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Either I have a new roommate who moved in and hid everything but my underclothes somewhere else in this house where I can't find them or I've had my entire wardrobe stolen between yesterday morning and right now.

Has this happened to anyone else? I'm open to alternate explanations. Or wringing the neck of the one(s) responsible.

[ private to Shinjiro | so hackable it's laughable; ]

I'll be late. I have to find something acceptable to wear.
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[Hello, imPorts! For once, Shinji isn't hitting up the network while he's at work. Actually, he's chilling in the living room of DeChima House 1, with that spoiled-as-hell giant snake curled up over one of the cushions, head resting on the arm of the couch.

Anyway, Shinjiro has finally gotten around to connecting his console to the internet. Thanks, Minako, for starting this video game trend.]

Any other imPorts got an XBox? If you wanna shoot over your usernames I can add 'em to Live.

[Unless he doesn't like you and/or you kick his ass too many times in Forza: Hovercar Edition or whatever.]

...And lemme know 'bout any good games. It'd have to wait a few paychecks, but like hell I know what all there is.

[For once he's successful in acting like a normal-ass teenager!]
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[ The camera opens up with a panning shot of a hotel that looks a few decades past its prime. The paint is peeling in places, the roof is in desperate need of maintenance, and weeds are sprouting up through the cracks in the pavement. And this is the good side of the building—the other side features quite a few lovely boarded-up windows.

After a long moment, the camera is turned around, taking a moment to focus on Charles. Emma and Erik are visible in the background.

Welcome to the future home of the Xavier School for ImPorts. That still sounds strange to say. As you can see, it’s been a while since the building has… seen its prime. [ Charles smiles a bit, his expression notably optimistic. ] Although that is where you come in! We would like to prepare the building for a proper opening in September—and I believe that with the help of any and all volunteers, it could be entirely possible.

[ Emma being Emma, the first thing that comes to mind is catty, but she knows enough not to snipe at her nominal boss on camera, at least not right off the bat. She takes a few steps closer so she can address the audience over Charles' shoulder. In her usual heels, she has several inches on him. ]

While Charles is rather more of an optimist than I am, this isn't my first construction project [ Do you have any idea how often mutants have to rebuild things? Do you? ] or first time running a school for super-powered students [ A lot of them are even still alive! ] so I'm confident we'll have everything in order in plenty of time. We're also looking for faculty and staff, and we'll be casting a wider net than a more conventional school, so if you think you have something to offer, please get in touch.

[ Charles turns his attention to Erik as though silently asking him if he has anything to add. After a moment, the communicator is handed off to Erik. ]

There will be dormitories in the school for anyone who desires an alternative to government housing-- registered or otherwise. [ There's an emphasis on "otherwise". He's made his anti-registration stance fairly public by now. ] In light of last month's events in Colorado, security will be an utmost priority.

On a related note, Charles and I were able to question an accomplice in the kidnapping. If anyone else was able to uncover any information on the parties responsible, I would appreciate an opportunity to compare notes.

[[ There will be an open log for renovating the school later this week. Here is the previous OOC plotting post about the school, for those who missed it. The school directory is over here; please comment on the directory post if you are interested in having your character be a student, teacher, and/or resident at the school! ]]
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[ The camera turns on, and for a moment attempts are made to find a point of focus: first the screen shows the top of Annie’s head and part of Reiner’s arm, then just Reiner, Bertholdt’s elbow -- each adjustment forces the others out of the frame. Finally the camera is pulled out further and, as they all stand assembled, Annie climbs on top of a chair that gives her enough height to be past even with Reiner’s shoulder, ending the camera’s focusing woes. Shortie. It’s Annie who starts speaking. ]

ImPorts. In light of recent circumstances, we’ve spoken with representatives of the United States military in regards to this announcement... and now we’re speaking to any interested as a courtesy.

My name is Annie Leonhart.       My name is Reiner Braun.       My name is Bertholdt Hoover.

this confession is riddled with spoilers for anime-only viewers and also is very long and very oh you silly teenagers so we hid it behind this cut because we love you )
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Ah—here we are.

[ time to do his actual job. there's a peer into the camera before he settles back smoothly, resting his chin in his hands and gives a festive, fingery little wave. he's dressed normally, simple green hoodie with his hair pushed back like he decided to up and make this message on whim (and it's possible with his capricious personality that it could be the case). ]

Hello there.

[ he leans back, pressing the tips of his fingers together casually and looking a pleasantly satisfied. ]

Next weekend, brought to you by high demand, there will be a little get together to sample some of the newer and more popular wares that I have to offer. [ he waves a hand carelessly. ] Cosmetics. Cosmetics of all kinds. I have a very vast and eclectic variety of powders, stains, liners, varnishes, and lacquers; with the appropriate sets, tools and utensils, of course. All types of colors and styles are available for those that need a more hands-on experience. Everyone will get a chance to try what they want, despite excess or lack of funds.

[ he holds up a bottle of black nail polish between his own dark nails, waving it enticingly. incentives. ]

Ah, and I have goodies for all attendees. I couldn't go without saying that, could I? No one walks off empty handed. Collective "yay"s all around.

Invitations are extended for anyone who would like a spot. Please RSVP, I've—well—erm, limited space and provisions set aside for the occasion. I wouldn't want anyone to go without refreshments, as that would be a very bland party.

[ he stops in the switch from one idea to the next, as if something's just occurred to him. ]

Oh, yes, before I forget—I'm also in need of a few hands for something I have planned. Nothing big, we'll save the missions and heists for another time, but anyone with the experience in the variety of brute strength and-slash-or the mixing of fine beverages is urged to contact me. Settled or unsettled. [ there's another thoughtful pause. ] Unsettled preferred.
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( most people would certainly be shocked or in a very dismal state at finding themselves in a place like this. where the government just plucked them from their homes and slapped a job and power on them and told them to go forth future hero. ferris......he was confused, there's no doubt in that, but the truth was he was rather happy about all this.

it meant he no longer had to go back to school, for the time being. it also meant he had a chance to be someone here. of course whether that was a good thing for everyone else was unknown.

introductions were perhaps the greatest things in the world. it meant ferris could be anyone or anything to the people here. he could be a well cultured man [not that he wasn't in one way or another], he could be a cowboy for crying out loud. he could be anything he so desired.

of course he didn't have much time did he? before others showed up and took the spotlight out from under his feet.

so before all those who were watching, ferris sat in his room wearing a suit, with her dark hair slicked back. before him, his nightstands were arranged to look like a table, and behind him was a large, poorly colored on, canadian flag.

he looked straight ahead with an expression full of confidence and smugness. )

Greetings my fellow Americans. My name is Ferris, Ferris Bueller. I am the Canadian Ambassador and I'd like to say thank you for welcoming me into your lovely state. Flo-Rida.

( he was clearly going to leave out the part where he was actually the intern to the canadian ambassador.

no one needed to know that. )

I found the hot, sweltering sun to be comforting in comparison to the icy lands of Canada. And the football? Much better than the dumb hockey games that could be found back in Canada.

Now I don't want to waste anymore of anyone's time, but I'd like to ask everyone help with two things. One, any information about this....this state that I can receive, whether it be about the heroic duties I have to complete or the best beer in town would be welcomed. Two, if anyone can tell me if they know a Cameron Frye or Sloane Peterson, that would be just great.

( he coughs a bit before he holds up his hand. )

Thank you for your time America. Stay safe or be forced to have free health care. Oh and the residents of residence number one, please excuse the dog in the living room.
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[The video feed opens on centered on Anna. She's not as perky as usual, expression a bit demure. There's a small wave before she starts speaking.]

Hello everyone. So it would appear that someone who was here from my homeland has gone missing. Hans? I've seen some people talking about this happening to people they knew too? After doing my best research, I realized I have no idea what happens when people disappear.

I guess I'm wondering if anyone has a more definitive idea of where they go.

Do they return home? When they do, will they remember everything that happened here? Are those of us still here just not there?

[Anna takes a deep breath. She's about to fire off more questions but thinks better of it. For now.]

If anyone has answers, I'd appreciate the information. ...And will probably have more questions for you.

[She is just about to turn off the feed but pauses.] Oh! And thank you, in advance. [Can't forget polite manners, stress or no.]
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[ When Charles appears on the screen his expression is twisted into one of confusion, with a layer of thoughtful disapproval dusted on top. He opens his mouth to speak, then shuts it; debating two subjects that seem to be warring for relevance at the front of his mind. Really, that's been the story of his day to day life, here. ]

There are entirely too many strange things going on in this future; there's more culture shock than I'd expected. On the one hand, I suppose I had expected cars to fly—not disappointing. On the other, what on Earth are the ingredients in this? [ Charles displays an energy drink for the camera after a moment with a knit brow. ] I really only wanted tea—which they didn't have—and I was given this in the place of coffee. I don't think it "does the same thing". I think I was lied to.

[ Then, putting it aside, his expression turns more serious. ]

I digress. I can.. save my suspicion for another day. What I would like to know, from anyone who is willing—what is the power you acquired upon your arrival here? They are not unusual where I am from. However, they're acquired through genetic means; I cannot help but wonder if that is true here, as well, in some—retroactive way, if your genes have been... modified.

Thank you.

[ He's right about to shut off the feed before he stops and, as an aside, says: ]

I would also appreciate it if someone younger could tell me whether or not there are drugs in this drink. Thank you.
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This isn't meant as a criticism of anyone or anything, but I've noticed I find myself answering a lot of the same questions over and over again when the subject of my world comes up.

While working at the library I've come to enjoy the simplicity of the informational pamphlet. With that in mind, I'm offering this list of Frequently Asked Questions to anyone who would like to know more about my world.

Others from my world are completely free to also utilize this link. Please let me know if there's anything else I should cover.


Jul. 2nd, 2014 01:43 pm
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[ This video is obviously taken at an office, at Hans's desk, in a moderately sized office. Hans gives the camera a little wave...and man oh man, does he already seem way too proud of himself. Oh dear. ]

About a month or so ago, I asked Lieutenant Ananke for some information about former heroes. Since then, I've been doing a little bit of research and emailing with some people who knew them. Most people have accepted the fact that their relations may be dead--there's a lot of gravestones for former heroes. Reactions to their deaths really run the gamut. Some are proud of the heroes, some are worried that they're in a bad place, some don't want to talk about it, but pretty much everybody thinks that they're dead.

[ Which is honestly worrying considering that the government wants them to be heroes, but Hans is keeping up appearances and not mentioning that at ALL. ]

Anyway, I just thought that it was something people should know! I've got a few more names to look into but feel free to ask me any questions. Though, you should know... [ there's an annoyed pause here, as Hans frowns. ] I didn't find any information about whether or not they were members of that Hornets group mentioned. Unsurprisingly, most people seemed unwilling to talk about it. And to be honest, I couldn't find any information about these Hornets--they seem to be an urban legend over anything else.

[ Of course, Hans did find some information about a couple of heroes whose parents were worried they had fallen into the wrong crowds. But he's not going to tell the communicator that, not when he's got more work to do to find specifics and can possibly use the information for himself. Then his annoyed expression fades, to a bit of a worried frown. ]

On another note, is everybody okay? I know that paintball game must have been absolutely horrible. At least, I know I hated it. [ a siiiigh, as he crosses his arms over his chest. ] I'm certain the stress of the game wore on the nerves of some people, including one of my poor housemates. He was hardly behaving like his normal self.



Jul. 2nd, 2014 10:24 am
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[It helps that Jean has a day off to do this. His job isn't exactly a taxing one, but having to learn an entirely new world has put him behind—and ensured that he's had to take some overtime. (Or more work for a kid his age.) It's not something he's minded, and he thinks it'll help in the future.

Of course, he doesn't know what future that entails. He has his doubts about a great deal of things. His role in the Survey Corps is one of those things, but he knows that he intends to help humanity. Being a hero isn't really his idea of a "good idea." That isn't why he wants to do this, but he's heard enough to know that what he's about to talk about would be a good idea. That has nothing to do with heroics. It has everything to do with helping out humanity, and ensuring that this world doesn't go to shit.

After all, that's something he knows too well.]

It's a new month, which means there's gonna be a whole different event to make us go on display. That's what everything's been about anyway, right? Making sure the world knows who we belong to right now. I've seen how easy it is to find information about us, and trust me, it's too easy.

[There's a pause.]

I wasn't here for Nonah, and I just turned up for those damn sharks, but I think that's enough to say that we need to act to protect us, and anyone who's out to see us be ourselves. Even if they're idiots and think we're heroes, we don't need them to be the casualties of that weird idea. It's not like the government's gonna keep us all in a safe facility forever for that stuff. It won't always work that way. And I'm not willing to trust that they'll look out for us. [But Jean doesn't trust a whole lot of things these days. His sentiments toward the government are embittered partly because of the paintball event.] I think we all know better now after that friendly game, right? [But of course he's going to say why—or at least provide his world specific reasoning.]

The idea I came up with is some kind of volunteer group that would be organized to keep an eye on imPort events. We can try to ensure with observation groups and different strategies to work together. I think we could do rounds and various sweeps periodically until they've over. That isn't gonna help with the waterfront stuff, but it's a start. And I bet we can come up with an idea for that.

And while I'm honestly surprised no one's come up with it yet, I think it's time. So who's interested? And who has ideas on how we can do this?
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[It's not too long after Danger's post that this one goes up--video, in his case. He's hanging out on his couch in house #14 again, and looks--somewhere between reflective and nostalgic. It's Father's Day, so of course he's been thinking about Kaede--but when the post goes up asking people to talk about their dads, it gets his mind on the reverse.]

Danger's post got me to thinking--how many of you guys have kids, back home? I'm not just talking by blood, anyone you'd consider your kid or like a kid to you counts, really.

I was wondering if anyone'd wanna share something about their kids, a story or a random fact or what they're like.

I dunno, maybe it's silly, but I kinda like the idea that maybe, even if time isn't actually moving for us back home, they'd still know--somehow--that we're thinking of 'em.

[A slight pause. He shifts on the couch, leaning forward toward his communicator a little. His smile is soft, and if it seemed a little distant before, it's certainly faraway now.]

I guess it'd make sense to go first, yeah? I've got a little girl back home, Kaede. She's ten, this year. She...

[He trails off for a second, but it's easy to see from the barely repressed enthusiasm that it's not so much that he can't think of what to say as that he wants to say everything at once, and can't figure out quite where to start.]

She's an amazing kid. Super independent and brave and tough as nails, too. Helped her old man outta kinda a huge mess not long before I got here, actually. And really smart, she's close to the top of her class in school!!

[He's practically gushing with pride as he says all of this, but that last thing gets some particular emphasis, because he was pretty terrible at school himself. There's a beat or two more of pause, and then he laughs a little.]

Got a temper on her too, though. Sweet but fiery, just like her mother.

[If his eyes look sad for a moment there, he's not affording anyone the chance to dwell on it, because he barrels straight on--]

Heh, if she were here, she'd probably be yelling at me right now for being embarrassing. [Another soft laugh.] So I guess I oughta stop there before she scowls too much at whatever she's doing back home.

[He could go on forever about Kaede ok, she is his baby. ;w; Buuuut perhaps best not to lose all the cool points he'd just so painstakingly finally earned, even if just in spirit.]
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[ hello imPorts and other communicator wielders, good to see you today. there's a new video communication available, and upon watching it you'll be greeted with the cheery, dopey grin of a man who is definitely modelling a beautiful bowtie and idiotically purple tweed combo. the following is brought to you by a beautiful English accent. ]

Well, this is good, isn't it? Love a good abduction. Not— not actually, not abductions, but... [ WAVES... HIS HAND AROUND A BIT... you know what I mean right, guys? abductions, not... well. abductions. good! glad that's all cleared up, then, carrying on: ] I'm not usually the one being abducted, I've got more practice with being the one doing the rescuing, but I'm always up for something new! And transuniversal abductions, well, I've only got a dozen or so of those under my belt, so.

... Oh, and a text feature. Text! Fun. Let's give this a go.

[ for those of you watching in realtime, the text appears at the same time the video shakes along with his typing it. for those not, there's a random text post chilling on the network: ]

Hello everybody this is a text, lots of love and other stuff from the Doctor

Sorry, hello, can't resist buttons. Anyway! I was actually just popping up to say hi! Howdy. I'm the Doctor: alien, two hearts, travels through time and space in a big blue box. Thought I'd get that out of the way straight off, not that I've got any doubts I'll be repeating myself any number of times in the not so far off future but if there is anybody out there who recognises that description please do feel free to speak up for a chat. That's open to any of the rest of you, too, as it happens. Wouldn't want anybody getting jealous, chats for all, that's my motto. Well! It was lovely seeing you all, now that that's done I suppose I really ought to jet o—

[ and, after somehow managing to plough his way through a run on sentence that should by any normal standards have exhausted his lung capacity long before its end, the Doctor in all his merry energy reaches up to click enthusiastically alongside his goodbye and—

hat. there is a hat. quite suddenly, quite without warning: hat. right there in his hand, a baseball cap. he stares at it for a second... glowers at it for a moment after that, takes a slow sweep of a glance towards his communicator (did you see that)—

and grins. ]

Hah! What do you know? That really works!

[ and with that, Docout. ]

[ ooc: backdated to the day before the swearing in gig - I'm going to throw my timelines up in the air eventually one way or another but I might as well try to not sabotage myself before I've even started tagging wow ]
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[A pale-haired, violet eyed face appears on the screen, grinning. Haru is wearing what some people might recognize as a blue school blazer, with a rather un-standard pink vest beneath. He seems to be in the city aquarium, surrounded by tropical fish who are all taking quite an interest in him. Humans, similarly, hover nearby.]

Video phone call STARRRR-RRRRT! Ring ring! Hello helloooo, are you there? [He can barely hide how pleased he is with how well this is going so far!]

I'm Haru. [Pointing to himself.] I'm an alien!

Someone put a chachoo on my wrist. [Haru pokes his wrist where the glowing tattoo is.] Bad manners! When you touch, you need the thing called permission! When you touch without permission, it is "bad manners" and "rude"! Strangers touching is bad! [An exaggerated whine and Haru wrings his fist in front of his eye, imitating crying.] So embarrassing! [It's clear from his voice he's imitating something he's seen, perhaps on television. After all, this kid doesn't seem capable of embarrassment. He's acting out this whole thing in front of a whole bunch of people, and all the fish.

In his fit of pretend-tears, Haru flops over on the bench he's been sitting on, kicking his feet. Then, dramatically, he goes quite still for a moment, face planted right into the bench. A moment later, he sits up in a single burst of movement.]

I'm supposed to live in #17 now, but every time I go somewhere that says 17, they say, "Not here!" Where is it? Is there food? My stomach is emptyyyyy.


May. 22nd, 2014 11:11 am
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[The video switches on to show Minako looking almost serious, though there is definitely a glint in her eyes. She's wearing a short, plain dress which ties at her shoulders but as always, her red bow is tied in her blonde hair.]

Ladies and Gentleman, today is your lucky day! For today, you will all witness the arrival of the one, the only-

[Here she pauses for dramatic effect, straightening up before holding out her arms wide with a big smile, her eyes practically sparking.]

The idol herself, the one and only expert in love shining brightly through the darkness- Minako Aino!

That's right, here I am, ready to take on anything you all can throw at me! So bring it on, I'm totally ready to take on the bad guys so they better beware now! I won't go easy on them!

[She gives a loud laugh, giving a peace sign to the camera, confident as always.]

But I hope we can all be friends! I guess I have to go back to school here so a lucky few may be my new classmates too, it will be lots of fun and I bet there will be a cute guy who would be happy to show a pretty new girl the ropes, right?


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