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[Hey look, it's a video of your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man! Well, okay, it's a video of your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man off duty. So really it's just Miles.]

Okay, so, I've got this idea for something, but I'm gonna need a lot of help to pull it off.

[And then he lifts up his hand and begins counting off on his fingers.]

...And also maybe around a hundred pounds of steak, and about fifty loaves of bread. And a big room to throw a party in.

So...anyone wanna help?
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[ The video is of Raina. At work. On a Sunday evening. Lit by the glow of her computer screen, and even as the feed begins -- she's finishing off her typing. Workaholic, much?

But she does give her attention to the communicator then, offering a sweet, charming smile. ]

Hello, fellow imPorts. I just have a few questions for the community as a whole -- a curiosity, if you will.

[ Her fingers lace in front of herself on her desk. ]

How many of you are satisfied with the power set you received upon arrival? For some of us, powers are new and strange, things we have never encountered in our own world. But for others, we're used to having far more. Abilities that were lost in translation either because they were far too strong or far too destructive. Some abilities may seem relatively useless. Some may be uncontrollable. Some require more thought, practice, and skill than others. While some seem like almost something of a joke on the porter's behalf.

All of this to say, these abilities of ours don't really share a common pattern. But they have become part of our identity as a whole and something that has branded us all as imPorts. And like our identity, there may be things about them we dislike -- things we wish we could make different. So if you had the opportunity to change your powers or alter them in some way, would you? If you could enhance them and make them stronger, would you do that as well?

Please consider my questions something of a survey to measure who may or may not be interested in my next leg of research. Thank you for your time.

[ With a friendly wave, she cuts the feed. ]
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[It takes a couple of seconds for the colour to balance properly on the broadcast and for his features to actually show up brighter. Once it does, he smiles and brushes wet hair from his eyes and fixes his glasses a little. He then moves the phone so the view of a beach behind him is visible.]

So actually being able to go to the beach has been a pretty cool experience. Sand beats a dusty road any day of the week.

Hey, I’m Conner by the way. Kinda new, just not really had much to say but thought I should maybe say something now?

Oh, this place doesn’t have a Big Belly Burger does it? Cause I’ve been craving one for weeks.
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[ The screen flickers on to a face that’s as pure America as apple pie. With his wide jaw set at a stiff angle and his blond hair all a mess after facing the abuse of a helmet for far too long, Steve stares down into the endless abyss of an open video communication log. He’s not exactly comfortable with this, but he can’t think of a much better way to find familiar faces besides going door to door -- not that he didn’t consider it. Briefly. ]

This is Captain Steve Rogers. I’m looking for members of my team; we were separated before I arrived here.

[ He’s not naming names; at least one person on said team goes by well over a dozen of them, and he’s pretty sure she’d snap his neck in six places if he even so much as uttered one of them on an unsecure channel. ]

Near as I can tell, most everybody here has been dragged away from their lives to fight somebody else’s war by a governing body that doesn't seem keen on so much as a “please” and “thank you;” if I’m wrong about that, I’d love to hear about it. If I’m not, I’d certainly like to hear more about that, too. So whatever information you’ve got, I’ll take it.

[ What do you say from here? After a long and somewhat frustrated silence, he closes with: ]

Over and out.


May. 23rd, 2015 11:40 am
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[ Jello. Jello EVERYWHERE. The comm video snaps on to show some teenaged boy's room with the floor absolutely covered in the stuff, a solid three inches of it or more, like the world's weirdest blanket of snow. At least all of his tech has been moved so as not to damage anything important, but ...

Wow, he's never going to get the smell of jello out of his room. Never. ]

Wh - what the hell is this! Who -

[ The video doesn't show the speaker, but his name is kind of at the top of the post. Realization hitting in three ... two ... ]

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So, this is gonna sound kinda random, but. I've been wondering for a little while...what's New York like here? I just wanna know if it's anything like the New York from my world.

Actually, now that I think about it--how does the New York here compare to New York where you came from? If you've ever been there, I mean. 'Cause now I'm wondering about all the different versions of it we probably know.
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[ In a vague attempt to not be depressed on Mother's Day Traci decided teleporting out of the country would be a brilliant decision. It's a way to pass the time and a way to distract herself. Besides, she told a few people she'd try it. So far it's gone okay. She's smiling brightly and leaning against her staff as she ]

So we all know if you leave the country you get AWOL status tattoo. I love how it changes, it's kinda cute in a creepy stalker way. [ Really creepy actually. ] I got a quick automated message too. Nothing too serious though. It looks like maybe it's not that big of a deal if you only spend a really short amount of time somewhere else. So far so good.

[ Although it looks like that may be changing. Off in the distance some men in what looks a lot like men in uniforms are approaching. They're speaking another language very harshly that can't quite be made out right now. Traci heard them though and she snaps her head around quickly to face them. They get a wave and her acting like there is absolutely nothing weird about her being there or her with her big stick. It's not hard for her to get that they're not happy though. ]

It's no problem guys, I won't be here long.

[ Actually, Traci it is a big problem! ]

Where did you come from? [ One gruff looking man demands in a thick accent. A very thick accent. More approach and Traci gets the distinct impression that this is her out time. ]

That is really not going to be a problem! [ They get closer and they talk among themselves quickly. ] You are to come with us. [ The same one says. Traci still seems perfectly chill and just sort of shrugs it off. ]

I don't think so. [ And with that the video just ends. Any responses will come once Traci has teleported herself back to safe grounds in her place in Heropa. ]

[ ooc: Postcards! Klarion gets this one, Kasumi gets this, Thane gets this, Jaime gets a postcard from everywhere she went including a bunch from Mexico (sorry Jaime), and Olivier gets this. If your character has some CR with Traci you can assume they got a postcard or some pictures! The postcards all just appeared magically because whatever to you post office ]
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[ Having fun with that age plot, everyone? Hiro admittedly hasn't been working quite as crazy hard on a cure this time around, but gosh darnit this is still mostly his fault and he's still got to do something. So here's another video post of him in his lab/garage (with the usual assortment of tech junk everywhere), moving back and forth between his computer and something juuuuust out of frame to the left. He keeps adjusting his new nerd glasses too, not quite used to the feeling of having them on his face just yet.

After a moment, he takes a deep breath and faces the camera. Hoo boy, how to phrase this. ]

So - uh - I know a lot of people kind of got their ages messed up? Like on Wednesday or so? About 6 PM?

[ Ughhh, he runs a hand through his hair. ]

The good news is, I know what happened. Because that was my experiment, and I'm really, really sorry to everyone who got messed up. The other good news is that it was supposed to wear off. Nanites and resilience and blah blah, you probably don't want details.

... It was also supposed to wear off in a couple hours. So I guess what I'm trying to say is that it should wear off, I just don't know when.

But if it doesn't, I'm working on something. Just - everyone hold tight? Don't play in traffic? What other responsible things are adults supposed to say at a time like this?
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Wow, alright, this is new.

[On the camera is a guy in his late twenties to early thirties who looks like he could be Miles Morales's dad. The name associated with the post, though, is Miles Morales.]

So...I don't think I'll be going to school for a while. Does this mean I need to get a serious adult job now?

Either way, I need some new clothes, because this isn't going to cut it. Do you think I could go to a clothing store wrapped in a bedsheet, or would that be a little too weird?
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[ the audio is fumbly & like theres too much wind at first. its awkward & theres a muttered 'manischivetz' in the background before suddenly it gets silent like someone went inside. the voice from before speaks up, louder & clearer, with a distinct queens accent lacing her words.

the name attached to the post is jessica drew

... You know, if someone asked the one place I'd refuse to go in the world, I'd tell them Florida. But I guess I died and went to the last ring of Hell anyways.

[a beat. its a poor quip but shes too thrown for a loop & not to mention extremely wary of her whole situation to actually be funny. ]

It looks like I'm paparazzi here. Follow you until you... whatever. [ theres a sound like she wants to say more. she wants to see if her teams here but she doesnt trust this network & or the systems here. so she just hangs up. ]
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[The video feed starts, and May moves the communicator a bit so there’s a better view of her, clear sky in the background. Perfectly normal teenaged girl. The ID reads simply May Parker.

What’s not so obvious is that is that she’s on top of a roof somewhere.]

Hi. I can’t say I’m exactly terrified, but I’m guessing that’s because shock hasn’t hit yet from the whole ‘kidnapped to another dimension’ thing. Even if it does have hovercars for everyone. I guess that’s cool? [She doesn’t look like she’s completely behind that statement, though.]

I’m May, by the way. I don’t know what sort of questions I should be asking, but I’ve got the feeling anything I really need to find out, I’ll find out soon enough.

[Hopefully. There’s enough confidence in her voice that she doesn’t sound completely lost and confused. In the meantime, she’s going to be on this side of anxious about everything at home; being dragged to another dimension was really not what she needed going on in her life.]

So! Different question: I heard people are brought here from all sorts of other dimensions, so do the Avengers or Fantastic Five ring any bells?


Feb. 6th, 2015 04:03 pm
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[It's been at least sixteen hours since Roxy arrived, time which she has mostly spent showering and sleeping. A full day of hangovers, death, more death, final bosses, and time travel is remarkably draining.

She texts from the roof of a building, legs dangling over the side in boredom, looking down at the passerby below and letting the wind blow her hair about.]

here there be bright pink courier )


Feb. 4th, 2015 09:00 pm
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[ Kitty's smile is firm and no-nonsense. Her voice is more than a little bit bossy. She has an announcement to make. (An announcement that, for once, has nothing to do with bloody uprisings or anarchy. Hooray! Or boo?) ]

Right. Listen up. Friday is Hiro's birthday. I'm sure you know Hiro. If you don't, meet him. He's brilliant. In every sense of the word.

[ She crosses her arms. ]

So, five o'clock, at Gini's Cafe in Heropa, we're having a get-together. If you know Hiro, or if you want to hear some really amazing talk of ridiculously advanced robots, or just learn at the knee of a complete genius, stop by. Since I expect his idea of a good birthday will be to consult on some new project or another. My boss is giving us all the leftover bakery items from the day, and there'll be cake, but if you want to bring food with you, you should. Bring presents, too. And some low-denomination bills, because I talked my coworker's band into playing for tips and cake, so don't be stingy.

Anyone who wants to help out on buying food and drinks and the like, let me know. No alcoholic drinks. No drugs. This is going to be a party for brilliant people, not something like that.

[ A nod, and then: ]

Okay. Thanks.
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Hey, everyone. I’ve got some information to share, and I hope you guys have some to share too. Here’s one thing that I’ve noticed: newbies are way, way out of the loop when it comes to everything that’s happened, and you guys deserve to know. We’ve already got a few detailed accounts by Kate Bishop (she’s written up a FAQ and a guide to the Hornets. See the links? Click on the links. Seriously, it’s good to know). But what we’re missing here’s a timeline. You’ve probably been hearing a lot about imPort events being attacked, so I’ve got a little something set up here. It’s pretty bare bones, but it tells you some major events that you need to know. If you think anything needs to be added to it, tell me. It’s just so that new people coming in know what kinds of things they have to deal with (and the associated risks of attending imPort events).

But I’m just here to talk about the kidnapping in July. Here’s a little more detail for you:

In July, 2014, a summer camp was held for teenaged imPorts and natives, though they were accompanied by adult chaperones. They were due at the airport to fly home on the 22nd, but failed to do so after their bus was hijacked, taking them all to a facility in the mountains where they were forced to fight artificially mutated animals and technology. These fights were held in enclosed arenas, separate from the bedrooms they spent the rest of their time in. The bedrooms were equipped with power nullifiers to prevent them from escaping. Included in these bedrooms was a television where the recorded fights were played - and it’s almost certain that the recordings of these fights made their way into other people’s hands, probably anyone who was interested in seeing how well their technology did. We formed a search party, and we were able to help get them out. After the last person was out, the entire facility exploded. Nobody but the people who were kidnapped were found there.

I wasn’t in there. I was just in the search and rescue party. If I’m missing anything important, tell me.

The really important thing is that they still haven’t been caught. Me and a few others have been doing some digging around based on the tech we found. All of the technology was sourced from legit, global companies, and all the funds paying for the tech were wired over through several funds in Switzerland, Brazil, and South Africa. The last two were independent banks with tons of private investors. All of the chips were delivered to the States to a series of warehouses. This was a seriously global affair, but it’s looking like it’s all branching from one place.

Unless I’m seriously out of the loop, we still don’t know who did this, and we should. Did anyone else manage to find anything else?

PS: I know I'm not the only one who's noticed that everyone's been going kind of crazy. Does anyone know what's up with that? Seriously.

EDIT 1: The most important tech they've developed in the camp was a gas that induces aggression from anyone who inhales it for approximately 20 minutes, but this was a long time ago. They could have increased that time since then. Here's a list I'm starting up though:

ugh sorry this is long CUT )
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[ Hiro has wasted zero time in getting himself settled in at StarkTech. Little plastic bins of tools and supplies have been showing up at his designated work area all week, and now here's the kid himself with a box of tools on one side and a fresh pad of paper on the other. All ready to get started and make some brilliant engineering designs!

... Okay, maybe this one isn't the best idea. He scraps it, crumples the paper, and tosses it into a bin. Same with the next one. Annnnd the next one. Before long the bin is overflowing and Hiro's pad of paper is completely blank. Ugh, he hates starting new projects. Once he's rolling, then there's no stopping him - but starting up from nothing? Complete and utter mind block. Sure, he's got some thoughts from the week so far, but actually sketching out possibilities and implementation strategies is making his head hurt just to think of it. And the background noise from his technokinesis is terribly aggravating under those circumstances.

Use that big brain of yours to think your way out. Look for a new angle. That's what his brother would have done.

So that's how Hiro comes to be hanging upside down from his chair, head braced against the floor while he levitates his comm in front of his face. At least he can practice his technokinesis like this. ]

okay guys name like. the COOLEST thing you've ever seen, tech-wise. because wow i am dry on ideas today and I need something SUPER AWESOME to build.

or if you have something SUPER AWESOME that needs repairs i guess i could do that too. genius engineer and all.

[ Humble, isn't he. For the vast majority of folks out there, the only thing he's going to do is text ... but if you happen to stop by StarkTech (or work there), you can see him in his all his upside-down glory. ]


Jan. 16th, 2015 12:08 pm
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Okay, wait

[ A young woman has her arms crossed tight over her chest; arms flexed out and shoulders squared off with her feet kicked up on a dining room table in one of the registered housing units. Her bottom lip is pushed out in an impressive pout and with her posture taut as a bow string she looks fit to break the table she's reclining against. ]

Saving the world, maintaining peace - sure, uh huh. This all absolutely falls under my job description as the Ava- [ Her cheekbones flush red and she cocks her head with a sharp exhale, biting down the last word before it could come out in full. ] - Never mind. Not important.

But you know what is important? This totally killed my vacation.

[ Her eyes then look sidelong to something out of frame when a deep, labored panting that sounded like it was coming from a massive source.

She frowns and apologizes to whatever is breathing so heavily before leaning back into frame.

If this device whatever is so useful - can someone tell me where to get food for a two ton polar bear dog?

Last person I asked just said 'google it.'

As if I know what that means.



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