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[ The camera is pointed sky-ward, briefly. The tops of buildings could be seen, as could the vast blue skies with puffs of pure white clouds that dotted it. The chirping of birds, the sounds of a bustling town could be heard as the camera remains idle. Then there's a soft fall of footsteps, followed by the scraping of a chair being dragged against pavement briefly.

The camera shifts, as it's delicately picked up between two fingers. A girl with blonde hair and bright blue eyes appears, and she looks no older than seventeen. The surroundings behind her shows that she was sitting at a local cafe in Heropa. It appears she's having nothing but a casual day, although she finds herself immensely lost in this place.

A small smile appears on her features, and she finally opens her mouth to speak; ]

Greetings, my name is Aigis.

[ There's a brief pause as she attempts to figure out what to say. ]

This is my first day here, so I am obviously new around these parts. I am making this video in attempts to find out more information than what was given to me... And to perhaps connect with others.


Sep. 1st, 2016 07:36 pm
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[A young voice comes over the comm. Every once in a while, tools being used and dropped can be heard in the background of her garage/workshop]

‘Sup playas? Tina is in the diiiiiimension, son. And. I. Am. Bored. Whadda ya’ll do to keep the tick tocking going by? Zero bandits, not even psychos. Even motherfriggin skags? Zippo. Got nothing to practice my skills on! So, here’s the DL. I need some targets, and I bet some of yas need some bombs. Or...whatevers. Gimme a good practice space and I will blow your miiiiiiind. Good deal? Great deal!

So hit me up, suckas.

[Her voice goes up into a sing-song tone for the next bit]

Limited time of-fer.
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[ Pearl has been here for over two days now, yet has only mustered up the gall to step outside once (excluding her arrival). She's been restless, unable to calm down for the bulk of those two days and it shows in her fidgeting.

She was also very hesitant to use the network since she'd practically be putting herself out there in front of possibly hundreds of strangers. But, well. Here we are. She begins with a diffident, shaky tone. ]

H-Hello, my name is Pearl Fey. I'm not very sure how to use a celery phone, but I'm looking for my cousin, Mystic Maya. She was - [ Pause. She's trying to remember the word. Also, she meant cellular, not celery. ] - kid... napped, by a very bad man.

If anyone knows who kid napped her, please tell me...!
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[Kidou's been silent for a long time. He waited for days since getting in, watching and generally keeping a very low profile. More data was needed.

The first thing he did was try to find a professional soccer match on TV to get an idea what he was facing. When he mostly found football matches - why, America? - he took to trying to look this up online. The soccer teams he's watched at schools echo his findings alarmingly closely. No one's using hissatsu at all. No one has any of the spirit he's come to know.

It can't be helped. He has to ask. The feed clicks on to voice, with a soft, maybe deeper voice than you might normally expect from a 14 year old. He's all business, and there's no introduction.]

Explain your soccer to me. It's different than the soccer I know.

[He's in an alternate world with tattoos, government branding, new powers, a history that can't be right... and this is the question that he feels takes priority. There's a pause.]


Otherwise, please tell me what you know about this world.
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[ It took Peter a while to figure out the whole smartphone thing. To be fair though for him 'a while' was like... five minutes. Maybe six. Oh he still hadn't figured out EVERYTHING yet, but like the basics? Totally down. He had to fight the urge to try and take it apart and put it back together again. He had a feeling it was waaaay more complicated then the walkmans and arcade cabinets he pulled apart and tweaked. ]

This thing is so awesome... Like something outta a scifi flick or something...

[ There's a guy with a silver mullet and motorcycle goggles perched on his head on the screen. No really. Dude looks like he walked right outta the 80s. He pretty much did too. There's also an odd high pitched buzzing noise in the background. Technically it was music. A mix of Queen, David Bowie, Rush, and Pink Floyd. Not that most would notice. It was being plaid at like... several hundred times the normal speed. Luckily Peter notices he left his walkman on and he flips it off after a couple seconds. ]

Anyway, hey. Name's Peter Maximoff and it's come to my attention that it is the year 2016. Last I checked it was 1983.  That means I'm missing out on 33 years worth of music and that's a damn tragedy. [Clearly that's his most important issue here now. ] So y'know. I need recs from all you future people! What's good? What sucks? I'm not too picky about genre but I gotta have music or I'll probably go crazy.

[ OK so really he's still worrying about his mom and his sisters and the kids at the Prof's school and other family issues that he just really doesn't wanna think about daddy issues don't ask. So to keep his mind off things he's just gonna think about music and stuff because running more laps around the city really isn't helping him much. ]

Oh! And video games. There's gotta be like at least a dozen new versions of the Atari and ColecoVision by now, right?

01 — TEXT

Jul. 8th, 2016 09:05 am
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[Along with the English is a post in Japanese that is pretty much the same thing, but the comm is translating it to English for him and he figures he might as well post both. It's a big world, and surely Japanese is still spoken on this Earth, so maybe he'll get lucky and find a speaker. Either way, it becomes clear why he's posting in text and not any other way as the viewer reads on.]


Does anyone out there know how to change the translator voice on the phone they gave us? I can't figure it out... Mine might be broken or something.
[Or he has no patience for a complicated piece of technology...]

Don't get me wrong, the British woman's voice is nice, I guess, but it's weird hearing stuff I'm saying coming out that way.

I don't mind hearing everyone else that way when it translates back to me, though. It's kind of funny.

(I hope this thing is actually translating right. It would suck to ask for help and it just comes out as asking about goldfish poops....)

Oh. And.

I'm living in Maurtia Falls. What's the best stores to go to for guys on a budget for food and clothes? I can't keep wearing and washing my costume every day. It probably wouldn't be good to wear it for this "job" they gave me, either. Hell if I know what you would even wear to a "job" like this, anyway, so shorts and a T-shirt'll have to do. IF I can find a good store.

01: video

Jun. 7th, 2016 02:36 am
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[The camera cuts in on a close-up - a round face, piercing blue eyes with no clear pupils behind rimless glasses perched atop a snub nose, broad pointed ears sticking out chin-length black hair, fills the field of view, scrunched up in a look of the sort of concentration you'd expect from someone disarming a bomb.] What does that light- broadcasting? Oh, seven hells...

[The face scrambles back, revealing a person standing maybe three feet tall, dressed in a wizardly-looking sort of robe. They wave to the camera, smiling nervously.] Ah, hello! Sorry about that - devices like this aren't common where I come from, and the ones there are tend to be... hazardous, in one way or another. [If Allagan technology isn't malfunctioning from millenia without maintenance, it's functioning perfectly and trying to kill you.]

Anyhow! Malms Vovokosi, battle thaumaturge and adventurer, at your service. [He bows to the camera.] Now, since the Grand Company that brought us here has been so kind as to arrange employment already, I find I have a favor to ask. Does anyone play Illusion: The Gathering? I feel I should have some idea as to what the wares I'm to be selling are.
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[The camera shows a young girl, about ten or so, with curly red pigtails.

Judging by the expression on her face and the way her eyes keep darting back and forth, she's actually quite anxious, but she's doing her best not to show it. She crosses skinny arms in front of her chest.]
I-- I need to find my father.

Does anyone know where he is? His name is Takeharu Kirijo, he's... he's very important. He's a very important man! I'm certain he wouldn't have brought me to the United States without telling me why.

If anyone knows anything of his whereabouts, please let me know immediately.

Um, thank you.
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[Shortly after midnight, there's an audio post to the network. Mitsuru sounds... unsure of herself in a way that's not all that usual.]

I have a question to any imPorts living in or around the designated imPort housing in Maurtia Falls.

Have any of you experienced anything odd at midnight over the past month?

[She'd like to say she's just wondering, but that'd be transparent and obviously so.] I'd like to figure out if there are similarities between my world and home, but I'd rather not go into detail if at all possible.
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(ooc: Slightly forward-dated to after midnight on 2/9)

[The young woman on the screen is seated with one leg crossed over the other. She looks at the camera and speaks in a very calm voice.]

Bonsoir, everyone.

I'm sure you get countless numbers of these posts from newly arrived imPorts, confused as to their whereabouts, and I'm sorry to add to that number. [She says with a somewhat sheepish tinge to her voice and a matching expression on her face, before both become professional and calm once again.] My name is Mitsuru Kirijo, of Kirijo Group-- not that I expect the name will mean much in this place-- and I'm looking for people I may know.

If anyone knows any young people who have mentioned, back in our prior worlds, either attending a school called Gekkoukan High or living in Iwatodai City, let me know at once, s'il vous plaît. It's really quite important that I contact them as soon as possible.

If you don't, and it's entirely probable that you do not, I apologize for taking your time.

Thank you.
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[The video comes on and Jim Kirk is looking around at the screen, not focusing on the camera yet--he's examining the layout. His piercing blue eyes look even more vibrant because of the redness rimming them. He hasn't slept much the past couple of nights after getting there between stressing about what was happening right before he got pulled here and the poor sleep quality one associated with heavy drinking. Nightmares didn't help either. Kirk was not taking this well at all. His anger has faded by this point into restlessness and exhaustion and when his restlessness wasn't able to be channeled, his self-destructive habits tended to make a showing. He hasn't felt anywhere close to this in quite a while.

When he finally focuses on the screen itself and speaks, his voice is somewhat raspy, but he puts on a shadow of his usually bright smile. If you've seen him before, he definitely looks like hell.]

Hey. 'M new around here. Jim Kirk.

If anyone could point me in the direction of a library with or someone that has any texts on advanced quantum mechanics, let me know.

[It was something to do. If he could be pulled into this place, technology had to exist to get him back. He'd find it, and the first place to start was to see just how different the physics between this universe and his were.]

Also, anyone up for a spar? Or street fight, I don't care which.

[He knew he didn't want to try out his laser power, but his matter manipulation? He was interested in how he could use that in hand-to-hand. Plus he needed to blow off some steam in a way that wouldn't end in a hangover at some point. In fact, he'd welcome the physical exertion and pain. He pauses a little longer, thinking of how he wanted to phrase something, but in the end, scraps it.]

Let me know.

[He turns the feed off.]

[ooc: If anyone wants to interact with Jim his first night there at a bar drinking, check out his test drive thread here!. I will still be tagging it!]


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