re invited to a party! If the kids are still alive to host it!]


Aug. 7th, 2016 06:27 pm
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[ Have you ever wanted to see someone take apart a hoverbike? Well today's your lucky day. Holtzmann has set up an impromptu lab in Heropa #10 - and scattered junk absolutely everywhere in one of the downstairs common rooms, sorry roomies - and turned on the camera almost absent-mindedly, having remembered that she wanted to post to the network only after she's elbow-deep in this hover clutch. ]

So I had a question. [ She says, pulling out a friction disk and tossing it over one shoulder. A polymer d-ring follows suit a moment. ] Ghosts. Anybody seen 'em around? Had problems with 'em? I heard about this continuum stuff but nothing about the afterlife.

[ A few more discarded parts later, she decides it's time to take the more direct route. Namely going after the hover mechanism innards with an acetylene torch. Works pretty great ... until she lights the curtain behind her on fire.

There's another beat as she realizes she's forgotten something. ]

I'm Holtzmann. And I'm a Ghostbuster, so. Yeah. If you've got info, gimme a call.

[ The flames creep up the curtain in the background. ]

(( PERMISSIONS ARE STILL IN PROGRESS but here's the most important one: 4th walling is a-okay as long as you don't talk about the events of the 2016 movie to her face. Everything else Ghostbusters-related is fine. ))
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[It's quiet for a moment as the person making the request isn't completely sure how to say what he wants; he's used to staying to the shadows and working from there, so reaching out so publicly goes against most of his training. Still, he has questions, and it's not like his enemies from home can find him here. ...Probably. So he concentrates, stilling himself and throwing a casual tone into his voice that he's not actually feeling considering he just wound up on a world he's never heard of. His day had already been going weird, but this is the icing on the cake of crazy.]

So I'm looking for some people, and I was wondering if any of them are here or if anyone's seen them. Steve, Sam, uh- Scott. And Wanda. We were kind of all together back home and if I'm here, maybe they are, too, so if they are I want to track them down again. See if we can figure out what's going on, that kind of thing. If you know them, can you tell them I'm looking for them?

[The choice to leave out their last names is deliberate, but except for Scott they are his friends, some of the people closest to him in his life. And a group like that, first names are really all that's important, other details can wait.]

[But whoops, he forgot something. And this time he will use a surname.]

Oh yeah - I'm Clint, Clint Barton. Thanks, and see-

[He's interrupted in signing off by a bark off to the side. There's another brief pause, and then Clint speaks up again with a bit more confusion in his voice.]

Did anyone in, uh, Heropa lose a dog? I've had this guy following me around for at least half an hour now, looks like some kind of chocolate lab mix and he seems like he's been trained but he isn't wearing a collar. Do you think I have hamburgers or something?


Jul. 2nd, 2016 06:00 pm
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[ Have one Dean Winchester, kicked back and enjoying himself, seated pleasantly enough at Lucifer's desk. Anyone who knows what that office looks like is more than welcome to comment about how he is not the big man on campus who should be sitting in that chair, what are you doing, Lucifer is going to kill you for this... But Dean just looks kind of amused and utterly oblivious to the fact that he's invaded Daddyfer's office. ]

Back home we've got just about everything but the boogie man. And I only say that I 'cause I haven't seen him - he's probably out there, hangin' around, waiting for someone to gank him. [ Dean shrugs. ]

But y'know. Ain't nobody's gotten there yet.

[ Clearing his throat and glancing up for a moment, Dean's gaze narrows as he thinks before he brings it back down again, looking all too inquisitive. ]

But see, what I want to know is, what's everyone else's idea of the 'supernatural.' [ He wiggles his fingers - spooky fingers!! ] I mean c'mon, the shit i've seen over the years, the things nobody else knows about, all the crap that people don't even know exists? I know it's there, I know it goes bump in the night, but if nobody else knows it's there, am I the only one who's callin' it a threat?

I mean- if nobody see's a wendigo walkin' through the forest, i'm still pretty damn sure it exists.

And then it got me thinking-- somewhere out there, there's gotta be a place where everyone knows this crap is running around free. Djinn and vamps and ghosts- like a monster mash that everyone's been invited to. Angels and demons, the whole shebang. And then what the hell makes it so goddamn spooky then? If everyone knows, then is it really so supernatural?

I mean- Hell, just like this place. We all got superpowers, what even makes it that super anymore? I'm not even talking about the difference between your ghosts and my ghosts because that's a whole different story, I mean I know my vamps are probably different from your vamps because with all this other-world shit? Someone out there's probably got ones that can't even stand garlic.

[ And that earns a significant snort. ] And I gotta say, that just makes it too damn easy.
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[ Those who know Rose might have realized she kind of, uh, dropped off the radar. So to speak. The woman was doing her job, trying to blend in but she’s hit a bit of a hiccup in all that. Asking for help isn’t something she actually likes to do. In fact, she tries to avoid bothering people with her problems at all costs. This time though it’s kind of unavoidable.

At least everyone seems to not be crazy anymore.

Hey, everyone! I have... a question, for the masses. [ The smile she started with begins to wane... Gosh, this is a lot harder than she thought it’d be. The blond sighs and runs a hand through her hair and composes herself once more. ]

So, I’m sure I’m not the first one to have this problem, but... Does anyone else have any issues, like, controlling their powers?

[ Well. She feels she needs to explain, so- ]

I mean. I like music. Anyone who knows me knows that. So I like to play guitar and let my voice out around town in cafes, parks... No problem, right? I thought it wouldn’t be. It wasn’t back home. But then I started realizing people are influenced by it. I caused a brawl the other night in a biker bar by singing some Disturbed. The dudes listening to me just got, like, super angry out of nowhere and then started fist fighting!

I didn't really think of it until the other day, I was playing like a, uh, relaxing song in the park and before I knew it people were falling asleep on their feet around me. That's when I realized it was me causing these weird things to happen with my music.

What’s gonna happen when I sing a sexy song, huh? I don’t wanna be in that monthly report thing as the chick responsible for some spontaneous orgy!

[ So, she’s... a lot more panicked about this than she was originally trying to let on. Whoops. ]

I just. I want to keep singing and playing music, but I don’t wanna mess with people! If anyone wants to, like, help me figure it out or give some advice I’d… I’d really appreciate it. Thanks.
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[This past week sucked.

After being kidnapped, insulted on his clothes, and (worst of all) realizing the words "I love soccer" left his lips, Junpei's a little stressed out. Just a bit! JUST A BIT!

So he's got a quick question for the network. And true to Junpei fashion, it's exactly what's on his mind.]


Let me know. I'll stay the hell away. Sleep on a park bench or something.

[He may or may not have a sleeping bag on a park bench right the heckie now, a red cat curled up on top of it like she suddenly owns it.]


Jun. 11th, 2016 11:26 am
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[If you ever wanted a screen full of dancing turtle your time has come. He has some sweet tunes blasting at first but after thirty seconds or so he slams those jams off and shoots finger pistols towards the webcam as his sweet moves come to a halt. This sure is a teenager who is mutant turtle that might be trained to be a ninja. He seems pretty stoked to be talking to everyone and doesn't seem to feel the need to explain things like Why He Is a Giant Turtle.]

YO! I'm Mikey! I'm in this Manchurian Falls place and I just got here and I got this brochure but it was real boring and blah blah blah. My bros are probably gonna portal themselves over or something soon to pick me up but until then let's hang! I gotta get in some sweet vacation time while I can.

Where's the best pizza here at? I got a need that can only be unneeded by about three boxes of large pizzas! I'm gonna stack them on top of each other like a perfect cheesy and tomatoey cake.


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