Feb. 9th, 2015 10:44 am
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[ The video centers in on a young man with tired eyes and a smile that creases his face perhaps a little deeper than it should. ]

Right. Realized I never made an all-call on this before. I'm not new or nothing, just...never got around to it.

[ He shrugs loosely. ]

Short version? Name's James Barnes. Friends call me Bucky.

And right now I think I've got a sober streak to break. Anyone that can point out a favorite watering hole or wants to tag along, lemme know.


Feb. 3rd, 2015 06:11 pm
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You know, this isn't the first time the government's kept files on me, but I think it might be the first time they've let me read them.

[ Bruce isn't looking at the camera when he speaks. The view's askew, too, device propped up on the desk at which he's sitting and a little obscured by a small stack of papers in the foreground.

He removes his glasses before casting a glance towards the screen, offering a very small smile that's a match for his patient, gently amused tone. He seriously doubts the files he's read are the full ones; that's the joke, though he doesn't elaborate.

If you're a kid or an amateur scientist, or both, let me know what you're interested in learning about. Otherwise, you're in for my best attempt at a kid-friendly explanation of the fourth dimension. That should be relevant to everyone's interests, at least.

Job-related question, by the way. Not just asking because I love to talk about science. But on that note— if you work for a company with an R&D department, consider this an official job inquiry.


Jan. 29th, 2015 01:40 pm
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Hey all. Quick PSA:

Over at StarkTech there's a team of us that are working on a solution to some of the weird ~memory shenanigans~ that you might have seen around lately. We're no closer to a cure, but I'm pretty sure we HAVE now successfully got a working prototype for a "vaccine" of sorts. Basically we've figured out how to upgrade the imPort nanites to protect anyone else from getting false memories implanted in their head and believing that they're real.

If you want to swing by StarkTech any time this week, we'll be happy to fix you up. Free lollipop for people who come in, and it doesn't take any time at all. You can pop in over a lunch break.

The project's being headed by Jemma Simmons, Hiro Hamada, and me-- hi, I'm Skye, if we haven't met before. We'll be rotating different shifts, so you might not see all of us, but one of us will be around.

[Kick off for the memory sharing plot! Again, you don't have to have commented to this post to participate. Feel free to assume your character went in and saw one of them, or if you aren't comfortable handwaving having met one of them off screen, you can always say a random faceless lab-tech saw to you instead! Feel free to comment in here if you feel your character would though, or if they have questions, and network threads can always transition to action threads if you feel like playing it out. Skye, Hiro and Jemma will be out and about in places. Peace out!]
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[ Hello, network. The feed opens up to shelves and shelves of stuff -- stereos, power tools, appliances, speakers, the works. You name it, you see it. There's even a display rack of guitars hanging on one wall along with amplifiers. And, whoa, hey, was that a horse from a carousel? What the heck?

Today you'll be treated to the dulcet tones of Rupert Holmes' voice as he sings "Escape," though the music is indistinct and soft, almost as if it were playing over headphones. ]

Okay, look-- [ The camera flips around to a dude looking pretty aggravated, and-- oh, hey, those headphones we mentioned earlier are hanging around his neck. ] --I've only been working here for, like, a day or two? But I think it's time for some serious changes. So we're implementing a new rule at the pawn shop, alright? If you're gonna mess around with the guitars, the following songs are now banned.

[ He ticks them off on his fingers as he names them: ]

"Smoke on the Water." "Sweet Child of Mine." "Back in Black." "Purple Haze." "Crazy Train."

And "Stairway to" friggin' "Heaven."

We all get it, rock star. You kinda know your way around a guitar, and you kinda know, like, the first couple bars of the cool parts, but you're seriously not impressin' anyone with your half-remembered riffs.

So to anyone who wants to come in and plans on playing even one note of those songs -- and trust me, I'll know, -- be advised: I have guns. I will use them with extreme prejudice.

[ He pauses for a beat, scrunching up his lips, then he shrugs. ]

Pretty sure that's it. Have a good one.

[ -- and the video ends. ]

video »

Jan. 12th, 2015 12:10 am
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[ guess who's back, back again? simmons is back, tell a friend. or just give her a job because...] Upon my return, I have been given a job as a litigation clerk. [ trying so hard not to make a face.] And while I am quite grateful for the... opportunity, [ yes. good. that sounds nice. grateful, even. and she is! to an extent but... she loves science more :( legal work is not her thing. ]  I believe my abilities and skills would be more helpful in a different profession. Something more... [ layman's terms, simmons, layman's terms. as skye would say--] Science-y.

I have two phds biochemistry related fields, have had many of my papers published, and back home I was a member of S.H.I.E.L.D.’s research division. So if anyone is looking to hire a biochemist... [ cue a smile!] I'm your girl.
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[It took her a month to pull this together, and even then, Kate does worry that she left some things out. But the last thing Kate is going to do is openly worry. Oh, Billy can likely see the marks of concern all over her face. But that's because he's her best friend.

Beyond that, she wants to help. And she sincerely hopes this does help, if nothing else.]

So, at the end of October before the bombings happened, Kay Faraday asked me to put together an FAQ for everything that's going on. Since everything is interconnected in some way, I decided to put together a succinct (and neutral) FAQ for imPorts to help them out with everything that's happening.

The idea was this: give everyone the information they need to get around in this world, and if they want to look into more, they can. Even with that, there is a lot of information! As such, I left out any information that might be deemed as "too much" as a precursor, but if you absolutely think I left out something too important, let me know.

The FAQ is here!

The idea is to keep it as neutral as possible. I've got my own beliefs about a number of topics within this, but these are meant to be factual statements to help someone make up their own mind. And if they don't want to have an opinion, they're free to have that!

Any comments, questions, or remarks are welcome. Which I suppose comes with the natural understanding of putting this here in the first place.

As heavy of a topic as this is, I hope everyone had a pleasant Thanksgiving, and now we're into the rest of the holiday season.


Dec. 2nd, 2014 12:14 am
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[ the feed is of nothing more than a table of a hundred-odd white dominoes, lined up in precise rows on the dining table of maurtia falls #2, a residence that hal has only today taken up. hal himself doesn't appear to be in the frame — accidental video posts are passe, of course, but his deference to learning modern technology has only extended so far as phones with cords. ]

[ also, he's a vampire. ]


[ a little uncertain, used to conversation rather than using a platform to talk into the void. this was much easier when he simply read and listened to other people's discussions rather than attempting to start one of his own. but now that he is far from prison and his powers are restored, he finds himself having to come to grips once more with this brave new world that has such people in it. ]

I'm looking to source some household cleaning supplies, either donated or on loan until such time as my first check is paid. Marigolds especially important. Also a pack of cards and as many jigsaws as you're willing and able to provide.

[ the voice is cultured, british, and rough around the edges. but nobody can see the way his hands shake, or his rough beard growth, his bloodshot eyes. if he had any morality at all this request would be to tie him to a chair and feed him mushed banana for the next three months, and he knows it, but some whisper at the corner of his mind stops himself from giving over to that indignity. ]

Also Alex Millar, if you're out there anywhere, please contact Tom or myself at once.

Thank you.

[ and the video clicks off. all replies will be from voice or an equally featureless video feed. ]


Jul. 8th, 2014 04:21 pm
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[If there is one thing Shiki isn't very all that crazy about, it's this new technology. She's not totally in the dark though and at least the escort was kind enough to explain how the new communicator worked in the simplest terms possible. Finding out that she can't make certain calls? Definitely not as fun and it made it seem even more useless.

A deep, but feminine voice brusquely leaves a message on the network, clearly not busting her chops with long questions.

So who do I have to talk to to get a plane back to Japan?

Alternatively, who do we have to get rid of to go back at all?

[A beat. She lets out a short sigh and decides she might as well introduce herself.]

Ryougi Shiki. I'm new.

[Great at this social thing isn't she?]

1, Video

Jul. 8th, 2014 08:24 pm
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[Even if the video feed is rolling, the blonde woman on the camera is apparently unaware of it. Or rather, she seems to be regarding the camera with a perpetually sour expression.] This little thing...? Tch, this is absurd. I have better things to be doing.

[Instantly, her voice changes, taking on an authoritative tone; she is clearly someone who expects her words to be smartly and quickly obeyed. She's carrying herself differently, too, the expression on her face and in icy blue eyes no longer sour but fierce.] This is Major General Armstrong in a wide-frequency broadcast to any Amestrian military units within range. Major Miles, Buccaneer, if you're hearing this, contact me ASAP; we'll regroup.

[She pauses, glancing to the side and muttering to herself; without her trusted aide or field commander, her options are limited. It may be apparent at this point that she is unaware of the video portion of this broadcast.] ...Hell, at this point I'll even take Mustang. He can't be any worse than that good-for-nothing coward brother of mine.

[Her voice and expression change again, returning to her sense of authority, this time with a slight tinge of added contempt.] And Fuhrer Bradley, if you're hearing this, consider this my resignation, you cyclopean son of a bitch.

Armstrong out.

[She reaches for the device, and after a moment of fiddling around with it, the line abruptly goes silent.]
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[The camera starts up on a pair of violet eyes and pans back to show two girls- one brunette with a large black bow atop her head and a slightly taller blonde, the owner of the eyes, who grins and offers a jaunty wave..]

There we go! Hey Heropa, I'm Yang and this is my partner Blake-

[Blake looks at the camera for a moment, blinks, and gives a small wave.]

... Hey.

[Social relations aren't her strong point, okay. Yang only rolls her eyes a little, still smiling, before continuing.]

-and we're one half of team RWBY, but unfortunately, the other two letters of our team are woefully absent. So! If any of you run into a girl with black hair, a red cape and a huge scythe, that's my little sister Ruby.

Our other member is a girl with white hair, blue eyes and a scar over her left eye. Her name is Weiss.

If anyone has seen either of them, please let us know.

If nothing else, the yelling will give Weiss away, and Ruby will probably be fawning over someone's weapon. Don't hesitate to let 'em know we're looking either- it might kick their butts into gear.

[Yang flashes a look at Blake then, brows rising.]

Anything else?

Shouldn't we at least ask them what this world is like? We don't really know anything about it.

[Not being in Remnant was definitely going to take some getting used to.]

Oh... huh, I guess that's true! So... anyone feel like telling us what this place is like?

[Yang bends forward then, offering a bright, pretty smile that's obviously meant to be charming, tilting her head to one side.]

Either way, thanks a bunch in advance guys, we appreciate it.

[A wink, and she reaches to shut the video off.]

Team RWBY out!

((Orange is Yang, black is Blake, responses will come from both!))
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[ Armstrong knows he can't just blindly advertise himself and his powers on this network. After all, to his understanding, anyone can be looking at this and he's not exactly sure what impact his actions could have on the public. With that, he's going to just post a harmless message that will garner the attention he needs from possible comrades and, hopefully, charm others into talking to him…. with his body.

His Hawaiian, pink floral print with tropical trees (decorated down to the last detail! There are coconuts with happy faces!) shirt rips revealing a diamond-cut physique that shines with sparkles as he flexes in multiple positions. ]
Hmph! I am Alex Louis Armstrong! And it appears that I have been sent here for reasons that are similar to your origin in this heroic land! [ His shirt reforms, this time, the Hawaiian shirt is green and has turtles with sunglasses. ] It will be an honor to serve alongside all of you and I wish many successes upon you in hopes that, one day, you will develop a perfect muscular system just like mine! [ RIP. Another shirt explodes and drifts into pieces as he makes some super sexy playmate endorsed poses to demonstrate his upper body girth. A new shirt forms, replacing the old one with a standard white Hawaiian shirts with red cartoonish crabs. ] If anyone would like help developing their body, please do not hesitate to give me a call! Honing these intense muscles have been a trait passed down the Armstrong family line for generations!

[ Heropa, you may pour yourself a drink right at this very moment. ]
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[Here is a message sent out relatively early in the morning; those that live the life of a nine-to-fiver will probably catch it if checking the network is part of their morning routine.

Senketsu is in the kitchen. The sound of water simmering is in the background as breakfast cooks.

Good morning, everyone.

Although I know that there is a great diversity of cultures from the world of my origin, my knowledge of each one of them is woefully slim. What kinds of food people eat and why...what they wear and what it means to them...and perhaps the most peculiar: spirituality and religion. Since we live in a world where people are brought in from other universes, our diversity is even greater.

So I ask you, fellow imPorts: What kind of culture do you come from? What parts of it mean the most to you, and what about it would you change if you could?

Thank you for your time.

[Filtered to Kanaya Maryam]

If you would be so kind, would you get a hold of me at your convenience? There's something I'd like to ask of you.


Jun. 19th, 2014 07:20 pm
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[Sitting in the middle of the shot is a man, a rather plain looking fellow in simple, tidy dress, sitting on a bench. If the background foliage is any clue he's more than likely in some sort of outdoor park.

Even with his casual appearance, his evenly distributed weight and perfect posture possibly betrays a more "cultured" upbringing.

When he speaks, his tone is soft and his words have a pleasant flow.

Forgive me, please, if you find my sentiment a tired one. I'll try not to let my ignorance be a burden.

[Pausing a moment, his eyes travel down to the floor as if searching for the words there. When he returns his gaze he brings a hand up with it as if to beg a quick 'bare with me'.]

Rest assured I will not be asking for someone to spell out the full details of my predicament. I have already done my own research and, while certainly unusual to say the least, it seems a rather simple set up. Almost engineered to be such. However I have no idea if that is by some overt design or if one can simply attribute it to the efficiency and adaptability of this world's Governing body.

[Slipping his fingers together, the man leans back the few inches he needs to rest against the back of the bench and draws a quick, silent sigh.]

However. Perhaps my question, for all of my research, is too large, too... [Spreads his hands.] obtuse of a concept to expect a simple, comprehensive answer.


[A quick flash of pink as he licks his lips, and you can almost see the discomfort building in him as he prepares himself. It's at this moment the truth just behind his tepid demeanor shines through in his eyes. A sort of hopeless, overwhelming desperation just barely contained under will and nerve. Truly in this moment this man could be the most lonely, lost being in the universe.]

How does one... how do I reconcile this new life... This, this... All of it. With who I was before? How can we be expected to just forget everything that we were? Everything we... [He runs a hand through his hair as he looks up from the camera. A momentary reprieve.] -we've done? And just start all over as refugees in, what is for some of us, a completely alien world?

I ask you, good people, my question: how do we go on? When our lives are no longer relevant and everything we've fought for, everything we've bled for, is now meaningless?

What am I supposed to do?
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[ For those who are keen, it isn't too hard to pick up that she's been around. Most of her calls on the network have been encrypted, but there was an earlier conversation that wasn't entirely locked. An amateur's mistake, but since then she's gotten better. Still, it means she has to accommodate for her mistake by making a public introduction. Several others are, so why not join in and hope it can get lost down the road?

Dressed in head to toe in the finest outfit her current income can get her (possibly a bit more) and with her hair darkened with highlights, she appears all dolled up for an introduction. More importantly, the source of this message isn't from her moniker, but from her "personal" name.


There are so many new faces the past few weeks yet the only shock that is portrayed is one of delight. Reunions between friends and foes, teammates and lovers. Remarkable how at first you're led to believe you're alone and then it turns out you just might not be. [ Something an Avenger should easily feel, but those kind of sentimental things are beyond her. ] Tell me please--are we alone? Have you made the journey unaccompanied or are you one of the fortunate few to have allies? You turn on this device, connect, and then you reconnect with those you thought you may never see again.

Perhaps I too am fortunate and you've heard of me? The name's Natasha Romanoff, make-up consultant. If you haven't, I could always use new clients.
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[ admittedly, being stuck in a strange alternate universe isn't exactly new to scott. it isn't common, but this isn't his first rodeo. that doesn't make the experience any less jarring, but it at least means he's immediately aware of what his priorities should be.

for a while, he grapples with the idea of transmitting a message, trying to weigh the pros and cons. he's not exactly a popular figure back home, and he's not sure how much of that might have carried over here. it may be an entirely different world, but the presence of other imports means his past mistakes may still haunt him. still, in the end he figures it's a calculated risk he needs to take.

at this point, even a hostile face would be welcome, as long as its familiar. ]

Hello, everyone. My name is Scott Summers... some of you may have heard of me, though most of you probably haven't. I think I understand the situation here well enough, and I'm willing to play ball.

[ ...to a degree. he's never been very comfortable with he idea of hero registration, and being abducted to another world doesn't exactly make him more amenable to the idea. still, no reason to rock the boat just yet. ]

I would appreciate some more information, though. Numbers, resources, assets... what kind of threat we're up against. Anything would be appreciated. If there's anything I hate, it's fighting blind.

And... "Youth Leadership Director"? That's got to be a joke, right?
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[ tap tap tap ] —Is this thing on? Hello? Ah, there we are! I've never seen a device quite like this before. I must say it is truly stunning—technology has come an incredible way. Oh! But I'm getting sidetracked—

[ He clears his throat, then speaks again. ]

My name is Charles Xavier. I hear this place is looking for... heroes. I shouldn't want to act with such hubris as to say I'm qualified for such a job, but the prospect is certainly intriguing. If you don't mind my asking, has anyone—well, here, I suppose, if this device is to be believed—participated in any such activities? Ah, "heroics", if you will. I assure you, my interest is merely academic.

[ He makes an awkward sound while he shifts the device in his hands. ] Thank you very much! I certainly hope this message goes somewhere... [ There's a soft click, and the transmission ends. ]
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[ For those who are familiar with the area, the video makes it obvious that Sansa is sitting on a bench in downtown Heropa, near several small clothing stores. She is wearing the dress that she arrived in, which appears more appropriate for a drafty medieval palace than the warm Florida afternoon. There is a long pause before Sansa speaks, as though she is carefully considering her words. ]

This world is... unusual. To say the least.

I don't mean to... bother anyone. But I was, ah... wondering if someone could help me find clothing here. It is very... different. I'm not entirely sure what a proper lady is expected to wear. People seem to have very different expectations, and none of it is quite what I am used to. Oh, but I'm sure this all sounds odd. Any help would be... greatly appreciated.
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[Senketsu seems so calm and collected when the video starts, but those who are particularly skilled in reading others' expressions will be able to tell that he's clearly unsettled.]

Good afternoon, everyone. I seem to have lost track of a friend of mine, so if you see her, please let me know.

She stands at about one hundred and sixty centimeters--five feet and two inches--with dark navy hair with a bright red streak in her bangs, and bright blue eyes. Her name is Matoi Ryuuko.

If you see her, please don't attempt physical contact. She's very strong, and may end up hurting others or herself. Just...let me know that she's safe.

[He lets out an uneasy sigh.]

Ryuuko, if you see this message...please come back home. I know it hurts, but you didn't deserve to be kept in the dark. Too many things have been kept from you before.

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Sup peeps! Lol total noob here, so bear with me. Let me see if I've got my facts straight:

1. The streams are crossing and we're all now in some alternate-reality pseudo-America. And we can't get home. And apparently the Cold War is still on?? Yikes!
2. We're all here to... be superheroes? For some... totally unclear, not at ALL nefarious reason.
3. By default, as superheroes we're all working for the government. Because... the police/FBI/CIA/SHIELD/whatever enforcement agencies they have here weren't enough, they need a whole cadre of superheroes?? (For real??? I mean, six was enough for the Avengers and they managed to repel an entire ALIEN INVASION, guys! What do they need with a whole army??? SLIGHTLY DISTURBING.)
4. If you refuse to work for the system, you get your special privileges taken away. Wheeeeee. Also not at all disconcerting.
5. They have files on us. Like, serious files. With all our information. I don't even live here! And then they've tagged us with (totally ugly) tattoos to keep track of us like we're stray dogs?? They're probably reading this right now. I mean, I joked a lot about Big Brother back home but this is taking it to a whole new level.
6. Super powers. Like for-real super powers. We all have them now. And somehow this place isn't an anarchist wasteland yet and nobody's succeeded in over-throwing the (clearly super corrupt) system??
7. And people are okay with all of this????????????

Correct me if I'm wrong. It happens occasionally.

Anyhoo, hey I'm Skye. Contact me if you need tech support. That's about it! Peace out.


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