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[It's been awhile since Harry has addressed the Network as a whole, but after last week's excitement, for lack of a better term, now seemed to be a good time. Busy sounds of sewing machines and idle chatter about fabrics can be heard in the background.]

I'm not usually one for bombastic declarations-- [Because only in some overly polite world might this be considered bombastic.] -- but I thought I should announce that Hart's of Heropa is open for business again.

Though, more importantly, I don't think we'll be networking at the swear in ceremonies in the future, for obvious reasons.

[A small sigh. Weary, but more annoyed than anything.]

I apologize to anyone who may have witnessed my behavior that night. Though it's my understanding that the gas used makes us act unnaturally, that's no excuse to not express my regrets.

[Harry's polite language probably wouldn't have seemed as sincere via text, which is why he sticks to voice-- he does mean it, and not just because more people now have hints about his training.]

On that note. Let's all stick to those with background checks for professional help in the future, shall we?

Locked to Eggsy )

Locked to Steve )

Locked to Peej )

Locked to Mary )


[Several hours later, an anonymous video feed appears on the Network, the location currently scrambled. A rather battered looking man sits tied to a chair under blinking fluorescent lights, glaring at the camera. Typing can be heard slightly off screen, and text appears beneath the feed.

I'd like to introduce the Network to Mr. Leskoff. He and his KGB friends have been very busy following us up until recently, and now he's come forward to explain himself. If any of you have questions for one of the people that's been spying on imPorts for the last few months, now's the time.

Don't have the balls to ask any more yourself--

[Obviously, the spy can read what's being typed as well. The dull snap of a silenced pistol firing cuts the man off, however, and he freezes as the bullet punches a hole in the wall immediately behind him.]

Try to stay on topic, Mr. Leskoff. You don't want me to get bored.


Aug. 5th, 2015 04:41 pm
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[ On screen there is this very charismatic, neatly dressed newcomer. He might have some resemblance to some guy called Talbot, no idea who that is, or for others, perhaps, sounds a little bit like Iron Man. These things happen. But here he is, Nathan Petrelli, a pair of silver wings acting as his tie-pin and an American flag pin in his lapel, denoting his political office. He straightens his jacket briefly before addressing the network. ]

So what, no Kissinger? What I can't figure out is if this is real life, or we're starring in a version of reality where Tom Clancy was high when he wrote his Cold War novels. I mean, think about it, it could happen.

Kidnapping a US Senator, though. I'd like to say I'm impressed, but it's not like it would be the first time.

Okay, so I've got the basics. Superpowers, non-mandatory conscription, yadda yadda. Some information on the histori-political situation here would be a good start. Mostly I wanna know where it all went wrong. Did we do the Cuban Missile Crisis? 'Nam? Watergate?

[ Then, slightly more to himself: ] This time travel stuff is messed up... Uh-- [ Louder, and back to camera: ] One more thing, I'm dying for a decent cup of coffee. The swill they give you on a military base isn't even worth swallowing.

[ OOC: So this is Sylar, shapeshifted. He doesn't know he's not Nathan, thanks to certain telepaths funking with his brain, but if anyone's power is relevant please let me know! ]

002 - Audio

Aug. 3rd, 2015 12:21 am
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[It's time to play the 'who's awake at 1 AM' game! If you're not, Tetsuo's talking softly enough that it might not wake you. If you want to see or answer this later in the day when normal people are awake, feel free, but please specify.]

Everybody's got powers, right? That's why they want us to stick around...

[You can just hear how much he likes that prospect. He all but spits those last two words out like it's a curse.]

So anyway, I'm curious.

How many of you have 'side effects' from them? Anybody know? I know there's gotta be more than one... but it's not all of you, is it?

I - nnghh. I wanna know why that is... why's it only some people?
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[ The alias attached to the entry reads only Scarlet Witch, no name given. The alias is a relic, a token from the old days when she and Pietro shouted revolution from the rooftops. After HYDRA, Wanda didn't think she had anything to fear anymore. No cell could hold her, no bullets could touch her. Together, she and Pietro were invincible. No one could hurt them again.

Then, she came here. ]

today i have learned that in america, a hero is someone who grows fat and lazy off the praises that are given to him, but he has not earned. for this, a hero will give away his freedom.

[ Though she does not fear as she once did, Wanda doesn't accept the tattoo on her wrist easily. Rather than being gunned down in the streets, the masses of "imPorts" allow themselves to be cataloged and controlled -- even those that profess to be unhappy with their enslavement. They say things like, "it could be worse," using that to justify their own slothfulness.

It could always be worse. That doesn't make it right. ]

where i am from, the avengers are so high in their tower that humans appear to them only as little ants. the complacency i see here is worse, i think.

where do i find a true hero?
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[Clears his throat. Time to get this out of the way]

So, it appears that the Porter thought I needed a little vacation. I'll be getting back to work in a day or two, but first, does anyone mind filling me in on current events? Just in case the news missed any details over our latest misadventures.

Oh, and one more thing. [His voice turns cold, as irritation infects his calm, professional tone] While I appreciate that my apartment was kept clean during my absence, there seem to be a few items missing. If someone could help me to retrieve them, I'd be most grateful.

001: VIDEO

May. 10th, 2015 08:01 pm
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[There's a new face with bouncy blonde pigtails waving happily at the camera. She's sporting a wide friendly grin.]

I figured I should do one of those "nice to meet you, get to know each other" things, since I'd just hate to miss out on a trend. And, well, it is nice to meet you! Probably! I dunno, we haven't done it yet, so you could totally suck for all I know.

But maybe you don't! So, hi. I'm Harley. Got any tips for a newbie? Y'know, stuff you wish they'd gone over when you got here. Pros and cons, lifehacks, that one weird trick they don't want to you know.

[She reaches to shut off the feed, but pauses as she remembers one last thing. And, obviously, it is the most important thing a girl should know.]

Oh, and for you Heropa folks. Where do you keep the fun in this town?


May. 7th, 2015 01:14 pm
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Everyone, anyone. [ Said like it's a commonly used greeting. ]

[ The man sounds cheerful, energetic, and mildly perplexed. ] Some help would be appreciated--nothing major, I'm just trying to find a condiment. I've been to multiple stores in Maurtia Falls and asked the employees, but I cannot find any garum. This is unacceptable, because humanish food tastes strange enough as it is. I know there's some out there, somewhere--there has to be! It's the one thing humans and goblins could always agree on: rotting fish tastes amazing.

I really don't know where else to ask. You're from all sorts of places, I'm sure someone can help me out here. In case the problem is just that I'm using the wrong name for it: what I'm talking about is fermented fish juice.

((OOC: aaaand just in case your character might know but you don't, or if you're just curious: garum.))
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[The girl on the screen is sitting in a very elaborate, floofy dress. She claps her hands together in excitement when the video starts playing.] Oh, my! So it really worked, after all. I'm not sure what I was expecting...

Hello, everyone! This is a really exciting adventure, isn't it? To be in a brand-new place like this, with people we never could've met anywhere else! I don't think many people get an opportunity like this. At least, if they have, I've never heard of it.

My name is Euphemia li Britannia. [She pauses, and for a moment it seems like she's debating on saying something else] ...but you can all call me Euphie!

I found something really quite interesting when I was reading up on the history of this place. Did you know that in this reality, Washington's Rebellion actually succeeded? It's true! That's why this country is called the United States of America. And-- and Napoleon never invaded the British Isles, either, and the EU was only formed fairly recently!

Anyway, I've been asked to be a guest star on a history education TV program right here in the United States, so I hope to be able to bring you more interesting historical facts very soon!
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[ Hey, everyone. It's Walt. You may remember this guy from such videos as drunk posting in his underwear. But in case you don't (and hopefully you don't), Walt is fully clothed this time. He still looks every bit as weary as his video debut, but at least he isn't drunk. That's a plus. ]

I apologize in advance for any inconvenience. It seems as though the Heropa pharmacy was caught up in whatever chaos erupted in the city and suffered some damages. We will be closed until further notice, but I will be doing my best to ensure prescriptions still get out to everyone who used my pharmacy to have them filled. We have a sister pharmacy that has temporarily taken on accounts here in Heropa. Though if it's more convenient for imPorts, I can have things forwarded to the other imPort cities.

Repairs have already begun, so I don't anticipate us being closed for over a couple weeks. If anyone wants to offer their assistance in helping rebuild the damaged sections, it would be greatly appreciated. Otherwise, I hope everyone has been well and continues to be well now that the worst of this is all behind us.

001; Video

Feb. 7th, 2015 02:13 pm
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[The feed starts, showing Normie sitting out on the balcony of his residence. He's dressed in a beige t-shirt over a green long-sleeved shirt, and his wavy brown hair (the signature Osborn look) slightly mussed. ...Did something on his shoulder just move? Nah, just your imagination, 'cos it's not now. Normie gives a little lopsided smile to the camera.]

Hey there. [Small wave.] My name’s Norman Osborn, and uh, according to my file I'm apparently a genealogist now. Well, "Family Genealogy Researcher," but I'm pretty sure that's the same thing. I don't think anyone seeing this will really need one, but honestly I don't know too much about genealogy so I'd appreciate any help anyone can give, even if it's just pointing me in the direction of the nearest library. Oh right, I'm in Nonah, so that would be the library there.

[He leans over to turn off the feed, then suddenly stops and resumes his original position.]

Before I forget, I'm looking for the location of the nearest junkyard, or maybe a pawn or thrift store that might have some broken electronics I can take off their hands. I'm also looking to buy some welding equipment. I need them for...

[For a fraction of a second, there's a crazed smile stretched across the young Osborn's face. However, just as quickly as it comes, it's gone, replaced by the lopsided grin that had been there all along.]

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[His massive castle city of cards that takes up almost his entire cell is finished, and visible. Infact, that's all you see is towers and towers of cards to the point that it's difficult to tell this is a Government Holding Cell at all. Quite the feat, one of utmost patience and concentration. Perhaps it- and the few visitations he's had are all that's keeping him from going over the edge in here. Though, that's pushing it. Were his Nen active and his aura accessible, his bloodlust would be felt all around him and over a wide distance. You can hear it in his speech, how tired and strained he is, though it's obviously he's speaking through a slim smile.]

What is your New Years resolution? [Something he's learned is quite a thing in this world, though doesn't everyone make goals for themselves? Guess people need a reason for everything they do- effort is quite difficult to come by when disinterest lingers around.]

I'd like to know what sort of things people here work for. [Like how he worked to finish this ridiculous town of cards, for example. Certainly showing a lot of effort there- or boredom.]
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[ ID reads Karen Starr.

Long time no see, network. This time Karen's post is not coming from the small comfort of her government housing, but from a brightly lit office. Situated against one of the walls is a dark red couch, a pillow propped up against the edge. The windows, though not quite large but neither small, reveal De Chima in the background for anyone who might recognize it immediately.

Though she's been living in her office for a couple of months now, the room doesn't look as lived in as one would expect it to. That's because Karen made sure to tidy up and make the office look as professional and presentable as she could before she dared to turn on the feed. However, her cat can be seen sitting in her office chair, peering over the edge of the desk and reaching for an elastic that's been left on the surface.

Karen, with her hair tied away from her face, smiles into the camera. ]

Hi there. It's been ages, I know.

Since there are many of you who don't know me: I'm Karen Starr. I'm co-CEO of Starrware Industries, located in De Chima, Virgina. We're an R&D company primarily focused in coming up with solutions to the planet's environmental issues. We've been trying to get approval on studying even a small sample of nanotech, but we haven't heard back aside from a "request pending" notif. So, at the moment my team is mainly working with artificial technology and semi-organics.

Anyway, we've been up and running since about September now. We're a pretty small firm, but recently business has picked up so we can afford a few new employees. I won't lie: the wages aren't really high, though if you're interested in doing some good for the planet and working alongside people with a similar passion and vision then you're more than welcome to drop off a resume at my office or contact me privately. There's a lot of bright and talented imPorts here, so I'd love to work with you if you're interested.

[ There's suddenly a light crash as pens and some papers are pulled off the table courtesy the cat. Karen gives a hapless shrug and then adds: ]

Annnd that brings me to a random question: anyone know any good real estate agents around here?

[ Seriously, it's time to stop living in an office. ]
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Good news: ugly Christmas sweaters are a go this year. If you were in doubt that I would be without knitting implements upon arrival into Heropa ... you would be correct, but I bought new ones. Better ones. Knitting needles with a bright future ahead of them.

There will be no baubles this year, sadly. Instead there will be an assortment of odd looking cats and perhaps a jolly Santa. People who will receive an ugly sweater regardless of showing interest: Kanaya, Karkat, probably Derek Hale. Actually, if I know you, you are likely getting one. :)

Anyway, if anyone else would like one please register interest here. If you would like to vehemently show how opposed you are to sweaters (I am looking at you, Doctor F. Chilton), also reply here. (Read: you will still get a sweater, maybe even two).

Reasons you might not get a sweater: the apocalypse (again), I break an arm (or two), death or other extreme circumstances. I'm not really planning for any of the above, so it looks like we are all in luck.


Nov. 12th, 2014 06:32 pm
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So, anyone know anywhere that’s hiring? I think I may have just lost my job. [ There’s a distinct and intense amount of bitterness in Ellie’s voice and the quasi-British accent of hers is slightly thicker than it normally sounds. ] For some reason my boss decided that taking a place called Tattlecrime seriously was a bloody brilliant idea and no amount of logic was going to get him to see otherwise. [ A beat ] Your eyes are two different colors, Langford and you've never explained that, he said. Lends some credibility to the story he said, also makes me look a bit suspicious.

[ She puts up air quotes before she starts talking again and when she does speak she sounds even more annoyed. Who knew that was possible at this point? ] We’re going to ask you to go on leave while we order up some tests for you to go through. We’ll also need you to fill out some forms in regards to your eye and the origins of the infection spoken about.

[ She runs a hand through her hair and slumped her shoulders slightly. ]

I don’t think he liked the story of how I lost my eye. Or of what the infection actually was. [ Maybe she shouldn't have lost her temper so much. ] Doesn't really matter I guess, I don’t think I’ll be going back. [ She’s also not sure if they’d let her back in... ]


Oct. 13th, 2014 10:08 pm
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I'm sure by now most of you are aware of the recent... changes within the Government's import policy. There are plenty of those out there asking for your opinions on how it's right or wrong, one way or another so I'll refrain.

Instead of bothering with how you 'feel' about the subject, I'm going to ask that you dig a little deeper and objectively think about what such a decision might hold for our future. What does such a development mean for you? What do you think it means for all of us? What implications and ramifications might there be in store? How will the civilians of this nation react?

Denied the right to vote, non-registered imports are still unable to leave the country. Forced to live in a country that fails to recognize them as citizens, what are they, and we, to do?

I find that as my mind processes this development, it always inevitably comes back to one thing: Continuum: That miracle substance that allows imports to defy death itself. It's our life blood, almost in the literal sense. And it has thus far been freely given to imports. But with recent cut backs could this soon be in jeopardy as well?

An element so rare and useful. I wonder, sometimes, if the question might ever be raised as to the benefit of supplying it to non-registered imports?

In fact I have a great many questions regarding Continuum in general. Questions like, is it renewable? If not can it be synthesized? Does it only work on imports? If I had these answers I might be able to shed some light on the matters at hand, and possibly dispel some fears we might have.

But I don't suppose there's a supply readily available to us imports...

But that aside it would be my great honor to hear what you think on the matter, and how you intend to react to the situation at hand.

video »

Sep. 15th, 2014 01:49 am
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[ the camera turns on to show jemma simmons sitting standing outside, looking rather unhappy. she's been filled in and had a few moments to question it, freak out, and then the final step... acceptance.]

I've been debriefed, if you can even call it that. This is all a little impossible to believe, frankly. [ but she's learned in her time with shield that there's little that's actually impossible.] I suppose it would be rude to refuse an position at the local uni but... [ she makes a face, her nose wrinkling.] I have two PhDs for goodness sake! I was one of the youngest graduates of the S.H.I.E.L.D. Academy of Science and Technology!

And they offered me an assistant teaching job. [so. insulted. and flustered. so british. shield is now defunct and there are those who may look down upon her for such accomplishments. she tries not to deflate too much as she mutters something that might sound like two phds.]

Skye? May? [ she wants to ask after fitz but he wouldn't be here, conscious, and coulson, well, he's supposed to be dead so...] Please tell me you're here somewhere.


Sep. 3rd, 2014 04:56 pm
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Okay, no, seriously! How do you organics just not straight up die by existing?!

I banged my elbow on a table and my arm still hurts and then I was going through all the notes I had to take because this situation is just weird and I got this-- this little cut on my finger and it stings like crazy! Then I bit my tongue when I was trying to eat the first time and cripes!! I'm trying to prepare myself with a helmet and gloves and I'm seriously considering elbow and knee pads, but still! Everything is stupidly sensitive and fragile and I think I'm gonna die living like this.

This is it. I'm gonna die because someone crammed me into this meatsack body. I am so not ready for this kind of life.

Oh hell I'm leaking red stuff. What does that even mean? Why didn't this body come with an instruction manual?!
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Ah—here we are.

[ time to do his actual job. there's a peer into the camera before he settles back smoothly, resting his chin in his hands and gives a festive, fingery little wave. he's dressed normally, simple green hoodie with his hair pushed back like he decided to up and make this message on whim (and it's possible with his capricious personality that it could be the case). ]

Hello there.

[ he leans back, pressing the tips of his fingers together casually and looking a pleasantly satisfied. ]

Next weekend, brought to you by high demand, there will be a little get together to sample some of the newer and more popular wares that I have to offer. [ he waves a hand carelessly. ] Cosmetics. Cosmetics of all kinds. I have a very vast and eclectic variety of powders, stains, liners, varnishes, and lacquers; with the appropriate sets, tools and utensils, of course. All types of colors and styles are available for those that need a more hands-on experience. Everyone will get a chance to try what they want, despite excess or lack of funds.

[ he holds up a bottle of black nail polish between his own dark nails, waving it enticingly. incentives. ]

Ah, and I have goodies for all attendees. I couldn't go without saying that, could I? No one walks off empty handed. Collective "yay"s all around.

Invitations are extended for anyone who would like a spot. Please RSVP, I've—well—erm, limited space and provisions set aside for the occasion. I wouldn't want anyone to go without refreshments, as that would be a very bland party.

[ he stops in the switch from one idea to the next, as if something's just occurred to him. ]

Oh, yes, before I forget—I'm also in need of a few hands for something I have planned. Nothing big, we'll save the missions and heists for another time, but anyone with the experience in the variety of brute strength and-slash-or the mixing of fine beverages is urged to contact me. Settled or unsettled. [ there's another thoughtful pause. ] Unsettled preferred.
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You know, we have a lot of really talented people here. Not that we didn't before -- us imports have always been pretty on top of things, but I think it goes without saying that without the talent and skill of everyone, there'd probably be a few of us that would be dead right about now. Or at least we'd have died. So, I don't think anyone's said it yet, but thanks, to everyone who helped get us out of there.

[ And there's a pause there, he's trying to be nice, and his ego is suffering. ]

I'd like to say we could have done it ourselves, but... well, you can't always predict for unpredictability, and getting us quickly could have been what saved our lives.

But, that's not the only reason I'm here. It's been a busy couple of weeks, not just from our unfortunate attempt to go to space, but for me personally. [ He indicates behind him, it's obviously an office, more strewn with metal and wires and parts than anything else. It's, frankly, an absolute mess. ] I got the loan a few weeks ago, but other than a few people I've gotten in on the ground floor, we haven't had much opportunity for hiring. Startups are always complicated.

But I'm happy to say, that if you want to work in tech and R&D, you should probably come talk to me. I can't promise high wages -- yet -- but I take care of my people, and with a few choice inventions, we'll be able to hit the ground running, and I'd like to see anyone with talent come talk to me. I promise, you won't regret it.

At least, you won't if you don't mind working for me.
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Our designation is "hero", isn't it? And while a clamorous number of you may resist this government-mandated labeling, such is nevertheless the social stratification that we find ourselves bound against. [He clears his throat -- there's a clink of glass, a murmured slosh of liquid.] It almost seems a touch Promethean. [A beat.] And, ah, we the imPorts, pitted against universal disparity, well. Haven't we noticed a few universal constants?

[The archetype talk. Chilton may be more Freudian in practice and provocation, but not even he can resist a little symbolic Jungian theory.]

If you're so inclined to understand my meaning, then let's begin: list three desires, or goals if you will, that you possess. I'll take it from there.

[It's an invitation for a quickie analysis. Careful, though, because the psyche can be quite a... Jungle.]


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