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[ The post to the network, when it flickers to life, shows two costumed figures, and behind them is essentially the rubble of a building that may have been recently destroyed. As it is, there is still something of a backdrop of a wall, even if it's littered in scorch marks and looks like it's about to fall apart.

One of the figures, the one who doesn't really look like he's paying attention to the other, leaned against the wall, arms crossed, looking every bit like an uninterested bruiser, although there's definitely a very obvious scorch mark on the cape, made even more obvious whenever the wind picks up just enough to make the red cape flutter in the wind.

The woman stretches out her remarkably long limbs before she finally pipes up:

Y'know, I figure there's kinda some truth t'that whole "opposites" thing. Not sayin' with the whole attraction bit, 'cause y'could be a horse under that bag and I wouldn't know any better, but we make a pretty good team. [ Obviously, she has no issue with the fact that her companion is probably not actually listening to her much. ] Y'might be an asshole, but y'sure can fight crime. Don't let anyone tell y'that y'need t'be registered t'be any good 'round here.

[ HJ just turns his head to look at her, that whole black hood tipping only slightly, as if he hadn't actually been paying attention to her, eyes narrowing, caught by the camera while he took a moment to figure out what she was getting at. ]

Of course you don't. [ That was blunt, wasn't it? His voice clearly says that HJ is actually in a "talkative" mood. ] It's a lie they're perpetuating. That only ones that agree are worthwhile to them. The moment you do not is the moment they consider you more criminal than hero, despite what we do. Like most governments, there is something fundamentally wrong with that way of thinking. Not that they are willing to listen.

Their loss. [ She shrugs, exhaling lightly. ] I bet we could take on just about anythin'.

[ His hood tilted, as if that wasn't even a question. Arms adjusted over his chest. ] Perhaps. Most do not expect to find opposition until it's too late.

Too bad for them, eh? [ She nudges HJ in the ribs with her elbow. ] Y'think we should come up with a name for our dynamic duo? Diamond Justice? Just Diamonds? [ She quirks a grin, obviously making fun of him. Then glancing at the camera: ] I'm takin' votes an' suggestions.


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Is it just me, or does Easter feel more and more like early Halloween every year?

[ The video comes on late -- or at least, late for normal people used to working the nine to five circuit, but he's sure that for some people on the Network, this is just about their time to wake up. Bradbury's not normally one of the night owl crowd, but he feels uncharacteristically restless, so here he is, in what appears to be one of those little 24/7 convenience stores, panning the camera over an aisle packed with chocolate rabbits, eggs, and generally enough sugar to make a few small, hyperactive children practically explode. ]

Not that I'm complaining, but I don't remember having any of this growing up. 'Course, that might've just been because grandma thought kids ought to have more, uh, spiritual fiber instead of egg hunts. [ He snorts, muttering quietly under his breath, but the microphone picks it up anyway. ] Bet she'd just love knowing angels are real.

Anyway, uh. [ He seems to realize the clock's ticked over into midnight while he was talking, and he clears his throat. ] Happy Easter. If you celebrate. If you don't ... [ The shrug's practically audible; more so is the huff of soft laughter. ] Just enjoy the rest of the day.
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[Between her job, her powers, and her own personal issues, Ellie hasn’t been sleeping well. Which means she might look and sound just a bit tired, and her British accent is slightly thicker than usual. At the moment she’s just finished up one of her shifts at work and hasn’t gotten back to her residence. ]

I think, if I could make one suggestion about what to give newly arrived imports, I’d suggest giving instruction manuals to those of us that are new to having powers. [She chuckles slightly awkwardly here.] A description really only goes so far.

[She waves a hand dismissively though and then gives a tired looking smile.] I imagine that’s not really something they could do though. The people that give us the files probably have even less of an idea about how these things work than we do. [Actually, she somehow doubts that, maybe that’s unfair paranoia though. She pauses again for a second.]

Anyway, the point I’m trying to get at is that I think I could some instruction. Or pointers from anyone with similar experiences. I was given empathy as a power, it was described as the ability to easily pick up on the emotions of those around me. Supposedly there’s quite a lot I can do with it beyond just sensing emotions, like empathic healing. [Whoever thought of that as a power has a very sick sense of humor considering how desperately Ellie’s wanted be able to fix people before.] I’ve been experimenting some, but I’d like to know if there’s anyone out there that could give me some advice.

[A pause] Specifically I’d really like some points when it comes to shutting things out. It’s getting a bit exhausting to say the least.
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You know what universe? Okay, I get the point. That sleep-talking tape? I'll finish it tonight, if you promise to get me back home right now. That's how you make deals, right? Oh, god, I probably owe everyone such a big apology if this isn't dimension hopping.

Man, oh, man. Please let this be dimension hopping.

I think I've pretty much hit the definition of desperate here, so if I could get some confirmation, that would be great. I got the spiel but I'm...paranoid.

For, you know.


[And a pause.]

Also, calling number...24....number 24?
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[When he clears his throat, it's the sort of noise of a man who has (at some point in his life) achieved a doctorate; quiet like footsteps in new leather shoes, the very phlegm dislodged seems cogent of his self-importance.]

Hello to you out there, my fellow imPorts. I'm Doctor Frederick Chilton. I specialize in psychiatry -- more specifically, abnormal psychology. That fact is why I've come to speak to you all.

[He smiles, and it's audible. An authentic smile, one resonating with excitement.]

It's amazing, really, how internalized trauma can disrupt the otherwise normalized behaviors of individuals. Mental disorders are statistically recorded more frequently among consistently traumatized populations when compared to normal populations, with rising numbers in afflictions like depression and anxiety. And other sorts of -- [careful.] ah, mood disorders. It's as amazing as it is concerning -- one never knows how much a mind can take before it. Breaks.

So I invite you to come to me if you've noticed anything peculiar with regards to yourself or [how to phrase this delicately.] Or those of great concern, or importance to you. I'm hoping I can help mitigate growing difficulties, the sort that can erupt into dire afflictions. You may utilize the private line I've established for this purpose, if you feel the need, especially if you want to speak about someone you fear for in confidentiality.

[A beat -- the hollow afterthought rings dryly against his teeth:]

No points for accusing me of any such necessity.


Feb. 28th, 2014 12:36 pm
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[There's been a lot building up to this, and she hasn't even been here long enough to claim that. But two plus solid weeks tells her everything she needs to know about Heropa, about this registration, and about what came before. Kate's granted herself the opportunity to hear from every side, and given her past history with this, she knows it's almost her place to say something.

Of course, as much as she's willing to step up, she'd prefer that she didn't have to. But here she is.

When the video switches on, she's in uniform, complete with a pair of dark purple shades and the appearance of her quiver disappearing behind her.][There's a pause, and she draws off her sunglasses and sets them down, relaxing.]

I thought it might be an okay idea to drop the dramatics a little. Sunglasses are dramatic, aren't they? [She smiles easily.] Here we go.

The other day, a man named Nelson suggested that we stand together no matter what. And I've got to say—I agree with the sentiment. I wouldn't put it the same way as him. I doubt most of us would. But you've got to give him points for trying, and again, the sentiment wasn't a bad one. It got me thinking about what happened back home for me ... and for my friends.

I've mentioned this here and there. Hints and ideas and everything. All those little points of foreshadowing for this intentional reveal. [It's a bad joke, but she smiles briefly at the idea that she set up some narrative. Kate isn't that into big dramatics; that's more other people's thing to do. But hell, she can't help but think Loki would approve of it.

Actually, that's not a good thing. But she doesn't focus on the thought, she's here for a reason.]
This is in my file. But it's just a brief note. I fought against a registration like this before. I was on the losing side, until it turned out that it was more complicated than that ... [She waves her hand in the air. Talking about the skrull invasion isn't her idea of "things people need to hear right this second."] But I've been arrested for it before. I saw the people desperate to keep this going do some terrible things. It started a series of events. One thing after another. I even had to fight on the opposite side of my best friend. Heroes hiding in private. Heroes couldn't be heroes because someone would swoop in and arrest them.

What I'm trying to say is ... it'd be good to avoid that. But they've already got a leg up on us. These tattoos don't go away. We come in prepped and ready to register. To get on with our lives. We're called outsiders, so we've got to fall into line. And anyone who goes against it might just be tainting things. [Okay, so that's a subtle snipe at Tony Stark. Less subtle for him, she imagines.] And someone might argue that I feel like I'm entitled to freedom, but I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop. What is this government's trump card? [Their cyborg Thor. Their band of "former" supervillains. After all, Norman Osborn has just as much of a right to register, doesn't he?]

I know it wasn't easy for some of you guys before. The world you came from wasn't great. I've seen suspicions. I've seen what happens when the public reacts badly to people in costumes, but that doesn't mean the opposite is better.

The big thing I'm asking for after telling you is this: let's not fight. We can do better than that. And I think it'd be better if we were in a situation where we don't have to register our right to help people. I'm willing to fight for that. I don't want to take it to arms right away, so I've been asking around. I think none of us want Civil War here, so I'm getting ahead of myself to ensure that doesn't happen.

I do think those of us who don't like this could take a stand, but I—well, I understand if you don't want to take that risk. I can't say I blame you. We've got ... there are wifi transmitters in our arms. But I'd still like to talk to anyone about this.

Okay. [She grabs her sunglasses.] Hawkeye out.

[ voice ]

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[This guy sounds like a total hood, his voice rough and gravelly with a cadence that suggests he's straight outta Compton. (Or, you know, Albuquerque. Whatever.) Even so, he doesn't sound angry. He's excited, actually.]

Yo, so… Oh my god. This shit about -

Hold up. Lemme start again, sorry.

My name's, um, Jesse. Jesse Pinkman. ABQ represent. 'sup.

Anyway, so this shit about superpowers. Like, I get it, but… For real? They brought us here to be superheroes? With like the whole mask and alias thing and everything? 'cause it feels like - no offense, okay - but it feels like some kinda Punk'd thing and any second now some camera crew's gonna jump out and Ashton Kutcher or some asshole's gonna…

[He loses that train of thought, laughing to himself.]

Unbelievable. That's what this shit is.

[voice] 01

Feb. 24th, 2014 07:27 pm
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[Edgeworth’s voice when he speaks is quiet, thoughtful, and unhurried.]

Well. It seems to be customary to introduce oneself; I should not presume to break custom.

[And that little preamble over, there’s the sound of shifting; he takes a breath and says, more purposefully:]

My name is Miles Edgeworth. At home, I served as Chief Prosecutor for the city of Los Angeles. As you might surmise given my position, I am deeply concerned with matters of the law and justice, and should quite like to speak with any like-minded individuals.

I hope I will not scandalize anyone when I confess, however, that bowing to social niceties is not my sole aim at this moment: I’ve a query as well for everyone listening. I find the idea that these people would bring us here - one might frame it as a kidnapping - and then request that we pledge allegiance to them quite outrageous.

[Though his voice, for what it’s worth, is more pensive than outraged.]

Yet if I have not misunderstood the comments made to me, it seems that a not insignificant number of you have so pledged. If you would be willing to share your reasons why, I would be quite in your debt. And those who have not yet taken an oath, or those who refused to take it - I would also like you to speak on your reasons, or at the very least your current line of thinking.
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[Isaac initializes the video remotely, and when it comes on, it's clear something has probably gone amiss with whatever he was trying to accomplish. He has the bottom half of an EVA suit on and is pulling on the top half as the video commences. He doesn't look precisely impressed when he looks over to the communicator.]

So, these powers aren't as easy as they sound. [He pulls on the top of the suit and fastens it around his chest, heaving a sigh as he does so.]

Anybody else having any trouble with the powers the Porters have you? How are you practicing? [He figures just learning focus should be enough, but who's counting?] Personally, I think they should have come with an instruction manual.

[Still looking a little perturbed, he moves over to the communicator and picks it up.]

Speaking of instruction manuals, does anyone know where I can get, I don't know, a textbook or something on the fundamentals of "modern" structural engineering? It's...the job they gave me, but I'm a Ship Engineer. I don't build buildings...especially not with...the tools available around here. [And what is the internet? Seriously. We haven't used anything like that in nearly five hundred years.] It'd be a big help.
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(At first, there's nothing except sound: ambient city noises that are, oddly, muffled by someone loudly fiddling with the communicator.)

If this is someone's idea of a joke, then it's poorly crafted... (Some more fiddling. After a few minutes of increasingly frustrated button smashing:) I don't have time for these games! (Then, with a loud smack to the device and some more harsh fussing, the video comes on, revealing one Colonel Roy Mustang! He's looking down at the video with a raised eyebrow. Finally satisfied, he sighs.)

Well, this place certainly has an interesting way of asking for help. While I can't say I enjoy the situation, I suppose I might as well introduce myself. The name is Colonel Roy Mustang, the Flame Alchemist.

(He pauses here, his gaze drifting to his left in thought. If there's a concerned look on his face, it only lasts for a flicker of a moment before he looks back at the communicator.)

I've heard an interesting story since I've arrived here. Apparently, a few women have recently disappeared. Elizabeth and her sisters, Kate and Jaqueline, were out with their friends, Brenda and Felicity, when they suddenly felt ill. According to eyewitnesses, they all seemed to black out at the same time, but when the authorities arrived, they were nowhere to be found. Despite the crowd that had gathered, no one seems to know how it happened. Rumors have spread amongst some of the people in the neighborhood, saying that it was the work of some magician, or even the wrath of God. While I can't say I agree with such statements, it certainly poses an interesting question: if people were around to see the incident, but no one can identify how, why, or where they disappeared to, then what exactly happened?

That being said, people have a tendency of over exaggerating details. If anything, I'm sure the women in question are simply on a vacation somewhere. Though, if anyone hears any more about them, I'd appreciate if you informed me. I'd hate to confuse the facts too much.


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[Cecil's had a rough couple of days. The giant bird attack wasn't pleasant, but hey. It happens. The near-drowning situation was a little more traumatic, but he's past that, too. He's trying to settle in.

Except -- he keeps hearing things. Seeing things. On the one hand, it's like being home again. On the other hand, it's terrible.]

Ah, hello, everyone.

[Still, he feels like he should introduce himself. For the time being, these people are his new community. If he wants to thrive here, he should get to know them.]

I hope you all managed to survive the recent holidays. If someone stole your heart, I hope you took it back and re-positioned it carefully within your ribcage. If you stole someone else's heart, you should return it. Or you should bury the heart in a cherry oak box; whatever your god slash cabal slash gardener demands --

[Carlos's voice suddenly echoes in his ears. The words are unintelligible -- something about stir fry or centrifugal motion -- but the abrupt, impossible nearness of his words makes Cecil falter.]

-- and, uh, at any rate! I'm Cecil, and I'm happy to be a compliant member of this program. If the American government requires me, then here I am. Proud to serve my country. Proud to be experimented on by my country. Proud to be detained without suggestion of release. By my country.

[His voice is deep, sonorous, warm. And, by all accounts, entirely sincere.]

It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance.


Feb. 18th, 2014 12:10 pm
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[you can hear the ambient noise of a restaurant in the background.]

Well! Now that I've figured out how this device works, I should probably introduce myself. My name is Hans, Prince of the Southern Isles and fellow imPort. I've met some of you at the party-oh, let me just swap this to the video for a moment.

[And then, he fiddles for a moment and manages to turn the video on: Hans is sitting in what looks like a restaurant-decidedly not the Hard Rock Cafe (though the eagle-eyed viewer can catch the edges of the Hard Rock Cafe logo on his black work polo. He's broadcasting this from his lunch break.]

Is it working? It should be working. [He shrugs, waves at the camera, then clicks it back off, swapping to audio.]

Anyway, it's become more and more obvious to me that I know next to nothing about this land. So, I'd appreciate any knowledge about customs and traditions of America. I already know about your president, thanks to Nelson, but what about your courts, your military strength, what it takes to get married, things like that?

[why yes he deliberately picked that last topic, sorry not sorry Anna.]

Any information would be appreciated!
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[ Wherever he is, Nelson isn't at home; the scenery the camera captures as it turns on illuminates that easily. He isn't at home or even in Heropa, but rather Cape Canaveral's Air Force Space & Missile Museum, sitting outside the blockhouse on a bench. He's dressed not in a suit and tie for once but a blue-and-white polo t-shirt with an American flag pin affixed where the polo decal would be, and though he looks tired (circles under his eyes) he speaks with the steady confidence and enthusiasm he can always manage when he's in his element. As always, his posture is impeccable. ]

According to the calendar, today is President's Day. [ He smiles even more for saying it, turning his head briefly to admire the sunshine -- it's a beautiful day, and (in his opinion) he's in a beautiful place -- before he turns back toward the camera. ] Which I bring to everyone's general attention because it's not only a day of remembrance. At least it shouldn't be. We also ought to use today to reflect upon ourselves and what we've done that we can be truly proud of -- not just for ourselves but for our country as well. "Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country."

[ His brow furrows mildly then and he clears his throat, understanding he has to elaborate. Already his ears begin to go red, his body growing tense and flustered already even before his mind gets there. ]

... I know not all of us come from the same place, of course. B-but while not everyone here may be American, there's no reason we shouldn't all stand together as long as we're here. It's irresponsible to let ourselves grow divided when we have a real duty. Y-you know, what's happening here now is what was happening to the world I know... it's more important than you might think, unity. Having a united front can mean the difference between life or death, no matter what your contribution is.

[ And a breath. Good job, Nelson, very inspiring, for sure, totally. He rubs at his wrist where the tattoo would show were it not broad daylight, but it's not a long pause, because he doesn't want to lose his courage for the rest of it. After another breath he pushes onward: ]

It won't always be what you'd like it to be. Sometimes you will have to make compromises... or sacrifices to pursue what you really believe in. You might have to fight and you might have to hide. But at least you won't be alone.

[ Exhale. His fingers fidget nervously. ]

I-I hope you can all understand what I'm saying.

[ Straightening his shoulders he offers his audience a very somber salute, having very clearly depressed himself. ]

United we stand, divided we fall.
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[Good evening, fine residents of Heropa/Nonah/De Chima/Maurtia Falls! Tonight, you have among you a brand hew imPort. The display on the communicator reads Kotetsu T. Kaburagi, and the man himself looks friendly enough, if a bit uncertain. But who wouldn't be upon finding themselves suddenly dragged into a brand new world, right?

He's currently in his military-provided housing, residence #014, chilling out on a couch in the living room as he addresses the network for the first time.]

So I guess this is the part where I introduce myself and stuff, huh? Yo. I'm Kotetsu.

[What a stunning introduction, A++]

Everyone here's from all sorts of different places, right? Us "imPorts", I mean. So I was wondering if you guys'd tell me something cool about where you're from!

[It sounds flippant, as if he's not at all concerned about his situation, but to those with a keener eye, there's a certain tension to his frame, the set of his jaw. There's a great many things he wants to ask about this place and its people and the military that's brought them, but he wants to get a feel for this place and the people drawn into it with him first. He needs a couple days to process all this, to deal with the fact that he was literally just about to retire before this happened, before he's ready to confront any of it head-on.]

As for something cool about where I'm from...uhhh. Oh! I know, the city I'm from's built in a pretty neat way, with three levels each on top of the last one.

[ooc: I'm gonna quietly backdate this post to the evening of the 13th so he has a little bit of buffer between arriving and the Swear-In, thanks!!]
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[ For the sake of the video feed Ellie is trying very hard to not let her nervousness show. She brushes the wisps of her brown hair that had fallen into her face away from her eyes, revealing two different colored eyes: one blue and one green. Before she starts speaking she does a quick look around and then turns back to face the camera directly. She has an almost British sounding accent when she speaks.]

Everyone here seems so friendly and ready to help. They’ve given us jobs, a place to live, and even powers. [That’s one of the most suspicious thing to her in all of this, right there with the tattoo.] Me with powers. [She makes a small scoffing sound.] Would’ve been useful back home. [She sighs]

Look, I…I really haven’t had much luck with people who tell me they want to help out. [In fact, she’s had the opposite of luck. Save for two people almost everyone that’s said they were trying to help her has betrayed her in some way.] I can’t help but think that this is all a little too generous. [There has to be a catch somewhere. There's no way that the rug isn't going to be pulled out from under them soon.]

Has anyone found any cracks in all of this yet? [She pauses for a few seconds.] I feel like I should also mention that I’ve been housed in residence 08. I was dropped off there not too long ago, but I wanted to look around before going inside. I haven't seen the Earth like this in a long time.
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It's been a while since I've seen new faces on the network. [ Her smile's warm, but a little troubled. They were the first imPorts to be brought here for years, or so she's pretty sure she remembers hearing when they'd first arrived. Can it really bode well that more are coming through? ]

You must have a lot of questions. I'm sure those of us who arrived here earlier will do what we can to help answer at least some of them, so don't hesitate to ask.

[ She clears her throat. ]

But there was something else I wanted to bring up. Valentines' Day is in a couple of days. I think making your own gifts adds a personal touch, and I thought some people might feel the same way, but not know where to start. Chocolates are a pretty traditional gift -- I was going to make some for a few people tomorrow, so if anyone would like to come by and learn, I'd be happy to show you how to do it yourself.

If enough people are interested, I'll see if I can find a bigger place to accommodate us, unless you've got any suggestions. And if you want to teach people how to make something else, you're more than welcome to come.


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