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[ the camera clicks on to kanaya sitting behind the bar in the devil's nest, the only light in the room emanating from her skin, illuminating the bar and casting long shadows around her. hard to say whether she's having a late night or a very early morning, as she tends to do both.

there's something a bit off about her manner, a little lazy and limp, slouching a bit much for her generally prim posture. it's probably related to the glass of too red wine in front of her, the half-empty bottle of cabernet sauvignon next to the metal flask she seems to carry everywhere. her tone is quiet and pensive, putting a lot of effort into keeping her words coherent. it's an important topic she's discussing today.

So I think we can all recognize at this point that Earth is very fond of its holidays, but of the lot I think it's Mother's Day I find the most...challenging. On my worst days, I'd regard it with hostility, as if the very idea that motherhood is something to be celebrated is in itself obscene. But, that. That isn't right. My problem has always been that I've grown too bitter, it clouds the perspective. And even I have had the good fortune to know many lovely mothers, even if I wasn't able to become one myself.

[ her eyes have been lingering on her drink this whole time, swishing it around in a circle, but now she finally looks at the camera. ]

What I mean to say is isn't unlikely, or even uncommon, for others to have more pleasant associations with motherhood. Happier stories to share, enough to fill an entire day. So, I'd like to hear them, if you're willing. However big or small it may be, I'd just like something to paint the occasion in a more positive light.

[ operation archangel participants: feel free to action at her, if you're staying at the nest! ]


May. 2nd, 2015 08:37 pm
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Now that life's returning to normal— I have an offer. [Pause] It's not— I can't do much [As Oliver Queen] for property damage and quarantine aftermath, but I've recently... been inspired to look for other employment. [Oliver you are basically about to be fired just own up to it.]

I asked what job opportunities there were in this world back at the beginning of the year and this time I figured I should be a bit more upfront in what I can offer. [He takes in a slow breath] If anyone needs lessons in Chinese - Mandarin - or Russian I'm fluent in both. [Oliver that's useless] I also know a thing or two about— fitness. Regimens.

All of which are things you can do at home, if you're still not sure the Flare's really gone.
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This is a PSA to anyone who is being affected (infection or otherwise) by the 'Flare' virus that is caused a quarantine in Heropa. For anyone who is stranded after the attacks on Nonah and Heropa by the ... Dragon. And for anyone who is having trouble tracking someone down.

I have access to eyes and ears all over the cities, technically technologically speaking, so if you're looking for someone in this giant mess of a crisis, I'm your girl. (Not your girl, but your girl. Your go to. Yo' man.


If you are looking for someone's whereabouts, their status, or anything else along those lines, just leave me a message here and I'll get on it. I'm stuck where I am, I'm not infected, and I'm feeling insanely useless. So please. If I can help you, let me. If there's anything else you need that has to do with technology? Ask and I can probably lend a hand.

03 video.

Apr. 18th, 2015 09:58 am
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[ The video clicks on to show Newt, but he doesn't really seem focused on the device at all. Staring past it, eyes clouded with... something. The feed jerks around sporadically from shaking hands, and Newt looks filthy on screen, like he's been in one too many fights that he may not have won, covered in dirt and grime, blood and wounds.

After a minute of this, his eyes snap to the screen, clearing with recognition, remembering what he'd turned it on for in the first place. ]

Sorry, I- I'm... not well. I've got the Flare and it's getting worse. [ A deep breath, and he's dragging a trembling hand through his hair. ]

I think I'm contagious, and that means you're all infected unless... there's people called Munies- [ his expression sours at the term ] Immunes, shanks that don't get sick with it. Don't know if they exist here, you're better off going to a hospital, getting tested for disease or somethin'.

Just- for God's sake, don't bloody breathe on anyone until you do or we'll all be dead.

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Mar. 14th, 2015 06:08 pm
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[ the name on the comm is Oliver Queen ]

At the end of February, like a few others, I was [brainwashed into some sort of psychotic monster?] affected by the same things others in the city were.

I have information on the man named Benjamin Braunstein. Well. Insights, more than anything else. For those who might be interested. In exchange, I'm interested in information about Quisma. As well as anything people have managed to put together about the group of heroes that existed before imPorts came through.

[There we go. Short, sweet, to the point, and without any mention of his. Uh. Slight break from sanity before everyone else.]

To those who are new, don't worry. Not only are the Hornets old news, but things like this only tend to happen once every four months.

[It's a joke. He's joking. He's just... not... very good at it.]


Feb. 23rd, 2015 06:22 pm
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[Oliver Queen, when he appears on the communicator today, looks like death.

He hasn't bothered to shave in what's obviously been days, his eyes are bloodshot and there are bags underneath them. He looks like he hasn't slept in days because, well, he hasn't.

With what happened with the Hornet attacks over Valentines weekend and then the weekend just past, as well as the events that are about to happen, one of his powers has been in overdrive. And it's reached the point where privacy be damned-- he needs help.]

Does anyone have experience with-- [He breaks off, jaw clenched as his gaze flickers to his right, focusing on something in the distance before he lets out a sharp breath and forces himself to continue.] Premonitions or clairvoyance. Of any kind.

[There's another pause, where Oliver really just ends up screwing his face up in pain and reaching up to pinch the bridge of his nose.]

Or, if anyone knows a way to knock yourself out quickly and effectively-- I'll take that, as well.

[Someone help him he's about to lose his goddamn mind.]
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( ooc: info on the mirror network here and note about oliver's abilities - he has a power that allows only people who already know that oliver queen = the arrow to be able to place his features while he's wearing a mask! )

[The image on screen is that of a man in a hood and a dark green mask. Almost every visible inch, apart from his neck and face, is covered in some sort of green leather, and there's a quiver peeking out from over his shoulder.

When he speaks, his voice is lower and rougher than Oliver Queen's would be, and the name showing up on the display is nothing more than:

I've noticed something since arriving here. A good number of the people I've seen on the streets, making posts about information they've gathered, and bringing up technology they've found or made are- [... kids? he probably shouldn't say kids.] Younger. Than a lot of people may like.

[Here, his voice gets a little clipped.]

So, to those of you buying your first ski mask to take advantage of whatever abilities you have: don't. Go back to school, go back to your friends, go back to the life you've been living here, go back to being safe.

[There's a pause, to let that sink in, before: ]

To everyone else: don't do it alone. Get training, be well equipped, find someone who will watch. Your. Back. When things get out of hand. [Because if Oliver has experience with anything, it's with a dumbass teenager who will just keep diving in no matter what he shoots him with does to try and stop him.]

And for those of you with experience: share it.

[This has been a Grumpy Green Arrow PSA]
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Hey, everyone. I’ve got some information to share, and I hope you guys have some to share too. Here’s one thing that I’ve noticed: newbies are way, way out of the loop when it comes to everything that’s happened, and you guys deserve to know. We’ve already got a few detailed accounts by Kate Bishop (she’s written up a FAQ and a guide to the Hornets. See the links? Click on the links. Seriously, it’s good to know). But what we’re missing here’s a timeline. You’ve probably been hearing a lot about imPort events being attacked, so I’ve got a little something set up here. It’s pretty bare bones, but it tells you some major events that you need to know. If you think anything needs to be added to it, tell me. It’s just so that new people coming in know what kinds of things they have to deal with (and the associated risks of attending imPort events).

But I’m just here to talk about the kidnapping in July. Here’s a little more detail for you:

In July, 2014, a summer camp was held for teenaged imPorts and natives, though they were accompanied by adult chaperones. They were due at the airport to fly home on the 22nd, but failed to do so after their bus was hijacked, taking them all to a facility in the mountains where they were forced to fight artificially mutated animals and technology. These fights were held in enclosed arenas, separate from the bedrooms they spent the rest of their time in. The bedrooms were equipped with power nullifiers to prevent them from escaping. Included in these bedrooms was a television where the recorded fights were played - and it’s almost certain that the recordings of these fights made their way into other people’s hands, probably anyone who was interested in seeing how well their technology did. We formed a search party, and we were able to help get them out. After the last person was out, the entire facility exploded. Nobody but the people who were kidnapped were found there.

I wasn’t in there. I was just in the search and rescue party. If I’m missing anything important, tell me.

The really important thing is that they still haven’t been caught. Me and a few others have been doing some digging around based on the tech we found. All of the technology was sourced from legit, global companies, and all the funds paying for the tech were wired over through several funds in Switzerland, Brazil, and South Africa. The last two were independent banks with tons of private investors. All of the chips were delivered to the States to a series of warehouses. This was a seriously global affair, but it’s looking like it’s all branching from one place.

Unless I’m seriously out of the loop, we still don’t know who did this, and we should. Did anyone else manage to find anything else?

PS: I know I'm not the only one who's noticed that everyone's been going kind of crazy. Does anyone know what's up with that? Seriously.

EDIT 1: The most important tech they've developed in the camp was a gas that induces aggression from anyone who inhales it for approximately 20 minutes, but this was a long time ago. They could have increased that time since then. Here's a list I'm starting up though:

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Jan. 11th, 2015 09:28 pm
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OK, so news is where I need to be. Hook a girl up? I'm talking less E! Online and more current events or radical disasters. Or whatever's in between.

PS my name is Felicity, nice to meet you.

[ This is the most unsettling post she's ever had to make. But if it can help weed out who she might actually be interested in and in need of contacting without wholly alerting the world to where she is just yet ... great. The rug's been pulled out from under her, and hacking into a system she's entirely unfamiliar with? Yeah, we're gonna play it safe for now. ]

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Jan. 9th, 2015 09:09 pm
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ok listen up hero city, i need to know all the ways u guys figured out how to do the powers thing. how do u activate them or whatever?? i need a list and i need it PRONTO. inquiring minds need to know ASAP.

also hey sup room 14, i got a proposition: dont touch my stuff and i wont touch urs

[ Just kidding, she's probably gone through everything that isn't locked away, and is scheming about how to get to the things that ARE locked away. But it's important to look like a considerate roommate. ]
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[Oliver's sat in what looks to be a quaint little coffee shop, holiday decals drawn in chalk paint on the window, lights strung up on the storefronts across the street, and somewhere in the distance, on the corner, is a more than modest tree set up and glinting in the twilight.]

Happy Holidays. [His tone is light and conversational, his smile practiced and easy, and he takes a sip of his latte and makes a rather pleased face.] Haven't been to Florida much, back home. [His beach trips back home tended to take him to Mexico, Brazil-- Europe. Or death islands in China.] So I can't say if its a universal constant, but Heropa does have good coffee.

[The latte - in a fancy looking green mug and everything - is set down with a soft clnk against the table.]

My name's Oliver Queen. And in the last month I've- [He pauses, and there might be some annoyance flickering across his face.] ... I've discovered that there are more than a few people here who know me from other worlds.

[Okay, make that a definite amount of annoyance.] If the names Felicity Smoak, John Diggle, or Sara Lance are familiar to anyone, I'd- appreciate us getting in contact. Otherwise, it would be safe to assume I have absolutely no idea who any of you are.

[He takes a moment to have another long sip of his latte] For everyone else, is anyone looking to hire someone with [extremely limited] business experience? My assigned job isn't quite a fit. It turns out I'm... not that great of a lobbyist.


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